Video: Protecting Your Savings with Gold and Silver

Precious metals dealer Patrick Yip is clearly talking is own book but is, I think, correct in suggesting that everything is becoming more expensive and we see that in the one year performance of most commodities. The US Consumer Price Inflation (CPI) report of 7.5% seems to be very understated but this rate of inflation alone would remove 35% of your purchasing power in five years.


Video: Energy Crisis will drive gold to new highs

I cannot help but think that unfolding events in the Ukraine are going to be positive for both gold and oil in the coming weeks. But that is not the thesis of analyst Steve St. Angelo of the SRSrocco Report. Steve seeks to show how energy can impact the price of gold and why it essentially sets a floor for the metal. He argues that the foundation of our global economy is the cost to produce goods and there has to be a profit margin: Everything has a margin but unfortunately, investors often forget this factor when evaluating charts.


Video: Here is why gold is heading to $3,000

Chris Rutherglen is a chartist so feel free to ignore everything he says but just to keep Nigel happy out there in freezing Montana at the log cabin with only the Unabomber on the next mountain to chat to ...


Video: Gold is About to Enter it’s Next Leg-Up

Analyst Michael Oliver believes the movement in gold last week was just the start of another bull run. Silver is in a similar pattern to gold but needs to reach $25.37 on a weekly close to trigger a move higher, he claims.


Video: Nigel's hero Jordan Roy Byrne warns gold is going lower - won't see $1950 for 12months

Oops. this is the man gold mega bull Nigel Somerville always defers to, Jordan Roy Byrne and for gold bugs his warning is bleak. The yellow metal ain't going anywhere fast and indeed could go lower until Spring 2022. Ouch Nigel....time to move back from Montana, sell the beans and gold and buy some meme stocks? Over to you Nigel to respond. Meanwhile here is Jordan...


Video: I'm Finding Deep Value in Mining Stocks

Analyst John Feneck argues how different the miners feel now than back in 2016. He explains his investing approach and how he avoids certain issues. It’s important to be able to sleep at night. Currently, he’s heavily invested in junior miners and explains why.

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