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Distil – full-year results, a more uncertain outlook?

Published 15 hours ago

Marketer and seller of RedLeg Spiced Rum, Blackwoods Gin and Vodka, Diva Vodka and Blavod Black Vodka, Distil (DIS) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2019 and that “investment in our brands and commercial infrastructure will increase to capture new markets and new consumers”

Serco - bravely batting against an anonymous short seller

Published 21 hours ago

The support services and related sector has had a shocker over recent years and now it appears that two of the remaining (and i use the phrase in an ironic fashion) leading lights - Babcock (BAB) and Serco (SRP) are potentially set to merge, at least as per deadwood press suggestions.  

Neil Woodford disaster zone Kier plunges another 36%

Published 2 days ago

Not so long ago Neil Woodford was telling his investors that fully-listed Kier Group (KIE) was just the perfect investment. Then came the rights issue which flopped and fell to the underwriters. And then came the admission that it had mis-stated its debt position. And then a new CEO who immediately launched a strategic review. And then a profit warning. And yesterday The Times reported that Kier was looking at off-loading its house building arm as its suppliers were being refused insurance on Kier’s bills. But of course Neil knew best: as the shares collapsed from well over £8 a pop ahead of the rights issue fiasco to close yesterday at a new low point of 130.8p, until his Equity Income Fund was gated, Neil was keenly buying up ever more of Kier’s shares,, taking his stake to 20% at the peak.

Taptica International – Blinkx did stink, and now…

Published 3 days ago

Shares in Taptica International (TAP) are up smartly today, but still well down on the week. An AGM statement concluded “the strategic rationale for the merger remains strong and in the best interest of shareholders, as such the board remains optimistic in the medium term”. This was after a recent completion of a merger with RhythmOne – the former Blinkx…

Prospex announces a maiden profit, but how much cash was actually generated? Red Flag Alert!

Published 3 days ago

When is a net profit not really a profit? When it is being announced by Prospex Oil and Gas (PXOG) would appear to be one answer to that question!

Ascent Resources – “official response… has now been received” & surprise, surprise…

Published 3 days ago

Ascent Resources (AST) has updated commencing “the official response from the Ministry of the Environment has now been received by lawyers representing the joint venture”. And, unsurprisingly after yesterday, it ain’t good news…

Hornby – full-year results, “pleased to report”?

Published 4 days ago

Models and collectibles group Hornby (HRN) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2019, “pleased to report to our shareholders in an exciting but challenging period for our company”

Ascent Resources – having argued on permits “good grounds to hope that an objective review... should result in a favourable decision”…

Published 4 days ago

“Permitting update” from Ascent Resources (AST) that “a report has appeared on a Slovenian government website that the partners appeal against the issuance of the permit to re-stimulate Pg-10 and Pg-11A has been denied by the Environment Ministry”. Uh oh…

TechFinancials – ‘speeding ticket’ RNS required, any basis for ‘optimism’?

Published 5 days ago

Having fallen from more than 30p in early 2018 to a recent circa 4p-5p, shares in TechFinancials (TECH) were heading towards 13p earlier today. Cue a ‘speeding ticket’ RNS being required…

Paragon Entertainment – revenue recognition delay… but hasn’t there already been this?

Published 5 days ago

Attractions design, production and fit-out company Paragon Entertainment (PEL) has updated including, “during the audit of the FY 2018 financial statements it has become apparent that following the adoption of IFRS 15, some revenue (and therefore the profits associated with that revenue) that was previously expected to be recognisable in FY 2018 will now be recognised in FY 2019. This mainly relates to a shift in the programme and therefore revenue/profit recognition regarding the company's Kidzania Abu Dhabi project. Therefore the company provides the following update to the guidance previously notified in the Trading Update dated 6 March 2019”. But hasn’t there been similar from it before?...

Pendragon – “Outcome of Financial & Operational Review”… as suggested, it ain’t positive!

Published 5 days ago

In April I wrote on automotive retailer Pendragon (PDG) update suggests ‘operational and financial prospects’ review ain’t going to be positive. The shares were then around 23p and are now falling well below 20p on the back of “Outcome of Financial & Operational Review”

I was wrong about Avesoro - it is now uninvestable after the latest update

Published 5 days ago

A lot of the time there is very little that you can do to avoid bad news coming out of the blue, and even less so where the directors of the company have previously tried to make out that the situation is far more positive than the reality. That would definitely seem to be the case with African gold miner Avesoro Resources (ASO), and if anything proves that I should stick with my gut feeling when something doesn’t quite feel right about a company...

EXCLUSIVE: Julie Meyer shocker – does she want the good news or the very bad news

Published 6 days ago

As you may recall, the 30th firm of lawyers to act for Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer, the ;previous 29 having gone unpaid, is trying to stop me writing about her by sending me a fascist lawyers letter. But I am afraid that before I respond to that, I have breaking news which is very much in the public interest to reveal. For Julie the news is in part good and in part terrible.

Picking a Firm Which Blows Hot and Cold Isn't Usually Wise, but Supporting this UK Engineer Might Be

Published 7 days ago

Hello, Share Crunchers. In line with my oft-quoted policy of favouring companies which do boring things - and so are often below the radar - I offer for your consideration IMI (IMI). This Birmingham engineer is described as a ‘flow control specialist’...

PHSC – security technology proving diversification or ‘diworsification’?

Published 9 days ago

Writing on the most recent full-year results from PHSC plc (PHSC), I questioned security technology to prove diversification or ‘diworsification’?. Now a year ended 31st March 2019 “Trading Update”

Can Neil Woodford avoid being sacked again today? Er….what of WPCT?

Published 10 days ago

Sorry Neil. It was an attack of commentator’s curse so it is all my fault that you were sacked after-hours yesterday by Openwork from your job managing the Omnis fund. Obviously it was nothing to do with you. The question now is can you avoid getting the tickety-tack today. With no more external funds to be sacked from, having lost your jobs with St James’ Place and Openwork….oh, and Quilter a few weeks back, you might be feeling a little more confident on that score today.

Gooch & Housego – “Directors' Share Purchases”… don’t convince me much

Published 10 days ago

Writing earlier this week on Gooch & Housego (GHH), I questioned “dividend increased… reflective of the directors' confidence in the business going forward”. There was subsequently that day a ‘directorate share purchase’ announcement – and there’s subsequently been another one…

Maybe it's Because I'm Not a Londoner that I Like this London investment group

Published 10 days ago

Hello, Share Twisters. It’s a good wheeze, methinks, to keep up reminders of a successful company if it continues to show potential. Even more so when general economic circumstances are in such a shaky state. So allow me to return to an old favourite: City of London Investment Group (CLIG)...

Seeing Machines – “Senior Leadership Transition”. So orderly then?

Published 11 days ago

“Senior Leadership Transition” announcement from computer vision technology company Seeing Machines (SEE). So orderly then? Announced intra-day at 1:03pm. Hmmm…

Eqtec is drowning in debt - will it ever issue an update with any real substance?

Published 12 days ago

Regular readers of Share Prophets will know that I’m not exactly a fan of Eqtec (EQT) and have been far from convinced by all the very vague news releases coming from the company, and that opinion certainly hasn’t changed as it seems to provide even less these days by way of actual exact details.

Flash Bang Wallop Photo-Me is Still Strong and its Weakened Share Price Might Just Recover

Published 12 days ago

Hello, Share Strummers. Time for another look at Photo-Me (PHTM) methinks. Uncle Tom once described this as my favourite share. But that was in the old days when the share made a steady climb towards the 170p mark. I took back my loyalty when the stock started to decay. And it eventually dropped to 80p-ish. Today it's about 92p...

Neil Woodford – let the carnage commence: Card Factory

Published 13 days ago

Neil “I am not a forced seller” Woodford has been selling Card Factory (CARD). Why is this worthy of comment? Well just three weeks ago we published an article entitled Gambling Neil Woodford doubles down on sliding Card Factory after he doubled his stake to 10%.

Acacia Mining shows that all that glitters is not gold

Published 15 days ago

I have rhapsodised enough times on this website about one of my favourite global corporate chief executives, Mark Bristow who has evolved from being in charge of the previously London listed Randgold Resources to (via a corporate transaction) heading up Barrick Gold which is primarily listed in Canada and the United States. 

Video: Gold is heading for $5000 an ounce

Published 16 days ago

Mining entrepreneur Rob McCewen gave the keynote talk at the recent Hard Asset conference and discussed where we are in this new bull market for gold. He discusses the historic Dow to Gold ratio and why we headed back to the day when one ounce of gold will once again purchase one share of the DOW. He thinks gold is headed much higher and likely towards $5000.

Paragon Entertainment – intra-day winding up petition developments

Published 16 days ago

An intra-day (11:09am) “Response re: Winding up petition” announcement from Paragon Entertainment (PEL). Uh oh…

Why I would avoid Harvest Minerals until it has a full mining licence in place

Published 17 days ago

Fertiliser producer Harvest Minerals (HMI) seems to have been getting mentioned quite a bit recently and its shares are sitting at around a 12 month low, which probably means that it is going to get pushed hard in the near future, but is it a company that you should be considering taking a position in?

Berkeley Energia – responds to ‘price and volume query’ (not from the London market authorities, natch)

Published 17 days ago

Berkeley Energia (BKY) has responded to a ‘price and volume query’ received from the Australian Securities Exchange. This with the shares sparking having been heading down towards 15p last Friday (natch, it’s not the London market authorities being proactive)…

Chamberlin – intra-day (12:35pm) “Trading Update”. Uh oh…

Published 18 days ago

From castings and engineering group Chamberlin (CMH), an intra-day (12:35pm) “Trading Update”. Uh oh…

St James House – trading update as Razzall tries to dazzall (but fails)

Published 18 days ago

AIM-listed St James House (SJH) is not the investment house which gave Neil Woodford the dreaded vote of confidence – this is the old Boxhill run by Lord Razzall. It may have a swanky upmarket new name but it still looks like the disaster of old...

Bidstack – I can't see value at this price

Published 18 days ago

I don’t generally invest in earlier stage tech companies due to the risk of failure, but I have been following the Bidstack Group (BIDS) story with interest. I’m fully aware that early stage companies in this sector often trade at a large premium to their valuation on paper, as the value is all about future potential and growth and there are examples out there of outfits that started out as small companies before seeing their technology really take off and are now worth a fortune. But this is rare and far more fail and ultimately end up worthless.

Late May performance update: start of 2019 shorted AIM shares

Published 19 days ago

Early this year we showed the Shorted AIM shares at the start of 2019. How's the performance at the late May bank holiday? (those in bold remain from 2018)...

XLMedia – after February-announced trading warning & “strategic shift”…

Published 19 days ago

Self-styled “a leading provider of digital performance marketing services”, XLMedia (XLM) has updated including that it “continues to trade in line with management expectations with our focus firmly on increasing the group's exposure to higher margin publishing activities as set out in February 2019”…

Rosslyn Data Technologies – “generated cash from operations”… but what about other assets v. liabilities?

Published 19 days ago

“Rosslyn Data Technologies plc (AIM: RDT), a leading global big data technology company, is pleased to issue the following trading statement in advance of its results announcement for the year ended 30 April 2019, which is scheduled to be released in September”

Netcall – “Trading Update” & “looks forward to giving a further update”. I wouldn’t be…

Published 19 days ago

“Trading Update” from Netcall (NET) – and the shares currently down more than 9%, at 51.5p, on it. This despite “cloud bookings have continued their strong performance with year over year growth of 160% to £6.5m”, including “public sector customers ordering the group's newly launched Low-code cloud offerings”

Canadian Overseas Petroleum will soon run out of cash again

Published 19 days ago

At the lower end of the market if you want to get an idea of who was inside on placings then social media is often a good indicator, and in particular some of the accounts on Twitter which have significant numbers of followers and have been pushing the company hard just prior to an equity raise...

Late May performance update: start of 2019 top shorted London-listed shares

Published 20 days ago

Early this year we showed the top shorted London-listed shares at the start of 2019. How's the performance at the late May bank holiday? (those in bold remain from 2018)...

Toople – from less than 2 weeks ago “cash… sufficient to allow business to continue with the growth plan” to…

Published 20 days ago

Writing on provider of telecom services to UK SMEs Toople (TOOP) less than two weeks ago, I questioned “cash… sufficient to allow business to continue with the growth plan”. Really?. Now an announcement; “Repayment of Debt and Private Placing”

Albert Technologies – ‘expanded activity’ from a ‘highly encouraging’ client base… so why are the shares slumping again?

Published 20 days ago

Artificial intelligence marketing platform company, “Albert Technologies (AIM: ALB.L) today provides an update on trading for the first four months of the current financial year and on the expectations of the company's management for the year as a whole”

Shoe Zone – half-year results and looking to the future with confidence

Published 20 days ago

Value footwear retailer, Shoe Zone (SHOE) has announced results for its half-year ended 30th March 2019 and that “we believe we are favourably insulated against many of the structural sector issues and the board continues to look to the future with confidence”

There is no law that says you have to be "all in" the market "all the time"

Published 21 days ago

Could China trade wars pop the bubble?

Centrica – what about a Labour government? No chance!

Published 21 days ago

Maybe I’m just a blinkered old fool, but I just cannot believe that Jeremy Corbyn will get his feet into Number 10. As such, the biggest part (for me) of the case to sell Centrica (CNA) falls apart in my view. Here is why.

Centrica - a takeover? Sure 'don't rule it out' but more important don't bank on it

Published 22 days ago

Centrica (CNA) has been a head in hands investment for the last couple of years...but I do hope that Gary is correct with his assertion the other week about the medium-term recovery potential given i am a (modest) holder.  

Wishbone Trading statement – a bad tip, apologies but a buy at 0.05p

Published 22 days ago

Last week, Wishbone Gold (LSE:WSBN) served up a trading statement that saw its shares tumble to 0.04p-0.05p. As a shareholder I share your pain and apologise for what has been a bad tip. I have drunk my own medicine averaging down so do feel that pain big time. I can understand how some folks are angry. Over at ShareProphets someone posted this comment:

In defence of vocal cynicism

Published 22 days ago

Last week, Roger Lawson posted a blog about the AGM of Accesso Technology (ACSO).  Within this, he levelled a very thinly veiled criticism of Tom Winnifrith, blaming him for the share’s collapse, implying that his actions were wrong and he should be subject to new regulation.  As you might expect if you have any knowledge of these two smart and principled men, this resulted in a mutual online flaming session between Tom and Roger.

Mothercare – “refinancing, restructuring and reorganising… to ensure a sustainable future”. Is there?

Published 24 days ago

Mothercare (MTC) has announced results for its year ended 30th March 2019, emphasising they reflecting “a huge amount this year, refinancing, restructuring and reorganising Mothercare to ensure a sustainable future for the business”. Is there?...

Fevertree – “encouraging operational progress” (what about trading?) & tough UK comparatives. Hmmm…

Published 24 days ago

Fevertree Drinks (FEVR) has updated noting some “further encouraging operational progress” and that “we remain confident in achieving board expectations for the full year ending 31 December 2019”. The shares have responded, er, currently towards 2700p – a few percent lower…

LPA Group – profit warning & contract wins; all becoming known to the company at the same time?!

Published 24 days ago

Previously writing on LED lighting and electro-mechanical systems group LPA (LPA), in March I concluded, with the shares at 114.5p, ahead of detail of just how much the first half has been ‘affected’, I’d suggest at best on the watchlist. I currently continue to avoid. Now an intra-day (3:43pm) update (uh oh), but it a “Trading Update & Contract Wins”. Hmmm…

Immedia – “secured a major AV contract”… so why the share price fall?

Published 25 days ago

“Multi-media content and digital solutions provider”, Immedia (IME) “is pleased to announce it has secured a major AV contract with a blue-chip integrated energy company with headquarters based in Aberdeen”. Its shares have currently responded to 22.5p – er, down more than 6%! Hmmm…

Tungsten – “achieved its first annual EBITDA profit”… but what about cash & the rest of the balance sheet?

Published 25 days ago

Business transaction platform company Tungsten (TUNG) is “pleased to announce that Tungsten achieved its first annual EBITDA profit… we are confident that through executing the actions identified in our operating review, including working with an e-procurement partner and expanding our AR e-invoicing services, we will be able to achieve higher revenue growth” – and the shares have responded higher above 38p. However, EBITDA is, of course, bullshit earnings and there’s a track record of disappointment to overcome…

Stilo International – I having warned again in March, “Trading Statement”…

Published 25 days ago

Writing on content software tools and cloud services business Stilo International (STL) following results in March, I questioned “significant financial overheads associated with being a public listed company” worth it? – and concluded, though the shares then down to 2.35p, to avoid / sell. Now, on the back of a “Trading Statement”, the shares are down at below 1.5p…

Coral Products – director share purchases... but inspiring confidence?

Published 26 days ago

“Coral Products plc (CRU), a specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of plastic products, announces that it was informed on 21 May 2019 that on that date Mick Wood, a director of the company, and Joe Grimmond, Non-Executive Chairman of the company, respectively purchased 37,037 ordinary shares and 50,000 ordinary shares in the company… In addition, Noelle Low, spouse of David Low, a non-executive director of the company, purchased 50,000 ordinary shares”. The shares have responded further higher, above 8p…

21st Century Technology – contract renewal ‘delight’… but reason to be wary of share price strength?

Published 26 days ago

Shares in passenger transport technology company 21st Century (C21) are currently more than 18% higher today, around 3p, on the back of a contract announcement. However, it’s a renewal of an existing framework agreement. Hmmm…

Accesso – AGM update reiterates full-year expectations... why are the shares at current levels?

Published 27 days ago

“Technology solutions provider to leisure, entertainment and cultural markets”, Accesso (ACSO) has updated including that it “is encouraged by the trading seen at this stage of the year and remains confident in the group's outlook” – and the shares have currently responded more than 3% higher above 800p, though that comparing to circa 3000p as recently as September. Hmmm…

Mortgage Advice Bureau – AGM update argues ‘believes is ideally positioned’. Really?...

Published 27 days ago

Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB1) has updated including “adviser numbers have continued to grow… the majority of our Appointed Representatives continue to hold strong growth plans for 2019 and 2020… we believe MAB is ideally positioned to continue increasing its market share, and to focus on wider group success and profitability through new opportunities and broadening our addressable market”. The shares have currently responded, er, towards 580p – more than 5% lower…

Frontier Smart Technologies – “Termination of Discussions”… so why the share price rise?

Published 28 days ago

“Termination of Discussions and Holding in Company” announcement from Frontier Smart Technologies (FST) – and the shares are currently soaring, at above 25p, having previously closed at 14.75p. Hmmm…

Low & Bonar – “Trading Update” & “Change of Leadership”. Uh oh…

Published 28 days ago

“Trading Update” and “Change of Leadership” announcements from Low & Bonar (LWB). I’m guessing the former ain’t going to be good then!...

I find it hard to see any value in Wey Education at the current price - sell

Published 30 days ago

Wey Education (WEY) suddenly seems to have become very popular and the share price has pretty much doubled in recent weeks, but I’m struggling to see what the attraction is with this company and why people would invest at this level.

As a New Tory Leader Will Bring Us Nearer to No Deal, Here's What We Might Do About it.

Published 30 days ago

Hello, Share Puddlers.  It’s very possible that the next leader of the Tory party will be a tougher negotiator than Mrs May. This would be more likely to end in a no-deal Brexit. So how will this affect the companies we share shifters invest in? Here are some precautions you might take.

FirstGroup's Share Price has Travelled Up, but There May Be Further to Go

Published 31 days ago

Hello Share Takers. As a self-styled green investor, though hypocritically not all the time, I tend to favour public transport providers. FirstGroup (FGP) buses are a familiar sight on our roads and it also operates in the USA and Canada. Those famous Greyhound buses are in its stable...

Safestyle UK – less than 2 months after “an encouraging start to the year”, AGM Statement…

Published 32 days ago

“UK focused retailer and manufacturer of PVCu replacement windows and doors for the homeowner market”, Safestyle UK (SFE) has updated commencing; “Following the progress made during H2 2018 in stabilising the business, phase two of our turnaround plan is now well underway. Our focus for phase two continues to be on recovering volumes and market share, restoring our operational effectiveness, reducing our costs and enhancing our margins. We remain on track to conclude this phase at the end of 2019 and then plan to move into phase three in 2020 which has a primary focus on accelerating our growth”. Sounds decent enough – and the shares have currently responded… er, to below 80p; circa 15% down!…

Be Heard Group – argues “a good start to the year”… but what about cash flow & the balance sheet?

Published 32 days ago

Previously writing on digital marketing services group Be Heard (BHRD), last year with the shares at 1.3p, I concluded that the shares are firmly on the bargepole list. Now an AGM update including “the group has had a good start to the year. For the first quarter, the group has experienced good revenue and Adjusted EBITDA growth, with the overall trading performance being ahead of both budget and last year. Moreover, we are becoming more confident regarding performance for the remainder of the year”. The update has helped the shares bounce to a current 1.05p…

Toople – interims, “cash… sufficient to allow business to continue with the growth plan”. Really?...

Published 33 days ago

Previously writing on provider of telecom services to UK SMEs Toople (TOOP), it was argues “tremendous progress”… but what about to that ‘positive cash flow generation’?. Today results for the company’s half-year ended 31st March 2019 argue “this has been an excellent six months for the company… Current trading is strong with another record month in April and a healthy new business pipeline… initiatives and our excellent product offering and customer service will, we believe, ultimately set us on the road to achieve our stated goal of long term future profitability”. The shares have currently responded, er, towards 0.50p – more than 7% lower…

Anyone fancy buying an Aston Martin Lagonda SUV to help the company make its numbers?

Published 33 days ago

Lots and lots of numbers out today but something that really stuck out to me was the quarter one update from Aston Martin Lagonda (AML), which floated less than a year ago above 1800p a share...and today is on sale only for a few percent above 800p a share. Now that is ugly from anyone's perspective…

Eagle Eye Solutions – News America Marketing partnership “exciting”… or an RNS Reach ramp?

Published 34 days ago

Shares in SaaS marketing technology group Eagle Eye Solutions (EYE) are currently approaching 7% higher on the day, above 160p, on the back of a partnership announcement with News America Marketing…

CML Microsystems – growing product portfolio & sales coverage driving ‘sales opportunity pipeline’ “significantly higher”, BUT…

Published 34 days ago

Semiconductors company CML Microsystems (CML) has updated commencing; “The company expects to report revenue for the full year of circa £28 million. This represents a decrease of 11% against the prior full year period which is marginally better than reported in the trading update announced on 1 February 2019. Unaudited full year figures show a profit before tax of close to £3m. The group retains a robust balance sheet with a net cash position of £12.8 million at 31 March 2019”. The shares currently remain below 300p, comparing to 440p as recently as January…

Portmeirion – after less than 2 months ago “we look forward into 2019 with confidence”, a “Trading Update”…

Published 34 days ago

PortmeirionSpodeWax LyricalRoyal Worcester and Pimpernel ceramics and home fragrances group Portmeirion (PMP) has updated on trading. With 21st March-announced results having included “we look forward into 2019 with confidence”, should be ok…

Land Securities like a lunatic loves London...

Published 34 days ago

There is much I could write about today including Greggs' (GRG) continued success with vegan sausage rolls (good), Vodafone (VOD) admitting it had to cut the dividend (bad) and yet another property sector shocker, this time from behemoth Land Securities (LAND)…

Dignity continues to struggle as the death rate slows

Published 35 days ago

The last time I wrote about the UK's largest funeral provider Dignity (DTY) back in March, I observed 'we cannot buck death...but you can continue to avoid Dignity's stock' due to all the challenges facing both the company and the sector. Today's first quarter update makes for continued grisly reading and - as I write - the share is down a further 6%...

Sunday is not a day of rest for management at Vodafone, BT Group and FirstGroup

Published 36 days ago

I quite like working on a Sunday as it gives me a chance to feel fully prepped when markets start moving about come Monday morning.  However I am sure there was some spluttering over the cornflakes and coffee for anyone associated with Vodafone (VOD), BT Group (BT/A) and FirstGroup (FGP) given the various mentions all three corporate names garnered in the deadwood press.  Looking at it dispassionately though from the perspective of shareholders, I think we can characterise the news out there as the equivalent of the good, the bad and the ugly. 

I'm not surprised to see the EVR Holdings share price drop and would continue to avoid it

Published 36 days ago

Last week I wrote a piece here about how I expected the market to react badly when EVR Holdings (EVRH) released its final results for 2018, so I wasn’t surprised to see a drop of around 25% in the share price when that news subsequently came.

Reply to Juicin Drumroll - And Let's Get Ethical.

Published 37 days ago

Hello, Share Takers. Juicin Drumroll, whose posts on this venerable website are always valuable, lashes into my piece on Diageo (DGE) the drinks giant. He alleges that booze can cause more trouble than illegal substances in this country. He said he would feel dirty owning this share.

Metro Bank: more madness and two big upcoming investor decisions

Published 38 days ago

Finally is bad boy Metro Bank (MTRO) finally seeing sense?  You will recall that I have been bearish on this one for a while, noting earlier in the month that 'you should still be avoiding this one like the plague' as i explained the madness of the company continuing to prevaricate on their money raising. 

Drink to Diageo as its Froths Higher into yet Another All-Time Record

Published 38 days ago

Hello, Share Callers. As most shares are falling now on Brexit fears, though I believe them to be groundless it might be the best idea to avoid buying most stocks in the expectation of getting them cheaper a little later on. And yet one company tends to do well when its fellow Footsie members step back...

TheWorks – like-for-like sales +3% & returns on new stores “particularly strong”... so why the share price slump?

Published 39 days ago

“ plc (WRKS), the multi-channel value retailer of gifts, arts, crafts, toys, books and stationery, announces today a trading update covering the 52-week period to 28 April 2019… like-for-like sales growth of 3.0%... Returns on new stores in the period have been particularly strong”… And a current approaching 20% share price decline, below 100p?...

Frontier Smart Technologies – “reviewing its plans” for cash mitigation. I bet it is!

Published 39 days ago

Previously writing on Frontier Smart Technologies (FST), in July I concluded I suggest some consistent delivery is now needed here to re-inspire confidence and, at least before that, I avoid. Today the self-styled “pioneer in technologies for Digital Radio and Smart IoT devices… announces a trading update and revised outlook for the current financial year ending 31 December 2019”. Uh oh…

Van Elle – after another profit warning last month, “Directorate Change”…

Published 40 days ago

Last month geotechnical engineering company Van Elle (VANL) updated including then current-year performance below expectations but that it “continues to make good progress on its transition plan” and that “momentum entering the new year underpins the board's confidence in the prospects for the group”. Today a “Directorate Change” announcement…

Centrica is out of favour but has recovery potential longer term

Published 40 days ago

The past couple of years haven’t been great for FTSE100 stock Centrica (CNA), including the share price having halved during that time, but it could have recovery prospects from the current share price...

John Lewis Of Hungerford – H2 sales “expected to be approximately 10% ahead”… so why are the shares more than 10% down?

Published 41 days ago

“Trading Update” from John Lewis Of Hungerford (JLH) commences that “we remain confident that the business continues to trade positively with deposits taken tracking ahead of those taken in the same period in the prior year” and also includes “sales for the second half are expected to be approximately 10% ahead of the prior year”. The shares have responded… er, currently to below 0.6p – more than 11% lower!... - a website dedicated to how a company screws its employees and customers

Published 41 days ago

Purplebricks (PURP) is notorious for sending fascist lawyers letters to folks who criticise it. But in the US libel laws favour free speech not heavy handed corporates keen to gag whsitleblowers.  Ultimately a business model that is predicated on screwing both staff and customers is doomed to fail and I shall turn to the latest lack of profits warning from Purplebricks later today. However, for now, I inveite you do enjoy the world of  - read at your leisure and having done so I am sure you'd agree that only a true moron or Neil Woodford, would want to own shares in this company.

I'm expecting a negative reaction to the EVR Holdings final results

Published 42 days ago

EVR Holdings (EVRH) was once a favourite of PIs as its share price soared and it raised around £20 million of capital from institutional investors, but since it was trading at its peak interest seems to have waned and the share price has dropped back a long way.

ShareProphets Translation Service: Hargreaves Lansdown – still backing Neil Woodford

Published 43 days ago

As discussed by Citywire, Hargreaves Lansdown’s clients have been voting with their feet on Neil Woodford, despite HL maintaining Woodford’s favoured status as part of its Wealth 50 and buying more for its own house funds. In fact, Citywire goes on to report that HL now holds so much Woodford Equity Income between its house funds and client accounts it is classed as a related party. On Thursday HL produced another Woodford-supportive note and the ShareProphets Translation Service gives its view (original in bold).

7digital – shares soar on Denmark assets sale… but that transaction sufficient?

Published 45 days ago

Having first cautioned on 7digital (7DIG) a couple of years ago with the shares at 6.75p, they’re currently 0.60p. However, that compares to sub 0.20p previously sunk to – before a “7digital agrees sale of Denmark assets to TDC” announcement…

MySale – ‘a key step in accelerating strategy’. Really?

Published 45 days ago

Online retailer MySale (MYSL) has announced what CEO Carl Jackson argues is “a key step in accelerating our 'ANZ First' strategy, which looks to optimise our scale, resources and market position in the region. With this more streamlined and focused approach, we can provide an improved offering for both our customers and brand partners”. The market is though unconvinced – the shares currently still at 13.575p, down from approaching 40p as recently as December…

DP Poland – argues “been effective at driving sales”… but what does it mean financially?

Published 45 days ago

The company with the exclusive right to develop, operate and sub-franchise Domino's Pizza stores in Poland, DP Poland (DPP) has updated including “our marketing campaign featuring Damian Kordas launched in the second half of January and has been effective at driving sales, as has our trial partnership with food delivery aggregator Pyszne”. The shares have responded higher to 9p – but that still comparing to even a start of 2019 more than 12p…

Intu Properties – continue to avoid after another shocker

Published 45 days ago

I have been a long-term bear on Intu Properties (INTU) and have not been surprised to see over the last few months a variety of corporate challenges which have justified the continued fall of the share price. Let's face it: being the owner of shopping centres is kind of obviously not an easy business to be involved with currently…

Are Metro Bank's PR or Restaurant Group's hiring department the bigger fools?

Published 46 days ago

Lots of numbers are out today but two pieces of buffoonery really stand out. The first is at my old pal Metro Bank (MTRO), a stock which I have written on a number of times – most recently in February when I observed that short selling was not dead at all. The share has dumped a further 15% this morning after a simply bonkers update that was published at 4.45pm yesterday evening…

April performance update: start of 2019 top shorted London-listed shares

Published 46 days ago

Early this year we showed the top shorted London-listed shares at the start of 2019. How's the performance following April? (those in bold remain from 2018)...

ULS Technology – “market headwinds”, argues “investment in the business will help to insulate”. Will it?...

Published 47 days ago

Provider of online B2B platforms for the UK conveyancing and financial intermediary markets, ULS Technology (ULS) has updated including of “a strong gross margin performance… continues to generate strong cash flow… maintain the group's policy of paying a progressive dividend”. So why are the shares currently, on the back of the update, at 70p – 9% lower?...

Tex Holdings – from two weeks ago bank covenants breach partially caused by accounting change… to now, no it isn’t!

Published 48 days ago

Writing on plastic injection moulding and tooling, engineering products and boards and panels manufacturing group Tex Holdings (TXH) a couple of weeks ago, I questioned just an accounting factor though?. At 5:22pm yesterday, “Statement re. Suspension”. Uh oh…

Tekmar Group – having IPO’d less than 11 months ago ‘in line with expectations’… or not?

Published 49 days ago

With the shares down from a 130p per share June 2018 AIM IPO, now a “Notice of Results and Trading Update” from subsea protection equipment group Tekmar (TGP)...

Trakm8 – “positive adjusted profit for the second half”… so at least close to net cash generation then? Er…

Published 49 days ago

Telematics and data supplier Trakm8 (TRAK) commences a trading update for its year ended 31st March 2019 with that it “met current market expectations… achieved a positive adjusted profit for the second half” and the announcement includes “at the period end contracts were secured with Ingenie… and another one of the UK's innovative insurance providers. Post year end Trakm8 signed a contract with another new insurance provider… The number of roadside assistance customers deploying Trakm8 solutions across Europe has increased to 7 and the product has been launched in Australia. In the Fleet space new contracts were secured with a number of medium sized fleets”. Good news then?...

Nexus Infrastructure – from less than 5 months ago “strong order book provides forward earnings visibility” to…

Published 49 days ago

Less than two years ago provider of infrastructure services to the UK housebuilding and commercial sectors, Nexus Infrastructure (NEXS) was, at 185p per share, “delighted to announce the successful completion of our IPO on the AIM Market… as a quoted company we look forward to the future with confidence”. The company’s December 2018-announced results were headlined “Delivery of profits in line with management expectations and strong order book provides forward earnings visibility” – and now a “Trading Update and Notice of Results”

My body was in spasms, my teeth chattered – the least you can do is give a tenner to Woodlarks

Published 50 days ago

Readers kindly email to ask if, despite Storm Hannah, I completed my twenty four up hill down dale training walk yesterday. I did. But at a price. There is, however, good news.

Richard Jennings is 100% right (on this) - sack the board at Argo Blockchain at the EGM

Published 50 days ago

Richard Jennings is wrong about a good few things. Very wrong. But on certain matters (cats, Greece, donating money to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks) he cannot be faulted. And his logic in arguing to sack the board at Argo Blockchain (ARB) is 100% correct. We will be casting FIML votes in favour of the resolution to do so and we urge all others to do the same. Over to the Align Research boss to explain why:

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Greensmith dont be such a knobhead when I scoop a placing by your POS client

Published 52 days ago

This website is placing scoop central. For the avoidance of doubt we do not engage in market speculation we report fact. Peter Greensmith you know that to be the case and are being a knobhead for pretending otherwise. Yes this is a bad language special covering Audioboom (BOOM), Bidstack (BIDS) and Westminster Group (WSG). I also cover Inspirit (INSP) and FairFx (FFX) and explain what has been occupying me today: we have two new cats. Finally as I prepare for a 24 mile training walk on Saturday do the decent thing and donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE

Van Elle – “the business continues to make good progress on its transition plan”… does it?

Published 52 days ago

Geotechnical engineering company Van Elle (VANL) has updated commencing, “The business continues to make good progress on its transition plan, announced in January”. The shares have responded higher – but a still sub 50p share price compares to 80p at the start of 2019…

Neil Woodford Dog NetScientific – CEO walks “to assist….in reducing central costs”

Published 53 days ago

AIM-listed Woodford dog Netscientific (NSCI) has announced the departure of its CEO, Francois Martelet as from 30 April 2019 – just a few day’s time – in order to assist the Company in reducing its central costs and pursue other career opportunities. Well I daresay not having to pay his salary, bonuses and medical insurance will help a little with the company’s forthcoming cashflow difficulties, but if he is departing to help the company why is this all in accordance with the terms of his service agreement?

Synnovia – follows “broadly in line” February update with profit & accounts disappointment

Published 53 days ago

Writing on industrial components and consumables manufacturer Synnovia (SYN) - Plastics Capital as was - in February, I questioned is a 10%+ forecast reduction really “broadly in line”?!. Now a “Trading Update and Restatement of Accounts”. Uh oh…

Shrug the shoulders at Barclays, Sainsbury and Taylor Wimpey

Published 53 days ago

Hello the global earnings season. This is a quarterly reality which makes my life periodically very busy...but what could be more interesting than zoning into the latest thoughts of a bunch of corporations around the world? Three in the UK market capture my attention today…

Minoan – subscription, open offer, directors’ debts for equity all at a big premium

Published 53 days ago

In many ways the announcement of more confetti from AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) is a big disappointment. After all, it has an asset worth many times its market capitalisation, several multiples of the enterprise value and is also carried on the books in the recent (audited) full-year results at heavy multiples of market cap and EV. And we are told that there are interested parties who want a piece of the action – so why not just sell it? Well, it is more complicated than that...

I believe that I3 Energy has potential, so I've bought some myself

Published 54 days ago

Smaller North Sea oil and gas companies seem to be out of favour, as investors go chasing big profits in riskier, less proven parts of the world, but more often than not the outcome tends to be heavy losses on these types of outfits.

Ascent Resources – and there’s the placing as it exploits permit ‘delight’

Published 54 days ago

Ascent Resources (AST) “is pleased to announce that it has completed an oversubscribed placing of 214,285,714 ordinary shares… with a small number of institutional investors. The placing was conducted at a price of 0.35 pence per share”Particular credit to Evil Banksta – and the company “pleased to announce”, with the price a 30% discount to the prior close?! (“oversubscribed” not exactly an achievement then!)...

Yourgene: Acquisition, placing, FinnCap fired, my trust lost for good but the shares are bloody cheap

Published 55 days ago

I have known for a while that Yourgene (YGEN) was to upgrade its broker from FinnCrap to Stifel. It is a big upgrade. But I was told that FinnCap would be kept on as joint broker for three months during part of which Stifel is in a research blackout period. Something happened last Wednesday and FinnCap was fired with immediate effect. I shall endeavour to establish what it was but maybe it was just that FinnCrap’s last research note was so bad that it was felt that no research for 40 days was better than another note from the same shite analyst. Perhaps FinnCap did something worse. I am digging. What you, my fellow shareholders want to know about is the placing and acquisition.

Zinc Media – again an RNS it’s “pleased” with… but what about positivity showing in the financials?

Published 55 days ago

TV and multimedia content producer, Zinc Media (ZIN) “is pleased to confirm that Mark Browning has joined the business as Chief Executive Officer… brings many years of leadership, experience and a clear track record of successfully managing significant growth in the TV production and media sectors and joins the company from ITN Productions, where he most recently acted as Group Managing Director”, with Browning seeing “plenty of growth potential in the TV businesses, both domestically and internationally, and through Zinc Media's digital arm”. Potential then, with the shares having sunk to 0.3p from towards 0.70p when I last wrote?...

Angling Direct – argues “strategic focus on customer experience and service, as well as positioning our stores”… but what about investors?

Published 55 days ago

“New Store Opening and Trading Update” from fishing tackle and equipment retailer Angling Direct (ANG), which the company “is pleased to announce” and sees CEO Darren Bailey “very excited to have opened our Nottingham store” and also stating “whilst other areas of the retail sector may be experiencing difficulties, we are delighted that our strategic focus on customer experience and service, as well as positioning our stores in the correct locations, is driving our growth and brand value”. Great news then?...

Gem Diamonds looks too cheap down here - buy for the longer term

Published 56 days ago

Diamond miners seem to be out of favour at the moment, but many experts are predicting better things to come for the market, with demand increasing and supply falling, especially when it comes to large or rare coloured stones.

Head in hands for Taylor Wimpey and Barclays' activist

Published 56 days ago

It is all a bit half speed today with the UK (and European markets) closed but there were a couple of stories that caught my attention.  A couple of weeks ago  I told Edward Bramson - who has taken an activist position towards Barclays (BARC) via his Sherborne Investors vehicle, to take a chill pill. 

Notes from Underground: By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea

Published 57 days ago

Do we have any readers in Margate? My wife and I spent yesterday in your fair town for the first time and enjoyed it immensely. However, to get there from London, we needed to use the SouthEastern Trains service and that is a train operating company that should be fired into the sun.

Fusion Antibodies – emphasises second half improvement… why a muted share price response?

Published 60 days ago

“Fusion Antibodies plc (AIM: FAB), a pharmaceutical contract research organisation specialising in antibody engineering services, provides a business and unaudited trading update for year ended 31 March 2019, confirming the improvement in second half performance announced on 25 February 2019”. Sounds positive – though despite being down from more than 100p in August and even a start of 2019 more than 50p, the shares nudging up to only 30p?...

Pendragon – update suggests ‘operational and financial prospects’ review ain’t going to be positive

Published 60 days ago

“Directorate Change” announcement follows an “Interim Management Statement” from automotive retailer Pendragon (PDG) – and the shares, at around 23p, are currently more than 10% below levels of earlier this week…

Starcom – placing “to pursue a more aggressive marketing strategy”… or not?

Published 60 days ago

Provider of wireless solutions for remote tracking, monitoring and protection, Starcom (STAR) “is pleased to announce that the company has conditionally raised £637,500… at a price of 1.25 pence per subscription share”. The market is not pleased – the shares currently more than 20% lower in response…

Carclo – from “convinced” COO “will successfully lead the group's operations in making sustained improvements” to role “eliminated” within 2 months – and worse…

Published 61 days ago

Previously writing on “manufacturer of fine tolerance injection moulded plastic parts mainly for the medical, automotive lighting and optics markets” Carclo (CAR), I concluded in January, with the shares then down to 55p, that the current result is a mess – and hopefully my prior caution was heeded. Still an avoid / sell. Now a “Year-End Trading Update” – and the shares currently down to around 20p!...

Atalaya remains a buy after recent updates

Published 61 days ago

If you want exposure to copper and are looking to invest in an earlier stage outfit that is already in production, then your choice of UK listed companies is actually fairly limited. The majority are either still at the exploration/development phase, or are large FTSE listed miners, and in many cases copper is just one of many metals that are being produced, with the odd exception...

The Legal Sharpens its Talons Towards Firms which Don't Meet its Standards

Published 61 days ago

Hello, Share Spookers. My old favourite Legal & General (LGEN) is making the news. It has a policy which could energise the share price. The company is taking action it hopes will curb global warming...

Tex Holdings – “Update on Trading” three and a half months after year-end… and at 4:55pm!

Published 62 days ago

A yesterday after-market-close, 4:55pm, “Update on Trading” from plastic injection moulding and tooling, engineering products and boards and panels manufacturing group Tex Holdings (TXH). I’m guessing it ain’t going to be a positive one…

Ashmore – it is always about big AND small picture

Published 62 days ago

As many readers will know, I spend a good chunk of my time looking at the bigger, wider macro world to help me come to conclusions about individual stocks. I know the 'bottom-up' purists will hate this but nothing exists in a vacuum and whilst the macro world is notoriously hard to predict, this does not mean you should not look for some insights. I do not believe - as some academics would have it - that eighty or ninety percent of your returns are determined by your asset allocation choices, but it certainly plays a significant contributory factor. There is a reason for the ramble – and it is Ashmore (ASHM), which produced a trading update today covering the first calendar year quarter...

Neil Woodford favourite Circassia – IP Group is selling

Published 63 days ago

Oh dear! It appears from a TR-1 released by Circassia Pharmaceuticals (CIR) today as though IP Group (IPO) - a Woodford investee - has been selling shares in Circassia, a favourite of Neil Woodford...

Ascent Resources – permit ‘delight’… but still more needed

Published 63 days ago

Ascent Resources (AST) has updated that the “crucially important” IPPC permit has been confirmed by the Slovenian Environment Agency to the company’s partners “as fully valid, no further appeals against the permit are possible” – and shares in the company have currently responded to 0.625p, 25% higher…

System1 Group – full-year trading update, share price recovery imminent?

Published 63 days ago

Previously writing on marketing services group System1 (SYS1) in November with the shares just under 200p, I concluded amidst a clearly continuing challenging trading environment… I’ll monitor with interest, but re. the shares currently continue to avoid. Now a year ended 31st March 2019 trading update…

Robert Walters – a geared play on everything

Published 63 days ago

I read today that a Deloitte survey shows that 8 out of 10 chief financial officer's at large UK companies think the long-term business environment will be worse due to Brexit, whilst a Bibby Financial Services survey notes 57% of small and medium sized business owners think the UK economy will fall into a recession this year. I guess that is pessimism central...and the seeming inability of politicians to concentrate on the opportunities and challenges of the post-Brexit period does not bode well. Step forward the recruitment sector for review then…

As Luxury Goods Often Ride Recessions, Take a Peek at this Growing Giant

Published 63 days ago

Hello, Share People. If you’re anything like me you avoid buying top class luxury goods, which can be terribly expensive. But there’s a growing army of rich people in this inequitable world who are prepared to pay up for the best products...

Polymetal: all that glistens can be gold

Published 64 days ago

I see Malcolm wrote about the gold space yesterday  and it got me thinking again about London's largest cap gold miner Polymetal (POLY), an honour bestowed upon it when my old mucker Randgold decamped via a big merger deal to concentrating its northern hemisphere listings in the North American markets.  

Anglo Asian Mining – positive Q1 production & cash update, more to come…

Published 65 days ago

Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) has updated on first quarter of 2019 production and operations and that “the company continues to generate cash with our net cash balance increasing by $4.7 million despite a $3 million payment of corporate taxation in the quarter”

Tasty – discounted fundraising bears out my prior caution, though where from here?

Published 66 days ago

Writing last month on Wildwood and dim t restaurants group Tasty (TAST) with the shares at 6.5p, I concluded that the noted trading and financial situation saw me retain prior caution. Today a placing & open offer announcement…

As Emerging Markets Continue to Emerge, Take a Peek at this Feisty Funds Group

Published 66 days ago

Hello, Share Tumblers. Allow me to return to an old favourite which seems to me to offer some degree of reassurance in a changing world. It’s a group which specialises in the fortunes of emerging markets and developing countries. We hear a lot about how such regions are on the up and investment in this outfit seems an easy way of getting in on it...

Instem – “as a result of strong institutional investor demand”, ‘long term shareholders’ including directors sell… at a good price then?

Published 67 days ago

Provider of IT services to the life sciences market, Instem (INS) has announced shareholders including the DG 2008 Discretionary Settlement (of which Chairman David Gare and his wife are trustees) and non-executive director David Sherwin have sold shares… “as a result of strong institutional investor demand following our recent results”. With such demand seemingly unable to be met by the market, a good price in relation to a last close 330p share price then?...

7digital Group – loan notes redemption notice further accelerates the cash crunch ahoy!

Published 67 days ago

Having earlier this week updated including “the board's current view is that the business will require material further equity and/or debt funding in the next quarter without which the company would be unable to continue as a going concern”, now an “Early Redemption of Loan Notes” announcement from 7digital Group (7DIG). Uh oh…

Gooch & Housego – announces “in line with management's expectations”… but not with expectations less than 6 weeks before the period-end!

Published 68 days ago

“Gooch & Housego PLC (AIM: GHH), the specialist manufacturer of photonic components & systems, announces that trading in the six months to 31 March 2019 was in line with management's expectations”. But I note an 1150p share price is down from approaching 1900p in October and more than 1500p as recently as February. Hmmm…

Stride Gaming – in 2 months from “broadly in line” to “does not expect to recover the first half revenue shortfall”...

Published 69 days ago

Previously writing on online gaming operator Stride Gaming (STR), I noted in November having been set to record a provision of £4m… £7.1m Gambling Commission fine. In February this year, the company updated including “trading performance since the start of the financial year has been broadly in line with the board's expectations”. Now a further “Trading update”

7digital Group – I having previously suggested results won’t be pretty & financial distress... “Business Update”…

Published 69 days ago

Previously writing on self-styled “global leader in B2B end-to-end digital music solutions” 7digital (7DIG) in January it was “pleased to confirm” restructuring completion… but much it shouldn’t be pleased to confirm! – as the shares slumped below 1p… and still I concluded, I suggest “a detailed statement of the expected out-turn for 2018 once accounting issues related to the restructuring and revenue recognition under IFRS 15 have been resolved” won’t be pretty. That there’s the restructuring with “several operations and offices have been closed or discontinued and staff numbers reduced in all locations” and the HMRC situation of circa £0.417 million seemingly relying on expected receipts, also suggest financial distress – and hopefully my prior warnings were heeded. Natch, still a sell / avoid. Now a“Business Update”

LightwaveRF – trading update ‘delight’… but revenue is vanity…

Published 70 days ago

CEO of self-styled “leading smart home solutions provider” LightwaveRF (LWRF), Jason Elliott, is “delighted that Lightwave has maintained the momentum of significantly improved revenue in the quarter” – and the shares have currently responded back above 8p, 10% higher…

Minoan – signs of progress as FY18 results are released

Published 70 days ago

AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) has released its annual results to October 2018 and there does at last appear to be some sign of tangible progress in monetising its holiday resort project in Crete. My buy tip for 2018 has so far been embarrassingly bad, for which I can only apologise. But this morning’s results have some snippets which show that things are moving in the right direction and I still sense that we might see the original buy price (6.25p) taken out.

The Most Common Jewel of Advice Glittering at the Global Group UK Investor Show

Published 70 days ago

Hello, Share Chuckers. My head's still buzzing with the bombardment of sound advice I heard at the Global Group UK Investor Show. But this will be my last reference to this year’s stunning event. I just wanted to pass on the most common nugget of guidance imparted by some of the most successful British investors of the generation...

SHOCKING: ADVFN promotes an insolvent mini bond ponzi - welcome to Burrito Bonds

Published 71 days ago

It sounds great, the latest 8% yielding mini bond plugged aggressively by ADVFN, the second Burrito Bond. Unfortunately if you do a bit of digging this is yet another mini bond scandal set to join the growing list.

Extra checks all round! Ongoing blushes in housing market

Published 72 days ago

When it all goes wrong, well it just all goes wrong.  I had to smile earlier today when I read that the oft-quoted Halifax House Price Index had bogged up and the old building society (now of course owned by Lloyds Bank (LLOY)) had to withdraw the latest data.  You would have thought somebody, somewhere in the analytical process, would have noticed that if it was rather unusual that prices had risen more than 3% in the three months to March.  

Why Coro Energy was my Dragon's Den pick

Published 73 days ago

Coro Energy (CORO) was my pick this year during the Dragon’s Den session I was involved in at the UK Investor Show, and I also hold a small position here myself from around the current share price. Like many smaller companies in the oil and gas sector, it is an investment that I class as being speculative, hence not risking huge amounts of money in it at this stage – but there is also a lot of potential upside...

HSS Hire – 2018 results, “significant progress”?

Published 74 days ago

Previously writing on UK and Ireland tool and equipment hire and related services provider HSS Hire (HSS) in November with its shares at 33p, I concluded at least until there’s more concrete evidence of why to have confidence in the sustainability of the balance sheet, I’ll retain this on the bargepole list. Today results for the company’s year ended 29th December 2018 emphasising “we made significant progress against our strategic priorities and delivered the highest adjusted total EBITDA in the group's history” – and the shares are currently just above 35p…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: taking apart the Audioboom trading statement

Published 75 days ago

I start with a question for wretched PM Theresa May - which of your assessment's of Jeremy Corbyn was correct? I then look at the strange events at Brave Bison (BBSN), take aprt Audioboom's (BOOM)  joke trading statement, look at Jersey Oil & Gas (JOG), Management Resource Solutions (MRS) and, finally, thirsty Paul Scott favourite TrakM8 (TRAK). Now how about you all follow the good Craig and donate a "one-er" HERE

Photo-Me – having had a reliance on a swift about-turn from “large order lags”, surprise, surprise…

Published 75 days ago

In December I again cautioned on instant-service vending equipment provider Photo-Me International (PHTM), noting a reliance on a swift about-turn from “large order lags” in the current macro climate as the shares headed below 100p. Now, with the company’s year ending this month, a trading update…

Kier shares in freefall again as the man who knows best is STILL buying

Published 75 days ago

Neil Woodford is nothing if not brave – but I suppose given his crashing equity income fund, bravery is about the last option open. This morning it was announced that he has again been topping up his holding in Kier Group (KIE). Meanwhile the shares have now fallen below the low-water mark out in during the rights issue fiasco. So is it brave, or is it a Hail Mary shot?

Bonmarche – cash offer, so was I wrong?...

Published 76 days ago

Last month I concluded on women's clothing and accessories retailer Bonmarche (BON) that its bank facility “expected to be sufficient to meet liquidity requirements” in conjunction with the noted severe trading deterioration in just a matter of months continues to make this uninvestable to me. Avoid / sell. Today a cash offer for the company from Edinburgh Woollen Mill owner Philip Day (via Spectre Holdings Limited). So was I wrong?...

Workspace's CEO exits...just as you should be doing with the stock

Published 76 days ago

I hope many of you enjoyed the UK Investor Show last Saturday. Some of you may even have seen my interview with commercial property investor Nick Leslau where we batted around some of the key issues impacting the sector as well as the retail space and related matters such as Brexit. Nick's steer to private investors listening was very clear: be very careful in the space. I was thinking about some of his comments when I saw today's announcement from Workspace (WKP), which I have written about a couple of times before (most recently HERE)…

Low & Bonar – warns on current trading, ‘expects improving trend during remainder of year’ BUT…

Published 77 days ago

Announcing a £54 million equity raise at 15p per share towards the end of January, Low & Bonar (LWB) emphasised “a number of key strategic initiatives to drive sustainable improvement in the group's performance and financial position were implemented during Financial Year 2018. Progress has been made in all of these areas… Further initiatives will be implemented during Financial Year 2019 and the board is confident that these actions will build a stronger business and one capable of delivering sustainable growth and attractive, sustainable returns”. Today a “Trading Update”

Insolvency or massive dilution looks the most likely outcome for Block Commodities ( formerly the African Potash fraud)

Published 78 days ago

I thought that April Fool’s Day had come early when I spotted the RNS last week that Block Commodities (BLCC) had raised money to invest in the medicinal cannabis market and had entered into an agreement to buy land in Sierra Leone for this purpose!

Sunday Long Reads: Sovereign Citizens, Beijing Delivery, Missing Actress, Sober is the new Drunk, North Korean Underground Railroad

Published 78 days ago

Is there anything better than sitting back and reading a well-written article on a lazy Sunday? Every week ShareProphets features some long form journalism that you'll find of interest. Grab your cuppa and enjoy these five articles.   

With a big hat-tip to Citywire, is this the biggest Woodford scandal yet?

Published 78 days ago

Citywire yesterday published an article which stated that Neil Woodford has listed four previously unlisted investments held by  Woodford Equity Income Fund on the International Stock Exchange in….er….Guernsey. Surely even Guernsey’s own residents would agree that this is not exactly the London Stock Exchange! But the odd thing is that Woodford himself seems to have been a tad reticent on the matter – I don’t see any headline proclaiming great success in gaining a listing in Guernsey from Neil Woodford! Why might that be? And that appears to be the nub of the issue.

How Not to Catch a Cold When Trading Your Shares.

Published 79 days ago

Hello, Share Cobblers. As I’m hosting the UK Investor Show this weekend, I can’t topically research any individual shares for your attention. And I’ve said all I can say about Brexit and my portfolio.  Briefly, I expect shares to come back strongly once the process becomes clear, just as falling shares did at the outset of World War 11. So may I write about catching a cold, instead?

Idox – “pleased” at ‘trading in line’… but also identifies “a number of irregularities in historic customer contracts”!

Published 80 days ago

“Idox plc (AIM: IDOX), a leading supplier of specialist information management solutions and services… remains confident in the prospects for the business and is pleased to confirm that the group continues to trade in line with market expectations”. The shares are though currently lower, below 37p…

Podcast: a much higher gold price is coming

Published 80 days ago

Copper has always been a favourite metal for geologist turned broker Barry Dawes, being the third largest metal in terms of consumption and continues its historical pattern of long term growth. China and Asia use an enormous amount of copper and shortages are developing. This should result in a boom in copper prices and then new exploration.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Some cracking news for Neil Woodford, I'm a shareholder now!

Published 81 days ago

The threat of a photo of Dan Levi's Y Fronts post sore bottom training walk remains, so please donate to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks HERE. In today's podcast I look at Condor Gold (CNR), the struggling explorer backed so heavily by my good friend Jim Mellon. It looks to be in real trouble. Then good news for Neil Woodford. As of today I am a loyal shareholder in his Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) and looking forward to the AGM greatly. I have a favour to ask of bearcast listeners living close to Oxford who fancy a day out in the City of Lost Causes in late May or early June.

Dignity puts a brave face on more reasons why it has to eat its own profit margins

Published 81 days ago

Fresh from a brief trip north of the Watford Gap - from which I somehow returned without any obvious injuries or ailments - I see that my old pal Dignity (DTY) has puckered up another news update...and it confirms that life for the UK's only listed provider of funeral related services remains very difficult...

CloudCall – results argue “a high degree of confidence in the future”… so why the share price fall?

Published 81 days ago

“CloudCall (AIM: CALL), a leading cloud-based software business that integrates communications technology into customer relationship management platforms, is pleased to announce its audited full year results for the year ended 31 December 2018” and its CEO Simon Cleaver considers “having effectively removed some of the cash constraints from the business with successful placings in late 2017 and early 2019, we are well placed to deliver on our growth plans with a high degree of confidence in the future”. So why have the shares responded to 86.5p, approaching 17% lower?...

Anti-Fizzy Drinks Brigade Might Raise a Headwind against Tizer and IRN Bru

Published 81 days ago

Hello, Share Travellers. Though it pains me to say it, I might seem disloyal to my favourite childhood tipple of Tizer. A.G. Barr (BAG) makes it, along with that other iconic brand IRN-Bru. This is the legendary Glasgow beverage which has kept even the mighty Coke at bay on its home turf (apparently, only three people, including two family members, know the recipe). Also in the stable, though less well known to oldies like me, are Rubicon SpringFunkin CocktailsRockstar and Snapple. But there is a growing awareness that sugary drinks are not that healthy...

Brexit may have been postponed but UK Investor goes ahead on Saturday 30 March (TOMORROW) – get your seat - last booking noon today

Published 82 days ago

Well it looks as if we will not Brexit on March 29th after all. But The Global Group UK Investor Show on March 30th in Westminster goes ahead and will be more informative and controversial than ever. The last chance to book seats is noon today

DP Poland – 2018 “24% increase in System Sales, 18% growth in revenue”… so why continued share price decline?

Published 83 days ago

The company with the exclusive right to develop, operate and sub-franchise Domino's Pizza stores in Poland, DP Poland (DPP) has announced 2018 results emphasising “24% increase in System Sales, 18% growth in revenue, 66 stores open to-date”“the share placing completed at the end of February gives the business the requisite funds for further corporate store openings and investment in sales and marketing… we have launched an innovative marketing campaign for 2019” and “we are trialling a partnership with the largest delivery aggregator, Pyszne ( and early signs of significant incremental sales look promising”. However, already down from more than 20p as recently as December, the shares are currently further lower at around 8p…

MySale Group – from “confident” to “reorganisation programme has negatively impacted trading” in less than 7 weeks!

Published 83 days ago

Online retailer MySale (MYSL) has announced results for its half-year ended 31st December 2018, including CEO Carl Jackson stating “performance during the first half was disappointing, however we took immediate action to address the issues the group faced”. Already down from 35p before December-announced own goals, the shares are though currently materially further lower today – at around 12p…

Woodford knows best……as he buys more Kier whilst everyone else sells

Published 83 days ago

Last week fully-listed Keir Group (KIE) followed its disastrous rights issue of December and its awful trading update of earlier this month with pretty awful results – and a 79% cut in the dividend. The shares collapsed (again) and the short sellers piled in. But there was one lone voice buying – yes, you guessed it: Neil Woodford.

Beaufort Collapse Brings Me More Company Reports - Including Good News from Glencore

Published 83 days ago

Hello, Share Bringers. I am still smarting at the time taken to resolve the Beaufort Securities affair. Now my shares have all been split among many different brokers to avoid the trauma of this happening to me again. Though I eventually got all my shares back at no cost, the time taken to sort things out meant I couldn't sell vulnerable stock in the interim. But one advantage of swapping to The Share Centre is that I do get more company reports than I did from Beaufort...

MediaZest – a “pleased to provide” trading update. Good news then? Er…

Published 84 days ago

Previously writing on MediaZest (MDZ) last month, I commented contradictions everywhere – including that it “continues to make progress”. Now a “Trading Update”

Now even Roger Lawson sticks the knife into Neil Woodford

Published 84 days ago

The trouble with Roger Lawson of ShareSoc is that he is too much of a nice guy. As a keen reader of this web site he has more than enough ammo to really stick it to hapless Neil Woodford, the posterboy of the we must reward failure movement. But in his own way, Lawson has today joined we Woodford Bears with his own attack. He opines and the underline is mine.

SpaceandPeople – “look forward to 2019 with confidence”… but then for 2018…

Published 84 days ago

Promotional and retail licensing space company SpaceandPeople (SAL) has announced 2018 results and that “since the end of 2018 we have been awarded a new, multi-year contract with Hammerson in the UK, and our investment in venue development personnel is delivering a good new venues pipeline in the UK” and “as a result of the improved margins and reduced overheads across the two German divisions we are confident they will deliver a positive contribution to group cash flow in 2019”. The shares have currently responded… er, to 12p – more than 17% lower!...

Majestic Wine – “release capital from Majestic without erosion of shareholder value”. Really?

Published 84 days ago

Notifiable short interest has re-emerged in Majestic Wine (WINE) since the start of 2019 – and now a “Group Transformation Plan”

If Royal Dutch Shell is going to be a utility has got to buy big

Published 84 days ago

So news today that Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) is going all vertically integrated and looking to expand its nascent utility arm by renaming its 2017 purchase of First Utility as Shell Energy and offering new customers a discount on their fuel bills. As part of an ongoing slow shift away from classic fossil fuels, this approach has some merit to it...but it leads to one very obvious question: how is Shell going to make this business even mildly relevant to its business?

Centralisation works until it becomes the problem. The start of EU disintegration...

Published 84 days ago

Centralisation works until it becomes the problem. The start of EU disintegration - Expansion, maturation, stagnation and collapse...

Sainsbury's better hope the CMA gets less historic about the Guppi measure

Published 85 days ago

I noted last month that the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) really did not help out Sainsbury's (SBRY) with its aim to merge with Asda and push back positively against some of the negative trends it is facing in today's UK food retail market, by asking for lots of store divestments (300 versus the 150 originally offered).  This is why Sainsbury's shares are skulking around a one year low. 

Gold shares are set to fly

Published 85 days ago

The latest report from the world's best known resource investment group, Sprott, explains why now is the time to buy gold shares. Okay author Trey Reik is talking his, or rather Sprott's, book but the case looks a strong one anyway as you can see below.

I can see the Cadence Minerals share price going lower in the short term despite recent news

Published 85 days ago

Trading in the shares of Cadence Minerals (KDNC) was incredibly volatile last week following two announcements by a company in which it holds an equity position. 

Starcom – customer planning for larger orders? Hmmm…

Published 87 days ago

Provider of wireless solutions for remote tracking, monitoring and protection, Starcom (STAR) is “pleased to see WIMC indicating satisfaction with Tetis and planning for larger potential orders” – and its shares have currently responded slightly higher, to 1.275p…

Smiths Group thumbs up but Amigo remains no friend of mine

Published 87 days ago

I think most regular readers will know that I like spin-offs as a liberated management team has a greater chance of showing some entrepreneurial zeal. So today's confirmation by the slightly boring FTSE stalwart Smiths Group (SMIN) that it will be pushing ahead with the separation of its medical division is a victory for both common-sense...and the activist on the company's shareholder register…

Integumen – as the shares slide… an RNS Reach. Hmmm…

Published 88 days ago

Previously writing on Integumen (SKIN) last week it was issues a speeding ticket… the shares go still faster! – they then heading towards 2.40p. They went on to more than 2.50p, before this week falling back – and today a further ‘Labskin’ update…

Xaar – 2018 results, “strong portfolio” to deliver benefits to shareholders?

Published 88 days ago

Inkjet printing technology company Xaar (XAR) has announced 2018 results including “we are confident that the transformation we are undergoing will lead us to become a more diversified and customer-centric organisation, with an appropriate balance between established and developing technologies. We remain focused on delivering the benefits of our strong portfolio and technology advantages to shareholders”. The shares have responded, er… further lower, below 115p…

LPA Group – “work load for the second half and the medium term potentially very pleasing”, but…

Published 88 days ago

LED lighting and electro-mechanical systems group LPA (LPA) is a former tip, though one which was sold on the N50 website at 107p last summer as it noted “successive changes in Government procurement policy have impacted domestic supply chains for both new and refurbished trains and there is increased competition in our Asian markets”. The shares would later fall below 100p and closed yesterday at 103.5p before today an “AGM Trading Update”

Tasty – results the Chairman is “pleased to be reporting”… why the further 20%+ share price fall then?

Published 89 days ago

Tasty (TAST) Chairman Keith Lassman states “I am pleased to be reporting on the group's annual results for the 52 week period ended 30 December 2018”. The shares have responded currently to 6.5p – 23.5% lower!...

Get your free seat to meet Mark Slater, the UK’s top fund manager of the past decade and hear what he is buying in EXACTLY ONE WEEK

Published 89 days ago

As a long time Brexiteer I am sure Mark Slater will have a few things to say about the UK leaving the EU the day before The Global Group UK Investor Show on Saturday 30th March. More importantly, in just 7 days’ time, the most successful fund manager of the past decade will be using that famous “Slater nose” to give his view on the market but will also be explaining exactly which shares he is buying and selling and why.

Highlands Natural Resources moves into the CBD market

Published 89 days ago

I’m sure some investors must have wondered what the directors of AIM listed oil and gas outfit Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) had been smoking when they announced yesterday that they were diversifying into cannabis!

Blue Jay Mining - Placing being sounded out - City source

Published 90 days ago

We have warned you time and time again that Blue jay Mining, the stock promoted shamelessly by disgraced share promoter Old Mother Michael Walters and SP Angel's John Meyer on the basis of bogus "imminent" offtake deals was one to avoid like the plague. The shares are off by 20% today at 9.1p and, a reliable City source, says that investors are being sounded out about a material placing. But at what price?

Tomco: the ramp continues but with placing ahoy, the City's No 1 oil analyst far from convinced

Published 91 days ago

Well before the end of June, Tomco (TOM) needs to get away another placing to avoid crash landing in its up alley. To that end, the £3.9 million market cap at 4.3p is a complete rum 'n; coke. Bt the ramp is underway ahead of the next bailout and thus we have a statement today which has failed to impress the City's No 1 oil analyst. Zac "the knife" Phillips of SP Angel writes:

Julie Meyer accuses Tom Winnifreth (sic) of blackmail, misogyny & denies any regulator is investigating her

Published 91 days ago

Julie "Lingerie on expenses" Meyer has sent a long em ail to her spam emtrepreneur country database to clarify some of the allegations against her. Apparently, in what will be news to the Maltese Courts, she has never faced criminal charges and in what will be news to the FCA and Insolvency Service she is not under any sort of investifgation. Meanwhile I and other pursue her becuase we are misognyists and becuase we want money from her. For the avoidance of doubt I have not asked Ms Meyer for a cent. Oh well, the ramble below ending wither comparing herself to Michelle Obama is below:

PureCircle - Fad Failure and Funny Accounting = SELL

Published 93 days ago

Bears often pigeonhole duff companies as frauds, fads or failures as if they belong in one or other of these distinct categories. The truth is that quite often a fad resorts to fraud when it realises that it is a failure. The most obvious example of this right now is Tesla. But there are others.

Buying shares in Canadian Overseas is likely to cost you - a placing is imminent

Published 93 days ago

If there were any prizes for being the worst performing company at the lower end of the market, then Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL) would definitely be up there as one of the contenders.

Has Neil Woodford finally lost the plot completely? Blow up FT Interview suggests he has

Published 94 days ago

I see that Neil Woodford has had an interview published in the FT in which he lambasts critics determined to destroy his reputation, misinformation, lazy commentary, fake news, fake analysis which “pisses me off” and vents his frustration at the poor investment decisions of investors selling up.

Berkeley Energia – interims, frustrating but the potential remains: BUY

Published 94 days ago

Berkeley Energia (BKY) has announced results for its half year ended 31st December 2018 including that “outstanding items” re. a permit “have been previously disclosed and are currently being addressed by the company”

Heroic Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon tells it as it is on Brexit

Published 94 days ago

Anyone who points out how the Financial Times is always on the wrong side of history when it comes to the EU must be a good guy and that brings us to Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon (JDW) announcing interim numbers today who opines:

Stilo International – 2018 results, “significant financial overheads associated with being a public listed company” worth it?

Published 95 days ago

Previously writing on content software tools and cloud services business Stilo International (STL), it was I having previously questioned capable of delivering sufficient growth?, half-year results…. Today 2018 full-year results including “as we look forward to growing future sales, supported by healthy cash reserves and a strong balance sheet, I am pleased to announce the payment of an increased final dividend of 0.06 pence per share, providing a total dividend for the year of 0.12 pence” (2017: 0.10p) – the shares have though currently responded to 2.35p – down 17.5%!...

Paragon Entertainment – “pleased to announce” share subscription… but is it sufficient?

Published 95 days ago

Writing on Paragon Entertainment (PEL) last month I noted it “looking closely at ways of bringing longer term capital into the business” – though concluded at what price?… Now sub 1p, still an avoid / sell. Today a “Subscription” announcement…

Cineworld – go to a film but avoid the stock

Published 95 days ago

Judging by today's five percentage plus share price move, my cautious call on the big M&A splurge in the United States about fifteen months ago by Cineworld (CINE) is not looking so hot. Of course punch up a two or three year share price chart and you also immediately see the distorting (and dilutive) impact of the big money raising that accompanied the Regal deal...

Now 80% booked out – grab your complimentary seat for UK Investor on March 30 TODAY

Published 96 days ago

As of today, The Global Group UK Investor show is already just over 80% booked out so do not miss
your chance to join 3,000 other investors who want to make more money from shares, on march 30
in Westminster.

Nudge, Nudge, Winx, Winx - all sorts of games were played around this drill!

Published 96 days ago

The drilling and testing of the Winx-1 well on the North Slope, in Alaska, has been so farcical that it would almost be comical if it wasn’t for the fact that vast sums of money have been lost as a result of it. As is the norm with this type of exploration drill, social media has been awash with all sorts of rumours, and self-proclaimed drilling/reservoir engineers seem to have sprung out of nowhere armed with diagrams to show why it would be a huge find and was even better than some of the existing discoveries in the region – in reality though, many of the ‘experts’ are online avatars and could just as easily be someone who works down the local chippie and their actual experience of oil involves a deep fat fryer!...

Driver Group – a great opportunity for the directors to materially buy shares in what they state is “a leading global player”? Er…

Published 96 days ago

Writing on professional services consultancy to the construction and engineering industries, Driver Group (DRV) on Monday it was from “transformative turnaround” to profit warning… in 3 months! – and the shares closed at 52p, having been above 70p last week (though with a noticeable fall on the Friday – hmmm!) and above 80p in December. There’s now since followed three “Director dealing” announcements…

Integumen – issues a speeding ticket… the shares go still faster!

Published 97 days ago

“Share Price Movement” announcement from ‘Labskin’ technology company Integumen (SKIN) – this including “the transformation of the company has been swift since new management took over in August 2018… part of Integumen's growth strategy involves actively pursuing a broader portfolio of services, that contribute to increased revenues per client, through existing revenue shared collaboration and acquisition options that include, data analytics, software and biophysics integration services. The company is currently involved in a number of such discussions”… and the shares are currently higher today, towards 2.40p…

Redde – after Woodford buys more what about the “halted” dividend growth, “lack of dividend cover” & “broader pressure on margins”?!

Published 97 days ago

Following on Friday from Redde (REDD) an intra-day “Contract Update”, surely not ANOTHER disaster for Neil Woodford?!, Tom noted yesterday Woodford having bought more shares on the Friday. Cue the shares slumping to 90p yesterday – down another more than 14%!… and there are some other features which make Woodford’s move look particularly questionable…

Xaar – “Trading Update”, problems behind it… or are they?

Published 98 days ago

“Xaar plc (XAR), a world leader in industrial inkjet technology, provides an update in advance of its forthcoming preliminary results”. This including “the integration issues experienced leading to the delays are now behind us and sell-through is expected to increase. Furthermore, the minimum volume commitments from our supplier have now been met. The company will announce its preliminary results on 21 March 2019 at which time it will also provide an update on its review of strategic options for more extensive partnering in the Printhead business unit”. Having also provided a trading update on 28th December, why a current 6% share price fall today though, to below 130?...

Driver Group – from “transformative turnaround” to profit warning… in 3 months!

Published 98 days ago

December-announced results from professional services consultancy to the construction and engineering industries, Driver Group (DRV) emphasised “significant improvement on all fronts… Awarded Large Company Turnaround of the Year at the national 2018 Institute for Turnaround Awards… The transformative turnaround in Driver Group's fortunes reflects a job carefully judged and executed” and a “positive start to the new financial year”. But pride comes before a fall…

10 Years After The "Devil's Low"

Published 98 days ago

The S&P 500 bottomed at 666 (intra day) ten years ago last Wednesday...

A ban on shorting AIM companies would lead to a lot of the bad ones quickly going bust! (TW - Gary Newman talking bollocks)

Published 98 days ago

There has been a lot of talk on social media recently about a petition to ban the short selling of AIM listed stocks - although it currently only has a little over 3,200 signatures, including a few CEOs, and is well short of the 10,000 needed to even get the government to respond – 100,000 are needed for a Parliamentary debate...

How the UK Investor Show (in 19 days) is Even Better than the Great Doncaster Formica Event of 1959

Published 98 days ago

Hello, Share Mates. As a schoolboy, I attended probably one of Britain’s first ever trade events. It featured that great material, Formica, as well as other home products, and it was then I became fascinated by the concept of a trade show. Perhaps, it was all the free samples. In my case, lots of little tablets of bright shininess, which we swapped and gambled in the playground. Grand commercial events have come a long way since the late ‘fifties. Especially the Global Group UK Investor Show at Westminster on Saturday March 30th...

Widecells – a total bargepole with a death spiral on steroids: SELL, SELL, SELL!!

Published 99 days ago

Normally when I see a damaging (to shareholders) death spiral in play it is with reference to company trading on the AIM Casino. We’ve had a few: Tern (TERN), Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) VAST (VAST) to name just three. But Widecells (WDC) is listed on the main market – well, sort of: it was unleashed onto the Standard List in July 2016. But this death spiral really does take some beating!

Woodford Dog RM2: is silence golden or a sign of doom?

Published 100 days ago

Last year, as AIM-listed pallet revolutionising Woodford Dog RM2 (RM2) ran out of cash yet again (before good old Uncle Neil, armed with other people’s money rode to the temporary rescue, yet again) the company issued regular updates on its financial position. No doubt Neil was pleased, as the company eked out a few more weeks from the remaining cash. The last we heard from RM2 on its cash position was back on 23 November 2018 when we were told that following yet another placing (backed by Neil, with other people’s money) it had enough cash to last until April. We’ve heard nothing since….

Is it worth taking a gamble on Eco Atlantic's Guyana drill?

Published 100 days ago

Lots of private investors talk about ‘investing’ in oil and gas exploration plays, but in most cases I would argue that ‘gambling’ is a far more suitable description and has a similar outcome, with the majority ending up losing money.

Brave Bison – update as shares a further 6.5% higher on RNS Reach announcement!

Published 101 days ago

Brave Bison (BBSN) is “delighted” with a deal with The PGA Tour to “include YouTube channel management, digital rights management, and content strategy development”… and the shares have currently responded a further 6.5% higher, to 3.3p…

Like the Bubbles in its Glasses, Shares in this Drinks Jumbo Keep on Rising

Published 101 days ago

Hello, Share Trimmers. With Brexit arrangements no further forward, it’s harder to justify any big buys of companies which focus on sales or imports from Europe. So we need to look at the really global sellers if we want to feel a bit safer in our beds. So I turn again to my old favourite Diageo (DGE)...

United Carpets – “confident that the fundamentals of the business remain sound”. Hmmm…

Published 102 days ago

Writing on “the third largest chain of specialist retail carpet and floor covering stores in the UK”, United Carpets (UCG) in September I noted that it attempts to mitigate that it “believes the business is well positioned for future trading” but asked half-year results including a formal profit warning ahoy?. Those December-announced results though included “recent trading performance has shown some more encouraging signs which, if sustained, should result in a better second half result and a reasonable outcome for the year”. Today a “Trading Statement”

A Turbulent Week at Tesla - sell before it’s too late

Published 104 days ago

I speculated previously about what might be the catalyst for the great Tesla (NASDAQ - TSLA) unravel and since then I believe we may have seen it...

Dividend Munchers – (almost) February update.

Published 106 days ago

Once again I am late with my monthly update. I could say that I was holding on for good news (or hiding the bad), but I can’t lay claim to anything as clever as that: my little portfolio of high-yielders  has slipped again and there wasn’t any good news to wait for. However, there was a hint of a silver lining this week from ITV (ITV) as it released its results.

Revolution Bars – interims, still short of expectations in every conceivable weather environment?

Published 108 days ago

Revolution Bars (RBG) has announced results for its half-year ended 29th December 2018, including revenue up over 6% to £78.5 million and that one of its brands, “Revolution has been reviewed, the issues identified, and workstreams are being implemented to restore it to growth. Our confidence in achieving this is underpinned by the good performance of the new Revolution venues, while the recently refurbished sites are also seeing uplifts”. The shares have responded currently to 66p... approaching 17% down on the day…

Yes, I Keep Discussing it, but the Legal has Landed Again on the Right Side of Share Progress

Published 108 days ago

Hello Share Masters. Today I return to an old favourite because its value continues to rise in the sea of our biggest companies, which is pretty choppy at the mo. But Legal & General (LGEN) continues to put on weight on an almost daily basis. The share has now put on a fifth of its December value - which is substantial progress for a jumbo stock...

Dillistone – “current year has begun well” & an update it states it’s “pleased to provide”… so why the share price dive?

Published 109 days ago

Shares in Dillistone Group (DSG) are currently down noticeably today – towards 40p. Earlier in the week they were rising towards 60p – but then yesterday an intra-day (3:30pm) “Trading Statement, Update & Notice of Results”

Proactis – adjusted EBITDA down despite acquisition… & worse...

Published 109 days ago

“Proactis Holdings PLC (PHD), the global spend management and B2B eCommerce solution provider, announces that the group expects to report order intake of £5.8m (2018: £5.5m) of total contract value for the 6-month period ended 31 January 2019 and revenue of approximately £27.7m (2018: £26.4m)”. The shares have responded... currently to around 60p – down more than 45%!...

Beeks Financial Cloud – “confident in delivering a successful outcome for the year ahead”… so why the 20%+ share price slide?

Published 110 days ago

“Beeks Financial Cloud Group plc (AIM: BKS), a niche cloud computing and connectivity provider for financial markets, is pleased to announce its unaudited results for the six months ended 31 December 2018” and CEO Gordon McArthur concludes “with an established and growing customer base, high levels of recurring revenue and strong market drivers, we are confident in delivering a successful outcome for the year ahead”. The shares have responded, er… to around 100p – more than 20% lower!...

Image Scan Holdings – argues expects FY to meet expectations after H1 is “behind”. Hmmm...

Published 110 days ago

A trading update from X-ray screening systems company, Image Scan Holdings (IGE) concludes that “the company expects to achieve market expectations for the full year” and includes “significant new channel partners have been appointed in South America and Europe… A tour of South America produced a strong pipeline of opportunities”. The shares have responded… er, currently approaching 20% lower, to comfortably sub 2p!...

Catenae Innovation announces placing warrants on fantastic terms - for the warrant holders anyway!

Published 110 days ago

I’ve never been a fan of Catenae Innovation (CTEA), but I know that some of the other ShareProphets writers are more bullish on it and that it has been making some progress with its business.

This Fantastic Plastic Firm Could Soar As the Green Lobby Gathers Momentum

Published 110 days ago

Hello, Share Chewers. Let’s take a gander at Biome (BIOM) again. The share price has been dribbling backwards recently, but now looks to be beginning a comeback - and I think a rally is well deserved...

Hotel Chocolat – “pleased to report continued progress”… but sufficient for the valuation?

Published 111 days ago

Angus Thirlwell, co-founder and CEO of “premium British chocolatier and omni-channel retailer”, Hotel Chocolat (HOTC) is “pleased to report continued progress for the Hotel Chocolat brand during the 26 weeks to 30 December 2018” – and the shares have responded currently approaching 3% higher to 315p. How do the results and outlook compare to a present more than £355 million market cap?...

XLMedia – from “growth potential in media activities” to “strategic shift away from Media”… in just 5 months!

Published 111 days ago

Digital marketing company XLMedia (XLM) has updated including that it “has identified a number of Publishing growth opportunities in North America… in order to best capitalise on the opportunities available, the board has taken the decision to proactively reduce all the group's non-core, lower margin Media activities”. The shares have responded… er, currently more than 30% lower to below 55p. Hmmm…

Good Spot Roger Lawson – Tungsten and the "fanciful presentation" of cash

Published 111 days ago

My old pal Roger Lawson of ShareSoc deserves credit for this good spot on Tungsten (TUNG) in terms of its claim to have, for once, generated cash on a quarterly basis. Well up to a point, as Lawson explains:

DeepMatter Group – with the dilution, why a larger placing?

Published 112 days ago

An announcement from DeepMatter Group (DMTR) commencing; “Further to its announcement dated 20 December 2018, DeepMatter, the AIM-listed company focusing on digitizing chemistry, is pleased to announce that it has raised approximately £4.0 million by way of a placing of 159,185,680 new ordinary shares at 2.5 pence per share”. Hmmm – the shares have currently responded 17.5% lower…

Minoan – Director share purchases: should we take comfort? Well, yes.

Published 112 days ago

AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) this morning announced that three directors have put their hands in their pockets and bought shares costing a total of £100,000. That is a significant enough sum and normally would encourage me to buy more, but the trade dates reported are 3 December 2018! Why has it taken so long to report - surely this is a breach of AIM rules! Er, not so fast…..….

Fusion Antibodies – “materially below current market expectations” adds to “significantly behind” expectations from earlier in the year!

Published 112 days ago

“Fusion Antibodies plc (AIM: FAB), a pharmaceutical contract research organisation specialising in antibody engineering services, provides an update on the company's trading and progress to date in the current financial year ending 31 March 2019”. This is a company which listed in December 2017, with house broker Allenby Capital looking for revenue of £3.2 million for the company’s year ended 31st March 2018 and breaking into profit on revenue of £5.6 million for the now current year…

My first training walk for Woodlarks of 2019 - off to Swineford, donate today! Part 1

Published 114 days ago

You know what fun I have with training walks. Getting wet. Getting lost. Scrambling up nettle infested steep hills as a result of getting lost. It is all part of the build up to May 25 and the 33 mile Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks Charity walk. Today is the first serious training walk: 12 miles from my front door to a pub in Swineford. I shall carry a camera, my laptop and a phone so will post photos along the way…

The Hairy Pros and Cons of Going Down Penny Lane.

Published 114 days ago

Hello Share Treaters. The maths of penny shares can throw up some interesting stats. And it’s one reason why I invest some of my assets in them. Of course, there are some downsides to the calculations. So let me try and list both the advantages and the snags.

Paragon Entertainment – “Property Disposal” announcement... which is far from just a “Property Disposal” announcement!

Published 115 days ago

Previously writing on Paragon Entertainment (PEL) it was December intra-day (2:15pm) “Trading Update”. Uh oh…. Now an intra-day (1:29pm) “Property Disposal” announcement. Surely this one just a routine announcement though?...

MediaZest – placing announcement, contradictions everywhere!

Published 115 days ago

Previously writing on audio-visual marketing company MediaZest (MDZ) in September I questioned it arguing “strong performance”. Today a placing announcement…

Optibiotix – Probiota update puts Thirsty Paul Scott bang to rights - STRONG BUY

Published 115 days ago

These days Optibiotix (OPTI) is on the cusp of being or already profitable and as such what excites us are rapidly growing revenues and new sales and marketing agreements. We will not have to wait long at all for more news on both those fronts. But behind this great company is the IP, the science.

Strategic Minerals copper mine is due to come online soon - speculative buy

Published 116 days ago

I’m always very wary of investing in small mining companies, as even when the management team and the assets look decent, it is still a bit of a lottery as to whether the company will actually make it to a stage where it is making a profit and returning money to shareholders via dividends.

Gold RSI Hits The Highest Since 2011

Published 116 days ago

Gold’s relative strength indicator is at the 73, highest since September 2011 - the month that gold hit an all-time high. 

Cyril d'Silva of Golden Saint Resources infamy plans UK stockmarket comeback with MKI

Published 116 days ago

Having helped investors in the UK lose 99.9% of their cash with Golden Saint Resources (GSR) as he trousered vast sums in fees and commissions, Aussie promoter Cyril d'Silva is back for a second go. And why not? It worked well for Cyril last time and it appears that (by definition, morally bankrupt) advisors are already lined up to allow him to float a BVI registered cash shell, Millenium Kapital Investments Pty Ltd on the Standard List.

Greggs – earnings upgrade & further upgrade potential… but this valuation?

Published 117 days ago

Following a trading update yesterday which helped the shares up from circa 1600p towards 1800p, shares in “the leading bakery food-on-the-go retailer in the UK, with over 1,950 retail outlets throughout the country”, Greggs (GRG) currently remain above 1750p following research updates…

Gooch & Housego – warns... due to risks “as previously stated”. Really?

Published 117 days ago

An AGM trading update from Gooch & Housego (GHH) sees CEO Mark Webster emphasise “our fibre optic business is performing particularly strongly” and “we remain confident in the potential of the industrial laser sector and our other markets to provide attractive long term growth”. So why have the shares responded currently more than 10% lower, towards 1300p?...

McBride – last year warned ‘now only broadly in line with the prior year’, this year…

Published 117 days ago

Previously writing on cleaning and hygiene products private label and contract manufacturer McBride (MCB), I concluded certainly at least until there is hard evidence of reignited bottom-line progress, I avoid. The shares were then above 200p, comparing to a close yesterday of 130p – and, on the back of a “Trading Update” today, they’re currently circa 90p!...

Transense Technologies – “Significant iTrack Order” & “very substantial” sales… Or ramptastic?

Published 117 days ago

Not just an iTrack order, but a “Significant iTrack Order” emphasised by Transense Technologies (TRT) earlier this week – and the shares now up from a last week close of 52.55p to almost 70p. However, I previously wrote “GE Aviation Contract Win” announcement sparks shares… but reasons for caution?

Synnovia (Plastics Capital as was) – trading statement; is a 10%+ forecast reduction really “broadly in line”?!

Published 118 days ago

A trading statement from industrial components and consumables manufacturer Synnovia (SYN) - until recently Plastics Capital plc - commences that it “expects trading for the financial year ending 31 March 2019 to be broadly in line with market expectations” and includes “significant organic growth continues to be achieved across both our divisions” and “the change of the company's name to Synnovia plc has seen a smooth transition and is acting as a strong signal to our organisation to do everything reasonably possible to reduce, recycle and re-use plastic waste”. The shares have responded currently, er,… more than 8% lower, back towards 100p…

Footasylum – shares sprint ahead on JD Sports move… but what about trading tripping-up badly?

Published 118 days ago

An “Acquisition of stake by JD Sports Fashion Plc” (JD.) – and a 90% increase in the share price of Footasylum (FOOT) yesterday, to 55.2p. That though still compares to a 164p AIM IPO in just November 2017 – so there value here?...

Too many unknowns to make Anglo African Oil and Gas an investment currently

Published 119 days ago

Anglo African Oil and Gas (AAOG) has been hugely popular with private investors over the past few months and has seen big fluctuations in its share price as various pieces of news landed during its recent drill – including a placing to raise more money which Tom Winnifrith exclusively revealed here before it took place.

Thoughts on Telit as D Day looms (Wednesday)

Published 120 days ago

As I write, the Telit Communications (TCM) share price at 120p is trading close to its lows as next Wednesday looms. This is the date that the acquisition of its auto division by TUS International, postponed twice already, is “expected” to complete…

Weekly Insight: Tipster Scrutiny on TUI, GSK and Barratt

Published 121 days ago

Travel operators TUI AG (TUI) and Thomas Cook Group (TCG) both featured in the top five most frequently tipped companies over the last seven days in a busy week for trading updates. Homebuilders Barratt Developments (BDEV) and RedRow (RDW) also received an influx of tips after both released interim results, while there was increased tip activity for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Smith & Nephew (SN.).

Interserve – slips again on FT comment and still a slam-dunk sell, now a very plausible zero

Published 121 days ago

Shares in my Christmas (sell) tip, fully-listed Interserve (IRV), slipped again yesterday after an article in the FT (see HERE) pointed to the stand-off between the company and its largest shareholder, which wants to derail the debt-for-equity swap proposed by the company’s management. The problem is that the company owes £66 million of overdue payments to the banks, which could force the company into liquidation.

The strange case of NEX-listed Sport Capital Group and Palermo FC (of Italian Serie B)

Published 121 days ago

NEX-listed Sport Capital Group plc (SCG) used to be known as failed miner Pelican House Mining, also of the NEX province. Following a general meeting in January 2019, the name change was effected, alongside a placing to bring in Eight Capital, and Peterhouse Capital turned up with 4.72%. But since there was hardly a bean in the bank, it might be a little surprising to see that on 17 January it had bought Italian football club Palermo, of Serie B, for a nominal sum.

This Dotty Company Should Appear on Your Screen as a Techno Possibility

Published 122 days ago

Hello Share Mashers. This one is speculative, but fortune favours the brave - though only sometimes. Techno companies are still shunned by a lot of share-shifters even though the famous 'New Economy' crash was nearly 20 years ago. But let’s look at Nanoco Group (NANO)...

DP Poland – “Broker Option Update” = incredible further contempt for diluted smaller investors who’ve seen the share price destroyed

Published 123 days ago

DP Poland (DPP) “is pleased to announce that it has conditionally raised additional gross proceeds of approximately £0.5 million via the broker option”“Pleased to announce”, really?!?...

Whitbread has a plan...and Restaurant Group patently does not

Published 123 days ago

Like the investment sad-o that I am, I spent a good while yesterday afternoon pacing through the one hundred plus slides that formed the Whitbread (WTB) capital markets day presentation. Recall - as I have written up at length before - that the company is now all about the Premier Inn asset after Coca-Cola's largesse in buying Costa Coffee for a pretty sum. Right at the back of the presentation document Whitbread noted that it would return over £2.5 billion of the £3.9 billion proceeds back to investors – which is not a bad slice of the cake. Meanwhile industrial and pension debts/deficits get lowered further...and the company can also easily finance its expansion plan…

Thoughts on The US Market Juggernaut

Published 124 days ago

The year to date has not provided a very promising backdrop for bears. I - like many others - am intensely irritated by Donald Trump’s obsession with the level of the US market and his clearly seeing it as a barometer for his own genius. When he claimed late last year that the fourth quarter sell off was a blip and a buying opportunity I waited with grim satisfaction for the rude awakening that was sure to follow...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: 2 stocks I own, mega bullish on one, mega bearish on the other - guess which?

Published 124 days ago

In today;s bearcast I discuss Alpha Growth (ALGW), Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) and Optibiotix (OPTI) as well as Spain, the latest crisis in the special place in hell that is the EU.

Norman Broadbent – argues “significant progress towards a return to profitability”… but quick enough?

Published 124 days ago

A trading update from executive recruitment and services company Norman Broadbent (NBB) commences emphasising “Significant progress towards a return to profitability” – and the shares have currently responded more than 6% higher, towards 13p…

Dunelm & Countrywide are telling you that renovation and refurbishment rules in today's property market

Published 124 days ago

I have loved up Dunelm (DNLM) many times before and - as discussed here back in November - I made a good turn on the stock. Another retail sector trading winner! Of course life is not easy but Dunelm has a dominant position in the home furnishings market and - frankly - it is more doable to spend a couple of hundred quid on tarting up a room rather than buying a new sofa or even moving house. You can see this in the numbers…

We are getting ready to enter an era unlike anything in our own experience

Published 126 days ago

For some time now I have been talking about what I think may unfold over the next decade. The term I often use is The Great Reset, but in my mind it’s more than just resetting global debt

BREAKING: From Death to a Standard Listing, Daniel Stewart the comeback...

Published 127 days ago

More than a week after we exposed the coming death of Daniel Stewart & Company the weekend press has finally woken up and is reporting how it went into administration on Thursday. But something bigger happened on Thursday. Daniel Stewart, c/o former boss Adam Wilson is coming back to the market via a standard listing. Let me explain with the documents below..

Sunday Long Reads: Stonehenge, Softbank, Bitcoin, Goodfellas, Trump

Published 127 days ago

Is there anything better than sitting back and reading a well-written article on a lazy Sunday? Every week ShareProphets features some long form journalism that you'll find of interest. Grab your cuppa and enjoy these five articles.

This Week: BP Beats Estimates & an Unfortunate Week for Ocado

Published 128 days ago

BP (BP.) and Ocado (OCDO) released annual results on Tuesday this week and the market initially responded well to both: BP finished the day up +5.2%, with Ocado +4.2%. Things have taken a turn for the worse for Ocado following news of a fire at one of its fulfilment centres in Andover. Shares in the online supermarket are -14.4% since Tuesday’s close. In this week’s article we take a look at whether these events have altered broker and tipster opinion about the future of both firms.

DP Poland – trading underperformance, massively discounted bailout placing… CEO “step down… by mutual agreement”!?

Published 130 days ago

I’ve consistently warned on DP Poland (DPP) – most recently last year with the shares at around 30p HERE. Today a “Proposed Placing, Board Change & Trading Update” announcement…

Gold Getting Set For Bull Run

Published 130 days ago

If, as they say, it is darkest just before the dawn, then surely for gold at least, the sun must be cresting the horizon now ?

Oracle Power is suddenly very popular - so when is the next placing?

Published 131 days ago

Oracle Power (ORCP) seems to have become popular all of a sudden and has seen its share price rise by around 80% in the past week, but as usual some on the bulletin boards seem to be claiming that it should actually be worth many multiples of its current valuation.

Ocado – fire incident “now under control”, but having expanded last night

Published 131 days ago

Having announced yesterday lunchtime that “a fire started in a section of the ambient grid of our Andover CFC… The incident and the measures being taken to contain it appears to have affected a proportion of the mechanical handling equipment and some of the grid… Andover suspended operation this morning preventing further fulfilment of orders”, a further update today from Ocado (OCDO) commences; “Unfortunately the fire which started yesterday morning in a corner of the ambient grid was not contained as we believed, and last night expanded”...

IQE – ignore today’s dire warning from Austria’s AMS Ag at your peril

Published 132 days ago

Okay so follow the money….

Parity Group – “Trading Statement”; following profit-warning impacted 2018…

Published 132 days ago

“Trading Statement” from “technology focussed consultancy and staffing business”, Parity Group (PTY) – and the shares currently slightly ahead, closer to 7p. Good news then? Well, they were close to 10p at the start of November and more than 15p in the summer…

Maestrano – another disaster IPO on the AIM casino warns again

Published 132 days ago

Floated on the AIM Cesspit in May 2018 at 15p a share and raising £6 million Maestrano (MNO) describes itself as a “cloud business integration platform with cross-app data synchronization” I’d describe it as an univestable piece of shit.

Why Ryanair Shares May Not Fly So Well in the Future

Published 132 days ago

Hello, Share Wobblers. Investing in airlines is something I stopped doing a long time ago. And since I sold my British Airways shares years ago, I’ve probably saved a lot of money. It’s such a volatile sector. It’s at the mercy of world economics, rising fuel prices, fierce competition, strikes and compensation claims...

Looking forward to Ariana’s Q4 numbers at Kiziltepe

Published 133 days ago

AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) told us on 14 January, as it reported Q4 and full year production from its joint venture gold plant at Kiziltepe in Turkey, that it would release full results for the period by early February and I’m really looking forward to that...

Sunday Long Reads: Middle Kingdom - Middle of Nowhere, It Girl scam, End of Smartphones, Coder Crime Boss, Soviet Truman Show

Published 134 days ago

Is there anything better than sitting back and reading a well-written article on a lazy Sunday? Every week ShareProphets features some long form journalism that you'll find of interest. Grab your cuppa and enjoy these five articles.

Notes from Underground: When the Guardian is on our side, what is to be done

Published 134 days ago

ShareProphet's least favourite newspaper points out that digital-only news disrupters, which have raised billions of dollars in venture capital, have made around 2,000 staffers redundant this week. Those publication are names liek Buzzfeed, VICE, and Huffington Post.

Comptoir Group – “pleased… in line with market expectation”… but how pleasing really?

Published 135 days ago

Lebanese and Eastern Mediterranean restaurants group Comptoir (COM) is “pleased to report that trading for the 52 weeks to 31st December 2018 was in line with market expectation with the expected strong finish to the second half of the year” and that “the directors continue to be excited by the prospects of the group”. The shares have responded 5% higher to 10.5p – though that compares to a 50p price of just a June 2016 AIM IPO. So what’s the story here?...

Trading Update Review: Restaurant Group and Royal Mail

Published 135 days ago

Trading updates have been coming through thick and fast over the last few days, accompanied by an influx of tipster tips and broker ratings. In this week’s article, we review two companies that have attracted the highest number of tips over the last seven days, and assess whether consensus sentiment is positive or negative in each case.

How to Take Advantage of the Brexit Blues.

Published 135 days ago

Hello, Share Bunnies. As the Brexit mess becomes even messier, we need to continue careful consideration of what will happen to our shares. These are the choices. If we *crash out of Europe, the pound will take a hard knock. If we have a soft Brexit, it will shoot up. * TW Note, incorrect word used by those who want to stay in Europe but do not dare admit it like Malcolm.

An all-star line-up at the UK Investor Show on March 30 DO NOT MISS OUT ON COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS

Published 136 days ago

As a ShareProphets reader you know the speakers, you’ve seen the videos, indeed, you may well have attended a UK Investor Show in person so you know something of what to expect. But in our 18th year the team is going to serve up their biggest and most exciting all-star event yet on March 30th 2019. Do not miss out, reserve your place today.

CML Microsystems – having stated only in November “full year advance in profitability remains likely”, now…

Published 136 days ago

A 20th November-announced half-year report from semiconductors company CML Microsystems (CML) included “it currently looks challenging for second half revenues to show material improvement over the first six months although at the profit before tax level, the impact is expected to be less pronounced due to the anticipated product mix. Therefore, a full year advance in profitability remains likely, in-line with market expectations”. Today a “Trading Update” – and the shares currently more than 20% lower on the back of it, towards 340p…

Revenue Up, Profits Up as Diageo Drinks to Yet More Success

Published 136 days ago

Hello, Share Shifters. Most of the time I push penny shares forward for your further examination, but I do have my favourites among Footsie giants. Sensibly, you ought to hold at least half of your pot in the jumbos, even though even these babies can go sour. Today, I bring you a share I’ve long supported, if only because when times are shaky, more people it seems turn to the solace of drink...

ALPHA GROWTH. Three Card Trick! Death Spiral, Prospectus & Placing?

Published 137 days ago

Alpha Growth (ALGW) is running on ‘vapours.’  It hasn’t got a pot to piss in. Cash on hand is probably close to £170,000. Its auditor has issued a ‘Material Uncertainty’ as to viability going forward as a going concern. The Company has ‘fessed up that it has no revenue and will need funds. What is not to like? 

Avocet Mining has net current liabilities of $30 million - it's bust, and you must be crazy if you're buying now!

Published 137 days ago

Often when I look at companies at the lower end of AIM I am left struggling to see why on earth anyone is buying it at the current share price.

Have all PCG Entertainment shareholders adhered to the holdings notification rules?

Published 138 days ago

PCG Entertainment (PCGE) has seen its share price slump over the past few months but, despite there having been a number of large transactions, there have been no notifications of any changes to the significant shareholdings in the company. Now I find this very strange, given that there have been several sells that have amounted to around 1% of the shares in issue, along with numerous others around the 0.5% level, and during December and January there were more than 233 million shares traded in total – of the 1.244 billion in issue...

Off colour at the veterinary clinic – CVS Group & Premier Veterinary Group

Published 139 days ago

In November, previously writing on veterinary group CVS (CVSG) I concluded still a sell as the shares slid further lower to 650p. Today a “Trading Update” – and the shares currently approaching 30% lower on the back of it, heading towards 450p…

Advanced Oncotherapy – who’s been selling? Tut, tut!

Published 139 days ago

AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) announced director and significant shareholdings this morning, following its latest fundraising in December and resulting share issues yesterday. But it seems that one of the directors has been – undisclosed – selling!

IQE – sell the rally

Published 139 days ago

It is not, in my view, a great time to be shorting UK names which are sensitive to the underlying market direction as I believe that the UK market, currently suffering from peak uncertainty from Brexit, could see a major re-rating in the event of any solution bar a general election, particularly if there is some sort of fudge of May’s deal which is, I think, the most likely outcome (I am long FTSE 250 not 100 futures to avoid currency considerations). This is not to say that I have downed tools completely on the short side in the UK...

Utilitywise – “Strategic Review and Formal Sale Process” = shares suspension ahoy as ‘not sufficient’ funding interest; why’s that Neil?

Published 140 days ago

Previously writing on Utilitywise (UTW), in July it was a “Strategy Update” only David Brent & major shareholder Neil Woodford are clever enough to understand? – with that including CEO Brendan Flattery attempting to reassure that “the strategy update outlined today will enable Utilitywise to meet its two new financial targets, as well as maximising the medium term potential from the business”, though I concluding of course though, there is no guarantee that it will – and I’ll continue to avoid at least until there is some clear net cash generation demonstration. Today a “Strategic Review and Formal Sale Process” announcement…

Frontera Shareholders Action Group established - to support the board! Bonkers

Published 140 days ago

So what if Frontera (FRR) got slung off AIM because its board told lie after lie, some folks just want another punishment beating it seems. And thus loyal shareholders "long and strong" have set up a Shareholder Action Group to assist the board. hat-tip to reader Juicin for spotting this. The group lays out its aims and objects thus: 

EXPOSE: Nu-Oil appears to have screwed up the vote on Resolution 7!

Published 141 days ago

As any regular readers of my ramblings will know, I’ve never exactly been a fan of Nu-Oil and Gas (NUOG), nor of the people running the company.

Gama Aviation – after warning to expect profit “$3m below” in October… it’s at it again!

Published 144 days ago

Towards the end of October, previously updating on Gama Aviation (GMAA) it was from “expectations for the full year remain unchanged” to expects “$3m below” in just 5 weeks! – and the shares approaching 18% lower, at 125p. I warned still to avoid – and today a “2018 Full Year Update and 2019 Outlook”

The investment madness on the corporate menus of Restaurant Group and St James's Place

Published 144 days ago

A pretty lacklustre earnings Thursday today but - on the range of stocks I look at - two stand out. First up, Restaurant Group (RTN)

Hotel Chocolat – argues “another strong Christmas”, but how’s the outlook v. the valuation?

Published 145 days ago

“Premium British chocolatier and omni-channel retailer”, Hotel Chocolat (HOTC) has updated on the 13 weeks ended 30th December including “this was another strong Christmas for Hotel Chocolat” and adding “trading since December continues to be in line with management's expectations”. What are expectations though?, and how do they compare to the valuation? – the shares currently circa 5% higher on the day, above 280p – capitalising the company at approaching £320 million…

#BoycottWetherspoons flopping, and the People’s hero Tim Martin lets rip on Brexit again

Published 145 days ago

The #BoycottWetherspoons  (JDW) campaign by mad remoaners is flopping badly. Hooray. The company has released a  cracking trading statement and its chairman, the People’s Hero, Tim Martin has again let rip on Brexit.

Eagle Eye Solutions – “delighted” on H1 & growth expected to continue into H2… but what about that cash burn?

Published 145 days ago

Eagle Eye Solutions (EYE) has updated on trading including “we are delighted to confirm a strong first half of the year, delivering significant revenue growth and expansion of the customer base, including the addition of Waitrose and Burger King” and “the growth in revenues and volumes is expected to continue into H2”. The shares have not responded excitedly though – currently unchanged at 172.5p…

Dillistone – “Major Contract Award & GatedTalent Update”; Ramptastic?

Published 145 days ago

I cautioned on shares in recruitment software and services group Dillistone (DSG) as they fell towards 70p in 2017 and have done so numerous times since. They’d fallen to 42.5p recently, but are currently more than 20% higher, back above 50p, on the back of a “Major Contract Award & GatedTalent Update” announcement…

William Hill May Recover Higher Profits - But I Probably Wouldn't Bet on it

Published 145 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers. Though I’m a client of William Hill (WMH), I don’t buy shares in bookmakers. That’s cos I think they can bring unhappiness to those who go beyond betting as a bit of fun. But even if I was the world’s greatest fan of betting companies, I would currently avoid William Hill shares...

Zoo Digital – from November “confident in the prospects” to now “significantly below expectations”. Uh oh…

Published 146 days ago

I wrote on Zoo Digital (ZOO) in September (“confident in the prospects”, so why the share price slump? HERE), concluding, despite the shares then falling to circa 140p, that; ‘I thus suggest the valuation leaves no room for any disappointment – and remind that great valuations tend to lead to great disappointment if expectations are not met. Indeed, even if strong growth is delivered, since the valuation is so far from what is being financially produced, there is still significant scope for sentiment to see the shares lower. As such, currently a sell / avoid.’ The shares closed yesterday at 115p and today a “Trading Update”

Dixons Carphone, easyJet and adventures in the UK and European consumer land

Published 146 days ago

Those corporate updates keep on a-coming and today's crop includes updates from both Dixons Carphone (DC.) and easyJet (EZJ)…

The Eurozone is now perilously on the edge of a financial and systemic abyss

Published 147 days ago

After two decades, the euro’s decision making elite look set to drive the Eurozone into deep trouble. December was the last month of the ECB’s monthly purchases of government debt. A softening global economy will increase government deficits unexpectedly. The consequence will be a new cycle of sharply rising bond yields for the weakest Eurozone members, and systemically destabilising losses in the bond portfolios owned by Eurozone banks...

Its Fast-Growing Army of Couch Potatoes Could Make this Viewing Platform A Smash Punt

Published 147 days ago

Hello, Share Planners. So poor is mainstream television these days, that I do nearly all my viewing on YouTube or Netflix (NFLX). It's one way of avoiding the so-called real-life tv programmes that try and fail to make entertainment out of watching people move home or doing their boring jobs.

Sunday Long Reads: When US won against England, Premier League Riches, Surviving the Apocalypse, Making Decisions, Darknet

Published 148 days ago

Is there anything better than sitting back and reading a well-written article on a lazy Sunday? Every week ShareProphets features some long form journalism that you'll find of interest. Grab your cuppa and enjoy these five articles.

VAST – having promised no more death spirals and then done one with no conversion notice within 30 days…….. WTF, Nomad Fatty?

Published 149 days ago

I highlighted the latest in a series of death spirals entered into by AIM-listed Vast Resources (VAST) on 22 December (see HERE). That was after the company had said it wouldn’t do any more, but then announced its issue at no-one-is-watching o’clock on 21 December 2018. The thing is, it told us that tranches of the death spiral loan would not be convertible into shares of the Company (the “Shares”) for the initial 30 days from the date of their respective advance. And so today, 18 January - and thus four weeks and not thirty days later…..

Cloudcall – 2018 ‘a standout year in terms of innovation, platform investment and sales & marketing capabilities’… so cash burn?

Published 150 days ago

Shares in ‘cloud integrator of communications technology into customer relationship management platforms’, Cloudcall (CALL) are currently lower today, but still comfortably ahead of the sub 93p they were at prior to a recent “Trading Statement”

ECSC Group – “Managed Services Contract Win” RNS Reach, time for an attempted ramparoonie?

Published 150 days ago

“Managed Services Contract Win” from ECSC Group (ECSC) – and the shares have responded more than 10% higher to 77.5p. But it’s an RNS Reach - i.e. “non-regulatory news releases such as marketing messages, corporate and product information” - announcement. Hmmm…

What is the real value of the Eqtec deal?

Published 150 days ago

There was much glee amongst certain individuals on Tuesday morning when an RNS dropped from Eqtec (EQT) announcing a contract, and some were very quick to point out that my opinion on the company had been incorrect. That followed my articles here saying that I wouldn’t touch the company, and although the news caused the share price to spike, my opinion on the company is completely unchanged – in fact the news actually reinforced my view!...

Arena Events – “Trading Update”… & having only listed on AIM in July 2017…

Published 151 days ago

“Trading Update” from “provider of temporary physical structures, seating, ice rinks, furniture and interiors”, Arena Events (ARE) includes in its first paragraph; “The group experienced strong revenue growth across the UK, US and Middle East divisions with the acquisitions contributing as expected”. The shares have though responded to the update… currently more than 30% lower on the day, at around 40p! Hmmm…

Finsbury Food – half-year like-for-like sales up… so why are the shares more than 10% down?

Published 151 days ago

“Pre-Close Trading Update” from ‘bakery goods’ manufacturer Finsbury Food (FIF) notes like-for-like sales revenue slightly higher, its “strategic diversification” and that it “is well placed to continue to drive efficiency, deliver innovation and maintain its leading position in the market”. So why a current more than 10% share price fall on the back of the update, towards 80p?...

Van Elle – first-half “in line with revised expectations”… so why a 25% share price slump?

Published 152 days ago

Last month geotechnical engineering company Van Elle (VANL) emphasised “positive momentum”but I noted I was particularly cautious of the “greater second half weighting” it envisaged. The shares were then just below 80p. Today there’s half-year results including “trading in H1 was in line with revised expectations”… but the shares are currently approximately 25% lower, at around 60p, on the back of the announcement…

Seeing Machines – “Half year trading update”, surely useful insight into whether really well placed financially then…

Published 152 days ago

Writing on Seeing Machines (SEE) in November, I questioned is it really “very well placed” financially to leverage developments?. Now a “Half year trading update” – surely some useful further insight into that key question then…

boohoo – argues “strong growth”… so why a strong share price response…down?

Published 153 days ago

“Trading Update” for the four months ended 31st December from boohoo (BOO) emphasises “Strong revenue growth of 44% (43% in constant exchange rates) across all geographic regions” (to £328.2 million), “Gross margin for the four months 54.2%, up 170bps” and “Strong balance sheet with net cash of £189 million (31 December 2017: £127 million)”. The shares have currently responded, er... more than 7% lower towards 180p…

Revolution Bars – after weather last time, increased operating costs & economic and political uncertainties this

Published 153 days ago

In June, previously writing on Revolution Bars Group (RBG) I questioned short of expectations in every conceivable weather environment?. Now a Christmas and half-year to 29th December 2018 trading update…

Goals Soccer Centres – own goal as goes from “optimistic” to profit warning in 4 months

Published 154 days ago

In September, previously writing on Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL) I noted it stating “trading in H2 has started well” but also US and financial risk – and concluded to continue to avoid. Now a “Post close trading update” – and the shares currently more than 15% lower on the day, towards 60p…

EXPOSE: The tangled web behind the Eqtec debt facility - avoid like the plague!

Published 154 days ago

Over the weekend I covered a waste-to-energy company called Eqtec (EQT) and surmised that it was going to need funding very soon, and this would most likely come in the form of a discounted equity issue.

Brexit is not of global significance

Published 154 days ago

To be charitable, you could say the euro has proved itself merely by surviving until its 20th birthday this January. That is a low bar. Monetary union has otherwise failed as an economic and political endeavour...

Why I Might Sell My Holding in My Favourite Store

Published 154 days ago

Hello, Share Followers. Though I’ve held my Morrison (MRW) shares since Adam took up gardening, I’m not sure I should continue my loyalty. For a long time, the shares have been going nowhere. I was up 10% at one stage, but I’m back in negative territory now. However, I do like the stores more than those of rivals Tesco (TSCO) and Sainsbury (SBRY)...

Podcast; Explosive upside for gold and silver

Published 155 days ago

Entrepreneur Lior Gantz claims that the outlook for Gold and Silver is improving dramatically. His thesis is that recent market action has resulted in a rebound. In September mining stocks hit 52-week lows, and the regular markets are now entering bear market territory. Inflation is on the rise and many states are hiking their minimum wage. Recent US Dollar strength is actually a bearish sign.

Housebuilders: don't get suckered in here

Published 155 days ago

Goodness it has been a busy last few business days and my write ups on last week's trading update fest including an observation on Taylor Wimpey (TW.) that 'the outlook statement was chockablock full of government assistance programme nods and thumbs up. Avoid as a sector. Sorry all you value investors'.

Ariana – will production report see a lift to the share price? I hope so!

Published 155 days ago

Judging by the form of my buy tip for 2019 AIM-listed Ariana Resources over the past nine months, we should see the latest production numbers from its Kiziltetepe joint venture gold plant in Turkey this week. Numbers for the first three quarters have already blown the company’s annual production forecast of 20,000 oz of gold out of the water, having reached almost that figure in nine months. Meanwhile shares in Ariana have had a good run of late, moving up from a low point of almost 1.1p in October to the current 1.575p, putting the company on a market capitalisation of £16.7 million.

EQTEC will run out of cash soon and a discounted placing looks a cert

Published 156 days ago

EQTEC (EQT) has long been a favourite of the pump and dump crews operating at the lower end of AIM, so when the share price suddenly doubles in the space of just a few weeks, and there is seemingly no good reason for the rise, then it is hard not to be suspicious.

UK Retail Trading Updates: Bargains to be had in the New Year Sales?

Published 156 days ago

A string of profit warnings – and Sports Direct International (SPD) chief executive Mike Ashley’s warning that the UK high street risked being ‘smashed’ over the Christmas period after the ‘worst November on record’ – set the tone for investor expectations over the festive period. Was all the pessimism justified? In this week’s article, we take a look at a selection of recent trading updates by high-street retailers and supermarkets, and review broker and tipster outlook in each case.

Brexit Fears? The Market Bites Back and the Market is Usually Right.

Published 156 days ago

Hello, Share Scroungers. There’s increasing evidence that the moggy we picked up at the local cat rescue service is of the rare and valuable Norwegian Forest breed. Should I sell him to burnish the fallen value of my shares? Of course not. And to worry about share prices is probably a useless concern, anyway. Because I continue in my view that share values will soon bounce back.

Carclo – “significantly below” expectations profit warning sees CEO ‘resign’… to then become CEO of the “critical” division!

Published 157 days ago

Previously writing on Carclo (CAR), I noted last summer as the shares headed down towards 90p that I’d want to see at least some consistent financial delivery before having confidence here. Today a “Trading Statement” – and shares in this fine-tolerance, injection-moulded plastic parts manufacturer currently down more than 30% on the back of it, at 55p!...

Halfords Share Drop Not Justified as the Company Has a Cunning Plan

Published 157 days ago

Hello, Share Followers. Halfords (HFD) is a famous high street name. But a respected brand can still lose favour among customers. It’s a bit odd here though as Halfords can steal a march on its more online rivals - as it sells a lot of stuff that needs to be seen in the flesh and is not so easily bought over the net. Bicycles for example...

Topps Tiles – trading update, consumer confidence & spending caution?

Published 159 days ago

A trading statement from Topps Tiles (TPT) includes “our strategy of ‘out specialising the specialists’ continues to serve us well” and “we continue to make good progress with our plans for commercial and our strategy of ‘disrupt and construct’ is proving successful”. However, a sub 65p share price compares to more than 90p in early 2018…

I will be surprised if Mobile Streams is still trading at the end of 2019

Published 159 days ago

Back in early December I wrote a piece warning people not to get taken in by RNS-Reach announcements, and criticising the way that some companies seemed to use the system to try to attract investors and pump their share price, by releasing information that isn’t considered to be price sensitive, but making out that it is some sort of big deal.

Hargreaves Lansdown gives Neil Woodford another Blow Job as its clients lose even more money

Published 159 days ago

As this morning’s shock revelations about Neil Woodford’s greed and reward for abject failure start to sink in, I imagine that many investors in his funds will be feeling a deep sense of disgust and regret. Perhaps they will blame those who advised them to invest and who, as the performance has gone from bad to worse, to even worse, have told them to hang on or average down.  Perhaps the biggest cheerleader has been Hargreaves Lansdown which has just published another blow job type piece on Woodford.

Greggs loves vegans but otherwise spot the downright patchy trading updates from Sainsbury's, Taylor Wimpey and Mothercare

Published 159 days ago

Another day, another bunch of trading updates to review…

Eagle Eye Solutions – why the director share buys? (& attempted no-one watching o’clock share options disgrace)

Published 159 days ago

Last week I noted “Appointment of Joint Broker” by Eagle Eye Solutions (EYE). Now a “Director/PDMR Shareholding” announcement…

Footasylum – trading statement, continuing to trip-up badly

Published 160 days ago

In September, previously writing on Footasylum (FOOT) it was our warnings prove sage as now tripping up badly. Today a “Trading Statement”

Up Goes the Share Price as Public Demand for More Responsible Plastic Stretches

Published 160 days ago

Hello Share Mates. One of my favourite ‘this could happen big time’ shares rose by 8% yesterday on no news. This could mean that something is going on in the wings. Or it might be in anticipation of some better results in an update towards the end of the month. Or then again, it could be that more investors see a rosy future for its 'bioplastics'.

Who do you think you are KIDding, Mr Woodford?

Published 161 days ago

The new KID, or Key Information Document, for Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) arrived in my inbox this morning. This is an FCA regulated document, and supposedly gives you an idea of the potential returns under various scenarios. It also tells us that it is categorised as number 4 on the risk indicator (up from 3 last time). So let’s see what we might make if we hold the fund for the minimum recommended term.

Apple Inc takes a large byte out of markets. Peak smartphones?

Published 161 days ago

Apple stock has dropped 38% in 3 months. Reinforcing the old axiom that a fancy new corporate HQ precedes a corporate decline...

Reviewing Tipsters’ Top Picks for 2019

Published 163 days ago

The UK economy suffered a tumultuous 2018, and it proved to be a particularly rough year for holders long in UK-listed shares: the FTSE100 suffered its worst year in a decade, while the FTSE All Share slumped 13% over the course of the year. The turbulence we’re experiencing looks set to continue into 2019 as markets struggle with mounting uncertainty. As a result “tipping shares has never felt more hazardous”, but there are potential rewards; Joanne Hart (Daily Mail) notes that “UK shares are widely acknowledged to be undervalued, presenting clear opportunities across the market”. I should point out that Tom Winnifrith and others think Ms Hart is useless and clueless.

7digital – “pleased to confirm” restructuring completion… but much it shouldn’t be pleased to confirm!

Published 164 days ago

In September, previously writing on 7digital Group (7DIG) I questioned a “global leader” with Universal Music contract wins? – with it seeing me question AIM-listed companies which claim ‘global’/‘world’ leader an automatic bargepole / sell?. An intra-day (Uh oh) “Update” today commences that the group “is pleased to confirm”… but the shares are currently more than 50% lower, below 1p!…

Touchstone has production and exploration upside, although funding could prove to be an issue - speculative buy

Published 164 days ago

These days I tend to avoid oil companies at the bottom end of the AIM market as usually the risks aren’t worth the rewards, and the majority of them do nothing but fleece investors over a number of years without ever achieving anything of note.

Gear4music – having adopted a market share strategy… “capacity limitation” profit warning!

Published 164 days ago

Previously writing on online musical instruments and equipment retailer Gear4music (G4M) in September as the shares slid below 600p, I concluded such a rating demands at least growth as anticipated; not “slower than anticipated” roll-out, “gross margin compromise” and potentially worse – and, even without all that, is still likely highly dependent on a continued bullish stock market. As such, at this juncture, I avoid. The shares are currently sliding below 300p on the back of a “Trading Update”

Corero Network Security – 2018 disappointment follows 2017 disappointment, and 2019…

Published 165 days ago

“Trading Update” from Corero Network Security (CNS) emphasising “order intake for 2018 is expected to be approximately 20% higher than 2017, driven by record order intake in H2 and the final quarter”“SmartWall revenue growth of approximately 20% over the prior year” and “significantly reduced EBITDA loss to approximately $2.5 million”. The shares have currently responded, er, approaching 6% lower to 12p…

A twitter gem - Polixenes13 on the Tesla car crash waiting to happen

Published 165 days ago

Most material on twitter is unadulterated junk. But there is the odd gem. In the case of Tesla (TSLA) where the sell side analysts are all paid bulls, some of the best insight is on twitter. Like Lucian Miers, I regard this company as an accident, no an outright car crash, just waiting to happen. In that vein I bring you a most instructive series of tweets yesterday from @Polixines13 who knows his or her onions.

Eagle Eye Solutions – “Appointment of Joint Broker”. Uh oh…

Published 166 days ago

Eagle Eye Solutions (EYE) “is pleased to announce the appointment of Shore Capital as joint corporate broker to the company with immediate effect”. Hmmm, why might that be?...

Reader Post of the Year ( 2019) – another warning about Pacific Tycoon/Davenport Laroche

Published 166 days ago

I have had my threats for exposing the fraud that is Pacific Tycoon, a fraud that companies such as ADVFN (AFN) and others in UK financial services have been prepared to promote despite my exposes. It seems that Pacific now operates under two names, a reader (Daryl) has the whole scam banged to rights and relayed his experience on our comments section. This post merits a wider audience. Over to Daryl…

5 Slam-dunk shares to sell for 2018 – the result

Published 167 days ago

Well the year is up, the results are in and my pick of five AIM stocks to sell has offered up a pretty good result. I doubt these shares could easily have been shorted, but I hope readers managed to avoid them at least.

Going, going - GOLD

Published 168 days ago

Do you have exposure to gold and if not why not? Are you mad?

Minoan – some good news

Published 168 days ago

AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) has offered up some good news to its investors in that 11.325 million options due to expire today and which are not expected to be exercised will not be extended. Of course, the news I would like to see is the monetisation of the Cavo Sidero asset but given that the future dilution has come down (for a change!) this is a small piece of good news.

Red Flags at Night: The People’s Operator updates on its death (or, rather, doesn't)

Published 168 days ago

AIM-listed The People’s Operator (TPOP) (until Thursday, but suspended) issued a statement at 6.24pm on Friday to update shareholders on its listing status (no Nomad and due to be booted to the great stockmarket in the Sky on 3 January) and its financial position. A prime example of a no-one-is-watching o’clock RNS – and read it carefully and it is clear that the Grim Reaper is hovering, and will strike imminently...

Next and Staffline under the spotlight next week

Published 170 days ago

Ahead of a more comprehensive review of annual broker and tipster activity next week, this week’s article focuses on two expected early-January trading announcements from Next (NXT) and Staffline (STAF). Strong returns on Next shares were wiped out during a disappointing second half to the year, while shareholders of Staffline will be happy with a return of over 20% in 2018. Both updates will be seen as important early indicators for their respective sectors, but are brokers and tipsters bullish about both companies’ future prospects?

With Shares All Over the Shop Here's How You Might Play It Now.

Published 170 days ago

Hello, Share Guzzlers. Why have shares fallen so much? And which shares are best to avoid until the turmoil dies down? You notice I did not say which shares we should sell because I really do think that whichever choices are taken over Brexit, the vast majority of shares will rise anyway.

Xaar – attempted no-one watching “Trading Update”. Uh oh…

Published 171 days ago

Previously writing on industrial inkjet technology company Xaar (XAR) on half-year results in September, I concluded the scale of deterioration, lack of visibility and continued difficult trading see - despite the shares currently sub 200p - me presently continue to avoid. Now a 28th December - i.e. attempted no-one watching o’clock - “Trading Update”. Uh oh…

Highland Gold will shine if gold shows continued strength

Published 171 days ago

Gold has been showing signs of strength of late and moving forwards into 2019 I would definitely be looking to have some in your portfolio, with an equity position in a gold producer being the best option.

Merry Christmas from Nigel & Lucy Wray and the team at UK Investor

Published 172 days ago

You may already be starting the wind-down ahead of the Christmas break. With all the red on the screens we can hardly blame you for taking a break from the stock market that little bit earlier this year. Anyhow if you are still reading you must , like us, be a bit of a shares groupie. So we wanted to say a couple of things...

The ShareProphets share tips of the year 2019 – No 4 is from Nigel Somerville

Published 173 days ago

Between Christmas Day and January 2nd we shall be publishing more than 20 share tips of the year – buys and sells. Fourth up is one from Nigel Somerville, the deputy Sheriff of AIM.

Neil Woodford's Christmas Carol - the final chapter of three

Published 175 days ago

‘Twas the night before Christmas.  The man who liked to be known not only for his humility but also for being Britain’s greatest ever fund manager lay back on his disruptive Eve mattress next to his rather flatulent but ever faithful old poodle Dampers. Whilst his companion snored loudly, Neil Woodford was deeply troubled by not just one but a second ghostly apparition that night.

The ShareProphets share tips of the year 2019 – No 1 is from Gary Newman

Published 175 days ago

Between now and January 2nd we shall be publishing more than 20 share tips of the year – buys and sells. We kick off with one from Gary Newman 

The problem with the European Union has never been a lack of stimuli

Published 175 days ago

The shift to tighter monetary policies in the West is weakening credit markets and over-indebted emerging markets face headwinds from rising borrowing costs and dollar shortages, therefore investors need to focus on their response to financial stresses in an era in which policymakers will be constrained. This means that the “everything bubble” is deflating and the fact that it is happening relatively slowly should not blind investors to the threat. The world is dangerously underestimating how hard it’ll be to deal with the fallout once reality, which has been suspended for ten years, reasserts itself...

Petropavlovsk – financial and operational progress, Buy

Published 177 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has updated that the first stage of its plan to reduce its guarantee for 31.1% owned IRC Limited is completed and that “with the twin events of concluding the restructuring of the IRC Facility, and with the successful ongoing ramp up of Petropavlovsk's Pressure Oxidation Hub, the company is poised to generate returns for its stakeholders in 2019 and beyond”

Neil Woodford’s Three Part Christmas Carol: Chapter One

Published 177 days ago

‘Twas the night before Christmas and the man who liked to be known as Britain’s Buffett paced up and down his bedroom, deep in thought. Attending the local carol service at the Church nearest his Country Estate, Neil Woodford felt that he had so much in common with the wise men but like the Shepherds he was this evening of a troubled mind.

“A Tough Week for ASOS: Broker and Tipster Opinion”

Published 177 days ago

The biggest casualty of the week was online fashion retailer ASOS (ASC), which was toppled from its position as the most valuable company on AIM after shares sunk by 50%. Investors were spooked by the company’s trading update for the first three months of the financial year – released on Monday – warned of a “significant deterioration in the important trading month of November and conditions remain challenging”. After three years of impressive returns, 2018 had already proven a fairly rough year for holders in ASOS prior to this week’s events. Still, brokers and tipsters (on the whole) have been bullish about the future prospects of the company.

Red Flags at Night: Vast Resources - having said it would avoid death spiral finance……

Published 177 days ago

Oh dear! Previous boss of AIM-listed Vast Resource (VAST) Roy Pitchford had an unhappy time with death spiral finance facilities with Crede and Bracknor and now, despite the company having said it would avoid death spiral finance facilities in future, has announced – under Brian Moritz – a “bridge facility” which is….a death spiral, this time with Bergen. It is interest free, naturally – if you ignore the fees – but critically, this time the facility is not convertible for 30 days. After that…..well, we know what death spirals do to share prices.

Professor Malcolm Stacey's World Famous Christmas Lecture.

Published 177 days ago

Hello, Share Sleighers. Sceptics sometimes ask me how someone like me can dissect the cold facts of share trading and yet still believe in what they see as the fairy story of the first Christmas. But the questioners have too naive and narrow a vision of how the Christian faith works.

Winnileaks: Breaking - Frontera Resources under FCA investigation for misleading investors

Published 178 days ago

The Winnileaks service has been provided with an email sent by an investor which confirms that investigations are underway into whether Frontera Resources (FRR) has mislead investors. Facing two big court cases, out of cash, drowning in debt and burning cash could this be the final straw?  It goes without saying that the shares are a sell. the email is below:

Haydale – well ho ho ho, time for an ouzo!

Published 178 days ago

And so, at long last, AIM-listed graphene play Haydale (HAYD) has raised some money. With the shares closing at 25.5p last night, it raised just £250,000 in a placing at 20p (a 21.5% discount) and £750,000 by way of a loan from the Development Bank of Wales at 11%. Oh, and we have a new finance director (did he jump or was he pushed), the former CEO (who stepped down on the profit warning back in June) is off (did he jump or was he pushed too?) and so is a NED. 

Interserve – don’t panic, keep calm and carry on (to disaster?)

Published 178 days ago

Yesterday we learnt what a complete disaster the rights issue for Keir Group (KIE) was: a whopping discount failed to attract more than 40% of shareholders to pony up at 409p and the underwriters took the hit, offloading at just 360p. But never mind, massively over-indebted Interserve (IRV) announced this morning that good progress is being made on its deleveraging plan, involving a debt-for-equity swap of, I reckon, about £500 million – against its current market capitalisation of just £16 million.

Shareholders Should Benefit As this Giant Pharma Climbs Into Bed with an American Rival

Published 178 days ago

Hello, Share Whackers. My more inspirational Shareprophets colleague Chris Bailey has already posted on an exciting development for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). As this is a share I’ve also pushed for some years, allow me to add my own humble thoughts...

Neil Woodford’s disaster of the day No 2 – Midatech Pharma

Published 179 days ago

In this case the turd has been sugared, the pill polished but make no mistake, Midatech Pharma (MTPH) is well in the merde and that is bad news for Britain’s most conceited fund manager Neil Woodford whose funds own 20% of the equity.

Welcome to your FTSE 100 broker Christmas lunch

Published 179 days ago

Back in the day, I used to be an institutional fund manager and did go on a number of brokerage lunches at around this time of year. The essential underlying aim of these lunches did not change for years: a thank you for business given during the year...and a pitch or ten about stocks that could be bought (or sold) early the next year in order to keep that commission flow going (and from the broker's perspective hopefully building). It seemed to me that the ideas took a very simple form: buy the underperformers and sell the outperformers. Well who does not like a bargain or - indeed - to take profits? So from an akin premise - but with an added slice of cynicism (and no need to elicit your brokerage commission flows!) - what does a 'brokerage lunch list' throw up as interesting in December 2018 looking ahead into 2019?...

Still Believe in the Oil & Gas Game? Take a Look at this Big Provider to the Industry

Published 179 days ago

Petrofac (PFC) is a British giant I don't think I’ve touched on before. But maybe now is the time to bring this engineer and constructor which serves the oil and gas world, to your notice. For one thing, it has had new orders worth $5 billion this year. The order pipeline is bulging with $10 billion in total...

Do I need to make an apology to dividend muncher favourite GlaxoSmithKline?

Published 180 days ago

Much has been said or written about GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) during 2018 and my most recent contribution back in July suggested that a divisional split-up was a spoof. Well today's announcement that Glaxo has formed a joint venture vehicle with US pharma behemoth Pfizer for their respective consumer health arms (with ownership split 68%/32% in favour of Glaxo) appears at face value like a step in the right direction for under pressure CEO Emma Walmsley and team…

Continue to avoid PCG Entertainment - it will struggle to raise further funding

Published 181 days ago

The AIM market in general has been performing badly in recent months and it has been noticeable that the worst performing companies at the lower end of it have been struggling to raise capital.

VINDICATION: Telit – FCA enquiry widened, implication is of wholesale securities fraud re 2017 placing

Published 181 days ago

The fraud that is Telit (TCM) continues to unravel. We already knew that ex FD and CEO Yosi fait was being investigated for selling all his shares in early July 2017 while he was aware of damaging price sensitive information ( a profits warning) – that would be insider dealing. We know that founder, former CEO and the man who is still running Telit via puppet directors, Uzi Katz, is being investigated for not admitting that he was a fraudster and fugitive from justice.  Now it gets bigger.

Filthy Forty Red Flags at Night – China New Energy quacks away and to waddle from AIM?

Published 181 days ago

Last Night at 4.39pm – after hours at no-one-is-watching o’clock, ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty member (one of just seven remaining) China New Energy (CNEL) issued a Trading Update. Except the meat of the dish was not about the company’s trading, it was about trading in its shares. We are told the Company is currently considering and assessing all the options available for fund raising in other stock exchanges. Aha - it is voluntary execution ahoy!

Did the Three Wise Men's Gold Come from Egypt? Centamin Certainly Knows How to Find It

Published 181 days ago

Hello, Share Punchers. With fears of Brexit continuing to cancel out the Santa Rally, our thoughts should turn more to that useful hedge against disaster - gold. Now short of buying a few gold bars, which I haven't entirely discounted, by the way, the best way to take advantage of gold is to pick up mining stock. There are a lot of small gold explorers and even producers that I will continue to avoid. But the larger ones might be worth looking into...

RA International – project delays… less than six months after AIM admission!

Published 182 days ago

Support services provider to remote locations in Africa and the Middle East, RA International (RAI) has updated including CEO Soraya Narfeldt “pleased with the progress made by RA International since Admission to AIM… we have a strong pipeline of projects across a range of sectors and a project management team capable of executing and delivering larger projects”. So why are the shares currently approaching 20% lower on the day, at around 50p?...

The Next Financial Crisis

Published 182 days ago

I have a lot of sympathy for the position that many investors find themselves in and that is the fear of missing out. It is a big driver and keeps people at the party far too long...

Boxhill Technologies – Time for update about Emex given the CV of doom of chairman Lord Razzall

Published 183 days ago

On 1 November 2018, suspended on the AIM Casino Boxhill Technologies (BOX) provided its last trading update which provided the following comment on the disposed business of Emex:

Can Interserve be Saved? Tipster and Broker Opinion

Published 185 days ago

Another dismal year for public services provider Interserve (IRV) was capped off by a further 50% slump in the firm’s share price earlier this week. The price reaction formed a direct response to the revelation that Interserve is seeking a rescue deal which – according to Christopher Williams (The Telegraph) – represents “a disaster for shareholders”. In this week’s article, we take a look at current tip sentiment; do the consensus believe the firm now can be salvaged, or is it is doomed to fail? The answer: it depends on who you ask – tipsters, or brokers?

Nanoco – “remain confident in delivering the board's expectations”… so what?

Published 186 days ago

Self-styled “a world leader in the development and manufacture of cadmium-free quantum dots and other specific nanomaterials emanating from our technology platform”, Nanoco (NANO) has updated including “we remain confident in delivering the board's expectations for our full year results” and “we continue to work with a range of customers and partners on a number of near term potentially transformative technological and commercial activities” – and the shares have responded currently 6.5% higher towards 40p…

Bilby – reckons “pleased to announce” interims… I don’t reckon the recent institutional shareholders will be as pleased!

Published 188 days ago

Gas heating, electrical and building services provider Bilby (BILB) reckons it “is pleased to announce its interim results for the six months ended 30 September 2018”. So why then are the shares currently circa 20% lower on the back of them, to below 75p?...

Europa Metals issues a farcical RNS - it doesn't know exactly where its project is geographically & can't give any figures about the economics!

Published 188 days ago

I can’t see Europa Metals (EUZ) shareholders being particularly pleased with the latest news from the company, and even less so with the 22% odd drop that it caused in the share price yesterday. This small AIM company is one that I haven’t exactly been a fan of in the past in its previous incarnation as Ferrum Crescent, and as is often the way with these companies that change name, and even management, not a lot tends to change with regards to performance...

Photo-Me – interims, really set for a second half recovery?

Published 189 days ago

Photobooths and ID and laundry and other vending equipment company, Photo-Me (PHTM) has announced results for its half-year ended 31st October 2018 – with the shares currently approaching 10% lower, at sub 100p, in response…

Markets are being roiled by politics

Published 189 days ago

Markets are being roiled by politics, soiling themselves on trade war panics, scared witless by mounting populism and it's pay-off time for massive policy mistakes and the waking up to the horrendous unintended consequences of the last 10-years of monetary experimentation and over-regulation and the working out that every single financial asset (by which I mean listed stocks and bonds) is price-distorted, will be painful for the unprepared. In fact; every aspect of modern finance is distorted. Sentiment is bruised which means the global economy is vulnerable to being pushed over the edge as the current fears of recession in 2019 become a self-fulfilling prophesy...

Gold – a great insurance policy for times like these

Published 189 days ago

I have been over-bullish about gold ever since it popped its top at around $1800 per oz in the aftermath of the financial crisis and quantitative easing (ie printing money) became all the rage. But rather than sell out, I have held firm. At the time I seemed to be wrong, but with what should be a momentous week for the UK about to hit us, I see the gold price is up a tad at just shy of $1250 per oz...

I am not rushing to order up either a Domino's Pizza...or its shares!

Published 190 days ago

My favourite deadwood press article this week is all about the comment from a reader below it, rather than the article itself.  I talked about Domino's Pizza (DOM) back in August and basically said that I would only get warmed up at 250p odd a share.  Well we are nearly there and - superficially - not too much has changed.  The UK franchise keeps on growing aided by that near omnipresent 'official food of everything' advertising, various Scandi markets remain workable...and angst continues at the managerial and franchisee levels.  

Woodford – selling BTG but all is surely not clear (apart from the cash-crisis!)

Published 190 days ago

We have commented here on ShareProphets on the recent sales of shares in BTG (BTG) by Neil Woodford’s Woodford Investment Management. Given that BTG is the subject of a cash offer of 840p per share is seems a little odd that he is offloading stock before the offer completes, especially with the shares trading at around  825p – but then, he does have some pressing cash issues of his own. But what is even more odd is his irrevocable undertaking to accept the offer, for it appears to have been given over a rather small portion of the shares he was actually holding.

Key IPOs in 2018: Amigo, Aston Martin and Quilter

Published 191 days ago

AJ Bell (AJB) made its introduction to the London Stock Exchange this week and it promises to be a great few days for those that got in on the IPO, with shares soaring almost +35% within the first two hours of trading. The tips have already started rolling in; Miles Costello (The Times) recommends buying as “the shares weren’t aggressively prices, and offer considerable growth and yield potential”. In this week’s article, we take a look back at tipster and broker sentiment towards three other key IPOs over the last six months: Amigo Holdings (AMGO)Aston Martin (AML) and Quilter (QLT).

Union Jack Oil: New NED, Chris Oil buys 3% (no make that 5.9%), farm in completed - BUY

Published 192 days ago

Well it is all happening down at Union Jack Oil (UJO). Let’s start with fundamentals.

Neil Woodford: three disasters in three days caption contest - result

Published 192 days ago

A few days ago, I asked you all to come up with suitable captions for a picture of Britain's most conceited fund manager in action, destroying value. as you can see here. There were many half decent entries and also a couple from Wildes who has obviously been drooling over pictures of crazy cat woman Carole Cadwalladr again and thus returned to his favourite subject. However the winner of the semi naked photo of Britain's top share blogger (mornings only), Thirsty Paul Scott is...

Three Shares Which are Not Favourites in My Christmas-time Portfolio

Published 192 days ago

Hello, Share Smoochers. A day or two ago, I mentioned three ships in my personal share bag which could come sailing in on Christmas day. Or before. Now let me pick three of my babies which are not my favourites in the hectic Yule run-up…

Numis statement shows why FinnCap’s IPO today is such a stinker

Published 194 days ago

FinnCrap (FCAP) has today listed on AIM having raised £3.75 million of new monies while insiders dumped £1.25 million of shares on mug punters. Unfortuanately for smug Sam Smith and the FinnCrap team a statement on current trading from Numis (NUM) shows just why FinnCrap rushed to get its own IPO away and why it should be avoided like the plague.

Just when you thought it was dead, The People's Operator returns

Published 194 days ago

I was somewhat surprised to see an RNS pop up from The People’s Operator (TPOP) at 6pm yesterday evening announcing fundraising, as I thought that we had seen the last of this outfit and the next news we’d see would be administration...

SRT Marine Systems – “£31 million VMS System Contract Award”, but a buy?

Published 195 days ago

Previously writing on SRT Marine Systems (SRT), I concluded that, with its track record, I await to see evidence of tangible progress before reconsidering from avoid. Today a “Contract award” announcement – and the shares currently up circa 11% at around 34p…

Kingfisher - DIY, DFY or just BUY?

Published 195 days ago

Confession time: I did read something interesting in the business pages of a broadsheet (ha!) newspaper the other day. The offending article introduced to me the concept of 'DFY', which is not some deviant practice but rather stands for 'done for you'. Apparently the under 40s cannot do DIY, preferring to focus their non-office skills in avocado toast construction and optimising their right (or is it left?) swiping capabilities…

Imaginatik – another placing and a contract, but one to watch?

Published 195 days ago

AIM-listed former Rob Terry favouorite busted flush Imaginatik (IMTK) yesterday announced another placing, following hard on the heels of the last bailout and oversubscribed open offer of last month. I was very critical of the previous fundraise because is still, as far as I could see, left the company on the edge of insolvency. But with anther £250,000 in the kitty – and a contract also announced yesterday, is it time to change my stance of keep well away?

…and Monday’s Woodford disaster story…..Halosource

Published 195 days ago

According to Cynical Bear, Neil Woodford’s Woodford Investment Management once held 24.9% of Halosource (HAL), when the shares were around 3.63p - and Invesco Perpetual (Woodford’s former stamping ground) held a further c.19%. Of course, failure after failure and emergency bailout placing after emergency bailout placing will have taken their toll. But even back in August Woodford held 27.3% (having bailed it out yet again). Now the company has warned that it is having a spot of bother raising cash – and that no cash by the end of December will mean a trip to the corporate undertakers. So Neil isn’t up for bailing it out this time?

Aphria - a cannabis giant set to go to zero: the new Gabriel Grego dossier

Published 196 days ago

Gabriel Grego is the man who exposed Globo (GBO) as a fraud, Folli Follie as a fraud and his new target is Canadian cannabis giant Aphria - his clear view is that this multi billion dollar company is a zero. Gabriel is presenting in New York right now but we have his presentation and his dossier which is utterly devestating. This looks like free money as a short. 

Minoan - £525k placing, and £250k of liabilities settled at 2.5p. Call me mad, but....

Published 196 days ago

Well, we all knew that AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) was going to place as it told us so when the sale of the travel and leisure division was announced. The issue price of 2.5p is disappointing in the wake of the share price when the T&L sale was announced, but does not look so bad in the context of a share price on its knees at around 2.25p early last week. Be thankful for small mercies, then.

The housing boom is not over, its ending

Published 196 days ago

You think the housing boom is petering out or taking a breather? Nope it is a bubble its popped the boom is over.

Notes from Underground - Giving the gift of ShareProphets

Published 197 days ago

Something that we have been thinking about here in the underground Shareprophets bunker is gift subscriptions. We can't process these yet but we could. The question to you is: should we?

Contrasting Fortunes for Greggs and Thomas Cook

Published 198 days ago

A number of trading updates caught the eye this week, but perhaps none more so than Greggs (GRG) and Thomas Cook (TCG). In terms of market reception, the two couldn’t be more different; while shares in Greggs soared, the price of Thomas Cook shares plummeted. In this week’s issue we cover current tipster and broker sentiment towards both UK firms.

Daily Mail Results Give Little Comfort as the Newspaper World Continues to Struggle

Published 199 days ago

Hello, Share Rangers. As a former journalist who served Fleet Street, I’m unhappy with the demise of newspapers. But share bunnies need to be sensible rather than nostalgic. So on the full-year results of the Daily Mail (DMGT), I will continue to avoid its stock.

Eight Peaks Group – end game plays out

Published 200 days ago

The spoof on the markets that Zafar Karim has played out over the last few years, largely built around a self inflated (ie existing shareholders setting the price in a raise) valuation of VirtualStock is, we suspect, coming to the end game as evidenced by the incessant decline in the stock price on relatively modest volumes this last few months post the name change and consolidation.

PowerHouse Energy - Toyota excited & impressed as proves up its technical abilities

Published 200 days ago

If the headline grabbed you and you are here to learn of a few home truths about the madcap plans of PowerHouse Energy (PHE) to commercialise its crazy DMG technology, then you have come to the right place. If you are one of those BBMs shouting down the company's efforts, and screaming warnings of death spiral funding is the only way PowerHouse will get its groundbreaking technology rolled out, then I'm going to disappoint you. You see, the crazy thing about this game, is if you have the foresight and will to engage with management of companies, you often (not always) get a helpful response, and sometimes the response may dispel some of the fears spread around the BB's for the tripe they often are...

Grafenia – argues “increasingly confident in the merits of our transformation strategy”, so why the share price decline?

Published 201 days ago

Grafenia (GRA) has announced results for its half year ended 30th September 2018 – including noting “we're increasingly confident in the merits of our transformation strategy”, so why a current approaching 10% share price decline, to sub 10p?...

Cellcast – an intra-day “Trading Statement”. Uh oh…

Published 201 days ago

Previously writing on interactive broadcast and gaming services company Cellcast (CLTV) just over a year ago, it was argues more optimistic about trading… but fund redemption problem – with the shares sliding from just below 5p and I concluding to certainly presently avoid. Now an intra-day (2:45pm) “Trading Statement”. Uh oh…

Xeros Technology – Cynical Bear was right about this Neil Woodford Dog!

Published 202 days ago

Another day, another Woodford disaster story hits the headlines – this time in the form of AIM-listed Xeros Technology (XSG), which Cynical Bear had postulated would be this year’s RM2 disaster. Well, it’s run out of money again and guess who’s footing the bill (with other people’s money)?

FinnCrap - the numbers, why the IPO valuation is a total rum ‘n’ coke – AVOID

Published 202 days ago

If you wish to ignore my advice go ahead and pony up 28p a share (a £48 million market cap) in the IPO of smug Sam Smith’s FinnCap via Primary Bid HERE. But I would not. Here are the hard numbers which show what a joke this IPO is...

RM2 – All hail Cynical Bear as Woodford bails it out yet again (until April)

Published 204 days ago

On Friday afternoon, as the city returned from lunch ready to wrap up for the weekend, AIM-listed RM2 (RM2) announced a share capital restructuring, placing and notice of EGM. Roll back the clock to 14 September when, in the wake of yet another set of dire results, Cynical Bear told us  it’s time to place your bets as to whether Mr Woodford is going to throw another $17 million in to the pot. Suffice to say he is now Cynical Mystic Meg…..

When oil bounces, Premier could easily see a quick 50% rise

Published 204 days ago

Premier Oil (PMO) has always been highly geared towards movements in the oil price, so it is hardly surprising that its share price has been dropping recently.

This Week’s Tip Activity: Barratt Developments, AO World and Mitie Group

Published 205 days ago

Just under 200 UK companies have been tipped by 16 brokers and 26 professional tipsters tracked by Stockomendation during the last seven days. Overall tip sentiment was positive for a majority of tipped companies (70%), and negative for a small minority (10%). In this week’s issue, we highlight the most frequently tipped company, as well as those firms with the highest consensus positive and negative ratings.

Share Portfolio Tumbling? Perhaps Not, if You Do Penny Stocks.

Published 205 days ago

Hello, Share Swipers. If your shares are toppling backwards at the moment, you may have the balance wrong between big cap companies and penny stocks. My portfolio is probably split 50-50, with very few firms in the boring middle range. Off course, its the Footsie giants which are most affected by the general slide. Then penny shares, as usual, are going their own way, be it up or down.

Directa Plus – new agreements & argues “good progress” and “increasing confidence”, but what does it all mean financially?

Published 206 days ago

Writing on Directa Plus (DCTA) in September, with the shares up to circa 70p, I questioned do road test & CEO share purchase merit the shares soaring?. Now, an “Environmental Sale and Participation in Trial” announcement today has followed a trading update yesterday…

Seeing Machines – CFO “to step down” as company regales a litany of success. Really?

Published 206 days ago

I noted in September not ‘pleased’ to announce results from Seeing Machines (SEE) – and now the company announces that “James Palmer, Chief Financial Officer, is to step down from his position for personal reasons”. Hmmm…

FW Thorpe – warns, but with main business orders “have started to recover” is a 13%+ share price fall justified?

Published 206 days ago

A 12:45pm “AGM Statement” from FW Thorpe (TFW) included “orders for our main business, Thorlux Lighting, were slow in the first quarter but have started to recover in October and November… other parts of the group continue to perform well”. Does such really justify an approaching 14% share price decline? – the shares sliding below 250p…

FireAngel – argues “increasing pipeline of opportunities continues to build”… but for now it’s another “materially below” warning!

Published 207 days ago

Previously writing on shares in home safety products company FireAngel Safety Technology (FA.), I noted as they soared to 77.5p on a partnering agreement that the upcoming reality of disappointing results together with even the near-term trading outlook uncertain saw me continue to avoid. Today a “Trading Update” – and the shares currently circa 20% lower on the day of the back of it, towards 35.5p!...

Urals Energy – the fraud gets bigger as does the size of the looming cash crunch – another great day for the AIM Casino

Published 207 days ago

Another great day for the world’s most successful fraud market, oops I meant growth market.  Over on the AIM Casino the problems mount for Urals Energy (UEN). We had been told that $3 million had been loaned out in an unauthorised manner by its 98.56% owned subsidiary JSC Petrosakh.  Think again, it is $5.1 million and it looks as if none of that is coming back so there is a looming $4.5 million cash crunch. Uh Oh! Timber!

Updated thoughts on Tesla - stay short

Published 208 days ago

The recent market turmoil has seen some decent gains for those who have been predominantly bearish for a while in the face of an unprecedented bull market. Buying the dips, a wildly successful strategy for the last ten years, suddenly doesn’t feel so clever. My own view as to whether this time might be different was to look at the world’s favourite stock Apple (NASDAQ - AAPL) and see if it would lose its trillion-dollar market cap and then some. That to me would be a signal that the selloff has legs. That has now happened, and I believe that the long overdue reality check has started and is by no means over.

Among all the scandals, political intrigue & nobbled confidence levels, three larger cap buy ideas

Published 208 days ago

One of those earnings days with lots going on...and among all the scandals, political intrigue and nobbled confidence levels, three larger cap buy ideas…

Maintel – argues “business transformation has been encouraging”… so why a current circa 25% share price fall?!

Published 208 days ago

Maintel Holdings (MAI) has updated commencing that; “Maintel's transformation into a cloud and managed services provider has continued in the second half. This month alone the group has seen two large wins on its hosted unified communications platform… representing growth of over 40% versus the prior year. In addition, Maintel is on track to grow its managed services base year on year by around 10%”. Sounds good... You what?... the shares are currently down approaching 25%, below 460p?!...

easyJet's correlation with the Brexit fear factor

Published 208 days ago

easyJet (EZJ) shares lost a bit of altitude yesterday and it was not really clear why, with profits growth of 41% aided by a revenue expansion of 17% and helped by the company pushing up ancillary seat revenue and continuing to push out an ongoing cost saving programme. Meanwhile income investors were well served with the ordinary dividend being pushed up 43%. The share is now yielding basically 5%. However, and despite dubbing itself the ‘best performing airline in Europe in 2018’, shares in the company fell back around 5% due seemingly to the ‘B’ word...

Plus500 – argues “a good position for 2019”. How good?

Published 208 days ago

Contracts for Differences online trading platform company Plus500 (PLUS) “is pleased to announce… the board believes that the group's results for the financial year ended 31 December 2018 will be ahead of previous market expectations” - and the shares have responded currently more than 11% higher, above 1400p. That though also still compares with more than 2000p reached in August…

Telecom Plus Interims – one for dividend munchers or bargepole?

Published 209 days ago

Fully-listed Telecom Plus (TEP) is a member of the FTSE250 and it announced its interims this morning. The shares are currently up 56p to 1258p, valuing the company at £982 million. With an expected full year dividend of 52p that puts the shares on a dividend yield of 4.13% which appears quite tasty when compared to a bank account. So are they for dividend munchers, or is there something lurking beneath the surface to make me run a mile? Covering the company in the past I was less than convinced, but with fresh eyes let’s take a look.

KCom – profit warning, but is it largely new management trying to create an easier platform?

Published 209 days ago

“Trading Update and Revised Dividend Commitment” announcement from telecommunications and related services group KCom (KCOM). The prospective dividend yield was already 6.5% - so I’m guessing it ain’t being revised upwards…

Bovis Builds Its Prospects Boosted by a Very Tasty Prospective Dividend

Published 209 days ago

Hello, Share diggers. There are niggles that house builders will be hobbled by Brexit. I can't see it myself. We need housing and homes are still in short supply. The Government has not said it will ease back on its generous incentives for builders when we leave the EU, so if the usual rules of supply and demand apply - and they’re always pretty powerful - then firms which build should, well, build their share prices while unemployment is low and interest rates are still modest...

Imaginatik – H1 results show what a dog’s breakfast it was, but fundraising to complete still leaves it technically insolvent. Shocking.

Published 210 days ago

AIM-listed former Rob Terry favourite Imaginatek (IMTK) published its half year results to the end of September this morning – what a dog’s breakfast! Of course, the majority of the period was under the old management so as much as I would like to point the finger at new CEO Angus Forrest, that would be grossly unfair. Indeed, judging by the balance sheet he’s done very well to have kept the grim reaper at bay – and he nearly pulled off a dream proposal to bring the very saintly Vin Murria in….but that fell apart. The shares as I write are up just 10% at 1.375p in the middle, having peaked earlier in the day at 2.25p in an initial burst of enthusiasm. It looks to me like the market has taken fright at the balance sheet.

Italy is a bigger and more immediate problem for Europe than Brexit

Published 210 days ago

The EU has had a lot of trouble on its hands, as its members, such as Poland and Hungary, are openly challenging the established order. This time it’s a very serious situation, because Brussels is facing defiance from Italy, the 3rd largest national economy in the eurozone and the 8th largest global economy in terms of nominal GDP. It has a population of over 60 million. It is also a Europhile country and the bloc’s founding member...

Tomco – the shysters are back on the AIM Casino as Turner Pope agrees to act as broker

Published 210 days ago

I know. I know.  The price of coke and also of hookers is going up. I blame Brexit.  What we need are frictionless borders so we can import more of both from Albania to keep the City boys happy. Pro tem that means brokers need to hold their noses (so to speak) and act for anyone.  Even proven shysters like Tomco (TOM).

The Most Frequently Tipped Companies by Professional Tipsters in November

Published 212 days ago

What blue chips do the "professional" share tipsters like and should we care?

How I'm Playing the Brexit Crisis In the Hope of a Rally of Relief

Published 212 days ago

Hello Share Screeners. You can always tell something is seriously wrong with British shares when the Footsie falls and the Dow rises. Normally they work in tandem. But the fear of Brexit is causing extreme nervousness among the big traders. Home-grown investors don’t like uncertainty. And foreign investors in our shares become fewer, as these difficult weeks roll on. So how should we play it?

Eagle Eye Solutions – argues looks ahead “with confidence”… though why not provide the key numbers then?

Published 213 days ago

I first cautioned on shares in Eagle Eye Solutions (EYE) in February 2016 at over 200p and mostly recently this summer at around 150p. Currently the shares are 127.5p – though that a few percent higher on the day on the back of an AGM update…

Plant Health Care – “Positive Developments with Harpin”, but positive enough to achieve revenue & cash expectations?

Published 214 days ago

Previously writing on Plant Health Care (PHC) it was on a share price slump earlier this year to circa 15p. The latest is a “Positive Developments with Harpin” announcement – though the shares are currently at 10.1p…

Seeing Machines – “very well placed” to leverage developments. Really?

Published 215 days ago

An AGM statement from Seeing Machines (SEE) sees it emphasised “the past 12 months have been the most exciting and pivotal periods for Seeing Machines since the business was founded” and that “Seeing Machines is very well placed to leverage these developments”. The shares have currently nudged higher, towards 6p in response – but this also compares to more than 13p reached in June. Hmmm…

Stride Gaming – having been set to record a provision of £4m… £7.1m Gambling Commission fine

Published 215 days ago

Having previously stated, on the basis of legal advice received, that it was to record a provision of £4 million for a Gambling Commission of Great Britain penalty, Stride Gaming (STR) has announced “Daub Alderney Limited, a subsidiary of the company, has been fined £7.1m by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain for failings in its anti-money laundering and social responsibility procedures”

Haydale – paid-for researcher Hardman issues another (suicide) note

Published 216 days ago

As covered here on ShareProphets many times, AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) is in deep trouble as finally admitted last Friday. I’ve been saying sell all the way down from 78p in June of this year and the shares plunged to just 13.5p on Friday – after the company warned it was short of cash and offered, effectively, yet another profit warning (the third in three months). Last night the shares were 12.25p and Hardman, which ramped the shares after hours in September only to see the shares fall in response the next day, has had another go. It is laughable.

Lionsgold – AIM cancellation, still though set to return?

Published 217 days ago

Lionsgold (LION), which describes itself as “focused on the exploration, production and retail application of physical gold, including the development of physical gold as a currency”, announced a suspension from AIM trading on 11th May, stating that it had been “determined that the company has undertaken a fundamental change of business through the acquisition of TRAC Technology Limited (now renamed Goldbloc Limited)” – and as such a new AIM admission document was required. It was added “this process is expected to take three to four months to complete”. Today, with this not having been delivered in sufficient time, the shares “have been cancelled from trading on AIM”

Trump borrows the US into oblivion

Published 217 days ago

For financial markets, one takeaway mattered above all others in the midterm election - no curveballs and that’s basically what was delivered as pundits who got it so wrong in 2016, correctly forecast the end of one-party rule this time. With Democrats calling the shots in the House, we could see no end to investigations, subpoenas and possibly impeachment talk and a hard push for POTUS (The President of the United States) to reveal up his tax returns. All this will slow down President Donald Trump’s plans. It didn’t have to be this way, the full aftermath of the 2008 crisis is still incomplete...

CSF Group – Allenby nomad resignation notice… why are we being told more than a month after?

Published 217 days ago

Previously featured on this website in August, it was CSF Group (CSFG) – proposed AIM cancellation, a warning, with the warning to sell / avoid – and be very wary of small companies with operations principally based far away but listed in London – see also, for example, our China AIM 'Filthy Forty'. A September EGM saw the company get insufficient support for the proposed cancellation, but today it’s “Resignation of nominated adviser”… and worse…

Ariana – Q3 results from Kiziltepe: still a buy as big cashflow edges closer

Published 217 days ago

Last month we had the Q3 preliminary report from Kiziltepe and this morning AIM-listed Turkish gold producer and explorer Ariana (AAU) offered up fuller numbers on operations at Kiziltepe where Ariana has a half-share in the gold production for the Red Rabbit project in Turkey. We already knew they’d had a blow-out of a quarter (see HERE) but the numbers show just how well it is going.

Early November Trading Updates: Broker and Tipster Sentiment

Published 219 days ago

In this week’s article, we review five key trading updates made in November so far, and analyse how brokers and tipsters have interpreted the most recent figures.

Flowgroup – as warned, appointment of administrators

Published 220 days ago

In June of last year I noted on Flowgroup (FLOW) from “actively pursuing” sale to that business being the “primary focus” of the company in just a few months. That business was Flow Energy (residential gas and electricity supply)… and at the start of May this year it was “Completion of the sale of Flow Energy”!...

MySquar – a complicit Nomad finally walks, ex CEO accused of theft, cash crisis critical – where’s the Fat Lady?

Published 220 days ago

It gets worse and worse for MySquar (MYSQ) a company that I have been openly accusing of fraud for more than a year. On Monday it partially ‘fessed up. Today it got worse.

Galantas shares to treble - this could be a conservative target

Published 220 days ago

I don't normally take broker research seriously but a) Galantas (GAL) operates in Ulster so I am biased in its favour and b) analyst Roger Bade at Whitman Howard is no fool. He reckons Galantas at 6p is worth 17.3p per share. The market cap today is £12 million but Bade explains why by 2020 the company could be generating £8 million of cashflow and by 2023 that could be £13 million and that is on uber-cautious gold price assumptions. The note (below) is very much worth a read.

Ascent Resources – having previously warned, what’s the latest?

Published 220 days ago

Having been slumping at the time of my previous update at the end of last month, shares in Ascent Resources (AST) have recently nudged higher, with the company having made “Posting of Circular and Notice of General Meeting” and “Corporate Update” announcements…

Accesso - a detailed short thesis: shares should halve from here

Published 221 days ago

I hinted at the short case for Accesso Technology (ACSO) a few weeks ago HERE. What follows is a far, far more detailed proposition as to why this stock is grotesquely overvalued. At 1,880p, the market cap is £512 million...

Will the fat lady soon be singing for Mowana - Cradle Arc looks screwed!

Published 221 days ago

On the face of it I can see why some investors have been drawn to Cradle Arc (CRA), as it is actually producing copper and has a market cap of just £2.5 million, but there could well be good reason for its shares appearing to be cheap.

Starcom – 2018 revenue to comfortably exceed market expectations?, why the discounted placing?

Published 222 days ago

Starcom (STAR), “which specialises in the development of wireless solutions for the remote tracking, monitoring and protection of a variety of assets, is pleased to announce that an agreement has been signed with a local distributor in North Africa” and “to ensure that this and other orders can be delivered as planned both for this year and early 2019, the company has conditionally raised £400,000 before expenses through a placing… at a price of 2p”. Hmmm…

This Ambitious Warehouse Firm Is Set to Accommodate Fast-Growing Selling Trends

Published 222 days ago

Hello, Share Provers. You may have noticed that I favour the warehouse game. It seems to me that online shopping is the in-thing and the stuff has to be stored somewhere. However, Warehouse REIT (WHR) provides a wider warehouse function. It also serves the old-fashioned retail world.

Victoria plc – “outrageous untruths… damaged the value of the shares”?, what about the margin warning & bond issue shambles?

Published 223 days ago

Late last month, Steve noted on Victoria plc (VCP) warns on margins, Lucian’s ‘roll up unravel’ underway?. Since then there’s been “Credit Rating and Response to Speculation”“Credit Rating” and now “Update on Bond” announcements…

After the MySquar triumph: Still not signed up to quality investigative fraud busting journalism at 2p a pop. Why not?

Published 224 days ago

Just over a year ago ShareProphets went from an advertising model (i.e. letting evil Google bleed us dry) to a subscription based one. That means we can write what we want and thanks to well over a thousand of you, our revenues have gone up and we did, actually, make a tiny, debut, profit last month. Hooray! But perhaps you are reading this article sitting outside all walls and have not signed up for full access at just £5.99 a month HERE. Just think what you are missing…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - in praise and defence of my friend Luke Johnson

Published 226 days ago

I will not take the populist path of kicking Luke just becuase he is down. Firstly he is my friend and I don't abandon pals just because they are not flavour of the month right now and secondly, and more importantly, much of the criticism is pure bollocks by folks who could not run a whelk stall and do not know what they are talking about. I also look at what makes a dead cat bounce ref Photonstar Led (PSL), Urals Energy (UEN) and Inspirit Energy (INSP).

System1 Group – interims emphasise growth & Ad Ratings ‘excitement’, but is material recovery really imminent?

Published 227 days ago

Marketing services group System1 (SYS1) has announced results for its half year ended 30th September 2018 including emphasising “26% growth in diluted earnings per share to 5.3p” and “we are excited about our new Ad Ratings service”. The shares have currently responded circa 8% higher, but a still sub 200p share price compares to almost 400p early in 2018…

Parity Group – from “encouraging sales pipeline… gives us confidence” to profit warning in less than 4 months

Published 227 days ago

In July consultancy services and staffing group Parity (PTY) was emphasising “an encouraging sales pipeline from both existing and new customers, gives us confidence”, in September it was “we are experiencing a short-term client-side delay on one large contract… Without any further delays, we expect a stronger second half, in line with the group's traditional seasonality, and to deliver on current expectations for the year as a whole”. Today a further “Trading Update”

I remain confident in Horizonte Minerals following the feasibility study

Published 228 days ago

The market seemed to have been disappointed with the recently released results of a feasibility study from Horizonte Minerals (HZM), but for me nothing has really changed in terms of the long term potential of the project.

GYG – the Woodford reverse Midas touch strikes again: banks must be shitting themselves

Published 229 days ago

Oh dear. When Neil Woodford spunked £8 million of other folks cash into the July 2017 100p a pop AIM casino IPO of yacht refitting company GYG (GYG) he thought this would be plain sailing. Oh no. Au contraire. The reverse Midas touch has struck Britain’s most arrogant fund mis-manager withy the second (lack of) profits warning in two months. Now I suggest the banks must be shitting themselves, the shares are 42.5p, sinking like the Titanic, as friendless as the Marie Celeste, and things are only going to get worse.

Brave Bison – agreement with Snapchat, why have the shares not reacted as previously?

Published 229 days ago

I’ve warned earlier this year on RNS Reach ramparoonies which took shares in Brave Bison Group (BBSN) to 3.55p and towards 3p – they previously closing at 1.45p. Now a further RNS Reach; “Brave Bison is now on Snapchat”

SDL – updates “pleased”, so why are the shares 30%+ lower than reached last year?

Published 230 days ago

Content management and language translation software and services company SDL plc (SDL) “is pleased to confirm” that “trading for the full year to 31 December 2018 remains in line with the board's expectations” and “the acquired Donnelley Language Solutions business is performing well as part of the group and the integration is on track”. At 457p though, why do the shares remain well down on 650p+ reached last year?...

Ascent Resources – I warned ‘what’s happened with previous verbal assurances of support?’, and now…

Published 230 days ago

In early August, as its shares soared on the back of a “Permitting update” including “the company has been assured the required permits will be processed without undue, further delay, which the company takes to mean they should be issued in final form in the next two months”, I warned on Ascent Resources (AST) - positive permit assurances… but what’s happened with previous verbal assurances of support?. The shares are currently slumping on the back of a further permitting update…

Gama Aviation – from “expectations for the full year remain unchanged” to expects “$3m below” in just 5 weeks!

Published 231 days ago

In June, previously writing on Gama Aviation (GMAA) I questioned is “flat” trading really “broadly satisfactory”? and noted, despite a share price fall to below 200p, I avoided. Today a “Trading Update” - and the shares currently approaching 18% lower, at 125p…

Frontera shareholders you have been raped – "discussions with majors" exposed as meaningless MOU

Published 231 days ago

Oh dear. Oh dear.  With the disgraced and widely reviled dirty tricks specialist Tim Thompson running its PR Frontera (FRR) was always going to play fast and loose with the rules of the AIM casino as it tried to ramp its shares ahead of yet another bailout placing. Today it announces a MOU which is really nothing of the sort and exposes this promote for the crock of shit that it is. Even the dullards on the LSE Asylum must now start to realise that they have been had.

Not So Sure About this Marketing and Communications Giant as the Times They Are A-Changing

Published 231 days ago

Hello, Share Flashers. One of the biggest business turnarounds in recent years is how advertising is changing. Though many of us are irritated by the seemingly unstoppable surge of adverts on the telly, the truth is that more adverts are being swapped over to big techies, like Google and Facebook. So it’s not entirely surprising that WPP (WPP), the giant marketing, P.R. and advertising agency, has reported lower revenue for the third quarter of 2018.

Bombshell: Is Julie "Lingerie on Expenses" Meyer now guilty of handling stolen goods?

Published 232 days ago

Can Julie "Lingerie on Expenses" Meyer MBE sink any lower? Pursued by the Maltese Police on criminal charges, under FCA and SFO investigation, owing vast sums to the IRS, HMRC and numerous other creditors can she sink lower ? er yes as we show below.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Malcolm kids himself, FinnCrap & Sam Smith must be desperate to IPO right now, why?

Published 232 days ago

I start by referring you to a video just up of my labour of love, the Greek Hovel, which you can see HERE. Then I take apart the bullish nonsense about the stockmarket Malcolm Stacey served up yesterday HERE.  Finally I look at IPOs planned for the next few weeks such as that of Sam Smith's FinnCap and broker AJ Bell. Why oh why go now? Surely they are both either mad or desperate? I discuss in detail why both should be avoided like the plague, referring also to the Funding Circle IPO debacle.

Why Angling Direct is very different to Fishing Republic - but I'd still avoid it

Published 232 days ago

During the last couple of years we have seen two retailers from the angling market float on the market, and their fortunes have taken very different directions.

Trading updates spur tipster focus on the banking sector

Published 233 days ago

Despite a series of strong earnings announcements, it’s been a disappointing few months for holders of London-listed bank shares. Tip activity spiked in the banking sector this week, spurred on by third quarter results announced by Lloyds Banking Group (LLOY) and Barclays (BARC) in recent days. This week, we take a look at recent tip activity in the sector, and see how tipster sentiment towards banking firms currently differs from brokers.

Distil – interims reinforce confidence, target 3p+

Published 234 days ago

Distil (DIS), owner of RedLeg Spiced RumBlackwoods Gin and VodkaBlavod Black VodkaJago's Cream Liqueur and Diva Vodka, has announced results for its half year ended 30th September 2018 emphasising “our strong brand performance, operational improvements and continued tight control of overheads enabled us to deliver a maiden first half profit during the period”

GB Group – “remain confident”, so why the share price fall?

Published 234 days ago

A half-year trading statement from identity technology group GB (GBG) emphasises “trading performance is in line with expectations, with underlying organic revenue growth of 11%” and “our pipeline is looking strong… we remain confident in meeting full-year consensus revenue and profit expectations”. The shares have though responded currently more than 5% lower towards 480p. Hmmm…

RPS Group – Q3 trading update sees shares slump. Justified?

Published 235 days ago

Half-year results on 2nd August from RPS Group (RPS) saw CEO John Douglas emphasising “we have made good progress in respect of our strategic priorities including the re-organisation of the business that will provide a solid platform for growth”. Today the company reports third quarter adjusted profit below expectations and a warning that profit will be further impacted by “necessary investment in the business”. Uh oh…

As Share Prices Fall the Divi Yields Rise - Here Are the Biggest Payers in the Footsie

Published 235 days ago

Hello Share Pasters. At the risk of trampling a little bit on my brilliant colleague Nigel Somerville’s territory, it might be useful to highlight the best Footsie shares for dividends. This information becomes even more pertinent in times of a falling stock market. As we can still make good money from our divis, even after the direst of shocks.

Is the Finncrap IPO a sign that AIM is doomed

Published 236 days ago

Today brings news that FinnCap, Finncrap to its friends, the biggest AIM Nomad and broker is to buy Cavendish Corporate Finance, the corporate advisory firm run by pompous Tory Lord Leigh, who claims to speak for ordinary shareholders but is actually a City fat cat like the rest of them, and that the combined business will itself list on the casino in December. Is this a sign that AIM is headed into irreversible decline?

Financials mash-up: who do you fancy in a cage fight - Barclays or Metro Bank?

Published 236 days ago

year ago, I wrote a piece comparing and contrasting Lloyds Bank (LLOY) and the challenger financial Metro Bank (MTRO). Well that worked out well from a long-short perspective: Lloyds - with dividends - lost a touch whilst Metro Bank has absolutely bombed, down over £10 to under £25. I was thinking about Metro Bank again today as it came out with another set of numbers which showed more deposits, more lending, more profit...but still the shares are down 10% odd today. Why such further pain?

Corero Network Security – “Customer wins”: argues “particularly pleasing”, what’s the detail?

Published 237 days ago

“Customer wins” announcement from Corero Network Security (CNS), including President and EVP Sales & Marketing, Andrew Lloyd, emphasising “to have secured another new customer for our 100Gbps SmartWall technology following a rigorous selection process is particularly pleasing and highlights the key competitive advantages and uniqueness of our solution”. Ok, so what’s the order detail?...

Conroy Gold – “New Gold Outcrop Discovery”: more about getting the next placing away than shareholder value?

Published 238 days ago

AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) has announced a new gold outcrop discovery in Ireland, between its Clontibret gold deposit and the Corcaskea gold target. So will this discovery transform the company’s prospects, or – bearing in mind that it has to report year-end results to May of this year by the end of next month – does this news mark the beginning of a pre-placing ramp?

You'd have to be crazy to invest in Bellzone now - avoid like the plague!

Published 238 days ago

A few weeks ago I covered the fact that Bellzone Mining (BZM) looked to be in serious trouble, and following recent developments it looks in an even worse state now. This share has been a recent favourite of the pump and dump crews, as the uncertainty over its future has caused the share price to be incredibly volatile and no doubt some will have made money from these daily fluctuations. But what really amazes me is that so many PIs seem willing to buy into a share which already had a very high chance of failure, and even more so now.

Versarien - panic as market cap falls to 'only' £200 million

Published 238 days ago

When a share price suffers a setback, often it is the evil cabal of short sellers who are blamed by retail investors. In the case of Versarien (VRS), even CEO Neill Ricketts is at it.

Lionsgold slung off AIM - what does it mean for shareholders?

Published 239 days ago

I would imagine that most Lionsgold (LION) holders were somewhat less than impressed when news came at the end of last week that its shares were being cancelled.

Corero Network Security – “a transformational deal”? Hmmm…

Published 240 days ago

Shares in Corero Network Security (CNS) have risen back above 10p, with the company announcing “Completion of Subscription” of $2 million from Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR)…

Cricket, Magic Spells, Weird Schools and Dictionaries Make This Share Worth a Look-Over

Published 241 days ago

Hello, Share Strikers. Generally, I don’t nurture a rosy view of the prospects of publishing companies. This isn't just because many of them rejected my latest novel Black Snow, but because I reckon many authors, including successful ones, will move over to self-publishing as a jolly good way of cutting out the middleman. But Bloomsbury (BMY) is my exception.

Zytronic – revenue “in-line with market expectations”, so why a 9% share price fall?

Published 242 days ago

A trading update from touch sensor products developer and manufacturer Zytronic (ZYT) commences; “Trading in the second half of the year showed a 10% improvement in revenues over the first half, totalling £11.7m, resulting in total revenues for the year of £22.3m which is in-line with market expectations”. So why currently a 9% share price fall, to 387.5p?...

Falanx – is this a denial of placing rumours?

Published 242 days ago

Tom Winnifrith writes: Falanx (FLX) has offered up a statement which looks like good news. I shall write more having grilled the company at the Nigel Wray shindig, but the release comes in two parts...

This Cutting Edge Insurance Outfit Could Ensure Bigger Profits

Published 242 days ago

Hello Share Trudgers. Wish my daughter luck with her driving test today. Though if she passes she’ll need motor insurance which, at her young age, will be eye-watering. Which brings me to today’s choice for your further study: Sabre Insurance (SBRE).

Ariana Resources – Q3 preliminary production results suggest set to smash guidance, Buy

Published 243 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced preliminary Q3 production results showing another quarterly record and including “our production guidance for the year is now likely to be exceeded by some margin”

Nanoco – “pleased to announce” results, so why are the shares still further lower?

Published 244 days ago

“Nanoco Group plc (LSE: NANO), a world leader in the development and manufacture of cadmium-free quantum dots and other specific nanomaterials emanating from our technology platform, is pleased to announce its preliminary results for the year ended 31 July 2018”. The shares have currently responded… er, circa 8% lower heading towards 30p…

Columbus Energy – placing which “follows strong market interest from two of our major shareholders”, what’s with the price then?!

Published 244 days ago

Columbus Energy Resources (CERP) “is pleased to announce a conditional placing… at a price of 3.5 pence per placing share to raise approximately £2.5 million”. The shares though commenced last week at above 4p, were still 3.75p at the end of it and the week included “pleased to announce the completion of the purchase of Steeldrum Oil Company Inc”“pleased to provide an update on business, operational and financial activities during Q3 2018” and an evening investor presentation…

Ariana Resources – gold production hits a new high: BUY

Published 244 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold miner Ariana Resources (AAU) has again announced record gold production from its joint-venture Kiziltepe plant, part of the Red Rabbit project, during its third quarter this year. Production is up to 7,588 ounces of gold (plus 70,346 oz of silver) for Q3 to bring the total for the year so far to 19,625 oz – as against the guidance of 20,000 oz for the full year. Way to go! If they keep that up, the total for the year will be in excess of 27,000 oz – a classic case of underpromising and overdelivering.

System1 Group – ‘underlying H1 pre-tax profit expected to be some 73% above prior year’, so why the lack of share price response?

Published 245 days ago

Marketing services group System1 (SYS1) has updated including “underlying H1 pre-tax profits, pre-Ad Ratings and share based payments, are expected to be around £1.9m, some 73% above the £1.1m achieved in H1 2017/18”. Having decreased steadily to around 200p, why are the shares not now though responding positively?...

Many of those about to be financially vaporised in the reset do not grasp the fragility

Published 245 days ago

In ways conscious and subconscious, we are all becoming aware of the signs of growing instability around us. Like a flock of sheep catching the scent of an unseen predator, right now we’re collectively becoming increasingly nervous and stressed. People’s tempers are short with each other, criticisms fly easily, and stances are becoming hardened to ludicrous levels. Many don’t know why they're unhappy because they're unable to identify the source. Monetary printing experiments like those currently being run by the world’s central banks are the ultimate form of self-delusion.

Charlie Wood survives Mayan GM but only on a technicality and bent vote claims Align's Jennings

Published 245 days ago

Charlie Wood the interim CEO at Mayan Energy (MYN) managed to cling onto his role at last Thursday's GM despite the very serious evidence of a massive COI over the Deloro deal which saw his wife get almost free shares in Deloro while Mayan provided most of its funding. So how on earth did Wood win the vote. Richard Jennings of Align, Wood's bete noire, makes some observations:

This Beauty is Transporting Profits to a Higher Road

Published 245 days ago

Hello, Share People. It’s always pleasant to find a company which is enjoying higher profits. It’s even better when we find that the rising profits far outclass any improvement in revenue. One such company I bring to your notice now is Xpediator (XPD).

Patisserie Holdings still has a chance to recover

Published 247 days ago

With any company where there has been fraudulent activity you have to consider whether there are more skeletons in the cupboard which could cause a further freefall in the share price when they emerge.

In a Scary Market, Protecting Yourself and Grabbing the Opportunities Hold Equal Sway. Here's How I'm Playing It.

Published 248 days ago

Hello, Share Scrapers. Who among us isn't a bit spooked by issues affecting the global economy? But what should we do to protect ourselves - and make the most of any opportunities? Well, after doing the research and basing predictions on it, this is what I think.

Sosandar – a pissed-off bull speaks!

Published 248 days ago

I continue to hold a small parcel of shares in AIM-listed Sosandar. I had been hoping to offload a few more at 50p but in the wake of a placing at 32p and the market sell-off that seems somewhat optimistic for some time to come. Tom Winnifrith sold all his shares some time ago and has commented on the update from the company and the placing at 32p HERE and HERE. So I thought I would throw my 2p worth in as well.

Hopeful Samples Might Lead to a Glittering Share Rise for this Aussie Prospector

Published 248 days ago

Hello Share Treaders. Down under there is a precious metals company called ECR Minerals (ECR). With gold values possibly set to rise in a difficult environment for most other shares, it might pay to have a gander at this one. ECR’s wholly-owned Australian subsidiary Mercator Gold Australia has Avoca, Bailieston, Moormbool and Timor gold exploration licences in Central Victoria.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Would I buy back into Sosandar, shares slide to 28.5p

Published 249 days ago

For macro musings and thoughts on stocks that really will crater in a bear market see my bonus bearcast HERE. In this podcast I discuss Versarien (VRS), First Derivatives (FDP), Sosandar (SOS), 13 Energy (I3E), UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Chariot Oil (CHAR), Avocet Mining (AVM) and BlueJay Mining (JAY)

As Stocks and Bonds Crash (A Rare Sign), Gold Rallies - What's Going On?

Published 249 days ago

Looking for a safe haven in the stockmarket storm? How about gold? On the day the Nasdaq tanked 5% the yellow metal started to rally and Adam Turkeman of Palisade Capital put the bull case for a much bigger rally below.

Advanced Oncotherapy – when’s the placing?

Published 250 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy are up by 30% today on the back of yet another technological update and a Flash Note from its paid-for research ramper-in-chief GPSL, the second in less than a week. Of course, yesterday the shares were down by around the same amount which all leaves me wondering when’s the placing?

Dillistone – emphasises GatedTalent ‘momentum’, but how are the financials?

Published 250 days ago

Dillistone Group (DSG) has announced “GatedTalent registers 20,000th executive member” - including “having launched the innovative executive database at the end of 2017, the pace of registrations has increased considerably with the momentum achieved seeing two considerable milestones being passed in quick succession. The 10,000th registration was registered in August 2018, with the 20,000th being achieved approximately two months later”. Sounds good, but what about financials?...

Minoan – Updates on GM (to dispose of travel) day

Published 252 days ago

AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) has updated the market on its Greek resort in Crete, Cavo Sidero, on the day of its general meeting at which it hopes to gain approval for the disposal of its travel and leisure division. There are some indications of some good news to come, but this morning’s statement reads pretty defensively as those shareholders turning up to the GM prepare to cast their votes.

A blast from the past: Chris Foster & Alpha Prospects, the story’s repeating itself and hoodwinked investors will meet their Waterloo once again

Published 252 days ago

Much of the background to this can be found in my articles here.  As a quick recap: Chris Foster was Tim Baldwin’s sidekick at TXO.  One of the things they wasted shareholders money on (apart from obscene directors’ fees) was backing Mad Malc Bendall’s (vision from God showing him lakes of oil under Tasmania) utter farce as he tried to keep hold of his licence, which he claimed was worth $3 billion.  When TXO’s Nomad (Northland) finally resigned, there was another Nomad prepared to take the company on and save the AIM listing, but that was conditional on Tim and Chris resigning.   They refused to resign and the rest is history, along with any hope their trapped shareholders had of seeing any of their money ever again.

The Low-Key Advantage of Dividends Often Come Second to the Share Price. But Is that Wise, Captain Mainwaring?

Published 252 days ago

Hello Share Manglers. Lots of my shares and cash are still held in the Beaufort Securities administration process. When checking my family’s cash which is in there, I discovered that it had grown quite a bit since the firm’s enforced close down. This is down to dividends which have been paid in the interim.

Revenue plunges, losses soar at Jim Mellon’s Master Investor – is he preparing to shut it down?

Published 253 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear. After my old offshore based, tax averse, pal Jim Mellon saw guests speaking to a near deserted hall in 2018 you wondered what the next disaster from his Master Investor show would be. Well the old asset stripper has just published calendar 2017 accounts and they are the grimmest yet and come with a stark warning that the game may be almost up.

Is Tesla this decade's Lehman Brothers? Is it already in accounting hell? I vote Yes!

Published 254 days ago

US fund manager David Einhorn is having a fairly dismal 2018 but his long term record is good and his biggest short, Tesla (TSLA) is paying off. In his latest missive to investors he compared pothead liar Elon Musk's fraud to Lehman Brothers. Can you really argue with a word he says?

Chris Bailey, Farm Animals, Airlines, Nuclear Energy and the Big Dilemma.

Published 254 days ago

Hello, Share Scrimpers. Some of us consider ourselves ethical investors. We do not buy shares in companies with products and services which we think may harm people or the environment. But some of us have different views on what is ‘ethical. Now my colleague on this beautiful site Chris Bailey is an enlightened man. 

Share Centre “Backs” Woodford despite Brexit - gosh, I must be stupid

Published 255 days ago

Well, maybe I am. Or maybe just misinformed, or I just don’t understand. I see that there has been a bit of bulletin board excitement over reports that the Share Centre is backing Woodford – in particular his Patient Capital Trust – “despite Brexit” but the logic seems to my simple mind a bit wayward.

Champion value destroyers Audioboom issue another dire warning dressed up in bullshit- bankruptcy looms

Published 256 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear. At what point will those who have backed this crock of shit decide that it is not worth chucking any more cash down this black hole. I know that free speech denying boss Rob Proctor and his relatives on the payroll need jobs but but this company is just a disaster zone. As he wakes up for a meeting with Karma today, Proctor tries to polish the turd but today’s lack of profits/almost out of cash warning is his worst yet. And that takes some doing given his track record of abject operational failure and of consistent value destruction 

Things look very bleak for Bellzone Mining

Published 256 days ago

It never ceases to amaze me how much of a gamble some PIs will take with their money, even when the company itself has warned that it is in real trouble and it is almost impossible to see a way out of a bad situation which would result in a higher share price.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - David Lenigas rages and asks why Angus Energy shares slide - I explain why

Published 257 days ago

In today's bearcast I help my pal Mr Lenigas out and answer his question as to why shares in Angus (ANGS) are not rising after the Balcombe flow results yesterday. I look at Blue jay (JAY) where it is placing ahoy, Pantheon Resources (PANR), Optibiotix (OPTI) and in detail at Malcolm's favourite penny dreadful, Feedback (FDBK) and its risible trading statement today.

Why Card Factory Doesn't Get My First Class Stamp of Approval

Published 257 days ago

Hello, Share Turners. Though sending cards is a necessary ritual of life, I have my doubts about investing in firms which make or sell them - or do both. Technology and high postal charges are a growing problem. And younger people look more to Facebook and the like to confer their birthday and other greetings.

Share price shockers at easyJet and the Royal Mail

Published 258 days ago

A rough old start for certain large cap UK equities this week. Tom has already commented on Ryanair (RYA) and today's September traffic from the same company does nothing to encourage me to bottom fish here. By contrast, the knock-on impact on easyJet (EZJ) shares - which I loved up on these pages on Saturday - has been pretty savage, pushing the shares down 10% odd since the Friday close…

Tom Winnifrith's Bearcast: Big Sofa's boss Liddington is a corporate wanker who should be fired

Published 259 days ago

I have told this to Simon Liddington to his face but my comments merit a wider audience. I apologise for a dire share tip. I have lost £40,000 myself on Big Sofa (BST) and I must take blame for my own decisions. But I also have words for Arden Partners but the buck stops with the pathetic failure Liddington who MUST GO NOW! I also comment on Avanti Communications (AVN), Ryanair (RYA) and on Rosslyn  Data Technologies (RDT) and Avocet (AVM)  

Scam alert: An offer from ADVFN which is just scandalous - Bure Valley Group

Published 259 days ago

My morning spam from ADVFN (AFN) is an offer to subscribe for shares in Bure v alley Group, a cyber play about whom great claims are made. But hang on a second, this is a total joke and ADVFN should be ashamed of sending it to its clients

We are at that stage of the cycle where bombs are going off

Published 259 days ago

Ten years after the Great Recession’s onset, another long, deep downturn may soon roil the U.S. economy. The high level of asset prices today mirrors the earlier trend in house prices that preceded the 2008 crash; both mispricings reflect long periods of very low real interest rates caused by Federal Reserve policy. Now that interest rates are rising, equity prices will fall, dragging down household wealth, consumer spending and economic activity.

Eckoh – “significant US contract win worth $7.4m”, but enough to suggest the shares are a buy?

Published 259 days ago

Secure payment and customer contact technology company Eckoh (ECK) is “delighted to have won our largest ever secure payments contract and with such a prestigious client” - and the shares have currently responded 8% higher to 41p…

FairFX Seems a Fair Bet Due to Revenue Growth Without Cutting Its Margins

Published 259 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. At the 2018 Global Group UK Investor Show, we had a brilliant presentation from a big cheese at FairFX Group (FFX) ie: James Hickman, the firm’s chief commercial officer. Tom was over the moon about it and I think he’s a customer. Tom even picked it out as a goer on the show’s Dragon's Den section. So it’s pleasant to report that the company continues to shine.

KERBOOM!!! KERPOW!!! MAJOR AIM SCANDAL: hero Chairman John Chapman blows the lid on previous board and advisers at Origo – part 1

Published 260 days ago

I commented back in June, when ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty investment company Origo Partners (OPP) announced its FY17 results that I underestimated the new board of Origo after new Chairman John Chapman tore into the investments made under the old board and advisers. Yesterday, as Origo got its interims out on deadline day, John Chapman tore into the old crew even more. The attack (totally justified, in my humble opinion) is astonishing – no “old school tie” behaviour here, it is utterly devastating. Mind you, given that the (now former) investment adviser had coined it to the tune of $31 million in performance payments by the end of 2014, and now Origo’s shareholders have just $13.6 million to share between them (as opposed to $81 million as at June 2017) with no dividends one has to think Mr Chapman has a point. Will AIM Regulation act? (Don’t laugh too loud….)

Ariana – interims show continued improvement: BUY

Published 261 days ago

AIM-listed gold miner Ariana (AAU) left it until deadline day to produce its interims results (boo, hiss) but the numbers and statement offer plenty to cheer shareholders. For starters, the joint venture gold plant at Kizitepe clocked up £1.1 million of profits for Ariana in the six months to June, which compares well to the £1.8 million for the whole of 2017, and gold production for the half-year (annual target 20,000 oz) came in at over 12,000 oz and a statement that second half production is expected to exceed initial expectations. So far, so good. Of course, profit is a matter of opinion….let’s look at the balance sheet and cashflow.

Month in Review: September 2018 - brokers are bullish ( quelle surprise) & Steve Moore is the UK's top tipster!

Published 262 days ago

Broker optimism towards London-listed firms bounced back to new highs in the last month, while tipster sentiment declined over the same period. TW Note: Brokers are paid by PLCs to say buy, tipsters (other than the disgraced whore blogger Malcolm Graham Wood) are not. 

To Guard Against the Prospect of a Falling Footsie, Try this Gold and Silver Outfit

Published 262 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. If the market hits the rocks, as so many writers on this website and other top analysts predict, then one way of avoiding some pain is to have invested in gold. The most practical way of doing that is to buy shares in gold mining firms.

Zoo Digital – “confident in the prospects”, so why the share price slump?

Published 263 days ago

An AGM update from tv and movie subtitling and dubbing group Zoo Digital (ZOO) includes “we anticipate overall full year performance will be in line with expectations”. The shares have though responded to the update currently approaching 20% lower, at circa 140p. Hmmm…

Richard Jennings of Align, sticks knife into his own client, Widecells, wants EGM to oust the board

Published 263 days ago

Let's be clear here. Widecells (WDC) was a client of Align Research run by Richard Jennings. That is to say it paid Align to publish research. It is thus all the more remarkable that Jennings is prepared to stock the knife in, attack recent actions by the company and is now buying shares in the market to call an EGM to fire the board. Get your beer and popcorn ready, for what it is worth I agree with Jennings on this matter and urge all shareholders to contact him to offer their support. He writes:

Saga - cruising to a higher share price?

Published 263 days ago

Since I first talked about the stock, Saga (SAGA) shares have been in a very tight range. I have picked up some decent income (the stock yields just over 7%) but - as I am not yet a fully paid-up member of Dividend Munchers United - that does not overly excite me…

Directa Plus – do road test & CEO share purchase merit the shares soaring?

Published 264 days ago

Writing on graphene-based products company Directa Plus (DCTA) in June I questioned significant commercial progress? The shares have though soared today on “World's First Road Surface Containing Graphene” and “Director/PDMR Shareholding” announcements from the company…

Andrew Perloff of Panther Securities rambles on corporate bullying

Published 264 days ago

I know SFA about Panther Securities (PNS) but its interims today contain an interesting statement by chairman Andrew Perloff who makes a valid point or two. Over to the great man..

Imaginatik – Saintly Vin Murria walks, Nomad resigns, grab your crisps now

Published 264 days ago

AIM-listed former rob Terry darling Imaginatik (IMTK) has announced that the deal to bring in Vin Murria is all off.  The Nomad, finnCap, is – as it promised it would – resigning as from the end of today and the shares have collapsed by (so far) 76%. What’s not to like?

Back From Russia to Check the Cat - and Find All Is Tickety Boo in Shareland

Published 264 days ago

Hello, Share Comrades. Having only just arrived home from my Northern offensive of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia, I haven't time to research an individual share for you to consider. So allow me to explain instead that once again the quantum physics of Schrodinger's Cat has worked in my favour.

7digital – a “global leader” with Universal Music contract wins? Hmmm…

Published 265 days ago

Previously writing on self-styled “global leader in B2B digital music solutions” 7digital Group (7DIG) last month, I questioned Triller contract win, ramptastic? Now “Universal Music Group Contract Wins”

Rurelec – another warning from Argentina, working capital “severely constrained” (again…)

Published 265 days ago

AIM-listed Rurelec (RUR) has again warned that cash is extremely tight and income isn’t flowing in from Argentina. Well, we’ve heard it all before so many times and yet the company continues to survive (so far) but eventually there may come a day when it cannot.

Edenville Energy looks a long way from becoming profitable - avoid

Published 266 days ago

If AIM gave out awards for achieving little and issuing billions of shares, then Tanzanian coal miner Edenville Energy (EDL) would be high up the list to receive one!

Versarien – I told y’all

Published 266 days ago

Versarien (VRS) is the reason why everyone should sign up with Primary Bid right now. Most Primary Bid offers are ones that I have no hesitation in telling you to avoid like the plague, being trapped in a lift with Emmanuel Macron or both. But just occasionally one comes along that is really worth punting on. I told you on Friday that Versarien was almost certainly in that category HERE. Today I am vindicated.

Is Sky the first FTSE-100 name headlining a deal Sunday?

Published 267 days ago

So we wake to Sky (SKY) having a new owner, as media behemoth Comcast beat another media behemoth Fox (in effective combination with Disney) in a blind auction for Europe's biggest satellite TV operator.  Boy did it pay up though.  Comcast won with a final bid of £17.28 a share, versus a Fox bid of £15.67 a share for the 61% of Sky it did not already own.  So if you own Sky shares...well done.  As I own Disney shares, I feel more relief that it did not massively overpay (Disney is already buying a bunch of assets from 21st Century Fox and is in the throes of launching its own streaming channel to compete with Amazon and Netflix, so it has enough on its plate). 

Two shares that tipsters are avoiding in 2018

Published 267 days ago

Last month Stockomendation reviewed the companies with perfect broker and tipster ‘buy’ ratings so far in 2018. This week, we take a look at the opposite side of the spectrum, and identify the two companies with the highest proportion of ‘Sell’ or ‘Avoid’ tips so far this year.

Filthy Forty – results deadline looms, will there be yet more casualties?

Published 268 days ago

Since there are now just seven companies remaining of the original forty, and with the end of September coming up I thought it high time to have a gander across the remains of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty.

Tasty – half-year results, “well placed to resume growth”?

Published 269 days ago

Wildwood and dim t restaurants company Tasty (TAST) has announced results for its half year ended 1st July 2018, including “in February 2018 we implemented major operational structural changes and are beginning to see early signs of improvements which we expect to continue in the second half of the year”. The shares have currently responded, er, approaching 15% lower, at 14.5p!…

Rockrose continues to impress with its rapid expansion - buy

Published 269 days ago

With oil prices remaining buoyant and this trend looking likely to continue going forwards, there are still plenty of opportunities to invest in companies in this sector.

WPCT Interims: Some good news but a few questions

Published 270 days ago

Following my piece this morning on Woodford (HERE), I note that Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) published its interims at the rather odd time of 9.45am today which ruins my competition to some extent. Anyway, there is some good news in there that I am happy to report but it still begs a few questions that I am also happy to ask in my general nit-picking way.

Minoan – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Published 270 days ago

AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) has this morning finally announced the sale of its travel and leisure business. Hooray – that only took nine months! In many ways the deal is perhaps  a bit better than I had feared, in terms of dilution (the good), but the end result will be that Minoan is still left with £0.9 million of debt (the bad) and with the warrants associated with the loan now dropped to just 3.5p exercise the shares are off by a whopping 30% to just 3.9p and the company tells us it will have to raise more cash (the ugly). 

United Carpets – a not usual “AGM Trading Update” & intra-day. Uh oh…

Published 271 days ago

An 11:25am “AGM Trading Update” from “the third largest chain of specialist retail carpet and floor covering stores in the UK”, United Carpets (UCG). This an ‘update’ not provided in previous years and now done so intra-day and with there clearly a tough UK retail climate. Hmmm…

Seeing Machines – not ‘pleased’ to announce results then?

Published 271 days ago

Seeing Machines (SEE), the “computer vision technology company that designs AI-powered operator monitoring systems to improve transport safety, has published its audited results for the year to 30 June 2018”. Not ‘pleased’ to do so then? – though I note “highlights” emphasising “five program awards now under contract with global OEMs to be delivered through multiple Tier 1 automotive suppliers” and “revenue up 117% to A$30.7 million”

Have I bogged up buying Kingfisher?

Published 271 days ago

We all know UK retail is in a tough spot but problems for Kingfisher (KGF) are ironically not in the UK, where today's half-year numbers were correctly discussed as a 'solid performance' benefiting from continued growth at Screwfix and the self-inflicting wounds at peers that aided B&Q. The trouble is a 15% fall in underlying pre-tax profit mainly due to a 30% fall in profitability in the group's second-largest market France…

Haydale FY18 results: survives going concern (just) but a placing is only a matter of time: Avoid.

Published 272 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed graphene play Haydale (HAYD) are off again to 44p (mid, last seen) following full year results to June this morning. Following a profit warning in June, when I said this was a bargepole stock at 78p and suggested that we were in for a £6 million loss before tax, cash would be down to around £5 million at year-end and another big cash-call was on the way, let’s see how my Mystic Meg powers are holding up……

Minoan – could it be news this week? We can hope so!

Published 274 days ago

A flurry of activity last week saw shares in AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) propelled from 5p to almost 6p, with bulk of the rise on Friday. We know that news on the sale of the travel and leisure business is expected “imminently” and that news on the Cavo Sidero project in Crete could come soon. So does the market know something?

Tipsters positive on Denelm Group, downbeat on Debenhams

Published 275 days ago

Debenhams (DEB) and Dunelm Group (DNLM) both featured heavily in the financial press this week and while both had some disappointing news to share, both broker and tipster outlook about the future of both companies was vastly different. This week, we take a look at the respective performances of each, and how tipster sentiment has shifted over time.

Image Scan – ‘strong sales of industrial X-ray inspection systems have continued’, BUT…

Published 276 days ago

I’ve been cautious on X-ray screening systems company Image Scan Holdings (IGE) this year – and note the shares currently leading the fallers today on the back of a “Trading Update”

Brexit hero Tim Martin debunks a stack of myths as JD Wetherspoon reports strong results

Published 276 days ago

Note to prat Jamie Oliver. Insult 52% of us over Brexit and you lose custom and shutter your disgustingly overpriced outlets, tell the truth as Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon (JDW) has and you might report cracking numbers as Tim has done (again) today. The great man has also debunked a stack of Brexit myths, noting:

Jaywing – “recovery is building momentum”, but what does that mean financially?

Published 276 days ago

Shares in Jaywing (JWNG) are recovering to comfortably above 20p following an update including “recovery is building momentum and anticipates that full year results will be in line with expectations”. What’s the recovery from and what are the expectations it anticipates being in line with?...

Pot stock Tilray On The Watchlist to short ahead of collapse

Published 277 days ago

It is true that it is not normally a great idea to short a company’s shares simply on the basis that its value is crazy because, as we all know, crazy can get a lot crazier. As a general rule it pays to wait for weakness in a crazy share price of, say 25%, rather than attempt to call the top.

Goals Soccer Centres – “trading in H2 has started well”, enough to suggest the shares a buy?

Published 277 days ago

Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL) has announced results for the first half of 2018, noting a “challenging H1” but “trading in H2 has started well” and “delighted by the underlying performance of the sites where we have invested”

Elecosoft – in light of H1 performance looks forward with confidence, so why a share price decline?

Published 278 days ago

Technology provider to the architectural, engineering, construction and digital marketing industries, Elecosoft (ELCO) has announced results for the first half of 2018 and that “in light of the company's first half performance, we look forward to the remainder of 2018 with confidence”. The shares have currently responded, er, more than 5% lower, towards 80p?…

FireAngel – shares soar on partnering agreement, but how’s overall trading?

Published 278 days ago

Shares in FireAngel Safety Technology (FA.), the former Sprue Aegis, are currently more than 30% higher today, at 77.5p, on the back of a “Partner Agreement” announcement…

Ten Lifestyle Group – revenue “in line” with, & cash “ahead of”, expectations. BUT…

Published 278 days ago

“Ten Lifestyle Group plc (AIM: TENG), a leading technology-enabled lifestyle and travel platform for the world's wealthy and mass affluent, provides an update on trading activities ahead of the company's full year results for the twelve months ended 31 August 2018. The board expects net revenues for the financial year to be in line with market expectations”. Er, ok – what about bottom-line performance?...

Toople – shows contempt for ordinary investors with “delighted to announce” placing

Published 279 days ago

“Major Contract Win” announcement from Toople (TOOP) on 29th August followed the prior week “contract win demonstrates that Toople is excellently placed” and saw the shares soar to more than 0.92p. I warned with an attempted bailout financing looking on the horizon, sell / avoid, and the shares had settled somewhat around 0.75p before a now “Proposed placing to raise £2.2 million”

I would continue to avoid Koovs until it proves that it can turn the business around

Published 279 days ago

I came in for a fair bit of criticism when I covered Indian fashion retailer Koovs (KOOV) negatively and suggested it was a sell or avoid back at the start of July. Since then the share price has pretty much halved from the 20p level that it was trading at, so I feel that my criticism of the company was justified, and my view has been vindicated – hopefully some of you who have read my articles and were holding at the time also saved yourselves from seeing the value of your investment halve. A number of people have been asking me what my view is of the company now that the share price has dropped back to around 10.6p to buy, so I felt that it was time to take another look.

UP Global Sourcing – order book ahead, so why no meaningful share price recovery?

Published 280 days ago

BeldrayIntempoSalterConstellation and Progress consumer goods brands company UP Global Sourcing (UPGS) has updated on its year ended 31st July 2018 and on current trading and outlook, including “the FY19 order book is ahead of this time last year”. Why only a slight share price recovery, to currently still sub 33p, then?...

Don't panic about the FTSE 100 being at a five-month low (part two)

Published 280 days ago

In part one yesterday, I talked about some of the complexities around the FTSE 100 today...but finished the piece by promising some stock picks. Before I get into these I have to highlight Nigel's piece yesterday, which absolutely nails the opportunities around names such as BT Group (BT.A), Centrica (CNA) and ITV (ITV).

System1 Group – ‘a return to profit growth’… or not?

Published 280 days ago

Marketing services group System1 (SYS1) has updated including that “a return to growth in operating profits vs H1 prior year… is anticipated”. Already down from more than 1000p reached last year, the shares have though currently responded slightly further lower to 230p. Hmmm…

My Dividend Muncher’s List – time for an update

Published 281 days ago

It is a while since I updated on my small portfolio of high-yielders from the FTSE100. The idea of the portfolio – perhaps somewhat contrary to expectations – is that I am bearish, but am struggling to find somewhere to park my cash. Bond yields are low and prices high, but interest rates are rising so my simple mind sees capital losses there. You still can’t get any meaningful interest at the bank and property prices look set to (at best) stall. And to cap it all, I am nervous that the market might sell off. So I am investing here as a bear.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast; The fraudsters face lapdog journalist Harrington is at it again & the definition of stupidity

Published 281 days ago

Ben Harrington has another tale about Telit (TCM). Truly the fraudsters favourite journalist is a stain on an entire profession. So what to read into this latest Jackanory? Meanwhile some of those attacking me on twitter, after a Steve Holdsworth tweet in support, display almost the classic definition of stupidity. They will, I fear, remain in social housing with this approach. I also discuss Boris, shagging and nasty smears by wretched Theresa May.

Shares Have Taken a Tumble, but Here's Why There Could Be a Big Bounce Back.

Published 282 days ago

Hello Share Carpeters. The Footsie led a disappointing dance downwards last week. But will the slide continue? I don’t think so. There is still a lot of unjustified fear over Brexit. There is still overdone anxiety over trade wars. And while the City is worried stiff over these issues, the bulls among us are cheerfully listing the market’s plus points.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - We Bears are usually right - ref IQE

Published 283 days ago

Recorded at the bottom of the valley underneath the abandoned convent, to avoid the noise of hard at work labourers at the Greek Hovel, this is my last full day in Greece. In today's bearcast I look at IQE with reference to the growing short; at Tekcapital (TEK) and getting a new broker; RM2 (RM2 and at Gear4Music (G4M) which is surely massively overvalued?

Gear4music – overall sales growth “ahead of our expectations”… so why a share price decline?

Published 283 days ago

A trading update from online musical instruments and equipment retailer Gear4music (G4M) includes “sales growth during the period of 36% being ahead of our expectations”… so why a current approaching 5% share price fall, below 600p?…

The great Waseem on the joke pre-placing ramp in worthless Frontera

Published 284 days ago

I covered this matter in bearcast the other day. Frontera (FRR) is working hard to mislead punters as it endeavours to get away another bailout placing. I'm not short but the great Waseem Shakoor is and he opines: 

Quiz plc – “particularly pleased” with summer “positive customer response”… so ahead of expectations then? Er…

Published 284 days ago

‘Fast fashion’ company Quiz plc (QUIZ) has updated including it is “particularly pleased with the positive customer response to QUIZ's product range over the summer” and “continued growth across each of our channels”. The shares have though responded lower, towards 160p. Hmmm…

Xaar – H1 results, reception of new products “positive” & “firmly believe in the potential”. Really?

Published 285 days ago

Xaar (XAR) has announced results for the first half of 2018, including “the long term opportunity for Xaar remains very significant, but trading continues to be impacted by the aggressive decline in our Ceramics business, and the unpredictability of the adoption of our new products”. Hmmm…

Footasylum – our warnings prove sage as now tripping up badly

Published 287 days ago

Footasylum (FOOT) IPO’d on AIM in November at 164p, with CEO Clare Nesbitt stating we “look forward to delivering the significant potential that we see for Footasylum as a quoted business” and “are delighted that our product-led, multi-channel expansion strategy has resonated so strongly with investors”. I though questioned on competition and disposable income challenges, and concluded that the valuation looked too rich. There then followed deviation from the IPO expectations and now a “Trading Statement” update…

OK, Let's Talk About Impeachment

Published 287 days ago

Impeachment is freighted with anxious connotations for many Americans, who remember the tumultuous end of the Nixon administration in August 1974 and the national mood at the time. From a capital markets perspective, it was also a grim period. The S&P 500 fell 26% in 1974, tagging on to a 14% drop the prior year. 2018 is not 1974 as the US entered a deep recession in 1973 on the back of much higher oil prices (caused by a shooting war in the Middle East and Saudi embargo) and a weaker dollar (which ended a global system of fixed exchange rates). Now, we have 20% earnings growth in 2018, a good economy, low/stable interest rates and a rising dollar. From a macroeconomic standpoint, things are very different indeed. But I have little doubt that a political event on the scale of a presidential impeachment would roil markets until the issue was resolved.

I fail to see why anyone would invest in PCG Entertainment

Published 289 days ago

The AIM market is full of companies that promise the earth from various deals and contracts, yet very rarely do any of them actually deliver what is expected.

Month in review: August 2018

Published 289 days ago

After an influx of broker and tipster research in July, both broker and tipster activity decreased over the holiday period. That being said,Stockomendation still tracked over 1,200 tips in August, contributed by 19 brokers and 36 professional tipsters. Tip activity in August represented an increase of 57% on the number of tips tracked during the same period last year.

Uber Dog Frontera: no placing yet (next week perhaps) but you reckon it is at between 0.16p and 0.2p

Published 290 days ago

Two days ago we asked you HERE to guess the price of the bailout placing which Frontera Resources (FRR) needs ASAP to avoid going tits up.  And, with the stock still 0.22p to sell, you said…

Minoan – Travel division sale news, reduced boardroom costs: it looks like it is all finally happening

Published 290 days ago

An update this morning from AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) regarding the sale of its travel and leisure division and reduced boardroom fees offers investors good hope that the sale is now, at long last, progressing. This is good news which I suspect will unlock the development of Minoan’s main asset – the Cavo Sidero project in Crete – and I am looking forward to the coming weeks with anticipation.

One Media iP – following July results positivity, a ‘Horlick(s)’ of a fundraising

Published 290 days ago

One Media iP (OMIP) “is pleased to announce a proposed placing and subscription to raise a minimum of £1.9 million of new equity capital at an issue price of 6 pence per new ordinary share, and the proposed issue of up to £6 million of (7% per annum interest from date of issue) loan notes”, including emphasising the placing price “represents a premium of 240 per cent. to the price of 2.5 pence per ordinary share at which Lord Michael Grade and Ivan Dunleavy first invested in the company in December 2017”. Sounds positive then…

Getting Bigger and Better, this Pensions Giant Promises a Juicy Dividend

Published 290 days ago

Hello, Share Sifters. One of my all-time Footsie favourites, Legal & General (LGEN) is growing even bigger. And so I rather fancy will the share price. Ok, in the first six months of this year, underlying operating profit did not improve by much - 5% to £909 million - but that was partly due to pumping more dosh into digital technology which will serve the company well in the future.

Crawshaw – “continued challenging trading”. Uh oh…

Published 291 days ago

In June, previously writing on self-described “the UK's leading value butcher”, Crawshaw Group (CRAW) it was ‘AGM Trading and Strategic Update’, you were warned… - and I again concluding sell / avoid. Today a trading update including “continued challenging trading”. Uh oh…

The Seven Mythical Wonders (August update) – wondering on Manica, Zebediela and Batai Plai

Published 291 days ago

It’s that time of the month again and with two of the seven mythical creatures proving their existence so far, I was hoping for some more progress this month from the remaining five. Alas no, just more prevarication, distraction and fund raising – how disappointing.

I have to wonder how Andalas intends to fund any actual work at its new licences

Published 291 days ago

Andalas Energy (ADL) has undergone a change of management and has also switched its asset focus in an attempt to turn things around from the disaster it has been ever since it changed its name from CEB Resources back in late 2015.

Jaywing – “a number of key client wins and service expansions”. How key?

Published 292 days ago

Jaywing (JWNG), the self-described “data driven, insight and creative agency”, is “delighted to see the fruits of our labour across so many diverse clients and industries” with “a number of key client wins and service expansions”. How key though?...

Richoux – “reduction in the level of losses”, but bailout funding still needed?

Published 292 days ago

Previously writing on RichouxVillagioFriendly Phil'sZintino and The Broadwick restaurants company Richoux Group (RIC) it was results statement emphasises “ungeared”… but concerns as the shares crashed below 7p. Today a trading update…

Toople – “Major Contract Win”. Just in-time for a major bailout financing?

Published 292 days ago

“Major Contract Win” announcement from Toople (TOOP) sees shares in the company currently soaring higher. What’s the detail?...

CSF Group – proposed AIM cancellation, a warning

Published 293 days ago

CSF Group (CSFG) has announced it is to call an EGM as it’s “proposed cancellation of trading on AIM”. The shares have currently responded more than 25% lower, to comfortably below 2p…

The Yield Curve Is The Economy's Canary In A Coal Mine

Published 293 days ago

Prior to the financial crisis in 2008, the yield curve was inverted for short periods of time during 2007. The most simple explanation for why inversion occurs is that performance-driven capital flows from riskier investments into the longer end of the Treasury curve, driving the yield on the long end below the short end. The expectation is that the Fed will be forced to cut short term rates drastically – thereby driving the short-end lower, which in turn pulls the entire yield curve lower (the yield curve “shifts” down). This gives investors in the long-end a better rate-of-return performance on their capital than holding short term Treasuries for safety...

Bunzl - getting down with the kids (and the dividend munchers)

Published 293 days ago

I am thankful to the Urban Dictionary (frequently a source of...insight), which tells me that to 'bunzl' someone is 'to prank someone gently, randomly, and inexplicably'. You learn something new everyday. 'Bunzl' (BNZL) is also one of the lowest profile members of the FTSE 100 and a description of its core activities - a focused and successful international distribution group providing customised solutions to B2B customers in 30 countries and six market sectors - is suitably opaque too…

Fresnillo offers a great way to have some silver exposure in your portfolio

Published 294 days ago

Silver has performed very badly in recent months and has hit the lowest levels that we have seen since the start of 2016, but there are plenty of reasons why you should have some exposure to the metal in your portfolio. 

Bank Holiday special: property sector madness

Published 294 days ago

Two weekend press articles are making me think about the property sector.  The first is centred on one of the worst deals in recent years: the bonkers purchase by the Aussie company Wesfarmers of the Homebase DIY chain, on which it burned a cool one billion Aussie dollars before it sold out for a nominal sum to private equity.  You can guess the rest: a proposed company voluntary arrangement (CVA), some closure of stores (well 70% amazingly are currently loss-making) and for those that will continue to stay open up to a 90% asked for rent reduction from the landlords.  

Keep buying Central Asia Metals for long term rewards

Published 295 days ago

When you find a resources company that has plenty of growth potential and you like both the fundamentals and the management team behind it, then it often makes sense to build up a long term position in it over a period of time.

Bahamas Petroleum is screwed unless it can conclude a farm-out

Published 296 days ago

When Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) announced a confidentiality exclusivity agreement back in May I expressed scepticism as to whether that would actually result in any sort of farm-out deal ultimately being concluded.

'No Deal' or 'Not No Deal' and How to Try to Protect Your Portfolio.

Published 296 days ago

Hello, Share Twiners. The Brexit wrangle so bores people that even the so- called more enlightened listeners of Radio Four's Today programme are turning off in droves in favour of mindless music channels. But is the likely effect on share prices going to ease or get worse?

Pebble Beach Systems – “steady trading results” & steps to profit and cash generation “have proved to be effective”. Really?!

Published 297 days ago

Pebble Beach Systems (PEB) has announced results including “the first half of 2018 has seen steady trading results… the significant steps taken to move to ongoing profitability and cash generation have proved to be effective”. Sounds promising, what are the financial details then?...

Kingspan - insulation is a great be sure

Published 297 days ago

Top of the regulatory news pile for me today is Kingspan (KGP), the insulation products company with Irish heritage, that claims, in its new presentation document today, that 'in 2017 total energy saved by our insulation systems is equivalent to over one hundred million barrels of oil or the annual output of sixty-one power stations'. Well how worthy…

Sosandar - looking good

Published 297 days ago

At the risk of upsetting retail-guru Thirsty Paul Scott who thinks it is bad for the share price if any expert other than he pontificates, I thought it was time to mention once again my hot tip of AIM-listed Sosandar (SOS) from the UK Investor Show earlier this year. Having offered favourable mention at 12.5p I tipped it at 13p, cashed in a slice at 27p and the shares closed last night at about 35p. It is all good news!

EVR Holdings - a long way from justifying its current valuation?

Published 298 days ago

It isn’t unusual for tech stocks to trade at a very large premium to the actual fundamentals in the early days as value is largely based upon the growth potential, but at some point they have to start showing that they are going to be able to justify the valuation being placed upon them.

Proactis – deal intake & ‘pipeline of opportunity’ “strong”, so why do the shares remain depressed?

Published 299 days ago

Proactis Holdings (PHD) has updated including “deal intake for the year was strong” and “the pipeline of opportunity remains strong for the longer term”, so why are the shares little above 100p compared to around 190p at the commencement of the company’s year ended 31st July 2018?...

How Persimmon Continues to Build Cash Despite Falling House Prices

Published 299 days ago

Hello Share Sighters. There are quite a few house builders to choose from and while some can't seem to go wrong, others do. One of the current factors in a builder's favour, or not, is where you operate. Persimmon (PSN) is based in York and most of its building goes on in areas which are not currently hit by a Southern fall in prices.

Angling Direct – “Half-Year Trading Update”. How’s profit then?, Cash?

Published 300 days ago

“Angling Direct plc (AIM: ANG.L), the largest specialist fishing tackle and equipment retailer in the UK, is pleased to announce its trading update for the six months ended 31 July 2018. Revenue for the period was ahead of management's expectations”. Sounds promising - but what about profit?, cash?...

Tracsis – “expected to be ahead of market expectations”, but enough to suggest the shares a buy?

Published 300 days ago

Provider of software and services for the traffic data and transportation industry, Tracsis (TRCS) has updated including, for its year ended 31st July 2018, adjusted profit “expected to be ahead of market expectations”. What does that mean in financial terms?...

Podcast: Precious Metals Capitulation, Sentiment Has Changed Drastically in the Last Month

Published 301 days ago

Brett Heath sees severe capitulation across the board from the metals to the majors and down to the juniors. Most of the majors are at or near 52-week lows. This looks like scary times, and both gold and silver are incredibly volatile right now.

LiDCO – from “pleased with progress” in May to now “slow first half”!

Published 301 days ago

An update from LiDCO Group (LID) commences that the company “announces that it has had further success in the USA, contracting three additional customers to its recently launched differentiated High Usage Programme business model. HUP continues to build momentum after its launch in July 2017”. Sounds promising… so why, and particularly with the shares down from approaching 8p in May to below 6p, has the stock not responded positively?...

Canadian Overseas Petroleum still looks a long way from producing any oil

Published 301 days ago

I’ve been bearish on Canadian Overseas Petroleum (COPL) for some time now, and recent developments have done nothing to make me change my stance on the company, particularly with regard to its operations in Nigeria.

Tuesday is a very historic day in the US, as the Train wrecking season comes around the corner

Published 301 days ago

The current US bull market started its life on March 9, 2009, one of the darkest moments of the financial crisis, when the S&P 500 touched 666. Since then it climbed to a high of 2,872, in January of this year, and still holds above 2,850, for a gain of more than 320 percent. On August 22, the current US bull market turns 3,453 days old— putting it one day more than the longest bull market, which ran from October 1990 and ended with the bursting of the tech bubble in March 2000.

Sensyne Health: A great IPO for Woodford but is it a Purplebricks or RM2 International from here?

Published 302 days ago

Turning to my third, and the most recent, quoted constituent of Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) this weekend, I thought I should give a warm welcome to Sensyne Health (SENS) that joined AIM on Friday at a very nice valuation indeed. It’s good to see that the words ‘healthtech’ and ‘AI’ are able to suck in as much dumb money from the markets these days as the word ‘blockchain’!

Welcome to the first ShareProphets Sunday Long Reads

Published 302 days ago

Is there a better thing to do on a Sunday than to sit back and read a real, meaty article that is meant to be savoured and enjoyed? Not a blog post, not a news item. Like when we used to do with newspapers before the smart phone ruined everything.

7digital – “Triller contract win”. Ramptastic?

Published 304 days ago

Shares in 7digital Group (7DIG) are currently on the rise after it has followed much-delayed 2017 results yesterday, with a “Triller contract win” announcement today…

7digital – FY 2017 results. Yes, 2017 – you have read it correctly!

Published 305 days ago

Self-described “global leader in B2B digital music solutions”, 7digital Group (7DIG) has today announced results for its year ended 31st December 2017. Yes, 2017 – you have read it correctly!; the shares have been suspended since 2nd July. That as “in the course of the audit, certain deficiencies in our preparation were brought to the attention of the board”. Hmmm…

Fusion Antibodies – “delighted” to present annual report following “successful” admission. Really?

Published 305 days ago

Fusion Antibodies (FAB) Chairman Dr Simon Douglas is “delighted to present the first annual report for the company following our successful admission to AIM in December 2017”. Hmmm - the shares are down on the announcement at 75p, comparing to a 82p listing price. “Delighted” and “successful”, you say?...

Nanoco – year-end trading update argues “considerable confidence”. Hmmm…

Published 306 days ago

I first commented on Nanoco Group (NANO) here with the shares at 64p in 2016. The stock has subsequently approached 22p, but jumped on a ‘Material Development and Supply Agreement’ in February – and closed yesterday at 47p. It is currently though more than 10% lower today on the back of a year-end trading update…

Which two AIM Companies have been fined and given (pointless) private censures for breaking the rules?

Published 306 days ago

As well as the public censure and fine announced yesterday for MBL Group (MUBL) two AIM Cesspit companies were fined and given private censures by the clowns at AIM regulation. But who are the naughty boys who misled investors and market and what does waste of space AIM Regulation boss Nilam Statham hope to achieve by this?

Falanx - full year numbers not entirely impressive, but...

Published 306 days ago

Cynics will say that Falanx (FLX) delayed its results until August so that it could sugar the pill of not exactly sparkling numbers for the year to March 31 2018 with news that it achieved EBITDA profitability in July. Perhaps there is another reason. Certainly, no-one could describe what has been served up as sparkling and we shareholders will only be hitting the ouzo to dull the pain not to celebrate. The shares are down by 14% to 4.15p-4.4p, valuing the company at £11.1 million at mid. Is that an over-reaction?

Tern – so was former Nomad WH Ireland pushed, or did it jump?

Published 306 days ago

I noted last Thursday that in the wake of updated Directors’ information (Messers Leith and Ritchie having missed out ten insolvencies) and the clarification over forecasts for Device Authority that one wonders what will come out next from AIM-listed Tern plc (TERN). Well, on Monday it announced it had appointed Allenby as Nomad. What I wonder is whether WH Ireland jumped or was pushed?

MBL Group – part one: notice to seek cancellation of AIM admission… though potential shareholder return hit

Published 306 days ago

Shares in MBL Group (MUBL) closed approaching 18% lower yesterday on the back of a 3:54pm “Cancellation of Admission & Notice of GM” announcement, which followed a 6:04pm “AIM Notice and Update on Proposed Cancellation” announcement on Monday…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - I doff my cap to Jim Mellon but caveat emptor

Published 307 days ago

In today's bearcast my mind is a bit elsewhere as I explain HERE. But I cover SalvaRX (SALV), Optibiotix (OPTI), the fraud MySquar (MYSQ) and Falanx (FLX).

PHSC – full-year results, security technology to prove diversification or ‘diworsification’?

Published 307 days ago

Historically a provider of health, safety, hygiene and environmental consultancy services, PHSC plc (PHSC) decided to diversify into security technology and associated systems. How do results for its year ended 31st March 2018 show things going?...

Royal Mail gets time to buy?

Published 307 days ago

Who would have thought a stodgy stock like Royal Mail (RMG) would be such a trading counter? Over the last year alone it has moved between a sub four quid share price and pushing 630p a share...and when I look back over the last year it has been one of my top active selection larger cap names. I have not owned the name for a few months now but it has come back on my radar today as its regulator Ofcom has just slapped it with a £50 million fine.

China's Winnie The Pooh Crackdown Intensifies as Pooh Becomes Resistance Icon

Published 308 days ago

China has the world’s most overleveraged, fragile financial system. In 2008, China’s total debt-to-GDP was 140%. It is now roughly 300%, while GDP is slowing. The economy is held together by capital controls. If those fail, the whole system fails. The capital flight in 2015/16 cost the government $1trln in reserves, and that was with ultra-dove Yellen in charge. Imagine what would have happened with Volcker at the helm.

Fusion Antibodies – from “positive outlook” to “significantly behind” expectations in little more than 5 months (& within 8 months of listing)!

Published 308 days ago

A trading update from Fusion Antibodies (FAB) commences that it “announces that the company's results for the year ended 31 March 2018 will be announced on 16 August 2018. The results for FY18 are in line with current market expectations”. Hmmm – but it updated in March including “at least 40% revenue growth expected; adj EBITDA broadly in-line with expectations”, so why is the latest update needed so soon before the results announcement?...

Why I would add more Randgold Resources whilst it is relatively cheap

Published 309 days ago

When a sector is showing weakness it can be tempting to sell up and move into something else, but often if you are in for the longer term then this is actually the time to be adding to your investment.

Experience can pay off for professional share tipsters

Published 310 days ago

“There is nothing like losing all you have in the world for teaching you what not to do. And when you know what not to do in order not to lose money, you begin to learn what to do in order to win. Did you get that? You begin to learn!”

Filta Group – argues “strong trading”, but how strong? Enough to suggest a buy?

Published 311 days ago

November 2016-listed Filta Group (FLTA) has updated including that it “has enjoyed strong trading in the first half of the year” and “confidence for further progress in the second half of the year and beyond”. What do those mean in financial terms - and against a currently little-changed-on-the-announcement circa 230p share price?...

Volution – “in line with the board's expectations”… or not?

Published 311 days ago

Ventilation products group Volution (FAN) has updated on its year ended 31st July 2018, emphasising “revenue in the 12 month period was £206 million, an 11.3% increase (11.2% on a constant currency basis) compared with the prior year” and “our increasing market and geographical diversity, together with significant investment in new product innovation, gives us confidence for the year ahead”. Do the shares thus merit a higher price than the circa 200p they were also at as long ago as early 2016?...

Ascent Resources – positive permit assurances… but what’s happened with previous verbal assurances of support?

Published 312 days ago

After an “Operational Update” from Ascent Resources (AST), despite stating “pleased with the progress of the strategic review”, had seen the shares crashing at the start of this week, they are currently soaring on the back of a “Permitting update”

Should my bromance with Randgold Resources continue?

Published 312 days ago

You always have to watch your biases in the world of investment. There are some shares or sectors that for personal, historical or other exogenous/endogenous reasons you just love or hate. Regular readers will know that Randgold Resources (RRS) has been one of my structural favourites for many a long year, with the stock one of my largest (and most successful) holdings during the final part of my institutional fund management career, contributing to outperformance and the like.

Sprott Gold Report: Gold Slumps on Trade War Fears

Published 312 days ago

Sprott is the world's largest resource investor so a) it knows what it is talking about b) it normally talks its own book. I am not greatly surprised to see gold having a rough patch given the irrational exuberance affecting most other asset classes. I am sure that will all change. Anyhow, over to an expert, Shree Kargutkar of Sprott Asset Management who writes:

Hill & Smith – from ‘reconfirms its expectations’ to profit warning in less than 3 months (& should have been earlier!)

Published 313 days ago

Hill & Smith (HILS) has announced results for the first half of 2018 – and having updated on 17th May, “...project delays and the weather-impacted start to the year in the UK... Since mid-March, the group has experienced improved order intake across its UK road and utilities businesses while continuing to record strong performances in both the US and French operations. The board reconfirms that its expectations for the full year remain unchanged”, the shares are currently circa 20% lower on the day at around 1200p…

Carclo – as previously cautioned; takeover proposal pulled = shares slump

Published 314 days ago

Writing on plastic components and LED-based lighting systems manufacturing company Carclo (CAR) last month, I cautioned as the shares responded to a takeover proposal by rising back above 100p. Presently, the shares are more than 20% lower on the day, heading towards 90p…

No surprise to see the deadline for Nu-Oil's farm-in expire!

Published 314 days ago

The only real surprise with the RNS that was issued by Nu-Oil (NUOG) this morning was that investors were actually surprised that there had been further delays to the farm-out process and completion of the work at its well in Newfoundland!

Our Love Affair with Cats and Dogs Should Make Hay for Pets at Home

Published 314 days ago

Hello Share Crushers. This family has just taken another inmate from the local cat rescue depot. It was meant to be a companion for our recently bereaved Caddy. But they'd been spitting at each other. The replacement moggie is also huge, so we'll be calling at our Pets at Home (PETS) store for more nosh - and feline first aid products.

FireAngel – from “more heavily weighted towards H2 than has been the case in recent years” to…

Published 315 days ago

Previously writing on FireAngel Safety Technology (FA.) – then Sprue Aegis – it was on a 25% share price slump to below 100p and I concluded we’ll see on improvement the company expected and, meanwhile, on underlying financial metrics, the share price reaction looked entirely understandable and I continued to avoid. Today a “Trading Statement” commencing, “The company expects to report H1 2018 sales of approximately £17.7m (H1 2017: £26.0m) and an operating loss of approximately £1.8m (H1 2017: £1.5m profit), in line with management's expectations. However,”. Uh oh…

Are You Prepared For The End Of Fake Money?

Published 315 days ago

Flooding an economy with cheap, limitless credit inevitably leads to systemic excesses of leverage, risk and debt, and a systemic reliance on marginal borrowers and lenders for "growth" - a credit-based "growth" which is destabilizing and unsustainable. The boom turns to bust and asset bubbles pop, laying waste to fortunes and the confidence that bubble-based prosperity is our endless birth right.

William Hill wants its American boy way too much

Published 316 days ago

I enjoyed Malcolm's piece on William Hill (WMH) yesterday.  I too had checked out Friday's results statement which included (inevitably) a Gareth Southgate picture on the cover of its analyst presentation document.  Goodness only knows what they would have done if we had actually won...

Tesla Q2 Results; Stormy Weather in Shortsville & doing UK Oil & Gas due diligence

Published 317 days ago

On Thursday, shares in Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) rose to levels not seen since June, as the market reacted favourably to its Q2 numbers and the subsequent earnings call.

William Hill Has a High Hill to Climb to Overcome the Recent Curb on Gambling Machines.

Published 317 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. First of all, an admission of bias. I avoid investing in gambling firms. This is because I like to think my money goes into making stuff or providing services which actually add to world values. And I think most gambling is often a waste of money with little concrete being produced. I realise this is kill-joy puritanism, but I can't help it.


End July performance update: start of 2018 top shorted London-listed shares

Published 318 days ago

Early this year we showed the ten top shorted London-listed shares at the start of 2018. After the latest month, how's performance?...

Seeing Machines – revenue “within the range of the previous guidance”. Er…

Published 318 days ago

A full-year trading update from Seeing Machines (SEE), the self-described “advanced computer vision technology company that designs AI powered operator monitoring systems to improve transport safety”, commences “total sales revenue was A$30.7 million, an increase of 127% year-on-year (2017: A$13.5 million) and within the range of the previous guidance published”. Sounds promising – so why a current more than 5% share price decline?…

Tern – “clarifies”. Has it committed securities fraud, or does it just stink?

Published 318 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed Tern plc (TERN) are down sharply this morning by 20% (last seen) on a clarification from the company regarding its principle investee Device Authority. In short, forecasts were, shall we say, a tad optimistic. That, in the wake of a placing at 26p. Perhaps some kind person can explain why that might not amount to securities fraud, for as a humble non-lawyer all I can say is it stinks.

Countrywide – significant equity fundraising reflects far from propitious circumstances. As warned!

Published 319 days ago

I wrote last week on estate agency and property services company Countrywide (CWD) updating including “the adjusted EBITDA for the group for the six months ended 30 June 2018 was slightly better than the guidance previously provided” - and the shares have responded currently higher, back above 50p, but concluded the market cap is still now circa £120 million and with also it to be attempted significant equity fundraising ahoy in far from propitious circumstances, the stance remains avoid / sell. Today half-year results and a “Firm Placing, Placing and Open Offer 2018” announcement – and the shares down towards 17p!...

Advanced Oncotherapy – £6.41m placing at 49p - time for me to flip flop again? Hell no!

Published 319 days ago

This is undoubtedly good news for AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) and the meagre 4% discount in quite a bonus. But I find it hard to get too excited.

BigDish IPOs today. Is there a meal to be had?

Published 319 days ago

BigDish plc (DISH) is a restaurant services company newly entered onto the Standard List this morning. At an IPO price of 4.5p it is calitalised at £12.9 million.  I spoke to Aidan Bishop, founder and chairman of BigDish plc. about how BigDish works and where it fits in between existing restaurant plays Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN), Deliveroo, and Just Eat (JE).

Why Fevertree Fever Probably Can't Last Forever

Published 319 days ago

Hello, Share Swishers. At a previous Global Group UK Investor Show, Uncle Tom invited some of you onto the stage to see if you preferred Fevertree tonic water to another kind. All but one of you opted for Fevertree (FEVR). Which helps to explain its amazing rise and rise in the supermarkets, shops and pubs.

Filtronic – “Contract win” announcement meriting a c. 30% share price rise?

Published 320 days ago

Having previously been sceptical on Filtronic (FTC) – including from March 2015 at circa 14p – I note the shares currently approaching 30% higher today - at circa 13p, capitalising the company at around £27 million - on the back of a “Contract win” announcement…

Next - damn that hot weather!

Published 320 days ago

Even a fashion luddite like me knows that clothing retail works best when you have a clear and distinct winter and summer period. The fashionistas and general public alike buy to look on-trend and functional as the temperatures respectively plummet or rise. In that vein then, the recent bout of extended hot weather was a retail bullseye - assuming, of course, that you have sufficient online capability to be active where increasingly the action is.

RedT Energy at 7.4p offer - some think it could treble!

Published 321 days ago

We let you into a secret. We were looking at two stocks as the share tip of the month. It was a coin toss as at last night...

Minoan – not big news after all…..yet

Published 321 days ago

Well that was a damp squib: AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) announced its interims as expected this morning, but disappointingly there was no confirmation of the travel & leisure sale, nor of what will happen with Cavo Sidero. We are again left waiting – although not for long, I hope. There were, however, one or two little tit-bits in there to offer at least some encouragement.

Liquidity is the mother's milk of stock rallies and the Fed is no longer its wet nurse

Published 322 days ago

For a decade, investors around the world have ridden a rising tide of more than $12 trillion - the extra cash pumped into the global system by key central banks to counter the deepest financial crisis since the Great Depression and its aftermath. Now that flow of so-called quantitative easing is turning to the ebb of quantitative tightening, and markets are - perhaps not coincidentally - showing increasing volatility.

Ibstock - not bricking it?!

Published 322 days ago

This may surprise a few people given my pessimism on the housing market and the housebuilding sector but I am not bricking it about the world of bricks. Now maybe it is because I am a sentimental old fool who lives near an area whose heritage is wrapped up in the world of bricks, but my simple observation is...

It's hard to see Range Resources making any sort of meaningful profit any time soon

Published 322 days ago

Over the years the one area of growth where Range Resources (RRL) has really excelled has been the number of shares in issue, with 8.5 billion of them now trading following the latest placing. The oil and gas company, which has interests in Trinidad and Indonesia, announced last week that it has completed yet another placing, and this time it raised £1 million at a share price of 0.11p.

Broker and tipster coverage and sentiment differs by company size

Published 323 days ago

This week, we use the 38,000+ stock tips currently performance-tracked on the Stockomendation platform to analyse the relationship between a company’s size and the level of scrutiny it typically receives from brokers and tipsters.

Minoan – big news this week?

Published 323 days ago

I am ever more convinced that there is some big news coming from AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) and that it could well be this coming week. We have been told the sale of the travel and leisure business is on the way, and that the company expects to settle the Hillside loan which has been extended (yet again) to a long-stop date of the end of August. But we have also been told a general meeting will be required.

Hard to see a road to recovery for Mobile Streams

Published 324 days ago

The share price of Mobile Streams (MOS) has pretty much halved since I recently covered it as one to avoid at all costs, but despite that drop I still see no value in any investment here.

Grafenia – trading “in-line with our internal budgets”… but what does that mean?!

Published 325 days ago

Grafenia (GRA) has updated including “we've continued to expand our Nettl network both in the UK and overseas” and “in the first quarter, trading has been in-line with our internal budgets”. The shares, at 13p, though remain down from 16p+ reached before results for the company’s year ended 31st March 2018 were announced last month…

Tern – Waseem Shakoor kicks the hornets’ nest

Published 325 days ago

Great bear Waseem Shakoor has responded to AIM-listed Tern (TERN) and its £2.9 million placing at 26p by suggesting that the company took advantage of a stock shortage to get the share issue away. If he is right, the implications are shocking.

I Impel 'Em to Look at Impellam, If They Want to Invest in a Company that May Be Just the Job

Published 325 days ago

Hello, Share Bunnies. A long time ago, I dumped my shares in Impellam (IPEL) though I think my wife may still be a holder. I recall that I followed some advice on this beautiful website to part company with this across-the-board recruitment agency. They'd had a good run and so I made a handsome profit. But the company seemed to be running out of steam. Yet if I were commended to buy the share today, I might do so on the latest results.

Frontier Smart Technologies – “radio sales orders have started to recover”… so why a further share price fall?

Published 326 days ago

Frontier Smart Technologies (FST) has updated including “in recent weeks, Frontier's radio sales orders have started to recover” and “Smart Audio revenues in H1-2018 are expected to be up 19 per cent year-on-year”. The shares have responded… er, currently more than 7% further lower below 50p…

Veltyco – EBITDA “likely to be marginally below budget”… & receivables?

Published 326 days ago

A previously successful tip on the Nifty Fifty, the HotStockRockets team thought shares in Veltyco (VLTY) again looked to represent an opportunity earlier this year - but apologised and moved to sell at 73p in June. The stock last closed at 64.5p – but is currently heading towards 50p on the back of a “Trading Update”

Eagle Eye Solutions – full-year trading update emphasises a “Breakout year”, so why a 12%+ share price decline?

Published 327 days ago

A trading update for its year ended 30th June 2018 from Eagle Eye Solutions (EYE) is headlined “Breakout year sees delivery of world leading digital loyalty programme for Loblaw”. The shares have responded… er, currently circa 12% lower to around 150p…

Countrywide – updates “slightly better than the guidance previously provided”. BUT…

Published 328 days ago

Countrywide (CWD), “the UK's largest integrated property services group, including the largest estate agency and lettings network”, has updated including “the adjusted EBITDA for the group for the six months ended 30 June 2018 was slightly better than the guidance previously provided” - and the shares have responded currently higher, back above 50p. However…

Ebiquity – argues some visibility into faster revenue growth, so why are the shares slumping?

Published 328 days ago

A half-year trading update from marketing and media consultancy, Ebiquity (EBQ) commences; “Whilst first half revenues from the Media (formerly Media Value Measurement) segment and Analytics & Tech (formerly Marketing Performance Optimization) segment grew 7% over the prior year on a like-for-like basis,”... Uh oh…

PZ Cussons - ignore fund manager fear and buy

Published 328 days ago

It is no huge surprise that today's set of numbers from PZ Cussons (PZC) are not the finest ever seen because it told us so forty days ago as I wrote up at the time HERE. Of course the actual publication of a set of full year numbers always provides further insights and information...but it is hard to sugar coat a 15% odd fall in profits, a nudging down of overall revenues, debt pushing out a bit and the c. 4% dividend yield only held.

SRT Marine Systems – full-year results admit “disappointed”, but argue ‘expects to measure up to expectations in the near future’. Hmmm…

Published 329 days ago

SRT Marine Systems (SRT) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2018, with CEO Simon Tucker emphasising, “I am very disappointed with the shortfall in our revenues for the year, which was caused by an unexpected contract change. This does not reflect the excellent operational progress the business has made with regards to product development and sales opportunities. I recognise that we are measured on the profits that SRT delivers and to that end expect SRT to measure up to expectations in the near future”. Hmmm…

Escape Hunt – argues “good financial performance”… but why also included “relative to the number of games rooms opened”?

Published 329 days ago

A trading update from ‘escape the room’ experiences company Escape Hunt (ESC) includes “exceptional customer reviews for the three sites opened earlier this year are translating into good financial performance thus far with revenue and EBITDA contribution, relative to the number of games rooms opened, having met our expectations”. A current 114.5p share price though compares to a 135p placing price when joining AIM in May 2017…

The “everything bubble” has put the previous two bubbles to shame

Published 329 days ago

With government, corporate and consumer debt levels at all-time highs, a financial collapse is inevitable. Hundreds of billions of student loan, auto loan, mortgage loans, and credit card debt are unpayable, especially in a rising rate environment. The “everything bubble” has put the previous two bubbles to shame. The thing about bubbles is they always pop. An unsustainable dynamic will not be sustained. The reversion to the mean will leave millions around the globe enraged, and looking for someone to blame other than themselves.

I have to wonder why any sane person would invest in The People's Operator

Published 329 days ago

A couple of months back I wrote an article HERE suggesting that investors steer well clear of failing AIM company The People’s Operator (TPOP), and there have been a number of developments since then.

Notes from Underground: Investor Favourites

Published 330 days ago

Two investor favourites, Optibiotix (OPTI) and Versarien (VRS) comprised four of the top ten stories.

Winnileaks strikes again - Julie Meyer files documents with MSFA after her team agree to submit a false resignation date

Published 331 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear, the cutlure of legging over regulators with false submissions at the Ariadne ponzi scheme headed up by Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer seems endemic.  In this email thread below followed by the filing submitted by Meyer herself we see Malta employee Chris Cachia and ex in house lawyer Peter Bradley discussing how to avoid financial penalties for Ariadne in Malta by not telling the truth about the date a key officer, Peter Hale, actually resigned. Natch I have passed this on to the MFSA for it to consider as part of its ongoing and wide ranging investigatiuons into Ariadne and Ms Meyer.

Tungsten Corp – “pleased to invite” two new non-execs. Hmmm, really?

Published 331 days ago

Previously writing on Tungsten Corp (TUNG) it was sack the board says Brexit loving hedgie Crispin Odey & bonkers company founder Edi Truell. Now a 3:22pm “Requisition Update & Proposed Board Appointments” announcement from the company…

Lighthouse Group – half-year trading update, is ‘in line with expectations’ sufficient for the valuation?

Published 332 days ago

Last year I concluded that shares in financial advisory group, Lighthouse (LGT) could prove good value at 11.75p and that the valuation continued to look undemanding at circa 14p. I updated earlier this year at 24p, suggesting that the valuation fair enough at this juncture – though now write again with the shares currently further higher, above 37p, on the back of a trading update…

Bango – argues ‘positioned well’… but it’s a current year forecast reduction

Published 332 days ago

Payment platform company, Bango (BGO) has updated “on trading for the six months ended 30 June 2018”. This commences “End User Spend (EUS) continues its four-year growth trend of at least doubling every twelve months. The total EUS for 1h2018 was £220m compared with £92m in 1h2017, and £271m for all of 2017. As in previous years, EUS in the second half of the year is expected to be significantly higher than in the first”. Er, ok – but that is not about how the company is trading. What about financials?...

Easyjet and the nasty food currency scam it inflicts on its customers

Published 332 days ago

I travel Easyjet (EZY) often. In the winter it is Bristol to Athens and back, in the summer it is Gatwick to Kalamata and back.  Usually it is no worse and no better than any other budget airline. Not that I really care but I just want to point out a quite obvious scam it inflicts on its passengers.

Falanx – another itty bitty acquisition don’t impress me or Shania much ...but

Published 332 days ago

The management of Falanx (FLX) are nice guys but do themselves no favours. Issuing, albeit small amounts, of shares at rock bottom process for small itty bitty acquisitions is rarely a strategy that is value accretive. Delaying your results does not impress anyone although the company has a plausible excuse. Doing a major placing at 4.5p when not long before your shares were 9p really f**ks off we loyal shareholders. Suffice to say, the statement accompanying those results in a couple of week’s time is going to have to be pretty hot.

British Land is Going Strong, but a Few Possible Headwinds In the Future Make Me Cautious

Published 333 days ago

Hello Share Trudgers. British Land (BLND) is not a company I might invest in at the moment. It rents space to retailers for one thing. And as stores struggle with higher business rates and the fact that many more of us choose to do our shopping online, the high street store is under fire.

Cloudcall – H1 “played out largely as we expected”. Hmmm, did it?

Published 335 days ago

Previously writing on Cloudcall (CALL) it was 2017 results, emphasises significant reduction in cash burn… but is there?, with the shares more than 6% lower, towards 165p. Today a half-year trading update – and the shares currently down around 10%, at circa 140p…

Winnileaks: Julie Meyer lies to a judge & blames others in the Start Up Loans Case (which she lost)

Published 335 days ago

Maybe Julie "Lingerie on expenses" Meyer MBE thought Winnileaks was on holiday. Winnileaks never rests. Our latest document shows Julie playing fast and loose with the truth as she ballted to avoid facing justice against the Start Up Loans Company.

Two Treatments for Rare Conditions Could Cure Amryt's Unfairly Low Share Price

Published 335 days ago

Hello Share Chewers. Small pioneering medical companies are a favourite of mine. As finding a cure for a condition which is so often overlooked by the giant pharmas has to be a good thing. Both from the point of view of patients and that of shareholders.

Don’t confuse easy money with your own financial brilliance - Easy Is Over

Published 336 days ago

You would never know it listening to the market cheerleaders but asset prices, both real and financial, are, once again, at extreme valuation levels relative to the trend economy. The valuation reality coupled with the prevailing, but false, “don’t worry” market narrative sets us up for another major financial crisis. A third major crisis in 20 years, but these are only supposed to happen once in every 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 years, so say the Central Bank models.

Plant Health Care – “on track to achieve full year revenue expectations”… so why a share price slump?

Published 336 days ago

A trading statement from Plant Health Care (PHC) firstly emphasises “on track to achieve full year revenue expectations, which would represent 30% growth over 2017”. So why currently a 33% share price slump, to around 15p?...

Minoan – loan facility extension as expected, real action imminent? YES!

Published 336 days ago

Updating on Minoan Group (MIN) previously, we noted a loan from Hillside doesn’t seem a problem, with the company in constructive discussions to further extend to reflect the expectation of a successful sale of its Travel business in the near future. Now a “Loan Facility Extension” announcement…

GYG – The Woodford kiss of death must have the banks worried here

Published 339 days ago

I Thought I would follow up on both Steve’s piece and Tom’s Bearcast on yesterday’s debacle at GYG (GYG) as I was disappointed that both my colleagues failed to make the obvious Woodford connection but, more importantly, I wonder if the banks will be taking a close look at this as the 30 June banking covenants must be a tad challenging.

Ariana Resources – Q2 production smashes expectations, more share price upside

Published 339 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced quarter ended 30th June preliminary production results from its Kiziltepe joint venture, including the company’s Managing Director Kerim Sener emphasising “the results of the past quarter are our best to date, outperforming overall quarterly feasibility-study expectations by 92%”

It's Still Zoo Time as I Show Why the Big Dubber is So Favoured by some of the World's Biggest Show Biz Brands

Published 339 days ago

Hello Share Minders. When I first commended Zoo Digital (ZOO) to you in October the share was 63p when it had recently jumped over three months by 300%. Now it’s 149p. So another increase of much more than 100%. But in my view there is scope for even more improvement. I do not have more hard news to back this view, but I have been reviewing why this company is so popular with so many show business brands.

Minoan – Hillside loan extension (again….)

Published 340 days ago

AIM-listed Greek resort hopeful Minoan (MIN) has announced yet another extension to its loan from Hillside. The terms are largely the same, but a further 1.7 million warrants at 6p are being issued, and the loan is now on demand, with a long-stop date of 31st August. This is in relation to the announcement last week that the sale of its travel and leisure business is on the way. With a long-stop date of 31st August, one might assume that at long last something is going to happen!

It's not easy out there retail special: Dunelm, DFS & ASOS

Published 340 days ago

Lots of updates out there in the troubled retail space. Troubled for all the reasons we see, know and read about...but, of course, not completely uninteresting. So time - in the words of the greatest value investor out there - to ‘get greedy whilst others are fearful’?

Safestyle UK – having been “pleased” with a legal outcome in May, how’s trading?

Published 341 days ago

In May Safestyle UK (SFE) was “pleased” with an interim legal outcome and the shares bounced above 60p. However, I concluded there remains a raft of uncertainty meaning I wouldn’t want to own the shares - and continue to avoid. Today a trading update

Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon puts wretched traitor Theresa May straight on Brexit and business

Published 341 days ago

Mrs Theresa May, the worst Prime Minister since the 1800s, understands nothing of business which might explain why she is happy to betray the 17.4 million and her party members by signing up to the worst Brexit deal imaginable. This will see her party obliterated at the next election – bring it on!  Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon (JDW) does have real world experience and today opines:

Photo-Me International – “another year of good operational progress”. Really?

Published 342 days ago

Photobooth, identification technology, laundry and digital printing kiosk company Photo-Me International (PHTM) has announced results for its year ended 30th April 2018, including emphasising “2018 has been another year of good operational progress, reflected in revenue growth of 7.1%, 4.4% growth in PBT, including a one-off gain on the group's shareholding in Max Sight Holdings Limited, and double-digit EPS growth”. Hmmm, let’s take a look at the detail…

New scrap importation regulations in China could finish off Zibao Metals

Published 342 days ago

Zibao Metals (ZBO) is a company which most of you will never have heard of before, but could well be on the pump and dump crews lists again very soon after the latest news.

The trade war is just another symptom of the ongoing reshaping of the global world order

Published 343 days ago

Stock market selloffs, volatility blow-ups, collapsing crypto currencies. They’re all the symptoms of an unfolding global credit squeeze, according to famed HSBC Holdings Plc bond guru Steven Major. It just happens to be developing at a snail’s pace. Major and his team see what they call a “long list” of selloffs in risk market across the world as evidence of the disruption wrought by tighter dollar liquidity.

Hardide – positive North America oil & gas and aerospace update… but what about financials & valuation?

Published 343 days ago

Having previously questioned on surface coating technology company Hardide (HDD) emphasises “positive” & “confident”, but when’s the jam to be delivered?, I today note the company “pleased to announce” the appointment of a Business Development Engineer based in Houston, Texas - emphasising “a strong rise in demand from oil and gas customers in North America”. More promising?...

Speculative buy for Chariot Oil and Gas before the crowds arrive

Published 344 days ago

Oil exploration is very different to the boom we had back in 2010 in terms of the share price movements that we see for companies that are engaged in drilling.

Stobart: Outcome never in doubt as Woodford and Tinkler are left licking their wounds

Published 344 days ago

Further to my “Exclusive” on Friday in which I predicted the outcome of the Stobart (STOB) Boardroom battle, the results finally came out yesterday more than 24 hours after the AGM began confirming that Tinkler and his gang had lost; however, it is worth considering what happens next as I doubt very much that this is the end of it.

Broker and tipster sentiment differs towards newly-listed companies

Published 345 days ago

Newly-listed firm Cake Box (CBOX) has been making headlines, as its share price rocketed over 40% in the space of a few days since the company’s IPO last week. Meanwhile, speculation continues to mount over the specifics regarding Aston Martin’s expected IPO later in the year. With new listings making the news, we take a look this week at broker and tipster stances towards firms following their admission to the London Stock Exchange. Using IPO data going back to the beginning of 2015, we retrieved broker and tipster recommendations in the calendar year following each new listing. A “Buy” or “Risky Buy” rating is scored as a 5, a “Hold” rating as a 3 and a “Sell” or “Avoid” rating as a 1. The data throws up some interesting results, which are summarised in the two charts below.

Yet More Signs that the Feisty Footsie Will Keep On Marching North.

Published 345 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. Despite the worries of an uncertain world, economically speaking, there have been some jolly signs recently that share prices could move ahead. I know there are warning signals out there to counter any undue optimism, but they don’t seem to be having an effect, do they?

In praise of Neil Woodford, master tactician – did Gareth Southgate pick up a tip?

Published 346 days ago

I had a quiet chortle to myself as I read Cynical Bear’s reading of his crystal ball with regard to the Stobart (STOB) vote, where he thinks Tinkler and Woodford have lost. Probably. But I wonder if the real winner will in fact be Neil Woodford the loser – and I wonder if he has been giving Gareth Southgate tips on managing his way through the World Cup. Gosh, this is devilishly clever…..

EXCLUSIVE: Woodford and Tinkler lose bitter Boardroom battle at Stobart……..probably

Published 346 days ago

With the hilarious Boardroom tussle at Stobart coming to its initial conclusion in Guernsey at 11am this morning, I’m calling it early. Just like Paddy Power has probably started out paying early on Brazil to win the World Cup, I reckon the incumbent Board have just edged this one and Tinkler will be weeping at his luxurious Cumbrian estate this evening.

Topps Tiles – ‘continue to make good progress with our core strategy’, so why continuing share price decline?

Published 347 days ago

Shares in Topps Tiles (TPT) are currently further lower following a recent Q3 trading update – despite it arguing it continues “to make good progress with our core strategy of ‘Out-Specialising the Specialists’ to extend our market leading position in the UK tile market”. Hmmm…

Utilitywise – a “Strategy Update” only David Brent & major shareholder Neil Woodford are clever enough to understand?

Published 347 days ago

“Evolving the proposition channel strategy”“differentiated segment and channel propositions”“technology-led efficiency proposition, adopting a more consultative sales approach”“invest in the development of a multi-channel ‘go to market’ strategy”. Welcome to a “Strategy Update” announcement from Utilitywise (UTW). Who’s swallowed the dictionary of management bullshit?...

Eqtec – dodgy Bercheva death spiral ended, now welcome to the world of structured finance!

Published 347 days ago

AIM-listed Eqtec (EQT) has announced a funding package this morning. The good news is that short-seller Bercheva - run by a convicted crook -  has been given the heave-ho from the death spiral facility, but the replacing loan deal seems to offer great terms to the lender and the accompanying placing is at a 35% discount. So what’s the upside for shareholders?

RNS potpourri - Bovis Homes, Premier Foods & ABF/Tate & Lyle

Published 347 days ago

It is not exactly a classic earnings Thursday but three quick observations from today's regulatory news selection...

From Russia with Love Comes an Odd Merger that Might Just Work

Published 347 days ago

Hello, Share Polishers. It was about 2 years ago that my brilliant friend Gary Newman suggested I might buy shares in Ovoca Gold (OVG). I was a bit worried that it was based in Russia, which doesn't always attract Western investors. But a Gary tip is a Gary tip and so I went ahead.

Winnileaks - How do you make a Maltese Cross? Crooked Julie Meyer gets an eviction notice

Published 348 days ago

Not paying her employees in Malta is the reason Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer MBE is avoiding the Police to dodge criminal charges. Not paying payroll taxes she had with-held will soon see her facing more criminal charges as we revealed here. Now Winnileaks has been sent documents showing the eviction of her ponzi companies from their offices for not paying the rent, and the termination of provision of corporate and secretarial services as you can see below. And in terms of unpaid suppliers this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Half-year performance update: start of 2018 top shorted London-listed shares

Published 348 days ago

Early this year we showed the ten top shorted London-listed shares at the start of 2018. After the latest month, how's performance?...

UK Oil & Gas owning loons out in force on twitter- they just don’t get it

Published 349 days ago

With shares in UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) flying and another £5 million raised at 2p yesterday, the loons who own this stock are out there on social media buzzing excitedly like flies who have located cow dung, once again making the most ludicrous of assertions.

Angus Energy – pure comedy as the ghost of Equities First Holdings comes back to haunt the AIM casino c/o Roland "Fatty" Cornish

Published 349 days ago

It is hard to know whether to laugh or to cry but it seems that the CEO of Angus Energy (ANGS), Jonathan Tidswell-Pretorious seems to have lost a stack of his shareholding in his company and, inadvertently, his range of advisers (led by London’s worst Nomad Beaumont Cornish) have misled investors. What a clusterfuck.

Minoan – sale of Travel & Leisure expected “in the next few weeks,” funding Hillside settlement. Buy.

Published 349 days ago

AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) announced yesterday morning that the sale of its travel and leisure division looks set (at last) to progress to an exchange of contracts, and a General Meeting will be called to approve the transaction. We are also told that the Hillside loan facility is expected to be settled and that the sale will provide the funds so to do. This is all very good news, although it has taken heading for seven months to get this far with the sale. Those with a glass half full might complain of evaporation….

Premier Inn's Split With Costa Could Bring Frothier Rewards for Shareholders

Published 349 days ago

Hello, Share Saddlers. I’m ashamed to admit that one of the main reasons I bought Whitbread (WTB) shares is that it came with a deal for two hotel nights at Premier Inns for the price of one. We are testing the waters on this one with a romantic weekend break later this month.

Trakm8 Holdings – argues “pleasing to report very strong progress during the past year”… but show me the money!

Published 350 days ago

Results for its year ended 31st March 2018 from Trakm8 Holdings (TRAK) emphasise earnings and revenue growth and see Executive Chairman John Watkins stating “it is pleasing to report very strong progress during the past year”. The shares have responded, er, currently 8.5% lower, back sub 100p…

Global Stocks Lost Over $10 Trillion in the first half, Just Wait for the Second Half

Published 350 days ago

It looks like we are entering the end of Merkel-ism in Europe, as the German Chancellor Angela Merkel is approaching her final days as head of Germany and Europe. Be it next week or the end of this year, we are looking at unprecedented change in European politics thanks to Merkel’s insistence on taking in millions of Syrian and North African refugees. Merkel’s current plight politically stems from her intractability in accepting the chain of events that led to this point. All of the problems of Europe now stem from the collision of these foreign policy disasters and the economic degradation of the euro-zone from the flawed structure of the euro itself.

Julie Meyer spotted in London as Henry Gewanter steps up action with claim against Ariane Industries

Published 350 days ago

With the Maltese Police desperate to locate Julie Meyer MBE as she avoids criminal charges, with the SFO, MFSA and FCA running enquiries not to mention investigations by the tax authorities into evasion in the US, UK and Malta you could have forgiven Ms Lingerie on Expenses for going to ground. But she has been spotted in London. Quck – if you are one of the many to whom she owes money and want to serve her hurry down to the Royal Institution, Mayfair, W1S 4BS. Meyer has been spotted! Meanwhile...

Koovs burns cash at an alarming rate but fails to translate it into significant growth - sell

Published 351 days ago

Indian online fashion retailer Koovs (KOOV) is a company that I have kept an eye on as some were tipping it to be the next Asos, but I have always been far more bearish on the chances of that actually happening!

Filthy forty Origo – reveals a true horror story. Ouzo? No thanks, I want the sick bucket

Published 352 days ago

I warned on Thursday that if you are still holding, one might be tempted to compare the benefits of that versus a bag of crisps. Following a flow of dire news, on Friday ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Origo Partners (OPP) issued the most damning statements in its FY17 accounts, and the shares crashed by a horrifying 64%. It is truly horrifying. Step forward the investment adviser Origo Advisers (which more-or-less doubled as the company’s previous management), take a very special bow, please, Auditor BDO in Hong Kong. Take a turn, please, former Nomad Smith & Williamson. Normally at times like this I would be reaching for some of Tom Winnifrith’s Ouzo, but I can’t seem to let the sick-bucket go.

Oi Lyin’ fraudster Julie Meyer MBE cannot you find a single friend in London to be your partner at Viva Capital?

Published 353 days ago

As you may remember the lyin’, tax evading fraudster Julie “lingerie on expenses” Meyer MBE, currently avoiding the Police in Malta where she faces criminal charges, has tried to rebrand by dropping references to Ariadne ( her main ponzi empire) and promoting the name of Viva Capital LLP.  Uh Oh – a new problemo has emerged. Oh dear Julie…it never rains…..

BREAKING: Julie Meyer faces a whole new set of criminal charges in Malta: this time it is tax evasion. Oops.

Published 353 days ago

Facing a raft of criminal charges for not paying her employees, Julie  “lingerie on expenses” Meyer  MBE has now refused to attend five court hearings and indeed has fled the island for good to avoid the Police who are now charged by the Courts with locating her. I can reveal that it is about to get a lot worse for Vince Cable’s favourite lying fraudster as new criminal charges are brought.

Tandem Group – AGM Statement, there’s trading “more challenging” and then there’s…

Published 354 days ago

Writing previously on sports, leisure and mobility equipment group Tandem (TND) in March, I noted I question whether it’s to be profit warning ahoy down the line and was thus cautious. Today an AGM update…

Woodford’s unheralded cash-guzzlers Part 1: More cash please, Neil

Published 354 days ago

It’s undoubtedly been a good week for Neil Woodford, with the Autolus IPO getting off to a flying start and I also sense the Stobart tussle is moving in his direction too. Nevertheless, as I’m still in a grump about his shoddy debt non-disclosure last week, I thought I’d have a look through the Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) portfolio to see what else I could find as he’s always banging on about unicorns hiding in there somewhere.

Xaar – below expectations sales & little visibility… but still “expect full year profit to remain in line with our expectations”?!

Published 355 days ago

Previously writing on Xaar (XAR) in November it was “shortfall against previous expectations… largely from fewer than planned new printer installs of Xaar's 2001 Printhead, and slower than anticipated ramp up of the Xaar 1201 Printhead due to supply constraints”. Today a further trading statement…

Advanced Oncotherapy – FY17 numbers, cash comes in but still to need a fundraising

Published 355 days ago

AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) released its FY17 numbers this morning. Looking through the numbers presented it is clear that the company was running on fumes last December. We are told that the company is in a stronger financial position since 31st December 2017 having secured £33.3m of financing post period end, but I wonder how much stronger?

Crawshaw – ‘AGM Trading and Strategic Update’, you were warned…

Published 355 days ago

I most recently warned on shares in self-styled “the UK's leading value butcher”, Crawshaw Group (CRAW) HERE. Today an “AGM Trading and Strategic Update”

Dillistone – from “increasingly confident… will be transformational” to “disappointing” in less than 7 months

Published 356 days ago

After June 2017 profit warning woe, a “GatedTalent demand surpasses expectations” announcement in December and “GatedTalent signs 100th client contract” announcement in February helped shares in Dillistone Group (DSG) go on to exceed 100p. There’s now an AGM trading update…

Pebble Beach Systems – FY 2017 results; “a sound financial performance”. Really?

Published 357 days ago

Pebble Beach Systems (PEB) has announced results for the 2017 calendar year, emphasising “adjusted operating profit for the continuing business of £0.5 million (loss in 2016 £(1.1 million))” and “the company will deliver improved profitability as a direct result of the restructure undertaken throughout 2017 and Q1 2018”. However, it is cash which is reality…

Yet another pump is underway at Greatland Gold

Published 358 days ago

The longer you follow the lower end of the AIM market, the more you realise that big share price movements are often more a result of a concerted pump than related to actual news that has been released.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the fraudster's best friend in journalism, Ben Harrington, does his master's bidding again

Published 360 days ago

In today's podcast I cover in detail Telit (TCM) and also look at MySquar (MYSQ) partially in light of today's stunning news HERE. I look at Audioboom (BOOM), Frontera (FRR), Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT), Prime People (PRP) and 88 Energy (88E). Tomorrow I will be bored to death by Lucian Miers, he will drone on about West Ham for 6 hours as we complete a 19 mile training walk from Bristol along the Avon to a few miles past Bath. I am building up to my 32 mile walk for Woodlarks with Brokerman Dan on 28 July. Think of my suffering tomorrow and please donate a small sum HERE.

Transense Technologies – General Meeting approval for new equity… but just how long will the new funds last?

Published 360 days ago

Transense Technologies (TRT) “is pleased to announce… application has been made for both the existing 9,548,948 ordinary shares (post share reorganisation) and the 2,500,000 placing shares to be admitted to trading on AIM”. This follows, on previously writing on the company in February, I questioning is it cash crunch ahoy?...

EXCLUSIVE: Is Peter Young of Independent Oil & Gas Britain’s greatest share trader or an insider dealer? You decide with Winnileaks

Published 360 days ago

Peter Young was the co founder of Independent Oil & Gas (IOG) and until March of this year sat on its board. He is still its “head of Business Origination.” He, and his wife Fiona who works for charity Social Enterprise UK, are either the UK’s greatest living share traders or just plain insider dealers.  The stock in question is Rock Rose Energy (RRE) and I merely print a timeline of phone calls and emails and, as Peter Cook’s version of Judge Cantley in the Jeremy Thorpe trial would put it, “then invite you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, to go away and consider carefully why these two fine upstanding individuals are not guilty of anything at all but should do themselves a favour and become professional day traders.”

Trakm8 – “International Contract Award”… but does it materially change a cash-burning picture?

Published 360 days ago

Shares in Trakm8 (TRAK) ended yesterday c12% higher, back above 100p, on the back of a “International Contract Award” RNS. Ooooh, “international” hey – ramptastic or what’s the detail?

Best of the Best – forecasts up, but the shares to follow?

Published 362 days ago

Competitions company Best of the Best (BOTB) has announced results for its year ended 30th April 2018, emphasising they “showing both increased revenues and profits before tax, which are slightly ahead of management's expectations”. Sounds encouraging…

Safestyle UK – with the shares down from above 300p less than a year ago to below 56p… it’s nil-cost option time (natch!)

Published 362 days ago

With its shares down from above 300p less than a year ago to below 56p, Safestyle UK (SFE) “announces the granting of awards under the Safestyle UK plc 2017 Performance Share Plan, to certain executive directors of the company”!...

Book a half price UK Investor Show ticket & get exclusive access to interactive webinars with Wray, Winnifrith, Reynolds & Miers

Published 362 days ago

2018 was our most successful UK Investor Show yet and the 2019 event on March 30 will be even bigger and better. With almost 60 companies already confirmed, including OptiBiotix, Falanx, Asiamet and WANdisco, and star speakers such as Vin Murria, Mark Slater, Nigel Wray and Tom Winnifrith plus many new names booked in, it will be a show not to be missed.

I know that March 30th 2019 is a long way ahead but there are two reasons to buy a half priced ticket TODAY at .

InnovaDerma – follows March profit warning & Executive Chairman share sales last month with… another profit warning!

Published 363 days ago

Life sciences, beauty and personal care products company InnovaDerma (IDP) has updated on trading for its year ending 30th June – commencing “revenue for the period increased strongly by 23.5% on a constant currency basis to approximately £11m (FY2017: £8.9m). However,”, Uh oh…

Footasylum – argues “pleased to report a strong performance”… but in reality merits an IPO roll-call of shame

Published 363 days ago

Footasylum (FOOT) is “pleased to report a strong performance for the financial year, our first as a quoted company following our successful IPO last November… The board was delighted with the support we received for the IPO”. I doubt shareholders are pleased or delighted though – shares in this 164p per share IPO, currently trading well below 100p following a dramatic slump on the “pleased to report” results!...

Directa Plus – AGM update, significant commercial progress?

Published 364 days ago

Directa Plus (DCTA) has made an AGM Statement commencing “during 2017 we made significant commercial progress across our four key target markets and I am pleased to report that this momentum has continued into 2018”. Sounds promising…

The most successful investor in modern history is selling and he is already 40% in cash.

Published 364 days ago

The pain of the 2008 crash will seem like a mere flesh wound compared to the devastation the next deflationary wave will wreak...

The Curious Accounts of Viva Capital LLP – more smoke and mirrors from Julie Meyer MBE

Published 364 days ago

Naturally the latest accounts from Viva Capital LLP are way overdue. The report for the 12 months to 31 March 2016 was due by December 31 2016 but rules are for little people not for Julie “lingerie on expenses” Meyer. The accounts are now almost eighteen months late but historic filings show Julie up to her usual tricks.

Podcast: Doug Casey - uranium may be my favourite commodity right now

Published 366 days ago

Buy shares in Berkeley Energia (BKY)!  Okay that is what I think, you want to hear from veteran investor and libertarian thinker Doug Casey.

Julie Meyer files new accounts for calendar 2016 to avoid strike off but they are sheer fiction & show the lie at the heart of her ACE Fund

Published 366 days ago

Yesterday, in order to avoid a strike off at companies house Julie Meyer finally filed accounts for Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs Investments Limited – that is to say accounts for calendar 2016! The accounts are fraudulent and there is a real question as to whether she should have been filing them at all – perhaps Andrew Duncan of administrators Leonard Curtis has a view. Let me explain.

Boxhill Technologies: Shadow director, Jackson, disqualified in connection with suspected fraud – shocking stuff

Published 366 days ago

I’m slightly surprised that I haven’t commented on Boxhill Technologies (BOX) this year as it was a favourite of mine in 2016 and 2017 but I have managed to access new information that is shocking even by Boxhill’s standards, namely Phil Jackson’s director disqualification due to what looks like a slam dunk VAT fraud.

Avoid Jangada Mines, at least until after the next fundraise

Published 367 days ago

Jangada Mines (JAN) suddenly seems to have become very popular and has seen a significant share price rise in the past few weeks, but I am left wondering if that is just a coincidence or just another pre-placing spike which we see on so many of these small resource outfits.

ECSC Group – emphasises ‘strengthened momentum’, but still cash crunch ahoy?

Published 367 days ago

Previously writing on cyber security group ECSC (ECSC) it was on board changes - and I was scpetical in conclusion. Now, the shares are currently higher on an AGM statement…

Gavin Burnell of Globo infamy – what does he do at Novum and does the FCA know?

Published 367 days ago

I noted yesterday that Gavin Burnell of Globo infamy was one of the team at Novum Securities which raised £4.5 million for Audioboom (BOOM) at 3p – a placing which is already well underwater. How do I know? Because his name is one of three at Novum on the RNS. But here is a funny thing: Burnell is not approved by the FCA to conduct investment business! As you can see below, it reckons he is “inactive.”. I took this up with Novum boss Hugh McAllister…

Revolution Bars – short of expectations in every conceivable weather environment?

Published 368 days ago

Previously writing just over a year ago on Revolution Bars (RBG) it was on it going from ‘platform to be confident about our prospects’ to profit warning in less than 3 months. Then heading towards 130p, the shares jumped a couple of months later on a 200p per share possible offer approach. However, an offer was voted down by shareholders and the shares have subsequently fallen back towards 150p before a Trading Update today…

Mobile Streams faces an uphill battle - just to avoid bankruptcy

Published 368 days ago

Mobile Streams (MOS) appears to be yet another AIM company where it is hard to see it ever actually returning any money to investors, and whilst it certainly isn’t unique in that regard, I do have to wonder how long it can keep going for before the ability to raise funds finally dries up.

Grafenia – FY results argue transition “has progressed well”. Has it?

Published 369 days ago

Results for its year ended 31st March 2018 from Grafenia (GRA) include the Chairman’s statement commencing “the transition of Grafenia plc has progressed well since I last wrote to you”. The shares have though responded lower, back towards 12p…

Pressure Technologies – “considerable momentum” & “significant potential”, so why are the shares further lower?

Published 370 days ago

Pressure Technologies (PRES) has announced results for its half year ended 31st March 2018 including “dynamics in the defence and oil and gas markets are showing considerable momentum” and “there is significant potential in Alternative Energy”. So why are the shares currently further lower, below 130p?...

XLMedia – argues “stable” underlying trading… so why a 30% share price decline?

Published 371 days ago

Trading update from self-styled “a leading provider of digital performance marketing”, XLMedia (XLM) includes “underlying trading in the year to date has been stable with the group actively deciding to focus on higher margin business and ceasing certain lower margin media buying activities”. Hmmm, so why a current approaching 30% share price decline, towards 120p?...

Filthy Forty China New Energy – a selective buyback?

Published 372 days ago

On 27 December 2017, ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play China New Energy (CNEL) announced an EGM to allow it to buy up to 20% of its shares back. The EGM duly passed the relevant resolutions on 17 January 2018. So how many shares has it bought back?

Distil – results positive as anticipated, shares start to respond: BUY

Published 372 days ago

Recent 2.25p offer price share tip HERE, alcohol drinks brands owner, marketer and seller Distil (DIS) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2018, emphasising “it was an important year because we were able to demonstrate that our business can successfully grow the top line, the bottom line, invest in brands and improve cash flow”

Notes from Underground: Newfangled devices

Published 372 days ago

I'd appreciate it  readers would tell me whether you read ShareProphets on a phone or on their computer.

Buy the dip on Central Asia Metals

Published 373 days ago

Central Asia Metals (CAML) has been a favourite of mine for some time now and with this company I think it is very much a case of letting your winners run, as I can still see plenty of upside in the coming months and years.

UK Investor Show tip update: Sosandar – stance downgrade

Published 373 days ago

I’m changing my stance on AIM-listed Sosandar (SOS). This is not because the company has done anything wrong, or that events have gone against it. Nor is it any fundamental reassessment of the company. No, it is just that the shares are well up since I tipped it and whilst it could be a buy still, I’d like to see updates on current trading before saying buy now.

PHSC – reports swing to positive EBITDA, so why do the shares remain depressed?

Published 374 days ago

Provider of health, safety, hygiene and environmental consultancy services and security solutions, PHSC (PHSC) has updated including “the group achieved a positive EBITDA of approximately £184,000 for the year ended 31 March 2018, before allowing for £47,000 of redundancy costs associated with the closure of ALS, (31 March 2017: loss of £99,767)”. So, why do the shares remain depressed at a current 10.5p?...

WPCT – Not more investment policy rule bending, Neil, surely?

Published 374 days ago

I’ve always thought it odd when investment vehicles merely take stakes in other investment funds as one ends up with duplication of fees. There is usually an investment policy limit on such stakes, not that Mr Woodford appears to be taking the limit at Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) that seriously. Why would he - rules are for the great unwashed aren’t they?

A Chirpy Trio which Have Taken One Step Back But Could Now Rally Two Steps Forward

Published 374 days ago

Hello Share Twirlers. There are times, gang, when some of my favourite shares are in a quiet period. Or they’ve taken a small, and in my humble view, unjustified, knock. When this happens, it could be a jolly idea to bring them to your attention - so here are three of these stocks.

Frontera cant repay death spiral debt so extends it - at a cost and it still has no cash

Published 375 days ago

I wonder how the whore blogger, Fat Bastard himself, Mr Malcolm Graham Wood will explain this away as good news. After all that is what Frontera (FRR) pay him for. In essence Frontera has no cash, is burning cash and had to repay $2.891 million to death spiral provider Yorkville on 16 June. Problemo! 

Magnolia Petroleum - it even fucks up its admission that it is fucked

Published 376 days ago

Set to delist from AIM, drowning in debt, burning cash, run by the poltroon Rita Whittingham with her love of a bloated pay cheque for herself and family members, Magnolia Petroleum (MAGP) was already the laughing stock of the AIM Casino.  But today it took its incompetence to a new level.  At 1.43 PM it announced...

Minoan: more delays, more confetti, adviser options. What’s not to like?

Published 376 days ago


AIM-listed Minoan has updated the market this morning on some important matters, some trivial matters, and hasn’t mentioned another (why not?). I’m not overly-impressed, but does it change my “buy” stance?

Amino Technologies – emphasies “confidence in full year expectations”, so why the share price decline?

Published 376 days ago

Amino Technologies (AMO) has updated on trading for its half-year ended 31st May 2018, including “as operators transform their services to IP delivery to meet consumer demand for entertainment 24/7 on any device we are seeing good traction for our three clear market opportunities - upcycling, the transition from cable to IPTV, and Android TV. Good visibility provided by our order backlog and pipeline underpins the board's confidence in full year expectations”. So why a current more than 4% share price decline?...

Union Jack Oil – adds to Wressle licences interest with no upfront payment: Buy

Published 376 days ago

Union Jack Oil (UJO) “is pleased to announce that it has acquired a further 12.5% in the licences PEDL180 and PEDL182 containing the Wressle discovery and the Broughton North Prospect”

Gama Aviation – AGM update; “pleased” with the progress implementing 2018 strategic plan, so why the 12%+ share price decline?

Published 377 days ago

Gama Aviation (GMAA) CEO, Marwan Khalek, is “pleased with the progress that we are making in implementing our 2018 strategic plan… With the strengthened leadership team now established, we are even better equipped to deliver on our strategic objectives”. Sounds good… so why a current more than 12% share price decline on the announcement including it?...

Catalysts at Tesla and Telit - keep selling!

Published 377 days ago

In these benign markets, the word “catalyst” is heard frequently among bears. They may agree that they have found a real turkey, but fret about what specific event will engender a sudden loss of confidence and resultant share price fall. I suggested recently that a cash crunch is the most reliable catalyst for a correction, but it’s not that straightforward as demonstrated by two of my favourite shorts - Tesla (NASDAQ - TSLA) and Telit (TCM), both of which have traded sideways for a while.

New Winnileaks shocker - could Julie Meyer's Ariadne Capital black hole be even bigger than feared?

Published 377 days ago

As at 31 December 2016 Ariadne Capital Limited run by Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer claimed to have net assets of £3.859 million in its companies house filing. Less than a year later it was bust and those assets were shown to be fantasy, imaginary - the administrator reckons that, instead, there is a creditor deficiency of £2.715 million. But a new internal document obtained by Winnileaks suggest's that number is too low, Meyer's black hole could be far larger.

Tungsten Corp – emphasises “operated profitably”… but has it really (with revenue growth below expectations)?

Published 378 days ago

Tungsten Corp (TUNG) has updated on trading for its year ended 30th April 2018, including emphasising “operated profitably over January to April 2018 period”“adequate working capital” and “our trade financing activities are growing rapidly”. Sounds promising…

Distil - a buy

Published 378 days ago

Shares in alcoholic drinks brands owner Distil (DIS) headed towards 4p last year, but have since slipped back. A latest update though included continued strong growth in sales volumes and revenues, with “excellent progress” in brand building activities supported by distribution gains. We resultantly see value here and, ahead of results set for this month, the stance is buy…

Housing says we’re getting close

Published 378 days ago

The early stages of a housing bubble are fun for pretty much everyone. Homeowners see their equity start to rise and feel very clever for having bought, those looking to become homeowners pay a good sum, but not too much, and fully expect their new home to keep appreciating. People with modest incomes feel a bit of pinch but can still afford to jump on board. But soon the bad starts to outweigh the good.

Centamin offers exposure to gold at a great price currently - buy

Published 378 days ago

Centamin (CEY) has taken a big hit to its share price over the past week or so and has seen getting on for £400 million wiped off of the value of the company.

Woodford Patient Capital Trust – Anyone fancy a low-risk 10% per annum return?

Published 378 days ago

I’ve been meaning to write about the outrageous risk profile assigned to Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) for a while as it is patent nonsense and dangerous. I wonder whether there could be a mis-selling claim waiting to happen here.

Sosandar – UK Investor Show tip update: still a BUY

Published 379 days ago

AIM-listed Adam Reynolds float Sosandar (SOS) has been having quite a ride since I first commented on it following this year’s UK Investor Show at 12p to buy and tipped it at 13p – they are now up to 19p to buy so I guess that’s a 50% profit. I bought in at just over 15p and nabbed a small handful more on Friday at 18.46p.

Stobart: Great defence play by Team Ferguson in the Sunday Times today

Published 379 days ago

Continuing my commentary on the fascinating public boardroom battle being played out at Stobart, I thought I would highlight the role that the media plays in these and other more traditional hostile takeovers as I must tip my hat to the home team and their use/manipulation of the Sunday Times today.

The warning signs were there for Weatherly International

Published 379 days ago

When news came on Friday that trading in the shares of Weatherly International (WTI) had been suspended and that the company was being placed into administration, unfortunately it didn’t really come as much surprise to me.

Appscatter: Shareholders beware - this could collapse quickly

Published 380 days ago

When investing at the speculative end of AIM, I think it is critical to try to avoid sudden disasters or unexpected suspensions as a sensible stop-loss strategy can usually deal with most other occurrences. Accordingly, I thought I would flag a potential issue in the making at Appscatter (APPS) as the current risk / reward pay-off looks way off.

System1 Group – admits FY results “disappointing”, but “potential to build a much larger and more stable business”?

Published 381 days ago

Market research and marketing group System1 (SYS1) has announced results from an admitted “disappointing” year ended 31st March 2018, but considers it now has “a more competitive and scalable offer, with the potential to build a much larger and more stable business over the years to come”

Winnileaks again - another lie packed marketing email from Julie Meyer emerges

Published 381 days ago

Yesterday the Maltese FSA stripped Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer of five more licenses to operate funds in Malta citing grotesque regulatory failings including having no MLO. Julie might have countered that she had no need for a Money Laundering Officer as those funds appear to have had no cash in them. Of course the story Julie Meyer told investors was very different as a new Winnileaks email, below, shows.

Breaking: Maltese Regulators strip Julie Meyer of more licenses

Published 382 days ago

On the run from the Maltese Cops as she seeks to avoid facing criminal charges there is more bad news for Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer from the island paradise today. Our own FCA may be useless fucktards who fail to act against Julie as she tries to raise more cash from the innocent, but the Maltese FSA is actually fit for purpose. It has just announced:

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Recording in what seems like a sauna to avoid the snakes

Published 382 days ago

I write from the Kouronis taverna in Kambos where, in the middle of a violent thunderstorm, worthy of Byron at Zitsa, it is sheeting it down. I recorded 90 minutes ago in what seemed like a sauna. All is explained in the podcast which covers Air Partner (AIR), Premaitha (NIPT), a fraud on the Mrs, Akers Biosciences (AKR) and Transense Technologies (TRT). Myself and Brokerman Dan have now raised more than £5,000, including gift aid, for our charity walk on July 28. But 96% of Bearcast listeners are yet to chip in, I am sure you can all spare a tenner so please donate NOW HERE. To those who have donated already, thank you.

Advanced Oncotherapy – hands up who knew Bracknor still had death spiral loan notes!

Published 382 days ago

AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) announced this morning that Bracknor, the death spiral funder, still had convertible loan notes to swap for shares. This, despite the RNS of 19 July 2017 telling us that the Company does not intend to use the Bracknor facility in the future. As part of these arrangements the Company will issue 7 million warrants to Bracknor. These warrants are exercisable at 25p and may be exercised at any time over the next five years. Anyone would have thought that was the end of the matter. Apparently not.

Catenae Innovation looks like one to avoid when you take a closer look

Published 382 days ago

It seems to be the season for big share price rises off of the back of very little in the way of substance across quite a few companies at the lower end of AIM at the moment!


Published 382 days ago

Many of you will be well aware of the hullabaloo surrounding cryptocurrencies, the promise of being made a millionaire, seemingly within weeks, if not overnight. I, like so many was curious about what crypto's and block-chains offered - But lets stay on point with crypto's. What better place to start with the premise of crypto's. The birth of crypto's is essentially down to techno-nerds wanting to circumvent the banking system, sound enough reason you may think; after all, why keep feeding the evil banksters with our hard earned cash.

Pressure Technologies – “several notable successes” & “a strong position”… and then “substantially below” expectations!

Published 382 days ago

A trading update from Pressure Technologies (PRES) commences “the Alternative Energy Division has scored several notable successes since the start of the current financial year, which demonstrates our continued leadership in the biogas upgrading market” and includes “the biogas market offers substantial potential” and “our Manufacturing Divisions continue to have a strong position in the global, safety critical markets they serve… an upturn in the oil and gas market and a well developed position in the defence market”. The shares have responded to the update, er, more than 22% lower, to 144p…

Winnileaks Julie Meyer bombshell - the ACE spreadsheet showing her robbing Peter to pay er...her Ariadne expenses?

Published 383 days ago

Another day and another bombshell document lands with Winnileaks concerning Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer MBE. This is such dynamite that I shall have to examine it in parts but let's start with our old friend Entrepreneur Country Global, ECG, a company established in 2013 and at that point wholly owned by Ariadne Capital Limited (now in administration). 

Fevertree - Onto My Bear Watchlist

Published 383 days ago

In what has been the longest running bull market that I can remember, in which stocks have risen, pretty much in a straight line for over nine years, it has been hard for bears to witness the benign tolerance with which evidently flaky and fraudulent companies are treated by the investing community. In these times patience is required, and it is worthwhile preparing a watchlist of names that are likely to be the most vulnerable when the market finally rolls over. While this list should comprise for the most part those with over-leveraged balance sheets and questionable accounting practices, solid companies should not be discounted out of hand.

Photo-Me – from Japan photo ID excitement to a profit warning

Published 383 days ago

Results for its year ended 30th April 2016 from Photo-Me (PHTM) noted it growing “deploying machines in Japan in order to respond to the increased demand created by the roll-out of a new photo ID”. The following year’s results noted “adoption by citizens has not been as rapid as the government had anticipated” and a trading update now includes on Japan “a very difficult market due to an oversupply which has put pressure on commissions across the industry”. Uh oh…

Stobart: Public dirty washing airing hilarity – is Woodford backing the wrong horse (again)?

Published 383 days ago

As a keen observer of the public markets, I love a good old-fashioned boardroom squabble as much as the next man but the one being played out in public at Stobart (STOB) is funnier than normal as the Tinkler/Ferguson tiff is only part of the comedy. Sure the details being shared add to the amusement but I am more concerned about the fact that Neil Woodford and Invesco’s Mark Barnett may have fallen out too – is the protégé finally casting the shackles aside?

Richoux Group – results statement emphasises “ungeared”… but concerns

Published 384 days ago

I previously wrote on restaurant group Richoux (RIC) just under a year ago - significant (discounted) management investment, but clear challenges remain for former Prezzo boss. That investment was at 16p. On the back of results for the 53 weeks ended 3rd December 2017, the shares have currently crashed below 7p…

Safestyle UK – “pleased” with interim legal outcome… but clear challenges remain

Published 384 days ago

Shares in Safestyle UK (SFE) have currently bounced above 60p on the back of an “Update: Filing of Legal Claim & Directorate Change”

Italy could easily be worse than Brexit for the EU

Published 384 days ago

Current Italian politicians are well schooled in The Italian drama of 2011. Then the ECB used the bond market as a political tool. The EU even tried to recruit Washington. The US refused to help. “We can’t have blood on our hands,” said the US Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner. The ECB switched purchases on and off to pressure and ultimately overthrew the elected Government of Silvio Berlusconi.

Echo Energy accelerates its operations in Argentina

Published 384 days ago

Often when a smaller AIM company operating in the natural resources sector announces a placing it ends up being bad news for those currently invested, but there are also cases where the money is being sought in order to accelerate operations. Of course, the company still ultimately needs to deliver and for the work that the money is being raised for to be successful, but I would certainly rather see this than a company that is sitting around doing nothing and burning through cash whilst its directors pocket a nice salary.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Julian Richer you are whistling on Phil Green and tax & will Italy bring down the Euro? It should!

Published 385 days ago

I start with the myth which Julian Richer is trying to perpetuate that you can somehow stop large scale, 100% legal, tax avoidance by folks like Sir Phil Green or indeed the legal stuff we all engage in by using dividends in private companies, etc. Then I ask if Italy might break the Euro or even the EU who are behaving - again - with shocking contempt for the little people. It should. Will it?  Finally...98% of bearcast listeners  have NOT yet sponsored myself and Brokerman Dan for our 30 mile Woodlarks walk. If you enjoy bearcast I am sure you can spare a tenner so donate HERE  - to those who have donated I say thank you.

Woodford and the $2 billion spoof – Part 2: How many reasons do you want?

Published 385 days ago

The first part of this mini-series highlighted oddities relating to the recent $2 billion valuation of Benevolent AI, Woodford’s largest unquoted holding. To complement that piece, I thought I would undertake a bottom-up analysis to understand whether it could be worth such a sum. All I found was more spoofery. It’s a bit of a long read but surely you’ve got nothing better to do on Bank Holiday Monday!

RockRose Energy makes yet another acquisition and shows that it means business

Published 385 days ago

I’m surprised by the seeming lack of interest amongst private investors when it comes to RockRose Energy (RRE), as even amongst those who focus on oil and gas stocks, this isn’t a company which you see being mentioned on social media and the bulletin boards.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the difference between private company and PLC account preparing - profit is a matter of opinion!

Published 386 days ago

I start by noting I have received a begging email from Primary Bid re the Merio offer. Cynical Bear is right - avoid like the plague! Then as I finalise annual accounts for companies house for FIML and ShareProphets (loss in both cases) I explain the different motives of those preparing private company and listed company accounts and some tricks I could have used to show profits. But why would I have done that? Finally...98% of bearcast listeners  have NOT yet sponsored myself and Brokerman Dan for our 30 mile Woodlarks walk. If you enjoy bearcast I am sure you can spare a tenner so donate HERE  - to those who have donated I say thank you.

5 Slam-dunk Sells for 2018 – May update

Published 386 days ago

I suggested a portfolio of five stocks to sell – or just avoid – for 2018 during the ShareProphets tipfest. Those stocks were Tern (TERN), UK Oil and Gas (UKOG), Frontera (FRR), Telit ((TCM) and Milestone Group (MSG) – since renamed Catenae (CTEA). Tern was subsequently withdrawn when the fundamentals changed (the death spiral was terminated), and Inspirit (INSP) brought in in its place. Here is the May update.

Mereo Biopharma – Is this the worst PrimaryBid offering ever?

Published 387 days ago

I had to laugh last night when I saw PrimaryBid’s pre-Bank Holiday offer to the likes of you and me -  Mereo Biopharma (MPH) - as although there’s some stiff competition, I think this must the worst  deal offered up to-date and, in fact, worse than the other offer of a lifetime that I’m currently working out how to avoid, namely dinner at the in-laws during the Champions League final!

Starcom – following announcement of launch of a “high expectations” product last week…

Published 389 days ago

Last week Starcom (STAR) was “pleased to announce the launch of the latest iteration of its awarding winning intelligent padlock, the Watchlock Cube… the company has high expectations for the Cube due to its electronic shell being able to fit a variety of C10 padlocks from various manufacturers, its lower price and a far more durable battery life”. And now… “Placing” (surprise, surprise!)…

Fresh sandwiches on sale at Greencore again

Published 391 days ago

You may have missed that this week is apparently National Sandwich Week. As with life in general, I am a pretty conventional sandwich eater with the vegetarian offerings by that fine emporium Waitrose a particular favourite. Well if you are going to eat on-the-go it is better to eat well, right? Anyhow - at least on this website - my sandwich obsession has been centred around Greencore (GNC) where I had to admit a mea culpa a couple of months or so ago. However - as you can read HERE – I did keep the faith observing that:

CyanConnode – 2017 results argue “significant progress”… but later admit it’s cash crunch ahoy!

Published 392 days ago

Self-styled “the world leader in narrowband radio mesh networks”, CyanConnode (CYAN) has announced results emphasising “2017 has been a year during which we have both made significant progress within the company in terms of winning orders, growing our global ecosystem of partners, expanding our geographical reach, and putting in place a world class team to develop product and deliver on the order book which has grown significantly during the period”. Er, ok. What about financially?...

Credit Cracks are showing

Published 392 days ago

If Italy’s neo-anarchist "Grillini" had combined with anti-euro Lega nationalists two or three years ago to form an insurgent government, it would have set off panic in the bond markets. Yet now that this is upon investors, risk spreads have barely moved as Bond purchases by the European Central Bank and negative rates have enveloped Italy with an enormous comfort blanket as most investors think there is no chance that the ECB will let Italy go down, because it is the end of the European project if that happens.

Another Winnileaks scoop - Is Julie Meyer down to her last £500 or is she lying to the taxman?

Published 392 days ago

As we saw earlier Julie Meyer MBE appears to have forgotten to pay any tax on the Capital Gain she enjoyed when selling First Tuesday 18 years ago. Sadly for her the US tax authorities at the IRS have caught up with the devoutly christian tax avoider but are not demanding all their cash at once because it appears that poor Julie really is flat broke. Thanks to Winnileaks I bring you a filing Julie made to the IRS.

The People's Operator remains one of the worst companies on AIM!

Published 393 days ago

The People’s Operator (TPOP) is one of a number of AIM companies where you have to wonder whether there is really any point in it continuing to stay in business, other than generating fees for its brokers.

Tern – is the CEO a Phoenix from the ashes?

Published 394 days ago

I have wondered why a former president/CEO/chairman of Pheonix Technologies would take a board seat at AIM-listed Tern plc (TERN) for quite some time. In fact, since his appointment at Tern I have wondered what Al Sisto was doing there with such a high-flying career. What on earth would someone with a CV like that be doing as a director of a small AIM-listed tiddler? Of course, since his appointment he has moved up the ladder and is now CEO and filled in as an interim Chairman too. But an ex-boss of mighty Phoenix?

Andrews Sykes – we having previously banked gains, what from latest results?

Published 395 days ago

Pumping, portable heating, air conditioning, drying and ventilation equipment group Andrews Sykes (ASY) was a 380p offer price recommendation on the Nifty Fifty website, with a gain later banked at 570p. The shares having closed yesterday at 537.5p, the company has now announced 2017 results…

Sosandar – UK Investor Show Tip Update, Trading update and a couple of numbers: still a BUY

Published 395 days ago

AIM-listed online women’s clothing play Sosandar (SOS) from the Adam Reynolds stable has announced its trading update for y/e 31 March 2018. This was my pick of the companies I saw and chatted to at the UK Investor Show, and so far the shares have performed admirably. Now it has produced a cracker of a trading update and I still rate the shares a buy, but it certainly is not a “widows and orphans” stock!

Berkeley Energia - a buy

Published 395 days ago

A Buy at a 20p offer price share tip in September 2015, the gain on shares in Berkeley Energia (BKY) was banked at a 56p bid price in October 2016 on a 20% one day rise thanks to a newspaper tip. At that point we noted how we could see how, on a fundamental basis, the shares are worth 100p+ looking at the numbers thrown off by the definitive feasibility study and that we may re-enter if the shares come back allowing us to buy with a margin of error. The company has since made significant progress, but the shares not and so…

SHOCKER - Julie Meyer's Ariadne expenses published: Unpaid Staff, shareholders & HMRC take note...

Published 395 days ago

On Christmas Eve 2014 while many of us prepared for Midnight Mass and to celebrate the birth of the good Lord Jesus, devout Christian Julie Meyer MBE had other things to do - her second visit in four days to the Ann Summers sex shop. There is nothing wrong in this except that Julie then put the bill (£48) on her Ariadne Capital expenses insisting that the purchase was "on company business". Cripes I guess Ariadne did more than I had imagined. The Winnileaks service means I have three months of Julie's expenses which I publish below and which will shock all stakeholders and all readers at ever level.

Kefi - comment on Government changes

Published 396 days ago

While we have to soldier on with the useless Mrs May as our Prime Minister out in Ethiopia - where Kefi (KEFI) has its flagship Tulu Kapi gold project - a new chap, Dr Abiy Ahmed, took charge on April 2. Since then there have been various appointments of new Ministers and, as of Friday of last week, new State Ministers (Deputy Ministers). Kefi has updated that it has been in touch with all the new chaps...

Tern – detailed look at FY17 accounts reveals a monster cash crisis: it is no better now

Published 398 days ago

I said the other day that following the £1.75 million placing at 18.5p (a 30% discount) last week it looked as though Tern plc (TERN) had enough cash to see it through for the time being. But I’ve been looking through the FY17 Annual Report and now I’m not so sure. In fact I am sure it does not have enough cash. Its portfolio of investee companies looks a shambles and it seems that Tern has been paying some of its investees’ bills. Quite how auditor Grant Thornton thought the company fit to pass as a Going Concern is a mystery to me.

Zytronic – ‘pleased to report a doubling of the dividend’, so why a share price decline?

Published 398 days ago

Touch sensors manufacturer Zytronic (ZYT) “is pleased to report a doubling of the interim dividend to 7.6p (H1 2017: 3.8p) in line with our progressive dividend policy, and the continued development of our business into new markets”. Sounds promising – and the shares have currently responded… more than 8% lower, towards 400p. Ah…

Sprue Aegis – with 2017 results including a more than doubled adjusted profit, why another share price slump?

Published 398 days ago

“Highlights” of calendar year 2017 results from Sprue Aegis (SPRP) - proposed to be re-named FireAngel Safety Technology Group - include adjusted profit before tax up to £4.7 million, from a prior year £2.3 million, yet the shares have responded to the results announcement currently more than 25% lower, to below 100p…

I truly think we are headed towards a staggering credit crisis

Published 399 days ago

The populist policy agenda of the new coalition government in Italy would in any normal circumstances be enough to send markets into meltdown as the Five Star/League combo is planning a flat rate tax, a citizen’s allowance for the impoverished south, a general rolling back of pension reform, restoring the retirement age to 60, and the establishment of a parallel currency as a precursor to leaving the euro. Yet there has been no panic, last week yields on Government bonds barely changed, and the stock market actually went up. Markets are underestimating the risks, both to Italy and the continued integrity of the euro. Complacency in the face of all of this is a classic, late bull market condition.

Servoca – minority shareholders screwed as it’s AIM cancellation ahoy

Published 399 days ago

Shares in “specialist outsourcing and recruitment solutions provider” Servoca (SVCA) are currently more than 20% lower, at 13.5p, on the day on the back of a “Proposed cancellation of trading on AIM” announcement…

Purplebricks & Ticking Timebombs

Published 399 days ago

At last month’s UK Investor Show I grumbled about the difficulties of being short in the current fraud-friendly climate in which fundamental analysis seems way down the pecking order of share picking criteria and suggested that unless it can be shown that a company is in imminent danger of going bust (Carillion, for example) shorting right now is an uphill battle. I might have added that shorting a name where there is a small free float is also a dangerous game. Which brings me back to Purplebricks (PURP).

Laughable Julie Meyer press release tries to explain Maltese FSA suspension - but its all fake news from Farrer & Co

Published 400 days ago

Another day and another fake news press release lands from cash strapped devout Christian Julie Meyer signed off by her new lawyer from Farrer & Co. Gosh I want to see the Farrer bitchez in Court on this one... On Friday the Maltese regulator the MSFA suspended Meyer's license to operate on the island (and thus under passporting rules anywhere in the EU) and made a damning statement as you can see HERE. Meyer's response is fake news so I serve it up with a Shareprophets translation service. Fake News from Farrer & Co is in italics.

Looks like it isn’t just Lyin’ Larry Cummins prone to a few Black Cactus porkies

Published 400 days ago

Comedy from across the pond where things have taken a turn for the worse for ex-Milestone favourite Lyin' Larry Cummins and his latest ex-employer, Black Cactus Global (OTC: BLGI), which has been forced to put out a hilarious mea culpa. Wonder who’s been ramping wildly?

Notes from Underground - Do you prefer your news now or 48 hours ago?

Published 400 days ago

I have the same conversations with people all of the time: why should I read ShareProphets, a muckraking, little-known website, when I already subscribe to the FT?

Advanced Oncotherapy – lies about Blackfinch deal, what are the finances like?

Published 402 days ago

AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy finally got around to updating the market over its Blackfinch loan which matured on 24 March and was secured on its Harley Street premises. But it seems that the company can’t tell the truth!

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: It is not just Stormy Daniels that Donald Trump has screwed - step forward ex Tory MP Tony Baldry and Westminster Group

Published 402 days ago

I start with the latest developments on Julie Meyer and hint at what is coming next from myself and also from John Galt. Julie you ain't seen nothing yet. Praise be the Lord.  Then it is onto Westminster Group (WSG) and someone almost as loathsome as Meyer, that is to say ex Tory MP fat Tony Baldry. Then I look at Eden Reseearch (EDEN) which fat Tone knows well, Pantheon Resources (PANR), Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), the tossers at the FT, Jubilee Metals (JLP) and other Beuafort Securities victims and Interserve (IRV) and the tools at the FCA.

A Lacklustre Trading Statment, but RSA Still Shows Signs of Royal Share success

Published 402 days ago

Hello Share Crimpers. My favourite insurance giant is Legal and General (LGEN). But the old Royal Insurance, now called RSA (RSA) is still in my bag. And it’s doing rather nicely, if not brilliantly. In share price terms, at least.

Julie Meyer faces ANOTHER Court battle as Henry Gewanter demands his rightful pay - Letter in Post

Published 403 days ago

At least the devout Christian, who fled Maltese police to avoid facing criminal charges, is only set to face PR maestro and whistleblower Henry Gewanter in a civil court. Like oh so many before him poor Henry has not been paid by Julie Meyer and so I have stepped in to assist.

4imprint – trading “above the board's expectations”… but does that mean value?

Published 405 days ago

Previously writing on promotional products direct marketing group 4imprint (FOUR), I concluded in November with the shares at 1900p that the potential reward compared to the risks suggested it sensible to be bearish. The shares slid below 1570p last month, but are currently back above 1800p following an AGM Statement

UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Paul Atherley of Berkeley Energia

Published 405 days ago

It is time for Steve Moore's favoured play in the mining sector, Berekely Energia (BKY) headed up by Paul Atherley

Advanced Oncotherapy – UK site agreement, but what of the Blackfinch loan?

Published 405 days ago

As we know from AIM-listed UK Oil and Gas (UKOG), the best thing to do when faced with an awkward question is to move the goal posts. And so this morning we see AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), rather than ‘fess up over its overdue loan from Blackfinch which is secured on its Harley Street premises, telling us that it has signed a lease with the UK Government’s Science and Technology Facilities Council to establish a UK testing site for its LIGHT (proton therapy technology) system. I wonder what Advanced is going to pay with!

Gabriel Grego hits back at response to statement from Greek fraudsters Folie Follie

Published 406 days ago

Folli Follie (FF) the Greek luxury goods seller has denied the bombshell claims made in Gabriel Grego's devestating dossier we published on Thursday. I have today verified for myself that FF is lying about its British operations in a release to the Athens exchange today. So as far as I am concerned it is an open and shut fraud and a zero. But here ios Gabriel, the boss of Quintessential Asset Management (QCM) 

DP Poland – argues “healthy conditions for growth”, but how much confidence is there in the expansion?

Published 407 days ago

Previously writing on the company with the exclusive right to develop, operate and sub-franchise Domino's Pizza stores in Poland, DP Poland (DPP), I concluded to avoid with the shares at 40p. They have since fallen to around 30p and there’s now an “AGM Trading Update”

WPCT: A review of the laughable results and three important questions for the Chairman

Published 407 days ago

Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) recently came out with its disappointing 2017 results and thought I’d highlight a few amusing aspects to try to cheer up shareholders here and ask a few serious questions of the Chairman, Susan Searle.

UK Investor Show Video 2018 The Bears session Lucian Miers, Matt Earl, Tom Winnifrith & Nigel Somerville

Published 407 days ago

And the next video is the bears with myself, the Dark Destroyer Matt Earl, the Bard of the Boleyn Lucian Miers and a cameo by Nigel Somerville on Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO). On the agenda Telit (TCM), Tesla (TSLA), Mitie (MTO), IQE (IQE), RM2 (RM2),Avanti Communications (AVN), AIQ (AIQ) and a good stack more.

The Shocking Sub-Standard performance on deadline day

Published 408 days ago

I don’t write as often about my Sub-Standard Shockers XI as monthly updates saying that nothing much has happened and most of them remain in suspension is pretty dull; however, with 30 April being a crucial day in many of their calendars I thought I would do a quick review of some of the drivel emanating from these Standard Listed entities.

Advanced Oncotherapy – have I been raiding Tom Winnfrith’s magic mushrooms, or has someone else?

Published 409 days ago

AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has still not updated the market over its Blackfinch loan which was due to expire at the end of March, a loan which was secured on the company’s Harley Street premises. I also have doubts (still not answered) over the cash from China. But on re-reading through the note from Goetzpartners (which sent Advanced stock much higher on publication) I wonder if I have inadvertently been taking some of Tom Winnifrith’s mushrooms.

Van Elle – argues growth “against a strong comparative period”, but what about against expectations?

Published 409 days ago

In January, as the shares slid below 90p, I was cautious on geotechnical contractor Van Elle (VANL). There’s now a “Trading update and CEO succession process” announcement…

Hard to see value in InnovaDerma at the current share price

Published 410 days ago

Whenever a company doubles in share price in a short space of time it tends to get my attention, and I look for reasons that justify such a sudden increase.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - The Fat Lady arrives at Nighthawk and Dave Whitby's payoff question

Published 412 days ago

In the main bearcast of the day I start by asking what payoff disgraced Dave Whitby got at worthless insolvent POS Andalas (ADL)? And were mugs who backed the latest placing told where much of their cash was going ( i.e. to Whitby). Feel free to contact me if you are an Andalas owning mug. The fat Lady arrives at Nighthawk (HAWK) and looks to be in the wings at Nature Group (NGR) while new problems emerge at Imaginatik (IMTK) - a former Rob Terry fave but I speculate on bigger worries that the Quindell fraudster faces - and at Management Consulting (MMC). I think the fat Lady may well also have an appointment with Widecells Group ( WDC) shortly. I comment on 4 reasons why Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) shares may be falling and on looming results at Optibiotix (OPTI), where we own shares.

Advanced Oncotherapy – now we know why the shares are up: prostitution pays!

Published 413 days ago

So after my piece HERE wondering why AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) was up 20-odd per cent it turns out that a research note was put out on the RNS system. The research note was from an outfit called Goetzpartners Securities Limited, which claims to be a leading pan-European investment bank and research firm. Right…. So who paid for this research, and is it worth the paper it is written on?

Breaking - worthless joke company Andalas Energy raising up to £1 million at 0.017p & junking Asian focus: statement needed at 7 AM

Published 414 days ago

With all the usual rampers including the infamous Big Gib, invited to participate, I can reveal that worthless piece of crap AIM Andalas  (ADL), currently 0.019-0.02p, is endeavouring to raise up to £1 million at 0.017p. Methinks there is now going to have to be an emergency RNS at 7 AM. For the story gets even more interesting...

Notes from Underground - Me vs the Internet

Published 414 days ago

Unless you need high speed Internet, wherein we revert to the Victorian times. I swear, I don't know how Charles Dickens and Jules Verne got anything done with the poor Internet we suffer in the Capital.

Dillistone – “pleased to announce” results for 2017, so why are the shares slumping?

Published 415 days ago

Dillistone Group (DSG), “the AIM quoted supplier of recruitment software for the international recruitment industry… is pleased to announce its audited final results for the 12 months ended 31 December 2017”, including emphasising “2017 was an exciting year for the Dillistone Group with the launch of GatedTalent”. The shares have responded… er, currently 10% lower, to 86p…

Minoan - grrrr, placing at 6p

Published 417 days ago

OK, it is only half a bernie but shares in Minoan had been doing well of late. Now it has done a placing at 6p (the shares were 8p yesterday), welcoming new joint broker Cornhill Capital to the Minoan Team. Apparently this is all good news and Christopher Eagleton is pleased to have raised the funds. So that's alright then. Never mind the 25% discount....

Advanced Oncotherapy - no response to my questions but shares rocket 22% today. Why?

Published 417 days ago

As yet AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) is yet to answer my questions about the Blackfinch loan which is secured on its Harley Street premises and which was due to expire back on 24 March. It has also ignored my questions about the Chinese funding from Yantai Cipu as to whether any funds  have actually arrived with Advanced. These two questions seem to me to be pertinent to Advanced's very survival, but all we have had is a wall of silence. You would have thought the market would get jittery, but out of the blue today its shares are up a whopping 22% (last seen).

9 UK Investor Show share tips for 2018 - No 7 Darren Atwater

Published 417 days ago

This week all of the team will tip 1 stock - long or short - which presented at UK Investor on Saturday or was mentioned in a presentation. For paying customers only, seventh up it is the pizza Hardman, Darren Atwater.

Crawshaw – results from a self-admitted “disappointing year” (though not for the departing duo CEO Collett & CFO Richardson!)

Published 417 days ago

Its shares down from approaching 23p at the commencement of 2017 (and 80p+ in September 2016), ‘value butcher’ Crawshaw (CRAW) has announced results for its year ended 28th January 2018 – seeing the shares currently at… circa 5p…

Cluff Natural Resources looks interesting as attention returns to the North Sea

Published 418 days ago

Some positive sentiment finally seems to be returning to UK offshore oil and gas companies, and Cluff Natural Resources (CLNR) could be in a position to benefit from that. Things have been pretty dire for the North Sea focused company, and although its assets revolve around gas, which has performed badly in comparison to oil of late, any renewed interest in the area should be of benefit.

9 UK Investor Show Share tips for 2018 - No 4 Cynical Bear

Published 418 days ago

This week all of the team will tip 1 stock - long or short - which presented at UK Investor on Saturday or was mentioned in a presentation. For paying customers only, fourth up it is Cynical Bear. 

San Leon Energy – M&A discussions terminated, but positives as shares resume trading

Published 419 days ago

San Leon Energy (SLE) has announced it has terminated discussions with Midwestern Oil & Gas and trading in its shares has recommenced on AIM - with it arguing “a number of positive developments across its business… Our financial position is much stronger than when discussions with Midwestern commenced”

9 UK Investor Show Share tips for 2018 – No 2 Gary Newman

Published 419 days ago

This week all of the team will tip 1 stock - long or short - which presented at UK Investor on Saturday or was mentioned in a presentation. For paying customers only, second up it is Gary Newman. 

BREAKING: WPCT: Prothena blows up – yet another Woodford biotech debacle

Published 420 days ago

Just as the tide seemed to be turning in favour of a couple of Woodford’s holdings, he suffered an absolute body blow this afternoon with his largest quoted holding, Prothena (NSDQ: PRTA), which comprised 9.12% of WPCT as at end-March, as it announced that it was discontinuing the development of its main drug  and the share price collapsed as a result.

The next crunch is nearly upon us

Published 420 days ago

Do you might remember the late 80s, all the movies, the songs and books about the inevitable Japanese economic invasion and global dominance which never happened? This is because the Japanese growth miracle was built on a massive debt bubble and, once it burst, the country fell into stagnation for the better part of two decades, which it is still in. Similarly, China presents many of these characteristics in its current economic model. Massive debt, overcapacity and central planned growth targets.

Advanced Oncotherapy: …and now for the eleventh time!

Published 420 days ago

Yet another day passes and still AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has not answered my questions, and so I ask again – now for the eleventh time. They are serious questions and with the wrong answers I would struggle to see how the company is solvent. But Advanced continues to ignore the questions. So here we go again….

9 UK Investor Show share tips for 2018 - No1 Steve Moore

Published 420 days ago

This week all of the team will tip 1 stock - long or short - which presented at UK Investor on Saturday or was mentioned in a presentation. For paying customers only, first up it is young Steve Moore...

Advanced Oncotherapy: …and now for the tenth time!

Published 421 days ago

And so yet another day passes and still AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has not answered my questions, and so I ask again – now for the tenth time as we head into double figures.

Distil – new RedLeg listing & “pleased with the excellent progress made”, but value?

Published 421 days ago

Alcohol drinks brands owner Distil (DIS) has updated including that it is “pleased with the excellent progress made” and that “another leading pub chain with national coverage has listed RedLeg Spiced Rum for its outlets”

Advanced Oncotherapy: …and now for the ninth time!

Published 423 days ago

Yet another day passes and still AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has not answered my questions, and so I ask again – now for the ninth time… we go again:

Idox – “an encouraging start to the year”… or not?

Published 423 days ago

Information management software and services company Idox plc (IDOX) has updated including “we have had an encouraging start to the year in terms of order intake and delivering the benefits of our reorganisation… remain confident of Idox's prospects and believe that the group has good growth opportunities”. The shares have responded, er, a further more than 5% lower, below 29p…

I'm surprised at the current lack of interest in Savannah Petroleum

Published 423 days ago

Given the rise in oil price that we’ve seen over the past week or so, and the highest levels that it has been at in quite some time, I’m a little surprised to see Savannah Petroleum (SAVP) still languishing at around the 12-month low. With a market cap of nearly £230 million it isn’t as likely to see such large movements as you get on the AIM micro caps, but it is still small enough that I would expect the higher commodity price to have had some impact, given that it produces significant amounts of oil already.

Advanced Oncotherapy: …and now for the eighth time!

Published 424 days ago

Yet another day passes and still AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has not answered my questions, and so I ask again – now for the seventh time. At this rate Jeremy Paxman’s score of 12 (against Michael Howard) is in danger. I have had it pointed out to me that Paxo asked the questions face to face, and in that regard I can’t match him. But at least (now) Lord Howard had to reply – even if he evaded the actual question. Anyway, here we go again:

Gattaca – after a February profit warning, two months later…

Published 424 days ago

Engineering and Technology recruitment company Gattaca (GATC) has announced results for its half year ended 31st January 2018. These follow particularly a trading update on 7th February, so no surprises then… Er, the shares are currently more than 20% lower on the day, at around 150p!…

Advanced Oncotherapy - for the seventh time!

Published 425 days ago

Yet another day passes and still AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has not answered my questions, and so I ask again – now for the seventh time. At this rate Jeremy Paxman’s score of 12 (against Michael Howard) is in danger.

System1 Group – trading “has been disappointing”, so why are the shares higher?

Published 425 days ago

A trading update from marketing services group, System1 (SYS1) including noting trading during year ended 31st March 2018 “has been disappointing”. The shares are though currently approaching 7% higher, at 320p…

Ascent looks like it is about to begin another descent!

Published 425 days ago

Ascent Resources (AST) has hardly exactly lived up to its name in recent times, as it has been on a steady downwards trajectory for some time now. There's now been an RNS advising of a strategic review and a formal sale process for the company being initiated. Given its situation, I certainly wasn’t expecting the market to take the news particularly well - but the share price rocketed and even as I write this, it is currently 1.1p to buy - up more than 22% on the prior close.

Dialight – argues “good growth prospects”… what about being in a position to deliver on them?

Published 425 days ago

Previously writing on Dialight (DIA) on the back of 2017 results with the shares at 532p, I concluded that the valuation in conjunction with manufacturing issues saw me continue to avoid. The shares previously closed at 524p and there’s now an AGM trading update

Are Shares and Cash in Ring-Fenced Accounts Really Not Secure After All? We Must Fight This

Published 425 days ago

Hello, Share Minders. I predict I'm not the only one still shocked by the news that administrators of Beaufort Securities may, if necessary, be able to arrange for some of the assets in ring-fenced accounts to service a shortfall in costs. It seems odd that the assets of innocent third parties could be forfeit to pay for the failure of others. Perhaps I've misread the email. At least the wording suggests that little has been finalised yet.

Advanced Oncotherapy: …and for the sixth time

Published 426 days ago

Another day passes and still AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has not answered my questions, and so I ask again. What is happening with the Blackfinch loan which had a 12 month term starting on 24 March last year, a loan which was secured on the company’s Harley Street premises? And has the company actually received any cash at all from its white knight saviour Yantai Cipu in China?

Advanced Oncotherapy – asking for the fifth time, and another question

Published 427 days ago

This really is getting a bore. For the fifth time, I ask what is happening with the Blackfinch loan which had a 12 month term starting on 24 March last year, a loan which was secured on AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy’s (AVO) Harley Street premises. And for a fifth time I am asking if the company has actually received any cash at all from its white knight saviour Yantai Cipu in China. But first, there is a question raised by Drunken Sailor.

Video: Rick Rule sees Resource Opportunities in Uranium, Cobalt, and Gold

Published 427 days ago

Rick Rule of the world's leading resource investor, Sprott says he has, of late, seen broadly increasing client and institutional interest which has been lead by strong private placements. This interest is being driven by 2017 commodity performance, and now the equities show good value.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: 'fessing up to what the Mrs and I were up to last night & the deafening silence at Advanced Onco and Frontera

Published 428 days ago

Ok this is embarassing but I will admit on tape what we were up to. It is our guilty pleasure and involves Deacon, Scarlett, Gunner, Avery and Will Lexington.  Then I look at WPP (WPP) and the deeply unsatisfactory and unfair way Sir Martin Sorrell has "resigned" - this smells all wrong. Finally I look at why Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) and Frontera (FRR) are not answering or evading questions - it is because they are both bad companies. If you like bearcasts then remember that at UK Investor on April 21 one of many highlights will be a live bearcast with myself and Paul Scott. Make sure you book a free ticket HERE using the promotional code WINNIFRITH.

Looking forward to the UK Investor Show – my shopping list

Published 428 days ago

Less than a week to go to the UK Investor Show and it promises to be far and away the best yet. If you’ve not booked a ticket you’d better hurry up – they are running out fast. Lob in the promo code SP10 and you’ll get a freebie investor class ticket  – you can’t say fairer than that! Looking down the list of companies present, I have already compiled a list of who I want to see and also what I am doing on the day.

Advanced Oncotherapy – first mover in the UK? Er….

Published 428 days ago

My thanks to two eagle-eyed ShareProphets readers who have posted in the comments sections of my pieces asking about AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) and its funding from Yantai Cipu in China, and the now expired, secured (on Advanced’s Harley Street premises), Blackfinch loan. We’ve still not heard a thing about either which is rapidly drawing me to a conclusion as to the answers. Not to worry: I’ll ask (for the fourth time) again tomorrow. But, with big hat-tips to Drunken Sailor and Daniel Victor, it seems that Advanced isn’t even getting over the line at Harley Street before two other proton therapy centres (one of which is up and running already) come on stream. It seems that first mover advantage has already been lost.

Advanced Oncotherapy – still no answer to my questions, but does the market know something I don’t?

Published 430 days ago

I have asked the same questions of AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) twice before but there has been nothing forthcoming from Advanced Towers. Here we go again, on the day that marks three weeks from the end of Advanced’s loan from Blackfinch, a loan which is secured on its Harley Street premises and a loan which has not yet been announced to have been paid back. Advanced may be coy about answering, but it seems the market has been voting with its feet.

Grafenia – equity raise to fund acquisitions… or is it?

Published 430 days ago

A 1:15pm announcement of a change of adviser from AIM-listed Grafenia (GRA). Hmmm, a strange time to announce that – though I note it accompanied with Issue of Equity

G3 Exploration, formerly Green Dragon Gas, and Greka Drilling - have you heard about the $12.5 million fine, the record falsifying and worse?

Published 430 days ago

Anyone owning shares in G3 Exploration (G3E), the howler formerly known as Green Dragon Gas, or Greka Drilling (GDL) is bonkers given that both companies are in a parlous financial state but also given their track record of swimming through seas of red flags. Remember the bloody dossier? Well here is another massive red flag from the sister company also run by Randeep S Grewal, California based Greka Oil & Gas.

Utilitywise – Woodford-backed dog down again on accounting update

Published 430 days ago

Shares in Utilitywise (UTW) are currently approaching 10% further lower, towards 30p, on the back of an update on the financial impact to it of accounting standard IFRS 15 (Revenue from Contracts with Customers), interpretations of which are mandatory for future accounting periods from the start of 2018…

Low & Bonar – reports Q1 revenue increase, why are the shares slumping?

Published 430 days ago

Low & Bonar (LWB) has updated commencing “group revenue has increased in the first quarter of the year, despite challenging market conditions in Europe and the USA, led by growth in both the Building & Industrial and Interiors & Transportation businesses”. I though note the shares already down from over 80p in October and currently a further circa 7% down today, heading towards 50p…

Solid State – “the success of the organic growth strategy is now in evidence”. Er, is it?!

Published 431 days ago

Trading Statement from manufacturer and distributor of electronics for use in harsh environments, Solid State (SOLI) commences that “the board is pleased to announce that the group profit before tax for the financial year 2017/18 will be in line with market consensus forecast at approximately £3 million. Year on year group revenue is expected to be slightly ahead of expectations at in excess of £45.5 million, close to 15% growth”. Sounds ok – and the shares have responded… er, currently around 25% lower to sub 300p?!?...

BREAKING - 700 Beaufort clients to lose money - all client funds frozen till September or later

Published 431 days ago

Nearly all clients of Beaufort Securites, now in adminstration, will end up losing nothing but will not get their cash and shares back until September at the earliest. But for 700 of the largest customers the news is not so good. They have today been told that their FSCS compensation, which is capped at £50,000, will not be enough to offset the steep charges being levied against client accounts by greedy fat cat administrators. 

SRT Marine Systems – “results reflect the excellent progress we have made”. Do they?

Published 431 days ago

Previously writing on SRT Marine Systems (SRT), I concluded in November with the shares at 36p to continue to avoid. They had subsequently slipped to around 20p – but are now recovering towards 25p on the back of a Year End Trading Update

Safestyle UK – following trading challenges, now Health & Safety ones

Published 433 days ago

Previously writing on Safestyle UK (SFE), “the leading UK-focused retailer and manufacturer of PVCu replacement windows and doors for the homeowner market”, last month it was lower profit on lower revenue, but a maintained dividend. Now an HSE Court Case Update

Nanoco Group – interims, what’s the “encouraging progress in commercialisation”?

Published 433 days ago

Self-styled “a world leader in the development and manufacture of cadmium-free quantum dots and other nano-materials”, Nanoco Group (NANO) has announced results for its half-year ended 31st January 2018, emphasising “encouraging progress in commercialisation, supported by a strengthened balance sheet”. Hmmm, let’s see how encouraging progress is...

Residential Care and Nursing Home fees - what are the rules?

Published 434 days ago

Given how ancient some members of the ShareProphets editorial team are (mentioning no names), this handy guide from David Scott of wealth manager Andrews Gwynne should be of interest to at least one person connected with this site....

GOLD Says "Peak Complacency"

Published 434 days ago

No one likes a whinger ... but I did find myself bemoaning the lack of quality news about precious metals AGAIN. Filling the news bucket on the world's favorite precious metals website -  is getting tougher and tougher every day. So it got me thinking ... is it really so ???

Carclo – FY trading and net debt “in line”… but what with?

Published 434 days ago

Injection moulding manufacturing company Carclo (CAR) “confirms that the group's trading for the year ended 31 March 2018 and the level of year-end net debt were in line with its expectations set at the time of the trading update on 15 January 2018”. Sounds ok, though what was that 15th January “trading update” again?...

Doctor, Doctor I Keep Thinking I'm a Property Developer. Then Have a Look at this Promising Share

Published 434 days ago

Hello, Share Movers. My 91-year-old aunt tells me that her old infant's school in Colwyn Bay has become her doctor’s surgery. More proof that life is a circle, I suppose. However, such conversions are rare. GP’s either struggle on in their old and probably outdated surgeries or they rent new purpose-built premises.

Advanced Oncotherapy – what of that Blackfinch loan (which was due on 24 March)?

Published 435 days ago

It is now a week into April, yet AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has not updated on its loan from Blackfinch which was due to be repaid – I thought – at the end of March. In fact, it appears that the loan matured on 24 March. Worse, the loan was secured on Advanced’s Harley Street site and, it seems, the equipment earmarked to be installed there. One wonders what would be left if Advanced lost that. Surely a statement is a fortnight overdue as to what is going on?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Possibly the best podcast ever - Sam Antar is the King

Published 436 days ago

Not this one but one I recorded yesterday with my pal the king fraudster Sam Antar who created the original Panama Pump. Sam was on fine form and I shall unleash that podcast in a couple of weeks time but it was awesome.  I pick up on a few themes from it and discuss Ascent Resources (AST), Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) - read Nigel's brilliant piece, about a company where I own 1 share so I can attend GMs,  HERE - and Strat Aero (AERO). If you like bearcasts then remember that at UK Investor on April 21 one of many highlights will be a live bearcast with myself and Paul Scott. Make sure you book a free ticket HERE using the promotional code WINNIFRITH.

Woodford’s Biotech Woes: Part 1 – Oxford Pharmascience / Abaco Capital

Published 436 days ago

I may have mentioned a few times that I thought Neil Woodford had lost his marbles when he went pretty much all-in on early-ish stage biotech stocks in recent years but although everyone will be aware of the high profile disasters such as Northwest Biotherapeutics and Circassia (CIR), I thought that I would highlight a couple more examples this weekend that hit my radar this week showing how difficult / impossible it can be to pick biotech winners. First up, the business formerly known as Oxford Pharmascience, now Abaco Capital (ABA).

Hurricane Energy is nearing first production, buy for the rise

Published 437 days ago

When it comes to anything on the operational front amongst smaller companies in the oil sector you tend to pretty much expect some delays and the directors are often over optimistic when it comes to timelines for delivering certain milestones.

Minoan – FY17 results (a week late…)

Published 437 days ago

AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) is one of my two share suggestions for 2018, and I hold the shares myself. This morning it released its FY results to last October: we had been promised them in March, but clearly the concept of under-promising and over-delivering simply hasn’t landed in this particular boardroom. However, there seems to be progress and although still promising jam-tomorrow, it does look as though the fleet of delivery lorries may be on the way (although from an unknown distance away).

ECSC Group – ‘Board Changes’ from what is another tale of AIM IPO shame. Good news then? Er…

Published 438 days ago

Writing on 2017 results from cyber security group ECSC (ECSC) last month I noted a significantly increased loss as planned investment was delivered but the planned growth not and a fast-depleting balance sheet. Today a “Board Changes” announcement. Good news then? Er, the shares have currently responded a further 25% lower on the day, to 75p…

Advanced Oncotherapy – are the wheels coming off the Yantai white knight bailout?

Published 439 days ago

Yesterday AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) announced that the Long Stop Date for the completion of a Distribution Agreement with Yantai Cipu, already extended to 31 March, had been exceeded but discussions were continuing. This deal also involves the payment of £16.5 million to Advanced and it seems the cash is yet to arrive – indeed I wonder if the £13.5 million subscription cash arrived. That in turn leaves me wondering, yet again, what the cash position at Advanced is – and what about the £5.5 million Blackfinch loan which should have been repaid at the end of March (and is secured)? Are the wheels coming off the white knight rescue? Surely a full statement is needed?

Topps Tiles – after Q1 “an encouraging start”, what about Q2?

Published 439 days ago

In January Topps Tiles (TPT) stated “an encouraging start to the new financial year with like-for-like sales in Q1 up by 3.4%”. Today a further Trading Update

Why I'm Not in a Feverish Rush to Buy this Seemingly Over-Fizzed Share

Published 439 days ago

Hello Share Masters. At the big UK Investor Show last time, Uncle Tom launched a big demo on stage to see if one brand of tonic water was better than the more common kind. I think he may have been surprised when all but one of the audience he dragged up voted that Fevertree (FEVR) tonic water tasted better than the other brand on offer.

Hornby – argues “we have managed to make a lot of progress”, BUT…

Published 440 days ago

Previously writing on hobby products company Hornby (HRN) it was results, ‘new strategy’ & fundraising - the latter at the prior closing share price of 29.5p. Though, also noting trading including “softer market demand over the summer months and increased competition in the important UK Independent channel”, I concluded that I’d continue to monitor but avoided the shares. Today a Trading Statement announcement…

Bankrupt Tesla – from anxiously watching to foot down panic. The optimists have had their day

Published 440 days ago

Shareholders saw fit to reward Musk the largest CEO pay package in the history of the world. This is precisely the type of behaviour that is only seen during periods of extreme irrationality when financial markets are at their peak… and poised for a serious correction.

I can see why the market was less than impressed with Providence's Barryroe farm-out

Published 441 days ago

Providence Resources (PVR) was once a favourite of AIM natural resources investors and speculators back in the heyday at the start of this decade, when any company finding potentially decent amounts of oil saw its share price rocket.

Gold – a few observations

Published 442 days ago

I have been a bit of a fan for gold stocks – through thick and thin – for perhaps too long. In hindsight I wish I’d sold out in 2011. However, I’ve been further chewing over the podcast from Pallisade Radio with Jordan Roy-Byrne which went up on ShareProphets since last week since my observation that gold stocks appeared to offer an opportunity.

The uranium market looks set for an upturn and Berkeley Energia will benefit - buy

Published 443 days ago

Berkeley Energia (BKY) was once one of the more popular shares on AIM, and there was plenty of interest as its share price rose steadily on speculation.

Woodford Patient Capital Trust: Surely this is a breach of Investment Policy?

Published 447 days ago

Further to my update piece last week, I’ve managed to take a closer look at the end-February portfolio of Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) and I just can’t make the numbers work. I can only assume that Woodford has breached his investment policy; let me explain.

Asiamet Resources continues to make good progress and remains a long-term hold

Published 447 days ago

When it comes to AIM mining companies, the majority of them will fail dismally and won’t even come close to producing anything or selling on their ‘assets’, but occasionally one does come through which looks like it could really make it. Contrary to popular belief, there are actually a few decent mining outfits listed on AIM – including an old favourite of mine which I have covered here a few times in the past, Central Asia Metals (CAML) – and I believe that if it carries on delivering as it has done up until now, then Asiamet Resources (ARS) could soon join that select club.

Exclusive: Sir Henry Bellingham MP (of 3DM infamy) reported to AIM Regulation as Pathfinder plans discounted placing

Published 449 days ago

Having blotted his AIM CV in a big way with his involvement in the £65 million AIM fraud 3DM - even after its first bollocking from the FSA, the FCA as was, the toff Tory MP Sir Henry Bellingham has now been reported to AIM Regulation over seedy plans for a discounted placing at Pathfinder Minerals (PFP)  which he is set to waive through to save his well paid job.

Grafenia – argues positioning to exploit ‘graphics sector convergence’… but for now it’s another trading warning!

Published 450 days ago

Though down from 16p+ in 2016, shares in Grafenia (GRA) had recovered from circa 7p in the summer to above 12p before a latest Trading Statement

Crawshaw – “Directorate Change and trading update”. Uh oh…

Published 451 days ago

In January, at above 10p, I concluded on Crawshaw Group (CRAW) that I don’t expect further detail to be encouraging and continued to avoid the shares. Today a “Directorate Change and trading update” announcement - and the shares currently approaching 30% lower on the day, around 4p…

Safestyle UK – 2017 results, mighty dividend yield an attraction - or a warning?

Published 451 days ago

Its shares having fallen from more than 300p less than 9 months ago to 90p, Safestyle UK (SFE), “the leading UK-focused retailer and manufacturer of PVCu replacement windows and doors for the homeowner market”, has announced 2017 calendar year results…

Woodford Patient Capital Trust: The Big Short (Feb updates: Equity Income Fund) – Astrazeneca jettisoned but balloon still sinking

Published 451 days ago

Well it only took until 22 March for the end-February portfolios to be updated for the various Woodford funds but quite a lot to cover so it’s a two-parter this month. I’m going to start by looking at Woodford’s valiant efforts in keeping his flagship fund, the Equity Income Fund, afloat. It’s not an easy task dealing with continual redemptions and he has had to ditch an old favourite to do so.

Utilitywise – Woodford-backed dog returns from suspension… along with a profit warning

Published 452 days ago

Previously writing on Utilitywise (UTW) it was as the Woodford-backed dog currently suspended as unable to publish audited accounts, updates. The shares are today trading again after publication at last of results for the company’s year ended 31st July 2017!...

Falcon Media House: Oh dear – directors quit and a massive funding hole found!

Published 454 days ago

It’s clearly one of those weeks where chickens (or falcons) come home to roost as the wheels have well and truly come off at Falcon Media House (FAL) this week and it looks like the inevitable is starting, only two years after I started warning about it HERE.

Ilika – collaboration agreement, argues “large global markets” potential but still cash crunch first?

Published 454 days ago

Ilika (IKA) has announced a collaboration with PragmatIC and Arm Holdings to further progress development in ultra-thin and flexible semiconductor technology for mass market applications - and the shares have currently responded higher above 24p. So what’s the detail?...

Wood Group - tip of the year update

Published 454 days ago

Time to check in with my favoured UK energy and related sector play Wood Group (WG.) which, some of you may recall, I named as one of my tips of the year for 2018. The rationale was basically twofold. First, higher energy prices naturally improve the environment for most corporate names servicing the sector. Meanwhile second, the company had significant self-help sourced from the synergies it could gain from its increasingly timely looking acquisition of Amec FosterWheeler. Beefing up exposure and market share as a sector is coming off the bottom is typically a good probability way to create shareholder value. So how is it getting on?

DX Group – update from another high-yield AIM IPO disaster from Zeus Capital

Published 455 days ago

Having commented on the further “AIM IPO shame (thanks AGAIN Zeus Capital!)” from Accrol Group (ACRL) earlier, I note also an announcement today from DX Group (DX.) – shares down from a 2014 100p per share AIM IPO to a current sub 7.5p. Nomad and broker on the listing?...

Paul Scott says Conviviality Refinancing could be at as low as 30p

Published 455 days ago

Having filled his boots with shares in Conviviality (CVR) the day before they were suspended pending clarification, the UK's top share blogger now reports that a rescue bailout could be at as little as 30p. 

Buying ahead of the crowd is generally a good idea

Published 455 days ago

Citing the law of diminishing returns, Dr Lacy Hunt has demonstrated how more and more debt is being required to boost global output and stop economies shuddering to a halt due to all the strains tearing then in two. In 2007, global debt was 276% of global GDP. Today, global debt is 327% of global GDP. In 2007, a dollar in debt generated 37 cents in GDP growth. In 2017, a dollar in debt created only 31 cents in GDP. The reason is clearly, every increasing amount of debt is not sustainable in the long term, but 2008 appears to have been forgotten in the hedonistic rush of money for free printing, which enables the party to continue and for the ever-ballooning consequences to be kicked down the road, for now.

Hard to see how Weatherly will escape drowning in a sea of debt

Published 455 days ago

One of ShareProphets regular readers, Wildrides, has asked me to take a look at Weatherly International (WTI), and as I do follow the mining sector quite closely, I am happy to give my thoughts on the company.

BT – I’m in (blame Chris Bailey!)

Published 456 days ago

Looking down my shopping list for dividend munchers in the wake of our mini-crash (see HERE) I see fully listed BT (BT.A) on a yield of 6.82%. I’m no expert in these large-caps (so this is NOT a tip!), but that seemed pretty tasty to me and worth a bit of a look – my first port of call being what the ShareProphets large-cap professor, Chris Bailey, had to say (see HERE). 

Master Investor - the photos of a washout that asset stripper Jim Mellon is desperate you do not see

Published 456 days ago

If anyone from Jim Mellon's organisation wishes to visit UK Investor Show we give them admittance. But Jim's minions are desperate to stop us from seeing what a shambles and disaster his event yesterday has become. While Mellon's henchmen stopped Darren Atwater from attending we got another photographer in and what she produced shows why Mellon is so desperate to hide the ghastly truth about his heavily loss making event.

Notes from Underground: Malcolm's other horrors

Published 456 days ago

It's been an ongoing trope on this site to note when mainstream media ties itself into knots trying to avoid mentioning the word ShareProphets. Instead, they tend to refer to our dozen writers as a 'blogger' or, in more convoluted cases, as 'an Italian newspaper.' But finally! We have a brave newspaper, the Western Telegraph, in Haverfordwest has referred to our name in full. No wonder that they were named the best weekly newspaper in Wales.

Why It Might Be a No-Brainer to Subscribe Here before the End of the Financial Year

Published 457 days ago

Hello, Share Walkers. Anyone not subscribing the measly £5.99 a month to reap all the trading advantages of this beautiful website is probably taking an unacceptable risk. Especially at this time of year, when you still have a chance to sell your losers to cut your capital gains bill.

OneView Group – ‘Short Term Loan Facility’ (again!)… What beyond this?

Published 458 days ago

I’ve been warning on OneView Group (ONEV) since it went from “remains confident” in September 2016 to “likely to be below market expectations” the following month! The shares had then been hit to below 4p… But they’re now circa 12p aren’t they? A September 2017 10-to-1 share consolidation though needs to be factored in - and today there’s a 10:21am Short Term Loan Facility announcement…

Ariana Resources - cracking update shares unmoved...they will

Published 458 days ago

Under promise and over deliver is what every adviser tells every company listing on AIM. One might say that Ariana (AAU) has not kept to that script with perfection since it listed all those years ago back in the black and white era. But as we move though 2018 with the 50% owned Red Rabbit mine now operational Ariana is doing what it should as we saw in a cracking operational update this week.

Hero Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon slams the CBI, The Guardian, FT and others for more Brexit lying on trade & food prices

Published 458 days ago

Once again Tim Martin, the boss of JD Wetherspoon (JDW) is my hero of the day using the occasion of half year results to lay into big business and the lying liberal deadwood press for misleading us all about Brexit. The great man opines:

Berkeley Energia – tip of the year update

Published 459 days ago

One of my two tips of the year, Berkeley Energia (BKY), has announced half-year results – these for its period ended 31st December 2017…

Zinc Media – half-year trading “mixed”, reason for second half confidence?

Published 459 days ago

I’ve previously cautioned on shares in Zinc Media (ZIN) - most recently HERE, and note they currently approaching 17% lower today, towards 0.60p, on the back of a half-year results announcement…

Minoan - double good news... but far from discounted in share price

Published 459 days ago

Things are, at last, happening at Minoan (MIN) in a way that will create value for shareholders.

Alumasc – profit warning… & what it means for forecasts

Published 460 days ago

Trading Statement announcement from building products group Alumasc (ALU) was noted in Tom’s Bearcast today. What’s the detail and broker forecast response?...

Brokerman Dan literally robbed in new ADVFN awards - surely he had a hat-trick in the bank?

Published 460 days ago

ADVFN (AFN) has today published its list of big advertisers on its website, oops I meant to say its awards for outstanding contributions to financial services. As ever I take the list of winners with the gravity that is merited. They really are the cornerstone of the financial calendar these days. But one fact screams out at me: BrokerMan Dan Levi was on a hat-trick as share blogger of the year - surely he had the title in the bank. But he's been robbed. 

Anyone Daring to Invest in Oil From Russia Might Like the Perky Prospects of this Company

Published 460 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. Sure, Russia isn’t the flavour of the month following the hoo-hah about the allegedly poisoned ex-secret agent and his daughter. But my humble experience of companies operating in countries which are currently controversial is that the share price can be held artificially low. And the effects of all news stories don’t always last forever.

ECSC Group – 2017 results, further share price decline – you were warned

Published 461 days ago

Cyber security services group ECSC (ECSC) has announced results for 2017 including noting “corporate decision-making cycles have been longer than anticipated”, but with CEO Ian Mann arguing “following a year of transformation, ECSC now has a platform to pursue the opportunity in the cyber security market”. Hmmm…

Minoan updates (at last!) on sale of Travel division and Cavo Sidero. Buy

Published 461 days ago

No-one could ever accuse AIM-listed Minoan (MIN) of doing anything quickly, but this morning’s announcement appears to suggest that things are finally moving. It is still speculative (both in terms of whether two deals happen, and how long they’ll take) but the shares are a buy.

Escape Hunt – site opening ‘delight’… so why are the shares somewhat depressed?

Published 462 days ago

‘Escape the room’ games company Escape Hunt (ESC) is “delighted” to announce the opening of an owner-operated site in Bristol and “excited about the further openings in the coming months”. However, the shares are a currently unchanged 113.5p – down from a 135p May AIM admission. Hmmm…

Tom Winnifrith bearcast: No Luke you are wrong - it is because Jamie Oliver as an A grade a'hole

Published 463 days ago

In today's bearcast I look at the writings of Ian Cowie in the Sunday papers and his cunning scheme to avoid IHT by losing all your money and his patronising view that journalists know better and can be trusted. A bit like Estate Agents and MPs then? I then discuss Luke Johnson's view that we are celebrating the business woes of Jamie Oliver because we envy him. Luke is not all wrong but overlooks the fact that Oliver is a patronising A grade A'hole.

The Seven Mythical Wonders (March update) – EVR Holdings could be inching ahead in this tortoise v tortoise marathon

Published 463 days ago

It’s time for my monthly look at this motley selection of AIM wannabes. A few positive pointers but they all remain resolutely out of reach for the time being; although after a false start at Vast Resources, I sense the wonder VR app at EVR Holdings is taking the lead.

Conviviality – from current year “confidence” to “approximately 20% below current market expectations” in less than 6 weeks!

Published 464 days ago

Having in end-January results stated “confidence for both achieving current year board expectations, as well as the group's longer-term performance”, a 3:07pm “Trading update” from Conviviality (CVR)…

Fulham Shore – an intra-day (3:36pm) “Trading Statement”. Uh oh…

Published 465 days ago

Previously writing on The Real Greek and Franco Manca operator Fulham Shore (FUL) in September it was ANOTHER restaurant group profit warning. Yesterday afternoon (3:36pm) saw a “Trading Statement” announcement from the company. Uh oh…

Renold – another profit warning, house broker right to ‘remain positive’?

Published 465 days ago

Writing on industrial chains and related power transmission products supplier Renold (RNO) in October it was Again “Trading Update” = Profit Warning. Now another “Trading Update” announcement…

Atom Bank: Huge funding round – a good result for Woodford for once

Published 466 days ago

I do try to be balanced from time to time and despite all his troubles, there’s been a few green shoots for Neil Woodford in relation to Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) in recent weeks, most notably with a substantial round at Atom Bank…….although much more funding is still required.

Equiniti - you know the name

Published 467 days ago

Another day, another bunch of UK corporate earnings results. I see one of the FTSE-100's most complex companies Rolls-Royce (RR.) punched out some thoughts which have caused the shares to romp. I am still long the stock but the sentiment that I noted in this piece way back in time still holds. This is a long cycle stock because of all those lagged cash flows from aeroplane engines and should return to ten quid plus over time.

Cambria Automobiles – “well placed to continue to deliver on its strategy”, so why are the shares down again?

Published 467 days ago

Although already down from more than 80p in May 2016 towards 60p, shares in automobiles dealerships group Cambria (CAMB) are presently further lower on the back of a trading update including “trading in line with market expectations” and concluding “the board believes that the group is well placed to continue to deliver on its strategy of enhancing the group's portfolio”. Hmmm…

You really should care about this, it will affect you and your family in more ways than you would ever really want it to do so

Published 469 days ago

The world is on the brink of the most dramatic trade confrontation of modern times after President Donald Trump openly threatened “trade wars” as a tool of US policy, prompting warnings of full retaliation by major powers across the world. The world powers have been at cyber war for years, but this new chapter opens up a new front, who’s impact on you will be much worse than a slow internet connection to your favorite social media feed.

Big Sofa – Big Fundraise at a Big Premium, Company chat

Published 472 days ago

Tom Winnifrith and Cynical Bear have been battling it out over AIM-listed Big Sofa (BST) for a fair while. Cynical worries about the company running short of cash, Tom is interested in the growth and points to the fact that Sofa is about to turn profitable (according to the company). In the middle of all this, I have a few shares myself and have been wondering what to do (and so did nothing!)

OneView Group – do latest updates support this as “leading provider” to the retail industry?

Published 472 days ago

Previously writing on OneView Group (ONEV), it was ramptastic “Commencement of Australia Post Project” RNS. Wonder why? This week has now seen Short Term Loan Facility and CEO Appointment announcements…

Milestone Group – what’s in the Annual Report? Ah yes, the Auditor’s report!

Published 473 days ago

I had a flick through the 2017 Annual Report released by AIM-listed Milestone Group (MSG) yesterday. Having noted the missing auditor’s statement in the results RNS, let’s see what it says.

Tandem Group – shares up on 2017 “significantly ahead of the prior year”… but what about 2018?

Published 473 days ago

Sports, leisure and mobility equipment group Tandem (TND) has updated on trading – and the shares are currently 18% higher to 115p in response. Should be good then…

Plastics Capital – as anticipated, second half weighting… but enough?

Published 473 days ago

Shares in niche manufacturer of specialist plastic products, Plastics Capital (PLA) slipped from 126p towards 120p in December on the back of half-year results including “the board expects profits before taxation, to be marginally below consensus market expectations”, though “we anticipate a significant uplift in profitability during the second half of the financial year which should benefit from the seasonal demand upswing and new business coming on stream”. There’s now a trading update…

Milestone Group – Black Cactus watered down (or is it a graceful exit)?

Published 473 days ago

Yesterday afternoon two RNSs came out from AIM-listed Milestone Group (MSG). At 4pm we were notified that the 2017 Annual Report had been published, as had the AGM Notice. But at 3.07pm a rather more interesting announcement was issued regarding Black Cactus. Yes folks, that’s the one we’ve been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for. You will no doubt remember that Black Cactus is the outfit of Larry (who has not got an Oxford Maths Degree) Cummins, and that Milestone had agreed a deal with it whereby it would get a few quid in commission and new shares worth 29.5% of the company. Now we are told:

This Far-Flung Copper Caper Could Bring in the Sheaves

Published 473 days ago

Hello Share Scoopers. There's quite a bit of interest these days by we armchair tycoons in mining tiddlers. This is rather surprising, as many of us are still smarting from the beating this sector had over the last five years. Even gold has failed to become much more valuable, even at a time when the world economy has been - and still is - shaky.

Safestyle UK – hopefully prior warnings heeded as it’s “materially below” expectations again

Published 474 days ago

Around eleven months ago, it was suggested to bank profits in windows and doors retailer and manufacturer Safestyle UK (SFE) with the shares around 300p. I then noted my wariness of the valuation in relation to prospective earnings much enhanced at around 290p HERE and further cautioned at 225p HERE, 170p HERE and 164p HERE. The shares closed yesterday at 152p and today a further Trading Update

Dillistone Group – “GatedTalent signs 100th client contract” announcement. Ramptastic?

Published 475 days ago

“GatedTalent signs 100th client contract”-entitled announcement from recruitment industry software group Dillistone (DSG). Sounds ramptastic, let’s take a look…

Crimson Tide – argues “very encouraged by our growth”... but what does the valuation demand?

Published 475 days ago

Crimson Tide (TIDE) “is pleased to provide this trading update for the year ended 31 December 2017, and to bring the market up to date on its plans for continued expansion”. Hmmm, almost two months after the year-end – and with the previous such update not having been since September-announced half-year results…

Yet another pump and dump playing out on Nu-Oil and Gas

Published 475 days ago

Nu-Oil and Gas (NUOG) seems to be one of those AIM shares which periodically finds favour with private investors, despite never actually having achieved anything of note other than burning through investors cash over the years.

Dialight – 2017 results, argues “confident of delivering future growth” – but is this justified?

Published 476 days ago

Industrial LED lighting technology company, Dialight (DIA) has announced results including “we remain excited by the group's prospects over the medium to long term and are confident of delivering future growth”. Hmmm, what about now then?...

Eckoh – “US Contract Win and Partnership”, but set for a step-change in earnings growth?

Published 476 days ago

Eckoh (ECK) has announced it “has secured a four-year contract to provide its Secure Payments solution, CallGuard, to a US Fortune 250 retailer, and a partnership with a global payments solutions company in the US”. Sounds good, what’s the detail?...

There is nothing natural about the stability of the past 9 years

Published 476 days ago

Global central bankers are focusing on tightening monetary policy rather than pacifying nervous financial markets. That was the message for investors this week from the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank and Bank of England. Officials in the Philippines and India also sent hawkish signals.

Even at the current lows it is hard to see value in the People's Operator

Published 476 days ago

The People’s Operator (TPOP) is one of those AIM companies where it is hard to see how it will survive in the longer term, and unless things somehow alter dramatically, the recent changes will only delay the inevitable.

Imminent Blizzards Deny Normal Research, So Here Are Three Shares I Fly by the Seat of My Pants

Published 476 days ago

Hello Share Tricksters. I'm stuck in the grim north at the mo, threatened with the Beast from the East. Luckily, I have my Vest from the West. As the certainty of snow keeps me away from my usual research bank, I thought I might bring to your notice my three most-likely-to-succeed shares at the moment, without reliance on balance sheets, fundamentals and all the other harder signals favoured by my more learned colleagues on this heart-warming website.

David Scott's Guide to giving to charities in a tax efficient manner

Published 477 days ago

Okay so you may up paying for some Guardian reader to use under-age hookers in the third world but some charities really are the good guys and those tend to be the ones starved of resources. At UK Investor Show this year we will again be flagging up the excellent work of the charity I support, Woodlarks, which is very much worthy of your support. So if he are going to back a charity, how to do it in a tax efficient manner. Over to David Scott of Andrews Gwynne for this handy guide.

Neil Woodford gets blow-job write up in Daily Mail - shameful journalism but look at the reader comments!

Published 477 days ago

"Why Woodford has NOT lost his magic touch... despite UK's star stock picker seeing a series of huge bets going wrong spectacularly". So screams the headline on a leading article by Paul Thomas in the Daily Mail. I suppose it depends on how you define magic? If you mean it is making things ( like other people's money) disappear then indeed, Nomates is still the King. Why was this article written?

Interserve – slipping again. Has it mortgaged itself too far?

Published 478 days ago

I haven’t commented on fully listed Interserve (IRV) for a while. This, of course, is another outsourcing company doing our blessed government’s good works for it – and, like Carillion (RIP) is struggling with its debt (albeit we are to believe to a lesser extent). It is also a company which has delivered less than complete clarity. But it is under new management. So I wonder why the shares (now down to just 64.9p to sell as at Friday’s close) have again been slipping.

Top Ways to Protect Yourself Again a Share Crash.

Published 478 days ago

Hello, Share Carriers. Even a raging bull like myself has to accept that sooner or later shares will crash to more realistic levels. There was a scare in that unhappy direction a couple of weeks back, but it seems to have been a false alarm. That doesn’t mean that the real thing - a proper crash - doesn’t continue to threaten us. So what should we do to preserve our assets now?

Berkeley Energia & Goldplat – tip of the year updates

Published 479 days ago

In December, I detailed my share tips of the year for 2018; uranium-focused Berkeley Energia (BKY) and precious metals company Goldplat (GDP). The following updates…

Stanley Gibbons – Proposed Refinancing including vastly discounted equity… but good news?

Published 479 days ago

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced a Proposed Refinancing, including raising £6.2 million at 2.5p per share… and the shares have currently responded more than 15% higher on yesterday, above 5.5p…

Zytronic – AGM Trading Update, valuation still look little (if any) better than fair enough?

Published 480 days ago

I previously wrote on touch sensors company Zytronic (ZYT) in December, concluding then that a circa 500p share price looked little, if any, better than fair enough. There is now an update on the first four months of its current financial year…

73 Mind-Blowing Implications of Driverless Cars and Trucks - car crash ahead for the AA, BCA and others?

Published 480 days ago

Hat tip to Andrew Monk of VSA for spotting this paper from Hult Business School. It does give you food for thought. Certainly why would anyone invested in a heavily indebted business with bigg exposure to the carrying value of cars as we known them ( Northgate or BCA Marketplace for example) or the AA? Maybe Neil Woodford should read this and ponder before he buys any more shares in the AA or BCA? 

Neil Woodford’s Cheltenham Festival Prize Quiz

Published 480 days ago

Loyal readers will know that I, like Mr Woodford, love a quiz and with my favourite week of the year fast approaching, I thought I’d run a (simpler) quiz with a Cheltenham-related prize. There’s only two questions, so I’m hoping for more than one entrant this time!

Flowgroup – from has working capital “to grow” to working capital funding having been required in 5 months!

Published 481 days ago

Previously writing on energy services company Flowgroup (FLOW) in December I concluded there looks much to do, including noting potential working capital support required. There’s now a Funding Facility and Related Party Transaction announcement…

Hardide – emphasises “positive” & “confident”, but when’s the jam to be delivered?

Published 482 days ago

Having risen above 2p in 2014 and then declined to commence 2017 at well below 1p, last year saw a recovery in shares in surface coating technology company Hardide (HDD). It’s now updated in conjunction with its AGM…

Ariana Resources - company chat

Published 483 days ago

Following a company chat with Ariana Resources (AAU), I thought I would report back on a few things which came up...

Idex - yet another Woofdog Norwegian money pit! Is Neil actually Montgomery Brewster in disguise?

Published 484 days ago

I would urge anyone interested in these Woodford stock stories to read the sister Norwegian piece relating to Thin Film Electronics first as the similarities are astounding but it is worth covering Idex in its full glory. Yet another horror show.

Plant Impact – “pleased to announce” recommended offer, should it be?

Published 486 days ago

“The boards of Croda Europe and Plant Impact are pleased to announce that they have reached agreement on the terms of a unanimous recommended cash offer” for Plant Impact (PIM)… of 10.57p per share. Hmmm, “pleased to announce hey…

Red Leopard – no deal and delisted…..but, but Aberdeenman you promised!

Published 486 days ago

Despite the fact that LSE’s favourite ramper was telling everyone that would listen that it would be multi-bagging for fun at Red Leopard Holdings (RLH), it bowed to the inevitable today and announced that it hadn’t managed to get the deal done within the six months’ time limit and its listing will be cancelled. It will keep trying, mind.

Zinc Media – a ‘new’ CEO… more than 19 months after the last!

Published 486 days ago

At the start of July 2016 it was announced that CEO Mark Wood would be stepping down with immediate effect. Now, TV and multimedia content producer Zinc Media (ZIN) “is pleased to announce the appointment of David Galan as Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect”. Hmmm, what’s the story here?...

The under-performing FTSE100: an opportunity?

Published 487 days ago

Yesterday I listed 30 of the FTSE100 with high enough yields to interest me, noting that the yield on the FTSE100 as a whole was substantially higher than 30-year US treasuries and a country mile ahead of 30-year gilts. Of course, having a big yield doesn’t make them a buy automatically – just for starters, is the yield sustainable? But now I want to compare the performance of the FTSE100 with other indices around the world. It makes for a striking comparison.

Footasylum – what growth to expect following recent AIM listing?

Published 487 days ago

I reviewed Footasylum (FOOT) on its November AIM listing being followed with a director buy announcement, concluding cautiously with the shares then at 209.5p. They would go on to commence 2018 at more than 250p, but are currently back to just over 200p…

So Much Potential, So Little Share Value. A Buying Opportunity Here, Gang?

Published 487 days ago

Hello, Shares Lovelies. It’s time to revisit a favourite penny share of mine. Though it’s not exactly repaid my loyalty in the last year. Nevertheless, I feel that, given its potential and support in 40 countries, the present lowly share price is unfair.

EXPLOSIVE: LinkedIn censors John Galt but I publish "Julie Meyer: A history of scandal and lawsuits" #Metootech

Published 488 days ago

An ex employee of Ariadne Capital, terming him self John Galt after the Ayn Rand character has already exposed the truth behind the myth that is First Tuesday. In his second post on LinkedIn he now exposed the series of scandals and lawsuits that have marked the career of Julie Meyer MBE of Ariadne.  His punishment, someone complained and his account has been suspended. Luckily I copied the posting before that happened and so since I really am a free speech supporting libertarian unlike some folks I could mention...

Market “crashing”: a few thoughts and 30 interesting yields for dividend munchers

Published 488 days ago

Warren Buffett always tells us that his intended investment holding period is forever, that he buys stocks he would be happy to hold if the market closed down for five years. I guess, then, if you’re  Warren Buffett then the market travails of the last few days won’t bother you. If you’re not Mr Buffett I offer a few thoughts.

Intercede – argues “strategically important” contract award… though still how’s the balance sheet?

Published 488 days ago

Cybersecurity group Intercede (IGP) has announced a New Contract Award, which it emphasises “is a strategically important project that exploits many of the new technologies Intercede has developed over the last two years”...

This time it is unlikely that the US Fed will ride to the rescue

Published 490 days ago

Despite the current correction, the market is still in a tremendous bubble that is nowhere close to being fully unwound. Your Pension portfolio and therefore your retirement remains at risk.

Sack Nick Trew CEO of Pathfinder Minerals

Published 490 days ago

Richard Jennings of Align Research is, to his credit, a great Hellenophile and an even greater ailurophile. He also have some views which are pretty nutso. But his stern words on Nick Trew the CEO of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) are ones that I have real sympathy with. Jennings reckons that it is black bag time for Trew and is prepared to call an EGM to get his way. I support his call to oust Trew and would urge all shareholders to contact him on the address below to set the wheels in motion. Over to the cat lover who writes:

Randgold can overcome the problems in the Congo - buy

Published 491 days ago

It isn’t often that I look at shares in a FTSE100 company and can easily see a very high chance of a 25% or more gain in share price over the coming months.

Escher Group - 185p per share recommended offer, a “substantial premium”… Really?!

Published 492 days ago

Escher Group (ESCH) has announced a 185p per share recommended offer, with Chairman Nick Winks emphasising “this cash offer with its substantial premium is a good outcome for our shareholders - given the uncertainty inherent in our customers' spending patterns and traditional one-off licence based business model, as well as the need to invest further in the business”.. Wait a minute though Nick, the shares were over 300p in 2014 and over 200p as recently as October! And...

Woodford’s Whack-A-Mole is getting out of control – could be game over pretty quickly

Published 492 days ago

CityAM announced earlier this week that Woodford’s Equity Income Fund had lost a billion quid in funds since the start of the year down to £7.2 billion. This has huge consequences for all his funds and I’m not sure he has enough arms to suppress all the troublesome blind burrowing mammals raising their heads above ground. For the avoidance of doubt, I am referring to metaphorical moles at this point rather than Woodford’s investment diligence team. Let me explain.

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