Suicide is a serious business. Please support Nigel’s Walk

As I have discussed openly, I have in the past considered suicide. Thankfully those dark days are long gone but 125 folks a week do kill themselves in the UK each week. If my mother’s own suicide taught me anything it is a tragedy for the person who ends their life but, perhaps, an even greater one for those left behind. I know that both my father and my mother’s brother, Chris Booker, were haunted to the end by the idea they could have stopped it.  The pain and guilt they felt were all too obvious. 


Go woke go broke – John Lewis and the 7 year old transgender boy

Since the start of the scamdemic, John Lewis has shut 16 of its 50 stores. The other 34 face a terribly uncertain future with the company’s über woke chair Sharon White talking about moves into social housing and financial services as the existing operations lost £29 million in the six months to July 31.  So how to ensure your corporate demise is even more rapid?


How on earth does a broker not make money in this market? Ask the scumbags at bucket shop Novum!

How on earth has any broker in London not managed to make out like a bandit, or should I say broker, during the past two years? It almost defies belief given how every company on earth seems to have done at least fund raise earning stacks of 5% commissions for the bandits. I mean brokers. But somehow the gutter dwellers at Novum Securities have managed to post another whopping loss as you can see below.


Breaking – Fantastist penny share huckster Chris Oil facing bankruptcy order from broker within two weeks: City source

If you wondered where the fantastist penny share spiv Chris Oil had got to, I fear that news from the man who lives with mummy and daddy in a fake castle does not seem good. I revealed that he was on the hook to his erstwhile pal Brokerman Dan Levi for £150,000 a year or so ago. Luckily for all the talk of shotguns and past villany, the reality is that Dan is too much of a nice guy for his own good and has yet to issue a formal statutory demand against Mr Oil which would lead to the fantasist being declared bankrupt. But …

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