Photo Article Rogue Bloggers and the three bears and we finally catch Brian Basham

We sped past Jane Austen’s house and into Alton where I bring you a picture of three bears. No delays for the five rogue bloggers and at 4.10 pm, at 23 miles we caught up with 78 year old Fleet Street legend Brian Basham and his trainer J who had left Winchester five hours before us. We are now just nine miles from Woodlarks and the group is again splitting into fast and slow. Amazingly I am in the fast group. If you are yet to donate to the good cause please do so HERE.


Now at 4% of target - please donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks: Jim's in!

It is now just 7 weeks away, and I really must start training as soon as I am back in Wales. I hope that my fellow walkers (Miers, Basham, Basham's trainer, Bell, Moore and two readers of this website who seem frighteningly keen and fit) are better prepared. Anyhow, train I will, for it is a great cause. We have now raised 4% of our £50,000 target, but, fear not; I shall be begging almost daily from now onwards.  


Cathie Wood - the new Neil Woodford

Of course certain folks* do not want to learn all the lessons of Woodford so that it never happens again as that might threaten the grievance industry gravy train on which they ride.  One lesson is that the press only start calling out bad actors in financial services when it is too late. Before then, they promote the bad actors for the mainstream media are bad actors themselves.  The next Neil Woodford, as Lucian myself and others have noted for a while, is Cathie Wood of ARK whose funds share a lot of the failings that caused Woodford to blow up and whose arrogance matches that of the disgraced Neil. But for years the deadwood press blew smoke up Cathie's posterior just as the FT and others blew off Neil.

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