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Wandisco – absolutely appalling MBE winning results – when will this £170 million bubble burst?

A week ago, Dave Richards - CEO of Wandisco (WAND) - was tweeting pictures of himself suited and booted, as well as his Mrs dressed up to the nines, as they headed to the residence of comrade Elizabeth Windsor. Today, he proudly waffles on about 2021 results from Wandisco. Only when you read the notes buried at the bottom, are you reminded of the dire realities. It could go bust, and will inevitably do a bailout placing - but is that enough? This is a train crash, and, rather than serving up nauseatingly misleading statements, Richards should admit to the facts.


WANdisco – trading update... though what does the bottom-line look like & what are the “board's expectations”?

“Trading and business update” from ‘LiveData’ technology company WANdisco (WAND) emphasises that it “expects to report preliminary revenue for FY20 of at least $10.5m” and that an “expanding new business pipeline supports board expectations for FY21”... but what are those expectations and with revenue, of course, vanity, what does the bottom-line look like?...


WANdisco – latest share price strength now gives us a 40%+, little more than 4 months, gain...

In October we wrote on WANdisco (WAND) that it was our October 2018 tip of the month at a 377p offer price, with profit banked at more than 500p in January. The shares are now back at a 400p offer price but, with interims last month having emphasised a “strong platform for growth and evolving pipeline of late stage deals in the early months of H2 leaves us in a strong position, underpinning the board’s confidence in H2 and beyond”, ahead of expected significant news flow, we ride again… targeting a return to 500p+ to sell. After a latest rise today, the shares are now 570p to sell…

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