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Synairgen – Where are we now with the one Covid play I liked?

Is it just me or is the rest of the world moving incredibly quickly while I put up with the second lockdown. Or as I refer to it “mockdown” – with my children still going to school and interacting with half the local villages and towns. Not only does The Donald win / lose / win??? again (if one accepts some the US news feeds), we now have a vaccine for Covid. Apparently. I’m sure the infrastructure to distribute and store a product that requires -80 degrees is well within the capabilities of our fearsome leaders to sort – after all distributing and storing PPE (like masks) is far more difficult and they did that without any problem I recall. So where does that leave me in my thinking for Synairgen (SNG)?

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  • 2020-11-11 08:31:12

Synairgen – Whopper of a placing, and so what?

Without question the 2020 investment world will be noted for a big market crash and regain in Q1/Q2, and Covid19 related stock gains. I’m sure a few millionaires have been created, and few will lose much of the gain in months to come- such is the investment world. I have commented on Synairgen (SNG) previously as the single case in the Covid19 investment space I was comfortable with. I was waiting for yesterday’s placing news.


BREAKING NEWS: Synairgen – Trial "progress", but do you feel lucky?

I wrote about Synairgen (SNG) back in July, and in doing so earned the dubious ticker from Tom Winnifrith as a “ramper” and the honour of a Special Bearcast as a response. The ticker amused me greater and I freely admit I agreed with 95% of Tom’s commentary on how to value a drugs company. However I see a “special situation” with this company’s SNG001 potential Covid treatment that may break the normal valuation rule set.


Synairgen – Why I bought, continue to hold and an apology

Synairgen (SYN) came onto my radar earlier this year. I bought. After yesterday’s monumental rise I’m quids in, and remain a holder. But I owe an apology – I dropped it from my final buy tip selection recorded for last weekend’s Mineprophets show. As discussed with Tom Winnifrith, I did not consider myself sufficiently expert to tip mining shares. Synairgen is a drug company, which is also not my area of expertise, however I liked the investment case but could not tip it – what do I know about bio-meds? Perhaps I should be bolder and more confident?

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