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Just how do I reply to this?

Published 91 days ago

Over a series of articles dating back to late 2019, I have shown beyond any reasonable doubt that Appbox Media/One True View are two parts of a giant boiler room scam. I now fear that more than £50 million has been raised from mug punters by high pressure salesmen and it is clear from recent statements that they will lose the lot. Yet still some folk seem unable to accept it. I received this email today.

Notes from Underground – Most read articles for the week ending June 19

Published 100 days ago

The most read non-Tom  article is NMCN – refinancing discussions to address “working capital”. Really?… by Steve Moore at number four, or number seven including Bearcasts and Tom’s new shareshow. Which one is the best of the week? Tell me in the comments.

The Appbox Media/ One True View £35m scam – time to act as more horrors emerge

Published 103 days ago

The FCA is, almost two years after I first warned it, still doing nothing about the Appbox Media/One True View Boiler Room scam which has seen £35 million or more taken from private investors.  Now I have yet more evidence of what a monumental fraud this is. But with the FCA seemingly not giving a toss, investors appear to be taking matters into their own hands.

Have you lost Money on the Appbox Media and One True View £35m cons - contacting the FCA as new facebook group goes live

Published 108 days ago

The first time I contacted the FCA about these two boiler room scams was in November 2019. Natch the woke dullards were too busy jerking off on ESG porn to do anything and now about £35 million has been stolen. My coverage has been extensive as you can see HERE. But now it really is time that the FCA did something and put these frauds to the sword if only so that those who invested under EIS can get some of their cash back.

The City Boiler Room that scammed £30m that the FCA did nothing about for years, part 2 – Appbox Media

Published 206 days ago

I have already dealt with the imminent demise of its sister company, One True View, where a sham £186 million bid evaporated and where the end is nigh. Now to Appbox Media, the first company set up by Polat Hassan as part of his City boiler room operation which has stolen £30m from naïve investors. The FCA was warned by me as long ago as November 2019 but natch has done nowt.

BREAKING: One True View – the £30m City boiler room scam the FCA has still done nothing about, the end is nigh

Published 229 days ago

I repeatedly warned folks about One True View and Appbox Media, two scams run by Mr Polat Hassan from a City boiler room which have snaffled c£30 million of investor cash. I alerted the FCA but, as you might expect, the floor shitters did nothing. So what news from One True View since it announced a £13 a share, £186 million, takeover back in late 2019.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Common misconceptions about fraud & will Neill Ricketts do a podcast with me?

Published 579 days ago

A start with a few more thoughts about yesterday's dire warning from Versarien (VRS), going on to say why the FCA should now get involved. I explain 2 scenarios which might lead to the company going bust within weeks rather than suffering a slow death and I challenge its boss Neill Ricketts to record a podcast with me. Then, following an exchange on the comments section last night about the frauds One True View and Appbox Media I discuss common misconcepions about fraud.

Notes from Underground: The most-read stories of the week, and the dramatic rise and fall of Cannabis stocks

Published 653 days ago

I must be a glutton for punishment. After a few weeks of being battered by readers for supporting legalisation of marijuna, here I am with a chart about how cannabis stocks fared.

One True View/Appbox – is Eden Pharma the next scam? Avoid it like the plague!

Published 656 days ago

By now those who have ploughed almost £30 million into Polat Hassan’s City boiler room scams One True View and Appbox Media which we have exposed on this website of late will have realised that they are set to lose everything. Meanwhile, as the FCA sits around doing nothing I fear this could get much wider, Meet Eden Pharma Ltd.

Shocking expose: The Appbox Media/One True View boiler room scam – now a new phoney bid is touted

Published 659 days ago

I will again urge the FCA to take immediate action to shut down the City boiler room tun by Mr Polat Hassan which has already stolen £15 million from investors after the latest missive from these criminals. This time it concerns not Appbox Media, which we have covered extensively on this site, but its sister company One True View.

FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition NINETEEN with Tom Winnifrith on how housebuilders can collapse, the three top AIM overpromotes and the Appbox scam

Published 664 days ago

There are no guests in this week's show which is sponsored by Open Orphan PLC (ORPH). It is just me and I start with the idea of it's too good to be true at Intu (INTU) and that leads me on to look in some detail at the compelling bear case against all the housebuilders and what that means for other sectors and for you and me. Then I look at the 3 most overpromoted stocks on AIM, Bidstack (BIDS), Versarien (VRS) and AFC Energy (AFC), the common themes and why shares in all three will eventually collapse. But there is a warning for the bears too. Then it is onto the up to £15 million Appbox Media, One True View scandal I exposed this week HERE. If you like this and can't wait seven days for more of the same and are tired of being a cheapskate you should listen to my Bearcast every day.

Notes from Underground: The most-read stories of the week, and an animation putting $110 billion in perspective

Published 666 days ago

Last week, Bill Gates once again became the world's richest person at $110 billion. Here's a short animation that shows what your £5.99 per month could do.

Boiler room scam AppBox Media – it gets worse

Published 670 days ago

Not surprisingly, our recent articles on AppBox Media have prompted a number of investors in the company to  contact both me and also the company. From this I learn two things, neither of which change my view that this is all part of a massive boiler room scheme.

EXPOSE: The Appbox Media scandal – so who tried to wind it up last month and why? And about those RNS Reach lies....

Published 673 days ago

Those suckered into putting their hard earned into Appbox Media have been promised a £150 million takeover but, er…no cash for three years. For reasons explained HERE last week, I, increasingly, think this is part of a complex £15 million boiler room scam in the heart of the City of London and have asked the FCA to investigate as a matter of urgency. Perhaps it might start with the recent attempt to wind Appbox up.

Notes from Underground: Last week's most popular stories and a question about Hong Kong

Published 674 days ago

This column is mostly about the most read articles and most listened-to Bearcasts of the week.  But I have a question for you unrelated to that today: do you think that the governments of the world—especially the UK—have abandoned Hong Kong?

MAJOR INVESTIGATION: Appbox Media – the FCA needs to investigate if this is a massive boiler room masquerading as a games developer

Published 676 days ago

Thousands of folks have received hard sell phone calls during the past five years persuading them to invest in unlisted games developer Appbox Media.  And thousands have parted with hard earned cash. There are now so many red flags flying that the FCA needs to investigate at once. Is this a games developer or a boiler room masquerading as a games developer.

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