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Buying boxers at M&S may be fine, but the shares remain tougher to justify

I am sure there are some people who are still very hopeful about their Marks & Spencer (MKS) shares but I dumped mine so long ago that I guess even a pair of its expensive boxers would have worn out by now. Forget though the 60% fall in the company’s share price over the last five years or the 40% fall year-to-date, or even the decision of the CEO to exit stage left after six years in charge, is there any interest in the shares over the next year or not?


M&S shares remain (just under) a quid's worth of option money...

Almost as embarrassing to admit that I spent six hours of time gawping at the BBC's American election coverage overnight (I did eventually switch to a financial TV channel), is that the smallest position in my SIPP is Marks & Spencer (MKS) upon which I am currently sitting on a stonking loss (i.e. a small starter position has got even smaller). They cannot all be Barrick Gold (NYSE – GOLD) or GVC Holdings (GVC) I guess...

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