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Letter to AIM Regulation: re Nostra Terra and Beaumont Cornish - are you happy to see investors deceived?

Yet again, I write to AIM Regulation with regard to the devout Christian, Matt Lofgran. Praise be the Lord. This time, it is not about his consorting with convicted pump-and-dump fraudster, Ron Bauer, and his known associate, Adrian Beeston. It concerns his misleading investors in Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG), in collusion with London’s worst Nomad, Roland  “Fatty” Cornish.


Nostra Terra - still hiding the awful truth from its mug investors!

Yesterday I flagged up how Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG), run by disgraced Matt Lofgran (Praise be the Lord) of consorting with convicted fraudsters at Elephant Oil infamy, was hoodwinking its investors by releasing selected highlights of its 2021 annual report via RNS but no actual report.  I suspect that the full report may contain words of warning from the auditors. It damn well should do.


Letter to AIM Regulation – Nostra Terra must sack Matt Lofgran NOW

Yesterday, I revealed how, as CEO of Elephant Oil, Matt Lofgran had handed out 30% of its equity, gratis - most notably to a convicted pump-and-dump operator, currently facing 85 years in jail. Lofgran would happily sup with the devil, so as to get away an IPO, which would have netted him an immediate $500,000 and a 100% pay rise. I have thus written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation.

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