This Dividend King Keeps on Bringing in the Sheaves Despite the Plague

Hello Share Shufflers. There aren't many investment outfits I entrust my dough to, but regular readers will know I’ve time for City of London Investment Group (CLIG). A big reason to support it is a very generous dividend policy, and now comes news of a special pay-out on top.

  • By Malcolm Stacey
  • 2022-01-20 08:15:38

As Bing Crosby Used to Sing: We're Going Well, We're Going Shell...

Hello Share Swingers. This old punter has been of the opinion for many months now that Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) is undervalued. This is based on oil and gas prices going through the roof. Brent Crude continues to rise with more big jumps this week and I agree with Tom when he says fuel prices will continue to soar this year.

  • By Malcolm Stacey
  • 2022-01-19 08:10:21

This Niche Outfit that Keeps Up with Changing Life at the Office Could Be a Winner

Hello Share Sharers. Due to Covid, the better sort of company is looking for new ways of doing things in its offices. An AIM-registered outfit that specialises in that sort of thing is SmartSpace Software (SMRT). It provides software which enables companies to make the most of their buildings and workspaces. That cuts office expenses and makes employees want to keep on working there.

  • By Malcolm Stacey
  • 2022-01-18 08:10:30

Marmite King Versus the Panadol Prince. There Could Be Money to be Made here, Gang

Hello Share Shovers. You’ll either love this possible takeover - or hate it. The owner of Marmite is rumoured to very much want to snaffle the giant consumer arm of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). And Unilever (ULVR) actually made a £50 billion approach. This was turned down as being too low. As an owner of GSK shares, I agree that it wasn’t an enticing proposition and I expect a bigger one to come.

  • By Malcolm Stacey
  • 2022-01-17 08:15:59

Hold onto your Hats. Like the Oil Price, Shares Could Be About to Take Off.

Hello, Share Wipers. Stock prices will rise strongly this year. I base this jolly prediction on this week’s unexpected announcement about a rise in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Blighty’s economy surpassed pre-Covid levels for the first time in November the latest figure we have for economic growth.. The government said GDP increased by 0.9% between October and November. That meant the economy was 0.7% bigger than in February 2020 when the plague first hit. 

  • By Malcolm Stacey
  • 2022-01-15 10:55:49

Sainsbury had a Merry Christmas and Makes Changes that could Lead to a Merrier Share Price

Hello Share Placers. I sang the praises of Tesco (TSCO) recently. But I also rate the chances of Sainsbury (SBRY) improving its share price. Like Tesco, it did well before Christmas with trading better than expected by the City. My local store has had a few gaps on the shelves caused by the general transport supply problems, but it’s not too much to worry about as customers will find alternatives.

  • By Malcolm Stacey
  • 2022-01-14 08:10:30

Hope to Cash in on Mining? You might Spread the Risk by Looking Up this Umbrella Set-up

Hello Share Takers. You’ll have gleaned that shares in big miners have been rising this week, helping the Footsie to new 12 month highs. This old punter is wary of mining shares, knowing little about the game unlike my excellent colleague Gary Newman. But mining stocks can occasionally be very rewarding. So instead of putting lots of loot into individual firms, I spread it by relying on umbrella companies like Trident Royalties (TRR).

  • By Malcolm Stacey
  • 2022-01-13 08:12:00

K3 isn't a Doctor Who robot but a Fast-Growing Friend to Small and Medium Businesses

Hello Share Keepers. When I attempted to start my own business, I soon realised it takes some real professionalism to keep afloat. And I didn't have the corporate, legal and accountancy knowhow to help me out. I should have gone to a company like K3 Capital (K3C). This is an outfit that supports small and medium businesses, helping them to make bigger profits.

  • By Malcolm Stacey
  • 2022-01-12 08:12:57

Tesco Does Well during Covid and should Continue to Boom when the Plague is Spent

Hello Share Makers. Though I’m not sure why folks would regularly shop at Tesco (TSCO) when budget supermarkets can work out cheaper, I rather like the look of the shares. Over the last year, the company’s done rather well and I think the positive trend could continue. The supermarket was already ahead in online sales when the pandemic came along and so was in poll position to take advantage.

  • By Malcolm Stacey
  • 2022-01-11 08:20:09
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