How to Keep our Peckers Up as War Causes Shortages and Bumps Up Inflation

Hello Share Hunters. I don't know about you, but I feel totally on edge and sad at the mo. I’ m not sure whether its the madness in Ukraine or that my share portfolio is well down in value. I hope, for the sake of my humanity, that it’s the former. And I think it is. Because as I’ve argued before the Footsie often soars when the initial shocks of war are out of the way. Ordinary share owners can't do anything to make Putin stop. But we can minimise any damage to our portfolios. 


Fears that Inflation Will Hit All Our Shares Are, well, Inflated.

Hello Share Churners. The news is full of vulnerable folks stricken by the rising cost of living. This can give share shifters like us the heebie jeebies. We expect that the whole country will be unable to spend very much because the cash needs to go on bigger bills for electricity, gas, petrol, council tax, national insurance and food. Well, sadly many lower income folks will find it harder. But they were not the ones spending on non-essentials, anyway.


Professor Malcom Stacey's Highly Regarded Universally Famous Dazzling Christmas Lecture

Merry Christmas, Share Helpers. This old punter has an uneasy feeling the number of readers of this seasonal seminar - like the chances of snow on the big day - dwindles every year. However, as long as just a few Christians hold the line, it’s possible there’ll be a resurgence in religion in the future, possibly as the world becomes more enlightened with greater eduction and fewer disasters. Though I don’t expect non-believers to agree with any of that.


A Crystal Ball View of How Our Shares Will Perform Once Covid is Trounced

Hello, Share Clingers. It might be time for a longer view of the British economy. A perspective for far-seeing investors who won't be too bothered by the current ups and downs driven by covid briefings. Here are some more distant influences on share prices expected by some top forecasters when the pandemic is finally out of the picture.


Despite Rising Shares, Here's a Topping Trio that Could Enjoy Rising Share Prices

Hello, Share Slickers. Perhaps it might be an idea to look at a few companies I've commended recently to see how they're doing. Progress has been slow but sure. All ships rise or fall with the tide and as the Footsie has been moribund, any rise might be regarded as encouraging. And as many of us expect many stocks to rise with an accelerating economy, perhaps we should be hanging onto our hats.


No Need to Panic. The Fear of Inflation is Often Inflated by Shareholders.

Hello, Share Thrashers. There’s some worry about the rising rate of inflation. But how does that thorny issue affect our shares? Many folks, including some expert in the field, reckon inflation is a bad thing for the stock market. And certainly, when the government publishes a high inflation notice, the Footsie nearly always falls, often quite heavily. While hefty inflation is probably keeping shares back even though there are some signals, like the weakening of covid, which should be sending stocks higher.


Our Dream Team Can Dominate this Tip Top Tally of Top Tips.

Hello, Share Seekers. You may have come across a sparkling website called Stockomendation. Among other useful functions, this outfit brings together share tips from all the different sources. Part of the deal is that it supplies a weekly list of the best topical tips.


Exclusive: Malcolm's Seminar on When it's Best to Sell.

It's Spring cleaning time. And with the markets closed, it’s an ideal time to condemn stuff you don't want, as charity shops faced with a 17% rise in donations are finding out. And it’s also time to divest yourself of shares which are dragging down your portfolio. It’s been shown time and time again that holding onto duds limit your performance more than finding winners. Nothing is guaranteed in the chaos that is Shareland. But there are a few guidance notes, if not rules, for keeping your portfolio in a tidy and profitable state. Here they are.

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