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And where it goes we will follow

184 days ago

Previously updating, we noted even with the gutter standards of some AIM Nomads, there was no one who wanted to take Walcom on and thus the ShareProphets China AIM ‘Filthy Forty’ was down to just 4! How’s the latest performance?…

375 days ago

Last weekend, China breached Taiwanese airspace. It’s not the first time, they do it frequently enough for it no longer to be news but fresh from their victory in Hong Kong they are shaping up for a big one. Right now, having won in Hong Kong, they believe they can do what they like.

384 days ago

Previously updating - on China New Energy “HKEx Admission and Cancellation of Trading on AIM” - we noted at least it remains trading and with a public quote unlike most of the others. We wonder why it couldn’t “increase shareholder value and provide access to capital to enable the company to expand to its full potential” on London’s AIM! With also Walcom’s troubles increasing. Now “Cancellation - Walcom Group”...

452 days ago

Following our previous update September – another has fallen…& yet more to follow?, how’s the latest developments with the (few) remaining ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty'?...

696 days ago

Following our previous update May & another suspended, how’s the latest developments with the (few) remaining ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty'?...

741 days ago

Following it previously noted, when will the next domino fall?, here's an update on the current ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty' situation...

878 days ago

Made-in-China diamonds poised to rock global diamond market, WTO warns of global trade slowdown as indicator hits nine-year low, visualising the 7 major flaws of the global financial system...

967 days ago

Following a corporate results season, here's a October ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty' performance update...

1091 days ago

Since there are now just seven companies remaining of the original forty, and with the end of September coming up I thought it high time to have a gander across the remains of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty.

1123 days ago

Following the latest Walcom – defaulting largest customer pays up….well £34k and now in a corporate results season, here's a September ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty' performance update...

1134 days ago

China has the world’s most overleveraged, fragile financial system. In 2008, China’s total debt-to-GDP was 140%. It is now roughly 300%, while GDP is slowing. The economy is held together by capital controls. If those fail, the whole system fails. The capital flight in 2015/16 cost the government $1trln in reserves, and that was with ultra-dove Yellen in charge. Imagine what would have happened with Volcker at the helm.

1162 days ago

Following earlier this month Walcom – surprise, surprise: the customer hasn’t paid yet, here's July's ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty' performance update...

1180 days ago

I rather wondered what Dr Hon of The Global Group would say about China fraud on AIM but what he said was pretty explosive, exposing those within the City who quite deliberately and systematically broke Chinese rules to allow frauds to float in London. This was great stuff because the scandal is that those who did this still operate in the City today. I make a cameo appearance at the end. Enjoy.

1269 days ago

Hello, Share Moochers. The biggest cliche in the book is the markets hate uncertainty. And there’s oodles of uncertainty about the trade war that’s building between the USA and China. But aside from the clash of the Titans, how will the issue affect shareholders here in Blighty?

1305 days ago

Previously updating, we noted from HaiKe Chemical Group (HAIK) “intention to seek shareholder approval for the cancellation of admission to trading on AIM. This has now been for EGM approval...

1307 days ago

Who's followed the likes of Geong International and co in 'Geong, Geong' and then Gone? Who's in the 'Geong, Geong' stage and what does the 'Filthy Forty' look like now?...

1344 days ago

Another to be de-listed and another “exploring options for the future strategy of the company, including a cancellation from AIM and continuing as a private company”. Who's next to follow the likes of Geong International and co in 'Geong, Geong' and then Gone?...

1369 days ago

Another year, another set of de-listing developments amongst the (few) remaining ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty'. Who's next to follow the likes of Geong International and co in 'Geong, Geong' and then Gone?...

1382 days ago

Since our previous update, ZAI Corporate Finance has had its nominated adviser status removed - causing further issues amongst the (few) remaining ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty'. Who will be next to follow the likes of Geong International and co in 'Geong, Geong' and then Gone?...

1446 days ago

Last week Chinese leader Xi Jinping became the third ruler in the communist country’s history to have his named enshrined in its constitution and the first to receive this honour while still alive. In 1947 the US announced the Marshall plan to help to rebuild the devastated economies of Western Europe. America was much more generous with its aid 70 years ago, but the plan was not just about charity. American companies needed consumers overseas to have enough money to buy their products, and Harry Truman wanted to tie the recipient countries in Western Europe into a military alliance to counter the threat from the Soviet Union. The modern version of the Marshall Plan is Xi’s Belt and Road initiative...

1450 days ago

In the wake of AIM’s shocking execution of ZAI Corporate Finance last night – announced not once but three times at 6.15pm – the collection of AIM-listed to-be-former clients of that Nomad firm has been keen to get a message out to the market that the search for a replacement is already well underway.

1469 days ago

Since our previous update, Pembridge Resources (PERE) has followed the likes of Geong International and co in 'Geong, Geong' and then Gone from the ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty'...

1519 days ago

Since our previous update, most of the remaining ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty' companies have been scrambling to get results out in time, two further have been suspended and another (MoneySwap) has been booted off the AIM Casino - to follow the likes of Geong International and co in 'Geong, Geong' and then Gone...

1563 days ago

Thanks to a last minute sponsorship from China, where the financial director of Aquatic Foods (AFG) has walked out, we're pleased to open another round of AIM's favourite game show: Who is the Bulletin Board Moron of the Week!? Maybe we could start by naming the brokers who usrged folk to buy this stock? Did the Investor Chronicle tip the shares or is this the 1 China fraud it did not promote?

1568 days ago

Since our previous update, another ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty' company in MoneySwap (SWAP) has seen EGM approval for AIM cancellation - to follow the likes of Geong International and co in 'Geong, Geong' and then Gone...

1600 days ago

Since our previous (March) update, another ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty' company has followed Geong International and co in 'Geong, Geong' and then Gone...

1622 days ago

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, Chris Bailey of Financial Orbit and Johnny Hon of Global Group discuss: Is China a Fraud-ridden bubble? And make sure that you keep April 21 2018 free for next year's UK Investor Show.

1640 days ago

With the demise of the twenty-fifth Filthy Forty listing, Asian Citrus (ACHL), as of this morning there are just 15 of our motley crew remaining listed on the Casino – and one of those, MoneySwap (SWAP), has now been suspended for more than six months, but it seems the Oxymorons have decided not to apply AIM Rule 41.

1665 days ago

I reckon China is a debt time-bomb waiting to go off and burst the bubble. Andrew Monk of VSA Resources is a China bull but he addresses this issue in a fascinating note emailed to his clients this morning. Over to the Monkey...

1692 days ago

Since our 24th September previous update, another ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty' company has followed Geong International and co in 'Geong, Geong' and then Gone - and another has been suspended...

1692 days ago

Did you lose money on any of the Fujian Four? We hope that you took our warnings seriously and did not but now there is hope if you ignored us and lost out. Or is there? I refer you to the website of China Resolutions which claims that it may get your money back.

1799 days ago

Ten days ago we identified ten of the (only) seventeen still-listed members of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty which had a results reporting deadline of tomorrow (Fri 30 Sept) to meet. Actually, it was eleven as although Asian Citrus (ACHL) has a year-end of March it is dual listed in Hong Kong and only gets three months to report its finals there. But it won’t make it and has been suspended – as has MoneySwap (SWAP) which can’t get its accounts out on time. Which of the Filthy Forty are still to report, with just one day to go?

1846 days ago

Last year’s Sept reporting season saw a raft of casualties as members of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty either failed to release numbers on time and/or saw the Nomad quit. With less than one week to go until deadline day for interims to June 2016 (or finals to March 2016) there are ten of the remaining 17 members of our iffy index still to report (or announce that they won’t). Which will be the next to get suspended?

1851 days ago

Just over two months on since our previous update and two more ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty' companies have followed Geong International and co in 'Geong, Geong' and then gone - and another has been suspended...

1851 days ago

Of the original 40 AIM-China companies we identified as our ShareProphets Filthy Forty, the steady attrition has seen that number whittled down to just 17 companies. The period either side of the reporting deadline for calendar 2015 numbers (30 June) saw further departures, but last year’s interims deadline saw a queue for AIM’s Death Row develop. How are we looking this time?

1856 days ago

It seems that Yougov, Mori and whatever else the pollster are called these days have a thing or two to learn from ShareProphets polling. They keep on getting it wrong, but our readers responded to the question of how many delistings and suspensions were coming on the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty over four weeks from 17 June and half of respondents said two or three. So far, it is bang on. Mind you, there are still a few days to go.

1934 days ago

The race to see which of the twenty remaining ShareProphets AIM China Filthy Forty companies clocks up a suspension/delisting is hotting up as we enter the final furlong. Yesterday saw the loose horse of Grand Group (GIPO) – a non filthy forty runner but an otherwise well qualified AIM-China play nonetheless – cross the line first with a suspension as it can’t get its accounts out on time. But with a surprise late run GTS Chemical (GTS) now looks clear of the field as they head for the line after announcing plans to delist in August, subject to the forgone conclusion of a vote at its AGM.

1937 days ago

I previously highlighted that a good few of the twenty remaining ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty faced a reporting deadline of Thursday this week, 30 June. In honour of Royal Ascot we ran a poll which showed that readers of ShareProphets reckoned on two or three suspensions/delistings to come over the next (now) just under three weeks. The race has now entered the final three furlongs…how are the runners and riders looking?

1939 days ago

There are just twenty of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty still listed – and three of those are currently suspended from trading. In honour of Royal Ascot we asked readers how many suspensions/Nomad resignations/AIM expulsions we would see from those remaining twenty over the next four weeks. 

1947 days ago

ShareProphets is delighted to bring you the Filthy Forty Casino Elimination Stakes in celebration of Royal Ascot - it is time to place your bets! Which of the twenty remaining members of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty will be suspended, head over to AIM’s Death Row following a Nomad resignation or be executed over the coming four weeks?

1950 days ago

The ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty is already down to just 20 AIM-listed companies, with a further three currently suspended. The calendar FY2015 reporting deadline is now looming (30 June), which last year saw a splurge of suspensions and Nomad resignations as companies either failed to report or their advisers decided enough was enough. But we’ve had a good few RNSs in the last few days, so it is time for a rancid round-up!

1974 days ago

There is a growing fear in financial and monetary circles that there is something deeply wrong with the global economy. Publicly, officials and professional investors alike have become confused by policy failures, and privately, occasionally even downright pessimistic, at a loss to see an easy solution.It is hardly exaggerating to say there is a growing feeling of impending doom. The reason this has happened is due to today’s Central Bankers and their very failure on the one subject about which they profess to be experts: economics.

1975 days ago

A couple of months on since our last update and more ShareProphets China AIM 'Filthy Forty' companies have followed Geong International and co in 'Geong, Geong' and then gone...

1977 days ago

In this interview I put controversial Mr Hon of Gate Ventures (GATE) fame on the spot about the Gate fiasco on AIM, the Chinese economy ( a bubble?) and about China fraud on AIM. Enjoy

1982 days ago

Now there are some definite bearish thoughts and views running around at the moment so I feel this morning we should explore a little bit. The first big worry is Chinese debt – has it got out of control or can the Party control it ?There is an article in the Economist last week discussing this which gives a very good summary and you should all read it,

1988 days ago

I do not think that China is recovering. Andrew Monk of VSA does. Whatever. In the interests of balance here are a few words from the broker today:

2013 days ago

The ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty is today officially reduced to just 20 companies remaining listed on the Casino (Auhua, ACE, being the latest dispatch following a Nomad resignation and no replacement being found). But is it a problem specific to the Casino? It seems not, according to an interesting post by Steve Dickinson in China Law Blog (see HERE), but there are some simple tests which can be applied – take note AIM Nomads – which gives a very good indication of whether you are looking at a fraud or not.

2029 days ago

According to a report in China Daily Europe a new wave of Chinese company listings are [sic] expected in London as the London Stock Exchange ramps up its efforts to attract Chinese firms. With the stench of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty in full nauseating flow, seemingly unaddressed, my heart sinks. 

2039 days ago

Do you believe official Chinese data on economic growth? No, neither do I. But you are seeking a reliable indicator well here it is - growth in the sale of lavatory seats. I kid you not. A leading broker explains.

2045 days ago

We have today penned an open letter to George Osborne regarding the ever-growing scandal of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty. Mr Osborne, you will remember, is keen to see greater links forged between the London and Chinese markets. Under the circumstances we are deeply concerned about this and call for a full investigation. 

2060 days ago

The ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty was launched on 15 August 2015, just 197 days ago, as a way of tracking what a concentrated stinking cesspit this mini-sector of the Casino was. At the time, already ten of the forty had left world’s most successful growth market for a variety of reasons: two had been booted off the Casino for failing to publish accounts, a further five had been booted off after a Nomad resignation and no replacement appointment, and three had delisted in, cough, the best interests of shareholders. One further company was, at the time, suspended as its Nomad had quit but the one month grace period to find a new one had not yet expired. (That duly became the next AIM-China execution).

2060 days ago

With our previous China AIM 'Filthy Forty' performance update, to mark the cancellation of Geong International, we asked 'Who's next to be Geong, Geong, Gone?' The answer has been...

2112 days ago

With a hat-tip to Graham Chester for spotting it, I bring you a wonderful tale from the Hong Kong stock exchange. Out with the frilly frocks, cross-dressed hero and wicked step-mother, and let’s get the boos and hisses going in the audience. For some time we have, on ShareProphets, been calling for full forensic audits (oh no you haven’t! oh yes we have!) of all the remaining companies from the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty which have not yet been booted off the Casino (boo, hiss!). It seems that our sentiments are perhaps not falling completely on deaf ears, for in Hong Kong we have seen exactly that taking place with a company (currently suspended) called China Animal Healthcare. But there appears to have been a bit of a snag…..

2119 days ago

In this presentation I explained how an AIM Casino China fraud was created and how the fraudsters made their cash. I named the useful Western firms who assist with the frauds and then named three Companies still on AIM on 28 November (although one has since gone onto death row) which are frauds. Enjoy...

2137 days ago

In Part 8 Graham Chester examines how the advantages of gaining an AIM listing are marketed to Chinese companies, and the help they are offered to get to market. The marketing material contains a few case studies: oh dear…..look at them now!

2177 days ago

In Part 7 Graham Chester looks at the city’s cut when it comes to listing a China play on AIM and wonders whether it is good value for money – or, indeed, whether the financial due diligence process is protecting investors or just part the City’s stock promotion machinery.

2179 days ago

In part 6 of this series, Graham Chester takes a look at the share-price performance of the remaining AIM-China companies which have listed in the last five years, and who has been doing the financial due diligence. And remember, these are just the ones which are still listed. Does any of the four Reporting Accountancy ‘teams’ come out of this well, and who is cornering the market now? 

2180 days ago

Graham Chester continues his stinking series on Reporting Accountants to UK-listed China plays with a look at Team Quigley at Smith & Williamson – the one-stop shop for Chinese companies coming to the UK. How do their clients fare? Er….

2181 days ago

Having examined Team Stevens and Team Lau, Graham Chester moves on to take a look at Team Wilson/Sacker at UHY Hacker Young in his continuing horror story. Once again, watch as the losses pile up.

2182 days ago

In Part 3 of this series about Reporting Accountants and Auditors of companies coming to AIM and ISDX from China Graham Chester looks at the record of Team Lau and its current firm of Moore Stephens. As with Team Stevens in Part 2, watch the scores-on-the-doors here as the losses pile up.

2183 days ago

In Part 1 Graham Chester examined the role of the Reporting Accountant when bringing a China play to the Casino. In Part 2 it is time to look at some of the players involved. What better place to start than at Team Stevens, now at the fine firm of Crowe Clark Whitehill – auditor to quite a portfolio of Filthy Forty companies, and a few more besides. Watch the scores-on-the-doors here in terms of share price performance: it is shocking stuff.

2183 days ago

In this first part of his look at the audit and accounting of China companies on AIM (and ISDX), Graham Chester discusses the process of bringing them to the UK markets. This involves the use of Reporting Accountants…..

2184 days ago

Howdy Share Bunnies. It’s not easy competing against the hugely entertaining and sensational revelations which appear daily on this hallowed website. But one has a duty to present the very broad economic picture from time to time to help make the right general decisions in the ancient art of share picking.

2190 days ago

On Friday captions were invited for the following picture, in honour of Xavier L'Autruche Rolet in the wake of yet another departure from the Casino by one of the Shareprophets AIM-China Filthy Forty.

2193 days ago

Entries in Wednesday's caption competition were entertaining as readers poked fun at AIM Regulation's ineptitude over the Quindell (QPP) and the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty scandals. We have a winner - and a new contest in honour of Xavier "L'Atruche" Rolet, CEO of the London Stock Exchange Group as we celebrate AIM-China execution number 13, ARC Capital (ARCH).

2195 days ago

As the crony capitalists enjoyed their Black Tie dinner tonight to celebrate the world’s most successful growth market, might they have paused for a moment to reflect on the horrific losses which have been seen this year on AIM? Fat chance. One number ought to have had the champagne going down the wrong way, and that is how much capital has been wiped out on the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty so far this year from delistings and suspensions caused by Nomad resignations. I promise you that number is a horror.

2202 days ago

The smug froggie cannot bury his head in the sand anymore. Another China fraud on AIM bit the dust today. I suggest that Mr Rolet accept that this is a scandal, apologise to the retail investors who have lost millions and then take 2 urgent steps to clean up this mess.

2205 days ago

Phew, what a scorcher! The heat really was turned up on the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty over the past two weeks. Last week we had one AIM-execution,  a suspension (and subsequent restoration) as Vmoto (VMT) announced a transaction which we find less than credible (HERE) and results from Jiasen (JSI) which prompted Tom Winnifrith to present us with a choice that he was a banana or Jiasen is a fraud. And JQW (JQW) had its operations suspended by the Chinese authorities for contraventions of advertising and pyramid-selling regulations before releasing less than convincing interims. This week saw fourteen of the Filthy Forty racing to the line to get results filed by close of play Wednesday so as to avoid automatic suspension, two of which added to the overcrowding problem on AIM’s Death Row as their Nomad quit. Here is the ShareProphets  round-up of AIM-China Red Flags served up this past week.

2208 days ago

Of the 40 China stocks listed on AIM on June 1 2014 or listed since only 25 are still trading. 11 have been booted off and 4 are on death row awaiting expulsion following the loss of their Nomad. The returns from this portfolio of doom now average MINUS 50.125%. But actually it is worse.

2209 days ago

It would appear to be an interesting exercise to see whether from a charting perspective the AIM Casino China Filthy Forty are indeed as filthy as they appear. So let's start with one which looks to be heading towards death row.

2215 days ago

This week George Osborne was merrily tweeting away that he was Delighted we have agreed with China to look into benefits of connecting UK and China stock markets. He’s clearly had a whale of a time in China, but I fancy he’s got no idea of the dangers of what he’s doing. With the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty turning up scandal after scandal, what on earth does he think he is doing?

2216 days ago

Last month we launched the ShareProphets Filthy Forty – companies with their main operations in China, registered overseas (apart from a handful in Hong Kong) and listed on AIM on June 1 2014. We noted that the overall performance was astounding: average loss from IPO was 43%, and nine had already been booted off the exchange. An attrition rate of 22.5%. The reasons varied between Nomad resignations (5), being booted off for failing to publish accounts (2) and voluntary delistings (2).

2229 days ago

Let’s have another look at China. I was talking at length the other day with an economist from Shanghai. It was not a vital meeting between high power financiers, like myself, and a top moneyman from the Communist party.

2246 days ago

The ShareProphets China-AIM Filthy Forty reveals the most shocking statistics of losses for investors, demonstrable frauds and companies being booted off the Casino – see HERE. But which country of incorporation lost investors the most money? Which national regulator has the most egg on its face? Our table has thrown up some surprising statistics. 

2256 days ago

We today launch the China AIM Casino Filthy 40 – a way of tracking what a fraud ridden mini cesspit this is. The findings and the tables below will truly shock you and shows what fantasists the idiots running the London Stock Exchange are.

2257 days ago

Jersey Finance is terribly keen to get Chinese companies to register in Jersey and list their shares on the London Stock Exchange, notable on the AIM casino. What a marvellous set-up they offer: it is the jurisdiction of choice for corporate entities seeking to list, one fifth of Chinese companies listed in London are registered in Jersey, there is political and economic stability, a sound regulatory reputation and, of course, Jersey Finance has a representative office in Hong Kong (since 2009) just to ease things along. What’s not to like? 

2257 days ago

Crowe Clark Whitehill is the UK auditor of a number on AIM casino china frauds and its associate in Fujian, Crowe Horwarth Associates really gets fingers dirty. We know that the blatant long term fraud at Sorbic (booted off the casino), Naibu (booted off the casino) and Camkids (soon to be booted off the casino) as well as at Jiasen and JQW totally escaped its attention. In light of that we bring you the latest Financial Reporting Council review of Crowe.

2258 days ago

Tinci listed on the AIM casino back in 2006 raising £2.1 million at 70p. It delisted with the shares at 4.375p on January 2015. Now you see it, now you see new it. This is quite amazing.

2258 days ago

Auditors Crowe Horwath Associates have performed the local audit for five China AIM casino companies and at three we have already seen wholesale fraud as purported cash balances either were made to disappear or never existed at all. The Financial Reporting Council, FCA and the oxymoron that is AIM Regulation need to act NOW and shares in Camkids (CAMK), Jiasen (JSI), and Asia Ceramics (ACHP) must be suspended at once.

2260 days ago

I warned folks about Zedex on 16 September 2014 – it is the unregulated boutique that specialises in floating frauds and investment car crashes from China on the AIM Casino. I now update that piece in light of recent events at Camkids and Naibu, both proven Norfolks. I warn you, next up for share price evaporation is China Chaintek (CTEK).

2260 days ago

The sabbatical can be broken for one of three events: the arrest of Rob Terry, suspension of trading in shares in Daniel Stewart and big China fraud news. Sadly Terry has not yet been lead away in cuffs but it will happen. But I sat down with my lefty father pleasing him as I discussed crooked capitalists (the deluded old boy reckons all capitalists are crooks) with reference to China macro-economics and China fraud on AIM in light of today’s news from Geong and Gate Ventures.

2281 days ago

Hello Share Snappers. You may remember that, in the film China Syndrome, with Jack Lemmon, a nuclear power plant in America starts to disappear into the earth. There is a fear that it will get a long way down, hence the title.

2283 days ago

Just now and again readers on ShareProphets post utter gems which merit a wider audience. Reader its me is a City insider and knows how the system works or rather does not. Commenting on the latest China fraud revelations (Global Lock) he explains a real failing in the Nomad system. It is a very instructive comment and something the LSE should - but won't - take on board. Over to its me:

2284 days ago

Global Lock and Safety (GLOK) was incorporated in the British Virgin Islands in December 2009 and listed 250 million shares on AIM on 21st October 2010, with Allenby Capital Limited as the nominated adviser and broker. The future looked bright with the then CEO claiming, "We are already one of the leading security providers in China and we know of no other providers of this type of comprehensive integrated security service in the Peoples Republic of China.”

2285 days ago

In the past seven days, 48,645 unique readers read 87,657 pages on ShareProphets. The circulation of the Investors Chronicle is c30,000. Shares is less than half of that. To our critics who think we do not count, we say think again. And this is what you are reading with Greece & Quindell at the fore

2291 days ago

China is opening down another 2% today. Almost half the stocks out East are still halted or suspended so what is today’s (failing) panic reaction from the Authorities? Yes – arrest the bears, putt the pandas in cuffs because as we all know, the only reason shares fall is because of evil bears. Rob Terry really should list his latest fraud Quob Park in China.

2294 days ago

The growing scandal of blatant China frauds on AIM continues. What have the authorities done about it? Certainly, nothing to reassure. As I shall discuss, the London Stock Exchange is playing with fire.

2300 days ago

Mr head in the sand, I see no China frauds on AIM, Mr Xaviet Rolet is today crowned Bulletin Moron of the week Despite fierce competition from the LSE Asylum. Nigel Somerville spotted this classic statement of denial from Mr Rolet:

2332 days ago

The Chinese stockmarket is a crazy bubble right now. Hat tip to John Meyer of SP Angel for a set of crazy stats, Maybe it is time for the Bear Community to head out East?

2352 days ago

We have news today from both Naibu and from gate Ventures, two of the numerous China frauds listed on AIM. In this bonus podcast I translate for you what they are actually saying, point out the chinks in their statements and explain why both frauds will unravel.

2364 days ago

I mentioned this in BearCast and it is just a bit of fun. Shares in Naibu remain suspended as the CEO of that fraud Mr Houyan Lin languishes in a China gaol cell. So which will the be the next China AIM stock to be suspended for whatever reason - natch fraud is the most likely reason, Vote now, results tomorrow

2400 days ago

I revealed yesterday how Houyan Lin of Naibu (NBU) has been rotting in prison since November 2014 yet his AIM casino shares carried on trading till January 9 2015 and there has been no RNS. Despite this – as I revealed a week or two back, AIM is working to get more China companies to list on the casino. Think again fools, now I can tell you about a second AIM CEO from China who has been arrested.

2423 days ago

Today’s news that China cut interest rates has been well received by the stock market. The FTSE 100 rally continues, the UK index has now retraced 80% of its previous decline and has regained the levels above the 200-day moving average. 

2524 days ago

I have noted before the remarkable take of Ultrasonic a China shoe fraud from Fujian listed in Frankfurt. It is of note of you are stupid enough to own shares in AIM Casino listed Naibu (NBU) and Camkids (CAMK) which are also shoe plays from Fujian and also frauds.

2550 days ago

Today Camkids (CAMK) has followed its fellow AIM casino Fujian shoe related China POS heroes Naibu (NBU) and China Chaintek (CTEK) in cutting their dividends despite claiming to be hugely cash generative and drowning in cash.  As such we bring you the Monday Caption Contest. Please post your captions in the comments section below:

2576 days ago

Last week we asked you for your thoughts on Alibaba, the world’s biggest ever IPO. It seems that 7% of you already hold the stock and 24% would buy at a lower price but that seven tenths of ShareProphets readers are bearish r not interested. And the results show why. We asked would you buy shares in Alibaba. And you said:

2579 days ago

You think that the odd China fraud in Germany or the UK is just a case of a few bad apples? Think again. I bring you today an article from which lists all the frauds inflicted on American investor in recent years. And also details the nature of the scams. The list is incredibly long and demonstrates quite frankly that there is industrial scale fraud underway. No sane individual would own a single share in any Chinese company listed in AIM – read this and realise why.

2584 days ago

Shares in Alibaba have raced ahead since its IPO and the Chinese internet giant ( which could not get a HK listing away so is US listed is now valued at more than Wal-Mart. Are you temped or compelled to get on board? Personally I think the valuation is insane and am not wild about Chinese stocks in general. But what do you think? The deadline for voting is midnight Sunday and you can vote only once unless you are from Glasgow where it appears multiple voting is par for the course.

2586 days ago

The recent passing of its interim dividend by Naibu (NBU), which would have involved an outlay of £600,000 against claimed profits of £20 million and claimed net cash of £30 million has prompted accusations of fraud and skull doggery at the Chinese sports shoemaker and put the spotlight on other China frauds that might be lurking on AIM.

2588 days ago

I think that it is now 100% clear that Naibu (NBU) is a fraud. It is only a matter of time before it goes to 0p or is booted off the AIM Casino. But where did it come from and is it unique? Meet Zedex Capital. What follows will shock you. It says so much about how corrupt AIM and the City advisors working on it have become. It is a scandal.

2589 days ago

Yesterday I attempted to contact Abchurch Communications which acts as PR spinners for most of the China frauds on AIM and even to those Chinese Companies so bogus that they could not quite make it onto the AIM casino - see HERE. Lead toff spinner Henry Harrison-Topham was already away from his desk but another upper class twit took my call but refused to answer any questions. He had so many silver spoons in his mouth that I could barely understand a word he said. But it seems that the Abchurch Team were heading off for an away day, after spinning for the fraud Naibu (NBU) to prepare for the next China fraud to float. And we have obtained secret footage of that Abchurch away day...

2590 days ago

Alibaba, the Chinese internet giant, is set to go public. Supporters say that it is like Amazon, eBay, PayPal and Google all rolled into one and could be the most profitable company in the world. Does that sound too good to be true?

2633 days ago

At the end of 2013, I wrote in the Black Swan newsletter “Gold has looked weak through the year, but guess who has been buying: China”.

2747 days ago

Just when you thought, yet again, that digital technology had delivered the perfection of a perfect market, we find that a giant aircraft filled with humanity has apparently disappeared from all view and knowledge. It’s a bit like an Agatha Christie story on a non domestic scale; or rather more like Alfred Hitchcock’s film ‘The Lady Vanishes’ with the stunning tweed suited Dame May Witty - remember her? - playing the part of the vanished lady; and Naughton and Wayne as those none demonstrative civil service types whose only wish is to get back for the Test at the Oval.

2772 days ago

David Franklin, the chief strategist of the world’s leading resource investment group Sprott argues that PGM prices – right now in the doldrums – could be set to soar and that investors should position themselves accordingly. The key? China.

2909 days ago

Hello share Fiends: I am absolutely convinced (always a bad sign, don't you think?) that UK shares will go into a tasty flight upward between here and the Cool Yule.

2923 days ago

Lunatics in popular fable are often spoken of as having taken over the lunatic asylum. It has probably never happened in what we like to call real life. But it has happened when the lunatic asylum is, by way of metaphor, the United States Congress and its moon struck inmates, the Tea Party and their fellow travellers in chaos.

2939 days ago

I have long regarded China as a bubble. I have expect it to burst in spectacular fashion for quite some time. But that is the nature of bubbles: they keep expanding more and more and then day “pop” – it is all over. As such I bring you a fascinating piece out overnight from David Franklin, the market strategist at the world’s best known resource investment company Sprott. It is fascinating.

2987 days ago

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