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Notes from Underground – Most read articles for the week ending August 7

Published 47 days ago

The top non-Tom article this week is Escape Hunt – John currently getting away with this ‘growth’ Story… but for how long? by Steve Moore at number eight or number 14 if you include the Bearcast and Tom’s new shareshow. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Pure unadulterated bull from the Zoetic fraud

Published 52 days ago

While I was recording bearcast, Zoetic (ZOE) announced that since promising results in July on May 17 – by when it would already have done much of the audit work – it had discovered all about covid so would not now be releasing, what will be piss poor, results (for the year to March 31 2021) until this month. Good news travels fast, bad news is delayed. The real reason for the delay is explained in this podcast. I also cover discussions with the regulators on UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Supply@ME Capital (SYME), the John Story episode and getting the shyster resigned from Escape Hunt (ESC). I speculate on what he did next. And there is a final appeal for Ian Westbrook. Do not let the loathsome pig Neill Ricketts win by default, please donate HERE

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - so what is wrong with being a proven liar and a director of an AIM Company?

Published 53 days ago

First up, thanks for all the tenners for Ian Westbrook. We still have two days to hit the £20,000 make loathsome Neill Ricketts sweat target and are now on £14,694. We are still talking to two potentially generous donors so please do keep the tenners flowing HERE to stop the Versarien (VRS) penny share huckster winning by default. Then onto lying on AIM and also covering up bad news with late releases. I look at Supply@ME Capital (SYME), Verditek (VDTK), Powerhouse Energy (PHE), Cellular Goods (CBX), Escape Hunt (ESC) and, of course, the fraud Zoetic (ZOE). The stench of chumocracy corruption is rife in the City as liars go unpunished. It is most depressing.

Escape Hunt – John currently getting away with this ‘growth’ Story… but for how long?

Published 53 days ago

Tom Winnifrith has this morning described why Non-Executive Director of Escape Hunt (ESCJohn Story is not fit to be a plc director and you have to ask what will Story sell to pay his next margin call? He has 10,447,599 Escape Hunt shares and this ‘escape-the-room experiences’ company has today made a trading update, with its shares currently up 10% to 38.5p in response. But for how long?…

Escape Hunt – trading update, how “encouraging”?

Published 88 days ago

Shares in “escape-the-room experiences” company Escape Hunt (ESC) remain ahead after my previous scepticism but are down today, further below 40p, despite a trading update including “revenue during the five-week period (to 20th June 2021) was 47 per cent. higher than in the same five-week period in 2019” and “estimated earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation at site level for the five weeks to 20 June 2021 was 310 per cent. of the site level EBITDA in the same five weeks in 2019”. So why the share price response?…

Escape Hunt – “pleased to announce” contracts for French acquisition & trading update. But value?...

Published 210 days ago

’Escape-the-room experiences’ company Escape Hunt (ESC“is pleased to announce… it has exchanged contracts to acquire its French master franchise partner” and overall “is confident that both consumer and corporate demand will return strongly when the restrictions currently in place are lifted”. What’s the detail?…

Escape Hunt – argues “encouraged” by estate performance and “delighted” with digital progress... but financial specifics?

Published 284 days ago

“Further progress in UK owner-operated estate” announcement today from ‘escape-the-room experiences’ company Escape Hunt (ESC). So, what is this progress and its financial implications?…

Escape Hunt – updates on blundering Boris & co. impact; emphasises sites re-opening & digital progress, But...

Published 298 days ago

Escape-the-room experiences company Escape Hunt (ESC“is pleased to confirm that the sites in England, other than those in areas designated ‘tier 3’ under the UK Government’s Coronavirus tiered classification system, will re-open on 2 December” and “digital and remote play games… strong progress” – and the shares have currently responded more than 6% higher to 17.5p. But…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Has Pfizer really got a Covid vaccine that works for 90% of us?

Published 319 days ago

I start with the wonder vaccine. Is it a cure all for companies such as Cineworld (CINE) or Carnival (CCL)? Then I consider Julie Meyer in light of the research I was doing yesterday for the Gewanter case and what it says about the UK’s rotten honours system.  Then I look at Inspirit (INSP), Countrywide (CWD), Amigo (AMGO) and Escape Hunt (ESC) where I stand with Steve, not Justin the Clown.

Escape Hunt – argues “enormously encouraged”, But...

Published 324 days ago

Escape-the-room experiences company Escape Hunt (ESC) has updated including “revenue over the week beginning 26 October 2020 which coincided with schools’ half term week… was 25% ahead of the same period last year” and EBITDA conversion ratios have been substantially better than in prior periods, assisted by more efficient labour usage”. However…

Escape Hunt – argues further progress in UK owner-operated estate ‘delight’, But...

Published 330 days ago

“Further progress in UK owner-operated estate” announcement from escape-the-room experiences company Escape Hunt (ESC) though the shares, at 9.25p, are more than 5% lower…

Escape Hunt – Middle East acquisition, really due to growth ‘excitement’?

Published 339 days ago

An “Acquisition of Middle East Master Franchise and re-opening of Dubai site” announcement from ‘escape-the-room experiences’ company Escape Hunt (ESC) – and the shares currently 9.25p, 11.5% higher…

Escape Hunt – “pleased to announce its interim results”. Hmmm...

Published 360 days ago

Self-styled “a global leader in the growing escape rooms sector”, Escape Hunt (ESC“is pleased to announce its interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2020”. The shares are currently at 8.5p, down from above 50p as recently as July last year…

Escape Hunt – argues trading “encouraging”... but pent-up demand now dissipating?

Published 365 days ago

Escape-the-room experiences company Escape Hunt (ESC) has updated including “trading in our UK owner-operated sites has been encouraging since we re-opened on 12 July… sales in the six weeks to 20 September… 72% of the same period in 2019… resulted in a positive site level EBITDA which was approximately 33% higher than the site level EBITDA in the equivalent six-week period in 2019” – and the shares have currently responded to 8p, 6.7% higher. However…

Escape Hunt – announcement sees shares 20% higher, Big news then?...

Published 394 days ago

An announcement from escape-the-room experiences company Escape Hunt (ESC) and the shares currently at 9p, 20% higher on the back of it. Big news then?…

Escape Hunt – when the ‘senior leadership team’ having barely missed out at all isn’t taking the piss enough...

Published 434 days ago

“Management incentive scheme” announcement from Escape Hunt (ESC), with Chairman Richard Rose “pleased that we have put an appropriate incentive in place for our senior team which is aligned with the interests of our shareholders. In order to receive 100 per cent of the award, the team will have had to generate a compound shareholder return of 35 per cent per annum over four years. With this in mind, we are excited about the prospects for Escape Hunt and have a strong management team in place to deliver our strategy”. Hmmm!...

Escape Hunt – “delighted to announce” England venues reopening… though how many will fancy a shut-in ‘experience’?

Published 442 days ago

‘Escape room experiences’ company Escape Hunt (ESC) “is delighted to announce that all eight of its venues in England will reopen on Saturday 11 July 2020” and “welcomes yesterday's announcement by the Government of further support to the sector” – and the shares have currently responded up to 7.5p...

Escape Hunt – open offer result, ‘well placed to resume recent positive momentum’. Really?...

Published 450 days ago

“Result of the Open Offer” announcement which Escape Hunt (ESC), self-styled “a leading operator of escape rooms in the fast-growing experiential leisure sector, is pleased to announce”. The shares have though currently responded lower, further below 9p...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: My local Tory MP in Wrexham has gone too far - she is utterly infuriating

Published 457 days ago

The latest tweet from my local Tories just pushes me too far. These folks live on another planet. I start by discussing the tweet below and why it makes me so angry. The bosses at Escape Hunt (ESC) should be, like Sarah Atherton MP (Con), be sent to the gulags of Merthyr Tydfil and I explain why. I look at UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Red Rock Resources (RRR), Power Metal Resources (POW) and Versarien (VRS) ahead of next Tuesday.

Escape Hunt – again “pleased to announce”… but about that senior management “pay reduction”...

Published 457 days ago

‘Escape rooms’ leisure company Escape Hunt (ESC) “is pleased to announce that it has launched remote versions of its most popular 5* rated escape room experiences Doctor Who: Worlds Collide and The Fourth Samurai via remote platforms” – and the shares have currently responded to 9.75p, more than 18% higher...

Escape Hunt – “pleased to announce” results… & broker appointment. I wonder why?...

Published 500 days ago

‘Escape rooms’ operator Escape Hunt (ESC) “is pleased to announce” results and a broker appointment. The shares are currently at 7.5p, more than 6% lower in response...

Escape Hunt – “COVID-19 Update”, the company able to escape?

Published 526 days ago

“Further to its announcement of 19 March 2020, Escape Hunt (ESC) provides a further update on mitigating actions taken in response to the COVID-19 pandemic”. The shares had fallen below 3p before that March announcement, closed that day at 3.5p and are currently 3.75p...

Escape Hunt – crunched by Coronavirus and not sure it can escape

Published 554 days ago

This was a dog of an RTO which Steve and I have regularly, and correctly, called out as such on this website. Sure no-one could have predicted Coronavirus but this is a disease that, largely, kills the sick and ailing and so Escape Hunt (ESC) is an obvious potential victim.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: A slam dunk election bet to make

Published 687 days ago

I start with the Woodlarks Christmas Grotto appeal. We are so close to target - please donate now and let's get there today. Make your donation HERE. Then, thanks to some utterly dodgy Survation polls, I offer you a slam dunk General Election bet to take. After that it is on to Versarien (VRS), Escape Hunt (ESC) - another awesome call from yours truly - Purplebricks (PURP), Kefi Minerals (KEFI) and (WRKS) - Woof, woof.

Notes from Underground - Have you ever seen George Soros and Tom Winnifrith in the same room?

Published 971 days ago

A reader this week suggested that we look at a specific bulletin board conversation this week as background to a story. ShareProphets writers rarely look at the boards, and I'd be shocked if any have ever participated, but I took a gander. 

Escape Hunt – this is bonkers

Published 976 days ago

Hat tip to the UK’s No 1 private client broker for spotting this AIM casino accident waiting to happen.

Escape Hunt – argues “good financial performance”… but why also included “relative to the number of games rooms opened”?

Published 1159 days ago

A trading update from ‘escape the room’ experiences company Escape Hunt (ESC) includes “exceptional customer reviews for the three sites opened earlier this year are translating into good financial performance thus far with revenue and EBITDA contribution, relative to the number of games rooms opened, having met our expectations”. A current 114.5p share price though compares to a 135p placing price when joining AIM in May 2017…

Escape Hunt – site opening ‘delight’… so why are the shares somewhat depressed?

Published 1292 days ago

‘Escape the room’ games company Escape Hunt (ESC) is “delighted” to announce the opening of an owner-operated site in Bristol and “excited about the further openings in the coming months”. However, the shares are a currently unchanged 113.5p – down from a 135p May AIM admission. Hmmm…

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