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Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending April 10

Published 6 days ago

The Sunday ShareProphets Pub Quiz has cracked the top ten most-read stories of the week list. That’s the real news of the week. As for the most read non-Tom article, it’s Ariana – A Reader Asks … by Nigel Somerville at number six, or  number 14 including Bearcasts and Tom’s new shareshow. Which one is the best of the week? You don’t need to tell me in the comments – it’s clearly the pub quiz.

BREAKING The next £60m scandal the FCA will screw up on: High Street Group – second auditor walks in 7 months

Published 11 days ago

I first warned that The High Street Group was a £60 million mini-bond scandal waiting to collapse 358 days ago. But the FCA has still failed to act. Now the company has lost its second auditor within 7 months. Surely the woke dullards at the FCA can take a few minutes off from issuing another paper on the transgender pay gap to take some action?

We warned about SIX high profile mini-bond schemes – now another of the suspect six goes bust, another FCA fail

Published 32 days ago

The pattern has always been the same. We issued explicit warnings about London & Capital Finance,, Blackmore Bond, Bassett and Gold, Buy 2 Let Cars, The High Street Group  and Wellesley Finance. Companies such as my beloved West Ham United screwed over their fans and continued to support these rogues. The FCA was too busy publishing papers on the gender pay gap, Brexit, climate change or LGBT awareness to do anything until tens of millions of pounds had been lost. But heck it is was only the great unwashed who suffered.

High Street Group – at last some clarity emerges over its financial position and it's ugly & still the FCA does SFA

Published 87 days ago

I have been warning for a long time that High Street Group is another mini-bond disaster waiting to happen, another scandal the FCA has fecked up on. Now we have news. The accounts for the year 31 December 2018, yes that is right, the 2018 accounts of the High Street Group Limited, have finally been filed at Companies House.

BREAKING: The FCA fecking up again, the next Mini Bond catastrophe: The High Street Group – is that a fat Lady I see approaching?

Published 107 days ago

On its website under heading “High Street Group In Numbers” it states its Current Estimated Value of The Group is £1.5 billion and forecasted value of the company by 2023 is £3 billion.  My forecast value by the end of 2021 is exactly zero. You will not be able to say that you were not warned. Or that the truly useless FCA has done anything, or is currently doing anything, to stop mug punters losing cash on this mini-bond disaster. Given the scrutiny it faces over London & Capital Finance, that is doubly shocking.

The top twenty most read ShareProphets articles of 2020

Published 108 days ago

I have used Excel Sheets, Cray Supercomputers, and consulted the Necromicon and I cannot see a pattern in these 20 articles. The only thing that they have in common is they thare the the 20 most read articles on ShareProphets in 2020.

SCOOP: Fat Lady heading to a gig at The High Street Group? Another £60 million mini-bond scandal waiting to break

Published 264 days ago

You, dear readers, cannot say that you were not warned about this one. I penned a detailed expose on April 13 warning you all that this would end in tears. Natch the FCA has done nothing, that being its standard response to folks losing all their cash to mini-bond schemes.  Anyhow, word reaches me of events that suggest the end game is almost upon us for this property developer.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 19 April 2020

Published 363 days ago

Excluding ShareProphets Radio 28, the most read non-Tom article this week is Block Energy has proven why you shouldn't believe the hype - especially from the company itself! by Gary Newman, at swell number three or number eight including Bearcasts.

MAJOR EXPOSE: The High Street Group – a Potemkin Village of a Group: another multi million mini bond scandal?

Published 369 days ago

Previously I have warned extensively about London & Capital Finance (now in administration), Blackmore Bond Plc (now in default on interest payments), Wellesley Finance Plc (material uncertainty over going concern) and Bassett and Gold Plc (now in administration).  Today, following a reader’s prompt, I publish a major report on another massive mini bond scandal in the making.

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