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Tom recently published an article about Golden Saint Resources (GSR) reaching 8,822,256,582 shares in issue after a latest bailout placing, asking what is the AIM shares in issue record? Well, as at the end of March, some data from the LSE showed;

2017-05-02 07:54:54

Another day and another bailout placing from Golden Saint Resources (GSR) leaves it with 8,822,256,582 shares in issue. Floated at 10p, the shares are now 0.02p but how close is it to the record books?

2017-04-30 02:14:59

Another day and another operational update from jam tomorrow joke stock Golden Saint Resources (GSR), floated at 10p three years ago and now 0.03-0.04p. Sadly there is no news on the football team it sponsors with money raised on AIM but we do at least have an update on the two of the three concessions out in Bongo Bongo land where it is still doing some exploration.

2017-01-20 08:01:57

As at 30 June 2016 Golden Saint Resources (GSR) had $722,000 cash and cash equivalents but by mid November the tank was empty and this cash guzzling joke of a company needed to raise another £400,000 gross (call it £350,000 net or $450,000) to keep going. So how much is left? The share price tells you that cash is running out fast (again) - the stock is now at an all time low of 0.025-0.03p valuing this crock at just £1.6 million. That, BTW, is £1.6 million too much.

2017-01-11 05:19:47

Floated at 10p, a couple of years later shares in Golden Saint Resources (GSR) trade at 0.03p to sell. Gosh that £36,000 a year it invested in securing the services of PR genius Steffi was money well spent was it not? But one ex shareholder, the founder Cyril d'Silva does not look too unhappy as a new photo of him in action last month demonstrates. Nice one Cyril. Well for him anyway.

2017-01-04 02:40:34

Christ I am naive. There was I thinking that all the twitter and Bulletin Board ramping during the past two weeks was there to allow disgraced PR genius Steffi to dump her few remaining shares in this worthless piece of Turkish. Oh no. Silly me. It was a pump before a different sort of dump. A bail-out placing dump. The release is a hoot. It can only have been written by a compulsive liar. Remind me: who does the PR again?

2016-11-17 07:42:09

Cyril d'Silva who floated Golden Saint Resources (GSR) at 10p a share three years ago has just updated his facebook profile with a new picture. With the shares at 0.05p Investors have lost 99.5% of their money but Cyril does not seem to be starving. The word on the street is that Golden is trying to get another bailout placing away urgently as it is again out of cash. Meanwhile as you look at the smug fat fellow below do you have a suitable caption for the photo. Entries in the comments section below before midnight Tuesday please.

2016-11-08 01:14:04

This post appeared on our comments section yesterady after an expose (HERE) about Golden Saint Resources (GSR). The post is written by the former brother in law of Golden Saint founder Cyril d'Silva. I have today spoken to him and there is far more to come. How on earth Roland "fatty" Cornish floated this worthless junk defies belief. But it was and still is clearly utterly worthless. Over to our new friend who writes:

2016-08-19 03:24:36

Perhaps my question as to what was going on regarding AIM-listed Golden Saint (GSR) and its ongoing licence renewal saga landed just in perfect time between Nomad Roland “fatty” Cornish’s breakfast and lunch, as the company issued a statement shortly after my earlier piece today. Jolly good – let’s see what the company has to say for itself….

2016-08-18 05:16:42

On 19 July AIM-listed POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR) announced that it would make arrangements to pay the licence renewal fees in the course of the next two weeks. Well, here we are well into week 5: has the money been paid or not? Have the licences actually been renewed?

2016-08-18 02:40:24

Is this the reason that Cyril d'Silva quit as boss of AIM POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR) on 10 February 2016 - a court judgement against him in Singapore for £1.6 million plus interest from 27 January 2016.

2016-08-11 03:45:31

On 19 July AIM-listed POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR) released an RNS entitled Licence Renewal and Operational Update. What we learned was that in fact it had not renewed its licences at all (in Sierra Leone) but that it would be making arrangements to pay for the…licences in the course of the next two weeks. That was two and a half weeks ago: has it paid? Has it been granted the permits?

2016-08-06 01:16:41

AIM-listed POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR) has announced that it I to renew its three exploration licences in Sierra Leone and that it will be making arrangements to pay the fees over the course of the next two weeks. But the detail of the RNS reveals just how desperate the company was for cash at the back end of 2015, and seems to suggest also that there wasn’t exactly a queue around the block outside the Sierra Leone National Minerals Agency to compete for these obviously highly prospective plots.

2016-07-19 07:48:40

In a final two-fingered salute to the Casino, Cyril D’Silva has informed AIM-listed POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR) that he is off to spend more time with his classic cars, and detailed some share transactions incredibly late: so long, and thanks for all the cash...

2016-07-11 07:40:21

Last year Golden Saint Resources (GSR) waited until it got a placing away in late May to announce its piss poor results. It needed extra cash to satisfy the auditors that it was solvent, let alone a going concern. This year it seems that broker Cornhill could not bring itself to stiff its clients again - hats off to Frangos and team for showing some integrity. But bucket shop- SVS Securities has no such qualms and has raised £400,000 gross ( £371,000 net of fees to crony capitalists) at 0.07p. So I guess we can now see the results soon.

2016-06-13 02:08:39

If you wanted to line up a top notch list of advisors to an AIM casino stock you would not go to POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR) for advice. It really has gone for the holy trinity of hopelessness.

2016-05-17 05:19:13

Remember that companies pay for these soft interviews so it is no shock that they are soft but some just take the piss.Today's shocker sees the rather fancyable Charlotte Kan of Proactive Investors giving disgraced Cyril d'Silva of Golden Saint Resources (GSR) a non grilling.

2016-02-12 01:20:09

No PR genius Steffi I am not accusing you of being a fat lady. Nothing could be further from the truth. On both counts. But while you sun yourself in South Africa with your market abusing criminal client Chris Oil, I have some bad news for you. If you were wondering why your other client, Golden Saint Resources (GSR) had not sent you its £3,000 monthly retainer of late, there is an RNS just out....

2016-02-10 06:21:18

After 89 days the Golden Saint Resources (GSR) crowd funded debt death spiral organised by Crowdforangfels and its imbecilic compliance officer Gollum Gill was pulled last night. It had raised just £3,350 - just a little way below the minumum of £50,000 and the £250,000 target. This morning Golden has fessed up to the flop.

2016-01-07 03:32:28

Why has Nomad Roland "fatty" Cornish not yet had shares in insolvent Golden Saint Resources (GSR) suspended? After all it is totally bust. Perhaps it is in the hope that its crowd funded debt death spiral organised by Richard "Gollum" Gill would be a saviour? If so I have bad news because after 88 days...

2016-01-05 05:14:25

PR genius Steffi I applaud you for making me a happy man with what must be the most ludicrous press release of the year from your client Golden Saint Resources (GSR). We know that this company is bankrupt and trading whilst insolvent but I am glad that Nomad Roland "fatty " Cornish has not done his job properly and suspended the shares from the AIM Casino as this is sheer comedy.

2015-12-23 08:30:55

You could not make this bollocks up. Golden Saint Resources (GSR) has today effectively admitted that it is insolvent but its PR genius Steffi (cost £3,000 pcm) has dressed this up as a triumph. How on earth is Nomad Roland "fatty" Cornish allowing the shares still to be traded.

2015-12-15 10:15:19

As we have pointed out numerous times, the crowd funded debt death spiral has failed. Golden Saint Resources (GSR) managed to raise a net £159,000 two weeks ago in a bucket shop placing but is still completely out of cash. It is bust. It is trading while insolvent. Yet still the pretence goes on with an "operational update." What bollocks.

2015-12-08 08:02:10

How long can this joke go on? Floated at 10p, 18 months ago shares in Golden Saint now trade at just 0.035-0.04p as it has announced a placing to raise a £170,000 ( net £158,000) at 0.025p but it is still bust, insolvent, dead. What’s the point? Death is postponed but only for a few weeks.

2015-11-24 06:19:05

Floated on the AIM casino 18 months ago at 10p, shares in the insolvent Golden Saint Resources (GSR) are sliding again today and are now just 0.035p to sell (loss since IPO of 99.965%) so how is its crowd funded debt death spiral doing. I am afraid that the news is not good on day 42.

2015-11-20 06:00:24

Totally insolvent AIM Golden Saint Resources (GSR) had a cracking day 26 on its live crowd funded debt death spiral – some mug punter pledged £1000. That means that £3,200 has now been pledged (admittedly at least £800 of that coming from imbecilic Northern slum refugee Richard “Gollum” Gill and colleagues at crowdforangels) and so the net proceeds (inc VAT outflows are now) a massive £88. Yes after 26 days Golden Saint has raised a net £88, enough to pay for the invaluable services of PR genius Stefania for approximately twenty two and a half hours. So …

2015-11-04 01:52:21

Wow big news from the live execution of Golden Saint Resources (GSR) via a crowd funded death debt spiral – the amount raised has on day 19, doubled. But before its supporters celebrate too much….

2015-10-28 08:43:13

You will remember that AIM listed Golden Saint Resources (GSR) is out of cash and trading while insolvent as it burns up to £6,000 a day but that its rescue plan was to raise £250,000 via a crowd funded debt death spiral masterminded by Northern slum refugee the talentless little shit Richard “Gollum” Gill and crowdforangels. So what is the update on day 15?

2015-10-24 06:00:31

You will remember that AIM POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR) is out of cash and is burning cash at up to £200,000 a month. It is insolvent. Its Nomad Roland “fatty” Cornish is too busy thinking of his next five course lunch to push the company on this and have the shares suspended pending clarification. When this goes tits up, his failure on this point will be raised with AIM Regulation. But at least there is the crowd funded debt death spiral to raise £250,000 which is now 11 days into its 90 day campaign, there to save Golden. How is it doing?

2015-10-20 03:04:42

It goes without saying that there live execution of insolvent AIM listed POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR) via a crowd funded debt death spiral is not going well. The past 24 hours has seen another £0 raised meaning that on day nine net proceeds are still MINUS £1938.50. But an eagle eyed reader has flagged up a weekend change, as CrowdforAngels tries to cover up how investors are being spoofed.

2015-10-18 06:54:14

It goes without saying that the scoreboard was not exactly rattling yesterday at the live public execution crowd funded death spiral of Golden Saint Resources (GSR). Is that because Golden Saint is an insolvent POS or because the crowd funder crowdforangels has been cursed by having the congenitally imbecilic Northern Slum refugee Richard “Gollum” Gill on board as its compliance officer? Or both. As it happens…

2015-10-17 05:28:26

It is all action at crowdforangels, the crowd funding operation which asked for trouble when it hired as its compliance officer, Northern Slum refugee and prize tool Richard “Gollum” Gill. Six days ago it set out to raise £250,000 in a crowd funded debt death spiral for AIM listed insolvent POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR). The big news from the last 24 hours is….

2015-10-15 10:03:22

 The public execution of insolvent AIM listed POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR) gets more gripping by the day. 24 hours ago ( day 5) the company had raised £300 from mug punters and £800 from staff at crowdforangels including imbecilic compliance officer Gollum, meaning that the net proceeds of this crowd funded debt death spiral were still MINUS £1938.50. Today the total raised is…

2015-10-14 10:44:47

Today is day 5 of POS AIM listed Golden Saint Resources (GSR) attempt to avoid insolvency with a £250,000 crowd funded debt death spiral. As we noted on Sunday (HERE), £800 has been chipped in so far by employees of crowdforangels including its imbecilic compliance officer Gollum (HERE). So how much has been raised on day 5? And just how insolvent is the company? Er..

2015-10-13 05:16:38

Today is day 4 of POS AIM listed Golden Saint Resources (GSR) attempt to avoid insolvency with a £250,000 crowd funded debt death spiral. As we noted yesterday, £800 has been chipped in so far by employees of crowdforangels including its imbecilic compliance officer Gollum (HERE). So how much has been raised on day 4? Er..

2015-10-12 08:18:21

Another day gone and things look even grimmer in the execution chamber as we watch the public death of AIM POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR). Still only £1100 of the £250,000 needed has been pledged which means that – after costs – three days of the crowd funded debt death spiral has realised a net MINUS £1,938.50. But I am afraid the true picture is EVEN WORSE than that. Moreover…now it is time to meet Gollum, the mastermind behind this fiasco.

2015-10-11 07:43:05

The comedy continues. Tom Winnifrith has already flagged up that thus far the funding round announced yesterday has actually cost money, not raised it – see HERE. Perhaps it is possible in this mad world that (pro tem) AIM-listed POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR) could actually raise some pittance from its last throw-of-the-dice funding round. But bearing in mind the cash-burn, it faces an uphill struggle.

2015-10-10 05:54:07

This gets more hilarious by the day, the slow public execution of Golden Saint Resources (GSR) as it endeavours to secure £250,000 via a crowd funded convertible debt death spiral. On day 2 the net proceeds so far are MINUS £1,938.50.  Death ahoy. The hard maths are just appalling.

2015-10-10 01:27:01

AIM listed Golden Saint Resources (GSR)is out of cash and as we explained earlier HERE it is trying to raise £250,000 via a crowdfunded debt death spiral and even if it achieves that it will still be bust before Christmas. Our target price is 0p. But joy of joys you can now watch Golden Saint die live on screen - so far it has just raised £800!. This is such fun..,

2015-10-09 02:48:41

We have already flagged that AIM-Cesspit POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR) was out of cash HERE. Today we find that despite pre-placing ramps (see HERE and HERE) it appears that it is out of friends too. This morning, it appears that the company could not even get a keep-the-lights-on placing away, and has had to turn to a death spiral. Except that it could not even go to any of the usual players there either, turning instead to crowd-funding. And to cap it all, this funding round has not yet been completed – today’s RNS simply announces of its launch. This is a slam-dunk sell.

2015-10-09 00:14:46

After hours interims from Golden Saint Resources (GSR) a few days ago made it 100% clear that this company is fundamentally insolvent. It is by now out of cash, it is running on vapours. A bailout discounted placing is the only way out and so today there is another pathetic attempt at ramping the shares with a gobshite RNS.

2015-09-24 00:50:38

Words fail to convey the contempt with which I read yesterday's after-hours interims statement issued by AIM Cesspit poster boy Golden Saint Resources (GSR) - a company that is almost certainly insolvent, numbers don't lie. It almost matches the contempt with which the management of this POS treats its own shareholders.

2015-09-21 23:42:00

As soon as a company starts pumping the propaganda on Director’s Talk you know what’s coming. This morning, AIM pig dog Golden Saint Resources (GSR) published an entertainingly inept corporate video. If you have eight minutes to kill this lunchtime it is worth a watch. You will quickly become a pointless trivia expert on the climate of Sierra Leone and Executive Chairman Cyril D’Silva’s bizarre way of describing years by using each individual number. You will learn next to nothing about the company or its projects. A cynic might suggest this is because there isn’t much worthwhile to say about either…

2015-09-04 04:10:07

Golden Saint Resources (GSR) has been a dreadful stock on AIM and now I know why. The entire squad behind it could not give a damn about the company’s investors. From the its “PR agency” Cassiopeia Services, through its “Nomad” Beaumont Cornish (what a shock this firm is involved) to the company’s executives this “dream team” has to be one of the worst in the market. There is currently a sophisticated attack being made against Golden Saint, of which it is fully aware and cannot be bothered to deal with it. This is an appalling story of arrogance and laziness.

2015-08-07 01:15:12

Those unfortuanate enough to own shares in Golden Saint Resources (GSR) will not be upgrading their motor on the back of serial non delivery at an operational level and share price disaster. This stock is a 100% non cash generating dog. But some folks, that is to say CEO Cyril d'Silva, seem to be okay as the picture below demonstrates.

2015-06-11 00:47:46

I am a nice guy but don't tell anyone! And so a bloke on twitter asked me to look at Golden Saint Resources (GSR). as I drrank my first coffee this morning I got a call from Golden Saint who were apparently utterly terrified that they were about to get a good kicking on BearCast. We chatted away and so here is what I think.

2015-01-22 06:54:54

Cyril D’Silva, the Singapore-born, Australia-based entrepreneur who heads ambitious West African-focused diamond and gold play Golden Saint Resources (GSR), promises investors are ‘in for surprises’ as the company plots its next moves. This is after encouraging airborne survey results of its principal projects in the Kenema district of eastern Sierra Leone.

2014-03-27 13:12:39

2013-10-09 02:47:38

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