Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Tortilla Mexican Grill just does not taste right and as for Chilango

I start with the usual. 94.5% of you have yet to donate despite the cows, nettles and thorn bush of the weekend. Go on, just a tenner for Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks, you know it makes sense. Please donate HERE. In today's podcast I discuss Vin Murria and M&C Saatchi (SAA), the scoundrels at Ince (INCE) and Deepverge (DVRG), Vast Resources (VAST), Audioboom (BOOM) and then I take a very detailed look at Tortilla Mexican Grill (MEX) as it buys Chilango. This looks all wrong and another membr of the 2021 IPO hall of shame. 


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: UK Investor & harassed by a herd of cows leaving me in utter agony

I was not at the show, but have had feedback. What were your takeaways from Vin Murria, Adam Reynolds, Nigel Wray et al? Please do post in the comments section. Instead, I was on a 23-mile walk. I report on the good news and also how, thanks to a herd of cows, I am in complete agony tonight. Photos tomorrow, as bed beckons. Think of my complete pain and, if you are among the 95% of listeners yet to donate, please do so HERE.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: slagging me off in an interview won't land you a job

Tomorrow's training walk really will start at 4.30 AM. I promise. If you are among the naughty 95% yet to donate, please do so HERE. After that, there is more work on the Ha-Ha, ahead of a new idea which I will announce next week. I start with how NOT to get a job, when I was the one who got you an interview! I end with why this year, it will be I, not Malcolm, who calls the housebuilders right. In between, I discuss a share my SIPP bought yesterday; the fund and games with Vin Murria at M&C Saatchi (SAA); Cellular Goods (CBX); and THG (THG)


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - who'd have guessed that David Beckham was not a stock picker?

As you grow old, you should learn from investing. In that vein, I discuss my 1997 encounters with Adonis Pouroulis of Chariot Oil & Gas (CHAR), and why I'd not touch Chariot with a bargepole. I also discuss investing in a bear market, what we should do and the irrational decisions others will make, looking at AAA, Asimilar (ASLR) and Audioboom (BOOM). I then examine Guild ESports (GILD), and what I believe is an upcoming placing at 1p. That will also kick Cellular Goods (CBX) in the golden balls. Finally, I discuss renting out the Greek Hovel, as you can see HERE, and urge the 95% of listeners yet to donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks, to do so HERE.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Special Agent Dick Barton fecks it up

In today's podcast, I suggest 3 questions you should ask of a certain speaker at UK Investor, and I shall be very proud of anyone who has the nerve to do so! I look at Eurasia Mining (EUA); Kavango Resources (KAV), run by flip-flop, Ben Turney; Strip Tinning (STG); Deepverge (DVRG); Audioboom (BOOM); and Nanosynth (NNN), where I slash my target price to 0.1p. 95% of you have yet to donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks. Come on, I am sure you can spare a tenner - please do give HERE.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - a Google search for buy furniture online

In today's podcast, I look at: Vast Resources (VAST) and the bogus bear squeeze; Eurasia Mining (EUA); Powerhouse Energy (PHE); Kinovo (KINO) and the fallout from my scoop yesterday, which is now confirmed; (MADE); and why Petropavlovsk (POG) is a zero. Also, do grab a (free) ticket to UK Investor on Saturday; tomorrow, I shall give the question you must ask one of the presenters. The Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks have now raised 21% of their target. To the 95% of listeners yet to donate, please do so HERE.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: is it game over for Petropavlovsk?

In today's podcast, I cover Eurasia Mining (EUA), (MADE), Vast Resources (VAST) and Petropavlovsk (POG). I have more shocking news on Kinovo (KINO), whose shares should be suspended, and discuss FinnCrap (FCAP). I promise never to mention the company again if its CEO, smug Sam Smith, donates £100,000 to rogue bloggers for Woodlarks. Of course, she won't. So I must ask the 95% of Bearcast listeners yet to chip in: please make your donation, HERE  We are now at 20% of target - go on, make it 21% by tomorrow!

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