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Is it Better To be Short A Stock Promotion Or A Total Fraud?

…is gratifying to be short of Total Frauds (Globo, Cloudtag, MySqur etc.), it is easier to be short a Stock …

Toople & the DMS deal: the questions are mounting

…are a couple more for financial advisor Cairn, of Cloudtag infamy, to ignore completely. Toople is buying …

The Bulletin Board Moron of the week winner is surely ADVFN's paedo guy?

…as you can see HERE. I particularly liked the Cloudtag (CTAG) morons, the triumph of hope over …
Father Christmas

The ShareProphets share tips of the year 2020 - No 12 a sell from Tom Winnifrith

During the first seven days of Christmas each of the team will serve up two share tips (buys or sells). I will serve up 4. That makes 20 in total. Enjoy our share tips of the year 2020. Twelfth up is a SELL from myself, Tom Winnifrith, who has no position in the shares in both of the companies mentioned below.


Meet The AIM Clown - additional evidence that the biggest morons on AIM now own Eurasia

…has taken on the mantle of companies such as Cloudtag, Bidstack and Quindell of having the sort of …

After whacky placing, is AFC Energy the biggest short on AIM? It must be close…

…of the Bulletin Board posts this smells just like Cloudtag although obviously it is not a Norfolk. Natch. I …

The most moronic of the morons - cites Cloudtag as a reason to buy Iconic

…read this website will remember that the fraud Cloudtag (CTAG) did not shut us up. As you can see HERE we … our numerous articles which did not "bad mouth" Cloudtag they exposed it as a slam dunk 100% gold plated …

The Sheikh on the Make, hapless Nomad Cairn and the insider dealing – an aide memoire

…Hapless Nomad Cairn Financial of Cloudtag (CTAG) infamy has been contacted by both email …

Letter to Nomad Cairn Financial re ADM Energy: why were you party to deception and are you contacting the FCA

…their anger should be Nomad Cairn Financial, of Cloudtag infamy, to whom I have written today cc’ing …
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