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Lombard Risk Management: CEO & FD lied to get takeover agreed, both fired with immediate effect - surely this is fraud?

Shareholders in Lombard Risk Management (LRM) do not care – they got a 13p cash offer from Vermeg and have banked the cash. But now the low countries acquirer is hopping mad. It has fired Lombard’s CEO and FD announced widespread redundancies and stated that the Lombard team lied about their prospects so results for the year to March 31 2018 will be way below forecast. The statement is damning and begs big questions of many. Surely the Lombard bosses stand accused of fraud? Should not the FCA and SFO have a butcher's?


Lombard Risk Management - headline blather excellent, but hidden cashburn terrifying

Under its old management led by John Wisbey, Lombard Risk Management (LRM) used to make profits and pay dividends. How fucking old hat and boring is that? Think like a millennial and get the cashburning vibe, that is the way forward and who better to do that than a man fired by Oracle (yet who boasts about his Oracle career ) & who was at the helm of a spectacular dotcom disaster, Phil "Interx" Crawford. Interims today score straight 10s for bullshit headline blather. But look at the hidden cashburn, extrapolate and panic.

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