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The Fleet Street Legend is up in arms about what he terms a foul smear on him HERE but, as I explain, the old champagne socialist is trying to pull the wool over our eyes with his mockney dining habits. At least the budget means that the champagne for Brian and his comrades will be cheaper but the Bidget really is a shower. I explian why. Then it is onto Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Red Rock Resources (RRR) where it looks ever bleaker for my pal Andrew Bell and finally why the Redcentric (RCN) valuation is bonkers.

13 hours ago

I deal with Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) first.  Then it is onto Yourgene (YGEN) and its trading statement, Eurasia (EUA) and a two year farce and finally the bid for Arden (ARDN) by Ince Group (INCE) and what to make of it all. I feel uncomfortable for reasons I explain.

1 day ago

In today’s bearcast I look at Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX), Optibiotix (OPTI), Kefi (KEFI), Nightcap (NGHT), VAST Resources (VAST) and finally at my old pal Richard Poulden’s Valereum Blockchain (VLRM), the current love interest of Big Dave Lenigas. 

3 days ago

According to a FinnCrap report all UK fund managers are. Even my old pal Mark who is slightly to the right of Genghis Khan? Somehow I doubt it but, as per Joshua and the red clothes day, which fund manager would dare to say that it is all so much shite? I discuss the opportunities that ESG mania offers for those prepared to call out the Emerperor’s New Clothes for what they are. I also discuss whether all entrepreneurs should be feted in the same way by those of us who do believe in capitalism, as per yesterday’s bearcast.

4 days ago

I start with the lamentable Brown whose splash today is about ex Tory Minister sleazy Tim Yeo being branded a liar by a judge. Yes we reported that on July 29 HERE and others including Paul Staines at Guido followed up — and credited us — later that day. And the deadwood press wonders why sales continue to tumble. Then it is onto the storm over a four person £37,000 restaurant tab in London on October 8. Is it wrong? It is certainly utterly vulgar and given why so many folks, especially in London, have become so wealthy thanks to the thief in the night which has locked so many others in poverty, it is the sort of thing which, wrongly, will make capitalism more hated. I discuss.

4 days ago

In today’s podcast I discuss Optibiotix (OPTI) and another battle from the ShareProphets comments boards. Then I look at Alien Metals (UFO) and Anglesy Mining (AYM), at Kanobo (KNB), Guild ESports (GILD) and at Reabold Resources (RBD). I start with a few words on last night’s video recording with the All Party Parliamentary Group on Personal Banking and Fairer Financial Services. With reference to it, if I sound conceited it is because, in my humble opinion, I have every right to be. The Alien expose to which I refer is HERE.

5 days ago

I start with the three horrors  which will make you despair and that is even before we deal with another INSET day, a day of yakking for teachers and inconvenience for the working prime carer who is your host today. Then I look at impending lockdown lunacy  and at one company which, i suspect, is already struggling but which will be hit for six, NightCap (NGHT). I skip onto Bezant (BZT) another Colin Bird pump and place, Dev Clever (DEV) – a stock for financial masochists only – Ben’s Creek (BEN) with a new shocking expose of its link with a disgraced financier and then the Woodfordesque dealings involving Boanerges Ltd (BNRG), WeShop, Vela (VELA) and BrandShield (BRSD).

6 days ago

In today’s podcast, I consider the video interview I’m doing later on the FCA, Ben’s Creek (BEN) and how its inevitable failure will come to haunt the AIM sewer, Vast Resources (VAST), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Seed Ventures (SEED), Eden Research (EDEN) and the dual list on OTC con, and Predator Oil & Gas (PRD

8 days ago

I start with the wish of Joshua’s best pal to be a sheep in the school play. Like father like son, natch my boy is one of the three wise men. Then I ask if Andrew Bell will be fired at the Red Rock Resources (RRR) AGM before looking at Simec Atlantic (SAE), Feedback (FDBK), the fraud Chill Brands (CHLL) and my next missive to the FCA and British Honey (BHC) where, following up from my earlier piece, it seems an entire family was at the trough.

8 days ago

I refer not to life at the Welsh Hovel where I have more workman issues but to Dev Clever (DEV) and my exposé of earlier HERE. I also comment on Verditek (VDTK), Deepverge (DVRG) run by journalist trolling arse Gerry Brandon, the serial AIM Rule Breaker, and Kefi (KEFI) where I remain a loyal, if somewhat trappist, shareholder.

9 days ago

I start with a look at the departure of Charles Randell from the FCA and the mess he leaves behind, then at Vertu (VTU) rewarding its shareholders having taken £29million from you and I, and finally what to make of the lock-up on an industrial estate global HQ of Dev Clever (DEV).

10 days ago

It has been a bad day at the homestead, the Welsh Hovel, as I explain. I have also had a run in with Shipmans and other staff at  “the envy of the fecking world”  so am in a bad mood. I discuss Kefi (KEFI) and what is happening in Ethiopia. I know more than all the BB savants but there is only so much that I can say. Then I look at the David Beckham-linked swizzle at Guild ESports (GILD) and, by implication, Cellular Goods (CBX) both of which will end in tears and be posterboys for the bezzles at the fag end of a bull market.

11 days ago

I start with a couple of talkes fromthe Welsh Hovel and what they say about inflation and that almost drove me into buying two stocks for my SIPP. I considered another two but then went for a fifth, an oil and gas play. I explain my thinking behind all.  Then I discuss Peter Brailey’s piece on ITM Power (ITM)

13 days ago

I ponder yesterday’s news which is terrible for Britain and which I find terribly disappointing at a personal level regarding the fraudster Rob Terry. I have a suggestion for the woke dullards at the FCA. I comment on the arrests of Umuthi fraudsters in Zim South and who in the UK now has massive questions to answer. I consider the Domino’s (DOM) trading statement and the issue Rishi Sunak faces on VAT.  This was a short working day for Jaya reasons, I’ll be back with a longer podcast on what should be a full day on Friday.

13 days ago

I discuss the SFO, FCA, FRC, the big four accountants, the media and political classes and the big lawyers and the king of the fraudsters Rob Terry. I fear nothing will change. I go into detail how it could and should, why Rob Terry was guilty as sin giving you chapter and verse. But I fear nothing will change and explain why.

14 days ago

This is a shocking revelation which I discuss in detail. It shows the Big 4 accountancy firms are actually incentivising partners to engage in risky and incorrect business practices by indemnifying them against all costs if they are found out. The Big 4 then treat such fines as just another cost of doing business. What is going on is a disgrace which expses the moral bankruptcy at the heart of the accountancy establishment and must force the FRC to rethink punishments. I also discuss Ariana Resources (AAU) and why it needs no PR but especially the shysters it currently uses, the deafening silence at Chill Brands (CHLL) which marks it out as a zero and Union Jack Oil (UJO) where I suspect it is tme to give up and look elsewhere in the sector.

15 days ago

Once again I am let down by the bloody Welsh and the childcare nightmare continues. I start with that and a few choice snobbish remarks. Then I look at Hummingbird Resources (HUM), Salt Lake Potash (S04), MyHealthChecked (MHC) and Diversified Energy (DEC), formerly Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC).

15 days ago

To say that I am cross by today’s turn of events would be an understatement. Hence this podcast is short and late and somewhat bad tempered. It covers Asos (ASC), Anglo African (AAAP), Tirupati Graphite (TGR), and Orcadian (ORCA) with another comment on the oil price and oil shares.

16 days ago

Remember, I read the ghastly Mail on Sunday so that you do not have to. I discuss its latest campaign backed by Primary Bid and the chancers of Bristol, Hargreaves Lansdown. It is fag end of a bull market nonsense.

17 days ago

I start with the big oilers and I am sure Odey is right and the woke ESG obsessed fund management mainstream is wrong. Then onto Ed McdDermott and Seed Ventures (SEED) where I am a loyal shareholder but argue for a plan B

18 days ago

In today’s Bearcast, I look at oil shares including the one I own and one I may well buy next week, at Brighton Pier (PIER) and at Anglesey Mining (AYM)

19 days ago

In this podcast ona shortened work day thanks to a still stick Jayarani, I give the five reasons why I sold all my remaining MyHealthChecked (MHC) today. I look at Mercantile Ports and Logistics (MPL), Sosandar (SOS), Powerhouse Energy (PHE), Simec Atlantic Energy (SAE) – well done Peter Brailey – and finally as the economic illiteracy of Boris Johnson as the Tories screw the poor in an inflationary world they only make worse.

20 days ago

And I fear that this will continue all week. I am pretty pissed off with Jaya’s nursery and thinking that I am in the wrong business. It looks an even better calling than cabbage picking. I cover two companies today: Ben’s Creek and the explicit challenge to and communication with the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation and Falanx (FLX) where I am sure good news will be pissed away.

21 days ago

I sart with the unhappy young man. Actually he is in his 40s. But it is a tale which, I suspect, is being replicated across the UK. It will trigger abrain drain as we go back to the 1970s. Then I discuss the scumbags at Abingdon Health (ABDX) screwing PIs ahead of an inevitable placing, I ask when Sosandar (SOS) will warn as it surely must, I look at share trades in the fraud Chill Brands (CHLL) and what they mean and then ask what the xxxx (Matthew & dog please insert word) Luke Johnson is doing investing in the lifestyle business run by the upper class twit of the year that is Marechale Capital (MAC). I am sure it will do better as an investment than Patisserie Holdings (CAKE) but not that much better.

22 days ago

Tomorrow, I shall tell you about a young man in despair, naming no names but what it says about this country. Today, I look at Powerhouse Energy (PHE) options and warrants, Zoltav Resources (ZOL), Sensyne (SENS), Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Parsley Box (MEAL), Deepverge (DVRG) and Chill Brands (CHLL).

24 days ago

Actually I advised my gardener from following Neil Jones route to poverty but review what his take on life, c/o the ghastly Mail on Sunday, tells us all about the insane times in which we live. Jimbo I await incoming from you as I expect you view Mr Jones as an investment guru.

25 days ago

I have a few words on Malcolm’s article of earlier which, by definition, makes me old according to him. Pot. Kettle. I talk about the general mood of insanity. Then, in that context, I look at the Optibiotix (OPTI) vs Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) debate. Should one short one and go long the other as PL has suggested? I discuss what I am doing and why.

26 days ago

Jeepers, the answer will shock you but is a reminder that Fleet Street does read this website avidly.  In the rest of the podcast, as my son spends the day vomiting I discuss a work life balance that is becoming increasingly daft. Then I head back to work looking at Ariana Resources (AAU) where I disagree with Nigel and probably lose another friend (Kerim Sener),  Chesterfield Resources (CHF), (BOO), AO World (AO.), Parsley Box (PUKE), Mercantile Ports (MPL) and Primary Bid and what it needs to change.

26 days ago

In today’s podcast I look at a raft of utter triumphs for me as a bear: Rosslyn Data (RDT) – no longer run by a former pornographer – Supply@ME Capital (FRAUD), Chill Brands (CHLL), Braveheart Investment Management (BRH) and Parsley Box (PUKE).

27 days ago

I sart with a chat I had with my friend Lucian Miers on Demetri Kofinas and financial nihilism. Honest, it is more interesting than it sounds. Then to gold and why one might be losing faith. Lucian has.  Then to two stocks I own Kefi (KEFI) and MyHealthchecked (MHC) and one that I do not and which is on its way down the plughole: the fraud Chill Brands (CHLL).

29 days ago

I receive an invitation to an online pot conference. More signs this sector is hot and thus one I shall avoid. I mention Chill Brands (CHLL) which is not hot and which could see its shares suspended by Friday. I discuss why the Tiger Royalties (TIR) portfolio is toxic and could implode. Surely its Nomad Roland “fatty” Cornish can peer over his ever expanding belly and see the danger? I discuss en passant Go Ahead (GOG) and in more detail interims from Powerhouse Energy (PHE). Then to why HEIQ (HEQ) numbers today are so dripping in red flags as yet another recent IPO ( 10 months ago) comes crashing down.

29 days ago

I explain why there was no bearcast yesterday. Then I look at the part this household is playing in the fuel crisis. It is all about psychology. Then a look at Real Good Food (RGF) and companies delisting before a look at the pathetic punishments for the enablers of fraud at Patisserie Holdings (CAKE) I also look at what Australian regulators are doing to tackle pump and dump twitter gangs while the FCA jerks off on more ESG porn doing nothing about tackling real crime. I flag up Aura Energy (AURA) in this regard.

31 days ago

I start with how I am terrorising folks in this hotel as I sneeze in the lift and droplets fall from my ever redder nose. I know I don’t have covid, they don’t. Then I move onto Malcolm Stacey and inflation. Then onto Bidstack (BIDS), a train crash in the making. Then I discuss the lorry driver and cabbage picker crisis with a joke at Jim’s expense and also what is the obvious solution.

33 days ago

I discuss the Mrs and I both taking tests this morning as we both feel a bit under the weather. Then I look in detail at Chill Brands (CHLL) where the risk-reward of holding until next Thursday is surely terribly unattractive and at Tern (TERN) accounting for Geeks, what is being hidden and why that makes this such a sell and also at Argo Blockchain (ARB).

33 days ago

I put them straight that I was of Irish descent but my local village council are having a go at me again and so sent in two officers of Wrexham Council. To be fair, they agreed with me and think the villagers are, again, acting like total poltroons in harassing me whereas the previous owners were allowed to dump asbestos and whatever they wanted. I explain all in the podcast but suffice to say I am angry. Then I look in detail at Tern (TERN) and go far further than Lucian did earlier HERE. Then onto Union Jack (UJO) where nothing now makes sense. I also look at the crazy world of Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT) once more and add my tuppence worth on the scandal that is Seraphine (BUMP).

35 days ago

I have an update on the Union Jack (UJO) placing which I forced it to ‘fess up to last Friday and I can now reveal that worthless ramp Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT) is now seeking fresh equity at almost any price. At 1p, a £21 million market cap is about £21 million too high in my book. I also discuss Jubilee Metals (JLP) and Mark Slater and that links nicely to an IPO I am dodging and I explain why I am passing on what appeared a likeable and competent team. Finally, a detailed look at perennial dog Mirriad (MIRI) whose shares are – despite slipping 10% today – still a stonking sell.

35 days ago

I am up early thanks to a new nightmare. Can anyone interpret it? Are you out there Joseph? I then look at saint Vin Murria and Summerway Capital (SWC). Then I discuss Lucian Miers big Joe Retail toxic four (Chill Brands, Supply@ME Capital, Tern and Eurasia), why things are going his way, which will crack first and why and what the fallout will be. A regular bearcast will follow later.

36 days ago

I start with one big story, the Stagecoach (SGC) & National Express (NEX) bid talks. The other big story is the word “bird” being dubbed sexist at an insane Barclays (BARC) employment tribunal which I cover HERE. I also look at Versarien (VRS) ahead of its AGM, Chill Brands (CHLL) ahead of its AGM and at regulatory issues for Eurasia (EUA) and Deepverge (DVRG) where the wrongdoing is as plain as day.

36 days ago

Quindell (QPP) was the first. Maybe there has been another, Anyhow I look in great detail at Eurasia Mining (EUA) but akso at a spoof from cash strapped Verditek (VDTK), more on Union Jack Oil (UJO) and signs of trouble at mill for Colin Bird and Bezant Resources (BZT).

38 days ago

Today was Joshua’s birthday party so I am pretty whacked. In the podcast I look at how we fail to tackle financial crime – just 67 arrests by the dedicated unit responsible in H1. Then to ShareSoc. Will it on Wednesday blow off Jeff Prestridge as he blew off Neil Woodford? Or will it face him down and put one of the main enablers of what went on via his yellow journalism on the spot? I suggest some questions that Cliff Weight needs to put to Mr Presstrip. Or what abut listener Steve, would such an online showdown cheer you up?

38 days ago

Forgive the late bearcast but I was cooking amazing grub for relatives today including long lost cousin C. On the subject of families, congratulations to listeners Matthew & his dog who frequently request more swearing as Matthew has got engaged. In the podcast I discuss two no-one is watching O’clock statements yesterday from MyHealthChecked (MHC) and from Union Jack Oil (UJO). I do not mince my words on either. 

39 days ago

I am a bit of a sweaty wreck as I prepare for a weekend of hell. I explain why. In the podcast I deal with Unon Jack Oil (UJO)  and my article of earlier and of the issue of who CEO’s should do interviews with. In the end of course the share price is driven not by how much time is spent ramping the stock but by whether a company generates cash and how much.

40 days ago

Today is not only Joshua’s Birthday but also 100 days to Christmas and also Dydd Owain Glyndwr Hapus!. So I am busy cake making. Maybe a picture later after I burn my own house down in honour of the last Welsh Prince of Wales. In the podcast I discuss naughty corporate brokers, Optibiotix (OPTI) and Novacyt (NCYT

42 days ago

I discuss a fascinating article about XL Media (XLMHERE in the Times of Israel. If I wanted to list a fraud I’d be big on ESG as was XL. Chris Bailey’s fund manager pals would love it as I stole all the cash. I look at gender targets and ask what they should be, referencing Principals of Cambridge Colleges. I look at Mercantile Ports (MPL) and PrimaryBid and then what I plan, or hope, to do next about the fraud Umuthi (UHS), ask the victims to tell their stories. I look at Paul Johnson’s Power Metal Resources (POW) and its latest news which takes me back to 2007 and Mark Watson Mitchell’s Yellowcake. I comment on Asimilar (ASLR) and then go to town on Deepverge (DVRG) and its journalist trolling cock of a CEO Gerry Brandon explaining why I believe investors were materially misled in the run up to the £10 million June 7 placing and why the company is, for a variety of reasons, a total bargepole. It is just not investment grade material.

42 days ago

In between trying to make mint cordial, mint ice cream and damson jam last night I had a call from a man who had done some work for Umuthi (UHS) and what he said about a forged document purporting to show a bank transfer and a blocked site visit is further evidence of what a complete fraud this is from top to bottom. I relay it to you and wonder what the FCA will say about this?

43 days ago

a few more words on Umuthi (UHS) after today’s bombshell and on where it leaves the FCA. Then I flag up a few personal committments which sees me cooking like a dervish for a few days but then I shall be onto my next fraud expose which is also in Africa but this time with AIM listed companies. Then I look at comedy from ADVFN (AFN) ask a serious question abut Chill Brands (CHLL) and the proven liar John Story and finally discuss Argo Blockchain (ARB)

44 days ago

In today’s bearcast I look at MyHealthchecked (MHC), Umuthi (UHS) with a warning for the FCA of what is happening tomorrow and a discussion of what it takes to be a fraud enabler and at ITM Power (ITM) and green investing.

44 days ago

As folks close to the fraud Umuthi (UHS) start to play the man not the ball I set the record straight. I have agonised about the ethics of this as a journalist but feel I have no choice and then to MyHealthChecked (MHC) where we shareholders have to accept that facts changed today.

45 days ago

I start with a few reflections on that dreadful day 20 years ago. Then look at Oxford Nanopore and Central Copper and the advantages as an investor of having been around the block a few times as greed right now is all around us. Finaly a few more words on Umuthi (UHS) after today’s shocking exposes and what the FCA needs to do asap about this scandal.

46 days ago

Today has been dominated by exposing the Umuthi fraud. There is a stack more to come on this over the weekend but I hope you have enjoyed it so far. I discuss another couple of aspects of this case and lessons we should alllearn. Then it is onto Audioboom (BOOM) and All Active Asset Management (AAA).

47 days ago

I start with the Chris Cleverly West Ham round-up and what says about our attitude to white collar crime in the UK. What it says disgusts me. I move onto Optibiotix (OPTI). I am still a bull but i explian to the company why it is so unloved. Then finally to Cineworld (CINE) a slam dunk short at 63p. This could be a penny stock after an inevitable debt for equity swap but, taking a 30 year view, I would not buy even then.

49 days ago

I make three excuses for a short bearcast all of them equally valid and then serve up a normal length bearcast after all covering ennui and self delusion setting in at Chill Brands (CHLL), my ancient memories of Anglesey Mining (AYM) and why you should not believe a word that it says and the most excellent expose by Peter Brailey of Powerhouse Energy (PHE) which we published today.

49 days ago

I start with an explanation of why I feel old and of the noises you may hear from the Welsh Hovel as I record. Then I look in detail at IQE (IQE) plus I comment on Verditek (VDTK) and Bidstack (BIDS) and when each will next run out of cash, at MyHealthChecked (MHC) which will not and finally at the disgrace that is Parsley Box (MEAL) at lessons folks should, but will not, learn and at why the shares will still crash even from here, having almost halved since the March 31 IPO.

51 days ago

I start by looking at a new normal and justifying a £50 million valuation. Then there is a look at the most almighty spoof from Marechale Capital (MAC) run by upper class twit Mark Warde-Norbury. How on earth did Nomad Cairn Financial sign off on this bollocks announcement regarding Weardale Lithium? Thirty seconds at Companies house shows what a farce this all is as I explain in full detail.

51 days ago

Yesterday I was reviewing Lucian Miers’ big 5 small cap shorts with the great bear over breakfast. Breakfast BTW was porridge with homemade stewed apples (from the Welsh Hovel) in cinnamon. In the podcast, I discuss last night’s culinary fare but then probe Lucian on what he sees as critical mid and end points for each of his 5 UK small cap big shorts: Tern (TERN), Versarien (VRS), Chill Brands (CHLL), Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and Eurasia Mining (EUA).

52 days ago

This is my shortest bearcast ever. Having picked Lucian’s brains, I promise you two tomorrow.

52 days ago

This podcast is in two parts. I start with a few words on Malcolm’s piece of earlier on Creightons (CRL) and paying a high or low PE. Then I have been passed a dossier and had a conference call about a company the FCA has allowed you to buy shares in even though it was told that the individual behind it was on Police bail for a massive fraud and had a history of fraud and guess what, this company is also a top to bottom fraud. I am gobsmacked by it all but especially by this latest Standard List failing by the FCA which is just not fit for purpose.

54 days ago

Either quitting or not turning up or quoting daft prices or saying they can’t do anything till whenever. It is all part of the inflationary storm and I discuss that. Then daft broker and paid for research notes. Should regulators act? I think it is pointless. I look back to 2010 and 2001 and other notes, it is all just a sign of the times.

55 days ago

On each of the four there is borrow and Lucian is short. There is a 5th where he has a small short but borrow is hard to obtain. I go through all five and explain why they will all see a share price collapse if not a total wipeout.

56 days ago

I start with what should have been Joshua’s first day at school but for the utterly inexcusable laziness of the teachers. Then I mention Versarien (VRS) before moving onto the fraud Chill Brands (CHLL), a bt of CV analysis at Nanosynth (NNN) and a discussion of the latest nonsense from Eurasia Mining (EUA) where again I compare it with Jubilee Metals (JLP).

56 days ago

In today’s bearcast I look at Salt Lake Potash (SO4), MyHealthChecked (MHC), Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Chill Brands (CHLL) and Union Jack Oil (UJO) as well as at internet trolls who want me dead.

57 days ago

Greatly taken by the Killer Frogs article from earlier, I contemplate whether I really am a sad old dinosaur but conclude that I am not and that it will not, whatever young folks believe, be different this time.

58 days ago

In today’s podcast, I offer a few more words on the AIM Rule breakers at MyHealthChecked (MHC) where I am still a loyal shareholder. Then a look at a $1 billion fraud called HeadSpin and why it is a morality tale for our times but a warning of much worse still to come. 

59 days ago

As a result of my cat, I spent the morning at Currys feeling ever poorer as it celebrated a bonus “Pride” weekend. I ponder why? Then I ponder the Begbies boss breaking share dealing disclosure rules and what it means about that company and the state of the market generally. 

60 days ago

I start discussing Laura Ingalls Wilder and why I read her books to Joshua and as an aside, have an amusing – one has to laugh – tale from Sweden. Elsewhere, I look at MyHealthChecked (MHC), Nanosynth (NNN), Amigo (AMGO), Chill Brands (CHLL) and Dev Clever (DEV). Enjoy the bank holiday weekend. I shall as my mother-in-law is coming to stay. You see, irony is not dead.

62 days ago

Today’s scoop on MyHealthChecked (MHC) has moved the shares and looks like great news. But it might not be. What I have engaged in is not as one moron on ADVFN suggests “willy waving” or “ramping” but good journalism, that is to say breaking news someone does not want published. MyHealthChecked has broken AIM Rules and so created a disorderly market and though I own shed loads of shares, I must be consistent and report the company. AIM Regulation should be slapping someone’s wrists. I also comment on Helium One (HE1) and Verditek (VDTK).

63 days ago

In today’s bearcast, I look at those failures in detail: Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT), Tirupati (TGR) where you might brace yourself for some language some may deem sexist and not very 2021, and Supply@ME Capital (SYME) where today’s extraordinary news really should alarm any holder. I also revisit Argo Blockchain (ARB) which has published its US listing prospectus HERE which I comment on. En passant, I look at share trading patterns in Versarien (VRS) and Chill Brands (CHLL) and what they tell us about sentiment in what were last year’s Bulletin Board darlings. They are just so 2020 aren’t they?

63 days ago

I am not in the slightest bit apologetic. In fact I think she is rather pathetic and she deserved exposing for raising money on a false prospectus. But I am the pantomime villain of the Holt facebook page yet again today as I explain HERE. I then discuss Roquefort Investments (ROQ) a proposterous Standard Listed shell, Kefi (KEFI), Chill Brands (CHLL), and Nanosynth (NNN)

64 days ago

I start this podcast with a look at Watchstone (WTG), Quindell (QPP) as was. Then a macro view on covid and how, in time, our attitudes have to change. How to play that from an investment point of view. It is tough. I explain why I hold MyHealthChecked (MHC) ahead of a trading update within weeks which will, I am sure, be cracking and why it should prosper medium term. But I admit that could change.

65 days ago

Is green energy a bubble? Yes of course it is. I discuss why and look back on other bubbles to explain exactly why it is. Before that, a few words on the horror of finding myself agreeing with the war criminal Tony Blair but on Afghanistan today he is right. My own piece on this sad situation is HERE.

66 days ago

So we start with the corporate demise of sleazy ex Tory MP Tim Yeo. Here’s hoping that bankruptcy and complete humiliation follow on soon. It seems our resident in-house cheerleader for the establishment, PL, thinks that sleazy Tim should hang onto his shares in Powerhouse Energy (PHE). I explain exactly why he should not.

67 days ago

I start with the disaster in my study where I am recording as you can see HERE. Then I look at Remote Monitored Systems (RMS), Amur Minerals (AMC), Kefi (KEFI), Dispersion Holdings (DEFI) and Argo Blockchain (ARB).

69 days ago

I discuss two developments at the Welsh Hovel. There is great news HERE but also a bit of a disaster which could have been fatal for the cats and bad for me. Then I look at backing proven failures or chaps who wave red flags mentioning Sensyne (SENS), Nigel Wray, me and a few others. That leads me on to the wall of silence from Central Copper Resources about its AIM IPO and me explaining what is really going on, notably at broker Brandon Hill. Finally I look at today’s news from Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) and where, as a result, I expect its shares to be at Christmas.

69 days ago

As I prepare for blackberry picking with newly arrived Olaf, the bearcast today covers just one company, one where I was a shareholder but would not go back, Falanx (FLX). I do mention Jubilee Metals (JLP), en passant.

70 days ago

I am back in Wales as of the wee hours and reflect on that. Today has been plum harvesting day. In the podcast, I look at Jubilee Metals (JLP) where I am out but should I dive back in and Ariana Resources (AAU) where I am in but should I dive out? Then the two dogs both beloved of the Sith Lord Zak Mir: Argo Blockchain (ARB) and Remote Monitored Systems (RMS).

71 days ago

I start with this non financial matter as although the Mrs regards these as tragic events in a land far far away, I think of the pointless British deaths, of the increased terror risk back home, of the shameful way we are abandoning those who helped us, of the shameful way we turned a blind eye to industrial-scale corruption. What is happening in Afghanistan is not only terribly sad for its people but it is also a national shame. Then I look at a pointless name change at Zoetic (ZOE) and of the spoof US OTC listing announced by Dispersion (DEFI) something that is itself a red flag.

73 days ago

I fly back to Wales tomorrow so have wasted too much of my life filling in moronic covid related forms today. I cannot say that i am happy to be heading back. I start with Luke Johnson’s warning on WFH and I rather think that on some points I disagree with my friend. Then onto UK regulation and its failings ref today’s two articles on Vast Resources (VAST) and the bombshell on the Zoetic (ZOE) fraud.

73 days ago

I start with the covid tests, the Mrs and I having just taken one for 50 euros each here in Greece. sadly we both passed so will head back to Wales on Monday where our test, in Wales, will cost more than 100 Euro. I explain why we in the UK are being so utterly scammed for these pointless tests as I start a three part series on my own site on covid lunacy in this part of Greece HERE. Then I flag up a good bit of what is in tomorrow’s new shocking Zoetic (ZOE) dossier which will again place the company in the threat of severe US regulatory peril even after it covered up all the breaches I exposed last time! Finally, I discuss Iconic (ICON) and why i want it to go bust - it is the only way that a member of the Tory chumocracy – toxic David Sefton – will get his just desserts. 

74 days ago

I refer to the resort of Stoupa. My wife knows how much I loathe and despise it and why and yet I found myself there again today. It was, as anticipated, hell on earth. Forget subbing Zak Mir’s copy for eternity this is the real deal. On a lighter note I examine timelines of placings, director share dumps, profits warnings and ramptastic statements at Best of the Best (BOTB) and Braveheart Investment Group (BRH). In a world where anyone cared any more there would be a full steward’s on both. Of course nobody gives a damn and the world moves on. Nothing to see here sir.

75 days ago

In today’s podcast I look at Red Rock Resources (RRR), Powerhouse Energy (PHE), Pensana Rare Earths (PRE), Zoetic (ZOE), Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT) and strange coincidences at Global Petroleum (GBP).

76 days ago

Maybe I have got my Franglais a bit wrong but I do my best as I explain why Jean Marc just does not get it with Braveheart (BRH) and the spiv Trevor Brown. I start with a few more words on why I hate the Greek seaside which the Mrs forces me to go to and which has put me in a foul mood as a result. It always does as I noted a few weeks ago. I then look at the ramptastic disaster that is Helium One (HE1) and then, mentioning today’s Pello expose, I go onto a detailed analysis of the position at the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) and why the shares, now down to 39.25p, are heading to between 0p and 5p.

77 days ago

I start with a few reminiscences about how myself and George the Architect exposed the InternetQ fraud. Then I cover: Kefi (KEFI), Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and More Bull from it, Vast Resources (VAST), Purplebricks (PURP), Argo Blockchain (ARB), Verditek (VDTK) and Andrew Bell’s Red Rock Resources (RRR).

78 days ago

In between visits from two men called Nicho I look at Powerhouse Energy (PHE) & the green bandwagon of fear, Argo Blockchain (ARB), BlueJay Mining (JAY) and the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME).

80 days ago

It is my penultimate Sunday in Greece and I consider the idiot Mark Drakeford and special hurdles I face in returning to Wales. I have spent the afternoon poisoning frigana in the snake fields. Photos tomorrow but I discuss that. Then I ask listeners to do a final chip in to raise another £495 to see loathsome pig Neill Ricketts sweating in court. Please donate HERE. Finally, I ask you to send 2 emails to tonight. One on Central Copper Resources and why the IPO must be stopped and one on why sleazy Tim Yeo must be sacked at Powerhouse Energy (PHE).

80 days ago

Ian Westbrook is now just £800 from making loathsome Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) sweat in Court in January like the pig he is. Please keep those tenners, twenties and fifties coming in HERE. I look at today’s bombshell on the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and explain why that makes it a slam dunk zero. Then it is Central Copper Resources where I am sending out numerous emails to get its AIM Sewer IPO strangled at birth.

82 days ago

I look at the shock suspension of trading by the FCA of City broker Pello. I look at Braveheart Investment Management (BRH) and how Trevor Brown has made £7.5 million from pump and dump while mug punters have lost up to 85% on one pump and 60% on another. Finally, tomorrow will see an explosive dossier on the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME). It is a zero.  Meanwhile, Ian Westbrook has now raised £19,105 on the make loathsome Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) sweat like a pig appeal. We need just £895 to hit target so keep those £10 and £20 donations coming HERE

82 days ago

I start with a discussion on the forest fires in this region of Greece then move onto the impending total humiliation of Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer after today’s shocker HERE. Then I look at Supply@ME Capital (SYME) asking if its boss owns any shares at all. He certainly does not own 26% as claimed. Then I look at the Optibiotix (OPTI) trading statement  discussing it and Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX). Finally back to a wretch: Versarien (VRS) and its shite results which show why we must get Ian Westbrook over the line – he is now, with a slightly extended deadline – just £1775 shy of making the loathsome Neill Ricketts sweat in court. Please keep giving those tenners and twenties HERE

83 days ago

I start with the refugees which leads nicely into the vicious and Orwellian attack by Channel 4 News on Steve Brown of Orcadian Energy (ORCA) where I am a loyal shareholder. What has happened here is a direct attack on free speech, an attack by the media itself. It is horrific. Then it is onto Versarien (VRS). Ian Westbrook may well be within £1950 of being able to make the loathsome pig Neill Ricketts sweat like an AIM CEO so with 22 hours to go, please keep donating HERE. Meanwhile, Neill is up to his old tricks of disseminating over-egged “news” via non RNS means as I expose HERE. Surely the Oxymorons must act?

85 days ago

While I was recording bearcast, Zoetic (ZOE) announced that since promising results in July on May 17 – by when it would already have done much of the audit work – it had discovered all about covid so would not now be releasing, what will be piss poor, results (for the year to March 31 2021) until this month. Good news travels fast, bad news is delayed. The real reason for the delay is explained in this podcast. I also cover discussions with the regulators on UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Supply@ME Capital (SYME), the John Story episode and getting the shyster resigned from Escape Hunt (ESC). I speculate on what he did next. And there is a final appeal for Ian Westbrook. Do not let the loathsome pig Neill Ricketts win by default, please donate HERE

85 days ago

First up, thanks for all the tenners for Ian Westbrook. We still have two days to hit the £20,000 make loathsome Neill Ricketts sweat target and are now on £14,694. We are still talking to two potentially generous donors so please do keep the tenners flowing HERE to stop the Versarien (VRS) penny share huckster winning by default. Then onto lying on AIM and also covering up bad news with late releases. I look at Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Verditek (VDTK), Powerhouse Energy (PHE), Cellular Goods (CBX), Escape Hunt (ESC) and, of course, the fraud Zoetic (ZOE). The stench of chumocracy corruption is rife in the City as liars go unpunished. It is most depressing.

86 days ago

On MyHeathChecked (MHC) I tidy up all the loose ends from yesterday’s options storm and I am confident that the greedy management have behaved in this way as the shares will head higher. On the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) I discuss the purchase of the domain name and all the questions that throws up. I do know a bit about buying domain names and this is not what it seems. Then I cover the 2 questions that its financial adviser Nick Harriss at Allenby and its scumbag PR Henry Harrison Topham will not respond to and which I will be taking up with the FCA tomorrow. It strikes me these are slam dunk rule breaches. Nick, at least, used to care about such matters.

88 days ago

First up, after I nudged Paul Staines (Guido), we did get that hat tip as you can see HERE. Cheers Paul. I then look at Babcock (BAB), Boatman Capital and the corrupt deadwood press, Minoan (MIN), the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) and its missing results, Kefi (KEFI), Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and the missing shares and then at MyHealthChecked (MHC) where I expect the shares to zoom within weeks but which is causing me to spit nails.

89 days ago

Yet again I have been thanked by the regulator for exposing cooked PLC books. Not that this will stop BBMs from defaming me in all the usual ways but those who count know we matter. So I discuss Eden Research (EDEN) and KPMGThen there is Peter Brailey’s amazing scoop. Ta Guido for the hat tip (not!) – I discuss Powerhouse Energy (PHE) and Tim Yeo the sleazebag ex Tory MP. Then I turn to Verditek (VDTK) as it misleads again c/o the AIM Shit of the year Richard “Gollum” Gill as his green ponzi bond deadline approaches. Finally there is the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) where my target price remains 0p after today’s dire admission. Add to your shorts.

90 days ago

An early podcast as Joshua and I are off exploring for an old bridge and a back road to Orova shortly. In today’s bearcast, I look at Predator Oil & Gas (PRD) – a cause for extra ouzo tonight as Ron Pilbeam gets the order of the boot after my missive to the FCA – at new IPO Spinnaker Acquisitions (SPAQ) which looks like an overpriced nest of vipers and finally at the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) whose RNS today is just complete and utter bollocks.

92 days ago

I end with another appeal for brave Ian Westbrook. We are now just over £7,000 from making Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) sweat like the loathsome pig he is. Please do donate HERE. I start with a comment on Kefi (KEFI) from the horse’s mouth, and a look at the fraud Zoetic (ZOE), Deepverge (DVRG), Moonpig (MOON), Uru Metals (URU) and the Zak Mir top of the market call.

92 days ago

Forgive the crude title or love it if you are Matthew and his dog. I could not resist. I start with a discussion of the tyranny of village facebook pages prompted by my latest spat with some villagers of Holt in Wales HERE. Then I look at Kefi (KEFI), Zoetic (ZOE), Kanobo (KNB), Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Block Energy (BLOE) and the bitcoin pump by America’s Neil Woodford and others. Ian Westbrook is now at just under £12,000 and has ten days to reach £20,000 to see the loathsome Neill Ricketts at the next stage. To call the bluff of the Versarien (VRS) bully, please donate HERE. PS Darren points out it is the 26th not the 27th. He is correct.

93 days ago

It is one company on AIM, it is for my pension and my reasoning is explained in full in this bonus podcast.

94 days ago

I start on the issue of PLCs with unpaid bills from lockdown. There will be some catch-ups and icebergs ahead. Cineworld (CINE) is a case study. Then the stock I am buying tomorrow. It is NOT Open Orphan (ORPH) or Red Rock Resources (RRR) as some of you think and I discuss both. Then to Ben & Jerry’s and its hatred of the Jewish state. I am tempted to buy a share in Unilever (ULVR) to go to its next AGM.

94 days ago

Good news: the mule with my money arrived last night. I shall buy the shares at 8.30 AM Monday and serve up a bonus bearcast/bullcast to explain my thinking then. The rest of today’s podcast covers inflation, the genie has escaped but what should you do?

96 days ago

I apologise for a late bearcast. I was meeting up with my mentor on goat milking. Meanwhile, brave Ian Westbrook is now halfway to target to ensure that bully boy Neill Ricketts does not steamroller his second biggest critic - please do donate HERE. After 24 hours, I still cannot tell you what shares I will be buying. Maybe on Monday. In the podcast, I look at Predator Oil & Gas (PRD), Simec (SAE), Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) and Acceler8 Ventures (AC8) where my take may surprise you. 

96 days ago

I shall explain why and what tomorrow. But I eat my own pudding in that I believe the recent sell off in small caps offers opportunity. But for some companies, notably those with funding issues, it could be very bad news. I discuss Supply@ME Capital (SYME), its director Mr Bull and its mother of all death spirals, Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) where the cash, its only asset of value, is disappearing fast and Versarien (VRSwhere I urge you to back Ian Westbrook TODAY as its 2 death spirals really start to bite. I also comment on Predator Oil & Gas (PRD) which looks to be a can of worms and Loop Up (LOOP) where maybe I am just a bit dim but isn’t it pointless?

97 days ago

Is the sound okay? The arrival of the Mrs and Jayarani means a change of recording location. I start with Peter Brailey’s Predator Oil & Gas (PRD) expose. If the FCA does not come down on director Ron Pilbeam like a ton of bricks we might as well all give up. Then I look at Vast Resources (VAST) – a total bargepole stock where I sniff a deeply discounted placing  – then challenge you on two counts regarding Online Blockchain (OBC) before considering Argo Blockchain (ARB) its strangely worded RNS today and whether it will still be solvent on St Ledger’s day. 

98 days ago

A frantic morning of tidying sees Joshua and I ready to face the Mrs, we head to Athens shortly. Ahead of that I suggest a new gender test for the Olympics. In the main podcast I look at bitcoin, Argo Blockchain (ARB), Fevertree (FEVR), coping on a meltdown day, Nightcap (NGHT) and St James House (SJH).

100 days ago

I start with the 3% pay rise for all employees of the envy of the world which once employed the late Harold Shipman. It is quite dreadful. Then I look at Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Parsley Box (MEAL) and Audioboom (BOOM).

100 days ago

In a short podcast, I look at why our leaders are the laughing stock of the world and also at the M&A Activities of big tobacco. What exactly would the puritans demand?

101 days ago

In today’s podcast, I discuss the two big media stories of the week: GB News getting no viewers at all at some stage last week and the idea that social media posters should have to disclose their identity. That is where the rent boys (non) issue comes up

102 days ago

I start with events on the Isle of Man and general covid lunacy and how that makes everything – including MyHeathChecked (MHC) – such a gamble. When will this track and trace madness stop? It is sheer insanity. Then I look at the gold price reviewing my portfolio and finally a few words on today’s expose on Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT) where the silence of its scumbag advisors is deafening.

103 days ago

First up, would you rather listen to Joshua on Dinosaurs than to me on shares tomorrow? He thinks he is the world’s greatest expert but perhaps we should see how he fares on the Sunday quiz if Darren yields to his demands and has some dinosaur questions in it first? In today’s podcast, I look at the FCA’s new business plan, at ADVFN (AFN) and why Yair Tauman need to put up or shut up, at Online Blockchain (OBC), Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Seed Ventures (SEED – in detail – and en passant the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) and Orcadian (ORCA) which I backed pre IPO and which Peter Brailey writes up HERE.

105 days ago

Happy Bastille Day to our listeners in France. Here another day of swimming and cooking for guests. In today’s podcast, I look at Verditek (VDTK) and the latest missive from Gollum, the investment whores at Proactive, the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) & its death spiral and finally more thoughts on today’s Winnileaks special on MC Saatchi and what it says about the useless FCA when it comes to tackling white-collar crime. Finally a few words with Cliff Weight of ShareSoc re Financial Promotions.

105 days ago

Forgive the late bearcast but the local members of the Guardian-reading classes came round to swim with Joshua. In today’s podcast, I look at Ariana Resources (AAU), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) and the IPO frenzy with especial reference to Revolution Beauty and Forward Partners (FWD).

106 days ago

I start with swimming pool news then look at today’s shocking Vast Resources (VAST) expose HERE. Then onto Berkeley Energia (BKY) – another reason to be glad about Brexit – then onto Cineworld (CINE) and Nightcap (NGHT). I save my football take for my own website HERE.

107 days ago

I start with bad news from Olaf, then consider football before – at length – answering the question in the title.

109 days ago

We have our first visitor at the Greek Hovel this year, an odd fellow, so Joshua and I have been tidying hard. My son really was very helpful at putting together the new hoover, I’d have been lost without him. In today’s podcast, I discuss soon to be ex NED’s whinging about lack of diversity at the FRC and why they are so wrong. Then I ask whether I’d buy Crystal Amber (CLS) as surely I will make 20% in five months. Er…no.

110 days ago

Hat tip to Roger for pointing out what Britain’s leading chanteuse is missing out on as she celebrates her 38th birthday. No it cannot be true, can it? Elsewhere I look at Hurricane Energy (HUR) and the antics of Crystal Amber, at Verditek (VDTK) and at how TR1s are abused by penny share hucksters and rampers.

110 days ago

Obviously the big excitement was the snake but Joshua and I also faced down mask fascists as we bought a hoover in Kalamata. Most of today’s bearcast concerns the antics of Justin the Clown, Boston International (BIH), the rash of IPOs and what it means and Argo Blockchain (ARB).

111 days ago

Joshua and I visited Kardamili of Paddy Leigh Fermor fame this morning and more on that later. In today’s podcast, I cover Catenae (CTEA), en passant the fraud Zoetic (ZOE), and MyHeathchecked (MHC) where I caution against extrapolations but suggest why I think the shares should or could double. PS Joshua’s second name is Patrick, he is named after the great man who was a good friend of my father.

113 days ago

Joshua and I are back, at last. It is all my fault, he was very understanding although he blamed me. In today’s podcast I explain this and then look at Morrison’s (MRW), Zoetic (ZOE) and Supply@ME Capital (SYME).

113 days ago

In today’s podcast from myself and Joshua in Delphi, I look at G3 Exploration (G3E), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), ADVFN (AFN) and Dev Clever (DEV).

114 days ago

Joshua and I are about to have pancakes and a swim and then set out on the next leg of our road trip. A few photos from yesterday’s tearful encounters are HERE. In today’s podcast, I look at the smears that establishment folk like Alex Brummer are using to defend an establishment woman who has failed to deliver, the grotesquely overpaid CEO of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Emma Walmsley. I want her to pack her bags too and explain why she should.

117 days ago

In today’s bearcast with myself and Joshua recorded in Metsovo, I comment on MyHealthChecked (MHC), Boots & EasyJet, the blooming Poulden Lenigas bromance, on Zoetic (ZOE) and on Bidstack (BIDS). More ouzo tonight methinks. 

117 days ago

I record this early in the Greek morning as today is a road trip day as Joshua and I head to Vlach land. I cover two stocks I own – Ariana (AAU) where I am less excited about a special dividend than is Nigel. I reckon its strategy is wrong. And Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) where I explain why PL’s suggested proxy purchase of Southern Gold is not as smart as he thinks it is.

119 days ago

I start with logistical issues. Thanks to Andrew Bell and Red Rock Resources (RRR), I need to find another hat to eat on video. This may take a while but I am a man of my word. I discuss Red Rock and why Bell has let me down. I end with a picture of where I was at lunchtime with Joshua celebrating today’s personal triumph re Eden Research and KPMG. Then I look at Verditek (VDTK) where surely the FCA or the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation must act now. Today’s news begs more questions for the AIM Shit of the year 2012-20, Richard Gill, aka Gollum. Then onto Hurricane Energy (HUR), Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT) and Eight Capital Partners (ECP) part of the Supply@ME Capital (SYME) swamp.

119 days ago

In today’s bearcast from myself and Joshua who I am having to bribe to be quiet, I look at Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), TrakM8 (TRAK), more smoke and mirrors from the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and the joys of watching tonight’s football here in Greece with my friend Nicho the Communist and the rest of a village where the Hun are not wildly popular.

121 days ago

I start with an update on life at the Greek Hovel. I am contemplating a long road trip for myself and Joshua to the far North this week. More on that later. Pro tem a few thoughts on Supply@Me Capital (SYME), Hurricane Energy (HUR) and Tern (TERN).

122 days ago

Nothing about shares in today’s bearcast, the first from Joshua and myself at the Greek Hovel. But reflections on the past 24 hours instead.

123 days ago

I recorded this last night. I hope that by the time you listen I am on my way to Greece. Fingers crossed. The title of this podcast is self-explanatory.

124 days ago

I start with l’affaire Hancock and what it says about standards in public life, whether politics or the corporate world in Britain today. For three reasons, not including the fact that he is useless or the act of infidelity, he should be fired. He will not be. I then consider late results with reference to Ariana (AAU) and the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) which is now – perhaps – just three working days from slipping down the plughole leading to the sewer of insolvency.

124 days ago

In today’s bearcast, I consider Verditek (VDTK), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Sosandar (oink, oink), First Property (FPO), Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) and MyHealthChecked (MHC).

125 days ago

I return to the subject of Sosandar (SOS) – goaded by PL – then to Braveheart Investment (BRH). I discuss companies late filing accounts using the covid excuse – is it not time this ruse was stopped. Then I end with some words on the Manolete (MANO) dog.

126 days ago

I am so angry that I forgot to memtion bitcoin crashing again and the operational and financial gearing at drowning in red flags Argo Blockchain (ARB). So I am angry and the resultant bad language will delight Matthew and his dog. I consider Sosandar (SOS), Hurricane Energy (HUR), Bidstack (BIDS), Kefi (KEFI) and Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV).

128 days ago

That wasted an hour of my life but it looks like all systems go for Saturday when Steve Moore will be in charge of this website while Joshua and I head to the Greek Hovel.In today’s podcast I look at bitcoin’s latest dump and Argo Blockchain (ARB) and at Dev Clever (DEV) and its joke acquisition. That required a bit of work for me at Companies House as did researching today’s smoke and mirrors deal from Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) – how did Nomad SP Angel sign off on this cobblers? I then look at Avacta (AVCT), Zoetic (ZOE), MyHealthChecked (MHC), Bidstack (BIDS) and the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME). Where are its results?

128 days ago

I discuss my local Tory councillor being a spinless cretin, my daughter Olaf being a girly swot and with reference to Peter Brailey’s most excellent article earlier the nature of death spirals, they are not all the same but bad companies attract bad finance.

129 days ago

I start with a defence of my share tipping on Optibiotix (OPTI). Am I really responsible for a chap who has bought and sold four times each time making a loss? He blames me. Then I consider if I should buy, sell or just hold MyHealthChecked (MHC). Then a few words on Father’s Day and also a few words on how I shall be annoying Abi the mutant curtain twitcher tomorrow.

130 days ago

I start with a reflection on two smears from Bulletin Board Morons and about how media platforms from BBs to twitter need to respond to deal with such malice. Then a few thoughts on why the Tories are pissing off Tory voters in Chesham and elsewhere. Then I look at Versarien (VRS), Westminster Group (WSG) and at Bidstack (BIDS), breaking AIM Rules as it teeters on the edge. Oh, is that a Fat Lady I see gargling over there?

131 days ago

I start with a morning spent cleaning up Joshua’s attic, a picture of which and of the Mrs looking stunning as she claims the credit is HERE. Then it is onto the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Bidstack (BIDS) and Optibiotix (OPTI).

132 days ago

I start with a request to you all, to help me nail some villains. Please can you send THIS OUTSIDE PAYWALL ARTICLE to all your twitter, instagram, facebook etc accounts. I then look at the frauds Zoetic International (ZOE) and Supply@ME Capital (SYME), as well as Best of the Best (BOTB) which is not a fraud but is a stock that for three reasons I would not touch with a bargepole.

134 days ago

I start with four companies to boycott: Octopus Energy, Grolsch, Nivea and Kopparber. Not that it will make any difference. I then battle EasyJet (EZJ) to get my own money back and discuss why i would not own its shares. Then onto Bidstack (BIDS) which will meet payroll next week but will struggle in July, Verditek (VDTK) and finally Westminster Group (WSG) run by sleazy ex Tory MP Tony Baldry of the fraud 3DM infamy. 

134 days ago

I start with the 4 week delay to what is laughably called Freedom Day here in Airstrip One. It makes me so angry as there is no justification for it. Next up more woke nonsense from Pensana (PRE), before a look at Colin Bird’s quartet of mining juniors and asking if it is worth the risk? Finally Tavistock Investments (TAVI) – too good to be true?

136 days ago

I start with a few thoughts on Kefi Gold & Copper (KEFI) in the wake of today’s scoop. Then it is onto more failings at the FCA and the scandal of its staff bonuses. Finally some thoughts on inflation which is now clearly starting to get a grip. Even so, I can’t stop myself holding a good bit of cash.  

136 days ago

I start with a big but false Greek holiday scare and a triumph on the nettle brewing front here at the Welsh hovel, followed by a snake scare at the same place. Then I look at takeovers and why the rabid right-wing press is so wrong to oppose them with an accompanying trip down memory lane with George Orwell and Jim Slater.

137 days ago

I start with ITM Power (ITM) where I just don’t understand pipeline valuation and definitions and the valuation is absurd. But then green is where the zeitgeist is. Not coal which brings me onto the lies and reality at Plutus Powergen (PPG). I look at the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and Alien Metals (UFO) and the more general issue of related party deals after today’s expose on this website.

138 days ago

I start with a culinary triumph for myself and Joshua, a highlight of the day. Then another: Neil Woodford and why today’s expose is so damning. Then I flag up why today’s problem for Alien Metals (UFO) is bad but nothing compared to what is going to land on this website at 8.30 AM Friday. Then onto Plutus Powergen (PPG), Verditek (VDTK), Lekoil (LEK) and Hurricane Energy (HUR).

139 days ago

Tonight a new treat for Joshua and myself as we can celebrate wins on Kefi Gold & Copper (KEFI) and Remote Monitored Systems (RMS). I also discuss Plutus Powergen (PPG) and Tern (TERN).

141 days ago

In today’s podcast, I look at Alien Metals (UFO), have a lot more thoughts on Kefi (KEFI) where I agree with PL’s plan to align Harry Adams’ interests with ours as shareholders and have urged the company to consider it, at Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and at NightCap (NGHT), the financial creation of La Willingham.

142 days ago

This is all about Kefi Gold & Copper (KEFI), corporate governance, linking management reward to that for shareholders and how CEOs and Nomads and PR fluffies do not have a fecking scooby on how we dirty private investors invest and think. I am an angry man. But I also think these shares will quadruple.

143 days ago

I start with a few thoughts on this anniversary of D-Day. For those of my age, there were links with that day. For my kids, there will not be. Then a few thoughts on Neil Woodford as more damning material comes into my possession thanks to Winnileaks.

143 days ago

In today’s podcast, I start with a few thoughts on the finances of retirement, then the G7 tax ruling and what it means for the future of God’s chosen lands of Northern Ireland. And then there is the demise of Iconic (ICON): why I welcome it, what it tells us about investor behaviour and why it is yet another fail for the woke dullards at the FCA.

145 days ago

I start with my utter revulsion at Neil Woodford after today’s expose HERE – can anyone be in any doubt now that he is a truly evil and morally bankrupt individual? I end with a brief correction regarding Britain’s thirstiest share blogger. In between, I look at Rosslyn Data (RDT), Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Eurasia Mining (EUA), Kefi (Kefi) and MyHealthchecked (MHC).

145 days ago

It seems that Britain’s thirstiest share blogger Paul Scott has had another go at me with a post at 25 minutes after midnight. I trust Paul had enjoyed a good night. Anyhow, I put him straight with a few facts. I then look at Argo Blockchain (ARB) and its trading statement and valuation, Plutus Powergen (PPG), Tern (TERN), Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and Cineworld (CINE).

147 days ago

That is a fair question and I explain why they almost always do but why one in particular is opting not to do so. In this podcast, I cover Bidstack (BIDS), Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and Zoetic (FRAUD).

147 days ago

In today’s podcast, I cover Colin Bird’s latest pointless IPO, African Pioneer (ASP/AFP), Galileo Resources (GLR), Amigo (AMGO), Optibiotix (OPTI), Nightcap (NGHT), Catenae (CTEA),  Powerhouse Energy (PHE), Sound Energy (SOU), the fraud Zoetic (ZOE), Harvest Minerals (HMI), and how proud I am of my garden.

148 days ago

Yes literally. This will not take long.

149 days ago

I start with thoughts about yesterday’s walk, especial thanks to Jonathan Price, Steve Moore, Robert Lewis and Lucian Miers and his son, the other five rogue bloggers who managed all 34.2 miles. Lucian as the logistics meister who also got another stack of relatives to join us deserves especial credit. Thank you to all who sponsored us, it is not too late to donate here. Then onto what I see as corruption, the misuse of taxpayer cash by so many in the corporate world. It is legal but immoral but I sense no one really cares which saddens me.

150 days ago

I am walking today, thanks for all your support. If you are yet to donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks, please please do so HERE. This podcast also covers the latest spoof from Lyin’ Steve Sanderson and UK Oil & Gas (UKOG).

152 days ago

Okay, tomorrow is the big day. If you are yet to donate please do so HERE as the Rogue Bloggers are now just over £2,000 off target. In today’s podcast, I discuss at length issues arising from the Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) and Optibiotix (OPTI) issue where Steve O’Hara says a man who took a company to the Isle of Man knows nothing about tax! Then onto the fraud Zoetic (ZOE), company specific issues and the wider one, raised by promoter David Lenigas today, of the increased risk caused by margin buying of small caps.

153 days ago

Two days to the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks walk and £2,500 needed. Please donate HERE. In today’s podcast I look at Optibiotix (OPTI), Bidstack (BIDS), Argo Blockchain (ARB) and day 2 of the Zoetic (ZOE) fraud not answering a simple but critical question.

153 days ago

The good news is that Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks is, 3 days ahead of our walk, now less than £3,000 away from our £48,000 fund raise target. If you are yet to donate, please do so HERE. In today’s podcast, I discuss Amigo (AMGO), Wishbone Gold (WSBN), Zoetic (ZOE), Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) and Optibiotix (OPTI).

154 days ago

Good news. We are now at £44,456.89 so almost at the £48,000 target. Please, if you are yet to donate do so today HERE. In the podcast I cover Sosandar (SOS), Amigo (AMGO), Online Blockchain (OBC), Telit (TCM), Argo Blockchain (ARB) and “guru” Michael Saylor, Bidstack (BIDS) and Colin Bird’s Tiger Royalties (TIR) which is a right old dog.

156 days ago

Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks is now motoring towards £44,000. If you are still to donate please do so here. It might shut me up. Then I discuss: UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), where rebel shareholders can be contacted HERE, Amigo (AMGO), Plutus Powergen (PPG) and the stinky Greek deal of pot play Kanobo (KNB) which I view as a major red flag. 

156 days ago

I start with good news: Rogue Bloggers for woodlarks have now raised £42,781.89 so are just over £5,000 short of our target. I describe my training walk today and fears that R Lewis Esq may be a bit of a girlie swot in the walking department. Anyhow, if you are yet to donate, please do so HERE. Then, prompted by Peter Hitchens, I discuss inflation. It is not benign and as it grows it will hurt many. The signs of its menace are all around us. So what do we do?

157 days ago

Firstly: it is exactly one week to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks and we are just a couple of hundred quid from £41,000 raised (our target is £48,000). If you have yet to donate, how about getting us past £41,000 tonight, HERE. Then I consider all aspects of the IPO of Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies (OCTP).

158 days ago

Oh dear. What have I been accused of now? All is revealed in the photos below. I end by thanking you all as we are now at nearly £40,000 for Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. Thanks to all who have donated. To those still to chip in, as we are just c£8,000 short, please do so HERE. Sunday’s training walk will be the most grim yet. In the podcast, I look at Amigo (AMGO), Evil Knievil’s “scum” comment, Hurricane Energy (HUR), Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) and Novacyt (NCYT).

160 days ago

In both cases it has only added to my blood pressure. I explain what happened, a sense of guilt at how I can, as a journalist, pull strings, and what it says about the companies.

160 days ago

The good news is that Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks inches closer to target. The bad news is we inch there so if you are yet to donate please do so HERE. In today’s podcast, which will please Matthew and his dog, I discuss Easyjet (EZJ), Amigo (AMGO), Zoetic (ZOE) and the fifth stage of moronism – Trainline (TRN), Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) and Purplebricks (PURP).

160 days ago

I start with good news on Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks - see for yourself HERE. Then a few words about incredibly exciting work today at the Welsh Hovel. Then onto bitcoin, China and Argo Blockchain (ARB), which links to Zoetic (ZOE) which really is starting to collapse. Then onto the arrogance of the City, Neil Woodford, Andrew Monk and Hurricane Energy (HUR).

161 days ago

I start with a few notes on work at the rain soaked Welsh Hovel and end with thanks to you all as the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks total is almost at £29,000. If you are yet to chip in, how about you get us close to or past £29,000 tonight HERE. Then I discuss Simec Atlantic Energy (SAE), whether fund managers are always right and why they are sometimes out of their depth, Tern (TERN), Kefi (KEFI) and First Derivatives (FDP).

162 days ago

We are now well over £30,000 (with gift aid) for Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks so that is 70% of our target – if you are yet to donate, please do so HERE. In the podcast, I discuss MyHeathChecked (MHC), Zoetic (ZOE), bitcoin, Tesla (TSLA) and Argo Blockchain (ARB).

163 days ago

No Rogue bloggers training walk today but I had an excuse so please donate HERE anyway. Then back to Patisserie Holdings (CAKE) and more whining from a failed auditor. 

164 days ago

With Gift Aid, we are either at £30,000 or just £1500 short of that on Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. Lucian is walking the 34 mile course today so think of the rain and please donate HERE. My friend Malcolm Stacey is a naughty old bull. I discuss his column today HERE and why he is just wrong.

165 days ago

It’s a personally difficult day as I explain. But at least we have great news on the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks front as you can see HERE. Then I discuss shares, ref Tern (TERN), Quindell (QPP) and the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME).

166 days ago

I hope to do a regular bearcast later but I am away on family business for most of the day so cannot guarantee it. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy left field macro and personal musings on life.

167 days ago

I start with the frustrations of a visit to Tesco (TSCO) Wrexham. Piss poor customer service. Then I look at Manolete (MANO) where I smell more trouble ahead. Then I move onto bull market madness and how it will end in tears for my mother-in-law, Elon Musk, Tesla, Bitcoin, Jonathan Bixby, Mike Edwards, NFT Investments, Clarify Pharma, Argo Blockchain (ARB), Novum Securities and Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

167 days ago

Well not really and it was a long time ago. But it comes up when I discuss NightCap (NGHT) and why the numbers are all bonkers and it will end in tears. Then I look at Mirriad (MIRI) and ADVFN (AFN) parallels. Finally Amigo (AMGO) where the directors make threats that would be ruinous for them personally if they implement them. As ever, if you are bored, why not donate to a wonderful cause HERE.

168 days ago

I start by flagging up my latest Greek Hovel photo article. In just a few weeks I shall be back and cannot wait. I explain why I write about the place. Then I move to Amigo (AMGO), the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) and the fate of those placing shares, Agronomics (ANIC) and then asking if my mother-in-law is a canary in a coalmine where all sorts of bubbles are set to burst.

169 days ago

I start on the usual subject. Please do donate HERE. Then I discuss a bull market and the bezzle and recent deals that are simply corrupt or wrong or deceptive. The case studies are Live Company (LVCG), Iconic (ICON) and Powerhouse (PHE). Anyone spending 20 minutes on the internet can see for themselves. Only in a raging bull market could folks think they would get away with such nonsense. I comment on the crisis at Bidstack (BIDS) and then analyse today’s trading statement from ADVFN (AFN) and what it means for the battle for the board.

170 days ago

I start with a discussion of my 27 mile training walk today. Gosh it was hard going in the Cheshire mud so as you think of my suffering, thank you if you have already chipped in, please donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks NOW HERE. Then it is onto the idea of what departing executives should have to say rather than accepting gagging orders. Paul Ferguson of the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) is a case study. I reckon he will say nowt and bank a payoff instead. That should not happen.

171 days ago

I thank those who have been so generous so far but if you have not yet donated to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks then consider a fat middle-aged man walking 27 miles in the Cheshire rain tomorrow and please give a few quid HERE. In this podcast, I look at one company, at hard facts about its share ownership, about its sales, about what it has not said and at peer group valuation analysis. At the end of it all, I challenge anyone to disagree with the conclusion that the shares will collapse over the coming months from 63.5p to buttons. Re the declaration, the share I own is Imperial Brands (IMB).

172 days ago

I start by asking you to consider a fat old man walking 27 miles in the rain this Sunday and then to make a donation to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE. Then 1 man who harassed victims of Harvey Weinsten for the old pervert and one who discussed having me killed contact me within 14 minutes of each other with an identical demand. Coincidence? Can I now say #MeToo and that this is all rather unpleasant? Then I discuss Bidstack (BIDS), Nightcap (NGHT) and finally London & Associate Properties (LAS) and my old pal – the quite amazing and great Baron Phillips.

173 days ago

I start with two bits of civic duty today. I end with an appeal to those of you ( 90%+) listening who are yet to donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks – we are now at over £19,000. Help us get past twenty please by giving HERE. Then I have a warning of “incoming” for loathsome Neill Ricketts at Versarien (VRS), discuss Trevor Brown and then at length Bidstack (BIDS) and its clear rule-breaking. Then Verditek (VDTK) – looking more and more a zero – Watchstone (WTG) – Quindell as was and the jail cell waiting for Rob Terry, today’s update on that.

174 days ago

Today’s podcast looks at Braveheart Investment Management (BRM), Trevor Brown and the sham that is Remote Monitored Systems (RMS). I also look at the murky world of near insolvent Bidstack (BIDS), the Zoetic (ZOE) fraud and the warning from McBride (MCB) – where Naughty Nick is being naughty – what it says about McBride but also about inflation. 

175 days ago

There are a lot of disgraceful things happening today and so this is a long bearcast and Matthew and his Dog will enjoy it. In it, I cover: the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME), the Zoetic (ZOE) fraud, the utter shocker at Live Company (LVCG), where Fatty covers himself in shame, Sarah Willingham’s Nightcap (NGHT), a gotcha! for me but more smoke and mirrors and valuation anomalies from Ms W and finally Braveheart Investment Management (BRH). In the excitement, I forgot to mention uber dog Bidstack (BIDS) which is now down to its last seven weeks cash and where a bailout placing must be imminent. If you enjoyed today’s show, how about backing the Rogue Bloggers HERE?

176 days ago

As ever, I urge the 95% of bearcast listeners yet to donate to give today to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks.  Now I must warn you that Matthew and his dog may not approve of this podcast, nor will the FCA as - in light of today’s expose - I discuss its role in enabling the Supply@ME Capital (SYME) fraud. I discuss the failings of the standard list and also why the end of lockdown will see more businesses go bust and I explain why the fine details of revenue recognition are not – as folks like Zak Mir seem to think – accounting porn for Geeks but really do matter.

177 days ago

I discuss Abi the teenage curtain twitcher snitching on me HERE and also my training walk today. Please, please, please do donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE. Then into Versarien (VRS), Glaxo SmithKline (GSK), executive greed and ESG nonsense.

178 days ago

I start with house hunting with my mother-in-law in what is a bubble within a bubble. It has to end in tears. Then I look at Nightcap (NCAP) and how the disgrace of its IPO on the AIM sewer becomes even more disgraceful after today’s expose HERE.  Tomorrow a modest 15 mile Woodlarks training walk is planned. We are at more than 33% of the Rogue Bloggers target but 94% of you are yet to donate. Go on, please give generously today HERE.

180 days ago

Not all of them. Certainly not daughter Olaf. But at least one of them has ruined my day and made me livid.  Elsewhere I discuss Hurricane Energy (HUR), ADVFN (AFN), the fraud Zoetic (ZOE) and Westminster Group (WSG) and the curse of Tony Baldry of 3DM infamy. Ahead of another weekend training walk please be generous and donate HERE – £99 short of the one third mark!

180 days ago

I end with the usual appeal – go on, we are almost a third of the way there so please make a donation to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks now HERE. I start with MyHealthChecked (MHC) and the fraud Zoetic (ZOE). But the main focus is on beer and popcorn time at ADVFN (AFN). Will King Clem Chambers be ousted by Israeli brainbox Yair Tauman, an expert in Game Theory? I discuss and what it all means for ADVFN

181 days ago

I won’t bother asking poor John but maybe someone with a bit more cash can chip in £313 and get the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks over £15,000 - HERE. In today’s podcast, I discuss TrakM8 (TRAK)  – as non-transparent as ever -  the scandal at All Active Asset Capital (AAA), I exposed HERE, and finally the fraud Zoetic (ZOE), the extent of leverage in its shares and the rumours swirling around concerning its big shareholder, the liar John Story.

183 days ago

Talking of disgraces, 96% of listeners have yet to donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks, please do so today HERE. I have a message from Nick Richards for the 4% who have been generous. The stockmarket disgraces I cover are the fraud Zoetic (ZOE), Anemoi (AMOI) and Abingdon Heath (ABDX) – where there really must be a Steward’s on its Christmas IPO, which I panned at the time. I also look at Scotgold (SGZ) and discuss why Andrew Monk called SUPP/WPCT so badly wrong.

184 days ago

96% of you are yet to get your credit card out. I really do have a Dan Levi in his underpants picture and am not kidding about publishing so please do donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks now HERE. Then it is onto NFT Investments and NFT’s and the scandal I covered HERE.  I look at previous bubbles and try to put it into context. All those involved: the promoters Jonathan Bixby & Michael Edwards, scumbag broker Novum and Aquis should hang their heads in shame. They won’t. They are preparing to do it all over again and soon.

185 days ago

The photos will come later (not of underpants). The walk is done but I paid the penalty of ignoring Dan’s golden rule. We have now raised more than £14,000 and as you think of my pain today, will the 96% of bearcast listeners who have yet to donate please do so here. Otherwise I will talk about Dan’s underpants again. In the rest of the podcast, I take issue with ex soccer player Andrew Johnson on tax and then look in detail at the claims made by Versarien (VRS) about its graphene enhanced face nappies and why they do not stack up at two levels and, as such, why there really should be a UK product recall.

185 days ago

Tomorrow sees a 23 mile training walk. It is nothing to do with the fact that the mother-in-law has just arrived but a recognition that Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks and that 34 miles is now just 5 weeks away. Think of the pain tomorrow and please donate HERE – we are now at just under £14,000 so please do give what you can afford.  In the podcast, I look at the green madness of Malcolm Stacey, Boris Johnson and creepy Joe Biden and why I do not believe in any of it and how I shall make money from it.  Then I discuss the scam, I exposed today, of claiming that a dual OTC listing will push share prices higher: it will not!

186 days ago

I comment on St George’s Day HERE. In a long podcast, I look at Versarien (VRS), Audioboom (BOOM) – misleading again – Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Bitcoin and Argo Blockchain (ARB), Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) and the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME). And we are now just three hundred quid shy of £14,000 for Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks, please donate HERE.

187 days ago

I discuss that surprise windfall, the Mrs getting her jab and look at Wildcat (WCAT), MyHealthChecked (MHC), Versarien (VRS) and Vast Resources (VAST).

188 days ago

My video with Optibiotix (OPTI) boss Steve is with Darren and the show should go live tomorrow. But I pick up on one point and that is the behaviour of IIs vs PIs.  Then with that also in mind, I look at Savannah Resources (SAV), comment on Big Sofa (BST) and then on the fun and games at Versarien (VRS) which could well bring my 0p target a lot sooner than I had thought.  We have now raised more than £15,000 ( with gift aid) as the rogue bloggers for Woodlarks. Thank you to Jocelyn and Vin for two big donations today, can you please also be generous and donate HERE.

189 days ago

Post your entries in the comments section below. The prize is a signed photo of Darren Atwater in his swimming trunks and the contest concerns UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) which I discuss. I also mention Optibiotix (OPTI) en passant, explain how a Supply@ME Capital (SYME) acquisition works and look at Trainline (TRN). 

191 days ago

Now this really is exciting! Back on the markets I look at Versarien (VRS) after TWO explosive exposes on this website today, Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT) St James House (SJH), Pantheon Resources (PANR) and naughty Colin Bird and Xtract Resources (XTR)

192 days ago

I start with Neil (one L) Woodford after today’s exposes from Nigel on this website. Then it is onto Neill ( 2Ls) the loathsome Ricketts who will be sweating like a pig ahead of 8.30 AM tomorrow for reasons I explain HERE and who has blundered big time with a fascist lawyer’s letter. Today’s Woodlarks training walk was just 11 miles – a stroll – but I had to listen to daughter Olaf with her woke views for the whole of it so show sympathy and donate HERE

192 days ago

Peter Brailey’s article of earlier makes one think about AIM and capitalism. I explian why, at ever level, UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and is pig of a boss Lyin’ Steve Sanderson make me, as a capitalist, despair. I offer a few words on Phil the Greek and a few on Woodlarks. Tomorrow sees Olaf accompany me on a training walk and as the woke little snowflake struggles pity her and make a donation HERE

193 days ago

I look at my coffee cup and – as the Iron lady would – I despair at the world of today. I then consider events and the valuation of Iconic (ICON), Argo Blockchain (ARB) where share dumping directors had no idea a placing was imminent – and the fraud Zoetic International (ZOE). I hope I pleased Matthew and his dog today, if you enjoyed the podcast you know what to do HERE

194 days ago

I start with problems getting hold of my father’s estate because Link are fuckwits. Then onto Woodlarks where I make the usual request to the, now, 97.5% of you yet to donate, please do so HERE. Then a detailed look at IMC Exploration (IMC), Eurasia Mining (EUA) and Verditek (VDTK) with new evidence of its lying to investors goading me into action.

195 days ago

I start with a few comments on paedophiles as yet another one is brought to my attention from Warwick School. Then it is on to the tawdry world of insanity that is Valereum (VLRM), a true nest of ramping snakes. I then cover Sosandar (SOS), Atalaya (ATYM) and Kefi Gold & Copper (KEFI). Finally, (BOO) has made a very generous donation to rogue bloggers for Woodlarks and we are almost 1/4 of the way to target. Please make a small donation tonight to get us to that 25% mark, we are just £600 short, HERE.

197 days ago

Right now my main battle seems to be with the snitches here in Snitcher-on-Dee where I take no prisoners again today - HERE. In this podcast I discuss why this CEO is a moron but how I really want to see him in Court. Then I ask more questions about the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) which Mr Paul Vann declines to answer, look at Eurasia Mining (EUA) and produce a detailed analysis of the ramp du jour that is Totally (TLY). PS I trust listener Matthew and his dog are impressed by this podcast in his honour.

197 days ago

The 98% of you yet to donate to rogue bloggers for Woodlarks will not have seen the offer made by Optibiotix (OPTI) boss Steve O’Hara. You can both see his offer and make a donation as you think of the misery that looms for Andrew Bell on 29 May HERE. In the rest of the podcast I discuss being snitched on by some cottage burning freak, Ridgecrest (RDGC), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) and Alba Minerals (ALBA). 

198 days ago

I am in complete agony after a 20 mile training walk for Woodlarks. Feel my pain and please make a donation to rogue bloggers today. Then I make a few more observations about Optibiotix (OPTI) and its chairman.

199 days ago

I start with a few words on the late Phil the Greek and reference an article I wrote exactly one month ago HERE on the liberal US celeb Joy Behar calling out Phil and his family as Nazis.  I reflect on the weather here in Wales and how tomorrow’s 20 mile training walk for Woodlarks will be very unpleasant indeed. So please do support me with a donation HERE. Then I discuss the saintly Vin Murria and share sales at Summerway (SWC) and for the first and last time in history I am a bit uneasy about all of this. Then the debate on whether to back the Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) or the Optibiotix (OPTI) charger? 

201 days ago

I start with a few words on the passing of Phil the Greek of whom I was always a great fan though I remain an ardent Republican. I am sure Phil would have approved of the title of this bearcast. I look at morons and Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Versarien (VRS), Novacyt (NCYT) and Yourgene (YGEN).

201 days ago

Listener Matthew W writes to say how much he enjoys bearcast but has requested a bit more swearing as it entertains him while walking his dog. I made a mental note to swear a bit about the fecking purple windows or Amazon and the melted Easter Egg but I clean forgot. Sorry Matthew. Instead I discuss: Kefi (KEFI), AEX Gold (AEXG), Remote Monitored Systems (RMS), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and Sound Energy (SOU).

203 days ago

I have spent the past day sorting out books and furniture at my late father’s house and reflect on that. Then I discuss Hurricane Energy (HUR) and why I am not selling my shares in MyHealthChecked (MHC) yet, and why they will pass through 10p fairly soon. 

204 days ago

Off to Shipston in a minute but before then I cover en passant: Kefi (Kefi), Serabi Gold (SRB) and 88 Energy (88E). I also beg you again to help Woodlarks – we are now just 7 Rogue Bloggers thanks to an injury and are just shy of £4,000 pledged - help get us over the £4,000 mark today HERE. The bulk of bearcast looks at the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and the hard numbers which show what a joke its Singapore deal is. Anyone holding these shares is truly insane. My target remains 0p.

205 days ago

It is my late father’s birthday, something I consider HERE. He used to love Bearcasts, especially when I was rude about folks he disliked and I am sure Green Baroness Jenny Jones would have been in that category and I know Boris Johnson was. So I discuss Dad as I head to Shipston tomorrow to bring his books and possessions up to Wales on Wednesday. Then I look at today’s insane covid news and what it means for all of us.

206 days ago

I refer to the painting of a window at the Welsh Hovel which occurred as I was out doing a 16 mile Woodlarks training walk. I am utterly livid so please give a few quid to Woodlarks HERE, as you consider both my anger and my sore feet. In this podcast I look at professional media tarts like Peter Hargreaves bleating on about retail punters being mugged on the Deliveroo (ROO) float. Then at signs of the bubble of everything this time in relation to residential housing.

207 days ago

I do not begrudge her earning £489 million last year but is there a social cost in how she makes her cash? I then look at the stages of the changes in the sentiment cycle with three promotes/frauds: Versarien (VRS), Zoetic (ZOE) and Supply@ME Capital (SYME). Tomorrow as you stuff your faces with Easter Eggs I plan to walk 15 miles as a Woodlarks trainer, consider my soon to be very sore feet and make a donation HERE.

207 days ago

I have a few words about the disasters that are Deliveroo (ROO) and Parsley Box (MEAL). Okay the latter is a duff IPO and a disaster in waiting. Then I move onto NFT Investments, an IPO on the way from First Sentinel and the scumbags at Novum Securities. Hold your nose and brace yourself for just how opportunistic this is. I am only half kidding about Becks.

208 days ago

On Easter Sunday as you munch your way through vast amounts of chocolate, I shall be walking 15 miles in the Cheshire rain and snow for my latest Woodlarks training walk. Enjoy my suffering and please make a donation HERE. In today’s bearcast, a liars special, I discuss Versarien (VRS) – target price 0p, Verditek (VDTK), first stop target price 2p by June 30 and Supply@ME Capital (SYME) – target price 0p.

210 days ago

The Deliveroo (ROO) IPO has bombed. Is this 2021’s version of in 2001? I ask and explain why I would not be interested. Then I look at Verditek (VDTK) and Bidstack (BIDS) and try to suggest a pricing and timing for their next bailout rescue placings. Now it is off to Wrexham tip with some old tyres because I lead that sort of exciting life.

211 days ago

I discuss Joshua’s future career, gooseberry planting and two discussions and missives to regulators. Then the three UK shorts of Lucian Miers: TUI (TUI), Cineworld (CINE) and Versarien (VRS). then a five figure sell in my SIPP and how the cash was redeployed with a buy to treble!

212 days ago

As you may imagine, I have spent a bit of time today chatting with the Police.  In a bearcast with a brief interruption for this reason, I discuss Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Tern (TERN), Block Commodities (BLCC) which exposes the moral bankruptcy of those who would shut us down – Versarien (VRS) and Eurasia Mining (EUA).

212 days ago

I start with Boris and the blonde and what it says about double standards for the public sector (our servants) and the private sector.  My big political scoop of the day, BTW, is HERE.  Then I discuss procrastinating ahead of a Woodlarks training walk. The weather is foul here in Wales but off I go so as you listen, think of my suffering and donate HERE. Then it is onto Hargreaves Lansdowne (HL), poodle journalists, Link and Neil Woodford.

214 days ago

The telephone call harassment started at 6.43 AM today and woke up three of us. I hope the North Wales police will act. The DOS attacks continue and last night also saw a stream of abusive hate-filled emails from temporary and thus untraceable accounts. What fun. Tomorrow is my second Woodlarks training walk so think of me in the Welsh rain as I target 12 miles or a shade more and please make a donation HERE. In today’s bearcast, I relay two shocking tales from the housing market and then discuss today’s shocking Julie “lingerie on expenses” Meyer expose.

214 days ago

I start with the harassment: I wonder which fraudsters are trying to silence us today. Apologies if the site is slow, now you know why. Then onto Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) and my scoop of earlier. Finally, St James House (SJH) and a follow up from Nigel’s shocking expose. I will do my second Woodlarks training walk on Sunday and am aiming for 12-13 miles. Think of my suffering, smirk and please donate HERE.

215 days ago

I end with a few notes on Woodlarks. There are now 7 walkers confirmed – please do make a donation HERE. Then I discuss 2 acid tests today for the FCASupply@ME Capital (SYME) and Lyin’ Chris Cleverly’s planned RTO into Stranger Holdings (STHP). Then I look at St James House (SJH) and wonder if the taxman needs to have a butcher’s at 4 of its disposals involving John Botros. Then it is onto IQE (IQE) and why Malcolm Stacey and thirsty Paul Scott are wrong. Finally a look at Jubilee Metals (JLP). I look at the fundamentals after today’s interims and conclude that the shares should be well North of 20p. Then I discuss the matter with the world’s leading analyst of PGM stocks beginning with J for his input.

217 days ago

I start with news at the Welsh Hovel notably on the Ha Ha. More photos on a range of developments later.  Then I have a quiz question for you before going onto detailed discussions on: Conduity Capital (CCAP) which I mistakenly call Continuity Capital throughout, St James House (SJH), Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT) and Verditek (VDTK) with an explicit come clean challenge for another fine upstanding ex Tory MP. 

217 days ago

I start with Woodlarks and the daily nag which is now underway: please give generously HERE. Then I commend to you Peter Brailey’s piece on Powerhouse Energy (PHE), sleazy Tim Yeo and VSA Resources and discuss it in more detail. Then I cover MyHealthChecked (MHC), Tungsten (TUNG) and Kanabo (KNB).

218 days ago

I start with harassment by phone call – 11 in three hours last night, 6 in 30 minutes starting this afternoon. It is not going to stop me writing about Zoetic (ZOE) and other frauds! Then onto a reader’s idea that £5.99 gets to tell me what NOT to write. Then onto Woodlarks. I did my first serious training walk yesterday which I’ll write up later but we now have FIVE walkers lined up for May 29 and Woodlarks desperately needs cash so please donate HERE. Finally a look at Centamin (CEY), not my greatest investment. But where now?

219 days ago

I think last night saw more phone harassment but maybe it was just pocket calls. Anyhow, I have spent some time chatting to North Wales Police about comrade Seth Freedman and the Zoetic (ZOE) inspired menacing phone calls of last month. They are taking it seriously. In the podcast, I discuss this plus the news that Hargreaves (HL) may be sued over Neil Woodford and the myth that there is a short position in small and mid caps to be squeezed.

221 days ago

I start with Peter Brailey’s excellent piece on Powerhouse Energy (PHEwhich I commend to all of you and discuss. Then onto the idea of “not being out ahead of the weekend” – a sign of bull market thinking. Finally, is my Greek Holiday in peril? I fear it is. I despair at this madness and what it will mean for the economy and all of us. 

221 days ago

I start with a true story. Surely it is a cracking warning of the top of the market. Then onto the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYMEconfirming my scoop. Finally a long discussion on the morality of breaking lock-ins ref Optibiotix (OPTI), Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) and Powerhouse Energy (PHE) run by sleazy ex Tory MP Tim Yeo.

222 days ago

In this podcast, I discuss the idea of “shit investing”. I look at some stocks which are merde like Tiger Royalties (TIR) and Wildcat Petroleum (WCAT) and things David Lenigas might ramp and others which are not and which I discuss in detail, notably Jubilee Metals (JLP) and Summerway Capital (SWC) run by the wonderful Vin Murria.

223 days ago

Mr Lenigas is at it again as I show below. I discuss whether I should capitulate, call this bullcast and move on. And what that says about the state of the market. I feel like Tony Dye in 2001. Then I try to explain the maths behind RTOs and acquisitions by shells as folks just don’t seem to get it. I reference the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and Wildcat (WCAT) in this section.

224 days ago

I start with a few words on Greece and lockdown as per this article from my own website.  Then I discuss why I ignore broker share price targets and then the use of the sort of reasoning I’d need to show to get into INSEAD to do an MBA with relation to claims made by companies. Those two sections cover Ariana (AAU) and Remote Monitored Systems (RMS). I also look at MyHealthChecked (MHC) and at Catenae (CTEA).

225 days ago

Don’t get me wrong, I like the Optibiotix (OPTI) meal substitute drinks and do actually feel better after just a few days of losing a meal a day and a week of near zero carbs and no booze at all. But a serving suggestion from one reader went down very badly. Elsewhere I look at Sabien Technology (SNT) and the fallout from l’affaire Julie Meyer, Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) and also at Provident Financial (PFG).

226 days ago

I start discussing my weight, as HERE, the annual Woodlarks walk and how my use of Optibiotix (OPTI) shakes is going. Then onto Sam Gyimah and the diversity in business myth. If you are listening in Scotland, do not discuss this podcast with your other half at supper tonight or else! Then onto today’s shocking news about Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer.

227 days ago

A chap says he has made five hundred grand on Eurasia (EUA) so what does it matter if a few rules have been broken? I explain exactly why it matters and should matter even to him. Then I address why shares in Optibiotix (OPTI) are not reacting to the surging share price of Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX). Natch I remain a loyal shareholder in both.

229 days ago

In today’s podcast I mention my planned Ha Ha then cover market madness, all the signs, Path Investments (PATH), Fast Forward (FFWD) and Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX). And thanks for understanding about yesterday’s DOS attack.

229 days ago

Is the Zoetic (ZOE) owning moron really responsible. Clearly he does not believe in a free press, hates me and boasts of it. But we are under a massive attack which is a bit of a distraction. Elsewhere I look at the bonkers turn of events at Umuthi (UHS) and speculate why the FCA has suspended the shares.

230 days ago

I start with communications received by email and twitter. I sense attempted entrapment by shareholders in the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME). Then it is onto a speech by Debbie Gupta of the FCA and her failure to understand why her organisation is not fit for purpose.  Then to Nightcap (NGHT), Petra Diamonds (PDL), Mountfield (MOGP), Skibiotherapeutics (SBTX) and me being fat as described here.

231 days ago

In today’s bearcast I look at Eurasia Mining (EUA), Anglesey Mining (AYM) and the two hottest frauds in town: Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and Zoetic International (ZOE).

232 days ago

There is news from the garden. Then a few notes on covid testing stocks. Then comment on Umuthi Healthcare (UHS) and finally a reminder of AIM Rules for Westminster Group (WSG) chaired by ex Tory MP Tony Baldry of 3DM infamy. There is also an explicit warning on Eden Pharma, a potential pot IPO.

234 days ago

The first point is of interest with reference to the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME). the second refers to the response to my comment on suspending covid testing stocks which has produced some interesting comments as you can see below. I once ran with the mob, shouting “Bring back Monty”. I regret it now.

234 days ago

I start with a reference to the covid testing stocks and the £8 billion Government tender I revealed earlier HERE. Then it is onto how companies are circumventing rules about ramping their shares with lies by getting shareholders to do the pumps via folks like Justin the Clown and Zak Mir. The FCA, AIM Regulation and corporate advisors need to stop washing their hands onto a range of abuses by shareholders and deal with it. 

235 days ago

In today’s bearcast I look at Zoetic (ZOE) and why its monster lie from April Fool’s day 2019 does matter, even as Seth Freedman, at the behest of a Zoetic shareholder, harasses another one of our writers at 11 PM. I also look at Peter Brailey’s call on oil, why I agree and how to play it.

236 days ago

Just a few housekeeping points. I have spent a happy 1/2 hour chatting to North Wales Police about harassment. The miscreant now finds two forces looking at him and a third may join soon as he has, I discover today, also harassed a couple in Dorset as they grieved the chap’s poor father.  Secondly, I’ve invested a five figure sum in a stock which will shock you. All is revealed on my latest video show out today.  Thirdly, my main energies remain on new family enquiries. Then there is a detailed look at Marchale (MAC), Chris Akers and its patently forced and misleading Trading statement. Finally onto Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) and digging into its new distributor. It is ‘avin’ a giraffe if it expects anyone to take this nonsense seriously.

237 days ago

A few words on the Budget then is Peterhouse staffed by woke loons or alt right freaks or both? I discuss in relation to Mountfield (MOGP). I look at Marchale (MAC), Iconic (ICON), Optibiotix (OPTI) and Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX).

238 days ago

There was a lot of excitement today at the Welsh Hovel with moving compost pits. More on that gripping subject later. I then look at Hurricane Energy (HUR), Cellular Goods (CBX), Coral Products (CRU) – once again as a value buy, Wildcat (WCAT) and the Zoetic (ZOE) linked harassment of myself and Peter Brailey.

239 days ago

I may insult a few others in today’s podcast which looks at Cellular Goods (CBX) and some very smelly broking, MyHealthChecked (MHC), Zoetic (ZOE) and Lansdowne Oil & Gas (LOGP).

241 days ago

Perhaps the weather has got to me but I feel far more optimistic about the economy and life than I did a few months ago. I discuss this and also whether Berkhire Hathaway shares are a buy or a sell.

241 days ago

What a delightful day it was. I had great fun on family researches as you can read HERE and then watched the asbestos removal men start to do the work. Then it was bonfire time as our accountant and I worked on filing our accounts with an efficiency for which we are not noted. In the podcast I discuss public/private company filings and then Rishi Sunak’s Budget, the threats and a big mistake I fear he will make.

242 days ago

Thank you for all your kind emails. I shall reply to all over the weekend. I look at another Gotcha moment for me at Versarien (VRS) then with reference to Cellular Goods (CBX) I ponder whether I will stag the next pot play. I look back on another bubble and how hard it is to resist temptation.

243 days ago

The called was prompted by Zoetic (ZOE) shareholders and I tell the story in full. It is the sort of harassment that is making me feel more and more that it is time to call it a day and write up my family history, 1805-1941.

244 days ago

In today’s podcast I look at Fragrant Prosperity (FPP), Manolete (MANO), Metro Bank (MTRO), Angling Direct (ANG) and Chesterfield Resources (CHF).

245 days ago

I am off to my late father’s at Shipston in a few minutes so no more from me today. I compare now and 2000 with looks at KR1 (KR1), the bonkers new associate of Richard Poulden, Neil Woodford’s WPCT, David Lenigas and his new pot play with Afriag (AFRI), nonsense elsewhere in that sector and then the odd Coro Energy (CORO) transaction which I feel obliged, as a good citizen, to ask the HMRC to have a butcher’s at.

247 days ago

I start with the Poulden/Lenigas/Peterhouse/Mir ramp Upper Thames (UPPT). Then it is onto Ridgecrest (RDGC) where I go through the exact timeline of events and all the issues which the FCA should examine in a formal enquiry. Then I have new questions for Zoetic (ZOE) and its loathsome PR Mr Henry Halfwitted-TopHat, formerly the PR of choice to Chinese fraudsters on AIM, about District 8, the RTO and what actually happened and finally comment on the weekend analysis of Versarien (VRS). Both it and Zoetic are shares where my target remains 0p.

247 days ago

I start with the Mrs and George Orwell. Then with the podcast that went live today with me as the guest, not of Cheryl Cole or Princess Anne as was suggested, but of James Delingpole and it is – I think – very entertaining. Then to the final vindication of 2 big exposes from October 2019 HERE and HERE. These both show the failings of the FCA and I compare and contrast whistleblowing to the floor shitters with whistleblowing to the SEC which I did today re the fraud Zoetic International (ZOE).

248 days ago

I start with a look at Purplebricks (PURP), my mother-in-law and Uber and a potential bombshell. Then I go onto IG Index changing its terms of trade and how this could create a bull squeeze in stocks including Versarien (VRS), Zoetic (ZOE) and Eurasia (EUA). The article I reference on my own website is HERE. And no-one has yet guessed the horse-riding person who interviewed me yesterday. It was fun.

249 days ago

This podcast is mainly on the pot bubble looking at Cellular Goods, Kanabo (KNB), Path Investments (PATH) and the odd goings on at Voyager CBD and strange share price moves ahead of today’s placing and Zoetic (ZOE). I also look at Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Yourgene (YGEN) and naughty Manc scallywag Dan Levi. Finally a comment or two on Scancell (SCLP). The Path/Voyager screenshot is below.

250 days ago

In today’s podcast I look at Remote Monitored Systems (RMS), Online Blockchain (OBC), Zoetic (ZOE), Zenith Energy (ZEN) - after today’s bombshell expose -  ADVFN (AFN), Optibiotix (OPTI) and Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX).

251 days ago

I guess it was about seven miles that my daughter and I managed and it was terribly muddy so hard going but I am not in great shape. On the last Saturday in May, I shall be doing 34 miles. I need to up the pace a bit. In the podcast I cover: AIQ (AIQ), Online Blockchain (OBC), MyHealthChecked (MHC), Zoetic (ZOE), Kanobo (KNB) and Ariana Resources (AAU).

252 days ago

I will not make that joke about Paul, Lent starts tomorrow and my minimal alcohol intake will be going to zero until Easter. I may have a couple of glasses tonight to brace myself for a period of thirst that lies ahead. In this podcast I discuss Paul’s comments on Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and why I think the FCA may not allow this fraud to relist. I look at Zoetic (ZOE) where I am hopeful of an imminent share suspension, and the pot and small cap bubble in general, also looking at today’s pot float, Kanabo (KNB).

253 days ago

This is for Cliff Weight of ShareSoc. I discuss incidents in my life on Fleet Street showing the corrupt nexus between financial PRs and the press in action. I hope you all find it amusing as informative and relates to this fight I got into earlier today. Then it is onto Brokerman Dan who is a visionary analyst of health stocks, notably MyHealthChecked (MHC) as PL and I are agreed. Finally Zoetic (ZOE) has been exposed by an RNS today from Path Investments (PATH) which is damning. Its implications are clear, Zoetic is now mortally wounded; however, its evil PR spinners tried turd polishing earlier today.

254 days ago

This podcast is all about the Woodford scandal of today. The corruption of the Sunday Telegraph in trading a scoop for dishonest journalism and the scandal that the disgraced fund manager may be back after less than 20 months of not screwing around with other folks’ cash. Why must people like Lucy and Neil be stopped and who will stop Neil? Lucy, I fear, is destined for great things in the corrupt world of the deadwood press.

255 days ago

Craig has been stirred up by the trolls who harass me and my family and has now repeated the defamatory remark that I am encouraging others to harm the frightful pests. The Crime Officer at the Badger Trust is now also demanding that I rewrite articles though I have committed no crime. He is not apologising for making up false allegations about what I wrote.  He is picking on the wrong man on behalf of morons who own shares in Zoetic (ZOE) and Supply@ME Capital (SYME). Does the Badger Trust really think that harassing a journalist whose only “crime” is exposing fraud, at the instigation of those supporting those frauds, is a good thing to do? I discuss both companies and the failings of Standard Listings with regards to frauds which they demonstrate in spades. I also look at house prices in London and here in the boonies.

256 days ago

Deep Throat has sent Winnileaks 2 confidential presentations for cannabis IPOs c.o low grade brokers Novum and Peterhouse. Novum bats for the Beckham linked Cellular Goods which I exposed here and it is so sleazy it includes a chart of the share price of the Zoetic (ZOE) fraud as a reason to buy. I discuss these companies as well as the Peterhouse play, Spinnaker Opportunies (SPO). If that opportunity knocks, I’ll pass. I look at Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) and discuss the two shares I bought and why: Red Rock Resources (RRR) and AEX Gold (AEXG).

257 days ago

I start with the nudes and other discoveries as I embark on the last lap of unpacking here at the Welsh Hovel, as described here. Then, in some detail on each, it is onto – in increasing order of naughtiness – Manolete (MANO), Eden Research (EDEN) and Zoetic International (ZOEwhich I now conclude is a zero after today’s dossier.

258 days ago

I am sorry for a bad tip but I drank my own medicine and I will almost certainly average down in the morning in AEX Gold (AEXG). I explain why. Then I look at 88 Energy (88E) at Abingdon Healthcare (ABDX) where I disagree with the leading commentator in our comments section. I comment on the most expensive, shuttered, bars in London at Nightcap (NGHT), on Verditek (VDTK) and give you a taster of the next Zoetic (ZOE) bombshell.

259 days ago

I start with the news that we are backing Harcus Parker to get cash back for victims of Neil Woodford. Then I look at Versarien (VRS) and its new improved face nappy, at Iconic (ICON) and the madness at NightCap (NGHT) – since when is one rented London bar ( currently shut) worth £4 million? Then San Leon Energy (SLE), en passant, there is a detailed look at Symphony Environmental (SYM). 

260 days ago

I start with the Mrs being phoned by a fraudster. Then it is a natural move to Elon Musk and bitcoin before going onto the Million Morons on Reddit and a damp squib with Metro Bank (MTRO). I comment on looking daft for eons before vindication so look at Nightcap (NGHT) and then at Bahamas Petroleum (BPC). Then it is on to Abingdon Health (ABDX) and Yourgene (YGEN).

261 days ago

I start on the subject of badgers and how I met the 1 of the only good sort earlier. Then onto how investors also fail to discount regulatory risk, ref Zoetic (ZOE), a few words on Metro Bank (MTRO) and the million morons march and about what it says about the investment climate. Finally on Rishi Sunak’s idea of a sales tax on online shoppers and why it is wrong at every level.

262 days ago

I start with a joke about Lord George Young and the late Jimmy Savile prompted by a discovery my sister made today in Shipston. Then I look at IQE (IQE), Cineworld (CINE) and the scandal that is the David Beckham linked pot IPO.

263 days ago

I start with today’s news from Wishbone Gold (WSBN). Despite the appointment of THIS MAN, I remain a loyal shareholder but the appointment is wrong. I can’t show a double standard here. I then look at market madness with reference to Iconic (ICON), Zoetic (ZOE), Versarien (VRS) & Eden Research (EDEN) while also discussing bottom fishing in retail after the bid interest at French Connection (FCCN).

264 days ago

In today’s podcast, I look at Iconic (ICON), Eden Research (EDEN), Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and Zoetic (ZOE). I also look at macro madness in UK short caps and look at what happened in 2001 and 1721, both of which were very similar to today.

265 days ago

Thank you Brokerman Dan for supportive words, you are always welcome at the Welsh Hovel and indeed my son often asks when you are coming again. But when a self-confessed ex con pisses on folks, like certain shareholders in Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and Zoetic (ZOE), from the moral high ground you know such folks dwell in the moral sewers. I discuss the reaction to today’s Zoetic bombshell and what happens next. I also look at Big Dish (DISH), Agronomics (ANIC), Dev Clever (DEV), Bidstack (BIDS) and Verditek (VDTK), speculating on the bailout placing prices at 2 of those 5. Then I discuss Bacanora Lithium (BCN) where I might be tempted to have a punt.

267 days ago

I start by flagging up that I aim to publish an 85 page dossier, m an opus magnus, on the sort of company Zak Mir promotes at 8.30 AM tomorrow behind the paywall. I see it as a zero. Then I discuss why Zak is, contrary to some suggestions here otherwise, a total and utter genius who did not kill Maddie and then look at his analysis of Jubilee Metals (JLP). I move on to why I’ve bought more shares in AEX Gold (AEXG) before looking at the nest of snakes at Dev Clever (DEV), its bonkers valuation and why it must collapse. I reference this excellent expose of that nest of snakes. I look at investor grief and what is happening at Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and what will happen – and when – at Dev.

267 days ago

This is Nigel Somerville’s phrase. I should stress that the two don’t mix but it will be used by Supply@ME Capital (SYME) owning morons as evidence that I am a drunk. Hmmmmmmmm on about 2 units a week, methinks not.  I discuss the Supply fraud and what the company’s, honourable and truthful, PR man is telling the morons. And what they should take from it. I look at the silver spike and advise you what Lucian has done in response. I look at reasons for ouzo on cornflakes: Bidstack (BIDS), Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) and Iconic (ICON). I look at a personal winner AEX Gold (AEXG) which is very cheap and at new bad events at my baddest tip of the year Asiamet (ARS) for which I apologise.

269 days ago

I start with ShareSoc backing an investor action group at bust mini-bond outfit Wellesley. I warned folks explicitly about this almost two years ago HERE and many times thereafter so have scant sympathy. I discuss the role of the floor shitters at the FCA in this debacle. That brings me to Supply@ME Capital (SYME) after today’s dynamite expose HERE. The email is genuine. I ask what next? Finally, I discuss comments by populists seeking cheap love, such as shamed Neil Woodford promoter Jeff PressTrip of the Mail on Sunday and Nigel Farage, about GameStop. Do they both really support bubbles and capital misallocation?

270 days ago

Yes that horrific news for shareholders in Supply@ME Capital (SYME) will be out in the morning. Meanwhile, I reflect on a video I have recorded with the great Dominic Frisby which goes live tomorrow, I hope, and on news that Kwasi Kwarteng might just take action to stop directors lying to investors. I then explain why Redditt groups exposed HERE and HERE in the UK are, in reality, just pump and dump schemes, why they will not deliver another GameStop and why most folks following them will do their conkers. It will end in tears and, I hope, jail time and won’t “burn the shorters” or Fuck The London Stock Exchange, as the organisers promise, at all.

271 days ago

I start with the annual horror that is doing a tax return for the Mrs. It was a pleasant shock. Then onto Left and Gamestop. Then I look at MyHealthChecked (MHC), Novacyt (NCYT), Jubilee Metals (JLP), another man with a posh wife who might struggle with her tax return – Mr David Beckham and E-Guild (GILD) -, and the real issue at Supply@ME Capital (SYME).

271 days ago

I describe how my role in the garden at the Welsh Hovel today moved from a purely managerial one so our resident Euro loon really can’t out working-class me right now. Only kidding Jonathan, I know you really are an oik. In the main podcast, I look at Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Greatland Gold (GGP) – great grades shame about the sleazy option news Mr Alex Borelli – Wishbone Gold (WSBN), Eurasia Mining (EUA) and car crash in waiting Zoetic (ZOE). I also look again at Gamestop and who really are the good and bad guys. There are a lot of financially illiterate commentators talking bollocks on this matter.

272 days ago

I start with a note on why we should spare a few thoughts at 8PM tonight. I then look at Gamestop, Elon Musk, Melvin Capital and sheer insanity writ large. From there I move onto Cineworld (CINE), Verditek (VDTK) where AIM Regulation really must act and then onto events at Sabien (SNT).

273 days ago

For those who do not understand the cultural idiom, younger listeners, the reference video is below. I inject a bit of class warfar to keep working class hero and Euro loon Jonathan Price happy. In today’s show I discuss Marechale (MAC) the latest Chris Akers spoof, Verditek (VDTK), Nightcap (NGHT) and Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV)

274 days ago

Only kidding Mahmud my friend, but here is a Dog’s Arse for you which arrived in Wales today. In the podcast, I look at ASOS (ASC), Boohoo (BOO), Remote Monitored Systems (RMS), Ridgecrest (RDGC), MyHealthChecked (MHC), Nightcap (NGHT), the green madness of Joe Biden and a stat showing how he will screw female athletes, and Asiamet (ARS).

275 days ago

I start with the question of who should pay for lockdown via taxes or inflation. Then it is onto an article by Harriet Dennys in the Mail on Sunday on NightCap (NGHT), the AIM baby of Sarah Willingham of Dragon’s Den which could go bust by July. The article is so bad, so full of massive factual errors and so utterly misleading that it is easily the worst piece of financial journalism I’ve seen so far this year. And that includes articles by Zak Mir. Seriously, writing this sort of bollocks does have consequences.

277 days ago

I start with page 33 of today’s Daily Mail as you can see HERE. Then a non prize contest – do you have to hand a more obscure publication than I have just been handed? Then onto Supply@ME Capital (SYME) shareholders chatting about having me killed and the wider issues it raises. Finallty onto Cineworld I(CINE) and are the obscene bonuses the Greidinger brothers propose for themselves the unacceptable face of capitalism and if so why?

277 days ago

I think they could easily treble within 18 months and still be cheap. You need to listen to the bearcast to see what they are. I have published an update on the flooding at the Welsh Hovel HERE. I comment on Anglesey Mining (AYM) and 88 Energy (88E), neither of which any sane man would wish to own.

278 days ago

I have today been distracted by rising flood waters which you can see here and which I start the podcast discussing. Then it is onto Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Versarien (VRS), Argo Blockchain (ARB), Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) and Westminster Group (WSG).

279 days ago

I start with the weather. Guess what it is like in Wales today. I end with Joe Biden, what I shall NOT be watching tonight, what I fear from the next four years and why. In between, I look at IQE (IQE), Bidstack (BIDS), Xtract Resources (XTR), Eurasia Mining (EUA) and Greatland Gold (GGP). But it is mainly IQE.

280 days ago

Obviously the big news today is on lavender. But I move swifty on to discuss the failings of the Standard List as exposed by Supply@ME Capital (SYME) in today’s shocker. Then I look at Xtract (XTR) where I confuse Panettone with Panna Cotta but flag up what is going on. Then it is Iofina (IOF), Online Blockchain (OBC) and finally Verditek (VDTK) where Tory Toff Lord Willetts needs to follow my lead and come clean ASAP.

281 days ago

Today’s podcast is late for reasons I explain. Sorry. I discuss Xtract Resources (XTR), Asiamet (ARS), Iconic (ICON) and Remote Monitored Systems (RMS).

282 days ago

I note the comments on gold by Lucian Miers HERE and Nigel Somerville HERE. Are the bulls in retreat? Well I am not and I explain why. Like Lucian, I am attracted to non-gold metals, even if Colin Bird is involved, but I am still c25% weighted in gold and happy to be so.

284 days ago

I start with yesterday’s Albanian lecture in honour of my late father. Then it is onto Colin Bird and Jubilee Metals (JLP), Rio Ferdinand and the Gym Group (GYM) and Toxic Dave Sefton and Iconic (ICON) in the wake of Nigel’s bombshell from earlier. One of the three is a bit of a hero and, to give you a clue neither Bird or toxic Dave ever played for West Ham.  But would you want any of the three on the board of a company in which you are invested. I discuss all three situations in detail.

284 days ago

I start with Jubilee Metals (JLP) where I am way ahead but have had enough. The shares are cheap but I have had enough of Colin Bird spouting utter bollocks. After today, I now own more shares in this company than Bird but that is going to change. Soon, like me and Lance Armstrong with accepted Tour de France wins, we will be neck and neck. Then I look at Hawkwing (HNG), Babcock (BAB) and Conduity Capital (CCAP) run by scumbag Greg Collier.

285 days ago

I start with the manic activity round at the Welsh Hovel, photos HERE. Then I look at Iconic (ICON), Toople (TOOP), Xaar (XAR) and at Powerhouse Energy (PHE). So much coke and hookers money for all the City boys, but it will end in tears and a diet of cabbage soup for the mug punters. 

286 days ago

Today I look at three companies. I start with Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) where I ask if it is better to travel than to arrive? Then it is onto Sarah Willingham, Allenby Capital, The Sunday Times and their collective shame in the disgraceful AIM IPO of car crash in waiting Nightcap (NGHT). Finally I look at Sosandar (SOS).

287 days ago

A few comments on my Birthday which, as you can see here, has been spent with the rest of my criminal family. Then I look at Bitcoin, Xtract Resources (XTR), Optibiotix (OPTI) and Rosslyn Data (RDT) as well as the standing and antics of Cenkos Securities.

288 days ago

I start on the Greek Albanian border in the 1970s. Then it is onto the dotcom boom in 2000 and bitcoin now and the idea of Institutional acceptance and validation. Then it is onto Versarien (VRS) and Supply@ME Capital (SYME).

289 days ago

I start with Tesla (TSLA) and a mad broker target. I discuss why it is mad and look back to ARM in the year 2000. Then it is onto plans to allow companies to delay results even more. Mentioned en passant here are Pires Holdings (PIRI) and Inspirit (INSP). Finally I turn to the idea of allowing folks to delay filing tax returns and paying tax.

290 days ago

Today’s expose of Iconic (ICON) is shocking and shows that Dave Sefton is again getting shareholders in a PLC to takle the equity risk for his private ventures. I explain the pattern and what Damon Heath at Shard Capital needs to do about this on Monday. This has got to stop now.  Then I look at the religious cult members Evil is tackling with his Tesla short and how it will play out. I start with my act of lockdown defiance today which has confifrmed to daughter Olaf what a boring old man I have become

291 days ago

I refer to Elon Musk vs my friend Evil Knievil and so far, I am sad to report, the forces of light and truth, that is to say EK, are half a Bernie down and Tesla’s Elon is drowning in filthy lucre. I consider life in the year 2000 and today’s bull market madness. I look at Plutus Powergen (PPG), MyHealthChecked (MHC), Grafenia (GRA), BigDish (DISH) and Eurasia Mining (EUA asking if the regulators will ever force it to make a statement.

292 days ago

Yup, if he does an interview with me and my tough questions, shares in Optibiotix (OPTI) go down.  So, going forward, it is only those paid-for interviews with folks like Proactive. “Steve, is your schlonger enormous or gigantic? Why are your shares so cheap? etc etc.” Whatever, I apologise to you all for asking the odd question. Without my malign influence, Optibiotix would clearly be in the FTSE 100. I discuss this company’s prospects and also those of Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) where I am also a loyal shareholder. I look at Trainline (TRN), Online Blockchain (OBC) and Vast Resources (VAST).

293 days ago

I start with the 12 day of Christmas, what it means and what will happen here. Then it is on to events in Georgia, gold & the US economy. Then in today’s bout of market madness I look at Bidstack (BIDS), Argo Blockchain (ARB), Online Blockchain (OBC) and at Zenith Energy (ZEN).

294 days ago

I start with the non-financial GroupThink but explain how this is relevant to three shares: Remote Monitored Systems (RMS), Optibiotix (OPTI), and Cineworld (CINE). And I outline why two of the three are screaming sells and one a screaming buy. Guess which? I refer to this article I penned earlier on how dissent from GroupThink is being stifled.

295 days ago

I start with the new nickname for baby Jaya and why I am doubly sleep deprived. Men of my age really should not be fathering babies. Then to the great news: I have spoken to Chris Bailey and he is recovered and plans to start writing again this week. I discussed gold, inflation, market madness with Chris and relay our thoughts. Then I ask you to consider your mask-wearing habits and discuss Remote Monitored Solutions (RMS). Finally, can you top £150 for a bid for something worth 2 Euro which will not arrive for 6 months? Please do so before midnight HERE.  And the reason I may need to seek asylum in England is explained HERE

296 days ago

Have I judged Oisin Fanning of San Leon (SLE) by a different standard to, say, Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS)? Sure. Would I not judge, for instance, Cheryl Cole by a different standard in the looks department than, say, Diane Abbott? Yes I would. And I bet Cheryl is also better at singing, counting and more or less everything else than Ms Abbott too. Management is key to it all in the world of investing as I discuss today. 

298 days ago

Of course, here in Wales, you can get Covid from sledging but Joshua and I will risk it and as the first snow fell today, his excitement was off the scale. Sadly, the snow has not lasted. Fingers crossed for tonight. In the podcast I discuss tips of the year contests (as opposed to our 22 tips of the year) and laugh at Justin Urquhart-Stewart. I look at two reasons the bulls spout for bullishness and discuss. And I look at executive turnover and greed among FTSE 100 fat cats.

298 days ago

I wish you all a Happy New Year. I had a great New Year’s Eve as you can see HERE. In this podcast I look at how not all shares had a rotten 2020 then in detail at the push pull on house prices. After the best year in six in 2020, what is next?

299 days ago

I mean it. Happy New Year to you all, especially our own in house Euro loon Jonathan Price who will be in tears at 11 PM tonight. I shall not be! In this podcast I discuss the FCA and today’s mini-bond calamity in waiting, Supply@ME Capital (SYME), and the Marwyn vehicle (MAC1) where Vin Murria is now on board but where it seems impossible to buy shares. That’s not much fun is it? Vin: how about a Primary Bid offer for we plebs? I also lash out at Priti Patel and the Tories for blowing off the public sector while the private sector is screwed. I thought that is what Labour was for.

301 days ago

In today’s podcast I look at Powerhouse Energy (PHE), bitcoin, Online Blockchain (OBC) and ADVFN (AFN).

302 days ago

In today’s podcast I look at Powerhouse Energy (PHE), Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Pires Investments (PIRI) and Chris Akers, MyHealthChecked (MHC), Inspirit (INSP), Octagonal (OCT), and Remote Monitored Systems (RMS).

302 days ago

I start with the issue of how we all delude ourselves about how bad bad news can be. My case study is Octagonal (OCT) and the scale of any likely punishment by the SEC. Then I ask whether we should all jump on board Malcolm Stacey’s green shite bandwagon and abandon any “dirty” old world plays? You see it is not as simple as the old guy claims. Do you remember when he was telling us all to buy Radio stocks back in 1927?

303 days ago

I discuss both the article which you can see below which really is the worst piece of financial journalism seen this year. It does bring me to why celebrity endorsed investments are so often utter stinkers, looking back at those backed by David Beckham, Fergie, Linney himself, Fergie and at the NightCap AIM IPO driven by ghastly Sarah Willingham with no conflicts of interest at all!

304 days ago

Fear not, I will eat my hat on video. Just give me a day or two. In today’s podcast I look at my macro assumptions for 2021 and a few stocks that come out of them as obviuous longs or shorts. Natch Red Rock Resources (RRR) of hat-eating infamy is in the former category big time. No sniggering at the back. And talking of videos, there is another coming on New Year’s Day which will enrage our in house Euro loon Jonathan Price.

305 days ago

This is all to do with events at Octagonal (OCTdescribed earlier. When did Fatty know? The answer is that thanks to a whistleblower, it was aeons ago. But it is what he did about it that is the real scandal and why AIM Regulation must drum him out of the City PDQ if it is to maintain any sort of pretence that AIM is a credible market. PS. Merry Christmas to one and all, even Fatty.

307 days ago

I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar which today, I think, is #fakenews. Then I look at Wishbone Gold (WSBN), Coral Products (CRU) – you guys all owe me a bottle of ouzo, Sarah Willingham’s dog Nightcap, Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) and then finally  don’t all fantasise about killing me at once  the con that is Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and today’s misleading RNS. May i wish you and your families all a very Merry Christmas and please do not dare to reply with any message about Happy Holidays.

308 days ago

I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar, then talk about what is in store here tomorrow and then cover Zenith Energy (ZEN), Powerhouse Energy (PHE) and Remote Monitored Systems (RMS), arguing that its boss Trevor Brown is a menace who should be barred from being involved with any other AIM Companies for good.

308 days ago

I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar. Then I look at Nakama (NAK) and how the Green Lord has worked his magical powers of levitation and what happens next. Then at UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), just 75% overvalued after today’s news. Then I look at Bezant (BZT), today’s acquisition and accusations of conflicts of interests for Colin Bird. He is still not speaking to me but I take a more charitable view of his actions here than some will. But I still regard them as unwise.

309 days ago

I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar and my great uncle the jail bird and end with Christmas news from the Welsh hovel which shows how fecking green I am. In between I look at Hurricane Energy (HUR), Angling Direct (ANG), Cineworld (CINE), Trainline (TRN), Frazers (FRAS), Powerhouse (PHE) and Metro Bank (MTRO).

310 days ago

I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar where window 20 leads neatly to Lyin’ Matt Hancock and the illegal escape of daughter Olaf and her mother Big Nose to stay with Olaf’s grandmother in West Wales. Then I discuss the difference between contrarian investing and bad investing with reference to Peter Brailey’s article today on oil stocks. Finally, I flag up what to expect from 23rd December on this website. Get your camera ready!

311 days ago

I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar today which features a self-obsessed ruler who lost the plot. That brings me neatly on to today’s news.

312 days ago

I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar and with some right-wing harridan on Twitter who reckons that suggesting Jesus was a refugee is anti-Jewish left-wing fake news. Then it is onto Falanx (FLX) en passant, Online Blockchain (OBC) and to Remote Monitored Systems (RMS), both of which have disgraced themselves yet again today.

313 days ago

I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar, Then it is onto tales of boardroom greed and naughtiness at Octagonal (OCT) which is to leave the AIM Cesspit. Based on what I reveal today, where do you think its cash will go?  Then it is onto Verditek (VDTK), Bidstack (BIDS) and a second company run by a former Tory MP, Powerhouse Energy (PHE) where the man in charge is sleazy Tim Yeo. 

314 days ago

First I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar and the appearance of the star. Then who is to be my Christmas carol villain of the year then it has to be Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford who today has just gone complelely bonkers as I describe HERE. Then I look at Vin Murria’s Summerway Capital (SWC) and explain why you are not too late even at 1.65p. then a look  at AFC Energy (AFC) and my new policy on dealing with abusive trolls. I discuss Fox Marble (FOX) and averaging down and then the scandal that is Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) gets even worse. Surely the Oxymorons must investigate.

315 days ago

In today’s podcast I discuss Joshua’s Advent calendar then look at 2 very naughty Nomads and 2 of their grossly over-valued clients. Roland “Fatty” Cornish looks after European Metal Holdings (EMH). Liam Murray of Cairn looks after the ultimate Penny Dreadful, Catenae (CTEA). Then I return to Sarah Willingham’s NightJar and why she is destroying value for morons who pony up £6 million for the IPO on day 1. This is a scandal and Nomad Allenby should be ashamed. Then onto Purplebricks (PURP) before I look at Summerway (SWC) and why, whatever you pay you MUST buy its shares ASAP

316 days ago

On Joshua’s Advent calender the shepherds go to Bethlehem. That is almost true, well a bit true as I discuss. In prior years I have penned a three part Christmas carol featuring a villain of the year: Rob Terry, Neil Woodford and Chris Oil have starred. So please nominate your villain of 2020 for this year’s opus magnus below. In the podcast I discuss the IPO of Sarah Willingham’s company Nightcap on a day when most of its bars go into tier 3. She is ‘avin’ a giraffe. There are other red flags and questions to ask. Then I look at Jubilee Metals (JLP) and Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) asking if, on AIM, anyone gives a toss about the law of the land. Finally I look at Dignity (DTY) where i retain grave concerns.

317 days ago

I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar and a promise to bring you photos of my wood shed. Are you still awake? Then onto Boris and the Brexit sell out. But the meat of this podcast is to explain why the London small cap world is such a great place for fraudsters right now. 

318 days ago

This issue for Darren was prompted by me discussing “cousin” Axl Rose yesterday.  I start by discussing day 12 of Joshua’s Advent calendar, then what Darren needs to record for you this Yuletide. Then it is the strange tale of Calisen (CLSN), Goldman talking woke nonsense and finaly BBC #fakenews on cheddar cheese prices and why my grandfather, Sir John Winnifrith, was right in 1975 and why food prices, therefore, could and should fall from January 1. 

319 days ago

I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar and my problem with the shepherds. Then onto my obsession with my family tree. Axl sadly was a relation by marriage but no more.  Then it is onto Anglesy Mining (AYM), today’s miserable interims and why there has to be a Steward’s. Then Powerhouse Energy (PHE), its cash burn and why after 9 days its refusal to answer questions on whether its biggest shareholder has a “young friend” still matter. Finally, more very smelly news from uber smelly Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS), a stand uet sell ever more drowning in red flags.

320 days ago

No Advent calendar news today as I had to rush Joshua to his Nursery ahead of his Carol service. And, as I explain, it was the sort of event where you as a parent just want to hug your child. Then it is onto Anglesey Mining (AYM), those A Grade knaves at Iconic (ICON) and a detailed look at the ramptastic news from cash strapped Corero (CNS) and my analysis of why it is a) overvalued and b) going to run out of other folks’ money (again) in Q2 2021.

321 days ago

I start with the reason for no bearcast yesterday, Joshua and I heading to an empty house in Shipston. Then today’s Advent calendar window which confuses me. Then onto Nakama (NAK), Red Rock Resources (RRR), Wishbone (WSBN) which could be a 100 bagger – see HERE  - Monday’s fraud conference which is definitely my last outing as a speaker – Anglesey Mining (AYM) and finally why at every level, including valuation, Sensyne (SENS) is a complete and utter stinker. 

322 days ago

I forgot to say that day 7 of Joshua’s Advent calendar sees Mary & Joseph arrive in Bethlehem where there is no room at the inn. I then express frustrations with builders.  In the actual podcast I look at why I disagree with Margaret Hodge MP with whom I share a virtual platform shortly on anonymity on the internet, Ariana (AAU) where I am, of course, a loyal shareholder, Telit (TCM), and Coral Products (CRU).

325 days ago

I start with today’s Advent window and then turn to the issue of last minute talks with the EU regarding Brexit. As the grandson of a Bennite campaigner against the EU, I will have no Islington based fucktard lecture me about why I voted to leave. But I discuss the dire warnings in today’s papers about what may lie ahead. I also look at Novacyt (NCYT) and the pointlessness of debating with those whose starting point is not listening to what I have ever said, or reading what I have ever written, and then attacking me for what I have not said!

325 days ago

I discuss day 5 of Joshua’s Advent calendar, companies worth more than £100 million with no or sod all institutional investors and what that means: ref Sound Energy (SOU) before the collapse I oft predicted and Powerhouse Energy (PHE) where the collapse is yet to come, and finally Nigel’s 5 slam dunk sells for 2020 where I fear he will end the year looking like a schmuck.

327 days ago

I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar day 4. Then it is onto Ironveld (IRON), Telit (TCM), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) and Anglesey Mining (AYM) whose shareholder base means I shall be raising another £50 for Woodlarks on January 1 2023.

327 days ago

That put an end to his nursery day halfway through the practice for the Carol service. Anyhow, he is now back here with me and Maddie Moate and recovering. In today’s podcast, I discuss a change of name from Concepta (CPT) to My Health Check (MHC) and Wishbone (WSBN) en passant then am upset that Powerhouse (PHE) is still not answering my questions about related party (no sniggering at the back) transactions. Then, in more detail, DeepVerge (DVRG) and Zoetic (ZOE).

328 days ago

In today’s bearcast I look at Concepta (CPT), Novacyt (NCYT), DeepVerge (DVRG) – target 10p – , Supply@ME Capital (SYME) – target 0p – and Powerhouse Energy (PHE)

329 days ago

I start with Joshua’s Advent calendar and ask you to guess a question about the Bible knowledge of the under 30s.  Then it is on to Vodafone (VOD), DeepVerge (DVRG), Sosandar (SOS) and Caspian Sunrise (CASP).

330 days ago

I start with non financial matters: a Woodlarks thank-you, the start of Advent and a discussion about how we really must talk about suicide and related issues. This last subject is prompted by the latest troll to harass me. Then I look at Tungsten (TUNG), Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and at BlueBird Merchant Ventures (BMV).

331 days ago

Firstly, we are just £121 short on our Woodlarks appeal target. Will twelve of you donate a tenner and I promise to shut up until February.  Please give HERE. Then I look at gold. Have I got it wrong again? Should I sell? If not, what am I buying? I flag up three stocks which I may nibble at.

332 days ago

The small villains are the uber-spiv directors of Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS), Trevor Brown and Paul Ryan who get a good slating. I, again, ask questions about the timeline of events. The big villain is Sir Phil Green of Arcadia and I ride to his defence and have a pop at one of his critics Sir Stuart Rose formerly of Marks & Sparks (MKS) Finally we are just £400 short on the Woodlarks appeal. Help us over the line and I promise not to mention the charity again until February. Thanks to those who have donated, if you have not you can donate HERE

333 days ago

The big excitement of sawing wood with Joshua awaits. Ahead of that I discuss UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) where the shares are 66% overvalued, Zoetic (ZOE) which is even more expensive and Tungsten (TUNG), also a massive sell even after today’s share price slide. After 24 hours we have raised 37% or 42% of the amount needed for the Woodlarks Christmas appeal. Thanks to those who have donated. To those who have not, we are within sight of the point where I will shut up on this matter so how about getting my silence with a donation HERE?

334 days ago

In today’s bearcast I start with the publishing event of the year. Then I explain why I am again begging bearcast listeners for a small donation to Woodlarks. I shall continue with this until the modest target is reached so to shut me up go HERE. Finally a look at the corporate governance questions but, more importantly the fundamental analysis that makes Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) a massive sell even after today’s fall.

336 days ago

ShareSoc has a question about PE backed IPO’s like the AA (AA). I answer it. I discuss the modus operandi of Chris Akers with reference to Trafalgar Property (TRAF) and then long chats with David Bramhill of Union Jack Oil (UJO) which looks a great trading buy and then with another old geezer, that is to say my broker.

336 days ago

In today’s bearcast I discuss today’s triumph against Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer, Versarien (VRS), and Anexo (ANX).

337 days ago

I answer this question as best I can as there has been internet commentary suggesting that it is. After Supply@ME Capital (SYME), I look at another POS, Bidstack (BIDS) and a third in TrakM8 (TRAK). Then it is onto Union Jack Oil (UJO), Reabold (RBD) and Concepta (CPT) where – do not laugh – I am really very excited.

338 days ago

I start with Christmas presents. Today I started to panic and will really pull my finger out tomorrow. Then onto news that the administrators of Patisserie Holdings (CAKE) chaired by my pal lucky Luke Johnson is to sue auditors Grant Thornton over the fraudulent accounts it sign off on. This might see Lucky getting a windfall, or rather a bit of his cash back. I discuss the whole affair 

339 days ago

I start with the therapy my woodshed offers and also a note on Chris Bailey. Then I look at Powerhouse Energy (PHE) and Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) before considering bitcoin and gold and why I personally have big exposure to the “barbarous relic” and no exposure to crypto.

340 days ago

I discuss a metric which for a private company, like ShareProphets, is meaningless. We do not seek to impress investors just to pay bills! I have a few words on life at the Welsh Hovel. Yes, Jayarani is eating into my sleep. Then it is onto Telit (TCM) and finally a discussion with Pierotlunaire on research notes and blackout period prompted by the WH Ireland & Pantheon (PANR) episode.

341 days ago

The Mrs is about to go into the operating theatre so fingers crossed. In these strange times I am at home with Joshua watching Paw Patrol and it is a bit hard to think about shares but I comment on the Moderna Covid vaccine news, on Kefi (KEFI) and on Versarien (VRS).

345 days ago

I start with a baby Priti update and also a story about my Dad. Then a look at the supermarkets and £1.9 billion of our cash they should not have. Finally I note Malcolm’s optimism on vaccines and a return to normal and I explain why I think the old boy is, as is his wont, far too optimistic.

347 days ago

A very pleasant email arrives today from Cliff Weight at ShareSoc. I discuss the Damascene conversion of his organisation since the era of he who shall not be named on the matter of shorters and shorting.

348 days ago

In today’s podcast I look at Synairgen (SNG), Nakama (NAK) and the wider macro read across, Tern (TERN) and UK Oil & Gas (UKOG)

349 days ago

In today’s podcast I look at Cineworld (CINE), Trainline (TRN), Novacyt (NCYT), Powerhouse Energy (PHE), Optibiotix (OPTI) and Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX).

350 days ago

I start with news on daughter to be Priti – the arrival is delayed. So that is more time for Bearcasts then. Then I discuss Advent calendars and recommend this website. Hat tip Malcolm Stacey. Then it is onto Curzon Energy (CZN), Netscientific (NSCI), Novacyt (NCYT), Uru (URU) and to Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV).

350 days ago

In today’s bearcast I report on a sad conclusion to the story I told of the potential suicide on Saturday HERE. Then on to Avacta (AVCT) and Manolete (MANO) before considering five PI darlings which could see their shares utterly crater before I turn 53 on January 12: Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Novacyt (NCYT), Versarien (VRS), Bidstack (BIDS) and Eurasia Mining (EUA). In each case I explain the potential catalyst for the collapse.

351 days ago

I start with the wonder vaccine. Is it a cure all for companies such as Cineworld (CINE) or Carnival (CCL)? Then I consider Julie Meyer in light of the research I was doing yesterday for the Gewanter case and what it says about the UK’s rotten honours system.  Then I look at Inspirit (INSP), Countrywide (CWD), Amigo (AMGO) and Escape Hunt (ESC) where I stand with Steve, not Justin the Clown.

353 days ago

This, very short, podcast gives my excuses for today’s relative silence from me and warns you on why the next week may also be silent.

353 days ago

I discuss why they scan and reflect on the links between pointless lockdown and suicides. I discuss the final victory of Joe Biden and then look at house prices and why they have not yet collapsed and why this is not a re-run of the 1970s.

354 days ago

The company is cyber security outfit ECSC Group (ECSC) and in this podcast I dissect its finals from last year, interims, recent trading statement and other red flags leading me to explain why you should not buy into the hot sector argument and should not touch it with a bargepole.

356 days ago

As you can see here, I shall be engaging in a small act of defiance tonight.  In the podcast I discuss UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) - forced by myself to ‘fess up today about what is happening at the Gatwick Dribbler. I look at Trainline (TRN) and explain why the soon to be ex CEO is not a crook, at Guild Esports (GILD), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) and at Jubilee Metals (JLP).

356 days ago

I am still under the weather hence my rasping voice. I look at more madness in Wales, why Biden will win – and it is not cheating – and at Wishbone Gold (WSBN).

358 days ago

I start with the US election and stand by my prediction, a win for Donald J Trump, but it will be close so I could well be wrong.  Then it is onto Inspirit (INSP), Versarien (VRS), Amigo (AMGO) and Telit (TCM).

358 days ago

So it is a short bearcast today and then back to bed. I cover Purplebricks (PURP), Tiger Resources (TIR) and the fascist lawyers’ letters it sends to shareholders and Pathfinder Minerals (PFP).

359 days ago

I start with events in Europe and what to do with your shares, what to sell tomorrow, as a continent goes under house arrest and markets puke. Then it is onto the contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden which is too close to call. But, if you put a gun to my head, I call it for Trump and explain why.

360 days ago

I start with a few thoughts on my father’s funeral which is HERE. Then I reflect on the news from Boris today on why I am so wary of housing as an asset class and Malcolm’s love of housebuilding shares. Then onto the wider market. 

361 days ago

I start with a few words on my preparations for tomorrow’s funeral which will mean my absence from this site for a day.  Then onto the election in America where our boy is on a bit of a roll - a full analysis of recent developments is in a special podcast HERE.  Then it is on to Verditek (VDTK), Versarien (VRS), Covid shorts and longs including, sorry Three Brains, Carnival (CCL). Finally a look at grossly overvalued Mirriad (MIRI).

364 days ago

I start with a few notes on  preparations for Thursday’s funeral following my piece on mad Covid rules and Dad’s ceremony HERE. Then I look at Verditek (VDTK) and Versarien (VRS) where the wheels realy are coming off. Then it is onto a defence of my friend Tim Blackstone and my analysis of Metals Exploration (MTL). Finally I look, in real detail (hence the length of this podcast), at Guild Esports (GILD) which was much hyped by the deadwood press at its IPO a few weeks ago partly because David Beckham was investing in it. I expose why that is so utterly misleading, Becks will make a killing from this IPO but I suggest mug punters will not. This whole thing stinks.

365 days ago

In today’s podcast I start with PrimaryBid and the way brokers are crying foul on the London Stock Exchange backing it financially. Then onto, quite good, H2 numbers from ADVFN (AFN) but my real disquiet at the way my taxes are going on supporting the lifestyle of an overpaid board.

367 days ago

I did what 3 million Welsh residents could not do today and had a pub lunch. But I’ve broken the border and am back at the Welsh Hovel. I discuss my day, why I think Nigel is wrong on investing in residential property and ask why Link is being sued over Neil Woodford’s crimes yet he seems able to escape scot free.

367 days ago

In today’s podcast I recount three crossings of the border out of house arrest Wales into free England and on a visit to a local store. I discuss Carolyn Harris MP on kettles, a woman who makes Matt Hancock seem like Einstein. I discuss what a dead cat bounce actually is with reference to Malcolm’s article of earlier and also why I’m glad fund managers are telling MP’s where to stick it when it comes to who should run (BOO)

368 days ago

For reasons which are nothing to do with the insanity of Mark Drakeford, I cannot work properly today at the Welsh Hovel hence this bearcast is short.  I explain those reasons and hope to be back to normal by Saturday. In the podcast, I discuss that impending lockdown and also last night’s debate between Donald Trump and China Joe Biden and what it means for November 3.

369 days ago

I have done a rather good new podcast on the US election which annoyed champagne socialist Darren Atwater greatly which tells you how good it is. You can access it HERE. In today’s bearcast, I look at Centamin (CEY) and Kefi Copper & Gold (KEFI) as well as at almost insolvent con Supply@ME Capital (SYME).

370 days ago

I ponder this grave question after considering the illogical hateful restrictions we face in Shipston next week. In another podcast, I raise the possibility that Donald Trump might win on November 3 because of factors the deadwood press and BBC opt to ignore. All is explained HERE. Then I discuss three sets of builders here at the Welsh Hovel who must be starting to dislike me. Then it is onto Centamin (CEY), Bidstack (BIDS) and Network International (NETW) – a £1.5 billion short?

372 days ago

I speak as a type 2 diabetes sufferer – today’s Covid ramp from Vela (VELA) is total bollocks. I also cover stinky share dumping by the Trainline (TRN) bird, Petra Diamonds (PDL), where I am vindicated again but not holding my breath for BBMs to apologise, Wishbone Gold (WSBN), Panthera Resources (PAT) and POS Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) – now in the Minus 99% club. Time for boardroom bonuses all round I reckon, as it places again.

372 days ago

It is a week exactly since my father’s death and I accept that my work is substandard and apologise. It is hard to lift myself from this slough of despond. In today’s podcast I cover Inspirit (INSP), Wishbone Gold (WSBN), Kefi (KEFI), Boohoo (BOO), Amigo (AMGO), Contango (CG0) and i-Nexus (INX).

374 days ago

Queens Colleage Oxford has enccouraged students to snitch on their peers and my daughter, now under house arrest, has fallen victim. What a mad and dark world we live in. After discussing this I look at all the mining stocks I own and one I sold, reviewing where we are now and where the real excitement lies at: Kefi (KEFI), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Centamin (CEY), AEX Gold (AEXG), Ariana (AAU), Asiamet (ARS), Jubilee Metals (JLP), Pensana (PRE) and Red Rock Resources (RRR).

374 days ago

I start with Boohoo (BOO) and what PWC’s resignation says about spineless auditors today.  Then I refer frequently to this earlier podcast I served up on the growing scandal surrounding the Biden Crime family, what it means for November 3 and for your shares and gold.

375 days ago

In today’s podcast I look at Alien Metals (UFO), at Novacyt (NCYT) and at Audioboom (BOOM), at spoof boardroom buying and at why broker buy notes are a sell signal. I also chuck a few Covid stats your way as we head for another national lockdown.

377 days ago

In this podcast I discuss my father’s funeral, changing patterns of consumer behaviour and the delusional world of TrakM8 (TRAK) and its creaking balance sheet.

377 days ago

I am back here at last and allow a bit of time for personal matters. Then it is on to Optibiotix (OPTI), Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX), Verditek (VDTK) and G3 Exploration (G3E)

378 days ago

My father died at 8.22 AM on Monday and I discuss that. Then Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Eurasia Mining (EUA), Pensana Rare Earths (PRE) and market frothiness.

380 days ago

I start with a few personal thoughts as I sit here with my father. Thank you for your kind words and prayers. Then I deal with the idea that ShareProphets and I run a shorting gang. It is libellous tosh.  Then to the US election. I am almost ready to call both the Senate and the Presidency for the Dems. I called the House that way eons ago. I say almost and then discuss what that means for you and me.

383 days ago

If the title is not immediately clear as to why it is relevant, listen to the podcast and it soon will be. 

387 days ago

Coming to you from Shipston, I discuss Andy Hornby and why he is a posterboy for the unacceptable face of capitalism at the Restaurant Group (RTN) and also the news from Cineworld (CINE) – told y’all! As the shares are set for a Monday crash, I discuss the systemic failure of the media to understand the issue at hand and especially the guilt of the Sunday Times in losing folks’ money.

389 days ago

I start with a personal message as to why there may or may not be a break in bearcasts over the next few days. Then it is onto how Watchstone (WTG) – Quenron (QPP) as was – is suing KPMG. This is bonkers. KPMG has made Watchstone shareholders far richer than they should be. I explain that and then discuss how if I was in charge and had a time machine, we would have stopped this fraud ever happening. Without the time machine, what would I do now? 

390 days ago

I pray that Donald Trump and the fragrant Melania recover from Covid and, unlike godless liberals who tweet about praying for things, I do actually pray and to someone I believe in. However, Lucian has a bet on Mike Pence to be the next President and I discuss this. I then move on to look at UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) where I did tell y’all, Attis Oil & Gas (AOGL) and share rampers from the AIM swamps, Purplebricks (PURP), and also the latest mystery at Supply@ME Capital (SYME), the worthless POS from the province of Norfolk. Later I am recording a video that I am sure many of you will enjoy.

391 days ago

Lockdown in our part of Wales starts in just under two hours. The Mrs has already escaped to England with Joshua. I am staying here but need some supplies so must rush to get them from a store where they don’t make you wear a face nappy before the North Wales fuzz sets up roadblocks on the bridges over the River Dee. Before my Dukes of Hazard style contraband run, I discuss various conspiracy theories over Rolls Royce (RR.) and IAG (IAG). I look at the massive issues now hanging over Verditek (VDTK) as I expose its latest desperate ramping and another past lie. Finally, Dev Clever (DEV), what is going on with Asimilar (ASLR) and Mark Horrocks as its share price slides again.

391 days ago

I end with today’s placing news from Xtract Resources (XTR) and the range of reasons why this has become a pariah stock.  I start with two excuses for lateness. In the middle, what I made of last night’s Presidential debate. Trump, I judge, won it but not with a knockout. I am not calling it yet but I move my prediction from too close to call to still tight but leaning to Sleepy Joe. It is his to lose now. Correction: the debate host was from Fox not CNN – as stated inh the podcast – but is a known Trump hater and his clear partiality was all too evident.

392 days ago

I am in Shipston with my father and start by discussing how I deal with phone calls here. I look at another crazy Covid story and then at Versarien (VRS), Amigo (AMGO), Vela (VELA), Falanx (FLX), Cineworld (CINE) and at a clever arb for fools like Zak Mir who believe in Supply@ME Capital (SYME), that leading enterprise from the province of Norfolk.

394 days ago

Does anyone know this Ian Roy Duncan? He seems unhinged but I receive emails, like the one I read out in this podcast, more or less every day.  Ian owns shares in Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and I discuss that particular Norfolk and why you have to be truly thick as two short planks, as Ian is, to own after today’s news.  I also look at Verditek (VDTK), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Red Rock Resources (RRR), Zenith Energy (ZEN) – for whom I have a question – Avacta (AVCT) and ValiRX (VAL) where the valuation, even after today’s fall, looks bonkers after trial data which I discuss and analyse. 

395 days ago

I invite those who listen to add their personal experiences in the comments section. I relay three experiences that I am close to and how Government measures are trashing the real economy in ways folks do not yet appreciate. I explain why this is just not sustainable and will, in due course, impact share prices.

396 days ago

I am in a bit of a rush as I prepare to head to Shipston on family business. But first I have to enjoy filling skips, making jam and gin and emptying the kitchen. Then I answer Malcolm’s question on target prices with reference to two companies you know well. Then it is onto the assumption made by dim Tories like Lucy Allan MP about how all members of certain industries would thrive without lockdown. I know the industry she refers to better than anyone and she’s talking horse. The same madness is demonstrated with the way the dim Tories chuck cash at Versarien (VRS), the folly of which I expose again today HERE.

397 days ago

I warn you that my Mahmud Kamani impression when he meets the new ESG director forced upon him contains strong language. It had to, to be accurate. I discuss, in this podcast, the liars at Supply@ME Capital (SYME), William Hill (WMH), Restaurant Group (RBG), Hammerson (HMSO) and Boohoo (BOO), plus my act of mask rebellion in Wrexham yesterday as I stocked up on loo rolls. You – and the Mrs – mocked me last time but it is better to be the first lunatic overreacting than the first sane person forced to pay £5 and limited to 1 roll each!

397 days ago

I have been distracted today as you can see HERE. In today’s podcast, I cover Wishbone Gold (WSBN) and Big Dave’s honesty. I look at Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and its latest dishonesty, Cineworld (CINE), Biome Technologies (BIOM) and at Versarien (VRS).

398 days ago

Of course he cannot answer, or not truthfully anyway. And that is the giveaway.  Elsewhere I look at what has really happened at Big Sofa (BST),  the AA (AA) which is toast, Amigo (AMGO), Asimilar (ASLR) and Dev Clever (DEV). Now to go put frozen peas on my hand and arm.

399 days ago

Dan Levi makes grave charges about Peter Brailey today but has no proof. Peter says he will swear on oath the accusations are false so how on earth can I sack him? I am off to Shipston today clutching a DNA test kit but before going, I will leave you with some words on Dev Clever (DEV), Urban Exposure (UEX), Eurasia Mining (EUA), Kefi (KEFI) and Red Rock Resources (RRR) where I hope Andrew Bell appreciates the literary imagery.

401 days ago

I have today been quite busy on family matters, see HERE, which I find fascinating. I appreciate others may not! In the podcast I look at the general market meldown in the face of the Government going economy wrecking bonkers over Covid. I look at Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and Avant Garde,  Verditek (VDTK) and its idiot investors, Big Dish (DISH), Trainline (TRN), Bidstack (BIDS) FinnCap (FCAP) and a cracking trading statement but questionable morals and Iconic (ICON) and the perils of the sub Standard List.

402 days ago

Obviously the financials make near insolvent Verditek (VDTK) simply non investable. But there are also numerous non financial red flags which should make anyone run a mile. Then I look at lying and what misleading investors actually involved and what the implications are if you find a company that either by act or omission is telling porkies. Will the FCA or the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation act in this case? I do not see how they cannot, but they probably will not.

403 days ago

I have already demonstrated HERE and HERE and HERE how AIM darling Verditek (VDTK) has deceived investors in peace time and also in wartime, i.e the run up to placing after placing after placing. Now I turn to events from August 2017 to October 2018 which did not start to come to light until June 2019 and show, with regard to the WES operation, industrial scale deception by the company, before and during a fund raise which also involved misleading investors. The need for AIM Regulation to suspend these shares pending an independent investigation into every claim Verditek has ever made since the repeated nature of its deceptions is now just too great to ignore. 

403 days ago

Well actually I start with the curtain twitchers on the facebook page of the small village where I live in Wales. Boy have they excelled themselves today. What a crazy world we live in. Then it is on to Iconic (ICON) where today’s news should see the board in jail. Then Supply@ME Capital (SYME), a good section on Verditek (VDTK), and finally a detailed appraisal of Caspian Sunrise (CASP) after its interims. On reflection, I lied to you. This is not a podcast about three stocks worth zero. It is about four stocks worth zero.

404 days ago

In today’s podcast, I consider my dining experience in Chester last night and then look at Carnival (CCL), Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and its jail bait CEO and the one question its diehard supporters cannot answer. Moving on, I consider Xtract Resources (XTR), Tiger Royalties (TIR) and the loathsome spiv Jon Bellis of Novum who has now pushed me over the edge, I look at Novacyt (NCYT) and TrakM8 (TRAK), once the beau of Britain’s thirstiest share blogger.

406 days ago

In today’s podcast, I look at Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Berkeley Energia (BKY), Novacyt (NCYT), Franchise Brands (FRAN) and also at Versarien (VRS), its loathsome boss Neill Ricketts, the death spiral provider Lanstead and what it is not telling us all. 

407 days ago

I address this point first. The poems to which I refer can be found HERE. Then I look at Amigo (AMGO) where my pal Lucian Miers has got it 100% wrong before considering Pensana Rare Earths (PRE) where folks were right to ignore the advice of HotStockRockets. This play on green shite will, I sense, head far higher.

407 days ago

It was on July 10 that we published an explosive dossier on Manolete (MANO ) warning that its shares would fall by 66%. It responded with a wankerish statement insulting ShareProphets and which was full of waffle. Its shares are tanking today and are now down 40%+ since our report. is there anything it wishes to say? Elsewhere, I look at Symphony Environmental (SYM) and Covid madness, at Brighton Pier (PIER) and the maths of the hospitality industry, and finally take on Gary Newman on Red Rock Resources (RRR) suggesting he is blinded by #BellDerangementSyndrome and so cannot look at facts. What would Red Rock trade at if it had a different boss I wonder?

409 days ago

Yes we enjoyed a 4th birthday party. I consider this, the Government’s next steps to attack Covid, the furlough scheme and where the economy is going. I also look at crony capitalist Reg Hoare and his defence of the indefensible at Science Group (SAG).

409 days ago

I may be in the gulags of Merthyr Tydfil by tomorrow night so if there is no Monday bearcast, you know why. I look at abuse of furlough and how some folks want this madness to continue and then at the Government’s bonkers demands of the EU to allow it to hand out vast sums to British companies. In that vein, I flag up my latest expose of Innovate UK HERE. I sense this scandal is massive and will grow. If any of you are bored and want to assist uncovering it, the relevant link is HERE.

410 days ago

I start with more on the issue of sound quality and an explanation as to re-recording yesterday and other issues. I hope we do better today. Then I look at Eurasia Mining (EUA), Mirriad Advertising (MIRI), Hurricane Energy (HUR), Sound Energy (SOU) and Verditek (VDTK).

411 days ago

I apologise for the sound quality; I have rerecorded and V2 is far better. I am shitting myself… not! In today’s bearcast, I reveal why evil short-sellers (well Lucian, anyway) want Donald Trump to lose and then look at Red Rock Resources (RRR), Vela (VELA), Iconic (ICON), and Verditek (VDTK) which is where the old Bill come in. Or rather don’t.

413 days ago

It is bad news for gender fluid, Bidstack (BIDS) owning, journalist-defaming moron Mike Turner - the countdown to the next bailout placing is underway. I crunch the numbers and speculate on what boss Lyin’ James Draper will do about it. After that I consider Verditek (VDTK) and its growing catalogue of lies and also warn Innovate UK that I am on its case as I have been alerted to another of its grant scandals. Finally I consider two companies that are desperate to be bid for but which, I suspect, will not be: Audioboom (BOOM) and Eurasia Mining (EUA). 

414 days ago

It is a father and son effort today from Shipston. On the agenda: Verditek (VDTK), Xtract Resources (XTR), and IQE (IQE).

415 days ago

I start with a London millionaire slating me for being an Alt Right billionaire. I am neither but our in-house Euro loon Jonathan Price is a peculiar fellow. I look at the madness at Vela (VELA), at Future (FUTR) and its trading statement (a win so far for Mark Slater vs Matt Earl), at what Verditek (VDTK) did NOT say, and at AEX Gold (AEXG) where the CEO is 13, or at least looks it, but I may have been a bit harsh before.

416 days ago

Sorry to the in-house Euro loon Jonathan Price who reckons that my interest in the US election is excessive but two new polls yesterday cast further light on the races in Pennsylvania and Florida which  as I noted yesterday  are two of the three states that will decide the election. I discuss this and then Justin Urquhart Stewart on gold where he gets his numbers so wrong that I am more bullish than I was as I think this tells you something of wider import. Finally onto my good mate the Sith Lord Zak Mir, a chap called Carl Linton who is a plumber and heating engineer, and the current mood of market craziness.

417 days ago

My new video show is live and if you have a spare three hours, it is, if I say so myself, a total belter and can be watched HERE. I then discuss the US election and am ready to call all bar three states: Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan. I believe that the maths are that Trump will have to win all three to win. There are three others I am calling but with a low degree of certainty (Ohio for Trump, Wisconsin and Minnesota for Biden). I discuss what will swing the three uberswing states and where things stand now but also what financial betting markets tell us. Then trolling of me by morons, this time owning Supply@ME Capital (SYME), hits a new low. I discuss these sad creatures and how they motivate me to dig even more. 

417 days ago

I have mentioned the sale of leasehold properties by housebuilders such as Barratt Developments (BDEV) before and regard their actions as utterly wrong. I am an ethical capitalist, they are profiteering. So I welcome the news that the Competition & Markets Authority is now investigating. It is not why I would not own shares in this sector but it is good news anyway. I also cover Kefi (KEFI), Vela (VELA) and the scoundrels at con Supply@ME Capital (SYME), its latest “news” and past lies.

419 days ago

I have been doing good work on the mystery of who my great grandmother really was. My great aunt, her daughter being the actress Anna Lee, did some work as you can see HERE, but I have gone a step further and have an agreement to do a DNA test to solve the mystery once and for all. I discuss this distraction and then move on to Sound Energy (SOU), Optibiotix (OPTI), Cobra Resources (COBR), and 7 Digital (7DIG).

420 days ago

I am prompted by my hero Mr Peter Tatchell and having checked with another hero, Mr Kelvin MacKenzie, that I am not misquoting him, I shall be penning a piece tonight on this fascinating subject. Elsewhere I look at Pendragon (PDG), Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG), Wishbone Gold (WSBN), Tern (TERN), Dev Clever (DEV), and Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and why the FCA MUST act against the last two enterprises on my list today.

420 days ago

On the exact occasion of my 7th wedding anniversary, I am off to see my father so there is only a brief bearcast from me. Well it’s quite a long one actually but it is recorded early. I start with Carnival Cruises (CCL), then TrainLine (TRN) and then the stinking nest of vipers that is Asimilar (ASLR), Dev Clever (DEV), All Active Asset Capital (AAA), Mark Horrocks, Chris Akers, Novum and Peterhouse Capital. Hold your noses as you listen.

422 days ago

I start with musings on croquet hoops, something I am geekish enough to comment on, and how it is symbolic of our age. I wander on to consider the craziest job creation scheme in history but one which the mainstream media takes seriously… back to crazy croquet hoops. Then it is news that Capita is closing offices where 15,000 work and the Government’s barking mad plans and pleas to reverse this tide. Finally, the response of Alessandro Zamboni of Supply@ME Capital (SYME) to me terming his company a con and saying he should be in jail. Other than his stupidity in telling an obvious lie, Sam Antar, the king of the fraudsters, would be proud of him. 

423 days ago

Many of you will be waking up to news in all the papers as to how Rishi Sunak is to steal your cash to pay for folks stealing money on furlough fraud, stealing it via criminal Covid loans and to pay for pay rises for the idle bedwetting teachers, Policemen taking a knee and GPs on £100,000 sitting at home and taking the odd call on skype from patients. This is the last straw and sends out such an appalling message about doing business in Britain. Then onto today’s shocking revelations about Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and why it is such a scandal.

424 days ago

I called it for Trump in September 2016 when the media classes wrote him off. I am not calling it for him yet, but it is looking better and better, hence more fake news reports from the BBC and the rest of the Mainstream Media to the contrary. I examine what the polls say in detail, debunk a right-wing conspiracy theory and look at the four key variables that will determine the outcome and, bad news for the liberal media, all four trends are playing Trump’s way.

425 days ago

I start with a look at Boohoo (BOO) shares which are failing on the back of reports in a paper founded on profits from the slave trade that suppliers in Leicester are using slave labour. Then I ask whether Luke Johnson or I am more sociable and what this means about folks stopping work from home. Then onto gold stocks in general: Hummingbird (HUM), Kefi (KEFI), Red Rock Resources (RRR), and Ariana (AAU). I look at Amigo (AMGO), Attis Oil (AOGL), and finally why today’s shocking Versarien (VRS) expose really could indicate a major scandal. Footnote:

426 days ago

It is now only four days till my 7th wedding anniversary. Given my track record, I reckon that merits a round of applause. After you have finished the applause, I will apologise to Mr David Lenigas. If I have ever given the impression that he is a shameless ramper of worthless penny stocks, having considered his recent tweets on Wishbone Gold (WSBN) where my losses are now down to a mere £27,500, I would like to apologise. I now accept that Mr Lenigas provides quite brilliant and clear analysis of undervalued gold juniors and we should be profoundly grateful for his services. Elsewhere, I look at Avacta (AVCT), Novacyt (NCYT), Scancell (SCLP), Rurelec (RUR), and Amigo (AMGO).

426 days ago

My main podcast today was a history lesson for the loathsome BBC HERE. In terms of bearcast, I am not so inspired today. I promise I shall be more on fire tomorrow but do comment on why Harry Adams of Kefi Gold & Copper (KEFI) is share dealing like a dervish. I also look at the rebel at Inspirit (INSP) and explain why I think he is doomed to fail and why anyone buying the shares needs their head examined.

427 days ago

I start with a brief discussion of Rule Britannia where it is clear that the BBC and others (including the Mrs) have not actually read the words or studied their history. I will do a much longer piece on this when back from seeing my father in Shipston. I look at Asimilar (ASLR), All Active Asset Capital (AAA), Mesh PLC, and Chris Akers – a scandal where the unravel is surely underway. I comment on DFS (DFS) and furlough economics, on Iconic Labs (ICON), and on Amigo (AMGO) as well as on Xtract Resources (XTR), where there is yet more good news making you who followed my tip and I who bought shares even richer. Also covered is NoGold who has no gold exposure and lambasts me for tipping gold shares and making you all richer… even more of a miserable old git.

429 days ago

London millionaire liberal elitist, our own in-house Euro Loon Jonathan Price, faces house, or should I say mansion, arrest within days. About bloody time. I joke with him on email but I am not sure he sees the funny side. After that digression I discuss Red Rock Resources (RRR) – do you believe Andrew Bell?  – Amigo (AMGO), Sunrise Resources (SRES), Cobra Resources (COBR), and the very odd price movement at joke company Anglesey Mining (AYM). Cheryl Cole gets two mentions in this podcast

430 days ago

Yes, it is corrupt to claim that with 60 articles a year you are chasing Neil Woodford when you were for two decades his greatest cheerleader on Fleet Street. Jeff Prestidge ignored ALL the warnings and kept on urging Mail on Sunday readers to average down on Woodford funds. He should hold his head in shame. He demands transparency over Woodford while I demand transparency from him so I have 4 questions the loathsome reptile will not answer. I also look at bent PR-led journalism at the Sunday Times ref BT (BT.) Then it is onto Reach4Entertainment (R4E) where the FCA and AIM Regulation should be all over the company, its CEO Marc Boyan, and chairman Lord Grade.

430 days ago

I start this bonus bearcast prompted by your emails and comments while I started to make some Damson Jam with Joshua with a few comments on the wisdom or otherwise of averaging down with reference to Wishbone Gold (WSBN). Then I look at NoGold’s claim (poor fellow having no gold exposure of late) that gold is being driven higher by herd behaviour. Finally, I am told that Messrs Andrew Bell (Red Rock Resources -RRR), Colin Bird (Xtract Resources – XTR, and others), and Harry Adams (Kefi) are only looking like heroes rather than zeros, as has been the case for many years, because gold is going higher. Referencing also Mr Kerim Sener of Ariana Resources (AAU), I discuss this and the nature of investing in mining stocks. 

432 days ago

I refer to Malcolm Stacey’s earlier piece and take him to task, although I discuss the regional housing shifts he mentions in a more charitable light. I look at the new IPSX Exchange and suggest it has a problem. Then I respond to PL’s charge that I support unethical capitalism involving screwing everyone to make maximum profits. I don’t think this and I don’t think it makes any sense but that does not mean that tree-hugging capitalism makes any sense either, except for Sandra Bates and other members of the 1%.

432 days ago

I shall explain which I am selling and which I am buying and exactly why in the bearcast. Enjoy. I also look at the latest Covid data which spells death for Catenae (CTEA) and doom for others and with a hat tip to the great Peter Tatchell to COVID profiteering by Burberry (BRBY). I look at Plutus Powergen (PPG) in detail, and also at share trades that have happened but others that are not happening which explain why Supply@ME Capital is shaping up to be such a scandal and one where the FCA has disgraced itself by its actions and is still disgracing itself by its inactions. I also explain why comrade PL is taking nonsense on ESG spend adding value.

432 days ago

First up I explain why I am going to make some damson jam with Joshua this weekend and why, thanks to Clem Chambers and Online Blockchain (OBC), you can win a pot. I mention en passant FastJet (FJET) and its journalist-smearing fascist bastard PRs at Citigate Dewe Rogerson, Wishbone Gold (WSBN), Big Dish (DISH), and Supply@ME Capital (SYME). Then I do a long piece on 7Digital (7DIG).

433 days ago

Well there is an annoying ex for starters. Then the folks taking the piss on a sash window here at the Welsh Hovel. Then PL defending Katie Potts spunking £1 million of other folks’ cash on Bidstack (BIDS) and why following TR1s is an error. I look at Wishbone Gold (WSBN), trying to be realistic, more cracking news from Xtract Resources (XTR), and at sorting pumping and dumping at Europa Metals (EUZ). No doubt Messrs Laurence Read and Benjamin Turner will be taking me off their Christmas card lists after that. Hey ho. Finally a look at red flag goings on at a company where I have pointed out many red flags before, All Active Asset Capital Limited (AAA). 

434 days ago

I was, of course, travelling back from Greece, and while my colleagues penned articles in my absence, here is the bearcast you all wanted covering Eurasia Mining (EUA), Supply@ME Capital (SYME), and Curzon Energy (CZN). Today’s bearcast will follow a bit later.

435 days ago

I am travelling today back from the Greek Hovel to the Welsh Hovel so this is an unusual bearcast. I called it for Trump last time when the entire media said otherwise. I look at the latest polls in detail and beneath the headlines and flag up the 4 great uncertainties. The answer is that Trump can indeed win but I am not calling it right now. You just cannot. As to whether it matters….

436 days ago

Am I the only man in Christendom who can say that he is now in profit on Red Rock Resources (RRR) shares? Well I am and you might have missed today’s big news. I shall eat my hat on video if I have not doubled my money by Christmas. Then it is onto general market lunacy and knavery focusing on Supply@ME Capital (SYME), where the share price is almost as bonkers as some of the turds ramping it (see below). I must rush as I really do hope to have a business meeting with a commie.

437 days ago

I start with a few words on my poisoning activity today in the snake-infested land around the Greek Hovel. Then a discussion on why the stock market is NOT as Donald Trump and the media class think (telling you that we will see a V shaped recovery) and why there is mounting evidence that we will not.

438 days ago

I start with a few thoughts on the possibility that Greece might be added to the UK’s Covid red list – feck you Boris you utter clown and here’s why. Then I see that old Warren Buffett has finally seen the light on gold and I have a few thoughts on that. Then a bullcast on why Jubilee Metals (JLP) has crossed in inflexion point and is now such a perfect investment.

438 days ago

I start by explaining what an awful day I have had and why. Can’t I just sit in the pool at the Greek Hovel with Joshua and relax? Then it is onto two companies run by Tory Grandees: Verditek (VDTK) and Westminster (WSG). Then a third bunch of scumbags, Novum Securities. Finally a warning about Reach4Entertainment (R4E). That is it from me… now the pool and the start of a weekend celebrating the assumption of the Virgin Mary. 

439 days ago

I start with this explanation which relates to events at Eqtec (EQT). By the way is PL really saying that some investors were given information that the market and other participants in the placing did not have ahead of the placing? For that is what he posted on the comments section. Surely that too is a bit naughty? I then move onto Nigel Somerville’s purchase of Golden Prospect Precious Metals (GPM) and discuss that before turning to the shocking behaviour of the CMA with respect to funeral pricing which appears to give providers – including Dignity (DTY) – a license to overcharge going forward. That is dead wrong and a grave error that surely cannot be allowed to continue?

441 days ago

I discuss this ethical question as my brother in law salivates at the idea of picking up a gun and heading off to fight the invading Infidels.  Should I sell Ariana (AAU) or not? I look at wider gold issues. I cover Versarien (VRS), ASOS (ASC), the so called economic recovery, and finally Verditek (VFTK) where I am vindicated by today’s fess up but it is not enough of a mea culpa, boardroom heads should be rolling. The stock is, pro tem, uninvestable.

441 days ago

A source who is 100% reliable tells me that the first member of the Quindell crime gang to face legal consequences will discover the good news this week. I shall keep you posted but I am in the right place to secure barrels of ouzo with which to celebrate. Elsewhere, I discuss Eqtec (ETQ) and why an eminent poster on our comments section is wrong to give it a clean bill of heath regarding its fraud. I debate valuing stocks in relation to NAV with respect to mining stocks and investment companies and I explain why it is different. I look at Cineworld (CINE) and bid rumours, Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and lunacy, and at the atrocious results from Versarien (VRS) and its startling admission re its illegal taxpayer loan. I also discuss why I am not panicking on gold and the gold shares I own.

443 days ago

In today’s podcast I look at Pensana Rare Earths (PRE), Verditek (VDTK), Zenith Energy (ZEN), Inspirit (INSP) where there is a rebellion about to break out and, natch, I back the rebels, Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and Superdry (SDRY).

444 days ago

I start with a few other comments on Greek Hovel matters. Then I move on to talk about three companies which I shall be or are discussing with the FCA: Zenith (ZEN), Eqtec (DOG), and Verditek (VDTK). Then onto NatWest Group (NWG) where I apologise for my bad language. Finally my thoughts on the gold price and comments on gold stocks I own: Centamin (CEY), Ariana (AAU), Kefi (KEFI), Bluebird Merchant (BMV), and Xtract (XTR).

444 days ago

I start with reflections on how Boris is begging companies to get the workers back to doing a shift at the office. Sory BoJo but in this mess of your own creation you are dreaming. Then it is onto our major expose of securities fraud at Verditek (VDTK) today, where it seems that Old Mother Walters is again batting for the company with a bonkers market cap, no sales, which lies to investors, and which is technically insolvent. What’s not to like? Oh yes and the company’s chairman is a former Tory MP. More red flags than at the May Day rally in Moscow.

445 days ago

I start with a few notes on Covid hysteria, referring you to my earlier piece on perceived death rates HERE but also to research showing how pointless wearing face nappies is HERE. I look at R4E (R4E) and how Richard Jennings asks me to explain why Dr Green’s valuation of Bluebird Merchant (BMV) is a joke. I am a Good German and oblige. The shares, which I own, are – I believe – very cheap, but the analysis of Green is piss poor. Indeed it is so piss poor that the journalist-smearing old bastard should be fired at once. I look at Watchstone (WTG), Quindell as was, and its £63 million claim against PriceWaterhouseCoopers filed in the High Court today. I shall happily give evidence for PWC. I comment on Avacta (AVCT), Versarien (DOG), and Red Emperor (RMP).

447 days ago

The note I refer to is from Align on Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV). I agree the shares are cheap. I own some! But are they as cheap as the note suggests? Nope. It is bonkers. I discuss its author and other peak cycle bonkers notes etched in my brain. I look at R4E (R4E) and why you should not follow Fraud. Then at the accounts from troubled broker Novum which came out yesterday. They are truly shocking and get a full debagging from me. I comment on Hammerson (HMSO) and illusory asset values and on Simec Atlantic (SAE) and – en passant – Hurricane Energy (HUR).

448 days ago

I end with a view from my office photo just to annoy Graham Neary. I also comment on the latest bonkers ideas from Boris about how to cripple the economy. Those are relevant as I discuss the assumptions made by Metro Bank (MTRO) and its Godawful results. Who is it trying to kid? It has certainly not thrown in the kitchen sink in terms of provisioning. There is far worse to come when the banking crisis really gets going. I discuss gold and ask those with a knowledge of cocaine to help Lucian out with a new valuation metric. I look at Centamin (CEY) and am not persuaded there is a new normal to justify a sub 4% prospective yield.

449 days ago

I do not wish to fall out with Nigel Wray and I do not really blame him for the Reach4Entertainment (R4E) news today but I explain my anger. Then I explain my sympathy for Graham Neary. Next up, results from Centamin (CEY) are great for we loyal shareholders but I ask what is the appropriate yield? Then onto Xtract Resources (XTR) and a phone call from Colin Bird. Treat the “Ford dip” as an opportunity!

449 days ago

My first article about the Greek Hovel 2020 is now up and there are a stack more to follow. In today’s podast, I look at Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Hammerson (HMSO), Versarien (VRS), and Purplebricks (PURP).

450 days ago

I will start writing up my Greek diary tomorrow when I feel a bit more rested after the travel. But in this podcast, I give you a taster of a few of my thoughts and of life here in Kambos where I shook a man’s hand for the first time in months yesterday. I also look at the latest Covid madness from bonkers Boris and at BP (BP.) and the question of its dividend. Of course it should be slashed and if it is, I’d expect the shares to bounce.

451 days ago

I start with how Boris is wrecking the UK economy. I truly despair. Then I discuss the daft comparison with the years that followed Spanish flu. I then move onto the growing banking crisis. Finally, I discuss the idea that industries will change 100% to avoid human contact. I explain why this is not the case with reference to an industry I know well, investor shows. The maths does not stack up and most humans, though not me natch, are social creatures. There is a lot of hot money betting on the world changing completely. It will not.

453 days ago

My wife’s young cousin – L – and her young man will arrive shortly to our house to cat sit and the Mrs, Joshua, and I can head to the Greek Hovel. I wonder what Covid restrictions there are in Greece and how they will be applied? Here in the UK, BoJo has new rules and I ponder if they will mean the death of Cineworld (CINE).  On the subject of death, I discuss Versarien (VRS) and also its moronic shareholders and why ADVFN (AFN) scores an own goal in not banning them. I look at Coro Energy (DOG) and also International Consolidated Airlines (IAG), British Airways as was.

454 days ago

There are breaches of TR1 rules and a lack of transparency on Versarien’s (VRS) cash position. We need clarity, and that clarity will demonstrate why the £5 million UK taxpayer loan is 100% illegal. I move from one dog to two others: Iconic (ICON) and Supply@ME Capital (SYME) before offering some price targets on Ariana (AAU) where I am a very happy shareholder.

454 days ago

I have recorded a long Coronavirus podcast on my own website HERE. On today’s podcast on shares, I look at Versarien (VRS), Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Online Blockchain (OBC) and Sound Energy (SOU) and the sordid world of the whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood.

456 days ago

A brief and early bearcast today, as I am heading off to Shipston to see my dad and with reference to the sterling price of gold, I have to explain why he is not quite as clever as he thinks. Then it is off to near the Coronavirus hotspot of Leicester to buy an antique wood burning stove. What exciting lives Joshua and I lead. I discuss where next for gold and why companies with no proven resource can be a play on gold & silver prices but are really just a gamble. I cite Alien Metals (UFO) as a case study. What a terrible dog. Then it is onto Mahmud Kamani, (BOO), the slave labour allegations and today’s news. I read it as bad for the bears and good for Mahmud.

457 days ago

I wonder how Nigel Somerville is celebrating. I wonder how long the gold rally will continue and discuss why Red Rock Resources (RRR) could utterly roof it if it can IPO its Oz gold arm in time. I just need another 25% and I am back at break-even. On an Andrew Bell stock, how many folks can say that? Only kidding Andrew – maybe we are in the right place at the right time? In the podcast, I also look at EasyJet (EZJ), Intercontinental Airlines (IAG) and how the woes of vodka fiend Olaf may be a sign of worse to come for all. I cover Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and look at results and the rum ‘n’ coke valuation of Dev Clever (DEV).

458 days ago

AFC Energy (AFC) is the debate of the day and I start with a few thoughts on the problems of valuation. I end with another zeitgeist theme - the self-entitlement of the public sector and where that leaves we wealth creators. In my case, it is thanking God that retirement is not that far away! In between, I ponder whether we will have a full blown banking crisis to dethrone folks like Alison Rose, the virtue signalling poltroon running NatWest, and other top banksters.

459 days ago

I start with the rather stupid, uber-woke dismal Tory MP for Wrexham, Sarah Atherton, and her latest photo tweet. I move via International Consolidated Airlines (AIG), as I discuss just how awful the real economy is, how no-one, especially Intercontinental, has any earnings visibility and the steps companies are taking to maximise cash but to mislead about their cash position. I mentioned Primary Bid. Make sure you are registered HERE.

460 days ago

I have been waiting for this day for a long while. I hope that comrade Graham Neary has a glass (or seven) of Black Velvet over in Ireland tonight. I shall have an ouzo as I enjoy some karma heading to the journalist-smearing fascist PR bastards at Citigate. I should warn you that this podcast contains some bad language as I consider the AIM demise of Fastjet (FJET). I laugh at a rumour about Ascent Resources (AST) and the whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood and I consider the laughable plans of the pathetic nanny state regime of Bojo to tackle obesity.  I also look at Cineworld (CINE), R4E (R4E) and Supply@ME Capital (SYME), three firms I fear are in the merde. And did I mention that Citigate Dewe Rogerson are a bunch of journalist-smearing motherfuckers whose comprehensive lack of ethics I shall toast with ouzo tonight?

461 days ago

Answers on a postcard please. Anyhow, it prompts me to discuss when Bidstack (BIDS) will run out of cash again so will have to do another bailout funding (again), and the history of its associates harassing me. I discuss historic death threats I have received. Elsewhere, I have more words on Lenigas PLC and frenzied activity in gold. I look at Midatech Pharma (MTPH), Petra Diamonds (PDL) and Symphony Environmental (SYM).

461 days ago

There is no need for anyone else to listen to this podcast. This is a lesson in how to do fundamental analysis of a biotech stock for just one reader, Peter "the ramper" Brailey.

462 days ago

I have more on last night's breaking news HERE on Lenigas PLC and I offer a challenge to Dave Lenigas. Is he man or mouse? Or just a chicken? C'mon Dave what have you to fear? Then I look at Eve Sleep (EVE) and wider issues on the stated cash position of PLCs and finally at 2 gold miners, both of whose shares are up today. One, Altus Strategies (ALS) (still looks cheap) and the other, Cobra (COBR), sends off the wrong signal with today's news which I view as a spoof.

463 days ago

It is we in the private sector that have suffered the massive economic pain from the Government's blundering during Covid. It is also the private sector that will eventually create the jobs and wealth to pay for it. So what is Boris doing? He's landing us with a bigger bill to pay so he can reward doctors (the top 2% of earners), taking the fucking knee policemen and the bedwetting stay-at-home teachers. Fuck you Boris.  You and I are done - this was the final straw. After thar brief message from a (now) Plaid Cymru supporter, I look at healthcare bubbles, Aids and Covid, at Midatech Pharma (MTPH), Audioboom (BOOM), Conroy Gold (CGNR), IQE (IQE) and Bidstack (BIDS).

464 days ago

Peter Brailey thinks he will be selling his last Synairgen (SNG) shares at £10 based on its "cure" for Covid 19. Peter admits he has no specialist knowledge. It shows. He is thinking like a Bulletin Board Moron. I was paid to write on this sector for five years so know a bit and explain why he is not thinking straight.

464 days ago

I cover this company whose shares were up by 500% at one point today. Does Synairgen (SNG) really sit on a gold mine? I also look at three David Lenigas related situations: Empire Metals (EEE), Pires (PIRI) and UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). With regard to the last of the three, I mention Jubilee Metals (JLP), in which I bought some more shares today. I also discuss the "it's too good to be true" rule ref Amigo (AMGO)

465 days ago

Thanks for your kind words on MineProphets, the videos will stay up for another six months HERE. I will be doing another MineProphets show on December 5.  This podcast looks at the dynamite mea culpa from PHE and why that makes it game over for Avacta (AVCT), Novacyt (NCYT) and the other coronabollocks stocks. Then I look at the naivety of Suzanne Evans and  the political/media class about capitalism, creative destruction, housing, commercial property and job losses.

465 days ago

I start with a few words on MineProphets. I hope you all had a good time today. I end with a few words on West Ham which has brought myself and my daughter some rare joy in these past 24 hours. In between, I discuss Versarien (VRS) and also the strange case of broker Jub Cap and Chris Oil and what it says about the strange times we live in. I also discuss whether being long gold really is a crowded trade.

466 days ago

I am snowed under with work for MineProphets tomorrow and I have now bought a second new stock on the basis of videos I have taped. I shall reveal both stocks tomorrow at the show and you can grab your ticket for just £2.99 (worth it for these tips alone) HERE. Elsewhere in the show I discuss Asiamet (ARS), Boohoo (BOO), R4E (R4E) and wicked old, not so ethical Malcolm Stacey and HSBC (HSBA) and Standard Chartered (STAN) as well as the British banks.

468 days ago

I have spent most of the day recording videos for MineProphets and should warn you that Zak Mir has served up a double kiss of death. Anyway the content is - forgive my conceit - excellent so please book your seat now HERE.  In the podcast I discuss scumbags at Blue Rock Diamonds (BRD), Great Western Mining (GWMO) and its scumbag broker Novum, Kefi Minerals (KEFI) where I was wrong about something and Big Sofa (BST).

469 days ago

Today there will be little material from me on ShareProphets as I am recording videos for MineProphets all day. I have just done one with Ross Norman which was a total zinger. The content you will get for just £2.99 really is awesome if you have any interest in mining stocks. Please buy your ticket HERE. Elsewhere, I had a long chat last night with Mahmud Kamani of (BOO) and I discuss that in full. Enjoy. I also discuss the daft RNS from Cambridge Cognition (COG).

470 days ago

I start with an admission that I am having PC problems which make it a nightmare recording sessions for MineProphets. to tackle this I went to Wrexham to PC World today and report on the true retailaggedon occuring here in Wales. I should be up andrunning and recording by tonight so grab your seat HERE.  Then onto (BOO) and thoughts on last night's bombshell HERE. Then onto Manolete (MANO). I rebut its pathetic rebuttal HERE but in this podcast deal with its attempted PR hit job on Shareprophets which brings the spinners at Instinctif into utter disgrace.  

470 days ago

I have had a bad day trying to record videos for MineProphets - just 2 of a scheduled 5 completed. But they were stormers. I guess the 3 will be redone in the 4 days I have left. Anyhow it will be a great show so buy your £2.99 access (which lasts until Christmas) HERE. In today's show I discuss Versarien (VRS), Eqtec (EQT), Boohoo (BOO), Quiz (QUIZ), Photo-Me (PHTM), Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and Manolete (MANO).

471 days ago

I discuss why, like my great grandfather, I'm paralysed by an historic event. This means I am not buying more gold shares although I know I should. Right now c20% of my portfolio is gold exposed and I go through some of the stocks I own and explain why I think gold and gold stocks will surge. I know I should buy more but can't bring myself to do so. Today i shall be recording another 9 videos for MineProphets. Make sure you book your ticket for next Saturday HERE

473 days ago

A busy morning recording MineProphets videos with Chris Bailey, remember to book your ticket for next Saturday HERE. In today's bearcast I discuss Boohoo (BOO) and Carnival (CCL).

474 days ago

Maybe I should just listen to old Malcolm Stacey and buy all the shit on AIM and watch it roof it. What a crazy world we live in. In today's bearcast, I cover Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Eurasia, EUA, Trafalgar Homes (TRAF) and dodgy Chris Akers and Manolete (MANO). This weekend I shall abandon my gardening and record the first 10 hours of video for MineProphets - remember to book your seat HERE..

475 days ago

I start with why I am so sceptical, even cross about Rishi Sunak's mini budget yesterday. Some measures are profilgate, others downright counter productive. Then it is onto Eurasia (EUR) and the red flags that make be sceptical although I would be happy, for him at least, if my pal Christian got rich. Then onto Kefi (KEFI) and another gold stock I own and why they could really rip higher on a three month view. Finally I answer a reader question about Optibiotix (OPTI). No my faith is not waning at all. Au contraire, after a company chat earlier.... 

475 days ago

I hope that you appreciate the musical headline. In today's podcast I look at Boohoo (BOO), the utterly ludicrous spoof from toxic Dave Sefton and Iconic (ICON), Natasha Toy (a Good German), Kevin Engel, Grant Thornton and the FRC and I comment on $1800 gold. In that vein with the sector set to catch fire, buy your £2.99 ticket for Mineprophets now HERE..

477 days ago

Today it is Haile Selassie who gets de-statued. This confuses me. Then Nigel Wray gets confused as to the value of the FTSE 100 and of Apple. I share his confusion, can you help me. I discuss Burford (BUR) and then go to town on Totally (TLY) where the balance sheet is a joke and today's results statement needs to be rewritten and re-issued. Finally I have just filmed the first main stage presentation for MineProphets on July 18. It is almpst an hour long and, I learned a lot from it, it really is most excellent. Book your seat HERE 

478 days ago

I start with the latest statue pulldown, Frederick Douglas, and what it says about the insanity of 2020. I then move onto Peter Brailey and the P45, re Rock Rose Energy (RRE), Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Iconic (ICON), Boohoo (BOO) and Big Dish (DISH). Tomorrow I record the first video for MineProphets, remember to book your seat HERE

479 days ago

i comment today once more on Boohoo (BOO) but also clarfify my position on the minimum wage as I seem to have confused some of you. I also look at Amigo (AMGO) the biggest market riser on Friday but I am not so sure it is justified. Finally, it is just 13 days to MineProphets, please make life easy for Darren and book your ticket early, ie today, HERE

480 days ago

I start with a few words on the end of lockdown for those of us living within 5 miles of England. Then I look at the growing scandal involving (BOO), and its suppliers using slave labour in, Leicester, spreading disease and treating workers like, well, slaves. It is a scandal. But who will Baillie Gifford which wanks for Britain on virtue signalling ethical investing (see HERE) react as it is a major Boohoo backer? Now Matt Earl's words about bumper margins at Boohoo, in my second video show HERE,  seem even more prescient.  PS remember to book your seats for MineProphets on July 18 HERE.

481 days ago

Thanks to all of you who have written to your MP about the soft and, we think, illegal soft taxpayer loan to Versarien (VRS). I have an update on where at least one MP has taken it but urge you all to drop an email now using the template HERE. I also comment on my own mortality, prompted by the MCC, Big Sofa (BST), Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG), Iconic (ICON), Greatland Gold (GGP) and urge you to book your seat for July 18 and MineProphets HERE

482 days ago

First up  I again mention booking your MineProphets tickets for July 18. I hope to have more news on speakers shortly but book ahead HERE. secondly my local MP, understandably, hates me and is not very bright so may not act on my Versarien (VRS) letter so I beg you to send one to your MP. Then I discuss Tomco (TOM), its news today and how clever I am before tackling Mosman (MSMN), as it tries a multi-currency turd polish. 

482 days ago

Thanks for the kind words about looming paternity leave for an old man.  Ahead of that the stench is not of nappies but of wrong doing at Versarien (VRS) and at Supply@ME Capital (SYME). I apologise to the FCA over Redcentric (RCN) and offer handy advice to Catenae (CTEA) as the share price goes bonkers. And Darren has fixed everything so please book your seat for MineProphets ( where Ariana (AAU) has just signed up) on July 18 HERE. 

483 days ago

Jeepers he must have been sober to have fallen in love with this shite. In today's podcast I look at Versarien (VRS), TrakM8 (TRAK), ADM Energy (ADME), San Leon Energy (SLE) and Catenae (CTEA). Now go and have a butchers at MineProphets and book your ticket (just £2.99) now HERE.

485 days ago

Sorry this is late. I have been distracted by the mad world we live in so musing too much on and tomorrow Joshua and I try to bust out of lockdown Wales, like the - now erased from history - Dukes of Hazzard, to visit my Dad so limited copy from me then. Ahead of that I discuss Avacta (AVCT), Versarien (VRS), Sound Energy (SOU), Cineworld (CINE) whose managers I despise, and UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). Okay I am not firing Darren tonight, you can now book your MineProphets tickets HERE 

485 days ago

I start with the economy and the idea of Michael Gove and Boris Johnson that somehow FDR shows us the way out of this mess they have created. Sure,conscript all the snowflakes, after they have finished their degrees in media and gender studies and send them to invade Albania. It sort of worked in 1939. Seriously, this is more madness. Then I look at the nature of fraud and our failure to tackle it ref Wirecast, Blur and auditor EY now being sued by 1,000 cockwomble investors who "thought they knew better."

487 days ago

I have today been distracted by bulls which the Old Bill wants to milk and bad weather has stopped any progress in the garden. It's all rather frustrating. Talking of bulls I discuss San Leon (SLE) where i am a loyal shareholder.  Then with reference Intu (INTU) and Virgin Australia the myths that bailouts are needed to save large scale job losses.

487 days ago

After yesterday's bombshell I understand Elecosoft (ELCO) has threatened legals. This, as I explain, is a sure fire sell signal. I discuss Intu (INTU) - ouzo time for me - and the forthcoming banking crisis ahead of which Metro Bank (MTRO) is one sure fire short. And I look at Tomco (TOM) urging it to come clean on its true financial position.

488 days ago

I speak as a now ex customer but also as a journalist. My issue has been resilved and I'd like to thank the Dart Group's (DTG) FD & PR team for assisting. But broader questions about cancellations and refunds remain unanswered. I discuss this and then a chat with Lucian Miers which covered the markets, Wizz Air (WIZZ) and Carnival (CCL). I look at Trafalgar (TRAF), Katoro Gold (KAT), Victoria (VCP) and Elecosoft (ELCO).

490 days ago

The latest tweet from my local Tories just pushes me too far. These folks live on another planet. I start by discussing the tweet below and why it makes me so angry. The bosses at Escape Hunt (ESC) should be, like Sarah Atherton MP (Con), be sent to the gulags of Merthyr Tydfil and I explain why. I look at UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Red Rock Resources (RRR), Power Metal Resources (POW) and Versarien (VRS) ahead of next Tuesday.

491 days ago

Julie is back and since she seeks press coverage and is also seeking investment into a new great British Company she is, in my view, fair game for comment. No doubt she will accuse me of misogony, obsession and try to get the fine upstanding lawyers she shares with Prince Andrew to harass me (remember what happened last time Julie!) but what follows is a case study in red flag spotting and how to read through aggressive and unusual accounts.

491 days ago

I start with two points of order on my next premium podcast (out later tonight) and on July 18 ( more details tomorrow). Then I look at Walcom (WALG) and lessons learned, Tomco (TOM) and lessons not being learned as who gives a flying wotsit about criminality on AIM, and at Cineworld (CINE) where there are four reasons to stay short.

492 days ago

A reminder, July 18 keep it free. I first discuss the latest ideas of Rishi Sunak to revive the real economy and point out the problems and contradictions. Then I consider Zak Mir's cunning plan to make a killing on the stockmarket and a variant of the Sith Lord's wheeze suggested to me by a private client stockbroker. Will it end in tears?

493 days ago

I have an announcement. Please keep July 18 free. All is explained in this podcast. Then I discuss the fraud Wirecard and the cult of the "star fund manager." It seems that only 20% of shops will pay their rent on June 30th? Are the 20% mad? Why would anyone pay. I look at what this all means for the three parties at play: retailers, landords and banks.

495 days ago

If only to protect themselves folks at Turner Pope and Shard Capital need to take urgent action. There is clear insider dealing and crime evident at Tomco (TOM) as more than 100% of the issued share capital looks set to change hands today. At Iconic (ICON) I detail lie, after lie after pointless fecking lie relating to an RNS of 12 September 2019 - will my pal Damon Heath do the decent thing and pull the plug?

495 days ago

I start with a few words on the summer weather here in Wales. then it is on to Big Sofa (BST). Then onto a few words about Neill Ricketts, Versarien (VRS), Rolls Royce (RR.), me, Cheryl Cole and the company's latest promo video HERE. Finally, onto Wirecard a German Norfolk which tests the Roger Lawson thesis on how to deal with short sellers to destruction as it implodes. 

496 days ago

I start with a few words on the hard working, courageous and heroic teachers. Then it is Barry the Tit from Turner Pope who cannot read and insults the professionalism of Gary Newman but raises a wider point about how AIM and brokerages operate. Barry is a tit but I regard his employer as Best of Breed although if I had my way the breed would not exist if the Casino was run according to new rules I suggest. Finally a look at the idea from Eric "snotgobbler" Platt of the Financial Times that the greatest living investor, Mr Warren Buffett, might be past his sell by date.  Hat tip on the last point to Jim Mellon.

497 days ago

I start by mentioning this stunning piece by my hero Jordan Peterson. Then how Oxford University must bump up my degree as I feel sad. then onto the issue of excessive AIM pay with the case study UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). The crowded precious metals trade is next with reference to AIM dog Alien Metals (UFO). Finally I look at the piss poor excuses of two companies late with their annual report: Fastjet (FJET) and ShareProphets Limited.

498 days ago

We have now hit £48,000 with gift aid for Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks so I thank you all. In today's show I look at Novacyt (NCYT) and Avacta (AVCT) and sticking with the corona bubble theme at Primark and shopping today and the problems furlough is now creating.  I look at Metro (MTRO) and then finally at the big news from BP (BP.)

500 days ago

A final few words on yesterday and a final thank you. If you have not donated to Woodlarks yet it is not too late and i am just £536.34 away from shutting up about it so perhaps a small donation HERE. Then I look at Peter Brailey's excellent piece earlier and press comment on (BOO) and at the pay consultants who, in my view, should all be shot and issues of executive remunerration and greed. I also comment in this vein on Union Jack Oil (UJO).

500 days ago

I start with a few reflections on the widening gap between the real economy and the stockmarket. Then I ask you to consider how lucky you are as I discuss Woodlarks and what it does and why it matters. As you listen I am walking 33.3 miles to save Woodlarks. If you have donated I thank you. If not we are so close to getting the £48,000 needed to save the camp. Please, please donate HERE.

502 days ago

I start with a few thoughts on history as I chat at length to my old teacher. Then it is onto the campaign to scrub Joshua's hero, Chase, from history. Finally I discuss what I shall be doing in, I fear, the rain from 4.30 AM tomorrow. If you have yet to donate to rogue bloggers for Woodlarks please do so as we are now wiothin spitting distance of raising enough to ensure it survives. Please give just a tenner with gift aid ( or more) HERE Then I look at US Covid 19 data at Avacta (AVCT) where there is a dual threat to the share price and at Novacyt (NCYT) where implosion is accelerating. Finally a detailed look at IQE (IQE). 

502 days ago

I start with a few thoughts on a local statue that looks set to be melted down but commend my piece earlier on Thomas Guy in the same vein. I bring you the good news that No Gold is alive then discuss Intu (INTU), Frontera Resources (FRR), Avacta (AVCT), the merger of Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) and Columbus Energy (CERP) and Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG). Finally we are now almost at £40,000 on Woodlarks (with gift aid). If every bearcast listener yet top donate chipped in £10 plus gift aid tonight we would hit target. Please, please do so HERE

503 days ago

Okay, with three days to go to my 33.3 mile walk in the Welsh rain we need just £9,000 more to ensure Woodlarks survives. Thanks to all who have donated. If you have not done so please do so now HERE.  In the show today I discuss Restaurant Group (RTN), Quiz (QUIZ), the disaster now facing property investors, Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and Photo-Me (PHTM) where the bosses are total bastards. How dare the greedy so and sos treat poor old Malcolm Stacey like this?.

505 days ago

Another 12km training walk with my daughter looms and the little snowflake is bound to bleat as the skies darken. I will not enjoy the rain much either. So, as I suffer, please donate that tenner (or more) you know you want to give to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE. I look in detail at Sosandar (SOS), Mercantile Ports (MPL), Avacta (AVCT), Novacyt (NCYT) and Open Orphan (ORPH) setting new price targets for all three and then discuss the crooks at Telit (TCM) as the FCA concludes its corporate enquiry.

506 days ago

You may not like my joy at Donald Trump beating crooked Hillary Clinton in 2016 but I called the vote correctly and explained in detail how and why I thought The Donald would win. It matters big time for equity investors who wins the General Election in November but also who triumphs in House and Senate races. I offer up my first detailed thoughts. Then I look at Amigo (AMGO), Intu (INTU), Novacyt (NCYT), Avacta (AVCT) and Open Orphan (ORPH). Finally, we are now at an amazing 65% of our keep Woodlarks alive rogue bloggers appeal target. With my big walk now just 5 days away thank you to those listeners who have donated. To those who have not please do so HERE.

507 days ago

I promise you pictures of my 99 now planted strawberry plants later and I also have good news from the orchard. Yesterday my daughter and I managed just 17 laps of the fields ( 20km) here at the Welsh Hovel for reasons I explain but I shall do 45 laps in six days time to raise the £48,000 Woodlarks needs to survive. We are now at 64% of target, please, please make a donation HERE. then I look at the insanity gripping equities. I am now turning less bullish and explian why, looking at Hertz, Intu (INTU), Avacta (AVCT) and a number of other situations. I refer to my premium video with Matt Earl here. 

508 days ago

It is also the D day anniversary and as some folk gather in London to "fight fascism" by attacking the Police. I spare a moment to remember those who really did fight fascism. I will soon starting on a 25-30 lap walk around the Welsh Hovel. that is 25-30 * 1,185 metres. my last big training walk for Woodlarks. It is raining and the wind is up so think of my suffering and for the vast bulk of Bearcast listeners yet to donate please give a tenner or more to help Woodlarks survive HERE. Ed Croft's Stockopedia lists the top ten AIM stocks to buy including Fevertree, Boohoo and Pan African. I discuss a few issues with such models.

509 days ago

I start with two pieces of good news. 96 more strawberry plants are on the way but I have now planted 81 in the patch I have created. The target is to get the last of batch 1 planted tonight. I promise a photo over the weekend of that and other horticultural endeavours. Secondly we have now raised 61% of the £48,000 we need to ensure the survival of Woodlarks. Tomorrow my daughter and I do 25-30 1,185 metre laps of the fields here. Think of the pain and please donate NOW HERE. I then discuss the odd but good US jobs data and whether it will replicate here, Revolution Bars (RBG) and Bidstack (BIDS).

509 days ago

I start with a few thoughts on the protests and riots following the murder of an African American man by a cop. I offer up some hard data which makes me ask whether the riots can be justified. I stress that, as someone who goes to sleep with a person of colour every night and with a mixed race son, I do think that black lives matter, including those six black lives now taken by US rioters . I comment on Woodlarks where we are now at 55% of target so please please make a donation today HERE. Then I look at Avacta (AVCT), Novacyt (NCYT), Intu (INTU), President Energy (PPC) and Curzon Energy (CZN).

510 days ago

Mahmud celebrates the pain I am suffering and is so happy that he has helped us to get to 49% of the £48,000 we NEED to ensure Woodlarks SURVIVES. I only ask each of you for a tenner but how about every bearcast listener donates that TODAY so we hit target. Please give HERE. Then I look at my friend Jonathan Price's article about why I am wrong on property plays. Euro loon Jonathan is a great chap though utterly misguided on almost every issue as only an elitist London millionaire can be and I clarify matters. Then onto Curzon Energy (CZN): I am a long and wrong shareholder and explain why I think the shares are too high and why a statement is needed ASAP. A few words follow on SSP Group (SSPG) and today's dividend placing madness.

511 days ago

Today's training walk is with my daughter and is almost 12 miles. In burning heat and with my MAGA cap on which us luck. Please donate to Woodlarks here. In today's show I warn you that you MUST sell all the corona testing plays NOW. Then I look at Intu (INTU) - a great selling opportunity - and then at one of my worst share tips & investments for which I apologise to all, Wishbone Gold (WSBN).

512 days ago

Four reasons to be happy:  Joshua is back at nursery, my daughter has arrived for a week long holiday, I seem to be set for another £50,000 unexpected pension windfall ( bring on retirement!) and my latest premium podcast with Aidan Bishop, Matt Earl and me is a humdinger and is live HERE. Elsewhere I have frank words with Colin Bird and discuss Galileo (GLR), today's discussions with the FCA, Amigo (AMGO) and Powerhouse Energy (PHE) . Oh, PS, please dionate your £10 HERE

514 days ago

I start with my training walk of yesterday for rogue bloggers for Woodlarks. i managed 12.5 laps before the sun got to me. In two weeks I must do 50. My next big walk is Tuesday - we are at 36% of target so please do donate HERE. Next up in hargreaves Lansdown (HL.), why not screw your customers as they seem to like it? Then onto share sales in Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) by Optibiotix (OPTI) and what appears to be a scandal involving broker SP Angel. I shall be going to the FCA tomorrow to ask for an enquiry. Finally is Steve O'Hara a liar like Lyin' James Draper of Bidstack (BIDS). Drunken Sailor who is suffering a GroupThink induced lockdown dementia thinks so and also that I am a ramper and should tell folks to sell. I discuss Drunken's concerns in light of a chat with O'Hara and an email from him which I read out.

514 days ago

In today's podcast I tempt fate - as I am about to record a video with Matt Earl - in defending Boohoo's (BOO) boss. I discuss the shares vs cash debate, Rolls Royce (RR.), sharp share price moves, ref Skinbiotherapeutics (SBTX) and what the real unemployment number will be as furloughing is wound down. And now for a long training walk for the Woodlarks walk in 2 weeks time. We are now at 36% of target: please donate today HERE

516 days ago

I refer, of course, to smokers. Before Malcolm gets on his high horse, hear me out. What I say is logical if a bit crazy. In that vein I also discuss the mad idea of buying the ten worst stocks on AIM and ask for your nominations. I start with Catenae Innovation (CTEA), Tern (TERN), Clear Leisure (CLP) and Attis Oil & Gas (AOGL). I also discuss the crazy idea of buying FinnCap (FCAP) shares. I look at the Powerhouse Energy (PHE) ramp and at the curious case of Anexo (ANX) placing today as directors dump shares. The Woodlarks walk appeal is now at 34% please, as I start another training walk this afternoon, donate HERE.

516 days ago

My bearcast yesterday forced Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) and the scholars and gentlemen who run Novum Secutiries to issue a statement today. Unfortuanately the RNS of this morning is not true, it is misleading and deceptive and shows the desparation of Novum to cover up what really happened. I shall have a bombshell on Scrotum Securities later today but first I explain why what hapened and the attempted cover up is a total disgrace.

517 days ago

Firstly the links. For reasons discussed, if you are not registered with Primary Bid register for free now HERE. Secondly we are at 33% help us to save Woodlarks donate HERE. Heck even daughter Olaf has dipped into her vodka funds to donate. In the podcast I look at IWG (IWG), Pathfinder Minerals (PFP), Cineworld (CINE), Bidstack (BIDS), Fox Marble (FOX) and, sorry Jim, Condor Gold (CNR). I also look at the "wisdom" of appointing a Chief Diversity Officer. 

517 days ago

We are now at almost 33% of the way to our Rogue Bloggers (well just me) for Woodlarks target. Today I do 11 laps of the fields here in a training walk, so please donate ahead of that ordeal HERE. In the podcast I discuss Gervais Williams, Avacta (AVCT), Novacyt (NCYT), Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Amur Minerals (AMC) and Fox Marble (FOX), with whom I am very cross indeed. I also look at British Land (BLND) which I inadvertently refer to as Land Securities (LAND) in the podcast and commercial property in general.

519 days ago

First of all i hope you listen to the first of my now weekly long premium video podcasts which went out late last night HERE. It was a lot of work recording as I explain in this bearcast. It also gives background on my thinking on Covid-19 and that brings me to Novacyt (NCYT) which has company specific issues which will blow it up as I explain in yesterday's show and Open Orphan (ORPH) which is very well run and a great company but where I have sold my last shares. I explain why. I also look at Asiamet (ARS), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), 4D Pharma (DDDD) and Big Dish (DISH). Finally if you have yet to donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks , the great day looms and we are now at 31% so please donate HERE 

519 days ago

Yesterday's training walk was just five miles but I had Joshua on my back for 2/7 of the circuits around the Welsh Hovel. And one neighbour saw me, chatted and pledged £200 to Woodlarks. Please make your pledge today HERE. In the podcast I discuss why , I think, Malcolm is wrong on consumer spending and Pizza Express, its rise and fall, a tale for our times.

521 days ago

I start with one of Darren's long reads which offers a post Covid plan for the restaurant sector. The author obviously has not got a clue about what being an entrepreneur means and about how business works. But this sort of nonsense is mainstream. In a similar vein I discuss board room greed and stupidity at Lloyds (LLOY) before moving onto how you deal with serial failures & pigs, reference the main troughers at Iconic (ICON). I start with a row with my neighbout who thinks my Woodlarks training threatens her social distancing and will see her dog kidnapped. I despair. I shall be walking past her house 7 times this afternoon. As you consider that treat please donate to rogue bloggers now as we reach 29% of target. Please give HERE

522 days ago

Myself and some friends from here, the last village in Wales, walked the track around the 3 farthest fields at the Welsh Hovel and it is 1.1 kilometres long. That means that on June 13 I shall walk the circuit 50 times exactly raising the money Woodlarks needs just to survive into 2021. Today I did three laps as I faced a busy day. Tomorrow it will be ten. Please donate a few quid today HERE. In the podcast I consider in long detail the timeline of major share dealings at AJ Bell (AJB) which just does not look right to me. There are a stack of questions going begging. Then it is onto Eurasa (EUA) and what will happen on Friday. Will SP Angel again show that it will act for anyone or will AIM Regulation wade in to ensure Eurasa is booted off the AIM Casino? I discuss that matter in detail.

522 days ago

I start with Monkey defending the whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood. With reference to today's disastrous news from Hurricane Energy (HUR) and the fraud Frontera (FRR) I discuss why he is so wrong to do so. Then I look at Open Orphan (ORPH) and today's fund raise and what to make of it all. Finally, after a few jokes about an IRA man at the garden centre, I move onto the final demise of InternetQ/Akazoo. This weekend sees the first long training walk as a lone rogue blogger for Woodlarks. I am now at 25% of the target to raise, please help me get to 33% by Sunday by donating HERE

524 days ago

Over the weekend I hope to bring you photos of a semi complete strawberry patch here at the Welsh Hovel and also of my first long training walk for Woodlarks. I donated £1000 yesterday and young Steve Moore also made a generous gift so we are now at 24% of the £48,000 we need to ensure Woodlarks survives. Please donate HERE. In the podcast I look at Whitbread (WTB), Catenae (CTEA) and at where we are in the gold shares buying cycle, referring to three I own and am very excited: Bluebird Merchant (BMV), Kefi (KEFI ) - no sniggering at the back please - and Xtract (XTR). Again no sniggering.

524 days ago

I discuss rocketing unemployment – and we ain't seen nothing yet, shares making higher ground and folks paying to lend money to the Government. It is all insane yet, on balance, I remain a bull of shares. Then I look at how nothing has changed with regard to executive greed citing three examples I have covered elsewhere today. There is a fourth which makes what I outline today seem like a nothing issue. It is linked to shameless stock promotion and I will expose it all at the weekend in a new premium, i.e. we charge 99p, podcast to replace Shareprophets Radio. Media models based on advertising and sponsorship are, in my view, dead. I think 99p for a 2 hour video & audiocast is a fair price but what do I know? Finally, we are now at 20% of our target at Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. Help us get to 23% by tomorrow, please donate HERE

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I start by thanking both Jim Mellon and Nigel Wray who have eached pledged £1000 to Rogue bloggers for Woodlarks, ahead of June 13 when I shall be walking around my fields here in Wales. Woodlarks needs £48,000 to survive the year. We have now raised 17% of that, please can you make a donation, however small, today to get us closer to target. Please give HERE. I then launch into a heartfelt defence of Roger Lawson of Sharesoc over what appears to be an undeclared related party deal at the organisation that campaigns for improved corporate governance and transparency. Then I look at Imperial Brands (IMB) and First Derivatives (FDP), one a stonking long the other a stonking short.

526 days ago

In today's podcast I look at the pronouncements from the odious leprechaun at Ryanair (RYA), Michael O'Leary. He may be right in what he says but that is no reason to buy airline shares. Then I cover Corero (CNS), Open Orphan (ORPH), where I am both vindicated after Friday's letter to AIM Regulation and also a seller of more shares today, Novacyt (NCYT), Collagen (COS), Falanx (FLX), and Bidstack (BIDS). Thanks to those who have donated to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks but most of you have not yet! Please do spare a few bob as the campsite needs our help urgently if it is to make it to 2021. Donate HERE

527 days ago

The photos below did not come out well but show the track now cut through the grass around our three fields here at the Welsh hovel where myself and the cats (pictured) went on a training walk today. Come June 13 I will complete this route 30-40 times and I beg you to sponsor me, as I look to raise the cash to save Woodlarks, now HERE. In the podcast I look at Belarus and Covid 19 referencing my article earlier today HERE, at Nigel's dynamite expose of Tern (TERN) today and at why ShareSoc should be done under the Trades Description Act.

528 days ago

Firstly, thanks to all who have donated to Woodlarks in its hour of need. we are now at 12% of the amount needed to ensure its survival until next year, that is to say £48,000. As I prepare for a 33 mile solo walk on June 13 as this year's only rogue blogger, please donate HERE. Then it is onto events at Bidstack (BIDS), Burford (BUR) and BT (BT.A) and a cast of characters including  my pal Carson Block, the snotgobblers at the FT, investment legend Roger Lawson and the suits at ShareSoc.

530 days ago

Firstly, thank you to those who have donated to Woodlarks as it fights for survival. I include Robert the tractor driver.  If you have not donated please do so HERE. But maybe hold back a few coppers for Evil Banksta and hois colleagues in banking, I describe their suffering and how long it will last. And what the ramifications are for companies such as Restaurant Group (RTN). then I look at Open Orphan which has GOT to issue an RNS after this piece HERE. Finally a few thoughts on Versarien (VRS).

531 days ago

Thde good news is that Buzzfeed UK has been shut down for good. The bad news is that pampered journalists are increasingly demanding that we plebs pay more in tax to subsidise them. I discuss that then the increasingly murky goings on at All Active Asset Capital (AAA), death spiral nonsense at Tertiary Minerals (TYM) and then buyers remorse at Restaurant Group (RTN). Finally I have bad news about Woodlarks & need your help, please respond.

531 days ago

I start with the economic mess the Government has landed us all in. Will 25% of small businesses go bust or just 13% and who is going to pick up the tab? Then it is onto Purplebricks (PURP), Tern (TERN), Mosman (MSMN) and Bidstack (BIDS) where time is almost up, the Fat Lady is surely gargling now.

532 days ago

There are folks in a certain rain sodden second world nation objecting to an article on my own site HERE. The Mrs. Natch. It is all to do with mother-in-law jokes.  At least one AIM CEO objecting to this article. And finally a chap who asribes evil motives to the timing of my investment in San Leon (SLE), without actually knowing a couple of key facts. I discuss the point he raises. In the main podcast I look at Tern (TERN), where I think Nigel S is wrong but that the boss is a rogue director as I explained at the weekend HERE, 88 Energy (88E), and Land Securities (LAND) and the entire commercial property sector.

533 days ago

Yes, the Mrs and Joshua broke lockdown to go see the mother-in-law. Naturally I was keen to join them but gave two reasons why I could not. On that matter the Government has no strategy that works for ending the chaos it created. It is a shambles. I explain what all the fuss is about at Fox Marble (FOX) - you can see for yourself HERE. Then look at San Leon (SLE), Kefi (KEFI), Mosman (MSMN) and Bidstack (BIDS). The moral of the tale, swot up on your show videos tonight HERE.

534 days ago

If you missed it yesterday all the videos from the Shareprophets shares conference are now up for review and will stay there until Christmas. The content really is amazing and you can still get a ticket HERE Then, prompted by Gary Newman boasting about how he is the new Jamie Oliver, I discuss whether consumer behaviour really will change for good. Finally I look at secondary banks, bent journalism, Metro Bank (MTRO) and bid speculation.

535 days ago

I thank you fior kind comments abiout today's show and apologise for any IT glitches. the content will remain up until Christmas so is ideal viewing for lockdown and so you can still buy a ticket HERE. I reflect on my changing thoughts on shares after chatting to all those preseting both as an asset class and from a bottom up perspective but explain why it is not completely game over for we bears.

537 days ago

I start with logistics for tomorrow's show, instructions on what to do if your ticket has not yet arrived and an alert on when the timetable goes out. If you have not yet got your ticket do so now as this will be the most entertaining an d informative show I have ever put on. Book HERE. Then I discuss Eden Research (EDEN) in light of today's shocking expose HERE and then it is onto dividends and dividend cuts what Mark Slater thinks and what a sane persion (ie not Sharesoc) would think

538 days ago

I start with the ShareProphets shares Conference on Saturday. Darren should have sent the tickets last night. He will send today so need to email me. I have just recorded Vin Murria's main stage show and really you must not miss the Queen of Tech. Get your ticket HERE. On today's podcast I look at BT (BT.A), Filta (FLTA), Uru Metals (URU) and the madness at Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG).

539 days ago

Among others I interviewed this morning for Saturday's ShareProphets Shares show was Luke Johnson. It was another cracking video which I reflect upon. Suffice to say with 85% of the content now on tape it will be a great event so get your ticket now HERE. I look in today's podcast, inspired by Luke, at commercial property including Hammerson (HMSO) and Into (INTU) and how this all plays out. It is not quite as you may think. I also look at Catenae (CTEA) and the utter insanity at Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG).

540 days ago

Mike Turner really is a stupid man.  I find myself once again talking to the Law about his attempts to stop me exposing him as a defaming moron. I move on to discuss the conflicted riole of the broker to the POS that is Bidstack (BIDS). Then it is onto events at Motif Bio (MTFB) and Tern (TERN) and the way it presents its dismal results. Finally I have just recoreded a 90 minute video for Saturday with Mark Slater. I see that in the comments section NoGold reckons he will would learn nothing from Slater but NoGold is a genius. For everyone else that video is gold dust. Buy your tickets HERE.

540 days ago

Yes they have been in touch. Ok, Mike Turner, you attempts to get the boys in blue ( or birds in this case) onto me have failed but if you really think that you want to mess with me you gender fluid, Bidstack (BIDS) owning moron it is game on. I also discuss results from the POS that is Bidstack, woes for Arron Banks at Iofina (IOF) - he should have listened to me - Open Orphan (ORPH), and Motif Bio (INSANITY).  PS Book your tickets for you know what HERE

542 days ago

I start with the 2 big takeaways I have had so far from recording videos for the Shareprophets Shares show on Saturday 9th May. Modestly I tell you that the content is brilliant so book your ticket now HERE. Then I look at the weekend pronouncements of Warren Buffett and say what I think he really means.

542 days ago

I start with a few reflections on recordings I am doing and how lucky I am. there have been a lot of laughs so far today and to his credit the Sith Lord Zak Mir is quite funny. Anyhow, this is all for the Shareprophets Shares Conference where the 70 hours of video content really is, and I say so myself, of a very high quality. If you like bearcast, You really will enjoy what I am producing so book your tickets now HERE. In today's podcast I discuss the latest misguided thoughts of the one global star of the investment world not speaking next Saturday, I refer, of course, to Roger Lawson of ShareSoc, on regulation in the wake of the latest NMC (NMC) news. I then look ata clear failing where the FCA needs to act fast, Akazoo and the role of Tosca Fund. I am on the warpath.

544 days ago

This is my day of peak recordings - 7 hours of interviews and bearcast underway. I kid you not. apart from bearcast it is all great material for the Shareprophets shares show on May 9. I have just done the Jim Mellon recording which should knock your socks off. Poor man, he is trapped in lockdown in the Isle of Man but seems to be bearing up well. Anyhow, buy your ticket HERE. In this podcast I look at Eurasia Mining (EUA), Scancell (SCLP), 13 Energy (I3E), Arden Partners (ARDN), Petra Diamonds (PDL) and Intu (INTU).

545 days ago

I am absolutely exhausted. Recording videos is pretty draining. You have to remember not to pick your nose and to be alert at all times and right now I am recording four or five a day plus bearcast. That is all for the ShareProphets Shares Conference where, I promise, you will be dazzled by the content so BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW HERE!!! In today's podcast I discuss Big Sofa (BST), Shell (RDSB), ValiRx (VAL), Catenae (CTEA) and James "Dracula" Parsons, Cheryl Cole and Ascent Resources (AST). Suffice to say only one of that trio excites me in any way. 

546 days ago

Today's recordings for the ShareProphets shares show included Gabriel Grego and Luvian Miers - almost three hours between them. In all I sense there may well be more than 70 hours of content on May 9 which will include some amazing stuff. So book your ticket now  HERE.. Elsewhere the world has gone mad but it is pointless pointing that out. I discuss Catennae (CTEA), Novacyt (NCYT) and Carnival (CCL).

546 days ago

I am doing a number of presentations at the Shareprophets Shares show but a major one will be on what makes a fraud. I will draw on a number of companies, some now in tita up alley others like Bidstack (BIDS) still listed. It will be a stonker and yet another reason to book your ticket now for the ShareProphets shares show on May 9 HERE. In today's podcast I consider the Motley Crew that is Watchstone (WTG) - Quindell as was - Bidstack (BIDS), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Scancell (SCLP) and IQE (IQE)

548 days ago

I start with my excitement about the video I have just recorded with Carson Block of Muddy Waters for the Shareprophets shares show. Lawyers alert!. It was brilliant stuff. I end by saying I recorded a PLC video for the show earlier.  I am incredibly tempted to buy the shares heavily. Anyhow both videos and 70 others will go live on May 9 so book your ticket HERE. In today's podcast I look at Novacyt (NCYT), Avacta (AVCT) fake news in the Mail on Sunday, Urban Exposure (UEX) and in very real detail that old Thirsty Paul Scott fave TrakM8 (TRAK) where today's numbers ring massive alarm bells.

548 days ago

I start with the defamatory and anti semitic blog attack on me from Bidstack (BIDS) owning loon which I rebutted yesterday HERE. I have now identified the author who is not as "she" claims a female investigative journalist but is a male Bulletin Board Moron. I shall expose his identity and also his close social media links to Bidstack boss Lyin James Draper, which "she" has been trying to hide this weekend, later. When, I wonder did "she" last swap ideas with Lyin' James? Then I look at the prick which will burst the Coronavirus testing bubble on AIM. If you own shares in Novacyt (NCYT), Avacta (AVCT) or any of the other Covid test plays watch out! Finally, I am in despair at smug Sam Smith of FinnCrap (FCAP), La Horlick and various other women determined to see taxpayers cash spunked by Rishi Sunak on gender quota lines in his start up bailout scheme. This is insanity laid upon insanity. There is no such insanity at the ShareProphets Shares Show. I am busy making recordings for it every day now, please do book your seats for May 9 HERE

550 days ago

I start with me reporting myself to the FCA as supporters of fraud and or corporate lying act like clowns once again. I discuss quite how scandalous it is that Legoland owner Merlin should get a cent of taxpayer cash. Then it is onto Avacta (AVCT) and gold stocks. Should we be banking gains? On the former I suggest yes on the latter I think not but offer a few notes of caution. Today is a day when I really start recording videos and podcasts for the ShareProphets Shares conference. I have just done a stormer with James Delingpole. It is now just two weeks away so book your seat now HERE.

551 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Scancell (SCLP) which really is taking the Corona piss. I comment on I3 Energy (I3E) which looks as if it may be toast, Cineworld (CINE) where I just can't get my head around its post Covid -19 plans, online shopping, and then at Lookers (LOOK) where, even without the fraud which gets ever bigger, there seem to me to be very real causes for concern. Finally, a reminder, it is just two weeks to the greatest ever British investor show. Please book your tickets now HERE

552 days ago

I start with a few words about how business is setting the pace on ending the Coronavirus lockdown and wonder if the Government's hand will be forced. On the subject of Covid 19 my latest podcast is live HERE and explains why I believe the Government has made the biggest blunder in history.  I then reveal what Versarien (VRS) does not want you to know about its "hook up" with Rolls Royce and ask if SP Angel is earning commission on the death spiral and if so why is it not being declared? I look at Tullow (TLW), Open Orphan (ORPH), Novacyt (NCYT) and Collagen (COS). And I suggest that you really should buy a ticket to watch the greatest ever line up at a British investor show HERE.

553 days ago

In this podcast I discuss the issue of bad behaviour and trust in terms of whether a debt due will actually be paid. I discuss the airlines, Moss Bross (MOSB) and what a survey last night from You Goc said about consumer attitudes and what that means for the coming depression. I commend you to read Nigel's piece today on gold. I think he may be right and think I need to add to my gold exposure although, for company specific reasons, my biggest holding, Bluebird Merchant (BMV) will soon fly, methinks. I reveal a new speaker at the greatest investment show I have ever organised and suggest you buy a ticket HERE

553 days ago

I start with an admission that I am a total git. The ShareProphets Shares Conference is on 9 May (Saturday) not 8th as I had suggested. I am a git. I apologise. Please book your tickets now HERE. Then I deal with Falanx (FLX), the bearded millionaire tosser Branson trying to have it both ways, Iconic (ICON), Catenae (CTEA), my pension fund where I am si grateful to James Hay for being so useless, negative oil prices and which companies other than Nostra Terra (NTOG) will go bust and the laughable ramp at Chesterfield Resources (CHF). 

554 days ago

I start with Gabriel Grego's latest bombshell dossier and the back history involving our exposes on InternetQ (INTQ).  - surely the FCA must be having words with Martin Hughes and Tosca Fund. I end with Branson's bailout begging. Surely the UK must say no. In between I look at Catennae (CTEA), Feedback (FDBK), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), Midatech Pharma (MTPH) and Bidstack (BIDS).  Finally, Darren has done his propogating and the ShareProphets Shares Conferenc e website is now 100% secure to take bookings for May 9. Please buy your tickets now HERE.

555 days ago

Fear not you do not need to break lockdown. The event is online and for £9.99 you get access to a line up of stars of the investment world never seen before at a UK show. It really is all star. Carson Block, Gabriel Grego, Mark Slater, Jim Mellon, Evil Knievil, Vin Murria, Peter Hambro, Sam Antar, Adam Reynolds, Luke Johnson, me, Chris Bailey, Dom Frisby, Paul Jourdan, James Delingpole, Malcolm Burne, Chris Bailey, all the team here at ShareProphets, Matt Earl, Lucian Miers, Peter Hambro, the list goes on. As well as the star speakers there is also the Sith Lord Zak Mir and 30 PLC CEOs will also present. Doors open at 8.30 AM amd there will be chatrooms to engage with many of the speakers and each other open all day.  And your ticket will give you access to all the videos right up until Christmas. The booking section of the site is secure ( see the padlock is present) and you can book your seats now & get more show details HERE  

556 days ago

I start with Bidstack (BIDS), my article of earlier, and questions about the threshold of honesty needed in an RNS Reach. Then it is onto Intu (INTU)  and its imminent demise, just how useless are City analysts even the chap at Numis who finally realises the shares are worth 0p and what about the 2,500 staff.

557 days ago

I start with a note on Bidstack (BIDS), which I shall be taking up with AIM Regulation over the weekend and end with Future (FUTR) which needs to issue a profits warning. In the middle I go therough the very murky tale at AIM listed All Active Asset (AAA) which sees uber ramper Chris Akers in action and Peterhouse Corporate Finance boss Peter Greensmith make a £768,000 killing in his private vehicles while acting as broker and pulling the strings at AAA and also acting as broker to suspended AIM stock Asimilar which is involved in this strange tangle. Then it is onto Optibiotix (OPTI) and a small placing. But this is not a bailout as Cynical will no doubt claim but,possibly a gateway, to a mega re-rate as I explain.

558 days ago

The answer is in this podcast which starts with two service announcements. I have today also posted a new Coronavirus podcast, the 6th in a series, looking at the data on BAME victims on my own website HERE. In the bearcast i take a detailed look at Collagen (COS) and at Premier Miton (PMI). 

560 days ago

Listeners, I have screwed up on social distancing. at least where my new orchard is concerned. I start with this pressing matter HERE. Then I discuss how I am bracing myself for flak for my latest coronavirus podcast on how the GroupThink mob get their maths all wrong regarding the NHS HERE. Then to matters financial: the markets and economic recovery, Eurasia Mining (EUA), Novacyt (NCYT), Telit (TCM),  Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) and Castleton (CTP) 

561 days ago

I start with the arrival of 20 fruit trees at the Welsh Hovel then look at the economic hit of the Government's Coronavirus policy and ask if it was really worth it? Then I do the work on the RNS statements issued by Ascent Resources (AST) and Iconic (ICON) that their advisers should have done but failed to do. Needless to say there are massive questions that need ansewering. Finally a look at the valuation of Novacyt (NCYT). I have seen this sort of thing before and it is bonkers.

562 days ago

It looks like the cash that I did not realise until a few months ago I had, will finally arrive in my SIPP this week. so where will I invest it? I discuss my outlook for equities in general, what I shall avoid and then Optibiotix (OPTI). R4E (R4E), Imperial Brands (IMB), Centamin (CEY), Tesco (TSCO), BP (BP.), Shell (RDSB), Wishbone Gold (WSBN) Red Rock (RRR) and Fox Marble (FOX).

563 days ago

As I explain, whatever - arguably defamatory and certainly innacurate - comments the ShareSoc BSD makes about Carson Block and others, in future he must always be referred to as a "living legend in the world of investment". Then it is back to the debate about partnerships like the ones at Pinsent Masons and Mazaars taking Goverment handouts to pay low paid staff in order to keep the multimillionaires rich and why this stinks. Then I discuss why the post Covid 19 recovery will not be V shaped and what this means for shares. Happy Easter to one and all and especially to  the living legend in the world of investment that is Roger Lawson.

564 days ago

I start wth a look at Carnival (CCL). then it is onto old pals, Cineworld (CINE), West Ham, Pinsent Masons and others and how this bailout is in fact allowing and will make the rich to get richer, reward them for past greed and will see the wealth gap widen in a wholly unacceptable way. What is happening at morally bankrupt law form Pinsent Masons is a particular disgrace.  

565 days ago

I start with a few comments on Coronavirus as more evidence emerges HERE of why the economy wrecking Government lockdown is such complete madness. It reminds me of an incident around 2000 years ago today when the mob persuaded a leader to adopt a policy not backed up by the facts. I then look at why Roger Lawson is so utterly wrong about Carson Block of Muddy Waters and should apologise. Finally I discuss the behaviour of folks like Alison Rose of NatWest in this crisis. Shocking and unethical maybe but would you not do the same?

566 days ago

I start by suggesting you read about the clownish Emma Priestley, AIM's most incompetent boss HERE. Then I take great joy from the news that Channel 4 is having to make big cost cuts, but comment on its moral bankruptcy in taking state aid while still paying stars a packet and also what this tells us about companies such as Audioboom (BOOM). I look at the latest daft idea from my local Tory MP, Sarah Atherton, about the taxpayer funding a dying industry. I discuss a chat with Paul Jourdan of Amati, why I think house prices will crash but the bull case for shares. I look at the new bubble, the Corona bubble discussing, inter alia, Novacyt (NCYT), Tiziana (TILS) and Omega Diagnostics (ODX).

566 days ago

I look at news that Tesco (TSCO) is upping its dividend while getting a massive tax break from the taxpayer. This is wrong at every level. The Times tries to defend it, no doubt on orders from a powerful corporate PR machine, but this is simply a transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich and should not be allowed. I look at Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) following up on my earlier piece with more questions for the board and Nomad, Strand Hanson, and another shocking revelation abiout the behaviour of CEO Matt Lofgran. Finally a few words on Concepta (CPT), my share tip of the year where I have averaged down in today's placing. 

568 days ago

First an appeal on behalf of Darren, please can you assist him. Then I look at R4E (R4E), a Covid zero or a multibagger. Then compare the management at Restaurant Group (RTN) and then at Cineworld (CINE) where the greedy bastards are doing exactly what Liverpool FC did before there was a public outcry. Then a note on Bidstack (BIDS) and a look at 88 Energy (88E)

569 days ago

Yes, after three weeks, I have shaved off a lockdown beard that was white, grey, black and brown and made me look like an elderly Big Issue seller. But having run out of foam i still have a dark moustache and so am now a throwback to the 1970s. The good old days.  I discuss this and also the idea that we will see a dramatic post Coronavirus economic, stockmarket and oil price recovery. I look at Easyjet (EZJ), Angling Direct (ANG) - using it as a case study of how the economy really is snagged so badly - and at the scandal at Versarien (VRS) where lyin' Neill Ricketts now stands totally exposed with regards to his share dumping a year ago. Surely the regulators must act now. I discuss how James Hay are m aking my life a misery with their incompetence lover my SIPP transfer.  Finally an appeal from Darren please send your views of your new home desks and the views from your window to  

570 days ago

On the occassion of my father's 82nd Birthday i ponder how miserrable life must be for him today. I urge you to hold your nose and go online to the Mail on Sunday just to read Peter Hitchens today. His column is golden prose, a joy to read. we agree on the coronavirus and the Government's appalling response. Luke Johnson is in the same camp and I quote from his Sunday Times column reflecting on where my animal spirit sits as a consumer, an investor and an entrepreneur. Where, I ask,  do you sit dear listeners? I sense, in many cases they have been crushed and thus what lies ahead is a recession of the sort few of us have ever seen before.

571 days ago

I start with a swipe at the failings of the deadwood press and the behaviour of the soccer Premier League. More on the former in a podcast on my own website later this weekend - a promise for comrade Euro Loon Jonathan Price. Then a look at Debenhams whose demise I regard as a silver lining from the Covid 19 cloud. I think Zombie firms should all perrish. But the main part of this podcast looks at Executive Greed and with firms asking either investors or the taxpayers for a bailout now is an ideal time to lance this boil. 

571 days ago

It will be a strange birthday for the Mrs here in Wales.  At least she has my cooking to look forward to.  Most of this bearcast looks at bailout madness. Where do we stop? Soccer clubs, Rugger clubs? The charities. In, almost, all cases I argue we shiould not be bailing them out. Indeed if Covid 19 alters the face of pro sport and the Charity sector I think that is a good thing. Then there is the deadwood press. I also look at Bagir (BAGR) and Tullow Oil (TLW).

572 days ago

I swear i am not joking. I discuss my life with Evil (no, Mt BBM we are not gay lovers, stop sniggering at the back) and his remarkable macro view.  I also reveal I have a treat for you all, keep May 8 in your diaries! In terms of stocks I look at the scandalous flouting of almost every rule by AIM Casino posterboy Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) and the wider issue that the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation will do SFA about. I look at Burford (BUR) and more vindication for my pal Carson Block of Muddy Waters, at Carnival (CCL) - sorry Three Brains -  and at Coro Energy (CORO) where the curse of James "Dracula" Parsons strikes again.

574 days ago

Some of you fell for my April Fool - wow! thanks for the messages of congratulation! In yesterday's bearcast I argued that banks had to abandon paying dividends pro tem. Now under pressure they have agreed to do so. I now give you five little or big case studies showing why a banking crisis is inevitable. Then I look at Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV), where I am a very excited and supportive shareholder but think the chairman must be fired after today's news, Bidstack (BIDS), Plutus Powergen (PPG) and the associated POS companies and Westminster Group (WSG) where repellent slug and ex Tory MP Tony Baldry of 3DM infamy shows again why he is the unacceptable face of capitalism.

574 days ago

I start with a look at dividends in general and why they should be cut or axed but I discuss - as per today's most excellent article from Chris "Three Brains" Bailey - Imperial Brands (IMB) and Shell (RDSB) in particular. I am tempted to buy both because I think their shares will go up AFTER an inevitable dividend cut. I discuss what a moron Jeremy Corbyn is and my anger at an Oxford institution wanting Government cash. I look at Zenith Energy (ZEN) wondering if it has found more fake sheikhs drawn to the AIM Casino and also at AIQ (AIQ) - which continues to amuse.

575 days ago

In today's bearcast  I look at Iconic (ICON) which really does not understand irony. Then at Purplebricks (PURP), self entitled snowflake young barristers, Hammerson (HMSO) and EasyJet (EZJ)

577 days ago

Maybe I admire Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon (JDW) a bit less but I understand what he is up to. Across the land not everyone is rallying around praising the NHS and saying "we are all in it together." Businesses are desperate to hoard cash and are forced to behave in ways that are not always very pleasant. I do not think some folks realise just how bad the Government's reaction to Covid 19 rather than the virus itself will be for the economy, for businesses and for its own finances. Mr Martin needs to draft an RNS for 7 AM to say whether he has been misleading beer suppliers or misleading investors.

577 days ago

Two house keeping matters. First please send Darren pictures of the view from your window & your work space during the lockdown to provide a daily distraction. Darren has kicked off the series with a snowy scene from his Canadian bolt-hole HERE.  Second please do offer nominations for the rogue AIM & Standard List directors. If you are afraid of libel just nominate a name & company and Nigel and I will do the rest in a song & dance presentation on May 8. Details and nominations are HERE. In today's Bearcast I look at the demise or otherwise of Carluccio's, Virgin Airlines and Big Sofa (BST) and perhaps of the AIM casino itself. 

578 days ago

Natch I wish the Prime Minister a speedy recovery from Covid 19. I am sure that like almost all healthy victims he will recover and refer you to my two podcasts HERE and HERE as to why the Doomsayers are engaing in GroupThink but really cannot have it both ways: the virus cannot be both highly contagious and highly lethal. I discuss why the three day shares rally, now reversed today, cannot be justified in terms of the likely curve of corporate earnings recovery. I look at Next (NXT), Optibiotix (OPTI) and dual listings, Dev Clever (DEV) & Royal Mail Group (RMG)

580 days ago

I had a long chat today with my stockbroker, City veteran A. Laiker Esq on what it is like working from home. He loves it. I sense so do many others. I have loved it for years, being essentially a miserable and anto-social bastard. Companies will also love this new trend in the post Covid era and i discuss its implications. I look at Intu (INTU) and what an awful position it is in. The shares are a zero but discuss the whole sector. I run through the latest rumours on Ascent (AST), reveal that it is Novum Securities that has welshed on a £200,000 commitment but report another (bad news) rumour that Ascent needs to comment on. I look at a good deal for Webis (WEB) but think my old pal Jim Mellon is taking the piss with his view of who qualifies as an "independent" director. Then onto the markets where we have another bad news is good day and finally the prize contest relates to the utterly shite results of Online Blockchain (OBC) snuck out at no-one is watching O'clock yesterday alongside the pretty shite numbers from sister company ADVFN (AFN)

580 days ago

In today's bearcast I start by apologising to someone who is not a pest at all. Then I again discuss Covid 19 and have another podcast on my own website up today which has some relevance to this. I look at surging markets and am sceptical, at Yourgene (YGEN), Genedrive (GDR), FastJet (FJET) and at Versarien (VRS) which has announced a big China deal which cannot be a fraud given the involvment of top nomad SP Angel in doing due diligence and honest as they come Neill Ricketts in constructing the deal.

581 days ago

I start with a few minutes on how the Covid 19 pandemic has brought out the good in many people and the very worst in others. I've today done another podcast on Coronavirus which I am proud of on my own website HERE. I look at soaring markets and gold and asset bubbles I discuss IQE (IQE), Photo-Me (PHTM) and Ascent Resources (AST)

582 days ago

I start with a few personal thoughts on phoning my elderly relatives in the era of Coronavirus. Then I look at Versarien (VRS), Open Orphan (ORPH), Tasty (TAST), Burford (BUR) and Carson Block of Muddy Waters and N Brown (BWNG) which prompts me to ask when the taxpayer will have to bail out the banks?

583 days ago

Not i suggest on most things. the man is clearly bonkers. But on how the Government should tax companioes getting subsidies for wages he has a very valid point which I discuss. Then I look at gold and when, not if, it will soar and gow to play that. Finally i look at what companies will do in terms of dividends AFTER they have, prudently, scrapped payments citing the Coronavirus. I fear Nigel Somerville and Ian Cowie of the Sunday Times may be in for a nasty shock. 

584 days ago

I have discussed coronavirus itself putting to you a question no-one dares ask over on my own website HERE. Then I discuss Peter Brailey's most excellent work on the oil price today and what it means for London's listed oil stocks if Peter is even half correct, which I think he may be. Finally to the airlines and why shareholders in EasyJet (EZJ) must now lose everything in a nationalisation not just be modestly diluted as the FT argues is being discussed. 

585 days ago

I start with Malcolm Stacey's column today and explain why he is wrong in his conclusions about supermarkets. Then I try but fail to answer Leeson's question about the markets. I discuss Zoetic (ZOE), Marks & Spencer (MKS), JD Wetherspoon (JDW), Future (FUTR), Rightmove (RMV) and Purplebricks (PURP)

587 days ago

I start with a few thoughts on how folks here in our village are showing their good side and how some businesses in doing so and adapting are showing the way forward for capitalism. Then I look at the Boeing, British Airways and Easyjet (EZJ) bailout conundrums facing our leaders. Easyjet has just scored a big own goal on that front and almost deserves to perish, hence the share price move today. I look at Crest Nicholson (CRST) and also at R4E (R4E) which is either a five bagger or bust.

587 days ago

The Dark Destroyer, aka Matt Earl, has branded Andrew Monk, the Banning Buffoon for his call to ban shorting in a fiery twitter exchange. I discuss why Matt is right on all counts. I chatted to Nigel Wray, Britain's Buffett, at length today about the markets, individual shares, the coronavirus, the shape of the recession, consumer attitudes and most interestingly about commercial property, which he knows a bit about. I also discuss Sosandar (SOS), Finncrap (FCAP), Arden (ARDN), WH Ireland (WHI) and other Nomad/brokers and when the FCA will have to step in to check their solvency. Finally a few words on the Government's daft £330 billion loan scheme.

588 days ago

I start with my family and Coronavirus as I discuss in full HERE. then should we taxpayers bail out all businesses? Even frauds? Or the Mob? I explain why folks like our in house Euro loon J Price are so badly wrong. I then look at Laura Ashley (ALY), Itaconix (ITX) and then the oil stocks. Could oil really hit $3 a barrel? Or $10? I look at Echo Energy (TOAST), Nostra Terra (TOAST), Premier Oil (PMO), Tullow Oil (TLW), BP (BP.) and Shell (RDSB) 

589 days ago

It is a happy game which I have discussed with a couple of listeners. Anyhow, it just shows how data can be interpreted in so many ways. I am, you may be pleased, or maybe distressed, to hear taking steps tpo improve my chances. I then discuss the market crash and how it affects different classes of shares - the issue for us all is not whether our investments are cheap but will the equity in them survive? If the answer is YES then I suspect they are now cheap. If NO well then they are still expensive. I discuss Optibiotix (OPTI), Bidstack (BIDS), Versarien (VRS), Big Sofa (BST), Big Dish (DISH), Restaurant Group (RTN), Ascent Resources (AST), City Centre Pubs (CTC) and also why gold and gold shares are not soaring. Fear not, Malcolm Burne has the experience and the answer. They will.

590 days ago

I report back on my second round of shopping online at Tesco as we prepare for the Coronavirus here in Wrexham. This is a week after my first panic shop which the Mrs branded as insane and grounds for divorce. But she misjudged our fellow citizens and I did not and so thank heavens I prepared as I did.

590 days ago

I start with my first proper training walk for Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. Think of my sliding through the mud on my backside and make a donation HERE. The it is onto bailouts and wbhy you and I, ordinary taxpayers, should not bailout folks who own Carribean Islands and pay no UK tax, i.e. Richard Branson. Finally I look at when FinnCrap (FCAP) will serve up its next profits warning and why the shares, now just 17.5p, should plunge to 6p. And I am being generous.

591 days ago

In today's podcast I talk about the sell off and discuss the shape of the recovery that will happen in the real economy and in equities but warn against optimism on the rate and timing of that recovery. I look at Restaurant Group (RTN) which, again, I warn is a disaster waiting to happen, then at various bubbles that have burst  in the past few weeks including bitcoin (ha Dominic Frisby take that!) cannabis, junk bonds and AIM shite and discuss a few companies in those sectors. I also clarify a point on bailouts for the benefit of NoGold.

592 days ago

I had a long chat with Lucian Miers who is right now in Cambodia ( cue cheap Gary Glitter jokes from morons on ADVFN). We discussed coronavirus and the state of the markets. What to buy in the FTSE 100 and his shorts: De la Rue (DLAR), Versarien (VRS), Easyjet (EZJ), IQE (IQE), Apple, Tesla and Purplebricks (PURP) and also the ethics of bailouts and what Governments will be allowed to do., I also comment on Finablr (FIN) and panic selling in Big Sofa (BST)

593 days ago

I start with the markets, coronavirus, hapless Donald Trump and other matters. It is all a mess. Some folks are really hurting and I explain how this can affect you. Then I look at Cineworld (CINE), Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN), Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG), Big Dish (DISH), NMC Health (NMC), Finablr (FIN) and Metro Bank (MTRO)

594 days ago

I was unaware we had any but it seems we are drowning in the stuff. So after the floods and the coronavirus I may be set for a plague of frogs. I discuss this, the interest rate cut, the Budget, a long chat with Malcolm Burne and two of his top buys, gold, Dignity (DTY), Nostra Terra (NTOG) and the problems unit trusts face now which could really whack certain small cap stocks.

595 days ago

This is all to do with my own panic shopping but what it told me about how others are behaving. If folks think that most consumers continue to act as if nothing is wrong, think again. Then I look at Future (FUTR) which i don't believe as it issues a trading statement, round two of beer and popcorn at Iofina (IOF) as the great Brexit bad boy Arron Banks makes his move, French Connection (FCCN) and ValiRx (VAL) botb of which look pretty fecked.

596 days ago

Don't worry the sun will still rise tomorrow and we are not ALL going to die of Coronavirus. I discuss the oil price crash and stockmarket slump and look in particular at: Tern (TERN), Carnival (CCL), Bidstack (BIDS), Versarien (VRS), the antics of market makers, Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC), Bahamas Petroleum (BPC), BP (BP.), Shell (RDSB), Tullow (TLW), Optibiotix (OPTI) and Premier Oil (PMO)

597 days ago

In today's podcast brought to you from Shipston I look at the oil price and what it means for a range of oil shares from the majors down to shitty little oil explorers on AIM. I then return to the coronavirus ex oil and with especial reference to Telit (TCM), Cineworld (CINE) and The Restaurant Group (RTN).. Finally I look at the proposed comeback of disgraced Neil Woodford.

599 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Telit (TCM) whose, forced, trading statement does not stack up. I look at Finncap (FCAP) where the share price collapse is only just starting, at Bahamas Petroleum (BPC), Mirriad (MIRI) and at Versarien (VRS) and THAT INTERVIEW.

600 days ago

After a terrifying experience in Wolverhampton at 2 AM this morning I bring you a range of horrors in today's podcast: Finablr (FIN), Bidstack (BIDS), Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC), Flybe, Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), and Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) which, I can reveal, pulled another placing last night.

602 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Intu (INTU), Rightmove (RMV), Purplebricks (PURP), Iconic labs (ICON) and Nanoco (NANO).

603 days ago

In today's podcast I start with an apology to Mitch Tarr for perhaps marginally misquoting him. But that turns into a demand that for all sorts of reasons BigDish (DISH) fires its chairman Jonathan Morley-Kirk, who should be in prison. Then I look at Coronavirus and Dignity (DTY) following a discussion with my GP sister. Then it is onto Sirius Minerals (SXX) and finally to why Brexit "bad boy" Arron Banks is a hero both for dealing with the ghastly Carole Cadwalladr and for his actions at Iofina (IOF) which I support for reasons I explain in great detail.

603 days ago

Befire Versarien (VRS) owning morons get too excited I do explain what happened in full. Then it is onto Sirius Minerals (SXX) where it does seem increasingly likely that having been egged on by folks like ShareSoc, the turkeys will be voting for Christmas tomorrow. Then onto Big Dish (DISH) and comments from a chap call Mitch below my article of earlier today which show the mindset of bull market madness - I take him and those who think like him to task in a big way.

605 days ago

I am indeed with my father in Shipston this morning and even he has noticed that he is not quite as rich as he was two weeks ago. Shiuld we pamic about our holdings? On balance I am not suggesting that you do but certain stocks do look very vulnerable. Surely profits warnings from Telit (TCM), IQE (IQE) and Carnival (CCL) are in the pipeline. Then there is the issue of companies such as Bidstack (BIDS) which need placings urgently. Just how possible is that going to be in the current climate. Then to Sirius (SXX). The Sunday papers seem to think that sh\areholders may well reject the Anglo bid and so lose everything. I discuss this looming calamity, who is to blame and what the impact localised and more widely will be.

606 days ago

In today's podcast I first discuss the denial of some Versarien (VRS) poltroons wilfully misquiting Patrick Abbott in the whistleblower podcast. Then I turn to what it means for a company to be insolvent and why that is not necessarily trading whilst insolvent. Finally back to Versarien and Neill Ricketts trying to silence a critic using the Police. A) given the way he eggs on the mob to harass me and my wife this is nauseating hypocrisy, b) the Police do not have a leg to stand on and I urge the critic to keep posting so the Police look like fascist arseholes, c) it shows just how desprate Lyin' Neill has become and as such this is a massive red flag.

607 days ago

In today's podcast I look at the overall market bloodbath asking whether we see capitulation and a buying opportunity or if things could get much worse. I look at Bidstack and the speed at which it must complete a bailout placing, at Blue Jay Mining (JAY) and the antics of its disgraced Nomad and broker SP Angel, at Versarien (VRS) and the true import of today's free podcast and finally at AFC Energy (AFC) one of the most overvalued stocks on AIM.

608 days ago

Sadly Lyin' Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) has not been in touch about my offer to record a podcast but I have a former senior executive turned whistleblower to interview instead and I shall do that tonight and it will go live, togerher with a chat with Lucian Miers in the next edition of ShareProphets Radio out soon, Elsewhere I discuss NMC Heath (NMC) and lessons learned,  Zenith Energy (ZEN) and Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), whether Tullow (TLW) could be a sero, Aston Martin (AML), Cobra Resources (COBR) and finally ask when Telit (TCM) will serve up a profits warning. Surely it is due.

608 days ago

A start with a few more thoughts about yesterday's dire warning from Versarien (VRS), going on to say why the FCA should now get involved. I explain 2 scenarios which might lead to the company going bust within weeks rather than suffering a slow death and I challenge its boss Neill Ricketts to record a podcast with me. Then, following an exchange on the comments section last night about the frauds One True View and Appbox Media I discuss common misconcepions about fraud.

610 days ago

Hey morons do you now realise that it does not matter how much you troll me, call me a peadophile or harass my wife at work it will not save you from my hard analysis, investigative journalism and from the reality that you have backed a wong 'un?. Versarien (VRS) has been forced to come partially clean and the news is utterly terrible. Even morally bankrupt PR firm Yellow Jersey - which spun for Frontera (FRR) AFTER I showed it was a fraud - cannot polish this turd. I also look at Tertiary Minerals (TYM) and Botswana Diamonds (BOD) and have a Welsh Hovel flood update.

610 days ago

I start with the rising flood waters here at the Welsh Hovel, which are now about two or three yards from the bottom step leading to the back door. Then it is onto Coronavirus, where it is starting to sink in as to how bad it could be in terms of fear and our behaviour if not actual deaths. Then onto what filing management accounts means and the question of possible securities fraud at Dev Clever (DEV), which I have flagged up with the FCA today. Then, as per the screenshot below, it is the changing behaviour of Neill Ricketts at Versarien (VRS) and what that tells us about the regulatory hole he is in and why Canaccord quit as Nomad. Finally a comment on Bahamas Petroleum (BPC), its piss poor death spiral and crazy valuation.

611 days ago

In today's bearcast I discuss how little shorting actually takes place on the AIM Casino, I look at Eurasia (EUA) where the slience is deafening, Versarien (VRS) and at Hammerson (HMSO) where Andrew Monk should thank me for warning him off but should NOT be tempted to bottom fish after the dividend is cut this week. And 8% yield, post cut, is still illusory. Finally, I again ask you to sponsor the , now 5, Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE

613 days ago

I start with the great global warming nutter who is here today. I then deal with another of that ilk, Malcolm Stacey, and his worries about owning oil shares. I coment on how central bankers might respond to Coronavirus but ask if it will work. I look at Angling Direct (ANG) and Sirius Minerals (SXX).

613 days ago

I start with a bit about the US election this November, the Trump economic and stockmarket bubble and when it will burst. It is a when not an if and in that vein I review stocks that could be utterly cratered when the mood music changes including Petra Diamonds (PDL), De La Rue (DLAR), Versarien (VRS) and other jam tomorrow overvalued jokes and NMC Health (NMC). And I suggesy how you start to prepare for the bubble bursting.

614 days ago

In today's podcast I look aty one theory about the past 48 hourse at Great Western Mining (GWMO). i shall be asking the FCA to investigate. I pass on a rumour about Zenith Energy (ZEN) which, if true, will rapidly accelerate its already inevitable demise and I explain why directors of Dev Clever (DEV) should be in jail. Hell's teeth, Dev's year end is November 30 not December 31 as I thought, making this case of securities fraud even worse than I describe in the bearcast. Lock em up starting with boss Chris Jeffries. Again I shall be contacting the FCA.  I also look at NMC Health (NMC) and Novacyt (NCYT). Now that we are at 5 rogue bloggers for Woodlarks, with more rogue bloggers gto be announced soon, surely all listeners can spare a tenner to donate HERE

615 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Tertiary Minerals (TYM), Sunrise Resources (SRES), Bidstack (BIDS), NMC Health (NMC) and Sirius Minerals (SXX). Now that we are at 5 rogue bloggers for Woodlarks surely all listeners can spare a tenner to donate HERE

616 days ago

This really is today's bearcast despite my introduction. Thanks for the kind messages about the flooding, the waters are now recedng fast. In today's podcast I look at China and the Coronavirus and ask WHEN IQE (OQE) will warn and if that will force a discounted placing. Methinks it will. I then look at the rioles of brokers (does research mean anything)? and Nomads (rules on quitting) in general and specifically in relation to Versarien (FRAUD). Then I discussa crazed TW hater and Optibiotix (OPTI) and how ultimately all comment on a company cannot determine its real value. In that vein I also look at Novacyt (NCYT) before finally looking at the worthless joke that is Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR). And I announce a fifth rogue blogger, Praise the Lord. Please donate something to the Woodlarks appeal HERE

618 days ago

hey what better way to mark International Women's day than to hear an overpaid BBC nobody interview someone who  says she is " A self-confessed believer in the human spirit, she is ‘ridiculously and overwhelmingly happy with the opportunities that she has to develop and how she can play into the amazing world that we live in." Yup, you know who is back. Elsewhere in this podcast I discuss Versarien (VRS), whose Nomad DID resign, ValiRx (VAL), Sound Energy (SOU), Petra Diamonds (PDL), Novacyt (NCYT), Nostra Terra (NTOG) and Laura Ashley (ALY). I also ask you to be generous and give to a great cause today HERE

618 days ago

In today's podcast I discuss Carnival (CCL) and the Coronavirus, Optibiotix (OPTI) and Versarien (VRS)

620 days ago

In this podcast from the Welsh Hovel as it is battered by Storm Dennis I discuss Nostra Terra (NTOG) ahead of a podcast with former site editor Flip Flop Ben Turney on Monday, Gervais Williams and his rile in this sorry tale and his problems and the fate of Sirius Minerals (SXX) and why certain tedious establishment suits need to start being honest with folks who have lost millions.

620 days ago

I have been contacted by an elderly academic who has written up the events of Virginia Woolf's 1932 tour of Greece. She claims to have been in Delphi when they discovered the body of my great Uncle David Cochrane. I rather doubt it and discuss this a) because it fascinates me and b) to annoy No Gold. Then it is onto Predator Oil & Gas (PRD) - is it placing ahoy?  Versarien (FRAUD), Eurasia (EUA), Ascent Resources (AST), Sound Energy (SOU) and James "Dracula" Parsons and finally uber dog Mosman (MSMN).

622 days ago

I start the podcast with my torture in trying to transfer a pension from the Daily Mail to my SIPP. It got so surreal this week but I might be making, expensive, progress. Then I look at how we often jump to easy conclusions when a share price falls. I am guilty of one such lazy jump. I refer to Versarien (VRS) and UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) in this section. I also have questions for Versarien and its hapless Nomad Bobbie Hilliam of Quindell infamy about the recent spike in its share price. Then I look at Bidstack (BIDS) and investors in denial and finally at Ian Smith and MXC Capital (MXCP) which is leaving the AIM Casino which is NOT what it should do. Smith is in denial too.

622 days ago

In today's podcast I look at the shocking behaviour of Sosandar (SOS) and at the even more shocking behaviour of some shareholders in Novacyt (NCYT), shares in which are grotesquely overvalued. I also look at Zoetic (ZOE) where my predictions have come to pass, and at United Carpets (UCG) which should, IMHO, delist from AIM pronto.

623 days ago

This podcast is dedicated to all those trolls who have given me and my family such grief over certain stocks. I discuss Indaba and crony capitalists and a bloke who did the wrong course at Oxford. I look at Versarien (FRAUD), NMC Health (NMC), Bidstack (BIDS), Intu (INTU) and Nakama (NAK).

624 days ago

In today's podcast I look at the terrible and mounting woes of "star fund manager" Gervais Williams, at Versarien's (VRS) cash woes disguised in today's RNS by breaking AIM Rule 10, at NMC Health (NMC), Finablr (FIN), Bidstack (BIDS), Uk Oil & Gas (UKOG), and Bahamas Petroleum (BPC)

625 days ago

I write by a candle. I have no power here in Wales and am using my mobile to access the internet and it is dying. So I must be brief, it is Neil Woodford and fraud on the agenda today.

627 days ago

Only two subjects today. Firstly, and most importantly, my father and I were expecting to console ourselves with the thought that at least Olaf will be happy. But I am delighted to say we need no such consolation. I refer to Ireland's triumph today. Then Versarien (VRS)  and a stack more questions for multi millionare Neill Ricketts and a personal challenge to Neill...

627 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG), NMC Health (NMC) & Muddy Waters, Versarien (VRS), i3 Energy (i3E) & G3 Exploration (G3E). Have a good weekend and give a few quid to a good cause HERE!

628 days ago

Yes i am calling out Versarien (VRS) for fraud and explain why. Feel free to take legal action Neill Ricketts, I shall see you bitchez in court and triumph. The meat of this podcast looks at the seven stages of madness and gref in the life of a Bulletin Board thread covering a Norfolk, with Versarien as my case study. Enjoy.

629 days ago

I think Mark did the right thing at the Future (FUTR) AGM but do not know as my friend might be a former friend as he does not seem to be speaking to me. I cannot think why.  I discuss this and what next for Future. I announce a 4th Rogue Blogger for Woodlarks and as we hit 2% of target beg you to sponsor us HERE. I discuss the strange lack of news from the stricken Gervais Williams Smaller Companies Fund and what it means then look at Eurasia (EUA) en passant, Miriad (MIRI) in some detail and the horrible problem poor Bobbie Hilliam of Quindell (QPP) infamy faces with Versarien (VRS) after today's shocking expose. 

629 days ago

In today's podcast, interrupted by the pest Lucian, I look at Chris Akers and what he knows about Dev Clever (DEV), at Versarien (VRS) and an RNS from February 2017 which I urge its hapless Nomad Bobbie Hilliam at Canaccord to consider carefully as his client runs out of money again, at Andalas (ADL), Eurasia (EUA) and Tesla (TSLA). I consider the woes of Bidstack (BIDS) and a company with even less money, the curious trading statement from Zoetic (ZOE) and then do the maths, again, on UK Oil & Gas (UKOG).

631 days ago

One clown is Justin Waite from Vox Markets the other is Mr Tumble who entertains folks Joshua's age on CBeebies. I explain the two big differences betweeen the two Justin the Clowns. I look at a classic feck up by London's worst Nomad Roland "Fatty" Cornish. poor man, he has a lot on his plate right now. I look at Andalas Energy (ADL) what the broker coverage of Petards (PEG) shows about the cesspit in the City and I cover just wholly unacceptable executive greed at Coro Energy (CORO). I forgot to mention crony capitalist greed at Toople (TOOP), a coke and hookers event for City spivs but you can read about it HERE. I do, however, comment on NMC Health (NMC) and Finablr (FIN).

631 days ago

I am not saying Future (FUTR) is a fraud just that the way it has responded to Matt Earl's devestating dossier will make my pal, the King of the Fraudsters, so incredibly proud. At last someone is following his advice on how to deal with critics. I also look at Burford (BUR), Big Dish (DISH), NAHL (NAH),Nostra Terra (NTOG),  St James Place (SJP) who I suggest hires Elizabeth Holmes and Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer at once, Versarien (VRS) and Arden Partners (ARD), home of the China fraud specialist Mr Paul Shackleton of Naibu (NBU) infamy.

633 days ago

Goaded by Roger Lawson who, as ever, gives no credit where credit is due. Not! I look at the Premier Miton Smaller Companies fund mismanaged by Gervais Williams. The Boris Bounce has given Gervais a breather but he has used it for at least one more monumental bluncder. How long can the fund survive? And, on another matter, I ask you to be as generous as No Gold & Cathal Friel or just be generous and give something as the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks have now hit 2% of our target raise HERE. The top ten holdings of the Miton fund ( until redemptions force sales) are below:

634 days ago

I start with a few words on Brexit Day and how we celebrated it HERE in Wales. Then with case studies Toople (TOOP) and Haydale (HAYD) I look at clear Nomad and adviser failings harking back to those at African Potash (AFPO) and suggesting why it is vital that, now, heads start to roll. I also discuss Future (FUTR) and Optibiotix (OPTI) and suggest that you all follow the great example of No Gold HERE 

634 days ago

45 years of family pain comes to an end at 11 PM tonight. But the Mrs has hidden the EU flags i was going to burn. I shall make one out of paper for my bonfire. Pictures later. In today's podcast I also look at French Connection (FCCN), Toople (TOOP) and Oracle (ORCP)

635 days ago

In today's podcast I discuss freedom of expression with reference to Alistair Stewart, Andrew Monk, Schroders and a whore's drawers.  I look at ValiRx (VAL), the joke that is NEX Exchange Regulation, Oracle Power (ORCP), Andalas Energy (ADL) and Haydale Graphene (HAYD). Finally I defend No Gold ( please donate to the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks old chap, HERE) and report back on my Optibiotix (OPTI), Slimbiome weight loss programme.

636 days ago

In today's podcast I discuss Optibiotix (OPTI), how the critics have moved the goalposts and the ghastly Daily Mail. I also look at Big Dish (DISH) where ennui is setting in, at misleading interims from the worthless cur that is Plutus Powergen (PPG), at serial confetti issuer Zenith Energy (ZEN) and then at Eurasia Mining (EUA) where, after this post, I should say Optiva is now denying it is doing a placing. But frankly, it's still a matter of when not if.

637 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Versarien (VRS) and explain why Lucian Miers and I have fallen out over this one on the latest edition of ShareProphets Radio. I look at Tern's (TERN) bollockese trading statement and ask "when's the placing" or "Show Me The (lack of) Money". I look at the (bad) news from UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) regarding Horse Hill and for me the numbers still do not stack up even with the shares having slumped to 0.675p. Finally, I hope I did enough to stop Steve Holdsworth from cancelling his subscription, so Steve how about making a small initial donation by way of thanks to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE

639 days ago

In short no, although this virus could well be far larger than some folks (Lucian) think. Elsewhere I discuss useless research from broker Goetz and Optibiotix (OPTI), Future (FUTR), Amigo (AMGO), Iconic (ICON), Oracle (ORCP) and Petra Diamonds (PDL)

640 days ago

All we need now is for Julie "Lingerie on expenses" Meyer to enter the bust up at Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) and the holy row would be complete. This will be entertaining if, I suspect, utterly pointless. I also comment on Versarien (VRS) correcting a BB loon - and flag up that I have a major AIM expose of a high profile, shortable, stock going live tomorrow morning. I explain why it is so interesting. Now I am off to do a Woodlarks training walk. So far we have £6600 raised or pledged - don't be mean donate today HERE

641 days ago

I start with a lecture for Graham Neary. then I look again at Jim Mellon's Agrinomics (ASPI) after today's placing. I explian why I scratch again at the sore that is Versarien (VRS), look at Finablr (FIN), LightwaveRF (LWRF) and the next Chris Akers spoof Dev Clever (DEV)

642 days ago

ADVFN (AFN) sister company Online BlockChain (OBC) shares a Nomad in Roland "fatty" Cornish. If you read the 2019 accounts you will be squealing with laughter yet the shares have rocketed 58% today. Why? No doubt Roland is on the ball and a statement will be forthcoming. I look at the madness at Davos, signs of peak bull market insanity and at the news from Westminster Gtroup (WSG) chaired by repellent pig The Right Honourable Tony Baldry of 3DM infamy.

643 days ago

In today's photo bearcast I discuss ADVFN (AFN) and London's worst and fattest Nomad, Optibiotix (OPTI), Plutus Powergen (PPG), Dods (DODS), Tissue Regenix (TRX) and Sosandar (SOS) whose antics are enough to turn a man to drink.

645 days ago

Both Versarien (VRS) and ADVFN (AFN) have been forced to issue major 'fess ups today directly as a result of my actions. I explain how both cases show just why AIM is not working at all, naming names why the Nomad system is failing you all and what happens next. And yes it is a day of fecking triumph for me and this website.

646 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at Versarien (VRS), Sosandar (SOS), Toople (TOOP), Audioboom (BOOM), ADVFN (AFN), Fevertree (FEVR), Zenith Energy (ZEN) and Eden Research (EDEN).

646 days ago

I clarify my share purchase ion Otibiotix (OPT). I discuss the revelations yesterday about the breakdown of historic income at Versarien (VRS) explaining, to BBMs who claim it does not, exactly why it does matter! Then I discuss whether Terry Smith's golden run is about to break badly for him. Do not get me wrong, I think Smith is an absolute top banana but I have a doubt or two.

648 days ago

Natch, if one believes the morons, it is only folks like myself, Steve Moore and shorters like Lucian Miers, Carson Block and Waseem Shakoor who commit market abuse by, er, telling the truth. Is it wrong for companies to pay morons as well as whore bloggers to ramp. Having now discovered one company where this is going on I discuss just how big this issue is and whether and why it is a scandal.

649 days ago

The resignation letter from a NED at an AIM listed company is a shocker. So far there has been no RNS. If the company does not come clean on what is in the letter I shall publish in full on Monday as it opens up a serioes of cans of worms which raises far bigger scandals I suspect. I discus this at length. I also look at Plutus Powergen (PG), Zinc Media (ZIN) and in great detail Optibiotix (OPTI) where the professional cynics have got it wrong and need to apologise. I have bought more shares on the back of today's interims and explain why.

649 days ago

Dickhead of the decade George Monbiot of the Guradian has a book to plug and is all over the radio. Oh, which decade you ask? Every decade. Anyhow I have swapped emails with Jim Mellon on this as it concerns his company Agronomics (ANIC) which really interests me. I think today;s interims show the shares, at 9.25p are expensive but at a lower level there is a case for buying as I explain. I also look at Oracle (ORCP), correcting an error I made yesterday, Lekoil (LEK), Lamprell (LAM) and urge you to start donating to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE.

651 days ago

In today's podcast I discuss Mark Slater, his pay and his views on the pay of others. I look at a row between Justin the Clown and Gary Newman. Suffice to say the Clown is acting like a total tit and is 100% wrong. I discuss Kier (KIE), something missing in the Sheikh on the Make scandal at Oracle Coalfields (ORCP) - not just brain cells in the case of those buying the shares, and at Plutus Powergen (PPG) and its free speech-denying boss.

651 days ago

In today's podcast I discuss four companies: Shareprophets Ltd which is not insolvent (whatever the morons say), Lekoil (LEK) which might be, Eden Research (EDEN) which could be and should be and Telit (TCM) which is not but is still grossly overvalued.

653 days ago

I start with an update on ADVFN's paedo guy, then it is onto the role of Nomads on the AIM Casino, what they are meant to do and the problems they face. I look at three Nomads and their clients: Lekoil (LEK), Versarien (VRS) and Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) plus I discuss Tizania (TILS) and today's monster spoof from almost insolvent Iconic Labs (ICON).

653 days ago

First things first. It is 6 months and 1 day to the 3 Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks walk. I did a short train yesterday at Moel Famau of which more later. Anhow, if you enjoy bearcast please show so by donating HERE.  Thanks in advance for your support and also for the birthday wishes. As you can see in the comments section HERE there is a poster on ADVFN who seems to think he can save Versarien (VRS) by suggesting, falsely, that I am a paedophile. Normally I'd ignore such pond life but I am almost tempted to teach him a very expensive legal lesson in libel law. What do you think?  Then it is onto a story dictated by NMC Health's (NMC) PR team to yellow journalists at the Mail on Sunday. The real import of threats against Caron Block & Muddy Waters is very negative for NMC. Finally I have a bombshell for AIM Cesspit followers tomorrow. Watch this space! 

654 days ago

Ahead of the start of my training for the 2020 Woodlarks walk on June 13 I appeal for volunteers - who will join me on this 34 mile trek? Then there is an update on my literary efforts. Then it seems asn if Nu-OG (NUOG) may be the third company dragged into the criminal activiuty on private chat-rooms scandal. Just how big is this? Then I turn to Plutus Powergen(PPG)  where the useless and venal board survived a sack the board GM narrowly. C'mon, our resident in-house Euro loon Jonathan Price, who now asserts as an insult that my Dad and I are "posh", how about you start campaigning for a confirmatory second people's GM?

656 days ago

As I reveal that it is not only Versarien (VRS) up to no good in this respect but also Eurasia Mining (EUA), I wonder which other shameless PLC rampers are up to no good and will AIM Regulation do anything to stop an increasingly disorderly market becoming an open sewer? I look at retail shares and real estate plays on that as more evidence emerges that my very long term "avoid the lot like the plague" stance was correct. I look at changing brokers at Cenkos (CNKS) and Condor Gold (CNR) and Premier Miton (PMI) and what the AIM Casino demise of SalvaRx (SALV), where managers are talented, says about the dangers of backing a cash shell.

657 days ago

It seems to be followers of Versarien (VRS) and Bidstack (BIDS) leading the charge but there is another matter as well. suffice to say, this has been a bloody week and as I celebeate my birthday this weekend I wonder how many more years this can go on for. In terms of companies I discuss the hot air at Big Dish (DISH) and the red flags at, soon to leave AIM, Cloudbuy (CBUY). Followers of IQE (IQE) please take note.

658 days ago

In today's bearcast I discuss Sirius Minerals (SXX), the comedy show that keeps on giving at Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), Petrel (PET), NMC Health (NMC) and also today's shocking expose on Versarien (VRS)

659 days ago

In today's podcast I look at mini-bond scandal house Wellesley Finance and why it once again shames new Bank of England Governor Andrew "asleep at the wheel" bailey and the shitheads round at the FCA. I comment on another of its failings in light of today's Neil Woodford News. I comment on Big Dish (DISH), have a theory about Angloa African Oil & Gas (AAOG), comment on Optibiotix (OPTI), Versarien (VRS) and ask how long its Nomad will tolerate Neill Ricketts and finally on Aston Martin Lagonda (AML).

660 days ago

I start with a rendition of Happy Birthday to you to our esteemed publisher Darren Atwater. If you survive my singing I go on to discuss IQE (IQE), Versarien (VRS), NMC Health (NMC), Dev Clever (DEV), Oracle Coalfields (ORCP) and the Sheikh on the Make and Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), where I am just not smart enough to understand its, now more urgent, need for cash and whoose fate lies in the hands of Gervais Williams, a man whose own fate I discussed yesterday HERE.

661 days ago

Clue, the company's shares are worth 0p.  I then look at why Falanx (FLX) needs to a) fire its broker and b) discourage its chairman from making pitiful share purchases. Then it is onto the mounting problems for Gervais Williams. I really do wonder if the Miton Smaller Companies Fund will see out the year as the spiral is becoming truly vicious. And what of the contagion risks?

661 days ago

I start and end the podcast defending the editorial style and approach of this website, based as it is on free speech and on nailing crooks, from two seperate attacks. In between I enter the raging Hurricane Energy (HUR( battle with my own, balanced and detailed, thoughts and comment en passant on the big news today: Malcolm Stacey's severe case of  #TrumpDerangementSyndrome and the real shocker, the terrible news about Cheryl Cole. 

662 days ago

I jest. The death of Qassem Soleimani sees one more evil bastard heading to hell. While those with #TrumpDerangementSyndrome will shed tears for this Jew hating, terror loving mass murderer, I do not but discuss the impact of this latest Trump triumph on the region, on the oil price and on oil stocks. I look at Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) and at Zenith Energy (ZEN) whrre I am contacted by material shareholders who want regime change something that makes Anglo's desire to own Zenith shares even more bonkers. Finally I suggest that unless Bidstack (BIDS) clarifies three matters urgently its shares will continue to collapse.

664 days ago

In today's podcast I start with a bit of abuse for the welfare junkies of the Greece of the North as they enjoy yet another day of idleness. Then I look at G3 Energy (G3E), Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG),  Sound Energy (SOU), Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), Big Dish (DISH), RedX pharma (REDX) and Bidstack (BIDS)

664 days ago

Happy New Year. I explain the Christmas Present reference. Then I discuss the post election idea that there is a new can do buzz and that everything will be fabbo for owners of all asset classes in 2020 Britain. I say Bah Humbug to this idea and explain why.

665 days ago

Firstly I hope you all have a good New Year's Eve and wish you all, even NoGold and Roger Lawson, the best of luck for 2020. In the podcast I look at BigDish (DISH), Bidstack (BIDS) and Bango (BGO).

667 days ago

Thanks to Winnileaks I think the position of one of the two is now utterly untanable. The other is sunk by his own RNS. In today;s podcast I look at Iconic (ICON), Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), Big Dish (DISH) and Silence Therapeutics (SLN). I also look at the FCA fine handed out to Kevin Gorman and suggest that David "Sam" Hutchins formerly of Global Resources Investment Trust (GRIT) deserves the same treatment for the reasons I exposed earlier in the year. 

668 days ago

I start with a service announcement. Then I look at Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), Optibiotix (OPTI) and then I discuss Christmas, retail trends and macro trends. Though he arrives by the wrong route, Malcolm arrives at the right destination on this matter.

671 days ago

Yes Merry Christmas to you all and to your families however you celeberate it and even if you are a pagan like Darren Atwater or a sinner like some of those I discuss today: Vast Resources (VAST) and a spoof warrant exercise, my friend Andrew Bell and Red Rock Resources (RRR) who makes himself a hostage to fortune with his careless words, Drew Nelson at IQE (IQE) with an odd management greed RNS and Charles Tatnall whose Fandango Holdings (FHP) serves up the most bonkers and misleading set of results in 2019.

674 days ago

I say this as a Star Wars groupie: I went with my daughter todaty and it was pure woke rubbish. It really was awful. I was bored, annoyed and almost walked out.  I thenm discuss Bidstack (BIDS), caught up ion its own lies and running out of cash and Zoetic International  (ZOE) caught up in its own poor judgement and running out of cash.

674 days ago

Almost entirely recovered from illness, this bonus Bearcast covers the latest shocking news in the great establishment cover up for disgraced Neil Woodford, The Sunday Times sucking PR (Bab) Cock as the man behind Boatman is revealed and the Miton Smaller Companies Fund of Gervais Williams. Its performance is dire and redemptions are vast, is it in really deep merde or just very serious trouble?

675 days ago

I seem to have reacted badly to my flu jab and have thus only just got up. I am still not 100% but maybe will be so tomorrow. Pro tem I offer up thoughts on the clear market abuse at Dev Clever (DEV) and the 6.06 PM comedy gold at Bidstack (BIDS).

676 days ago

I start where I finished yesterday with Optibiotix (OPTI). Then I look at Bidstack (BIDS), Dev Clever (DEV), Versarien (VRS), Infrastrata (INFA) and NMC Health (NMC)

678 days ago

FFS it is not Season's Greetings but Happy Christmas. Please do not wind me up with any more Godless messages. Thanks to Jim for flagging up what should be a parody, but sadly is not, Neil Woodford's next business venmture. The I look at Bidstack (BIDS), NMC Health (NMC) and Circassia (CIR), two of which are surely good bets for bankruptcy in 2020. 

679 days ago

A day of triumph at the Welsh Hovel sees me discuss Sound Energy (SOU) whose hand I forced last night with this article, Bidstack (BIDS) which has finally come, partially, clean about the mess it is in and Iconic (ICON) which has yet to 'fess up to its woes but will do so soon. I also discuss one very good company, Optibiotix (OPTI)

680 days ago

In today's podcast I look at the lessons from the Oracle (ORCP) debacle, at gold miners and how M&A will destroy value over the next 24 months, at Kefi (KEFI), Ariana (AAU) and at long term AIM uber dog Sareum (SAR)

681 days ago

Firstly, I am delighted to say that NoGold has been in touch about the £50 bet. Good man. Then I reflect on G3 Exploration (G3E) in light of Evil Banksta's excellent piece yesterday. It is now more than six years since I ignored a certain amount of pressure and published the Bloody Dossier HERE. Under the Roger Lawson rules I would not have published. I am, again, vindicated. I comment on Anglo African (AAOG) and will have more to follow on toxic David Sefton and Iconic (ICON) later. Today's news moves Lyin' James Draper of Bidstack (BIDS) one place up my target list. I look at Online Blockchain (OBC) in detail and also at Fulham Shore (FUL) where the numbers look all wrong and which is, I fear, an accident waiting to happen. The £65 million valuation is crackers. 

682 days ago

NoGold has still not been in touch regarding the £50 he owes me. It seems as if my good mates at the FRC really are getting tough on executives who commit accounting fraud. Fabbo. But I ask for more. And what of lying? It is fraud of a different sort and I have strong suggestions for what the FCA and especially the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation already can do and very rarely do do but need to do so more often to drain the swamp and put me out of a job.

683 days ago

I am sorry to say that NoGold has not yet been in touch about the £50 he owes me. Shame, shame. In today's podcast I look at Bidstack (BIDS), the lies, the dire warnming it is sitting on, the role of a house broker, the looming cash crisis and the joke valuation.

684 days ago

NoGold made the mistake of betting against me on the Election on the basis I did not know what I was talking about. It is time to cough up old boy. I discuss the election, its implications and the market euphoria of today. Then I look at Plutus Powergen (PPG) and its risible defence against a sack the board GM. I urge all shareholders to vote to sack the board.

684 days ago

I start with me voting and the Mrs not being able to vote here in Wrexham earlier today. Then there are two reports I have had that the Vox markets IPO has been pulled, I wonder if Justin the Clown will mention this in his podcast or will he be too busy blowing off Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) whose abject results I discuss. I look at IP Group (IPO), Purplebricks (PURP), Premier African Minerals (PREM) and Bidstack (BIDS) wondering if it will serve up its overdue warning after hours tonight? Finally there is a plea on behalf of my cats.

686 days ago

In today's podcast I start with the latest joke journalism from Justin the Clown who still shows extreme cowardice and declining my challenge. I answer the question about Ms Lingerie on Expenses and the empty chair, with reference to the FCA. I discuss Big Dish (DISH) again and why NED's do matter. I look at Mercia Asset Managenment (MERC) and the comments of Roger Lawson of ShareSoc and his fave Chronic Investor hack, explianing where they are both going so badly wrong. Finally a look ay Rosslyn Data (RDT), its profits warning, valuation and vain boasts of generating cash.

687 days ago

Will Bidstack (BIDS) be £1 at Christmas as Justin the Clown predicted or will it crash with a lack of sales & profits warning. We know it is the latter, Justin is not stupid, just tied in by a busted business model at Vox which I again challenge him to discuss with me in a podcast. So far it is silence from the cowardly clown. I look at Futura Medical (FUM), cue flopping willy jokes, Ted Baker (TED) where I told y'all what would happen and Mothercare (MTC), ditto

688 days ago

On today's podcast, I have to say that Justin the Clown is being a coward. Tweet him at @sharepickers (the boy does irony well) and tell him not to be such a chicken and do the podcast with me on whether the Vox Markets accounts he signed off on are a total joke and is his company a worthless POS?  I urge you to enter the Greek Hovel olive oil contest HERE - the deadline is midnight. Then I look at Bidstack (BIDS), Versarien (VRS), Tullow (TLW), Open Orphan (ORPH) and Integumen (SKIN).

688 days ago

On today's podcast I discuss Brokerman Dan, the Tory canvasser and the half way house for heroin addicts. I issue a podcast challenge to Justin the Clown as I discuss the joke Vox IPO, I look at a pathetic deadwood press ramp for Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) and offer up another reason to shut down all open ended property funds. And i have a prize contest for election day, deadline to enter is Monday midnight.

689 days ago

Yes that shameless promoter James Parsons of Sound Energy (SOU) infamy has a new stock to promote to the gullible. I discuss Sound and his new grossly overvalued POS Regency Mines (RGM). I also look at what was Strat Aero, Remote Monitored Systems (RMS) asking ,in light of today's news, if it has committed securities fraud? Has hapless Nomad SP Angel of Mysquar (MYSQ) infamy asked to see management accounts for Geocurve from July to today? If not why not?

693 days ago

Today's news is shocking but should not shock you as I have warned this would happen. Anyone invested in commercial property shares is insane for reasons I explain again and as for an open-ended fund they are even more insane. I also look at the latest accounting wrongdoing at Ted Baker (TED) and M&C Saatchi (SAA). Do no auditors show professional scepticism these days. Then there is comment on Tomco (TOM) and value destruction. Oh and there is a snake story too.

693 days ago

The penultimate day of the Greek Hovel olive harvest saw the three remaining harvesters slaving away until it was almost completely dark. One more day to go and then I shall be free to write a bit more. Pro tem I have a few thoughts on the Quindell (QPP) fraud and also on IMC Exploration (IMC) a dog that should be taken out and shot at once. Its sampling news today was utterly risible.

694 days ago

Day six of the olive harvest at the Greek Hovel and a few words on that before I look at UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and its latest placing, Techfinancials (TECH) and the latest news from Block Commodities (BLCC)

695 days ago

In today's bearcast I reflect on the start of Advent which I miss in Wales and on its start here in Kambos Greece. I look at pay at the big accountants and what it says about the sanctions against such folk when they screw up. Then it is onto Neil Woodford's biggest cheerleader in the press until recently, Jeff Prestridge of the Mail on Sunday and his demands for action against the guilty parties in this scandal. Jeff misses out two of the guilty parties and misses the point on the rest.

697 days ago

I apologise for the lack of articles today, Gary Newman is on a book deadline, Chris Bailey is engaging in his dirty secret and I am olive harvesting. A few words on that and then I look at comments that Roger Lawson of ShareSoc makes on debt and also on Victoria (VCP). On this occasion he is only partially wrong, which must be seen as a result.

697 days ago

I reply to a listener who blames yesterday's lack of bearcast on my thoughts shifting away from Ms Cole to this young olive harvester - such a suggestion is almost defamatory. Then it is on to Dignity (DTY), St James Place (STJ) and - in some detail - the very naughty boys at Iconic (ICON), led by toxic Dave Sefton and why the two NEDS walked today.

698 days ago

It is day 1 of the olive harvest and ShareProphets reader K is a hero. I swear he is a closet bubble. I give a progress report on that and then turn to Fastjet (FJET), Versarien (VRS), the useless FCA and mini bonds and the imploding and smelly ramp that is Eurasia Mining (EUA).

700 days ago

I have now arrived at the Greek Hovel, photos here. In today's podcast I discuss the pitiful way Sam Smith of FinnCrap (FCAP) blames Neil Woodford for the state of AIM. For once I defend the disgraced fund manager. I look at Eurasia Mining (EUA), I3 Energy (I3E) and also at Fastjet (FJET), a company that uses journalist smearing Citigate to polish its turds. The Eurasia podcast I refer to which should now be looked at by AIM Regulation is HERE

702 days ago

The photos below are from the roof of the Athens hotel in which I am holed up after a day of travel hell which I discuss and offer a warning to the trio of bearcast listeners coming to join me for the olive harvest shortly. In the bearcast I look at Inspirit (INSP), 13 Energy (E3E), Eurasia Mining (EUA) which is run by a top banana bt has a joke valuation and FinnCap (FCAP) which has a joke valuation in light of today's interims and is run by a top er... it is run by Sam Smith.

702 days ago

On my last bearcast before I flee to the Greek Hovel (cue calls from Bulletin Board Morons that I live in a hovel as I am a peasant and that I am evading justice for some crime or another), I discuss today's chapter of retail-aggedon (Clarkes), the Neil Woodford Rutherford International (RUTH) £32.5 million black hole and why Amigo (AMGO) is almost certainly not on a PE of 3 and almost certainly not cheap.

704 days ago

I start with another moral question from the General Election - as I have already noted HERE - Labour thinks that our record number of abortions ( 206,000 last year) is not high enough, we must murder more babies. I then turn to the issue of lying asking if society now thinks it is just acceptable.  That brings me neatly onto Iconic (ICON) and UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) both of which I discuss in detail. 

705 days ago

The Sith Lord Zak Mir and the head honcho at Big Dish (DISH) will arrive shortly at the Welsh Hovel to take me to lunch. Some folks have all the luck. Ahead of that I discuss two things where, to me, the numbers do not add up: Cloudcall PLC (CALL) and the Labour Party manifesto. I offer another, non financial, reason NOT to vote Labour HERE 

706 days ago

I am not well. I have managed only 20 minutes out of bed today having somehow got home from Oxford at 2 AM last night feeling so ill. Anyhow a few thoughts from me on Dignity (DTY), utitities and Tungsten (TUNG). Now back to bed.

706 days ago

In today's podcast I must on another call from a spiv urging me to invest in medicinal cannabis. I look again at AFC Energy (AFC) and its joke valuation and at One Media (OMP), its strategic review and its CEO with his shocking views on gender and I discuss how Verseon (VERS) shows, again, the greed and folly of Neil Woodford.

708 days ago

In today's podcast I look at the British Journalism Awards and Neil Woodford ( no shocks here folks), Union Jack Oil (UJO) and that planned placing, Tissue Regenix (TRX) as the FD walks, FastForward Innovations (FFWD), and at Plutus Powergen (PPG) , dire news and surely looming insolvency and yet more evidence of not gviving a flying wotsit about stockmarket rules.

709 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Brady (BRY), Westminster Group (WSG) the dog run by disgraced former Tory MP Tony Baldry of 3DM infamy, Inspirit (INSP), Koovs (KOOV), Neil Woodford dog Verseon VERS) where it must surely be almost lights out time and at IQE (IQE).

709 days ago

A hectic day of domestic goddessery is almost upon me so it is a short bearcast. In it I take the argument on Great Western Mining (GWMO) far further than Gary does in his article of today. Gary is damning but even that is too kind. Then it is on to Sy James Place (STJ) and the rest of the charlatans in the wealth management industry.

711 days ago

In today's podcast I start with Brokerman Dan on rising flood levels and global warming then it is onto The Daily Mail, Scottish Widows and sheer bollocks on the Gender Pay Gap. Then a look at the General Election polling and what it means for shares. Finally a look at Riverfort Global (RGO). You may hate what it does now but it is sustainable and the shares are bloody cheap.

712 days ago

In today's podcast I look at two utterly absurd proposals from Labour on broadband and on Inheritance Tax. Insanity. I also warn No Gold that he better get his £50 ready for me on December 13. Then I look at Angus Energy (ANGS), Optibiotix (OPTI), Neil Woodford disasters Kier (KIE), Eddie Stobart Logistics (ESL) and Non-Standard Finance (NSF). Then at Veltyco (VLTY) which is clearly insolvent. 95p to 1.5p in two years, thank God it had a female CEO to demonstrate the benefits of boardroom diversity for some of that period. Incidentally that CEO Ms. Blau earned 220,000 Euro for just seven months work so did a great job of closing the #GenderPayGap.  Rejoice! Rejoice!

713 days ago

In today's podcast I look at PureCircle (PURE), the roll call of shame and who should be publicly executed. I also look at Dev Clever (DEV), Tissue Regenix (TRX) and, once again, at Blackmore Bond a mini bond car crash which appears imminent and is another part of what will be one of the biggest financial scandals for years.

714 days ago

I discuss Malcolm Graham Wood and his analysis of Sound Energy (SOU), Versarien (VRS) and its need for a statement, Amur (AMC) and its latest silly statement, Big Dish (DISH) and the threat of a visit from the Sith Lord Zak Mir to the Welsh Hovelm Plutus Powergen (PPG) and Bonhill (BONH) and what its statement does NOT say.

715 days ago

I start with an interruption from a tinker, a real one. I know what scrap iron is worth you cannot fool me mate! Then explaining to a moron why I am not in an insider dealing ring with Brokerman Dan. Then it is onto Kier (KIE), more on Big Dish (DISH) where the whole board MUST be reconstituted and finally a long section on Gear4Music (G4M).

715 days ago

In today's podcast I consider the view that the Tories are certain to win thanks to the partial withdrawal from the General Election fray of the Brexit Party. I look at Brady (BRY), Sirius (SXX), Infrastrata (INFA), Iconic (ICON), Tissue Regenix (TRX), Mereo Pharma (MPH) and Eco Animal Healthcare (EAH) which might just offer some value now.

717 days ago

I start the podcast discussing legalisng cannabis, I cover the idea of investing in it HERE. Then I look at coverage of disgraced Neil Woodford in the Sunday Times and in the Mail on Sunday c/o Jeff Prestridge. Mr Presstrip has sunk to a new all time low and both papers cast a stain on an entire profession.

717 days ago

I fear that it all looks very bleak for Management Resource Solutions (MRS) a company we have red flagged her numerous times. In this podcast I look at the big red flags and other companies flying the same sort of red flags.

719 days ago

Firstly so many thanks to all of you who donated to the Woodlarks Christnas Grotto appeal. 101% of our target has now been reached so I'll call it a day. Thank you again. In today's podcast I also discuss Big Dish (DISH), and Dev Clever (DEV) two examples of why you should never invest in an IPO and I have data to back that up. I look at Tern (TERN) and at Sound Energy (SOU), shame on James Parsons, and then in detail at Velocys (VLS).

720 days ago

I start with the Woodlarks Christmas Grotto appeal. We are so close to target - please donate now and let's get there today. Make your donation HERE. Then, thanks to some utterly dodgy Survation polls, I offer you a slam dunk General Election bet to take. After that it is on to Versarien (VRS), Escape Hunt (ESC) - another awesome call from yours truly - Purplebricks (PURP), Kefi Minerals (KEFI) and (WRKS) - Woof, woof.

720 days ago

Firstly, thanks to all who have donated to the Woodlarks Christmas grotto appeal. We are now at 57% of target, can the rest of you chip in today and get us there. Please donate HERE. In today's podcast I look at Bidstack (BIDS), Eden Research (EDEN), Dev Clever (DEV), Mothercare (MTC), Intu (INTU) and Sound Energy (SOU) where I did tell y'all so many times.

722 days ago

I start and end with a request that each Bearcast listener backs the Woodlarks Christmas appeal. Even £2 each and we'd be there. So go on donate now HERE. Then it is onto reports that the stricken Woodford empire may be selling £500 million of healthcare stocks. But at what price? Then it is onto how Ed Croft of Stockopedia, the company that flagged up mega fraud Quindell as one of the top 10 AIM stocks to buy, is claiming to have "predicted" the Neil Woodford scandal. Of course it did not but no doubt this persuades more folks to sign up to Ed's flawed system.  Then I crow as I discuss Nanoco (NANO) which I called out as long ago as 2015 and discuss where next for Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) as its open offer flops.

723 days ago

On today's podcast I look at Defenx (DFX), Big Dish (DISH), ask whether Mothercare (MTC) is heading for 0p, comment on  Versarien (VRS), Kier (KIE), Petra Diamonds (PDL), Egdon Resources and other UK onshore oilers, frackers or not and at Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT)

723 days ago

I start with the tale of the lead singer of Iron Maiden and the UK's crazy divorce laws, then a few words on the shrinking Tory poll lead and what that means. Then two things that really alarm me about Micro Focus (MCRO) and then onto the Neil Woodford blame game and the damage being done by those trying to deflect from their failings in this scandal.

724 days ago

In today's podcast I discuss Global Resources Investment Trust (GRIT), Red Rock Resources (RRR) and Funding Circle (FCH). Warning this podcast contains some strong language.

726 days ago

In today's podcast I look at the news for Neil Woodford dog Xeros (XSG) and what it says about the company, its new Nomad and Broker FinnCap (FCAP) and about the hapless auditors at Grant Thornton Leeds. Then with reference to the photo below it is questions, questions, questions for shameless share ramper Neill Ricketts and Versarien (VRS)

726 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Crest Nicholson (CRST), pox on AIM St James House (SJH), Cyancannode (CYAN), Yourgene (YGEN) and shocking share options, Big Sofa (BST) Goals Soccer Centres and Carpetright (CPR). Blame Brokerman Dan for this podcast being late and for me being a dirty and smelly wreck as I explain in the show.

727 days ago

In today's podcast I look at the looming General Election, at a pathetic excuse from Hargreaves Lansdowne (HL.) for not commenting on Neil Woodford, at Sound Energy (SOU), the ramp du jour Euraisia Mining (EUA), at the scandals at Tern (TERN) and Big Dish (DISH) and what they say about the institutionally useless FCA and AIM Regulation and at the profits warning from Empressaria (EMR). 

729 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at fat yob Mike Ashley's latest outburst on Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL), at Galantas (GAL), Bidstack (BIDS), Versarien (VRS) and at the tale of woe that is Cabot Energy (CAB) where the behaviour of the board in relation to potential wrong doing compares very unfavourably with that at Goals.

730 days ago

You think that Justin the Clown at Pox Markets and Proactive are there to help you? Think again. He who pays the piper...I reference Bidstack (BIDS) and Big Dish (DISH) in this part of the show. I discuss Dev Clever's  (DEV) "news" today with reference to Cheryl Cole, look at the accounting mess at PureCircle (PURE) and have a few thoughts on the trading statement from Sosandar (SOS) where I am really not tempted to leap back in again. 

731 days ago

In today's bearcast I take forward yesterday's work on the Big Dish (DISH) "rollout" with some comments on its operations in Bristol. I look at Mothdercare (MTC) and Addison Lee, two firms whose time has gone. I look at attacks on fund managers who underperformed Neil Woodford and ask if those attacks are fair and at new ways St James Place (SJP) is shown to be ripping off its customers and what that means for shareholders in this unethical enterprise. 

731 days ago

A day of delight for Joshua as we head off to meet Thomas the Tank Engine at Llangollen and for me as Brokerman Dan makes a truly amazing discovery at the Welsh Hovel. Then it is onto Gabriel Grego's latest triumph, why we bears do such great work and the forces of evil ranged against us.

732 days ago

I start by explaining why this bimbo who complained about me in public last night really is a bimbo and why her firm is in no position to complain. Then I look at why Rathbones let down my Aunt Lucy by giving her Woodford exposure - chaps you really need to sign up to a certain website. Then a look at how to value IP Group (IPO) and Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) and changing manager changes little. Finally I look at the mad woke world of Synthomer (SYNT) as it served up a warning today.

733 days ago

A day of travel adventures. I recount my breakdown last night, an angelic lorry driver and how I ended up on Nigel Somerville's sofa. Meanwhile Darren Atwater is leaving the UK but not ShareProphets. Then I look at utter lunacy from a "woke" FRC and inept Business Secretary Andrea Loathsome. Then it is onto Neil's sacking from Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT), what it means for the Trust and how it will help him hide another £25 million personal windfall gain. I cover Tesla (TSLA) as the bears are squeezed by book cooking. Finally a look at the murky death spiral announced by Vast Resources (VAST).

735 days ago

I start by re-explaining to a monkey why the dogs he lies down with really are covered in fleas, then it is onto Big Dish (DISH) and why it is just 100% uninvestable. Finally it is Verseon (VERS) which has today shown itself a case study in how Neil Woodford put his interests ahead of those of his unit holders with a most disatrous call. PS target price for its shares is 0p by Christmas.

736 days ago

I bring you a bonus bearcast, covering the FCA taking the piss (hat tip, in-house Euro loon J Price), Andrew Monk's VSA lying down with the lowest scumbags of the low, why I don't believe a word AIM dog Vast Resources (VAST) says and why St James's Place (STJ) shares are uninvestable at two levels. VSA's invitation of shame is below.

736 days ago

As you can see below, Joshua watched Panorama on Neil Woodford avidly. He liked seeing me but had a major gripe. I reflect on the show. I look at the bonkers boss of you cannot be Sirius Minerals (SXX) and at his company and then on to the latest "news" on Horse Hill from UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and, yes, Britain's most talented chanteuse is relevant.

737 days ago

i bet Watchstone (WTG) directors chant "can we play you every week?" when they meet the poltroons who run Aussie listed Slater & Gordon (SGH). I discuss the latest news and where it leaves both companies. Then I look at Purplebricks (PURP), Amur (AMC), you cannot be Sirius Minerals (SXX) and finally Big Dish (DISH). I start with a generous offer to you all! And PS. Make sure you watch Panorama tonight.

738 days ago

In today's podcast I come clean on tomorrow's Panorama on Neil Woodford and then look at today's dishonest and disgusting coverage of Neil Woodford in the Sunday Telegraph, Mail on Sunday and, worst of all, The Sunday Times.

738 days ago

I start with a look at who might be sued in the Neil Woodford scandal, focussing in on the directors at Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT). Then I lookl at another mini-bond disaster, this time involving Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs. Finally I discuss the latest deranged thoughts and acts of Chris Frazer of Sirius Minerals (SXX) as he ponders an AIM (sorry main market) delisting. Timber!!!! He is, again, the bears best friend.

740 days ago

The FT says today that no-one emerges from the Neil Woodford scandal with any credit. I beg to disagree with the PR cocksuckers at the deadwood press yet again. Meanwhile three folks who do emerge with real credit are now negotiating a book deal. I also look at Brady (BRY) and its crazy share price and in detail at uber dog Plutus Powergen (PPG)

741 days ago

Is shorting Neil Woodford stocks like shooting fish in a barrel? I argue not and explain why it could be dangerous. I look at the FCA enquiry into Woodford and question whether its remit will be wide enough. Then, touching on the Fiske (FSK) AGM statement I look at calls for more regulation in the wake of the Woodford scandal.

742 days ago

Yes Neil, I will be the guy turning up at some point today in a blue van at your luxury HQ to take some photos and maybe shoot a short video. My pal Nigel Somerville may be coming too. It will be good to catch up. See you later! In the podcast today I also look at Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT), backing Richard Jennings at Global Resources Investment Trust (GRIT) and at Optibiotix (OPTI). I also receive complaints about my coverage of Neil yesterday. I despair.

743 days ago

How I remember being singled out by name by Neil Woodford at the Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) AGM as a purveyor of fake news on May 16 this year. Neil was adamant: he was doing brilliantly I was making thisngs up. Today he was fired by his flagship fund and his City career is in its final weeks and will end in disgrace. Investors who ignored four years of warnings on this site will have lost billions. I reflect on all of this, where it leaves various parties including Neil's other vehicles, disgraced Hargreaves Landsdowne (HL.) and other disgraced promoters.  I also comment on another vindication, the mercy takeover of Brady (BRY) at just 10p after I forced it to fess up to its finacial woes, with the shares at 26p just three weeks ago.

744 days ago

The Vox/Align bust up is funny but the spooof newspaper articles Gary Newman alerts us to below about Premier African (PREM) are hilarious. But some folks believe them and the shares up up 71%. Bonkers. Elsewhere I look at fund outflow at Miton Group (MGR) and what that all means and at the most overvalued ramps on AIM: Versarien (VRS) and Bidstack (BIDS) where Cynical Bear thinks there is no need for it to warn that it will miss broker forecasts by a mile even though he accepts it will. Strange man.

745 days ago

Recorded in my car in the City where Neil Woodford's crumbling empire is based I flag up something bad about Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) and discuss why sacking Babcock's (BAB)  FD is a pointless gesture. 

745 days ago

Of course I only record this because I am in the pay of the Israeli and Russian Governments. Whatever. I start with the pathetic deadwood press and how Richard Jennings blows them off to his shame and my disgust. But this podcast is really all about Bidstack (BIDS). Its CEO lied to investors on August 8 as explain with more detail this time. Ther case is open and shut. Now the company needs to issue a formal lack of profits warning. Again that is not a matter poof debate as I explain, in case wretched Nomad Mark Brady of Spark is listening and wants to avoid getting into even more trouble after his August 8 failure. Finally I ask how soon it will need to place again?

747 days ago

So shares are soaring on the hope of a deal on Brexit, but for how long? And will Brexit really change anything fundamental for UK PLC if there is a deal? I discuss this, Nostrum Oil & Gas (NOG) and strategic reviews, Brady (BRY) and its ominous silence and the whinging of Brokerman Dan. I also discuss if AIM would allow a CEO to use the C word.

748 days ago

I start, to annoy NoGold, by describing another hidden gem we have revealed at the Welsh Hovel. Then it is onto Castleton (CTP), Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) and Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT). If, like the Sith Lord Zak Mir, you are going to the AIM Awards Dinner tonight just remember who ultimately has paid for your gluttony.

749 days ago

Yes my good friend is going to the AIM Awards dinner now that he is an evil PR man ( for Bigdish Ventures (DISH). Elsewhere I discuss the news about the Thomas Cook (TCG) stores and the lesson for Sirius Minerals (SXX). I look at Reabold (RBD), Brady (BRY) and Iconic Labs (ICON) as it serves up a bollocks packed RNS.

750 days ago

In today's podcast I discuss the latest deranged rantings of Chris Frazer, the CEO of Sirus Minerals (SXX). The guy is a total knobhead, a man wheeling out the most lamentable excuses for his own failure. I also discuss a piss poor and incomplete trading statement from smug Sam Smith's FinnCap (FCAP) and look at two AIM zeros in waiting: Sound Energy (SOU) and Funding Circle (FCH) 

751 days ago

In today's podcast I discuss the ominous silence from Brady (BRY), dare to disagree with Chris "three brains" Bailey on SIG (SHI), look at Bidstack (BIDS) and consider the, incomplete, Q3 trading statement from Audioboom (BOOM), pondering when its next bailout placing will be.

752 days ago

Almost but not yet. Pro tem I look at the ethics and tax affairs of soon to float AirNb and then at this week's utterly dishonest journalism in the Sunday Times, Burford (BUR) and the issue of revenue recognition.

753 days ago

I start with a row I had with the Mrs on Brexit. It is pertinent to what follows so bear with me No Gold. I then move on to a different sort of socialist to the Mrs, my grandfather Sir John Winnifrith and his comrade in arms Tony Benn, that is to say Lord Drayson of Sensyne (SENS) where revelations yesterday were shocking. Oh, and that poltroon Neil Woodford is involved too.

754 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Reabold Resources (RBD), debagged by myself earlier, Bahamas Petroleum (BPC), Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) and Bidstack (BIDS). and, with a hat tip to Andrew Monk, I look at the species known as a Bulletin Board Ramper.

755 days ago

My cats are on a roll, It is horrfic. I mention this at the start just to annoy NoGold. Them ouzo for Nigel as Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) fesses up on a fake RNS. But it is still stuffed. I look at Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) as it dissembles, Brady (BRY) whose shares should be suspended, Clear Leisure (CLP) and a joke deal and Ted Baker (TED) which seems fecked.

756 days ago

In today's podcast I update on the farce at Bahamas Petroleum (BPC), look at Metro Bank (MTRO), Purplebricks (PURP), Aston Martin Lagonda (AML), Yolo Leisure (YOLO) and congratulate my pal Gabriel Grego on another triumph at Bio-On and I also look at the latest pompous whitterings from the poltroons at ShareSoc about Burford (BUR)

757 days ago

Before anyone reports me for a hate crime I am of Irish descentr and identify as Irish so can tell this joke. Actually the joke is Providence Resources (PVR) and Lansdowne Oil & Gas (LOGP). The rest of the podcast discusses the mendacity and stupidity of Sajid Javid and his pledge on the National Living wage.

757 days ago

In today's podcast I discuss Brady (BRY), Mobile Streams (MOS), Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) and its financially illiterate advisor Nomates,  Sirius (SXX0 and Bahamas Petroleum (BPC)

759 days ago

Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) has results tomorrow. There is talk that Britan's most conceited fund manager may be fired but if Susan Searle and her fellow directors think that gets them or the company off the hook, she is badly mistaken. PS. There is a joke for NoGold 30 seconds in.

759 days ago

In today's podcast I look at the ludicrous idea of Tax Justice UK and Oxfam for a new wealth tax like the Spanish one. Whatever. Then I look at Intu (INTU) and finally at Versarien (VRS).

761 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Numis (NUM), Sirius (SXX), Brady (BRY) and George Roach run POS Premier African Minerals (PREM). I also express my anger at the faux anger of those bastards in Westminster as they spout humbug. 

762 days ago

Make no mistake, Brady (BRY) and its POS Nomad Cenkos were forced to issue an RNS at 2.42 PM Thursday by the regulators and they did so because of the exposes by me on this website culminating in THIS. I look at where next for Brady, whether its partial 'fess is still giving us the whole truth, at the shocking behaviour of research analysts at Cenkos and at why both company and Nomad now need hefty fines and a public censure.

762 days ago

Okay I too mention how my beloved West Ham disgraced themselves last night. I was there. It was awful. A long drive home. This morning I tried doing business with St James Place (SJP). What a nightm are! is there an honest IFA who can help me with a simple problem? I then look at Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT), Big Sofa (BST), Eve Group (EVE), Xaar (XAR)  and what the shock news from Shore Capital (SGR) says about the state of the AIM Casino.

763 days ago

Yes my daughter and I will be at Oxford United tonight to see the mighty Hammers. COYI. As I try to contain my excitement I discuss Neil Woodford and what the dumping of IP Group (IPO) shares tells us, Aston Martin Lagonda (AML), the FCA and mini bonds and Alexander Mining (AXM).

764 days ago

In today's podcast I consider the political news. It's time to become a Gilet Jaune! Pick up your pitchforks!. Then I look at three dogs that should be shot: Versarien (VRS) - AGM bollocks today - Metro Bank (MTRO) - Bond issue pulled, could be a zero - and Brady (BRY) - no news so a letter to the FCA is on the way.

765 days ago

Capitalism has got itself into a mess by becoming addicted to debt. The answer is not more debt. That is lesson one of Thomas Cook (TCG). Those who blame the Government for not bailing it out, or Sirius (SXX) or my local boozer misunderstand how capitalism works. Folks have to lose money and jobs must be lost for all of us to prosper.

766 days ago

The accusations of lying, misleading ande of deception are flying thick and fast. I look at Peter Hargreaves of Hargreaves Lansdown (HL.) and his attempted hit job on Neil Woodford and at claims made by Chris Frazer. Frankly, he cannot be Sirius (SXX).

767 days ago

Jim Mellon says he loves listrening to my podcasts and has sent over a very interesting article following the pulled We Work IPO which I discuss at length. The into PureCircle (PURE) which Lucian has called brilliantly, notably here. Yesterday's shock warning tells us so much about the disgraceful apathy of folks like Numis and PWC when evidence of aggressive accounting was there for all to see over many years. I discuss another company shown to be swmming with no trunks. It will not be the last.

768 days ago

The Independent Newspaper thinks that I and 17.4 million others need a better education. Does anyone read that rag anymore? In today's podcast I look at Neil Woodford's Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT), notably its holdings in Autolus and Purplebricks (PURP) in light of data out today, Eve Group (EVE), Nigel Wray's Simba, Thomas Cook (TCG), i3 Energy (i3E) and Iconic Labs (ICON). 

768 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Xeros (XSG) as I consider the disruption of my own washing machine at the Welsh Hovel, Sound Energy (SOU) and EVR Holdings (EVRH). 

770 days ago

I urge you to listen to today's free podcast with Lucian. The sound quality is good and the content excellent. It can be found HERE. In the bearcast I discuss my old pals at Eden Research (EDEN),  Yu Group (YU.),Cenkos (CNKS) and FinnCap (FCAP).

771 days ago

I am grateful to Reg Hoare for prompting Begbies Traynor (BEG) to answer my questions and so save me from having to go to Manchester. But its response gets only 5 out of 10 and leaves me unconvinced. I look at Sirius Minerals (SXX) where things will only get more grim up North. I cover St James House (SJH) and also Watchstone (WTG), where I give credit where credit is due.

771 days ago

All will be revealed soon. Meanwhile I discuss Eddie Stobart (ESL), Circassia (CIR), Thomas Cook (TCG), Amur Minerals (AMC), Neil Woodford and Watchstone Group (WTG), Quindell as was.

773 days ago

I discuss one of them in full. One have referred to before, part 2 is tomorrow bt I can't say what it is for another few weeks. Then I look at today's Neil Woodford shocker Benevolent AI and how much Neil personally has trousered from valuations now shown to be a joke. Then the attack on Saudi Arabia and what it means for oil prices, gold and the global economy. It is not as dramatic as if this had happened in the 1970s. But there is a dramatic scenario to consider.

774 days ago

Oxford Nanopore is the flagship unquoted in the Neil Woodford portfolio both at EIF and WPCT. Yesterdaty it snuck out red flag strewn results and on a number of counts this looks utterly grim for Nomates.

775 days ago

There is some macro babble focussing on the woes of the EuroZone, why Malcolm is wrong about housebuilders and other matters. I look at Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) after yesterday evening's shock news and ask when it breaches gearing limits and what happens next. I touch on i3 Energy (i3E) then look at the shock departure of Dave Sefton from Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG). He should have been fired sooner and what happens next? And what does this mean for Iconic (ICON) which I mistakenly refer to by its former name of Widecells and where Sefton still casts his malign influence as a director.

776 days ago

Evil hedge funds backed Boris as they were betting heavily on shares to crash claims the crazy cat woman Carole Cadwalladr to rapturous applause from fellow financial illiterates. No doubt the BBC will lap thus up but the only problem is that it is completely untrue. It is fake news. I discuss this plus a cunning escape plan put forward for Neil Woodford's Equity Income Fund. But there are snags.

777 days ago

Warning: Do not play this bearcast in front of children or folks of a sensitive disposition. In the podcast I reflect on why the Welsh Hovel is currently like Hell on Christmas Eve. I cover the exact role of the house broker on the AIM Casino, i3 Energy (i3E), Quindell (QPP), Providence Resources (PVR), RiverFort Global (RGO) and Iconic Labs (ICON).

777 days ago

I reflect on the annoversary of 9/11. I ponder points raised in today's ShareProphets radio show with Carson Block and Anthony Laiker about bull market complacency to fraud. In that vein I use Tesla (TSLA) and the legal case below as a case study. I look at Neil Woodford's latest £12.5 million woes answering reader feedback. I look at Catennae (CTEA), Riverfort Global Opportunities (RGO) and my pal Jim Mellon's Fast Forward (FFWD). I also comment on the latest Burford (BUR) news.

778 days ago

Fake Sheriff of AIM Marcus Stuttard and colleagues what a shit-showeryou preside over. Thanks to Adept Technology (ADT) we have a stat that damns you. I discuss this, the comedy/tragedy that is Providence Resources (PVR)/ Lansdowne Oil & Gas (LOGP) and their Chinese pals. I look at IP Group (IPO), its results, its balance sheet and its association with the stench of Neil Woodford. Apologies to the fragrant Lizard for my words. And I chat about chatting to Carson Block of Muddy Waters about Burford (BUR) and other matters.To get the Carson Block podcast downloaded to your phone register HERE

779 days ago

I start by discussing visiting my local chemist and a few more thoughts on the canabbis bubble referring the hound Highland Natural Resources (HNR) which is transitioning and now wishes to be known as the bitch ZOE. I comment on Versarien (VRS) and the shocking Iconic (ICON) RNS. Then I go to town on Telit (TCM) and its interims where the numbers simply make no sense at all.

780 days ago

The Sunday Times has a major expose on St James Place (SJP) based on testimony of an ex employee. It is truly shocking stuff although not shocking for me as St James pursued my late Uncle Chris very aggressively. What this firm does to screw clients and to reward staff who shaft those clients is repellent and shames capitalism. I hope the firm goes bust and its workers never work again. and it may happen...

781 days ago

In today's podcast I look at the latest news from AIM bad boy Management Resoiurce Solutions (MRS)  where I think my critics really do owe me an apology (again). Then at Neil Woodford's latest woes at the Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) which are the beginning of the end. Will I get to monster the board at an AGM in 2020 as I did this year? I fear I may be denied that entertainment.

782 days ago

I start with the incredibly exciting matter I flagged yesterday. It did happen and I shall be able to say more in 4-6 weeks. Then onto the death of Robert Mugabe. I am sure the BBC will focus on early heroics. It should not. That is like saying "but... Hitler created some good art early on." I celebrate Mugabe's death wishing it had happened years ago. I look at how the regulators fail to tackle white collar crime reference Sefton (SER) and at why Altitude (ALT) MUST be investigated. I also cover Alien Metals (UFO) and Neil Woodford dog Xeros (XSG).

783 days ago

If it happens and when I can tell you I shall. Meanwhile I discuss Malcolm's bonkers views on housebuilding shares and, at length, the dogs that are Tomco (TOM) and Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) with asides on the Dallas TV show, who shot JR and my cousin Jeff's "crime" and the 3DM fraud.

784 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Mobile Streams (MOS), Xeros Group (XSG), what causes Neil Woodford to call it a day and how the stench of his activites makes IP Group (IPO) uninvestable at any price whatever broker Jefferies says in a note today.

785 days ago

In today's podcast I start with a couple of reflections on the joys of modern life involving Andrew Monk of VSA, cannabis and the tossers at Barclays Bank (BARC). I look at Burford (BUR), Falanx (FLX), IQE (IQE), Xaar (XAR), Providence Resources (PVR) and Lansdowne Oil & Gas (LOGP). I forgot to mention Restaurant Group (RTN) but Chris "Three Brains" Bailey, again, covers it very well HERE and he is right. It is a slam dunk sell. Lucian Miers reckons it might just be a zero.

786 days ago

In a short bearcast I discuss what questions one should ask a CEO, Burford (BUR), Watchstone (WTG), my whistleblower and a paronoid Aiden Earley, Cabot Energy (CAB) and Begbies Traynor (BEG).

786 days ago

Burford (BUR) has today issued a statement regarding Napo and the 2013 accounts. The statement, below, itself fails to address the two critical key points and indeed raises a stack more red flags as I discuss in some detail having chatted at length about this to the Dark Destroyer, Matt Earl.

787 days ago

Liam Kelly of The Sunday Times spins for Watchstone (WTG) in a terribly dishonest way becuase it has been shown an email relating to the Quindell (QPP) era and Slater & Gordon. I will have a real Quindell scoop in a couple of hours not dropped by a PR but coming on the back of real hard work. That is my 6th Wedding annoversary present to myself. All is discussed in today's podcast.

788 days ago

Therev are some advantages of being old. Folks like Gary Newman are young so know of Tom Cross only from the glory days of Dana. I remember him as a bit of a chancer in its early days. I discuss that and Parkmead (PMG). Then I look at IQE (IQE) and the bulletin board morons. Tonight I am off to see a whistleblower on one of my old foes and am promised a trove of documents and recordings. Watch this space.

789 days ago

Global Resources Investment Trust (GRIT) has today fessed up to some of the shocking revelations on this website about its former boss David "Sam" Hutchins. A small ouzo for the Sheriff for hos breakfast is perhaps in order. But this is not enough. GRIT and its adviser, Peterhouse Corporate Finance, need to go to the FCA and ensure there is a public"career execution" for smug Sam as part of a zero tolerance approach to those who break the rules. I also discuss Malcom's bonkers views on the housebuilders and what the Shoe Zone (SHOE) warning and writedwns says about commercial property NAVs, ref Intu (INTU) and Hammerson (HMSO) in particular. 

790 days ago

I start by discussing an interview with Matt Earl for the next Shareprophets Radio show. It will be up later and will knock your socks off. I look at IQE (IQE) and warn you all. I defend myself against an attack on my share tips from pompous twit NoGold. I look at Watchstone (WTG), Quindell as was in light of today's laughable news and also at Thomas Cook (TCG), which is still 80%+ overvalued.

791 days ago

Apologies for the background noise in the Thomas Cook (TCG) segment, a workman at the Welsh Hovel has not quite understood how I have to pay his bloated fucking wages. I also discuss Rutherford (RUTH)_and how it will destroy the reputation of Neil Woodford but not in the way Nigel suggests and Optibiotix (OPTI)

792 days ago

The Evening Standard man is not very bright and still does not understand the import of today's Muddy Waters Burford (BUR). Look at the tweet exchange below. Would you believe I wasted 20 minutes of my life answering questions about the dossier from this ungrateful knobhead today?. It is not the first time I've helped him but with no grace to credit, it will be the last.  I also look at First Derivatives (FDP), discuss the very low grade lawyer's letter I received today, look at ADM Energy (ADME) and at the comedy show that is Providence Resources (PVR)

793 days ago

Prompted by two phone calls today which could yield explosive results against an old adversary I reflect on why more and more whistleblowers come to me and why they are safe in doing so. Then, prompted by something very exciting I should be able to reveal  in September, I look at why going to the FCA is such a waste of time and what it needs to do to change its ways.

793 days ago

FTI Consulting, PR for First Derivatives (FDP), wants me to take down legititmate articles asking legitimate questions. If Roger Lawson had his way I'd have to take them down. Luckily the ShareSoc supremo can't gag a free press so instead I publish some more, explosive, court documents about First Derivatives in full, below and in this podcast I explain why they matter. 

794 days ago

In today's podcast i look more at the Sheikh on the make at ADM Energy (ADME) and the failure of Nomad Cairn of Cloudtag (CTAG) infamy. Just how big is that failure? Then a few words on Neil Woodford and finally I discuss the full extent of the possible regulatory horrors which follow on from today's shocking breaking news on AIM "superstar" First Derivatives (FDP) . Update First now says the lawsuit that could have bankrupted it was withdrawn ( it has not said why) on Friday. That does not explain why there was no RNS on Wednesday.

796 days ago

This looks like a doddle to investigate. The stock is ADM Energy (ADME) but will the FCA dare to challenge Shaikh Ahmed Bin Dalmook Al Maktoum or is insider dealing just an offence of you are a nobody? Then I look at the Eddie Stobart (ESL) fraud debacle, the Industrial Heat shambles, Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT), the  Equity Income Fund (which has  today insisted it will look to ungate at Christmas... whatever) the Income Focus Fund (soon to be gated) and what today's news says about the stupidity, arrogance and lack of ethics of Neil Woodford himself. Postscript: His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmook bin Juma Al Maktoum is not to be confused with Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Emirates and indeed a very wealthy man. I did confuse him but this is still a Dubai Royal, will the FCA take him on? 

796 days ago

I start with a discussion of how young and inexperienced most sell side analysts are and why that bodes so badly for the horrors that will emerge in the coming bear market. I move onto Versarien (VRS) a pointless deal and accounts that contradict themselves, I look at Burford (BUR) and the sex tapes allegations as well as my own on Napo and then finally at forex service ProphetFX which is drowning in red flags as is AIM Casino rubbish Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG)

798 days ago

Hat tip my esteemed stockbroker, I flag up a major red flag for global equity markets. I discuss a hot rumour of the real reason the FCA swooped to shut down broker SVS. I look at Canadian Overseas (COPL), Avanti Communications (AVN), Sound Energy (SOU), Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) and Brady (BRY).

798 days ago

In the wake of the Muddy waters attack on Burford (BUR) Roger Lawson of ShareSoc has published a detailed set of proposals to tackle what he sees as a big problem as you can see HERE. He makes a couple of suggestions which we can agree on as being utterly sensible. But he fails to grasp that existing laws can deal with other issues, the problem is that they are never implemented. He goes on to make a number of proposals which are naive and would gag websites like this in the extremis making London markets, already a great place for fraudsters and shameless promoters to do business, even more friendly for such folks. They would be a disaster as I explain in detail.

799 days ago

In today's podcast I start with how Roger Lawson wants laws changed that will shut ShareProphets down and is using Burford (BUR) as his pretext. I look at how the AIM demise of Avanti (AVN) shows how wrong Lawson is and at lessons we can all learn. I cover Providence Resources (PVR) and its dirtbag fat cat boss Tony O'Reilly Jnr, at Cabot Energy (TOAST), Mysale (MYSL) - another mark of shame for Burford's Nomad Macquarie and for Sir Philip Green - and at IMC Exploration (IMC) which is toxic.

799 days ago

I report on what the quack told me and consider a career change. I consider mattresses Eve (EVE), Simba, Nigel Wray and Neil Woodford. I look at Clear Leisure (CLP), First Derivatives (FDP), Thomas Cook (TCG), Dev Clever (DEV) and Verseon (VERS) and I comment on my interview with Kefi (KEFI) out later this week.

800 days ago

I start with Burford (BUR) and the questions it may or may not choose to ansswer from this weekend plus a look at its spinning and smearing via the PR cocksuckers at the Sunday Times. Then, as a financial journalist who has been warning about Neil Woodford since 2015 and explicitly hoisting red flag after red flag, I assiost Mr Luzio with an analysis of the flaws of the deadwood press and the low grade waste of space press release regurgitators such as him who staff it.

802 days ago

I start with the case of a banker Andrew Tinney who "acted without integrity" but thinks he has done nothing wrong. Discuss. Then ex banker Sajid Javid who wants to ramp up the housing asset bubble by switching stamp duty from buyer to seller. Why do you think he is oing that? Finally to Neil Woodford's Income Focus Fund and a discussion of why it should be gated now but when it will actually be gated.

803 days ago

A bit better, only 1 coughing fit in 25 minutes. Thanks for all your best wishes. In today's podcast I discuss the threat of recession and what it means for your portfolio, a grilling for 'Arry of Kefi (KEFI) for you to take part in, all things Burford (BUR) with references to Avanti (AVN) and Quindell (QPP) and why I'm writing to the Nomad and AIM Regulation this weekend and Corero (CNS) which is a true shocker in every respect. We did warn y'all!

804 days ago

I am not well as the repeated coughing implies. I have self diagnosed and think I may have bronchitis. Anyhow apologies for more coughing today. In the podcast I look at Tomco (TOM), Conroy Gold (CGNR), Sports Direct (SPD) and at Kier (KIE).

805 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at shitty little gold plays like Conroy (CGNR) and Condor (CNR) at their relationship to the gold price. I cover Burford (BUR) noting today's interventions from two giants of the investment world: Carson Block of Muddy Waters and Roger Lawson of ShareSoc. I look at Providence Resources (PVR) a comedy set to end in tears, at Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC) a tragedy set to end in tears and also at Neil Woodford and that Cenkos (CNKS) profits warning.

806 days ago

In today's (long) bearcast I look at Burford (BUR) asking questions of bulls and bears, at Thomas Cook (TCG), surely a slam dunk short at 8p, at Cabot Energy (TOAST), ADM Energy (ADME) and finally at Seedrs where the PR bird is trying to bully me into publishing a falsehood. She is picking on the wrong man. maybe she confuses me with the spineless financial illiterates and PR cocksuckers at the deadwood press?

808 days ago

In today's bearcast I discuss Luke Johnson and British and American cultural attitudes to a career setback. Then I see how the deadwood press think that appointing Alison Rose as the new Biggest Swinging Dick at RBS will end its macho culture. It really is so much hogwash.

808 days ago

I start with the threat of a UK recession, piffle tweeted by the lunatic David Lammy MP, the link to Brexit (minimal) and the stockmarket implications. Then onto Burford (BUR) where events move apace but the company seems to think bear raider Carson Block of Muddy Waters is in legal hot water. Instinctively I side with Block, however if today's Mail is correct and he has closed much of his short while still issuing bearish tweets then is he any better than Chris Oil on Sefton or shamed broker SP Angel on Blue Jay (JAY). On that basis....

809 days ago

Yesterday I raised issues for Versarien (VRS) HERE which forced a statement today. But that statement itself now begs the question of whether Neill Ricketts is an insider dealer. Another email to the shamed Nomad Bobbie Hilliam (of Quindell infamy) at Canaccord and to AIM Regulation is on the way. I also look at Burford (BUR), Kier (KIE) and Verseon (VERS).

810 days ago

The tweet below from Versarien (VRS) boss Neill Ricketts is surely against AIM Rules. I am referring it to nomad Canaccord and AIM Regulation and discuss in a podcast which also covers swimming pool ways, folks who insult me to ask a favour, Burford (BUR) its rebuttal (very strong) but its red flag antics elsewhere and the limp dick behaviour of the deadwood press, notably The Times. I also look at Cabot Energy (CAB) which is surely AIM Casino toast.

811 days ago

Once again this website stands 100% vindicated in l'affaire Burford (BUR) where our coverage for months has been ahead of the game. Natch the deadwood press will ignore all of that as well as our brave call of yesterday. I look at Burford, its insane reaction, which was a red flag in itself, and then the equally insane reaction of Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) and where this all leaves disgraced Neil Woodford...

813 days ago

There are dramatic events today at the Greek Hovel. More on that elsewhere and later. In the podcast I look at IQE (IQE) and Equitites First Holdings, at Iconic Labs  (ICON), the SVS fallout, Vela (VELA) and Tertiary Minerals (TYM) and at Sirius Minerals (SXX). And also at share options in general and why I oppose them in all cases.

814 days ago

Pity me dear listeners, I think it is only c20 degrees here in Greece today. Okay I think you are not pitying me are you? In the podcast I discuss Verseon (VERS), Bluejay Mining (JAY), Spud U Like and the minimum wage, Providence Resources (PVR), Lansdowne Oil & Gas (LOGP) and Thor Mining (THR).

815 days ago

Rob Terry, Jamie Nimmo, Jeff Prestridge, Neil Woodford, another pointless day of shame for the, increasingly limpdick, Financial Mail on Sunday. I discuss this plus why I do not want to come back to the UK after a chat with lovely Eleni and others here in Kambos in today's bearcast

816 days ago

In today's podcast I point fingers at who should be sent to jail or drummed out of the City as I look at new developments at former AIM Casino darling Frontera (FRR), the late lamented SVS Securities and at the crumbling empire of Neil Woodford and Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT).

817 days ago

I reflect on two sorts of fraudsters in the news, King conman Rob Terry HERE and chaps at Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL) HERE. I offer a cameo of life here in Greece explaining why the economy is such a joke, discuss Versarien (VRS) its latest news, the kiss of death from Zak Mir HERE, and its valuation and also comment on Optibiotix (OPTI) and the demise of the spivs at SVS Securities

817 days ago

In today's bearcast i shut the windows at the Greek Hovel to cut out the noise of the cricket circus. I really could stay here for good and not come back to the UK. The Mrs is not so sure but she is warming to the idea.  In the podcast I look at St James House (SJH) a POS handing me a bit of a triumph as accounts restated, Big Dish (DISH)  - which I expose for lying and mugging poor old Malcolm Stacey HERE - have some folks no shame?  I also look at Kier (KIE) and Thomas Cook (TCG).

819 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at Brave Bison (BBSN), Kier (KIE), Intu (INTU), Dignity (DTY) and Aston Martin Lagonda (AML). If you are interested in Versarien (VRS), as a bull or a bear, you MUST listen to today's ShareProphets radio HERE

820 days ago

I doubt I shall be invited to the funeral given the stuff I have written about First Derivatives (FDP). I have been vindicated on that matter but the early death of Conlon is a shame and my thoughts are with his family. None the less I discuss what happens next as the chief plate spinner goes to another place.

821 days ago

In today's bearcast I touch on the antics of two of the City's brightest lights. First up is Agronomics (ANIC), where my old friend Jim Mellon is the largest shareholder and the price of cultured pork sausages in 2021, then it is onto disgraced Neil Woodford and Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT).

822 days ago

In today's podcasts I look at calls to ban OIECS, Unit Trusts, in the wake of various disasters include the Neil Woodford affair and make my own suggestion of reform. I also again look at commercial property stocks and an unfolding catastrophe hitting the sector.

823 days ago

In this podcasr I look at Sports Direct (SPD), the economic mess in the Eurozone that lunatics like Malcolm Stacey want us hooked up to and at Kier (KIE) - when did it become uninvestable and is there a bull case?

824 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Dev Clever (DEV), Tesla (TSLA), Mothercare (MTC), Versarien (VRS) and Block Energy (BLOE). Enjoy.

825 days ago

On today's podcast I discuss Westminster Group (WSG) run by ex Tory MP Tony Baldry of 3DM infamy, Metro Bank (MTRO), the Sith Lord Zak Mir, Sam Antar, Optibiotix (OPTI), Inspirit (INSP) and Dev Clever (DEV) - when are its (sure to be dire) results?

826 days ago

My liver survived the visit of Jono relatively unscathed, today I have new guests and will be biting my lip hard. Ahead of their arrival I discuss Aston Martin (AML), Kier (KIE), Westminster Group (WSG) and Dev Clever (DEV). If you have a spare couple of hours later I urge you to listen to my free weekly podcast which is most excellent and can be found HERE

827 days ago

My fat, drunken, friend Jono from Zimbabwe arrives at the Welsh Hovel shortly and I shall try not to allow him to lead me astray. I also await Gabriel's next bombshell dossier I am to publish tomorrow morning. In this podcast I look at the wider implications of the RM2 (RM2) debacle for Neil Woodford, at IQE (IQE), at Fevertree (FEVR) - hat tip Leon Boros - at St James House (SJH) and at Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC).

828 days ago

I explain the unusual location of my studio today. The welsh hovel is amok with workmen including Brokerman Dan who has explained to me his thoughts on Union Jack Oil (UJO) as he clears away asbestos. I also look at IQE (IQE) and at Idox (IDOX) both of which SHOULD have placings and neither of which I'd bottom fish.

829 days ago

My voice recovered a bit and so I squeeze out a bearcast covering all developments Neil Woodford including the fury of a lapdog journalist scorned (Jeff PressTrip) but also the awful problems WPCT faces as shown by the Atom Bank news. Put simply, a hopelessly compromised board cannot save this ship.

830 days ago

I start with a look at how well meaning Government intervention in the free market can often have dire economic consequences. then in light of 24 hours of abuse from Neill Rickets and his cultist followers I look at some of the Versarien (VRS) Red flags. 

831 days ago

In today's bearcast I discuss Hammerson (HMSO) and its 9.5% yield and the outlook for its sector, semi naked women on a cornish beach,  Versarien (VRS), Feedback (FDBK) and MotifBio (MTFB). 

832 days ago

In today;s podcast I discuss how the Mrs has fallen victim to the fascists of the North Wales Police, Karelian Diamonds (KDR), ASOS (ASC), Eve Sleep (EVE) and Sosandar (SOS).

832 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at Versarien (VRS), Telit (TCM) and Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) . Three dogs.

834 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), Management Resource Solutions (MRS), the syphillitic welfare funded client of Cupid (CUP), Albert Technologies (ALB), Optibiotix (OPTI) and Dev Clever (DEV).

835 days ago

In today's bearcast I look forward to the new show on Wednesday which will be half recorded by the end of today. I cover Mortice (MORT) a tale of shareholder woe friom the AIM Cesspit, Kier (KIE), Dev Clever (DEV), Anglo African Oil & Gas (SCUM), Premier Technical Services Group (PTSG) and Mobile Streams (MOS), where I study what happens to cashflow when a company is near to death and the red flag gaps in today's trading statement.

836 days ago

There is a new RNS out today which begs massive questions which the company refuses to answer. And there is still the matter of the placing at 5.2p and more questions about whether Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) will get that away in light of what it claimed on Friday. This stock is now utterly toxic and uninvestable at 4p. Enjoy.

836 days ago

I reflect on a week of triumphs with regard to lawyer's letters, Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) and TrakM8 (TRAK) and revisit St James House run by Lord Razzall and its quite utterly ludicrous accounts which need major restatements.

837 days ago

Adding to my joy it is off to the mother-in-law's for her Birthday. One lawyer's letter was on behalf of Julie Meyer. I have reported Ms Lingerie on expenses and her lawyer to the North Wales Police in response to the letter you can see here. The other was from Stifel Europe. I discuss Stifel's letter concerning Yourgene (YGEN), Stifel's dire coverage of Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) and then how Sir Douglas Flint  of IP Group (IPO) - a big short - has come out to bat for Neil. Extraordinary.

838 days ago

In today's podcast I cover Dev Clever (DEV), Yourgene (YGEN), Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), Grand Vision Media (GVMH), Thomas Cook (TCG) and the bastard who sent me a lawyers letter as I carried my Uncle's Coffin.

839 days ago

My series of exposes on Anglo Africa Oil & Gas (AAOG) have revealed a raft of corrupt deals by boss David Sefton. Most shareholders appeared to respond by attacking me. Today he 'fessed on the deals in full, admitting that I was right. He then reversed and changed them which will save his shareholders £1.3 million. They should be thanking me and singing my praises. They will not be. Meanwhile I expose Sefton's life of first class air travel - how long can this company afford to employ this shamed man? 

839 days ago

The first reading is the one i shall do this afternoon just to give you an idea of the Tyndale bible. The second should be v ery welcome news for shareholders in Kier (KIE), Big Dish (DISH), St James House (SJH) and Sosandar (SOS) all of which I discuss in detail. That reading is Matthew  19 verses 23 and 24 (KJV):  Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God

840 days ago

I start with a few notes on  tomorrow, logistics and the funeral of Uncle Chris Booker. Then it is onto Yourgene (YGEN), Thomas Cook (TCG), Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), Amur Minerals (AMC), and the dog St James House (SJH) formerly known as the Boxhill hound.

841 days ago

#BoycottHomeDepot is trending on twitter in the US. If you are in the land of the free I urge you to do the reverse. In fact go buy an extra hammer for me today. Then I look at Thomas Cook (TCG), Sound Energy (SOU), Eve Sleep (EVE), the woes of my old friend Jim Mellon's SalvaRx (SALV), Union Jack Oil (UJO) and, in detail, at FinnCap (FCAP) whose results are out today. Mea culpa on Eve, it is actually worse...

842 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at more toxic behaviour at Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), at TrakM8 (TRAK), Bluejay (JAY) and there is more on Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) and the, slowly detonating, nuclear grenade that is Proton Partners (PPI). I also look at (bad) news from Asos (ASC) and Sosandar (SOS) and wonder if there is something happening in online shopping that we have missed.

843 days ago

Cynical Bear warned Benevolent AI would be Neil Woodford's Kryptonite in May 2018. His coverage before then and his and our coverage since then was amazing and so far ahead of that of the Deadwood Press. The Sunday Times does some "analysis" today and almost gets the same answer we got years ago. Wankers. But it has a new angle: the next funding round will be a savage "down round". I explain why this will blow Woodford apart exposing to all what a greedy charlatan and chancer he is.

843 days ago

David Lenigas and others seem to think banning shorting is a good idea. Au contraire it would hurt absolutely everyone except fraudsters and shameless promoters. I explain this in full in today's podcast.

845 days ago

I start with a few words on The Guardian's obituary of Uncle Chris. I look at the deliberate spoof and placing at Mirriad (MIRI) answer your questions on Kefi (KEFI) look at the NEX lobster pot with its new owners and finally return to Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) where a statement about THIS is needed ASAP

846 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at FinnCrap (FCAP and two of its rotten clients: Telit (TCM) and Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), at vile greed at Attis Oil & Gas (AOGL) , formerly Mayan/Northcote and at the latest FRC sanctions for shoddy audit work by Delotte and audit partner Helen George. I look at Weald Basin news from IGAS (IGAS) and what it means for Uk Oil 7 Gas (UKOG) et al and at daft Sound Energy (SOU) rumours.

847 days ago

Firstly, thank you for all your kind messages about Uncle Chris.  Earlier I revealed a real scandal at Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) HERE. But actually I made a schoolboy error and it is far far worse than I depicted. I also comment on Sosandar (SOS), a situation which is enough to turn even the most loyal and vociferous of shareholders to drink. Then I look at First Derivatives (FDP), Telit (TCM) and its latest admission, forced by myself, that it does not give a FF about AIM Rules. Finally a look at Purplebricks (PURP).

847 days ago

We live in a mad, mad world and I cite four examples of this: the banning of the original US flag by Nike 48 hours ahead of July 4, illiterate Zak Mir going into PR, the PI love-in on Bulletin Boards with utterly worthless Premier African Minerals (PREM) and the IPO of Funding Circle (FCH). I look at Dialight (DIA), and Fastjet (FJET) and then list my top ten shorts worth more than £250 million (with two slightly smaller cheats included) and explain the bear case for each.

849 days ago

In today's bearcast I discuss how and why the word bugger come from Bulgaria, at least according to my hero Paddy Leigh Fermor. I look at Versarien (VRS) and why it will end in tears, report that Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG) is trying to raise £9 million at 5p and or via a death spiral, look at Hurricane (HUR), Prospex (PXOG), Grand Vision Media Holdings (GVMH) - as per my prescient piece HERE - Condor (CNR)  and uber dog Premier African Minerals (PREM)

850 days ago

Listeners can you decide who is right on this massive issuew: the Mrs or myself?  Then it is onto Sosandar (SOS) where cowardly Nigel Somerville today fails to answer my question and where I discuss what would make me buy. Finally onto Neill Ricketts and Versarien (VRS) after yesterday's bombshell. But Neill is an honourable man, right?

850 days ago

In this podcast I reflect on the birth of my daughter Olaf (Olivia) at just 26 weeks, weighing 1lb 4 oz all those years ago as she turns 18 today. I look at Boris Johnson's proposed stamp duty bribe and why it is wrong at every level. I answer the questions I raised yesterday, about Chris Oil's share trading in Union Jack Oil (UJO) and I discuss the "news" (it won';t be to you dear listeners!) that Neil Woodford's Equity Income Fund is being gated for a lot longer than the first announced 28 days.

851 days ago

In the first half of this podcast as I look at UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Angus Energy (ANGS), Brockham, Horse Hill and the Weald Basin ramp I am joined by comrade Brokerman Dan. Then, alone, I look at Woodford Patient Captal Trust (WPCT) including the key missing info in today's bullshit RNS, Costain (COST), Versarien (VRS) and Mirriad (MIRI).

853 days ago

I discuss the double standards of those running the LSE Asylum with reference to UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), its lying CEO and some poltroon who asserts I take bribes. I ask Nigel if he still thinks Sosandar (SOS) is a buy at sub 20p as it is sub 20p. I'm not sure. I look at greed and rewarding failure at Staffline (STAF), pass on rumours about Union Jack Oil (UJO) and comment on Bluejay Mining (JAY) and Dev Clever (DEV). Now it's back to hard work at the Welsh Hovel.

854 days ago

In today's podcast I look at RM2 (RM2) and the implications for Neil Woodford, Two Shields Investments (TSI) and Chris Akers,  RPS (RPS), Sareum (SAR) and Westminster Group (WSG).

855 days ago

In today's bearcast I touch on Neil Woodford and the duffing up he is getting today from Andrew Bailey head of the chocolate teapots at the FCA. Then I comment on Optibiotix (OPTI), RedT Energy (RED), Remote Monitoring Solutions (RMS)_ - formerly the criminal dog Strat Aero - RM2 (RM2) and Arden Partners (ARDN) 

856 days ago

In this bonus bearcast I look at the failure of the FCA & Link with regard to box ticking and the correct valuation of Proton Partners in light of the latest £25 million fund-raise. This just cannot be right.

856 days ago

In this bearcast I ask a series of questions for PR spinners for Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT). References to 210p should be 227p. Let's see what answers I get. I also look at Optibiotix (OPTI), RM2 (RM2), Mysale (MYSL), Agronomics (ANIC) and have a big question for Neill Ricketts and Versarien (VRS)

857 days ago

Lucy White of the Daily Mail is either the stupidest bint on Fleet Street or takes dictation from WPCT's PR spinners. I discuss her laughable piece on Proton Partners and the stricken Neil Woodford Patient Capital Trust.

857 days ago

Today's bearcast is a little late thanks to the amazing work of Brokerman Dan at the Welsh Hovel. Photos later. I start with the blunders of Julie Meyer's latest lawyer. Then I look at Chesterfield Resources (CHF) and other mining tiddlers and explian why Doc Holliday (a bull) is either very right or very wrong and why I think, but do not know, that it is the latter. Then more questions for IQE (IQE) including when is the placing? 

858 days ago

I start with a few words on comments from Jeremy Hunt showing why the entire political class deserves an encounter with an asteroid, his contempt for the victims of crime (you and I the taxpayer) and his support for a fraudster. I look at IQE (IQE), Nanoco (NANO), Agronomics (ANIC), Andalas (ADL), Thin Film (another Neil Woodford disaster) and RM2 (RM2). And now I must rush, more tomorrow.

860 days ago

The big excitement today is the foiling of the plans of the Mrs to turn our cats into vegan, Guardian-reading, little darlings. I discuss that and the arrival of the tile polishing man at the Welsh hovel - photos HERE. Then I look at BCA Marketplace (BCA), Neil Woodford, Brave Bison (BBSN), Big Dish (DISH) and Dev Clever (DEV) as well as the general market frothiness.

861 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Saga (SAGA), Dev Clever (DEV), Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC), RM2 (RM2), Falanx (FLX), Yourgene (YGEN) and IQE (IQE).

862 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Union Jack Oil (UJO), Sound Energy (SOU), Westminster Group (WSG), PCG Entertainment (PCGE), Bluejay (JAY), why Nigel Somerville is, today only, wrong about Neil Woodford, Future (FUTR) and Staffline (STAF).

862 days ago

Sorry for the late podcast but I have spent most of the day renovating another room in the Welsh Hovel. I may post some pictures later but it is far more entertaining than even writing about Neil Woodford's woes or Julie Meyer's lingerie. In today's podcast I look at Thomas Cook (TCG), Audioboom (BOOM), Kier (KIE), Staffline (STAF), Dev Clever (DEV) and the Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT), where, of course, I remain a loyal shareholder. Ho. ho. ho.

863 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at "lucky" Luke red flags and Patisserie Valerie, Neil Woodford, Babcock (BAB) and sumbag, lying or disingeneous, pond life journalist scum such as Ali Hussein, Sabah Meddings, Jamie Nimmo and the fraudster's fave journo Ben Harrington.

865 days ago

I start with reports in the Times about share sales by EIF over the past week which just go to show that this fund will be gated until Christmas or beyond. Then I discuss whether Neil Woodford should go to prison for what he has done and having considered the evidence I argue that he should.

867 days ago

In today's bearcast I comment on Quindell fraudster  Rob Terry in light of my earlier artice, I look at the FRC, PWC and Redcentric (RCN), ValiRx (VAL), Plutus Powergen (PPG) and at Neil Woodford and IP Group (IPO) which might be next to unravel as the contagion spreads.

868 days ago

Sorry for the late bearcast, I enjoyed a long chat with Reuters (see Roger Lawson not all the deadwood press hates me!) on when Neil Woodford's Income Focus Fund will be gated. It is a when not an if and I discuss what is going on under the surface. Then it is on to Pendragon (PDG) and BCA MarketPlace (BCA) which is more of a BIG SHORT - than ever. I look at Big Sofa (BST), Amphion (AMP) which looks like a zero and finally, in some detail, UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). Now back to the rising water levels at the Welsh Hovel.

868 days ago

I start with a discussion of the gender pay gap in football and why it is so much hogwash. Then I look at Neil Woodford and the useless FCA. Then I cover two stocks I own, Fox Marble (FOX) and Venn Life (VENN), and two which I don't Ted Baker (TED) and then a long term target of mine MPorium (MPM), a tale of AIM woe.

870 days ago

A recording glitch. The hot rumour is at 20 minutes, ignore the gap beforehand. Elsewhere, I look at Neil Woodford, Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT), Eve Group (EVE), Xeros (XSG), RM2 (RM2), Hargreaves Lansdown (HL.), BlueJay (JAY), Thomas Cook (TCG) Agronomics (ANIC) and the sodomising of Mail on Sunday reader;s portfolios by prize shit Ben Harrington and at Avereso (ASO).

870 days ago

I start with Bryce Elder at the FT. What a knob. Then it is onto new explosive revelations about Hargreaves Lansdown (HL.) was  selling Woodford funds for months while urging its retail clients to buy.

872 days ago

I start this podcast with a look at some of the shite press coverage of the Woodford scandal today, notably Patrick Hosking in The Times and the Daily Mail. Then it is onto what ios the end game for Neil personally: jail? insolvency of WIM? A lifetime ban from financial services? Another OBE and more tea with his pal David Cameron? Finally I look at Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) and reach out to fellow shareholders. I wish to call an EGM to sack the board and explain why. can you help me?

873 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at the 5.6 million questions Mark Dampier has to answer in the wake of the collapse of the Neil Woodford empire. I also look at how the contagion could swamp one of Hargreaves Lansdown's (HL.) own fund of funds unit trusts and at the massive COIs at Hargreaves which the Woodfiord scandal reveals. I look at Redde (REDD), Surgical Innovations (SUN) and  give a direct answer to Roger Lawson as to why I will continue to call out the corrupt and useless deadwood press even if it means no coverage of the achievements of this website. It is called feeling comfortable with yourself, Roger, for telling it as it is. Postscript: Late tonight it has been announced that shamed Dampier is to "retire".

874 days ago

My good mate Sam Antar was, in his Crazy Eddie's fraud prime, a master at dealing with press and analyst critics. Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC) is not a fraud though its accounts stink to high heaven. The way it has dealt with my legitimate and hard hitting cricism has been amateurish. As I am such a nice guy I explain what Sam would have done.

874 days ago

I start with a few reflections on D day from my own family history. Then I look at Neil Woodford and what needs to happen.Then at unfolding events at Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC) which make it, arguably, the most compelling short on AIM. Do folks understand the scale of what is going on here? Then I cover Motif Bio (MTFB), Cabot Energy (CAB)  and finally Blue Jay (JAY) another truly compelling short.

875 days ago

In today's bearcast I start with a range of matters relating to Neil Woodford including brokers lifting our research, Purplebricks (PURP), Provident Financial (PFG) and Non-Standard Finance (NSF). And I make Neil a generous offer on Proton Partners (PPI). Then I look at Diversified Gas & Oil (DGOC) and the dumb fuck clients of Cenkos (CNKS). Finally a brief look at Ironveld (IRON) and at the Bluejay (JAY) hound. Postcript: Cynical Bear points out that today's TRI shows Woody is in fact selling Purplebricks in the market as well. Timber!

875 days ago

In today's podcast I add a bit more to the earlier coverage of Diversified Gas & Oil (DCOG) which is an outstanding short, look at Management Resource Solutions (MRS), and Gooch & Housego (GHH). Then I look at Woodford, play out some end game scenarios and look at 10 stocks which could go bust by Christmas as a result of this fiasco.

877 days ago

I am always happy to assist my good friends round at the FCA and start with this and Julie "Lingerie on Expenses" Meyer. I move on to Neil Woodford and Kier (KIE), then Yourgene (YGEN) and a long chat with Adam Reynolds, Bluejay Mining (JAY), Argo Blockchain (ARB) and Eqtec (EQT).

877 days ago

In today's bearast I take a detailed look at Sub Standard list Bermele (BERM) which is over-ramped, dripping in red flags and been pushed by shamed Bulletin Board Moron Aberdeenman. I also explain why I shall, tomorrow, be asking the Met to investigate whether Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer and her lawyer Peter McGrath might - as a result of this - be perverting the course of jiustice as I have news on the FCA's criminal investigation into Meyer which seems to be ratcheting up. I am not accusing either of this serious crime merely asking the Met to see if something awry is taking place.

878 days ago

We must be doing something right. We are! We are exposing wrongdoing in financial services and thus I detail the three attempts to shut this site down of late. We will fight on and thank you for your support. If you value what we do please get others to subscribe HERE. I also look at the canard at the heart of the defence for Neil Woodford, a line spun to the Times today.

879 days ago

Someone wants to gag the free press and has sent me a fascist and ludicrous lawyers letter. But who wants to suffer the curse of the Sheriff? make your guesses in the comments section below. It is not Neil Woodford but I discuss his woes, I look at Karelian Diamonds (KDR) and offer to back those wanting to sack the board, comment again on BlueJay (JAY) and its porky pie and look at results from Audioboom (BOOM). Finally, my cats are now showing their teeth as trained vermin killers.

880 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at the growing woes of Neil Woodford, Blue Jay Mining (JAY), Plutus Powergen (PPG), Mila (MILA), Big Dish (DISH), Condor Gold (CNR) and Thomas Cook (TCG)

881 days ago

Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks is now just £124.82 shy of its £50,000 target. If you are yet to donate, today is your last chance so please do so HERE. I have another warning from the crooked leprechaun Brian McDonnell of US Oil & Gas (USOP) and i discuss why, at every level, Amigo (AMGO) is uninvestable at almost any price.

884 days ago

Firstly, we are now at more than 99% of our Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks target. If you have yet to donate please do so NOW HERE. Next year there are a few changes planned as I discuss. I then discuss my friendship with Richard Poulden and how it affects my writing. Finally Brian McDonnell, the liar and crook who runs the worthless fraud US Oil & Gas (USOP), I am planning a legal and media circus in Dublin to end your career, that of your mentor Liam McGrattan and Niall, Bertie and your other cronies. You want to play ball bitchez?

884 days ago

These are the 24 most-listened-to Bearcasts by Tom so far this year. By my reckoning, if you queue them all up, you'll have eight hours of Tom's dulcet tones to play for the family. 

884 days ago

Firstly a few words on Woodlarks. Your generosity has secured its funding for another year. So thanks to all who supported the rogue bloggers. Photos of myself and other old codgers crossing the line are HERE. If you have yet to donate we need just £690 more to hit £50,000 so please donate HERE. Then it is onto Woodford and taking out the spin of the stories in today's Sunday Times it looks really grim and I explain why it could be end game by early July and also why I think we loyal Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) shareholders were misled at the recent AGM.

885 days ago

In today's bearcast I explain why I disagree with Malcolm on Bigdish (DISH) this morning. I look at IQE (IQE) and the growing risks after today's statement and there is a final appeal on Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. we are now less than £4,000 shy of the £50,000 target, if you have yet to donate please do so HERE. I have a few words on the departure of the useless, mendacious and despicable old hag, Theresa May

888 days ago

Roger Lawson of ShareSoc has not reacted well to yesterday's article HERE but still refuses to say how he wants me and ShareProphets to be curbed and controlled. Over to you comrade and I think you really are talking bollocks. Then it is onto Red Rock Resources (RRR), Georgian Mining (GEO) and some hard questions about potential AIM Rules breaches at Westminster Group (WSG), run by loathsome ex Tory MP Tony Baldry of 3DM infamy. I remind you to risk a milkshake from a wretched lefty and vote the right way today. And I make another plea to those bearcast listeners yet to be heros, please donate now to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE.

888 days ago

In this bearcast I look at the demise of Jamie's overpriced restaurants, at Marks & Spencer (MKS), Management Resource Solutions (MRS), Wishbone Gold (WSBN) and the very real scandal at Westminster Group (WSG). Now, with two rogue bloggerettes joining our trek on Saturday, the total raised has moved up to £44,296.18 - if you are yet to donate please do so today HERE

889 days ago

Broker Optiva has made a very generous donation to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. Given how beastly I am about it (as is Levi) that is very generous. I suggest you follow suit HERE. Stockopedia has done another poor hatchet job on Optibiotix (OPTI). I explain why it is just a piss poor and pointless piece. The shares, at 89p are a BUY at up to 90p and will be 125p+ in a very short order.

890 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at Afriag (AFRI), Big Dave's UK pot play which - as you can see below - he is ramping shamelessly, at Management Resource Solutions (MRS), Eve Sleep (EVE), First Derivatives (FDP), Purplebricks (PURP) and Thomas Cook (TCG). Now re Rogue Bloggers we are now at almost £44,000 and heading towards our £50,000 target. If you are yet to donate please do so HERE. To all those who have donated, many, many thanks.

891 days ago

WARNING: Our apologies, this Bearcast has distorted sound from after ten minutes, when Tom recorded it. It is still audible. We'll try to fix it for tomorrow's Bearcast. I start with a short bit on the wild use of language and yes the trans "genocide" is my starting point. I look at IQE (IQE), Thomas Cook (TCG) and classic red flags - Eight Peaks Group (8PG), Yu (YU.), Bushveld (BMN) and Tesla (TSLA). If you have yet to donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks (another announcement tomorrow), please do so HERE.

891 days ago

Today's Bearcast is late and I did no training walk as I feel a touch under the weather. On Thursday I quizzed Neil Woodford about Proton Partners International (PPI) and he bull-shitted for England. On Friday he chucked another £10 million of other folks cash down the Proton pan which opens up a whole new can of worms in terms of valuations which I discuss in detail. Neil has yet to donate for Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks despite my polite AGM request and 70% of bearcast listeners have not chipped in either. Please rectify that HERE

893 days ago

I start with a comment on the amazing generosity of one person donating more than £11,000 to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks yesterday. It was not Neil Woodford though I did ask. Anyhow: to the 75% of you yet to donate think of me this weekend on a) my last training walk ahead of 33 miles next weekend and b) entertaining a visiting mother in law. As you think of my weekend, please donate HERE. In the podcast I discuss Woodford's latest bad news, Maistro (MAIS), Blur as was, UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and Staffline (STAF). I also offer advice to Andrew Monk on which 1 AIM stock he should buy today for his mother's IHT Portfolio.

895 days ago

Today's bearcast is a full report on the AGM of Neil Woodford's Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) which I'd score as a win for me against the great fund manager and his chairman Susan Searle. I did manage to get Cheryl Cole into the debate and I did ask Neil woodford to donate to rogue bloggers for Woodlarks, as you can do here,, but I also took the board to task on a number of other matters and managed to get Neil pretty riled. Happy days.

896 days ago

I explain the nature of the fraud and why I am so livid. My anger is compounded by Wrexham Council and its inability to sign roadworks which wasted half an hour of my life. Then I find I agree with David Lenigas on something: can life get any worse? I discuss Argo BlockChain (ARB), PureCircle (PURE), Cabot Energy (VAB), Watchstone (WTG) and Toople (TOOP). Maybe I have a second question for Neil Woodford, will anyone pay £250 for me to ask it? If you are yet to donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks we are now at £27,000 raised so please chip in HERE.

896 days ago

I start with a tale from my early career and then cover Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) - the two are related - Iofina (IOF), Portmerion (PMP) and its profits warning, but is it a buy? And finally I look at Audioboom (BOOM) and worry that another placing will be needed soon. Finally, we are over £20,000 now but most bearcast readers are yet to donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks, If you have donated I thank you. If not, please go HERE TODAY 

898 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at Neil Woodford's latest woes, Afriag (AFRI) and the vermin like behaviour of its morally bankrupt advisor Peterhouse, Sabien (SNT), Argo Blockchain (ARB) - whose directors are also the sort of filth you scrape off your shoes  and 8 Peaks Group (8PG) (ditto).  After all of that I ask you to cosnider my weekend training walk HERE and in light of my entirely self inflicted suffering back the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE

899 days ago

Recorded in the sauna that is my car, this bearcast comes in two parts. First are we as investors hyet discounting the political risk that comes not from Brexit but from Corbyn and a coalition of chaos with the SNP for I do think that is the probable next Government. Secondly, confessions of a non estate agent, yes Purplebricks (PURP) again. Now how about the 75% of bearcast listeners yet to donate to rogue bloggers for Woodlarks chip in and take us over the half way mark today? You can do so HERE

899 days ago

In two weeks time I shall be at, or around the 18 mile lunch break point in the 33 Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks walk with 11 others. As soon as today's podcast is loaded I am off on a training walk from the Welsh Hovel along the River Dee, switching after three quarters of a mile to the English side. There will be photos later. As you consicder that PLEASE DONATE TO ROGUE BLOGGERS FOR WOODLARKS TODAY HERE. In the podcast I discuss the desparation of Neil Woodford and the bad choices he is being forced to make as a result. 

901 days ago

In today's bearcast I cover Diageo (DGE), Versarien (VRS), Mayan (MYN), Vela (VELA), Dev Clever (DEV) and i3 Energy (i3E). No doubt Mr Ricketts wants to be a hero and ahead of my next training walk tomorrow I beg you to be one too and get us past £20,000 raised by donating HERE

902 days ago

Ahead of lunch with a scouser I encounter someone just out of prison. There you go, life here in the Grim North. I urge you all to follow the lead of Saintly Tech Queen Vin Murria HERE.Greedy AIM bosses screwing shareholders infuriate me and in that vein I cover: Mirriad (MIRI), EVR Holdings (EVRH) and Argo Blockchain (ARB). I also look at FinnCap (FCAP) where the dam is breaking, Share PLC (SHRE), Frontier Smart Technologies (FST) and Audioboom (BOOM).  

903 days ago

Sorry, I know you thought Joshua was better than i was yesterday but it is just me today. Good news arrives in the post here at the Welsh Hovel. I shall be able to vote for Mr Farage in the European Elections and, better still, the Mrs won't be able to vote for the commies. In the podcast I discuss IQE (IQE) where Malcolm Stacey has it all wrong, Purplebricks (PURP),  Eqtec (EQT), Argo Blockchain (ARB), Bushveld Minerals (BMN) and Dev Clever (DEV). And to the 75% of bearcast listeners yet to do the decent thing: we have now raised almost £19,000 for Woodlarks ( and have another £5,500 pledged) so please help us get towards our £40,000 target with a donation today HERE 

904 days ago

Because i am such a fucking feminist I enjoy my 8th day of juggling full time parenthood and work. The net result is that my two year old son Joshua co-presents today's podcast. I explain why he has the requisite skills to be the next CEO of Eight Peaks Group (8PG) where we have major revalations about how management have screwed shareholders this weekend. I also comment on Bidstack (BIDS), Purplebricks (PURP) and Surface Transforms (SCE). joshua is donating his presenter "fee" to a good cause, please follow his lead HERE

904 days ago

I start with Neil Woodford, via the lackies like Jeff Prestridge at the Mail on Sunday talking bollocks on Brexit, the markets and his doomed funds. Then it is onto someone who has given £50 to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. Get in touch you POS and I shall refund you personally as you lie in bed with fraudsters and other scum. If you are not on the side of financial gangsters and wan t to back a good cause please do so HERE

906 days ago

In today's podcast I take a brief look at the local elections then cover Conman Windham's Valiant disaster, V22, run by the wonderful Tara Cranswick, Intu (INTU), Management Resource Solutions (MRS) and Versarien (VRS). There is a missing cat update from the Welsh hovel and then a stark message to the 80% of listeners who are being mean. Cough up HERE.

908 days ago

I start with missing cat news - it is mixed. Then I look at Optibiotix (OPTI) answering reader questions on gross margins, Management Resource Solutions (MRS), Bidstack (BIDS) Metro Bank (MTRO), BCA Marketplace (BCA), Alien Metals (UFO), Bould Opportunities (BOU), and an apology on Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT). Now, to the 80% of Bearcast listeners yet to do the decent thing, please donate HERE. We are now at 38% of our target so all donations welcome as young Steve Moore says he may join the rogue bloggers.

910 days ago

In today’s bearcast I start with missing cat news (there is some hope) and end with news of the ultimate cruel an unusual torture for Andrew Monk. Think of the poor man and donate to rogue bloggers for Woodlarks HERE. I cover Marechale Capital (MAC) and AIM bad boy Leon Hogan, Maestrano (MNO), Redhall (RHL), Management Resource Solutions (MRS), Bould Opportunities (BOU) and Octagonal (OCT). Go on think again of poor Monkey and get the (now) eleven rogue bloggers over the £15,000 mark HERE

910 days ago

It has not been a good day. Firstly the Mrs left a door not fully closed and two cats have become one, Quincey has gone AWOL. Then I had to watch a crazy cat woman Carole Cadwalladr video for the sake of Woodlarks. Finally we have suffered a DOS attack. Someone does not like our exposes of fraud and malpractice. We will not be silenced. As you consider my Cadwalladr suffering please donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE. In the podcast I cover Neil Woodford, Xeros (XSG), Eight Peaks (8PG), Alien Metals (UFO), African Battery Metals (ABM), Countrywide (CWD), Purplebricks (PURP) and the quoted housebuilders.

911 days ago

I should say that the old rogue has been most helpful in starting to bring the Welsh Hovel back to life and I relay a take from Sunday. Inn just 26 days time he and I will be on the rogue bloggers for Woodlarks trek and, at the risk of repeating myself, to the 85% of bearcast listeners yet to donate, I WANT YOUR MONEY NOW!!! I gather Dan used to use that phrase quitye a bit in a professional capacity in days gone by. Anyhow please donate HERE. In the podcast I discuss Alien Metals (UFO), TrakM8 (TRAK), Optibiotix (OPTI), Yourgene (YGEN) and the scandal that is Ferro-Alloy Resources (FAR).

913 days ago

I start with a few words on yesterday's training walk. Suffice to say it was uber grim but i am now fully recovered. More details of that HERE and please donate to the rogue bloggers HERE. Then onto fas and frauds, yes it is crowdfunding, a scandal in the waiting.

913 days ago

I am procrastinating ahead of a 24 mile training walk in the Grim North as the wind blows hard and the rain tips it down. As you think of my suffering please please donate now HERE. In consider the 3Xs in light of today's Pathfinder (PFP) scoop. I apologise to Peter Greensmith, he is not the knobhead in the Bidstack (BIDS) affair and indeed not a knobhead at all. I name the real knobheads and have another scoop on the company showing how firms like Optiva make AIM a disorderly market with their slimeball behaviour. Finally I look at yesterday's financing by ValiRx (VAL) which looks like a bad deal in so many ways.

915 days ago

This website is placing scoop central. For the avoidance of doubt we do not engage in market speculation we report fact. Peter Greensmith you know that to be the case and are being a knobhead for pretending otherwise. Yes this is a bad language special covering Audioboom (BOOM), Bidstack (BIDS) and Westminster Group (WSG). I also cover Inspirit (INSP) and FairFx (FFX) and explain what has been occupying me today: we have two new cats. Finally as I prepare for a 24 mile training walk on Saturday do the decent thing and donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE

916 days ago

In bearcast i raise unanswered questions about Westminster Group (WSG) run by smug lardarse Tony Baldry and ask how soon the next bailout placing will be and at what price. I look again at the most overvalued & over-ramped stock on AIM, Bidstack (BIDS), at BlueJay Mining (JAY) and at AO World (AO) and Purplebricks (PURP) two companies that boost profits by ripping off customers.

917 days ago

In today's bearcast I cover Optibiotix (OPTI), Vela (VELA), Woodford Patient Capital trust (WPCT), Ascent Resources (AST), Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN), Management Resource Solutions (MRS), Bidstack (BIDS) and Optiva/Novum and a hot City rumour. Also I have a message for 90% of listeners - please be a hero today, my 21 mile training walk for this weekend has been planned so donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE

918 days ago

I explain why there was no podcast yesterday - we all have our crosses to bear. Then it is onto Plus500 (PLUS) and Bidstack (BIDS) formerly Kin Group, formerly Fitbug. Now: how about you join Adam Reynolds and Susan Dando and be a Superstar HERE

919 days ago

From kidnapping the neighbours cat to locating Woodford's buried bodies, Tom's Bearcasts are easily the most popular items on the ShareProphets site. Here are the 20 the ShareProphets readers listened-and-relistened to.

920 days ago

I staert with a few thoughts on Eazster and on the hollow words from our wretched Prime Minister Theresa May on protecting Christians who are under attack. I then have a few more words on lying Mail on Sunday journalist limp dick Jamie Nimmo. Finally with a hat tip to Jamie's paper for breaking another mini bond scandal, MJS Capital, I discuss shamed Lord Razzall and the idea of what a high yield really tells you on a bond, a share or a house.On this day of gioving please make a donation to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. 90% of those who listen almost every day to this podcast are yet to chip in, please correct that HERE!

920 days ago

In this bearcast I look at what a dismal failure AIM has become and examine the inherent conflicts of interest which make such failure ( for investors) inevitable. I reference Management Resource Solutions (MRS), Daniel Stewart (DAN), African Potash (AFPO), Arden Partners, Paul Shackleton, Naibu (NBU), Cantor Fitzgerald, Sefton Resources (SER), SP Angel, BlueJay Mining (JAY), Vialogy, Yourgene (YGEN), Quindell (QPP), Globo (GBO) and more. If you enjoyed this how about becoming a hero and donating to rogue bloggers for Woodlarks TODAY HERE

922 days ago

Happy Easter weekend to you all. Ahead of more renovation work on the Welsh hovel I ponder a chat with Nigel Wray about why it is always a stockpickers market and about the real crisis facing capitalism, executive greed and abject returns. I have a few more comments about Yourgene (YGEN) where I am even more angry. And ahead of my next training walk I urge you to make an Easter donation to the Woodlarks rogue bloggers HERE

923 days ago

In today's podcast I look in detail at Managenent Resource Solutions (MRS), Yourgene (YGEN), First Derivatives (FDP) and hapless Neil Woodford and the crashing yield on his Equity Income Fund. How soon will that force Hargeaves Lansdown (HL.) to drop him? And I discuss my plans for weekend training walks as I urge you to become a hero as we surge through 25% of our Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks target HERE

924 days ago

In today's podcast I explain what happened with Mrs Chav's pussy and also about how the move to Wales and the Grim North went and why this is now a bigger project than the Greek Hovel. I cover Bould (BOU) and systemic market abuse, Telit (TCM) and its dire results and the threats to Nigel Wray and myself from Julie Meyer. I gather the Times has also been threatened and it is standing its ground. How do you think I will respond ahead of a 5PM deadline?  Meanwhile we are now at 25% of our £40,000 rogue bloggers for Woodlarks target and i urge you to check out the rioll call of heros ( even if you are a dripping lefty who thinks my world view stinks) and join them HERE.

925 days ago

I start with good news on the Woodlarks front and kind words about the UK's top share blogger Paul Scott who I must remember not to be nasty to for a few weeks at least. If Paul can be a nice guy so can you too HERE. Then I look at Versarien (VRS) in light of today's expose HERE, Management Resource Solutions (MRS) caught with its pants down HERE, Concepta (CPT), Inspirit (INSP), Chesterfield (CHF) and Bould (BOU). 

926 days ago

I record ahead of the arrival of the removals men. Grim North here we come! On the agenda today is Mayan Energy (MYN) where comrade Jennings of Align is getting a little ahead of himself and then the scandal of the day, Management Resource Solutions (MRS) where my work has been 100% vindicated as it admits - thanks to me - to the related party nest of snakes. But still, as shareholders try to out two leading snakes, the company and its pathetic Nomad Arden are behaving disgracefully. This insolvent piece of crap stinks and I explain why. Now as I crack on with assisting the removal men how about you join the roll call of heros HERE

927 days ago

As the day of the great move to the Grim North beckons I wrestle with the moral dilemna: should I grab Mrs Chav's pussy before we go? I then explain why I was NOT insensitive to lesbians in yesterday's bearcast. Finally I look at how to commit securities fraud on AIM in a way that is almost certain to escape detection or conviction. I do not advocate you do what I say but i suspect some already are. Now about about you help us to get over 20% of our Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks target tonight? I need donations of just £70 HERE

927 days ago

I start with a discussion abiut a 19 mile rogue bloggers training walk today and about Woodlarks which I compare to the big name charities. I beg you to join the roll call of heros HERE. Then I look at Neil Woodford and events in Guernsey and explian in detail the role of the FCA and the ACD and why this could collapse very soon indeed. I discuss why no IFA worth his or her salt can risk not advising clients to redeem.

928 days ago

In today's bearcast I read out an email sent to Paul Shackleton (and AIM Regulation) regarding Management Resourse Solutions (MRS) following today's bombshell HERE. I look at Plus 500 (PLUS), AFC Energy (AFC) and First Property (FPO) whose CEO is outed today as a Brexit Party candidate. I also do read out the roll call of heros who have sponsored Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. Tomorrow I am attemptng to do a 22 mile training walk so as you think of my pain why not be a hero too and sponsor all nine  rogue bloggers HERE

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I start by talking you through yesterday's Odd One Out contest explaining the schoolboy error made by Nigel Somerville and others. I look at the Autolus news in relation to Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) where as a loyal shareholder I shall be attending the May 15 AGM in Oxford with a few questions for Neil "nomates" Woodford. I flag up a shocking little episode at Clear Leisure (CLP) which should make you worry about Octagonal (OCT) and Inspirit (INSP) given that their FD is disgraced Niliesh Jagatia  then discuss Management Resource Solutions (MRS) and finally, in detail, Toople (TOOP). Tomorrow I really will read out a Woodlarks heros roll call. Please join that list ahead of then HERE 

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In today's bearcast I look at Cabot Energy (CAB), Andalas Energy (ADL), Eve Sleep (EVE), Indivior (INDV) and, with Neil Woodford in mind,  Allied Minds (ALM).  To join the roll call of heros go HERE 

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Yes we have exchanged at both ends and will move next Monday to the Grim North. And the good news is that the cost of that move is on you, the grateful taxpayer. I explain all before looking at Debenhams (DEB), Sosandar (SOS), Concepta (CPT) and 7Digital (7DIG). PS Why not join the roll call of heros today HERE.

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In today's podcast, my last Monday bearcast from the civilised south as opposed to the Grim North,  I start with a look at another blue chip high yield stock Neil Woodford is being forced to sell as a result of the flood of redemptions. Then I have a revelation of shame about Daniel Stewart (DAN) and executive largesse. Then I look at the Yourgene (YGEN) trading statement and the lamentable research note it produced from FinnCrap (FCAP) which I reproduce in full below. Really: it is time to sack FinnCap and get a proper broker on board Finally a look at Adept4 (AD4) and an appeal to you all to join the roll call of heros HERE

934 days ago

We own shed loans of shares in Concepta (CPT) and they are, in my view, still cheap. But today's placing fills me with utter disgust and makes me so angry as I explain in full. The image below is from the Boots website.

934 days ago

In this podcast I look at the  growing mini bond scandal as I flag up another ponzi waiting to collapse today HERE. Then I do a review of my own bull portfolio: Optibiotix (OPTI), Yourgene (YGEN), Concepta (CPT), Big Sofa (BST), Wishbone (WSBN), Kefi (KEFI), Reach4Entertainment (R4E), Falanx (FLX), Fox Marble (FOX), Berkeley Energia (BKY) and Argo Blockchain (ARB). I did not mention Fox in the podcast so I'll do a seperate update later. Finally: why have you not joined the roll call of heros HERE? I say a few extra fucktards on that count.

935 days ago

In this podcast I look at the woes of sex toys and lingerioe chain Ann Summers and what it says about the state of UK retail and commercial property. I look briefly at the lamentable coverage by analysts and the expense fiddling fourth estate of Purplebricks (PURP) and finally at the signs that The Big Short is finally about to come good in spades, I refer to BCA Marketplace (BCA). I start by suggesting, in the interests of transparency. that you have a butchers at the front page of the Daily Mail. If you enjoyed my Julie Meyer vibrator jokes how about you do the decent thing and go HERE

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Happy Birthday Dad. I hope that you enjoy your "medicinal" apple based gift. I am about ten days from moving house and have just completed a mail relocation form so I shall get my postal vote for the Euros forwarded. I dislike many of the creeps who surround Nigel Farage but his Brexit party has my vote in the bag and I explain why. I look at Management Resource Solutions (MRS) as another red flag emerges for this insolvent piece of crap. I cover Westminster Group (WSG) run by loathsome swine Tony Baldry, Audioboom (BOOM), Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) and his other dogs and Purplebricks (PURP) in a Joshua interrupted podcast.

937 days ago

I list a roll call of heros and urge you to join them HERE. In the podcast itself I cover Saga (SAGA), Mothercare (MTC), Andalas (ADL), and in some detail, Versarien (VRS).

938 days ago

I start with a question for wretched PM Theresa May - which of your assessment's of Jeremy Corbyn was correct? I then look at the strange events at Brave Bison (BBSN), take aprt Audioboom's (BOOM)  joke trading statement, look at Jersey Oil & Gas (JOG), Management Resource Solutions (MRS) and, finally, thirsty Paul Scott favourite TrakM8 (TRAK). Now how about you all follow the good Craig and donate a "one-er" HERE

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Anyone who follows me on twitter knows my feelings about the vermin of the IRA but I have a daily chat these days with my pal the IRA man about Brexit. I discuss its effect on shares and suggest that a far bigger political threat is really not priced in. I explain why I know Yourgene (YGEN) is having a trading statement on Monday and what makes good journalism. I look in detail at Mobile Streams (MOS), insolvency law and the nature of trade receivables and at Gear4Music (G4M) and its latest warning which is enough to turn a man to drink, the shares remain a stonking sell. Finally. get your wallets out!

940 days ago

There is a real spring in my step as I consider a new business idea and as the scoops just flow in. I start with Argo Blockchain (ARB), the pot plan and  the convicted heroin dealer. Then I out Big Sofa's (BST) new customer. I look at Cabot Energy (CAB) as it dissembles again. I pick a fight with the man Gary Newman thinks is a genius, Andrew Monk, over RedT Energy (RED) and then look at the shock placing by Independent Oil & Gas (IOG) and where that leaves Rock Rose (RRE). If you enjoyed this bearcast please follow uber generous Rob and make a small donation to Rogue Bloggers for Wodlarks HERE

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Thanks for your kind emails on UK Investor and also on Uncle Chris Booker. In today's bearcast I go further on the growing scandal we are uncovering at Management Resource Solutions (MRS) and also at Nigel's work this weekend on Neil Woodford. The common feature is a regulatory approached based on box ticking rather than looking at the  real underkling swizzle so to protect investors.

942 days ago