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Jeremy Corbyn has promised to raise Corporation Tax from 19% to 26%, while the tax on dividends in the UK is now 25%. As far as I know that is not going to be increased by Labour, but who knows? The bottom line is that, as a part-time Greek resident but UK taxpayer, it actually makes sense for me to become a Greek resident and Greek taxpayer if Labour wins. Yes, this economic basket case run by socialist lunatics is a better place for me to do my business than a Corbyn-run Britain. Here are the maths....

251 days ago

In the past, the Americans have vigorously supported a compromise over Greece because, along with the rest of the political establishment, it views preserving the euro and the European Union as a strategic imperative of over-riding importance. But Trump doesn’t like the EU. Trump has made it very clear that he is very hostile to the EU. He backed Brexit, appointed an ambassador who believes the euro is destined to fall apart, and started a rhetorical trade war with Germany. In response, EU leaders, from Germany’s Angela Merkel to France’s François Hollande, have been fiercely critical of Trump. Relations between Washington and Brussels have probably never been worse. 

338 days ago

John my colleague had dinner in the week with the old Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis. We will issue a more detailed note on the conversation in the week.  At AG we are now even surer that before that the Euro WILL implode, only the timing is debatable –but the next six months though is looking very problematic as Trump enters the fray.

352 days ago

I booked my ticket to Athens last night. No doubt the Bulletin Board Morons will assume that I am running scared of the patron saint of fraudsters, the convicted felon, twice bankrupted man barred from being a company director, St Aidan of Banstead. No, I fear not Mr Earley but I head to Greece soon for very different reasons and may be offline for a few days.

361 days ago

If you are not one of our weekend readers you may have missed the drama of the thunderstorm in Greece which hit my house. As I recorded the Saturday bearcast lightning hit the small hovel in which I live in the Taygetus mountains. It is all too audible in the podcast.

576 days ago

Today I plunged into the wildest parts of the land at the Greek Hovel. In the far corner the olive trees are immersed in frigana, long grass and bushes. If I was a snake that is where I'd live. No question. Tentatively I plunged in to prune but I looked nervously around me every step of the way. There are some areas where the plants are just so dense that I don't dare head in. I will need to call fearless George the Albanian to "assist me" with those. Or maybe I tackle them in December when the snakes are hibernating? Anyhow, as I pruned I thought of all those AIM CEOs sitting at their desks in London, earning vast salaries for shuffling paper around.

582 days ago

Yesterday, the fascist bully boys at PR firm Citigate Dewe Rogerson gave three different reasons for not answering a simple question about their client Fastjet (FJET). The real reason is that the answer shows that Fastjet is heading towards insolvency and needs a placing PDQ. More on that later, I have a full answer to come. Citigate tried to distract attention by claiming that I had libelled an employee by not describing her as a genius and, worse, had engaged in a racial slur by hinting she may be Greek. I think that says a lot about how senior staffers at Citigate view the bubbles for my views on and links to Greece are well known...

684 days ago

Why are macroeconomic investors going to be busy in December? Find out with this week’s Financial Orbit. We also discuss the impacts of the strong US dollar, where options and opportunities exist for investors and finally a confirmation that Space Invaders is the best ever computer game.

787 days ago

No it is not my Mrs but a comrade of hers who wishes to go to volunteer to help the migrants landing up in Greece from Syria and other places made hell holes as a result of misguided Western meddling. I know being nice to migrants is not popular in all quarters. I don’t expect Nigel Farage to donate. But we are in this household and if you have some compassion I ask you to consider a small donation. 

797 days ago

I landed in Greece on Tuesday. Within 48 hours the loathsome Blair like lying snake of a PM Alex Tsipras had quit, barring a miracle we will have a second General Election in 2015 on September 20th.

887 days ago

In the latest edition of Financial Orbit Speaks, Chris Bailey looks at continuing challenges in Europe despite the likelihood of a third Greek bailout, interpretations around the Chinese yuan movement, issues in the US and why individual corporate equity analysis remains the key.

893 days ago

What delicious irony…next Friday the 24th is a holiday in Greece. It will be the 41st celebration of the day that the Colonels (the Junta) handed over power to the politicians.  It is “restoration of Democracy Day”. Honestly. You could not make it up.

921 days ago

Since the Dax, peaked at 12,390 on 10 April, Germany’s major index of 30 blue chip stocks has been dragged lower by the troubles in Greece. Having started the first quarter of the year in such spectacular form, thanks to the generosity of the European Central Bank’s  (ECB) Quantitative Easing (QE) programme, the Dax has since become a victim of the spiralling Greek Tragedy. July has been an extremely volatile month for German stocks and the Dax’s near-term prospects appear very much pinned to the outcome in Greece. On Wednesday 15 July the Dax closed at 11,539, right above a crucial level of MIDAS resistance. A retest of this level in the coming weeks could open up a highly attractive shorting opportunity, as it would suggest a worsening in macro conditions.

922 days ago

Hello Share Plungers. We’re told by the International Monetary Fund that Greece will never be able to pay back its big debt and that creditors should be willing to take a haircut. Sense at last, but with the Germans in a bloody frame of mind towards the Greeks, that short back and sides will not be forthcoming.

923 days ago

#Thisisacoup is trending on twitter. Greece is now ruled by the EU. Democracy means nothing. The package agreed by Alex Ephilates Tsipras will destroy hope and add to misery in Greece. There is no debt relief. The problems of Greece, for the country, its people, my friends and neighbours, are not solved but the Euro is saved (for now). For Greece, my father and I are agreed (for once), we shed a tear. The Euro may have rallied but Greece is not fixed. Just fucked. Comment and analysis on what happens next.

926 days ago

To recap: 61% of Greeks voted Oxi (no) to a nasty bailout package last Sunday. Treacherous PM Alex "Ephialtes" Tsipras then ignored their wishes and proposed an even worse deal which 79% of Greeks oppose, according to a poll out today. And in Brussels just now it seems that Greece has agreed to an even worse package than the second Ephialtes deal which it will start implementing next week in order to get a bailout. But even this most brutal of rogerings and abject humiliations for Greece may not save it.

927 days ago

61% of the people in the country that invented democracy last Sunday voted to reject an austerity deal. Five days later, the new Ephialtes, PM Alex Tsipras strong-armed the Parliament to allow him to propose an even worse deal. But it is this weekend when Greece really needs to lube up as the Germans and the Troika prepare for the final humiliating shafting. 

928 days ago

So where did all the money go in Greece? To the fat cat politicians and industrial barons of course. I now bring you a photo of a Greek fat cat I encountered. 

928 days ago

In the Greek Parliament the MPs are - as at 7.45 - still debating the proposal of Alex Tsipras to betray his people by suggesting a deal with the banksters that is worse than the one 61% voted Oxi to last week. As I noted earlier, the communist KKE party warned that Tsipras would sell out if he got an Oxi vote, I agreed with its analysis and it looks as if we will be vindicated. And so beneath Syntagma Square the commies are starting to gather.

928 days ago

Last Sunday 61% of Greeks voted Oxi! In a referendum on the bailout proposals being offered to the Greeks by the banksters. They said no to a scorched earth policy of austerity without debt relief that will see more people leave, the population age, basic services crumble further and many facing no escape from abject poverty.  Today, just five days later, PM Alex Tsipras, hero of the Oxi campaign, has proposed that Greece accept terms that are – if anything – worse. And there is still no debt relief on the table.

929 days ago

Hello Share Rattlers. There doesn’t seem much we can do with our shares at the mo. Not until the Greek tragedy is resolved.

930 days ago

I cannot imagine that the neo-commie Alex Tsipras thought that his biggest fan in the EU was UKIP leader Nigel Farage and poor Tsipras looked a little uncomfortable as Nigel lavished him with praise in the European parliament today. Tsipras does not wish to leave the Euro but Greece needs him to "lead it out with pride" as Farage rightly said. 

931 days ago

I note the attack on me by my colleague Euro loon HERE. Like the heroic ex finance minister of the Hellenic Republic Yanis Varoufakis I regard such an attack from a supporter of the EU and Euro as a “badge of honour.”  The zealots who believe in the Euro concoct facts to support their religion. They show no humanity in the face of undeserved misery. The Euro and EU is a dream for crony failed politicians, big business, useless parasitic bureaucrats and banksters. It is a combination of crony capitalism and socialism which screws ordinary taxpayers and benefits the elite. My analysis and solutions are pure capitalism – my critic (a bankster) is a crony capita

931 days ago

Tom Winnifrith sounds like a Marxist. Greece deserves all the misery it gets. This is a tragedy of its own making. That is the view of one contributor to this site. Tom's reply is HERE. Now over to the Euro loon...

931 days ago

It came as rather a shock earlier this year: I owed the electricity company 975 Euro for the Greek hovel she owns in the Mani region. In May the Mrs and I headed into Kalamata with our friend George the architect and established that in fact we owed 20 Euro. The former owner of the hovel, a witch called Athena, had not paid for three years and owed 955 Euro.

932 days ago

Hello Share Twitchers. There’s not much of an appetite to buy shares at the mo. The Greek vote was a step into the unknown, and that’s for sure.

932 days ago

Gold’s reaction, or lack of it, to Greece’s resounding “No” vote on Sunday could prove to be a wonderful buying opportunity both for the metal and its battered miners. Equity markets initially fell heavily in response to the news out of Athens, but over the course of today have pared losses. There seems to be a growing consensus that some form of compromise will be reached before 20 July, when Greece owes its next payment to the European Central Bank. However, it might be too late for that.

933 days ago

Greece voted overwhelmingly Oxi yet this morning finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has quit claiming that the banksters had made it clear that they did not wish to negotiate with him personally. Is this the start of the Syriza sell-out?

933 days ago

On Friday before the Greek referendum Syntagma square was awash with blue and white Greek flags and white Oxi flags. This was not about party politics, Alex Tsipras and Syriza wanted you to vote Oxi as it was your patriotic call. I happen to agree with that. Pro tem all Greeks could put party aside and vote Oxi to vote for Greece.  Last night something odd happened after the polls closed: Oxi turned from blue to red.

933 days ago

As I wander up to the most excellent Anthrapology café one last time for a leave Athens on a boat tonight to continue my odyssey, I stroll past three of four banks and they are open. Well sort of.

933 days ago

Over the weekend I warned you that the sensationalist reporting of Greece by the Daily Mail and notably the lying bitch Liz Jones was just all lies. She did not understand what was going on and was making things up in a sensationalist manner to help sell copies of that rag. One of la Jones lies was that they were running out of food here. As it happens, outside my front door is a street market….

933 days ago

Just why did Betfair move so sharply to Oxi! a few hours ago? Er there was a Gallup poll taken on Saturday and released to non insider dealers after the actual poll closed here in Greece. I caught the last voters turning up to have their say at my local polling station and then talked to the precinct captain for Nai. 

934 days ago

The early polls are coming in, district by district. Even Messania where I live, which is the heartland of conservative new democracy, seems to have voted Oxi.

934 days ago

The betting markets have a better record of calling elections than opinion polls in recent times and so take note - there have been heavy betting on Betfair in the past three hours - and that betting is on Oxi! winning here in the Greek Referendum. Hooray - that calls for an ouzo.

934 days ago

Oh what drama – the polls here in Greece are close but the governing Syriza party is reporting a high turnout in Athens which is very good news for the Oxi side. I noted earlier that I was expecting 70% turnout here in the Capital (higher than the 67% General Election) but Syriza reckons it could be higher still.

934 days ago

The result is going to be close. So when the Greek referendum results come out you will see a lot of talking heads from Greece. Here is your handy and honest guide to the Greek political parties:

934 days ago

I had a long chat last night with my Eurosceptic Uncle and godfather Christopher Booker and who like me is hoping that Greece votes Oxi.  But he knows that we have some strange bedfellows in the Oxi camp.

934 days ago

I am horrified to see today’s Mail on Sunday spout complete lies about Greece. It saddens me that this paper pays folks like Liz Jones to write sensationalist crap.

934 days ago

And so we are off with the great Greek Referendum and it looks like it will go to the wire. I have been to my local polling station and arriving just as the Church next door finished its service there was a mini surge. But it is not at the schools across Greece where the real lines are forming.

934 days ago

Like all Hellenophiles my love of Greece is partly a love of the country today and partly a romanticised view of life in Ancient Greece. And so as the Greek referendum looms tomorrow one thinks naturally about how this place is the birthplace of democracy, of rule by the people.

934 days ago

Earlier today I reflected on how not that much had changed in the district of Athens in which I am staying. But then it struck me that something had changed: the roads are almost empty.

935 days ago

And so I wandered into Omonia Square in Athens, not a place to stroll around for too long. Athens was an all almost white City thirty years ago. I think my white face was in the minority today. There is an air of menace about the district and I was glad to walk briskly back towards Syntagma Square. But as I looked around I was accosted.

935 days ago

Happy Independence day to our American listeners. My prayers are that tomorrow Greece votes for freedom and votes Oxi! But will it? And what does that mean for the Euro and shares. I note Goldman Sachs claims that a Nai vote will see global equities rise by 10%. Hmmm, I think it misses the bear in the China shop. A few thoughts brought to you from Athens in today's podcast.

935 days ago

It is Saturday morning and if anything the ATM queues are longer than they were yesterday. Between the apartment where I am staying and the café where I am writing from there are four ATMs. I reckon that the line outside each is now 25 long as folks look to take another 60 Euro out of their account before it is too late.

935 days ago

The last time I stayed in this part of Athens was more or less exactly three years ago. I was at an all-time low point in my life but, as I wandered the streets here in a fairly aimless fashion, it struck me that an awful lot of folk had it a lot worse. At last I had a chance to fight back. So what’s changed for the folks here?

935 days ago

Think Stoke Newington in London. Edgy, lefty but with a stack of affluent middle class Guardian readers among the poor. That’s the sort of neighbourhood of Athens in which I am staying. Everywhere there are Oxi posters – this area is voting No heavily in the referendum on Sunday. Even the businesses display posters – they are not afraid of losing customers because this area is heavily Oxi. One poster (see below) says nothing but says it all.

935 days ago

I guess there were two capitalists in Syntagma Square last night as well as more than 50,000 lefties at the Oxi! Rally. The two entrepreneurs would have been myself and the chap selling Greek and Oxi flags as well as mini klaxons – he was doing a roaring trade.

935 days ago

Refreshed by a couple of ouzos and with my report loaded I wandered back to the rally in Syntagma square. The party continued well past midnight with a succession of pop stars performing. Each sang and also offered a few thoughts on the political situation. Pop stars are not generally the brightest sparks in the universe but as long as the said Oxi to which the crowd replied Oxi (please each repeat three times) nothing mattered.

935 days ago

Who said capitalism is dead in Greece? The stalls selling Greek and Oxi flags were doing a roaring trade.  In fact everyone who could was draping themselves in the blue and white of Greece. Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. And in a referendum both sides have to claim the patriotic high ground. 

935 days ago

Some folk say that it is better to travel than to arrive. I guess they have never travelled on a 5.45 AM Easyjet flight from Gatwick.  But my first sight in Greece was a pure delight. I was wandering from the plane into the terminal behind this stunning Greek goddess wearing a light but long skirt. Suddenly a gust of wind caught her skirt blowing it right up above her waist. Little was left to the imagination. Okay that is not true - I imagined away. Sadly I have no photo of this daughter of Athena. But now in the centre of Athens I bring you the first poverty porn.

936 days ago

Hello Share Plumpers. What ever happens in the Greek crisis, it won’t affect our share values. Yes, there’ll be a bit of panic for a month or so. But there’ll be no difference in the long run. So why get upset at the way the European money-movers are treating our friends in the beautiful islands?

937 days ago

Stocks are soaring across Europe on reports that Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras has blinked, has caved and surrendered to the banksters. Is his name indeed set to join those on Traitors Wall that starts with Ephialtes and includes most thieves, sorry Greek politicians, of the past forty years? The FT reports this morning that Tsipras has written to the banksters agreeing, essentially, to all their demands in return for more money which can then be used to repay existing debts as they fall due. This, if true, is madness and treachery.

938 days ago

The Mrs has given me the green light and in fact is almost certain to join me as I head off to Greece ahead of Sunday’s referendum for a touch of riot porn and poverty porn blogging from Syntagma Square in Athens.

938 days ago

High drama tonight as Greek PM Alex Tspiras has called a referendum for July 5: should Greece accept the misery of the latest proposals from the banksters or go bust? Events will move rapidly during the next eight days - we may well see the banks shut down as soon as Monday. Already there are long lines outside ATMs in Athens. Is Tsipras right to call a vote? Yes. What should my neighbours in Greece vote? No! They should vote for default and I hope that Tsipras will lead a campaign for such a vote. July 5th could be freedom day, independence day, a glorious day for the Hellenic Republic. It is time for Greece  to tell the EU and the banksters where to stick it.

942 days ago

The German Fuhrer Frau Merkel last night told Greek PM Alex Tsipras to “shut up.” Monsieur Trichet of the ECB accuses mighty Hellas of “blackmail”. And worst of all, leaders of the three main Greek opposition parties have been invited to Brussels for talks – a coup is being planned in the birthpace of democracy.

943 days ago

The IMF banksters have made new demands of Greece which are just not acceptable. Will PM Tsipras finally show some spine and tell the banksters where to get off, default and offer hope and a future for a post bankrupt Greece. Or will he once again be a traitor to his nation and his people and cave? This is now getting very interesting. Once again I suggest Tsipras reads the great Lord Byron (HERE) and thinks about what could be for a Greece freed from the debt and the banksters.

944 days ago

Once again we are told that it is 1 minute to midnight for Greece. Where have we heard that before? So who blinks? It seems to be Greek PM Alex Tsipras who is set to cave into the banksters and impose even more misery on the poor folk of Greece.

947 days ago

In this podcast I look at Greece as the great day of Grexit may actually be upon us as soon as tomorrow. What will happen and what shoukd happen and how will it effect the rest of us?

948 days ago

Earlier today Comrade Malcolm Stacey, our token money tree believer on this website, argued HERE that Greece would not go bust and that would cuase shares to zoom higher. I am sorry to say that he is wrong on one if not both counts and explain why in this podcast.

952 days ago

Hello Share Pluckers. As I’m pretty ignorant about the Greek tragedy, I leave the analysis to Tom and others who’re nearer the problem. But I think I might be able to add a very general view on what might happen now, based on a lifetime’s experience of big global threats to the world economy.

952 days ago

Greece is getting interesting again and in this podcast I explore who will be the big losers from Grexit and it won't be Greece. The fallout threatens many aspects of the Western financial markets but the bigger threat is interest rates which are going to rise sooner than you think. Warning: this podcast contains extreme bearishness

956 days ago

Jim Mellon says that the Greeks should build a statue in my honour as on Friday I opened a bank account in Greece and made a deposit. Okay it was only 10 Euro, I need to put in another 3,990 Euro to get my residency papers so I can buy a car, a bike and a gun, but it was a start. But the scenes at the National Bank in Kalamata were of chaos, you could smell the panic and they were being replicated at banks across Greece.

969 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. Let’s have a look at the world economy and the British arm of it in particular. Knowing what is happening on the biggest scale helps us to make choices on the very smallest scale ie: which shares to buy or sell next.

971 days ago

After yesterday's podcast, it was put to me by a Euro loving loon (but good man) on twitter that Greece defaulting on its debts and leaving the Euro would be bad news for me, as my wife owns a small property in Greece – the Greek Hovel. He is correct: anyone with Greek assets would take an immediate hit after Grexit. But here is why I support the move anyway.

1025 days ago

This is no longer thinking the unthinkable. Greece could default on a debt repayment in eight days. Grexit - mighty Hellas leaving the Euro - is now being planned for. In this podcast I argue that Greece should embrace Grexit.

1026 days ago

Once again I am not swearing - I take note of David Talbot's kind words. But like most Greek residents I am angry with our new Government and PM Mr Tsipras. I discuss what it is really like here dealing with the banks and why the kick the can solution agreed on Friday will not work politically and economically for Greece and what really needs to happen. The medicine will be truly painful but I explain why it is needed

1067 days ago

So - apparently - there is some element of a deal for Greece although the more I read about it the more I think that it is nothing really more than kicking the can down the road for four months at most. The trouble is that it does not get to the heart of the problem: debts that still need to be serviced or refinanced.  Given the only viable solution is a restructuring (which will have other repercussions) I really struggle to see how ultimately this is nothing more than a sticking plaster. And that is not all that is wrong with the world.

1067 days ago

The FTSE 100 broke out of a trading range (triangle) a few days ago but the UK index was  unable to continue higher. This indicates weakness. The attention is on Greece and it's bailout program. 

1069 days ago

Hello Share Nudgers. So I was right for a change. The Greek election, though going the way of the anti-austerity left wingers, did not cause a drag on share prices. Or only a very slight one, anyway.

1092 days ago

In this podcast I look at the results and what it means for shares, the Euro and the political classes across Europe as well as Greece, including my brother in law set to reture on a full pension in three years aged 52.

1094 days ago

Two companies snuck out news at no-one is watching O'Clock on Friday. I was, And so there is comment and a mini scoop on Igas and also on the POS that is Arian Silver. Then I turn to the Greek Election and offer my thoughts and forecasts.

1096 days ago

Hello Share Shiners. There's a lot of worry among UK share shifters about the way the Greek elections on Sunday will go.

1097 days ago

George Papandreou is back in the game in Greece. This is big news and in this podcast I suggest a small bet on Greek equities on bonds might be in order as a result. Do elections matter for equity investors? I discuss both Greece and also the UK election in May.

1116 days ago

Just a short BearCast Special on the situation in Greece with another election now looming in late January. What does it mean, who will win, will it mean the beginning of the end of the Euro and gow does it affect us? From a man who lives in Greece for a good part of the year and is an ardent Hellenophile if a profound Eurosceptic a few thoughts.

1121 days ago

No wonder investors are so bullish, we are now officially into the third longst bull market in history. But will it last? In this week's edition of Financial Orbit I flag up a number of worrying indicators. And just for Tom W one of the flashing warning signs is coming for the country where he now seems to live most of the time, Greece.

1151 days ago

Right that is it. I am off to the airport and to Greece. I am knackered. I pity the poor sod next to me on the flight as I shall snore all the way to Athens. I leave you with a final Bearcast of the day covering Quindell, Concha, Amiad Water and profits warnings/equity valuations.

1163 days ago

The past six months have seen a small minority of Quindell (QPP) shareholders hurl at Tom Winnifrith an unprecendented volley of abuse, death threats and attempts to destroy his business.  Tom says that he forgives even those who sent death threats and has a genuine sympathy for all of those holding shares in this fraud as they face wipeout.  In this video Tom explains why he feels sympathy for every Quindell shareholder (Rob Terry excluded) and offers genuine advice for them all on what to do on Monday morning.

1165 days ago

This is Tom Winnifrith’s last video postcard from Greece for seven weeks. He is back in London at the weekend preparing for a presentation on how companies on AIM overstate profits with real examples. That is on Monday but is booked out but if you want to be able to advance book for Tom’s next presentation (it’s free & comes with pizza and wine) register HERE

1215 days ago

As you know I have been in Greece for three weeks or more. And I come away in no doubt that the economy is picking up. Athens was almost buzzing whereas last year at the same time it was distinctly un-buzzing. Out in the boonies there has been less change.

1355 days ago

There has been a curious silence on the woes of Greece for the past few months. You might just have thought that its problems had gone away. Oh no…

1444 days ago

With the European Central Bank (ECB) the comedy never stops. You and I know that a material number of European banks and financial institutions are bust. Even a total Euro loon like Michael Heseltine does not, I suspect, stash any of his millions with Greek, Spanish, or Italian banks these days. But the ECB wants us all to think differently and with its 2014 stress tests is going to prove it. Oh yes.

1466 days ago

Hello Sharemates: There is a lot of jollity in Shareland at the mo. Many big traders are expecting that 2014 will be a bumper year. 

1472 days ago

My book published in November is still selling away on Amazon at £10.25 a copy and thanks for all the positive comments about this little tome. As a taster I bring you Rule 44.

1480 days ago

Demographics will be the economic death of Europe but for countries such as Greece – where I am now – the maths are just horrific. You think that poor Hellas has problems now? Wait twenty years.

1648 days ago

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