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Breaking: the crook Brian McDonnell of USOP uses EU data law to hide his crooked past

…from google searches. Mr. Stuart Dickson of African Potash infamy is among those pulling the same stunt as …

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The fraudster Lyin' Chris Cleverly now President of $3.7bn company thanks to the FCA's abject failure

…start with Lyin’ Chris, a fraudster whose work at African Potash I exposed on these pages. Now thanks to the FCA …

MAJOR SHOCKING EXPOSE: Umuthi Healthcare Solutions- The Standard List fraud that exposes the slime at the heart of the City of London, part 1 The Fraud Queen

…2017. As a corporate financier Connie worked with African Potash during the Chris Cleverly era where – in …

EXPOSED: Chris Cleverly – the serial fraudster trying to buy West Ham

…off London’s AIM Market. That company was African Potash and on 6 January 2016 it announced a deal to sell … purchase cost of the Urea Stock) attributable to African Potash with a sale price of $508 per MT achieved Payment … bank within 30 days of delivery of the Urea Stock African Potash will be paid on the basis of a 30 day back to …

Why does the fraud Zoetic not sue Tom Winnifrith for libel? The morons get an answer!

…just that they have all been ridiculed or lost. African Potash’s nomad quit when it realised that I would, …

Tom Winnifrith Mossad Agent – exposed again, drat cover blown!

…British company. Again. As for Cleverley? Well African Potash has not ended well for him – as a result of …

BREAKING: Ouzo for the Sheriff of Aquis as Block Commodities loses (another) adviser and shares suspended

…advisor to Block Commodities (BLCC), formerly the African Potash (AFPO) fraud on March 4. Today it has resigned …

Explosive Dossier: surely the FCA and SEC must act to stop the backdoor stockmarket comeback of Chris Cleverly

…crime spree started at AIM listed African Potash (AFPO). To ramp the shares and get away bailout …

Block Commodities, joke pot deals, a vile ex Tory MP, Tatnall & Longley & Pre Genius Steffi – the party from hell

…the lies, well documented on this website, that African Potash (AFPO) told before being slung off the AIM sewer …
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