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Upper Class twit Mark Warde-Norbury’s Marechale announces results so bogus even the auditors question if they are a joke

This is even funnier than when Henry Fotheringham-Stanley tripped over his polo stick and landed in the lap of the Duchess of Westmoreland. Spiffing chaps like Mark Warde-Norbury, the upper class twit chairman of joke corporate advisory firm Marechale Capital (MAC), do know how to have a jolly amusing time don’t they? Marechale has announced its results for the year to 30 April. Oh, I say, what a hoot.


Marchale Capital – Chris Akers is (almost certainly) out, shares tank: told y’all

Marchale Capital (MAC), the subscale loss-making merchant bank run by upper-class twit Mark “not very nice but dim” Warde Norbury from his family stately home, was last month’s Akers ramp. But now its shares are collapsing as the great spoofer has fessed that he is bailing. I noted in bearcast yesterday that this would happen and that I had repeatedly told y’all.

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