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£140m scandal - The High Street Group goes bust: Now 6/6 on explicit mini-bond warnings from the Sheriff and the FCA did fuck all on all 6

…and Finance Plc 6 January 2019 30 January 2019 Blackmore Bond 3 February 2019 22 April 2020 Wellesley Finance …

The High Street Group – administration postponed for now, FCA useless as ever

…five, four being London and Capital Finance, Blackmore Bond, Bassett & Gold and Buy 2 Let Cars and all in … Group.  With London and Capital Finance, Blackmore Bond and Bassett & Gold, commissions of up to 25% …

We warned about SIX high profile mini-bond schemes – now another of the suspect six goes bust, another FCA fail

…warnings about London & Capital Finance, Blackmore Bond, Bassett and Gold, Buy 2 Let Cars, The High …

BREAKING: The FCA fecking up again, the next Mini Bond catastrophe: The High Street Group – is that a fat Lady I see approaching?

…offered by London & Capital Finance Plc and Blackmore Bond Plc (two failed mini bond lenders where we issued …

Wellesley Finance – finally admits it is bust: 4 kills out of 4 for the Sheriff of mini-bonds, more disgrace for FCA

…with London and Capital Finance Plc, then Blackmore Bond Plc, and finally Bassett & Gold Plc with the …

Blackmore Bond goes bust – another mini bond scam bites the dust: usless FCA still failing badly

…of the 4 are now in administration. Predictably, Blackmore Bond has bitten the dust. That makes c£320 … and Finance Plc 6 January 2019 30 January 2019 Blackmore Bond 3 February 2019 22 April 2020 Wellesley Finance …

MAJOR EXPOSE: The High Street Group – a Potemkin Village of a Group: another multi million mini bond scandal?

…& Capital Finance (now in administration), Blackmore Bond Plc (now in default on interest payments), …

The Mini bond crisis: So Blackmore customers think they are insured?

Blackmore Bond which is delaying interest payments to clients, … I suspect the FCA approved broker who issued the Blackmore Bond Prospectus wanted proof that Blackmore had the … have fitted that bill. The bottom line is that if Blackmore bond holders think the insurance policy will save …

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: I really am going to have to go to the FRC about this one

…(DEV), Tissue Regenix (TRX) and, once again, at Blackmore Bond a mini bond car crash which appears imminent and …

Blackmore Bond – timber! Now that it is too late will the FCA finally wake up?

…and we have flagged up a number of times that Blackmore Bond is likely to be the next scheme to topple. Here …
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