Video: Five Drivers For a Commodity Bull Market

Biy do I like economist Steve Hanke.  He concludes this interview with a claim that 95% of what appears in the Mainstream Media is wrong or irrelevant. As I work on my next Ukraine podcast, how right the good Professor is.


A major article for the Transparency Task Force Woodford session to discuss today – its from the FT!

As you know I got disinvited from speaking at the TTF symposium taking place today which aims to discover what went wrong with Neil Woodford and how to stop it happening again. As the one journalist who did expose Woodford from 2015 onwards, one point I wanted to make was that the corruption of the deadwood press as an enabler of fraud was an issue but that was going to make the chap from the FT a bit cross.  So here below, is an article from the FT in December 2017 for the establishment arse lickers at the TTF to consider. You will see it is branded as among “FT’s personal finance highlights of 2017.”

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