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This Indy Oiler could be a Recovery Play and a Half - Soaring Oil Prices could Make it a Winner

Hello Share Bashers. I’ve been banging on about how the gushing price of oil should make us think again about investing in oilers. The cost of Brent Crude is up again as I write. Of course, the likes of Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.) immediately spring to mind. But the smaller producers will benefit, too. Especially as many of them have still to recover from a pounding from the oil price tanking.


Trinity Exploration shares suspended - Citibank finally pulls the plug

For months and months Trinity Exploration (TRIN) has been in default on loans taken out with Citibank. Investors who declined to sell the worthless shares seemed to believe the truism that "If you owe the bank $1 you are in trouble, if you owe $1 million the bank is in trouble" as Citibank - which was actually owed $13 million declined to pull the plug. Until today. Instead of the normal weekly rollover announcement we are told:

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