Video: Bubbles always implode

Author David Hay is plugging a new book, “Bubble 3.0” which is a warning about the problems inherent in the financial system. He says that the Fed is the main culprit for bubble creation, and such bubbles always get wrecked. The Fed has kept rates at great depression levels despite reasonable economic activity and that, Hay argues, is plain daft.


Five Slam-Dunk Sells For 2022 – (Nearly) June Update As Gravity Takes Its Toll

Having reached the halfway point of the year, it is time to look once again at my five slam dunk sells for the year. At the end of May the scores were 3 down and two up. Has there been any improvement? The not-so fabulous five were Tern plc (TERN), URU Metals (URU), Barkby Group (BARK) and Trafalgar Property (TRAF) of the AIM Casino and AIQ (AIQ) of the sub-Standard list.


Video: We are nowhere near a market bottom

Investment analyst, Ted Oakley of Oxbow Advisors, believes that in order to mitigate inflationary pressures, the Fed will push us into a recession. He explains how rising rates affect the economy, slowing the housing market. In addition, consumers are cutting back on expenses, and many will lose jobs as the economy contracts.

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