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Finablr – A House of cards?

Published 29 days ago

The Times suggests that Muddy Waters may be kicking itself for not shorting both London-listed stocks from the stable of Dr Bavaguthu Raghuram Shetty. Whist its short on NMC Health (NMC) may be doing well enough, Shetty’s other vehicle – Finablr (FIN) has been having a torrid time, with the shares halving since December. Finablr has only been on the market since last May, but scratch the surface and there are many questions which look like Red Flags to me jumping out.

Cloudbuy – ouzo time as it proposes to depart AIM

Published 46 days ago

I have been bearish on AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) for an age and you have been repeatedly warned and warned. Today it has proposed to depart the AIM Casino to save money... and because it can’t raise any more cash. Oh, and business isn’t so good. And most of the directors are off too. Time for an Ouzo: it is thank you and goodnight...

Top 50 most-read articles and podcasts on the Quindell fraud - this is going to get very topical again soon

Published 91 days ago

A couple of conversations last week make me convinced that the day when the SFO brings the Quindell (QPP) fraudsters to book for what was a £3 billion con is not that long away. We know that the fraudster in chief, Rob Terry, emerged terrified from his second interview with the SFO in July, as I revealed HERE, and that the SFO has been on the case for almost six years. I believe the wheels of justice are finally starting to turn and in that vein bring you a reminder of our 50 most read articles and listened to podcasts on AIM's biggest ever fraud. I should also say that new documents have fallen into my possession that the authorities do not yet have. They will get them this week AFTER I publish them here as they are explosive. Meanwhile back to the top 50. Enjoy!

Notes from Underground - Burford runs the length of the leaderboard

Published 197 days ago

Wow. if one excludes ShareProphets radio, Seven out of the top 10 stories were Burford, including the top four. If this stories isn't worth your monthly subscription fee, I don't know what is.  Our number 2 story was a Friday scoop for Tom. The Sunday Times today reports it as big "news"....only two days off the pace at the deadwood press..

IQE – In the dock as the Equities First scandal re-emerges with an incomplete and therefore misleading statement

Published 202 days ago

We have not heard from Equities First Holdings (EFH) for a while, but regular ShareProphets readers may remember the scandal which emerged five years ago whereby directors of AIM companies announced they were buying shares when, if fact, they were selling vast numbers of them to EFH with the right, but not the obligation, to buy them back. Such fine enterprises as Rob Terry fraud Quindell (QPP – now Watchstone), Igas (IGAS, under Andrew “piggy” Austin), Cloudbuy (CBUY), Angle (AGL), Optimal Payments (OPP) and, of course, IQE (IQE) were all dragged in. Well now Drew Nelson, CEO of IQE has done another deal with EFH – and the announcement stinks. Has the company learned nothing from last time, when all of the above companies had to restate and restate again?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the stink of Equities First returns to IQE, a very bad death spiral at Iconic & you cannot be Sirius

Published 202 days ago

There are dramatic events today at the Greek Hovel. More on that elsewhere and later. In the podcast I look at IQE (IQE) and Equitites First Holdings, at Iconic Labs  (ICON), the SVS fallout, Vela (VELA) and Tertiary Minerals (TYM) and at Sirius Minerals (SXX). And also at share options in general and why I oppose them in all cases.

Notes from Underground: Who do you trust?

Published 596 days ago

This week, I just wanted to run a little poll of which news outlets that you find most trustworthy. Not for City news: that'd be Shareprophets vs everyone else. But from which news websites do you trust their news stories?

Angus Energy – pure comedy as the ghost of Equities First Holdings comes back to haunt the AIM casino c/o Roland "Fatty" Cornish

Published 601 days ago

It is hard to know whether to laugh or to cry but it seems that the CEO of Angus Energy (ANGS), Jonathan Tidswell-Pretorious seems to have lost a stack of his shareholding in his company and, inadvertently, his range of advisers (led by London’s worst Nomad Beaumont Cornish) have misled investors. What a clusterfuck.

Sell the IQE Rally at 133p

Published 730 days ago

Shares in tech wafer supplier IQE (IQE) have been on a tear recently - after the company has been the subject of not one but two short reports which questioned the accounting treatment of two joint ventures it set up in 2014.

Cloudbuy – warns on revenue, when will the cash run out?

Published 760 days ago

AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) issued a trading statement yesterday in relation to the full year to December 2017. The good news is that bullshit earnings (EBITDA) will be broadly in line – ie a slight miss – at around half that of the previous year. The bad news is that revenues are below expectations. Uh-oh.

Avingtrans – Equities First is back

Published 760 days ago

It has been a while, but it seems that the hoods from Equities First Holdings LLC are back once again: AIM-listed Avingtrans (AVG) announced on Tuesday that one of its NEDs, Mr Ewan Lloyd-Baker, is handing over 300,000 shares for a two year loan. The text of the RNS (just as with Igas, Cloudbuy, IQE, Quindell, Optimal Payments (as was) and Angle) again fails to point out that from Mr Lloyd-Baker’s point of view the deal is non-recourse so he can throw in the towel at any time if things go wrong.

Octagonal – CEO Gunn in an EFH-style deal? Is there trouble in the boiler room?

Published 796 days ago

Yesterday AIM-listed Octagonal (OCT) released a Director’s Dealings RNS. Nothing unusual about that, you might think, but the text was announcing that CEO John Gunn was taking a loan secured against his shares in the company. Is he doing an Equities First type of deal?

Notes from Underground: Here's a buy recommendation: invest in moped shares

Published 926 days ago

London has a real table problem. At least the outdoor ones, and I don't see Mayor Sadiq Khan putting any effort into it.

Equities First – the £18 million question over IQE

Published 931 days ago

It is almost three years since the Equities First Holdings story hit the headlines with the deal signed up with by Rob Terry et al at what was then called Quindell – now Watchstone (WTG) – whereby the sale of shares via a non-recourse sell and buyback deal was dressed up as a director share purchase.

Cloudbuy – still no sign of tomorrow's Hartleys but toast certainly on the menu.

Published 1069 days ago

AIM-listed e-commerce play Cloudbuy (CBUY) released its full year numbers for calendar 2016 this morning. Having had a rescue refinancing last year and a change of strategy the question was always whether all the good news announced over the last few years would ever be converted into revenue. The bad news is that it hasn’t yet. By the way, as a general point to the company, if you are going to reference notes to the accounts in the RNS and don’t include those notes people will think you have something to hide. It looks poor.

Igas – refinancing at 4.5p on the way (if the bondholders agree), Ouzo time!

Published 1090 days ago

I’ve been saying for an age that AIM-listed Igas Energy (IGAS) was a sell and this morning the denoument has arrived. In the wake of previous boss Andrew “Piggy” Austin and his dealings with Equities First, and his legacy to the new board of a massively overindebted company, this morning came the announcement that a restructuring is being attempted at 4.5p per share. I fear that poor Tom Winnifrth senior may be further deprived of that bottle of Ouzo. Actually, if the new board manages to pull this off I will take my hat off to it but there are some hurdles to overcome first.

Servision – come on Nomad Allenby, the silence is deafening

Published 1092 days ago

AIM-listed Servision (SEV) has some questions to answer. I hope it is currently answering them to its Nomad Allenby Capital and that we will have a statement shortly. Having announced a funding deal with US-based Cascade (which has nothing to do with Bill Gates) which seemed way too good to be true – at over 400% of the previously prevailing share price – backed by a personal guarantee from chairman and CEO Gidon Tahan, the nature of that guarantee became rather murky on Friday when it emerged after-hours that he had put up his entire shareholding as security. On what terms?

Red Flags at Night – NED-share-pledge-for-loan at Lobster-pot China play MiLoc and the read-across to F40 Jiasen

Published 1094 days ago

5.34pm on a Friday – truly no-one-is-watching o’clock – and up pops an RNS from NEX- (the lobster-pot formerly known as ISDX) listed MiLoc Group Limited (ML.P) detailing the dealings of a NED in the company’s shares: he pledged a bunch of shares in return for a loan back in September and has now released the stock to the lender. Sound familiar? Are we thinking Equities First? So where is the RNS from September? And then there are the other companies on that NED’s CV – which include AIM-China Filthy Forty plays Jiasen (JSI), delisting on Tuesday, and already delisted (no accounts) LED Holdings (LED) as well as PAQ International (PAQ) which quietly disappeared from the Casino back in 2010.

Igas – the dog that didn’t bark (yet). Something for the weekend, sir?

Published 1110 days ago

And so yesterday shares in AIM-listed and overindebted Igas Energy (IGAS) fell off a cliff, dropping 20% with no news released by the company. Normally one would have expected a statement, but thus far all we’ve had from Igas Towers is silence.

We are attacking Cloudtag because its CEO is Jewish say the LSE Morons - I despair

Published 1167 days ago

No! We are attacking a company whose CEO Amit Ben Haim happens to be Jewish because that company has committed securities fraud and lied to its investors. This is a pathetic play the men - because apparently we are all anti-semites here even our writers who happen to be Jewish themselves - not the ball technique. My own writings on matters relating to both anti semitism and the state of Israel should leave you in no doubt where I stand. One of my favourite videos of recent years was recorded in Berlin and is HERE. Another article which moved me greatly was when I visited the synagogue in Corfu. This has a personal link for me.

EFH – looking to make a welcome return?

Published 1213 days ago

It was good to see AIM-listed med-tech play Angle (AGL) announce that its CEO, Mr Andrew Newland, had successfully seen his sale-and-repurchase deal with Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) mature at the end of its term, and that the 1.35 million shares involved were safely back in his mitts. Shareholders in Angle will welcome this – but so, it seems, does EFH. So pleased, in fact, that EFH itself released an RNS in celebration.

Angle – “Director Share Purchase” = EFH deal matures: good news.

Published 1215 days ago

Some good news, I think, for shareholders in AIM-listed medical technology firm Angle (AGL) which one might sense will be greeted with the same relief as the moment when an unwelcome guest leaves the house.

Disgraced Equities First is back: covert £3m share dumping by Edi Truell at Tungsten

Published 1220 days ago

Equities First Holdings is back. You remember those chaps who "borrowed" shares from folks like Andrew Austin at IGAS, fraudster Rob Terry at Quindell (QPP) and Ronald Duncan at Cloudbuy (CBUY). Shares in all three companies crashed and all defaulted on the loans so completing what was in effect a hidden share sale. After almost two years the disgraced shysters of EFH are back and this time it is Edi Truell of Tungsten (TUNG) infamy who is dumping shares but wants to hide the fact.

Rockrose Energy – interims add to pressure for inclusion in Cynical Bear’s Sub-Standard XI

Published 1287 days ago

(Sub-) standard-listed Rockrose Energy (RRE) has posted half-year numbers to June 2016 which show a loss of £303,344. The company came to market on 13 Jan with a business strategy of targeting acquisitions to deliver shareholder value – in other words it is (pro tem) an investing company with much to commend its inclusion in Cynical Bear’s Sub-Standard XI. Since listing it has yet to announce a deal and having raised £4.4 million (before expenses) it finished the period with net assets of £3.9 million, and just £3.1 million of cash.

Igas - shares sliding, is the penny starting to drop?

Published 1327 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed and debt-ridden Igas Energy (IGAS) hit a new low point today of just 11.5p per share. They have since recovered to 12.25p (last seen) which is still below anything registered during the slide from the heady days when previous head honcho Andrew "piggy" Austin did his sale-and-repurchase deal with Equities First Holdings LLC. Is the penny starting to drop about how big the debt problems are?

Cloudbuy – awful FY15 numbers

Published 1336 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) are off by 7% on publication of results for calendar 2015. They make dreadful reading.

Igas – bondholder Dutch Auction lights up neon warning signs for equity holders

Published 1342 days ago

I’ve been a bear of Igas Energy (IGAS) ever since previous CEO Andrew “piggy” Austin’s shady dealings with Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) when he walked away with millions in cash whilst still being able to claim that his interests in the shares were unchanged by the transaction. It ran rings around the disclosure rules. Ever since he walked (or, more likely, was pushed) it has been clear that he left the company drowning in debt and sitting on a ticking time-bomb. Yesterday came a surprise move, but one which could, perhaps, spell the end of the road for equity holders. Quite why the shares spiked (albeit temporarily) on the news is a mystery.

China FRAUD? MoneySwap, PCG Entertainment former chairman – a look back in history: the post-match analysis

Published 1352 days ago

Kung Min Lin is the former chairman of ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty MoneySwap (SWAP) and PCG Entertainment (PCGE) – having stepped down from both in the last six months or so.  We have been taking a look at the history of Sportswinbet (SWB) which joined the Casino in 2005 – with Kung Min Lin as Exec Director – which went on to become Power Capital Global (PCGB), with Kung Min Lin moving up to the role of Chairman. The history of both is riddled with related party transactions involving his brother, Heng Jui Lin, and his Kolarmy vehicle, and things came to a sorry end last December. Continuing with Cynical Bear’s football theme (it is, after all, the Euros!), it is time for the post-match analysis.

Cloudbuy – kitchen sink RNS. Buy or Bargepole? Part 1, reward for failure

Published 1430 days ago

Thursday afternoon saw a packed RNS released by beleaguered AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) detailing all manner of news – far too much to cover in one article. I suppose that you can’t quite describe 3.32pm as no-one-is-watching o’clock, although it was less than an hour before the city knocked off for the Easter recess and one might imagine that most were packing their bags by then. Let’s start with the options.

Urban & Civic – board changes and the stench of EFH that just won’t go away

Published 1431 days ago

Fully listed Urban and Civic (UANC) has announced a series of board changes. It looks like a pretty comprehensive round of musical chairs and from a corporate governance point of view it is good to see the role of CEO and Chairman being split. But a spot of PR spin caught my eye which sticks in the craw, as the shadow of Mr Robert Adair’s dealings with Equities First Holdings LLC is cast.

Red Flags at Night: Tullow Director Pledging Shares For a Loan

Published 1473 days ago

Last night at no-one-is-watching o'clock (6.15pm) fully listed Tullow Oil (TLW) released an RNS entitled Director/PDMR shareholdingAt first sight it appears to be a disclosure of option awards. Nothing to get excited about then. But there was also a notification of options being exercised, with some being sold to meet tax liabilities. Still not all that exciting? Read on, and we learn that....

RockRose Energy – more on the Employee Benefit Trust, implications for NAV – and another error

Published 1484 days ago

We still don’t have an answer to the question posed regarding a share issue of 700,000 shares at 50p a pop in November 2015 (ignored in the Admission Document). Nor do we have an answer to the question over how share with a nominal value of 0.5p were consolidated 4:1 into share of 20p. I would argue that the Companies House filings of LSE Main Market (Standard) Listed RockRose Energy (RRE) has serious questions to answer. Who benefits from the Employee Benefit Trust is (at least for now) in no longer a question – but there another error.

Igas – an interesting TR-1: is there an error here?

Published 1487 days ago

Andrew “piggy” Austin, the former CEO of AIM-listed Igas (IGAS) and head honcho of newly listed RockRose Energy (RRE) has submitted an interesting TR-1 which was released by Igas yesterday afternoon. It raises a number of questions, not least of which is whether it was erroneous. Surely the Equities First Holdings LLP (EFH) saga is not taking yet another twist, is it? 

Nigel Somerville's share tips of the year Number 1 - Sell Igas

Published 1520 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed Igas (IGAS) have been heading south for almost two years. First we had the oil price coming off sharply. Then we had the Equities First scandal involving the former CEO selling shares when the market was told he was buying. And then the oil price slid some more. In early 2014 the shares peaked at 160p and it has been downhill all the way since then. The Christmas Eve close at 18.5p values the company at £55.3 million (source: ADVFN). But there is much further to go. Here are ten reasons why.

Dodgy Quindell dealings at Knob Park?

Published 1560 days ago

Thanks to an avid reader I have been alerted to a very interesting filing at Companies House from Quob Park Estate. Anoraks of the world unite at ShareProphets! It concerns the issue of 2,855,566 shares in Quob on 29 Dec 2014. The consideration was originally notified (see HERE) as being the ratio of Quob Park Estate Limited shares issued for listed securities to settle consideration value of £2,855,566 (with roll-over relief claimed). But a replacement filing now notes simply a cash consideration of £1 per share (see HERE).

Red Flags at Night: Rightster CEO share dealings raise questions

Published 1562 days ago

On Thursday at no-one-is-watching o’clock (5.54pm) AIM-listed Rightster (RSTR) issued a very odd RNS detailing peculiar dealings in the company’s shares by its CEO, Mr Patrick Walker.  From the text of the RNS it would appear that his director shareholding is – as I understand it – under the control of a third party. Who might that be, and why? Then there is the reporting of a transaction dating back to 7 August – is that delay a breach of AIM Rules? 

The Globo Scandal – who is behind Lantau Holdings Ltd, and was the RNS of 14 Sept Market Abuse?

Published 1582 days ago

What a staggering set of RNS releases this morning from AIM fraud Globo (GBO). First we have the near admission that the fraud allegations are substantially true. Then we have the resignation with immediate effect of joint Broker to Globo, Cannacord – just as Cannacord resigned the Quindell (QPP) account when the heat was really on. And to cap it all -  the cherry on the icing on the cake - news that Globo’s erstwhile CEO, Mr Konstantinos Papadimitrakopoulos, had been covertly selling down his holding of shares before the arrival of the bear report from Quintessential Capital Management. But when was he selling?

Globo - more scandal as CEO exposed for dumping shares as we revealed bear report on way

Published 1582 days ago

The scandal at FRAUD Globo (GBO) is still getting worse: we have now had news that Globo CEO Mr Konstantinos Papadimitrakopoulos has been selling shares - 42 million of them, and a further 10 million have been "pledged" in a now defaulting "loan" deal with Lantau Holdings in a deal which has echos of the Equities First which was used by fraudster Rob Terry and his henchmen. The shocking statement reads:

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 5 October - Suspension is never good & a cheap joke

Published 1603 days ago

A visit to the quack today was not good news but at least the woes of English rugby and LGO Energy (LGO) are there to cheer me up. in this podcast I discuss Alexander Mining (AXM), Cloudbuy (CBUY), the hoods at Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH), Daniel Stewart (DAN), Imaginatik (IMTK), Wandisco (WAND), Mirada (MIRA), Range Resources (RRL), tech stocks vs mining stocks, Amanda Van Dyke and, to end, I can't resist a cheap joke about the rugby.

Cloudbuy – has the Chairman just defaulted on his loan to EFH?

Published 1623 days ago

Our understanding of the small print of the ‘loan’ packages between AIM company directors and Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) is that there are clauses which would trigger a default in certain circumstances. These include non-payment of interest, failing to meet margin call payments and a suspension of trading for more than three days of the stock which has been handed over to EFH. AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) has been suspended since last Thursday, when the (now ex-) Nomad resigned with immediate effect. The suspension has just entered day four.

Cloudbuy – Interims, suspension as Nomad resigns with immediate effect and what about EFH?

Published 1627 days ago

A difficult few days, I fancy, over at Cloudbuy Towers. Last week Chairman Ronald Duncan had a margin call from Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) which prompted an RNS stating that Mr Duncan would settle in cash. Then on Wednesday of this week came an after-hours RNS stating that the Interims had been delayed. This morning AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) finally released those interims (which were not all that pretty) and then promptly followed up with the announcement that the Nomad had quit with immediate effect. Consequently the shares are now suspended. This has implications for Mr Duncan’s EFH package. It is hard to know where to start!

Cloudbuy – has Chairman Ronald Duncan’s EFH margin call finally been triggered? What now?

Published 1636 days ago

Last year Ronald Duncan, Chairman of AIM-listed Cloudbuy (CBUY) did a deal involving a non-recourse sale and repurchase agreement with Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH), which was presented to the market so as to look like a loan. These deals typically have a margin call trigger written into the contract, and our understanding is that in this case the phone rings if the average closing mid-price over three days falls below 19.5p. As of yesterday’s close, that condition looks to have been met.

Optimal Payments – as it talks of FTSE-250 entrance, may there be troubles ahead?

Published 1648 days ago

Shares in online payments technology and services company Optimal Payments (OPAY) have responded positively to the acquisition of Skrill Group – announced in March and completed earlier this month. This has seen the currently AIM-listed company continuing to talk of intended FTSE-250 entrance, but may there be trouble ahead?

How Gotham City Saved Rob Terry from undertaking the biggest case of insider dealing in AIM History

Published 1661 days ago

We all know about Rob Terry’s insider dealing in shares in November 2014 thanks to the shysters at Equities First Holdings. But that was small beer compared to the level of insider dealing had attempted to undertake in April 2014. His “get out of jail card” on that one came, ironically, from Gotham City Research.

Has Equities First magnified extreme movements of Cloudbuy's share price?

Published 1671 days ago

As revealed HERE by Tom Winnifrith, when the shares of Cloudbuy plc (CBUY) were tanking back in March of this year, Equities First Holdings LLC was selling the shares handed to it by Cloudbuy Chairman Ronald Duncan as part of his ‘loan’ deal. A margin-call trigger point of 19.5p (mid) was avoided by the tiniest margin – which could have seen him forced to walk from his deal, and thus lock in hefty profits for Equities First. The question at the time was how Equities First was contractually prohibited from going short, yet they were surely doing just that if they sold while they remained contractually obliged to hand back the shares at the end of the deal. I guess you’d have to be a very highly trained and expensive lawyer to understand why this is all absolutely fine.

Optimal Payments and Cloudbuy – nervous moments as EFH margin calls loom

Published 1689 days ago

Last year Optimal Payments (OPAY) was forced to come (semi) clean over a loan package between its CEO, Mr Joel Leonoff, and Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH). Optimal originally told that market on 1 April 2014 that Mr Leonoff had pledged 1.5 million shares in the company as collateral for a loan of approx. £4m, but failed to mention a few details such as the non-recourse nature of the package and that EFH was free just to dump the stock into the market. This did not become clear until it was exposed on ShareProphets last autumn and resulted in a number of clarifications from Optimal, along with AIM-listed Igas (IGAS), Cloudbuy (CBUY), Quindell (QPP), IQE (IQE) and Angle (AGL). 

Breaking: Rob Terry’s Quob Park Estate Ltd: a confetti-fest on Companies House

Published 1693 days ago

I’ve been taking a look through a litany of share allotments by Quob Park Estates (QPE) recently filed at Companies House. Happily, we can now do these things for free (see HERE). I wonder who has been buying QPE shares, and why the variation in prices paid for the same stock on the same day? It also happens to involve listed stock in Quindell plc (QPP) and Daniel Stewart (DAN) and a mystery listed company (although I can’t help thinking that it is probably Quindell). And there is some, ahem, ‘interesting’ timing. 

IGas – What now of former CEO Andrew ‘Piggy’ Austin’s EFH Deal? Will the Company finally come clean?

Published 1752 days ago

I covered a few cursory matters yesterday (HERE) regarding the stepping down of Andrew Austin as CEO of IGas Energy plc (IGAS) and the diabolical trading statement issued yesterday. We are told that Mr Austin will hang around to ensure a smooth transition – rather reminiscent of the situation at Coms when Dave Brieth stepped down but would hang around for the same reason. Except that in Mr Brieth’s case he was then selling shares in what appeared to be a close period, a bit of a problem but for the fact that he was no longer running the show and, indeed, we gather that he has not been on site since walking the plank. So what of Mr Austin’s holding in IGas – and his disgraceful EFH deal?

IGAS – a good day to bury bad news as Piggy gets the Chop

Published 1753 days ago

Finally, some sixteen months or so after the disgrace of Andrew ‘Piggy’ Austin’s sale of 7,500,000 shares to Equities First Holdings LLC in return for a non-recourse loan when he had been announced by RNS to be buying shares, he has been sent to the Corporate Butchers’ shop. After a period when the IGas (IGAS) share price has fallen from a peak of around 160p to the current 30p or thereabouts (having hit lows of below 20p), and the train-wreck of the deal to buy Dart Energy (at least for Dart’s shareholders) someone had to pay the price.

Cloudbuy – deals, share price rockets and is EFH being fried?

Published 1790 days ago

Noting Tom Winnifrith’s comments HERE that in the light of his revelation that Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) had dumped the whole of the 2.25 million shares handed over by Cloudbuy Chairman Ronald Duncan in the sale-and-repurchase loan arrangement, he hoped that Cloudbuy’s shares would absolutely ‘roof it’. Well they have.

The EFH Scandal: ANOTHER company gets involved as the stench spreads to the Main Market of the Laughing Stock Exchange

Published 1791 days ago

You might have thought that the Equities First Holdings LLC scandal would burn itself out, but not a bit of it. Step forward Mr Robert Adair, NED of Main Market listed Urban&Civic plc (UANC).

The Equities First Holdings LLC Scandal – an open letter to the FCA and AIM Regulation

Published 1793 days ago

Enough is enough. Tom Winnifrith’s revelation that EFH has dumped the entire holding of 2.25 million shares transferred to it by Cloudbuy (CBUY) Chairman Ronald Duncan is shocking. It makes a total mockery of the disclosure requirements demanded by the FCA and AIM Regulation and as such I have today written an open letter to the heads of those two bodies, Mr Marcus Stuttard and Mr Martin Wheatley.

The Equities First Holdings LLC Scandal: Cloudbuy revelations pose questions for Optimal Payments CEO Joel Leonoff.

Published 1794 days ago

The latest shocking revelations from Tom Winnifrith (HERE) made it clear that EFH has indeed dumped all of the 2.25 million shares transferred to it by Cloudbuy Chairman Mr Ronald Duncan. There are serious implications for Optimal Payments (OPAY) and its forthcoming rights issue, as well as the acquisition classed as a reverse takeover announced earlier this week.

Cloudbuy and the Equities First Holdings scandal – the EFH deceit starts to unravel

Published 1795 days ago

I have always rather liked Ronald Duncan of Cloudbuy (CBUY) because he has the most excellent taste in music and is also a thoroughly decent man. I am sorry he got dragged into the Equities First Holdings mess and I put that down to naiveté and a desire to purchase a nice house not malice. I am thus delighted to report some breaking news which is good news for Ronald and Cloudbuy but opens up a whole new can of worms for EFH and a few other directors.

Cloudbuy – time to clarify as EFH default looms. Who will be next?

Published 1796 days ago

Last year ShareProphets broke the scandal of AIM company directors taking loans from Equities First Holdings LLP (EFH) and entering into sale-and-repurchase agreements over shares in their companies as collateral. There were various conditions which would trigger a default which required either the transfer of further shares or cash to EFH, or there was the option just to walk away. Within days the first of the AIM companies (Quindell) saw former boss, the insider dealer, Mr Robert Simon Terry walk away under the non-recourse terms – he kept the money. Now a second one is on the hook.

Optimal Payments – a purportedly “transformational” acquisition, but a transformed investment proposition?

Published 1799 days ago

Optimal Payments (OPAY) - of Equities First Holdings LLC infamy (see HERE) – has announced a proposed purportedly “transformational and value enhancing” $1.2 billion acquisition of Skrill Group - described as “one of Europe's leading digital payments businesses providing digital wallet solutions and online payment processing capabilities and is one of the largest pre-paid online voucher providers in Europe with its paysafecard brand”. Does this though transform the investment proposition here? …

Equities First holdings LLP: is Cloudbuy the next victim?

Published 1807 days ago

Last year ShareProphets broke the story of how Equities First Holdings LLP was doing stock loans to AIM listed companies whereby the stock was sold to EFH who were then themselves free to sell the stock into the market. Because these deals appear to have margin call clauses, substantial falls in the price of the stock can trigger a default. It may come as no surprise, then, that the share prices of the stocks concerned have not seen universally stellar performance.

Markets, corruption, failure of regulation and how the Establishment reacts to scandal with denial

Published 1821 days ago

I am struck by the similarities between the myriad of scandals on AIM – and now the main market – exposed here on ShareProphets and the various horrendous scandals that we have, as a country, been faced with in recent times. Perhaps it might be seen as a grubby comparison to liken financial wrongdoing to the scandals of abuse with reference to Saville, Rotherham as well as the Hillsborough tragedy. But the similarities are there: the failings are the same and as a country we need to face it.

Continuing to fight fraud and lies on AIM and the LSE: This Weekend Gone: Tern, Worthington, EFH and the non-illegal immigrants – please help!

Published 1824 days ago

This weekend gone on ShareProphets we had yet more revelations on Tern, on the Equities First scandal involving Quindell, Igas and others and also on Worthington. This comes at a cost to us, the smear campaign has accelerated with unfounded claims that we employ illegal immigrants and with Worthington making defamatory statements about Tom Winnifrith. However..

The Equities First Holdings LLC Scandal – which, if any, Nomads took brown envelopes?

Published 1828 days ago

Oh dear, a Nomad who was approached by Equities First Holdings LLC urging it to get its corporate clients to engage in its dodgy share trades has come forward and revealed that brown envelopes were involved. So which Nomad or Nomads have taken one and is this not a conflict of interest?

IGas Energy– AIM Regulation asked to investigate

Published 1846 days ago

Following  my (unanswered) open letter to Jefferies International (Nomad to IGas) in the wake of having inspected the share register and finding a 10.25 million shareholding registered on 25 Nov 2014 (HERE ), I have now asked AIM Regulation to look into the matter.

IGas – CEO Andrew Austin’s 7.5 million share EFH deal: is it now 10.25 million shares?

Published 1850 days ago

Having already published an open letter to IGas’ (IGAS) Nomad, Jefferies International, asking it to look into a holding of 10.25m shares registered to Bank of New York Nominees on 25 November 2014 (HERE) which exceeds 3% of the issued shares I have been doing some number crunching. The results throw up either the most incredible coincidence, or a demonstration that IGas CEO Andrew Austin has handed over 2.75m more shares to EFH than the 7.5m shares disclosed the very next day after this 10.25m share holding was registered. Here is why.

IGas – An Open Letter to Jefferies International, Nomad to IGas plc (after checking the share register)

Published 1852 days ago

In the light of the controversy over Andrew "Piggy" Austin’s deal with Equities First Holdings LLC and the questions over margin calls, your intrepid reporter met up with Tom Winnifrith on Tuesday to have a look at the shareholder register in Bristol. If Tom thinks this demonstrates what an exciting life he must lead, mine must be even more so as I had to travel further, to Tom’s home town!  What did we find?

IGas– Shares Slide Below 30p; AIM Regulation Asked to Clarify Rules as the Pressure Builds

Published 1859 days ago

In the light of our studies of the rulebook here on ShareProphets and the disgrace that is IGas’ (IGAS) CEO’s lack of transparency over his dealings with Equities First Holdings LLC, I have today written to ask AIM Regulation for clarification on a number of points. I have a nasty feeling that things are simply going to get worse and worse for Andrew “piggy” Austin.

Igas shares now 30.5p – FFS Piggy Austin: what about the margin call

Published 1859 days ago

A year and five days ago Andrew “Piggy” Austin  announced he was buying shares in Igas (IGAS) at 135p sending the stock up to 147p. Sadly that was untrue he made a net £7 million from selling/loaning shares to dodgy Equities First Holdings LLC at 93p. Such dodgy deals always have a level at which there is a margin call. FFS the shares are now just 30.5p

Correction: IGas -STILL not in compliance with AIM Rule 17. Time for AIM Regulation to show its teeth

Published 1864 days ago

Yesterday I ran a piece saying that IGas (IGAS) was still not complying with DTR 3 of the Disclosure and Transparency Rules in the FCA rule book. It isn’t, but it turns out that DTR 3 does not apply to AIM companies, not that I managed to glean that from the DTR rules, although it can be inferred from the AIM Rules in the Guidance Notes. Mea Culpa, then and I apologise for the error. But AIM Rule 17 contains much the same requirements and so here is a corrected version of that piece. For the record, DTR 5 (rules governing disclosure of holdings greater that 3%) DOES apply to AIM Companies. 

Andrew "piggy" Austin of IGAS - It's Happy First Anniversary on your dodgy EFH share deals day

Published 1865 days ago

Today is the one year anniversary of the first dodgyEquities First Holdings LLC share deal on AIM. It was a year ago that Andrew Piggy Austin of IGAS said he was buying shares when in fact he made £7 million with his EFH loan/sale agreement. Today we will be celebrating that day all day lest Piggy forget.

EXCLUSIVE – Has ShareProphets Forced the FCA into a clarification re EFH and IGas?

Published 1865 days ago

 ShareProphets broke the story of the Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) loans scandal back in November 2014. We nailed the EFH six – IGas (IGAS), Quindell (QPP), Optimal Payments (OPAY), Cloudbuy (CBUY), IQE (IQE) and Angle (AGL) for not giving adequate disclosure of the dealings of their directors with regard to deals with EFH. All those companies were in the end (and some rather more reluctantly than others) forced into clarifications. But it turns out that the FCA has also issued a clarification too!

Proof that Equities First sold Andrew Austin’s stock!

Published 1865 days ago

Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff, has done some sterling work. This morning he revealed the loophole that those clever people at Equities First Holdings exploit to allow directors to sell shares to them (at a whopping discount), without declaring the sales. Unfortunately for IGas Energy (IGAS) CEO Andrew Austin, this revelation leaves him with some explaining to do. It is now clear that Mr Austin sold 7.5million shares to Equities First, who must have sold at least 1.425million of them to comply with the FCA’s disclosure regulations. This makes a mockery of IGas’ AIM Rule 26 disclosure about Mr Austin’s holding and calls further into question Mr Austin’s declarations concerning the Dart Energy takeover. Above all it betrays Mr Austin as the liar he is.

Reader Poll – when will Andrew “piggy” Austin of Igas be fired?

Published 1865 days ago

It is a year to the day since Andrew Piggy Austin of Igas ( salary £670,000) told investors he was buying shares when in fact he was dumping a net £7 million worth in his dodgy loan deal with Equities First Holdings LLC.  In the 365 days that have followed shares in Igas have crashed from 135p to 35p. So when will Piggy get his much deserved P45?

REVEALED!! The Loophole That AIM-Cesspit Clients of Equities First Exploit

Published 1865 days ago

One year ago, IGas Energy CEO Andrew Austin deceived his shareholders. He issued an RNS claiming to have bought 300,000 of his company’s shares, when in fact he had net sold 7,200,000. After weeks of painstaking research, and on the anniversary of this shameful episode, ShareProphets can exclusively reveal the loophole the like of Mr Austin have sought to exploit to get around the Disclosure and Transparency Rules (DTR) through their dodgy deals with Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH). The explanation is complicated, but the results are both shocking and appalling. Through EFH directors can sell stock and not declare it. The FCA must close this loophole now.

Lucian Miers: 3 oil shorts

Published 1867 days ago

Infamous bear raider Lucian Miers is of the view that the oil price is not going to spike higher in a hurry and that this is going to cause real pain across the sector. He has made money shorting Afren (AFR) where the debt looks company consuming at current oil prices but perhaps the bid will save it so Miers has closed that position. However...

The IGas Takeover of Dart: What About The Role of Nomad Jefferies?

Published 1881 days ago

In two previous articles HERE and HERE I have identified four material breaches of the ‘Scheme Implementation Agreement’ (SIA) under which AIM listed IGas completed its all-paper takeover of Aussie-listed Dart Energy. Each of those breaches is serious enough to call the whole deal into question. But what of the role of IGas’ Nomad, Jefferies International?

Igas and the Dart takeover – breach number 4: what happened to Robert Neale?

Published 1882 days ago

In my last piece on IGas HERE I described in detail how IGas (IGAS) breached the ‘Scheme Implementation Agreement’ (SIA) which governed the conduct of the all-paper deal in which IGas took over Aussie-listed Dart Energy.

IGas Energy –Andrew Austin is a goddamned liar

Published 1883 days ago

Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff of AIM, has been far too kind to IGas Energy (IGAS) CEO Andrew Austin. In a devastating series of revelations, Nigel exposed three material breaches by Mr Austin of IGas’ Scheme Implementation Agreement (SIA), which governed the takeover of Dart Energy. Any one of these breaches could have been grounds for termination of the takeover, but Nigel stopped short of saying one thing. He didn’t call Mr Austin a goddamned liar.

Tom Winnifrith’s share tips for 2015 No 2 – sell Igas at 39.5p – target cut to 10p

Published 1885 days ago

In my macro themes for 2015 article HERE I stated that I was fundamentally bearish on equities and as such half of my ten tips of the year would be shorts. Another theme for 2015 (as it was for 2014) was an extreme aversion to oil stocks. In that vein I return to Igas (IGAS) which I first suggested shorting at 56p a month or so ago HERE but where I am now halving my target price to 10p making this my second top short for 2015.

IGas and the Dart Takeover – were Dart Shareholders Duped? How can Andrew Austin survive this?

Published 1893 days ago

I have been looking in detail at the takeover by IGas (IGAS) of Aussie-based Dart Energy over the summer of this year - an all-paper deal which, at time of announcement, offered a substantial premium to the prevailing share price of Dart. Since the deal was first agreed by the two Boards, Igas’ share price has fallen substantially to leave former Dart shareholders nursing hefty losses. But there are skeletons in the closet:

IGas Energy; the “loan” that shames AIM

Published 1894 days ago

Even by the shocking standards of disclosure on AIM, January 16th’s RNS from IGas Energy (IGAS) takes some beating. Titled “Director Share Purchase and Finance Facility” this has to be one of the most shameful announcements released in recent years.

Optimal Payments who is selling? And about that margin call…

Published 1895 days ago

After yesterday’s unconvincing statement re the share price movement, this morning it got worse for Optimal as the Telegraph’s Questor column today said sell – see HERE. Perhaps Questor has learned a thing or two from reading ShareProphets!

IGas; CEO Andrew Austin betrayed his shareholders and has to go

Published 1896 days ago

The behaviour of IGas Energy (IGAS) CEO Andrew Austin is appalling. Director share sales will always cause disquiet among shareholders. However, dumping nearly three quarters of one’s holding and attempting to disguise this as a share purchase is a treacherous and rapacious act. This cannot be an acceptable standard of behaviour for the director of a publicly listed company. Mr Austin has to go.

Optimal Payments - Statement Re Share Price Movement is cobblers

Published 1896 days ago

From the moment Optimal payments (OPAY) announced that its CFO was standing down last Friday morning the shares have been sliding. That just happened to have coincided with questions being raised here on ShareProphets. Following a second double-digit slide yesterday, Optimal produced the following RNS:

Optimal Payments FD Quits: Does the CEO need to watch his back now?

Published 1899 days ago

On Friday AIM Cesspit listed Optimal Payments  (OPAY)  announced the departure of its Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and director, Mr Keith Butcher  – one of just two executive directors on the board. As discussed HERE he had been selling down his holding at above the current share price earlier in the year.  The news saw the shares fall an impressive 12.9%.

IGAS, Optimal Payments and Nomads Canaccord and Jefferies: Anything you should tell us?

Published 1900 days ago

Thanks to the joys of the internet we have a sample contract for those Equities First Holdings LLP (EFH) so-called loan deals. It makes fascinating reading  - you can read it HERE.Note that it is held on the USA’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website: I think we can assume it is genuine! Given that EFH is a one product company, this contract gives us a solid basis for a model contract with directors the EFH Six (Optimal payments, IGAS, Cloudbuy, IQE, Quenron and Aengle), which we can now test against disclosures made.

Shock: IGAS – Rescue Placing in 2015? – The woes of Piggy Austin accelerate

Published 1901 days ago

IGAS CEO Andrew “piggy” Austin still has not come clean on his shoddy Equities First Holdings LLC loan/share sale deal – FFS at what price is your margin call piggy? But that is the least of his woes. I reckon that the shares are worth 20p at best (see HERE) but now even his own house broker Canaccord ( yes those mothers of Quenron fame) is flagging up a potential gaping balance sheet issue.

IGAS – Time for Piggy Wiggy Andrew Austin to fess up on EFH margin call

Published 1902 days ago

Shares in IGAS (IGAS) now trade at a year low of 49.25p. IMHO they are heading a lot lower – 20p is my target as you can see HERE. But even at the current dismal level the question is “when is the margin call on CEO Andrew Austin’s Equities First Holdings LLC share sale (oops I mean loan) set to kick in?

Optimal Payments – Time for More Equities First Clarifications

Published 1906 days ago

With IGas (IGAS) seemingly having to issue re-clarifications every few days (and there will be more I fancy…) we turn once again to Optimal payments (OPAY_. We have already forced out two clarifications (after hours Fri 15 Nov and pre-market Mon 17 Nov buried in a trading statement). It is striking that of the six plcs caught up in the EFH scandal, three have come fairly clean – notably Angle (AGL), but Cloudbuy (CBUY) and Quindell (QPP) have revealed much. IQE (IQE) has been fairly forthcoming too. And then there are IGAS and Optimal, who are having information dragged out of them only with the greatest of reluctance. For those two companies, our rope – like their shareholders – is long and strong.

Creston, Empresaria & IQE – share tip of the year updates

Published 1907 days ago

Post recent interim results from one of my tips of the year, Creston plc (CRE), the following updates on how my three selections have performed to date.

IGas – now about that margin call on piggy wiggy Andrew Austin’s EFH dodgy share deal, clarification needed (again)

Published 1909 days ago

Things are hotting up for AIM Cesspit-listed IGas (IGAS) and its beleaguered CEO Andrew Austin in relation to his  ‘loan’ deal with Equities First Holdings LLC. I remind you that this is a one-product finance company, and we have read one of its loan-deal contracts held on the SEC website in the US very carefully. Thus far we have not yet seen a British one, but we think it will be largely the same. Some of the AIM companies caught up in the EFH scandal have been rather more open than others when it has come to clarifying details of the deal. And that brings us back to the issue of margin calls.

Quindell – the Buying silence is deafening: questions? Questions?

Published 1910 days ago

Quindell (QPP) shares have dived again today to just 57.75p. Remember when they were 600p plus and all those analysts who now refuse to tell you to buy said that the shares were worth £10 plus? Oh Daniel Stewart, Canaccord and Cenkos where are you now, you bent motherfuckers? The questions today concern the lack of buying.

Igas and hapless Nomad Jefferies Clarifies the Clarification but more Clarifications needed

Published 1911 days ago

IGas (IGAS) has  this morning admitted that it got its numbers wrong last week. Yesterday’s piece on today’s RNS HERE on Shareprophets was, er, prophetic.

Igas – Monday’s RNS Tonight, to Correct Last Wednesday’s Clarification RNS

Published 1912 days ago

In the light of yesterday’s piece on boardroom piggery, wrong figures in RNSs, incorrect data given to Dart’s shareholders etc – you can read it HERE  I have now checked through all  IGas’ share issue announcements and Companies House Filings, with particular regard to the holdings and ‘interests’ of CEO Andrew Austin.

What disgraced IGAS boss Andrew Austin should do now

Published 1912 days ago

Last week IGas (IGAS) accompanied a dire set of results with another statement regarding the shabby dealings of CEO Andrew Austin with the dodgy American firm Equities First Holdings LLC. As usual it was deceitful and inaccurate.

BearCast from Tom Winnifrith - why IGAS is a screaming short & the shale bubble

Published 1913 days ago

There are three reasons why IGAS (IGAS) shares are a screaming short at 56p. One is that the shale bubble is set to burst. Greed will turn to revulsion and any company that has used the word shale in release after release to ramp its shares in the good times will now suffer the backlash. The second is Andrew Austin, the CEO. He is still not telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth on his Equities First Holdings LLC dodgy share trades. That makes the stock uninvestable until he fesses up and quits. It is only a matter of time. The third...

IGas CEO – “the share price is depressing me” – is that because a margin call looms?

Published 1914 days ago

On 4 November IGas (IGAS) Ceo Andrew Austin gave a telephone interview to Proactive  Investors. You can watch that video HERE .  You know the form: IGAS pays Proactive a fee and it asks really soft questions and pretends that it is objective journalism.  In it, when asked about the share price performance, he said ‘it is depressing me’. I wonder if he had forgotten to take his dose of Prozac that day. Or was it more to do with his sale and repurchase ‘loan’ deal with Equities First Holdings LLC?

Cloudbuy chairman Ronald Duncan changes his mind on dodgy EFH “loan”

Published 1915 days ago

Cloudbuy (CBUY) previously announced on 27 October 2014 that Chairman Ronald Duncan was taking a loan secured against ‘up to’ 4,500,000 shares in order to fund a house move. Then on 12 Nov 2014, in the teeth of the furore in the wake of being outed by Shareprophets that this was an Equities First deal, Cloudbuy ‘clarified’ that this ‘loan’ was in fact a sale and repurchase agreement  and that Mr Duncan intended to complete the transfer of the remaining 2.25 million shares to EFH. Now Cloudbuy has this morning announced that:

San Leon – Fanning has got to Go!

Published 1915 days ago

After a brief look at the San Leon (SLE) accounts for 2012 into 2013 I feel even more aggravated by the strokes pulled by directors on the take. Today we hear the confessions of a CEO from IGAS Mr Andrew Austin who through RNS release admits his part in the Equities First Holdings LLC facility here . It would seem that the markets are not really clear on such deals but looking at the Quindell (QPP) saga you can just feel which way this is going to end up for Austin. I'm sure writers will be lining up to pull the CEO apart by his bullshit statements of how he's aligned to his shareholders yadda '' Frack off Austin, you are full of shit ''  

IGAS, Jefferies (Nomad), Andrew Austin (CEO), Board of Directors: SHAME ON YOU! You should all go now.

Published 1915 days ago

I read with utter horror Wednesday’s RNS regarding Mr Austin’s Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) ‘loan’ deal which, ahem, clarified that the previous clarification that the original RNS was all correct was in fact (cough, splutter) unclear. It was wrong. It was misleading. What a total shambles! How any CEO could survive this - and what follows - is beyond me. Gallows at the ready, then.

CROOKS: Rob Terry and Laurence Moorse BOTH let margin calls lapse – sacrifice Quenron shares & trouser £7 million.

Published 1915 days ago

First thing today we heard that hapless (soon to be ex) Quindell (QPP) finance director and insider dealer Laurence Moorse had received a margin call under his Equities First Holdings LLC shoddy share sale/loan deal. Larry did not met the margin so officially said goodbye to 20,000 shares. After hours it was revealed that fraudster in chief Rob Terry had made the same call so waving goodbye to 8.85 million shares.

Outrageous IGas RNS obliterates Andrew Austin’s credibility & career

Published 1916 days ago

How stupid does the board of IGas Energy (IGAS) think its shareholders are? This is an interesting question to reflect on this afternoon, after the company released this morning’s disgraceful RNS in pitiful defence of CEO Andrew Austin’s “Sale & Repurchase” agreement with Equities First Holdings LLC. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, IGAS is still desperately trying to portray this arrangement as a bona fide loan. This is madness. It is lying to its shareholders and the statement - coming after fairly dismal interims earlier - is a disgrace. Austin should be sacked at once.

A Very Simple Question for Rob Terry of Quindell

Published 1918 days ago

Dear Rob, I have a very simple question for you regarding your shareholding in Quenron (QPP) and your shoddy deal with Equities First Holdings LLC.

IGAs & Total – is this why the company and hapless Nomad Jeffries won’t fess up?

Published 1919 days ago

In yesterday’s piece HERE   I discussed IGAS and its takeover of Aussie-listed Dart Energy with regard to disclosures not given to Dart’s shareholders about IGAS CEO Andrew Austin’s EFH ‘loan’ deal as announced by RNS on 16 Jan 2014, which had stated that Mr Austin had transferred shares in the company to Equities First Holdings as security for a loan. All the other companies caught up in the EFH scandal have clarified that the deal did involve the handing over of title and voting rights to EFH (i.e. they were disposals) albeit the ‘loan’ deal contains an option to buy the shares back. But IGAS and its Nomad still refuse to concede that Mr Austin’s deal was the same. So now we come to the farm-out deal with Total and its implications, the potential ugliness of which might finally get a full disclosure of the EFH deal out of IGAS and its ostrich of a Nomad.

IGas takeover of Dart Energy – is this why the company and hapless Nomad Jeffries are refusing to “clarify” the deal with Equities First?

Published 1920 days ago

In January 2014, IGAS (IGAS) announced that its CEO had transferred shares in the company to Equities Frist Holdings LLC as security for a loan. We have asked several times for clarification on this because the EFH contracts we have seen all show that the transfer is of title and voting rights.

Open letter to AIM Regulation; add your voice to the calls for an investigation into Quindell

Published 1922 days ago

According to the Daily Telegraph, the London Stock Exchange has begun an investigation into Monday’s share price fall of Quindell (QPP). Specifically, the Telegraph believes that the LSE, and by extension AIM regulation, is going to examine whether or not the company withheld price sensitive information, when broker Cannacord Genuity submitted its notice of resignation on October 21st. Given the market reaction to this news on Monday, when Quindell finally bothered let its shareholders know this slightly important little titbit of information, it is probably fairly safe to assume that Cannacord’s notice of resignation was price sensitive.

THAT Cenkos note suicide bombs AIM's flawed Nomad system

Published 1923 days ago

On Friday November 7th Cenkos issued the above broker note to justify Robert Terry, Laurence Moorse and Steve Scott’s share disposal to Equities First Holdings. Littered with glaring errors, this “clarification” is such monumental drivel that even the arch apologists over at QPPSAG have quietly removed reference of it from their homepage (though you forgot to delete the promotional Tweet chaps!). I note that Cenkos analyst Andy Bryant has apparently today "left the building." Nothing to do with Quenron, natch.

Is AIM Uninvestable? No. But….

Published 1923 days ago

The AIM Index has underperformed all comers by a handsome margin in 2014 just as it did in 2013. The Equities First Holdings LLC scandal has added to the sense that this is a crony capitalist market where the many (mug punters) put up cash to have it transferred to the few (City advisers and greedy and often dishonest directors). The looming collapse of Quindell, a firm once valued at almost £3 billion, will only add to the stench.  And yet the LSE – which owns and regulates AIM – acts as if nothing is wrong. As each week goes by and another scandal emerges, another company is shown to have lied, another one goes tits up this position becomes all the more indefensible. No wonder some folks are just giving up on the casino altogether.

Open letter to the FCA; investigate Rob Terry, Steve Scott and Laurence Moorse for market abuse

Published 1924 days ago

I’d love to believe that this morning’s statement from the disastrous, discredited and detestable Rob Terry is the last we will hear from this awful man in an RNS. Sadly I fear it won’t be, unless the authorities launch an immediate investigation into Quindell (QPP). Prior to listing Quindell, Terry’s record at the Innovation Group was there for all to see and red flag warning signs were waving long before Tom embarked on his valiant campaign. Once again, the “world’s most successful growth market” has fallen woefully short in offering British private investors any sort of genuine protection. The brokers, Nomad, PR firms and corporate advisors have all been paid handsomely, while thousands of ordinary people have watched their life savings evaporate. This cannot be acceptable. There are dozens of reasons why the FCA and AIM Regulation should investigate Quindell, but let’s begin with a first complaint of market abuse to the FCA. 

Brazen Rob Terry pockets ill-gotten EFH funds and continues to squeeze Quindell indefinitely

Published 1924 days ago

He could have just left. He should have just left. But no, Rob Terry had to have the final word. He had to wring every last drop of blood from the Quindell (QPP) stone. He couldn’t resist that final “f*** you” of a fake farewell to his shareholders, people whose trust he abused and savings obliterated. And what a “f*** you” it was!

Crook Rob Terry walks from EFH deal on margin call – what about the others, especially IGAS?

Published 1924 days ago

Today it was announced that the liar, insider dealer and fraudster Rob Terry was stepping down from Quindell (QPP). But he also announced that:

Optimal Payments – More bollocks about those share trades buried in today’s trading statement

Published 1925 days ago

Today, Optimal payments dished out an upbeat Trading Statement. I’m sure the company is doing just fine, but we have been asking questions about the Equities First Holdings (EFH) deal entered into by its CEO. And buried in the statement came this nugget from CEO Mr Joel Leonoff:

Santa’s Little Helpers – Comments section uncovers more on Equities First share sales

Published 1925 days ago

ShareProphets has some intelligent people leaving comments on the articles written. The IQs must be about 2 Standard Deviations higher than that of a chat room poster, to judge by the response I receive, and the commentators’ research has sometimes been better than mine.

Insider Dealing added to Rob Terry’s Rap Sheet – Canaccord quits Quindell: Terry going to prison, Quindell to 0p

Published 1925 days ago

Rob Terry you are a liar, a fraudster and now I also accuse you of insider dealing. I shall not rest until you go to prison you low life vermin criminal. For today we discovered that you and your FD Laurence Moorse and NED Steve Scott sold vast numbers of Quindell shares while withholding price sensitive information – that Canaccord, your joint broker and sponsor of your failed main market listing application had quit.

The Exceptionalism of iGas, and the lessons of Morris v Equities First, LLC

Published 1925 days ago

Forget today’s news that a well has been spudded in some grim Northern welfare addicted hell hole. Let’s deal with the real issue here. On Friday 14th November iGas released a terse announcement: “IGas Energy notes the recent movement in its share price and confirms the detail contained in the statement on 16 January, in respect of Andrew Austin's facility with Energy First Partners LLP, is full and correct disclosure for the purposes of the AIM and Disclosure and Transparency Rules.” But it was not.

Open Letter to AIM Regulation– Do Closed Periods mean anything to you or will you “fire” Joel Leonoff of Optimal Payments

Published 1926 days ago

Joel Leonoff, the CEO of Optimal Payments (OPAY) misled investors by selling shares (i.e. transferring title and getting cash) to the hoods at Equities First Holdings LLC. That should be a hanging offence. But worse still he made the transfer when Optimal Payments was in a closed period and so when no directors should trade. Do AIM Rules mean nothing or will AIM regulation Publicly censure Joel or, even better since this is a double offence, force him to stand down at once. I have written a letter to AIM Regulation on this matter.

Equities First Stench: Pledging shares for loans issue spreads to main market ref. Telecity, Partnership Assurance Group & Perform Group

Published 1926 days ago

Over the weekend, the issue of directors pledging shares for loans has spread from AIM to the Main Market. It is too early to say if anything untoward has happened, but next week we shall seek urgent clarification from Telecity (TCY), Partnership Assurance Group (PA) and Perform Group (PER) concerning arrangements made  by directors of each company with UBS AG, over the course of 2014. In each instance (linked to in the RNSs above), it appears one director has used part or all of his respective holdings as security against loans received from UBS. There is nothing to suggest any rules have been broken, but, in light of the developing Equities First Holdings LLC scandal, the appropriateness of such transactions is now in question. Urgent clarification is needed from all three companies first thing Monday

Memo to HMRC re Robert Simon Terry of Quindell

Published 1926 days ago

Al Capone was never prosecuted for his real crimes, it was the tax man who got him. I shall be making dam sure that for his lies and fraud Rob Terry of Quindell (QPP) does not get off so lightly. However I am equally concerned that all directors of the AIM Companies who have done deals with Equity First Holdings LLC do not try to avoid Capital gains Tax on the shares they have sold. A formal note on all of them will go to HMRC in due course but pleasure before business, let’s start with Robert Simon Terry of Quindell. This article will be sent to HMRC.

The AIM Awards dinner, Cannacord, Equities First and the stench grows by the day

Published 1926 days ago

Each year a sell-out dinner takes place attended by over 1300 AIM company directors, Nomads, brokers, accountants, lawyers, analysts, people from the financial PR and investor relations industries and the media. It is the largest AIM gathering in the City calendar, according to the AIM AWARDS website, . Lots of mutual back-slapping goes on as they ‘celebrate outstanding achievement on the world’s most successful growth market’.

One of the RNS Statements Quindell must make on Monday

Published 1926 days ago

The dodgy share sales by three (pro tem) directors of Quindell (QPP) are the least of its problems now as this company and its share price goes into meltdown. But should it wish to clarify its clarification statement regarding the director share sales it described as buys on November 5 I have drafted a release on its behalf. It reads:

ShareProphets Translation Service – the RNS Optimal Payments should have released on Friday

Published 1926 days ago

On Friday, following revelations on this website HERE, Optimal Payments (OPAY) released an RNS which was misleading regarding how its CEO had dumped shares in this fine company. We are helpful fellows and have thus started the ShareProphets Translation service in which we offer up what the RNS SHOULD have looked like.

The Equities First Scandal - Its going to get worse, heads will roll - Tom Winnifrith BearCast Special

Published 1927 days ago

The AIM Casino scandal involving Equities First Holdings LLC is going to get an awful lot worse. Heads will roll with Optimal Payments (OPAY) and IGAS (IGAS) firmly in the firing line but directors at Cloudbuy (CBUY), IQE (IQE), Angle (AGL) and ,of course, Quenron (QPP) also exposed. For the latter, at least, this is probably not their greatest concern. The sad truth is that none of the six have said enough and ALL need to clarify the clarification statements. Until they do all six firms are uninvestable. This and specific crmes are examined in this podcast special.

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 14th November

Published 1928 days ago

Its back to the regular BearCast now although I suggest that you all listen to my Quindell, how grim is the cash position special HERE from a couple of hours ago. In this edition I look at the ongoing Equities First Holdings LLC scandal rocking the AIM Casino, IGAS, Optimal Payments and of course Quenron. I then look at old favourite CPP, Cyprotex and Reach4E. I will have a look at Concha over the weekend, apologies on that one I forgot to "deal with it" today.

Jefferies International Limited – Enhancing the Reputation of the Aim casino in true fashion – ref IGAS

Published 1928 days ago

Lest it not be forgotten, The AIM casino holds Equities First Holdings LLP (EFH) in such high regard that it not only allowed EFH to sponsor this year’s AIM Awards, but even got one of their number ( the witch Elena Clarici) to sit on the judging panel. What fine, upstanding citizens those fine fellows at EFH must be.

IQE plc – some additional detail on transaction with Equities First provided, but significant questions still to be answered

Published 1928 days ago

Having on Wednesday written on the recent dealings of IQE plc (IQE) directors with Equities First Holding LLC and on the same day contacted both the company and its Nomad, Canaccord Genuity, emphasising that further information should be provided and pointing to the questions my article raised, I have had no direct response from either, but note a 12:53pm Thursday announcement “to provide… further information”. The following reviews.

IGAS needs to Clarify its Clarification on CEO Director share trades – a total farce

Published 1928 days ago

IGAS (IGAS) has today tried to clarify share trades made by its CEO Andrew Austen. It has failed abysmally and now needs to clarify its clarification. This is a farce and the advisers - the lamentable Jefferies – should be walking the plank right now.

Optimal payments- is this the sixth company in the Equities First Scandal?

Published 1928 days ago

With a very big hat tip to ‘ROB’ who posted a comment on my article “Equities First and a cancer at the heart of the AIM Cesspit” I bring you Optimal Payments (OPAY) which is, according to ADVFN, a £668 million enterprise trading on the AIM Cesspit. I have to say that I have not the slightest clue what this company does, but that is not the point.

Our Readers Reckon Rob Terry’s Quindell margin call was 69p (and they are right) so what did Rob do?

Published 1928 days ago

Quindell (QPP) has yet to fess up as to what price Rob Terry, Larry Moorse and Steve Scott face margin calls on their Equities First Holdings LLC “loans”. But having reflected upon the matter I agree with our readers who overwhelmingly reckon it is 69p on which basis Mr 2+2 has already faced an unwelcome phone call from the hoods in Indianapolis.

Cloudbuy & Westhouse (Nomad) and that Equities First Deal – About That Clarification

Published 1928 days ago

I vented my spleen about Wednesday’s ‘clarification’ RNS regarding the Equities First Holdings ‘loan’ which turned out to be a ‘sale’ by Chairman Ronald Duncan - HERE. I have calmed down now, and cool analysis of what we were told raises yet more questions. Serious questions. We have not yet had a full disclosure.

The Equities First Holdings LLC Scam - how it works

Published 1929 days ago

For those who think the directors of the 5 AIM Casino Companies doing business with Equities First Holdings LLC took out a loan here is a bit of required reading. And if Cenkos thinks that the stock "loaned" by Rob Terry of Quindell (QPP) has not been dumped ages ago then its chumps should read this too.

Ronald Duncan, chairman of Cloudbuy & Nomad Westhouse: Just what the hell do you take us for?

Published 1930 days ago

Ronald Duncan of Cloudbuy (CBUY) what a dog’s breakfast of an RNS you served up today. I have sold all my shares. Did you really think that following the Quindell model of ‘clarification’ over the Equities First deal which you originally described as a loan was a good idea?

IGAS, Cloudbuy, Quindell, Angle, IQE & Equity First - a Letter to the FCA

Published 1930 days ago

Infamous bear raider Lucian Miers has today written to the FCA regarding the Equity First Holding LLC scandal that iis tearing the heart out of the AIM Casino. Explianing clearly why market abuse has taken place he demands that heads roll. The letter follows:

Tom Winnifrith BearCast Special - The Equities First scandal - jail time & disgrace

Published 1930 days ago

In this BearCast Special I explain exactly how Equities First Holdings LLC operates. When it sells the shares AIM directors transfer to it and why that means that ALL of the AIM directors involved have broken the law. That is Quindell (QPP), IGAS (IGAS), Cloudbuy (CBUY), IQE (IQE) and Angle (AGL). There then follows the misleading statements. But then I turn to the negligence of Nomads, Cenkos, Canaccord and Hanson Westhouse and why that should be career ending for some. And the to why Equities First and its employees should be struck off by the FCA.  This scandal is enormous and for many involved professional disgrace is the least of their worries.

IQE plc – Equities First additional disclosures needed now

Published 1930 days ago

Earlier today on this website, Tom Winnifrith noted the additional disclosure provided by cloudBuy plc on its Chairman’s “security for a loan facility”, the description of which has now changed to a “sale and repurchase agreement which Mr Duncan entered into with Equities First Holdings LLC”. Like Nigel Somerville with cloudBuy, I hold shares in IQE plc (IQE) and am arguably doing myself few favours writing this, but given IQE directors also announced recent dealings with Equities First, they too now need to step up to the disclosure plate…

Rob Terry you criminal low-life you have a margin call – Quindell must make a statement NOW

Published 1930 days ago

Fair dues to Ron Duncan at Cloudbuy (CBUY) – he has done a similar deal to the Quindell fraudsters with Equities First Holdings LLC claiming to buy shares when he has in fact sold. But in his statement this morning he has at least fessed up to what price his margin call will be at. Rob Terry and his fellow fraudsters at Quenron have not done this but I can tell you it is c69p. And so with the shares having touched 67p earlier Rob just got a phone call… welcome to Rob Terry...who wants to be a millionaire.

What would I do next if I was Rob Terry of Quindell?

Published 1930 days ago

Mr 2+2 can = 5 is my opponent. I seek to expose fraud on the AIM Casino. Rob Terry has engaged in wholesale fraud from the day Quindell (QPP) joined AIM via a RTO on April 28th 2011. Within weeks he was buying a worthless shell company from his lawyers Blake Lapthorne for £150,000 in order to inflate Quindell’s profits by hiding legal costs. And TMC Southern was selling shares gifted to it by Quindell in order to fund bogus purchases from Quindell which ended up being responsible for more than 100% of Quindell group profits in 2011. The frauds and lies have got bigger since but now the game is up as lies are exposed and the shares are tanking. So what is Rob thinking now?

Open Letter: Dear Cenkos – A statement needed NOW regarding your fraudulent client Quindell

Published 1931 days ago

I have this morning tried to shake off the most almighty of hangovers caused by the Quenron (QPP) celebrations of last night, by penning an open letter to Cenkos, Nomad ((pro tem) to the fraud Quindell. Cenkos needs to force Quindell to make a statement now regarding margin calls that Rob Terry, Larry Moorse and Steve Scott must be facing.

Quindell: Oi Cenkos! Another thing: when does Rob Terry have to put up margin?

Published 1932 days ago

Sorry to bother you again Cenkos, you bunch of incompetent and sleazy money grabbing crony capitalists, but perhaps you can help us all by stating at what price the fraudster Rob Terry has to put up margin on his “loan” ( aka share sale) agreement with Equities First Holdings LLC.

Tom Winnifrith's BearCast 10th November

Published 1932 days ago

Not yet off his face celebrating vindication on Quindell, Tom Winnifrith outlines further thoughts on Quenron itself but also loks at the whole issue of what really makes for balance sheet backing. In that vein he looks at Serco ( warning today). He then looks at the other stocks caught up in the Equities First Holdings LLC scandal, notably IGAS (IGAS) and also comments on Weatherley International, Northern Petroleum and Verdes Asset Management

Equities First Stock “Loans” – a deal too good to be true: ref Quindell

Published 1932 days ago

Roll up, roll up. You are the director of a company with a thumping great holding of shares in your company. You want to get some value out of that now, but selling would rock market confidence. Selling all at once would be impossible without dropping the sale price achieved, and doing it in tranches would also drop the overall price achieved.  It might be you want to buy a luxury penthouse suite in Toronto. Whatever. How can you do it?

Steve Scott’s Quindell Share Sales – the Game is Up for Quindell

Published 1932 days ago

The Daily Mail applied the coup de Grace for Quindell (QPP) last night with revelations about share sales by Steve Scott, Rob Terry’s second oldest business associate (after Mr Sadiq of Cosy/Himex infamy) and a Quenron NED. This really is devastating.

Equities First and a cancer at the heart of the AIM Cesspit

Published 1933 days ago

Hard questions are being asked about a series of loan arrangements to company directors whereby they hand over shares they own in their own companies as security for loans. In three cases the lender has been announced to be Equities First Limited LLC. In another two the lender is not named so we will just have to wait to find that out.

The Quindell Equity First Scandal – will IGas be the first Domino to topple?

Published 1933 days ago

Quenron (QPP) is not the first company to do business with Equity First Holdings LLC – step forward IGAS Energy (IGAS) which for reasons I shall explain below may well be the first domino to topple in what is brewing up as a mammoth scandal. 

Cloudbuy and Angle Directors Loans – a Plague on their shareholders houses?

Published 1933 days ago

Following my articles on Friday and Saturday about Cloudbuy (CBUY) I kept on wondering if I was being a bit harsh. As a long-time supporter of Cloudbuy, and a shareholder – I wasn’t really doing myself any favours making bearish comments! But reading Tom Winnifrith’s pieces on Quindell Chairman Rob Terry’s dealings with Equities First rang a bell. I had to take a look…

Tom Winnifrith: BearCast Special - Equities First - the lies of Rob Terry, Quindell & Cenkos - D-day for all 3 looms

Published 1933 days ago

Lets nail this once and for all. The RNS put out by Quindell (QPP) on 5 November 2014 suggesting that Rob Terry had increased his holding in Quindell (QPP) was a lie. Cenkos signed off on that as Nomad. Cenkos issued a note on Friday 7 November 2014 and was lied to by Quindell. I demonstrate why Quindell is lying and explain how Equities First Holdings LLC works. I cite sources which are refered to below. Cenkos needs to come clean on Monday or it is royally in the merde alongside Quenron

Tom Winnifrith's Saturday BearCast 8 November

Published 1934 days ago

A few interweb problems here in Eire, so I have nipped up to Darina Allen's Ballymaloe house to book supper for tonight - a mega culinary treat for the Mrs and myself and to upload another hard hitting recording. On the agenda is Quindell and how soon its shares could be suspended for the Equities First Holdings LLC farce. Also a discussion of the whole issue of suspension and where the AIM casino will go post this scandal. There are some hard questions here for many. Then I also look at African Minerals (target price 0p).

IQE, IGas caught up in the Equity First/Quenron scandal – best to stand aside for now

Published 1934 days ago

By next week it is more than likely that Quindell (QPP) shares will be suspended as the Equities First Scandal reaches boiling point as I explain again in today’s BearCast. That begs questions about IQE and IGas.

Rob Terry using worthless Quindell Paper to buy worthless Quindell paper.

Published 1936 days ago

Things appear to be getting rather desperate round at Quindell (QPP). Far from ignoring his critics and getting on with proving that his business is capable of generating cash, as he promised to do, executive Chairman Rob Terry appears to be running around like a headless chicken trying to prop up his share price which has of late been deflating like a tired soufflé.

Quindell – was this the most misleading announcement ever?

Published 1936 days ago

On 5th November 2014 Quindell (QPP) announced that three directors had purchased £2 million worth of shares in the market. At the same time it was announced that the three directors had entered into a loan facility ‘that may result in the transfer of up to [all their] Quindell Shares’. So far – up to the last two words of the second sentence – we may accept every word of the text of the announcement as based on fact. But from then on, starting from the last two words of the second sentence, ‘as security’, every sentence and almost every word of the announcement (including the table) is a lie.

Rob Terry invests not a cent to buy a million Quindell shares – what bollocks

Published 1937 days ago

Quindell (QPP) bulls have today celebrated the news that chief fraudster Robert Terry and sidekicks Laurence Moorse and Steve Scott have bought 1.575 million Quenron shares at c123p. However they rather miss the point that the trio have not actually risked a cent of their own cash. This is the latest smokescreen and is such a curious transaction it only makes the sell case even stronger. Within the stock puffed up to 133p on the back of this nonsense it is another chance for the bears. 

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