Versarien: ignore today’s piffle it is delayed results that should panic holders

Company in crisis Versarien (VRS) has today issued an RNS Reach about it getting an eco passport for a product nobody wants to buy. An RNS Reach is one that the nomad deems “not financial significant.” And for the fraudsters’ fave Nomad SP Angel to make that ruling means this news must be almost irrelevant. The key issue is results. Or lack of them.
  • By Tom Winnifrith, the Sheriff of AIM
  • 2023-01-27 08:13:25

Calm Down Gary Newman: Audioboom is still a sell

I see that, on twitter, comrade Gary Newman of this parish is suggesting that he is tempted by Audioboom (BOOM) largely because he sees there being more and more demand for his friend and colleague I urge him to sit down in a dark room, dream about kissing poisonous spiders in the jungle, and think again. Today’s 2022 trading update adds to the bear case as outlined by Lucian Miers in his tip of the year HERE, it is no treason to buy.
  • By Tom Winnifrith, the Sheriff of AIM
  • 2023-01-23 13:27:44

Corero – Bullshit earnings, cash burning and a profits warning buried in a release: uninvestable scumbags enter a 26th year of failure

How many times has cyber security group Corero Networks (CNS) lead its shares up the hill with ramptastic announcement after ramptastic announcement only to admit that it was running out of money, needed to do yet another bailout placing and seen its shares slide back down the hill again? Corero has been listed since 1997….
  • By Tom Winnifrith, the Sheriff of AIM
  • 2023-01-17 09:42:34

Letter to the FCA and AIM Regulation re nanosynth and Market Abuse

Yesterday’s deeply discounted bailout placing at 0.18p will have stunned some shareholders in nanosynth (NNN) who thought, as a result of RNS releases made in August and September, that the company had raised almost £3 million and was fully funded. That was a deceit. I believe that CEO Mark Duffin, PR firm IFC Advisory and Nomad SP Angel may be guilty of market abuse and have asked both AIM Regulation and the FCA to consider the matter.
  • By Tom Winnifrith, the Sheriff of AIM
  • 2023-01-11 16:09:27
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