Video: Rate Hikes Will Kill Wall Street

Bullion manager Stephen Flood says his company is seeing a lot of demand due to inflation concerns. The broader consumer base is not interested in buying gold but he expects this will change. He claims that we’re seeing seven percent inflation and it’s likely much higher. It’s not going to take long for money to halve in buying power.


Scottish Power – why this green energy con is an expensive lie & 0/10 for customer service

Tom commented over the weekend in Bearcast about the issues he is experiencing with Scottish Power. I have likewise experienced frustration with this organisation, not for as long as Tom has, but sufficient for me to quickly elevate matters. I am pleased to say my issue I had has now been partly resolved. But it begs some questions and examination. The biggest one is just how many Guardian reading poltroons buying "green energy" realise that a) it is not and b) that it is so expensive?


Video: an epic risk moment in history, shares to crash 90%

Asset manager, Egon von Greyerz does not mince his words. There is no fence sitting here. He argues that systemic risks are increasing but the general investor does not appear concerned. No one knows the size of the derivatives markets but it’s likely in the quadrillions. Egon points out that sovereign bonds make no sense for investors since the only way they can be paid back is with more money printing, hence they are extremely poor investments especially when you consider the dismal returns.


Video - the decade of the Greater depression

Some folks talk of how this will be an inflation-fuelled roaring twenties as if inflation is a good thing. But, as I explained in Bearcast yesterday, history shows how it rips society apart. The poverty it causes for many is an evil.  Doug Casey, the libertarian author and speculator, follows this theme in the latest podcast from Palisade Capital. He may be more eloquent than I, certainly he delivers fewer "ers".


The Alternative Energy Bubble – Which UK listed Companies had Emperor’s new clothes in 2021 or any clothes at all come to that?

This time last year we were enjoying the lack of restrictions due to Covid, if only for a few days, and so much has changed over the last year. Or perhaps not. So, what has happened over the last year in the alternative energy sector. Was I right in my views that an unfrocking could occur? And what does 2022 hold for this bunch of losers?

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