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Versarien – the deafening sound of silence

Published 3 days ago

A company does not have to say anything on trading, on its prospects or on other matters at an AGM but it can do so and if it has anything good at all to say you can bet the ranch, especially with smaller AIM promotes, that it will say it. And that brings us to the Versarien (VRS) AGM yesterday.

Verditek gets £315,000 of your cash to spunk in Zimbabwe – its still going to be out of cash by Christmas

Published 14 days ago

We have covered the dodgy grants and loans handed out by taxpayer funded Innovate UK many times on this website. You will be delighted that it is at it again, this time handing out £315,000 to serial failures and deceivers of investors Verditek UK.  The grant is over 18 months but Verditek will be out of cash by Christmas this year but who cares? it is only taxpayer cash isn’t it?

Versarien: Rewarding failure - snouts in the trough exposed

Published 30 days ago

The annual report for worthless cash-guzzling promote Versarien (VRS) came out on Friday. Hmmm just before a bank holiday weekend, a good day to bury bad news or in this case snouts in the trough and rewards for failure.

The Versarien ramping - more emails published thanks to Winnileaks “China thinks Neill Ricketts is a God”

Published 35 days ago

Another cache of emails have been delivered to Winnileaks regarding the activities of the ex copper who uses private chatrooms where folks discuss having me killed, Mr Graham Wood. As we know from previous articles, Wood is a close confidante of the loathsome Neill Ricketts, of stock-market promotion Versarien (VRS) infamy.

Versarien Results are truly diabolical

Published 53 days ago

It is hard to know where to begin with the results from Versarien (VRS) for the year to March 31 2021. They are, at every level, just utterly diabolical. However much the morally bankrupt PR spinners at Yellow Jersey – who else would act for such scoundrels – try to polish the turd, it is still a turd.

Breaking: Neill Ricketts & Versarien to launch graphene-enhanced CBD range

Published 179 days ago

I can exclusively reveal that Neill Ricketts will be announcing later today the launch by Versarien (VRS) of a new range of graphene-enhanced CBD Range and that in order to maximise value for shareholders, this new division, Versarien Blockchain CBD, is to be spun off onto the AIM casino via a separate IPO. In terms of the cash needed for the project, Ricketts says “funding secured.”

Versarien – there will not be a year-end trading statement but what would it say?

Published 182 days ago

Let’s be clear. Although it might be deemed best practice for a company the size of Versarien (VRS) to issue a year-end trading update, there is no legal obligation for it to do so. And the only best practice Versarien adheres to is in industrial-scale share issuance and deceptive share ramping activities. Had it won any material business at all, new contracts for graphene which actually generated real sales – as opposed to taxpayer handouts from his Tory chums – you can bet the ranch that loathsome Neill Ricketts would have been itching to shout about them via an RNS. He hasn’t so there are not any.

Baby Tree Protector Gets Extra Dosh From Government-Backed Agency and Its Future Looks Perky

Published 193 days ago

Hello, Share Bunnies. This old punter has a nervous relationship with Biome Technologies (BIOM). After all, when it used to be called Stanelco yonks ago, I lost money. But it now seems this is a company waiting in the wings of the green revolution. And, as we know, that’s a fast-growing market which will become much vaster as the years roll on…

Versarien’s “Sound Financial Base”: Two Death Spirals and a Dodgy Loan!

Published 246 days ago

It helps when shorting a company’s shares to have a tailwind and there are few more favourable tailwinds than if that company is resorting to death spiral finance. This desperate measure tells you that all normal financing options are closed to it and that realising cash at punitive and dilutive rates is the only way to survive. The reality of death spiral financing is so grim that it is little wonder that many companies attempt to obfuscate it by hoodwinking investors into thinking that the finance provider is an institution willing to invest in their shares…

Letter to AIM Regulation : Versarien needs to restate and reissue interims, they are deceptive

Published 248 days ago

The results were so shockingly bad that it is hard to see why Versarien (VRS) bothered to mislead investors. But it did and in a material way and thus I have written to the Oxymorons at AIM Regulation to flag this up and suggesting that odious Neill Ricketts and his disgraced Nomad, SP Angel of the fraud MySquar infamy, be forced to restate  reissue a corrected version. The letter is below.

Versarien shares crash as interims are shockingly bad and misleading even by its own rotten standards

Published 249 days ago

You would need a Nomad without any morals whatsoever to sign off on junk like this. Luckily Versarien (VRS) employs SP Angel of the fraud MySquar infamy so that’s alright then. These, delayed, numbers for the six months to 30 September 2020 are just piss poor, and also deceptive.

Neill Ricketts Christmas Carol part 3

Published 277 days ago

‘Twas the night before Christmas and as the snow fell faster and faster and harder and harder outside his mock Tudor mock Georgian newly build Gloucestershire mansion, Mr Neill Ricketts was of a troubled mind. The ghost of Christmas Past was bad enough, but then he had been visited by the ghost of Christmas Present. What would happen next?

Versarien: is this £1.95 million of revenue or yet another Government grant? Clarification Needed ASAP

Published 307 days ago

The bulls are creaming themselves. The shares up by 13% at 40p and the cult-like followers of shameless Neill Ricketts say there are now real revenues from graphene sales. But I think not. The RNS issued by Versarien (VRS) today is utterly disingenuous and no Nomad other than shamed and disgraced fraudsters fave SP Angel would have signed off on it.

Versarien, Neill Ricketts and sleazy death Spiral provider Lanstead – just who told the biggest lie?

Published 342 days ago

On 23 March 2020, POS AIM promote Versarien (VRS) announced “ subscription to raise £6 million”. Natch the headline was misleading and indeed Versarien was forced to issue a clarification at a later date.  On 16 October, the lies started to reveal themselves big time.

Versarien & Innovate UK loan – a less feeble and more transparent response needed

Published 355 days ago

Readers may recall reading the following paragraph from a letter of 27th July by junior minister Amanda Solloway to fellow MP Bim Afolami, seeking to justify the £5 million loan made by Innovate UK to Versarien (VRS):

Covid spoof of the day Number one – Scancell

Published 360 days ago

I have documented over many years what a rotten investment Scancell (SCLP) has been but its spoofing on its quest for a Covid vaccine is one of the biggest red flags fluttering. Today it plunged new depths of spoofery as it announced a collaboration with Cobra Biologics “for Cobra to manufacture Scancell’s COVID-19 vaccine.” Great, except that…

EXPOSED Versarien – Graphene sales remain tiny and the cash position is getting critical

Published 366 days ago

Now that Versarien (VRS) has finally published its annual report, I have had a look and drawn out a few highlights. As the subsidiary accounts are not yet filed at Companies House, it is not yet possible to perform the detailed analysis of the results to show exactly how little the Graphene sales were as I did for last year’s results showing that sales were just £26,000.  However, I show below an indicative analysis by analysing the elements that Versarien does disclose and it makes for grim reading for the deluded followers of Neill Ricketts.

Innovate UK – your taxpayer cash spunked on bread rolls from Bolton making Warburton family multi millionaires ever richer

Published 376 days ago

You think of innovation and naturally one’s mind turns to disrupting the world of bread rolls. Of course. In this latest insight into how your hard earned cash is spunked by Innovate UK, it is time to head to Bolton and to bread maker Warburtons.

BREAKING: Innovate UK – the taxpayer cash sent to rich stockbrokers to make them richer, via a Marxist Madrassa

Published 378 days ago

One of the striking things about how taxpayer cash is doled out via Innovate UK is how many of the Marxist Madrassas we used to call Universities are on the gravy train. Among those really tucking in is the University of West of England, UWE, the place where hard line socialists wanting to live in Bristol but too dim to get a job at Bristol University end up working. So here is where £83,341 of your cash went.

Innovate UK and the Rolls-Royce of cash-hungry blue-chip applicants - this is £206m of your cash spunked!

Published 379 days ago

Tom Winnifrith has been railing against Innovate UK with regard to splurging taxpayer cash on less that wholly deserving applications for funding from companies which could turn to the public markets or which have returned time and time again for more taxpayer cash with no discernible advance shown from the last payout. Today I turn to the Rolls-Royce of taxpayer cash consumption. It is indeed Rolls Royce (RR.)

BREAKING: Innovate UK – more taxpayer cash sent to a fraud: Environmental Recycling

Published 379 days ago

The criminal way that taxpayer cash is handed out by Innovate UK to companies that are either undeserving or can raise cash from share issuances in the private sector will, in the end, turn out to be a scandal running into the hundreds of millions of pounds. Yesterday I exposed the £4.6 million, wholly unjustified, spunk on Haydale Graphene and today I flag up £117,377 dished out to a total fraud, Environmental Recycling Technologies then listed on AIM.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 12 September 2020

Published 379 days ago

The most read non-Tom article this week is Bonkers! Adamas bizarrely uses the recent placing proceeds to buy back shares at a higher price! by Gary Newman is at a thrilling number three or on the edge of the leaderboard at number ten including Bearcasts and Tom’s new shareshow. Which one is the best of the week? Tell me in the comments.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: can you assist me in unpicking Innovate UK - I smell a massive fraud on we the UK taxpayer

Published 380 days ago

I may be in the gulags of Merthyr Tydfil by tomorrow night so if there is no Monday bearcast, you know why. I look at abuse of furlough and how some folks want this madness to continue and then at the Government’s bonkers demands of the EU to allow it to hand out vast sums to British companies. In that vein, I flag up my latest expose of Innovate UK HERE. I sense this scandal is massive and will grow. If any of you are bored and want to assist uncovering it, the relevant link is HERE.

BREAKING: Another Innovate UK scandal - £4.6m spunked on Haydale Graphene for what?

Published 380 days ago

We have already exposed the cavalier way Innovate UK has spunked taxpayer cash on Versarien (VRS) with zero accountability. Next in line seems to be Verditek (VDTK). Now I turn to Haydale Graphene (HAYD).

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Bidstack's countdown to next bailout placing

Published 383 days ago

It is bad news for gender fluid, Bidstack (BIDS) owning, journalist-defaming moron Mike Turner - the countdown to the next bailout placing is underway. I crunch the numbers and speculate on what boss Lyin’ James Draper will do about it. After that I consider Verditek (VDTK) and its growing catalogue of lies and also warn Innovate UK that I am on its case as I have been alerted to another of its grant scandals. Finally I consider two companies that are desperate to be bid for but which, I suspect, will not be: Audioboom (BOOM) and Eurasia Mining (EUA). 

A bearcast from Two Tom Winnifrith's: is this more Tory Innovate UK sleaze? This time it is Verditek

Published 384 days ago

It is a father and son effort today from Shipston. On the agenda: Verditek (VDTK), Xtract Resources (XTR), and IQE (IQE).

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 29 August 2020

Published 393 days ago

BT Group takeover by Chirs Bailey is at a fantastic number four or number 12 including Bearcasts and Tom’s new shareshow. Which one is the best of the week? Tell me in the comments.

BREAKING Scandal: The 16 other Innovate UK grants to Versarien exposed - what return has the taxpayer had on them? Nil!

Published 395 days ago

As things stand, Versarien (VRShas drawn down the first 40% of a £5 million low interest loan from taxpayer-funded Innovate UK despite demonstrably being ineligible for what is the body’s biggest ever loan - indeed admitting in its own annual report that it breaches the eligibility criteria. That is a scandal. But I can now show why this scandal is far worse and suggests that Innovate UK hands out cash to favoured companies on an utterly indiscriminate and un-monitored manner which no assessment of whether its funding delivers any return or benefits for taxpayers. What follows is shocking. A co-conspirator has raised the issue of the illegitimate loan with Innovate UK and has this response from a Matthew Oswin:

BREAKING: Tory Sleaze - Confirmation that Versarien gets £5m of taxpayer cash to which it is NOT entitled

Published 406 days ago

I guess under the Tories it is about who you know, not whether you are qualified when it comes to accessing taxpayer cash. It worked for the pole dancing American bimbo who was a “close friend” of Boris when London’s Mayor and, as you can see below, with the blues in power, Neill Ricketts of Versarien (VRS) is a man well positioned to open the right doors. Today, his firm confirmed that it had received the first £1.96 million of a £5 million soft taxpayer loan from Innovate UK. Senior Tories such as Alok Sharma and Rishi Sunak were warned that Versarien did not qualify but the loan went ahead regardless. Let’s be clear this is the biggest ever loan by Innovate UK by a mile and this is pure and simple sleaze and here is why.

BREAKING: Versarien admits its UK taxpayer loan breaks the rules: Lucian Miers writes to Alok Sharma

Published 412 days ago

It appears that a second charge has been registered at Companes House by taxpayer-backed Innovate UK for its £5 million loan to Versarien (VRS). This means that if Versarien defaults, taxpayers may well not get all their cash back. That on its own seems a clear breach of Innovate UK rules and a reason why this loan should not be made. But there is worse. In its quite atrocious results today, Versarien itself gives a reason for why the loan application is illegal. Lucian Miers has written to Business Secretary Alok Sharma to flag this up.

Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending 31 July 2020

Published 421 days ago

The most read non-Tom article this week is Why Tiziana Life Sciences is such a compelling slam dunk short by Evik Banksta is at a sensational number one or number five including Bearcasts and Tom’s new shareshow.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Versarien, Lanstead, Innovate UK - chapter & verse on what is being hidden and what Nomad SP Angel MUST do next

Published 424 days ago

There are breaches of TR1 rules and a lack of transparency on Versarien’s (VRS) cash position. We need clarity, and that clarity will demonstrate why the £5 million UK taxpayer loan is 100% illegal. I move from one dog to two others: Iconic (ICON) and Supply@ME Capital (SYME) before offering some price targets on Ariana (AAU) where I am a very happy shareholder.

BREAKING: Tory Sleaze – Amanda Solloway MP confirms Versarien gets £5m Innovate UK loan ignoring all rules!

Published 426 days ago

Thanks to Winnileaks, we have a letter from Amanda Solloway MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State – Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, to fellow Tory MP Bim Afolami confirming that Versarien (VRS) will get a £5 million loan from Innovate UK even though this is in clear breach of the rules. Is Ms Solloway mired in Tory sleaze or is she just thick as two short planks?…

Tern – yet another fundraise, £1.5 million at 8.5p (21% discount)

Published 434 days ago

Well blow me down! AIM-listed jam-tomorrow POS Tern plc (TERN) has announced yet another fundraise, this time to raise £1.5 million at 8.5p. Given that the announcement came at 9am and the price just beforehand was 10.75p, that’s a 21% discount. Ouch.

Versarien: I have sent the letter below to my MP in Wrexham and urge you to send to your MP too

Published 452 days ago

I am gravely concerned about the soft loan given to Versarien (VRS) by Innovate UK. It seems to me that rules have been broken and taxpayers cash should not be used in this way. I have, therefore, written to my local MP here in Wrexham, Ms Sarah Atherton, asking her to raise this with the minister responsible, Alok Sharma as soon as possible. I urge you to copy this letter below, adapt it for your local use, and contact your MP too urging him  or her to act on this matter at once.

Just how close is Nigel Walker of Innovate UK to Versarien - more on that, arguably, illegal loan

Published 452 days ago

I pointed out yesterday that £5 million of your cash as a taxpayer is going to the serial liars at Versarien (VRS) via Innovate UK when Versarien quite clearly does not qualify for such funding.  I have asked Innovate boss Nigel Walker to explain this but he has declined to comment.  However, as his tweets below show, Nigel has been very close to Versarien and its corpulent boss Neill Ricketts for three years.

Why is the Government breaking its own rules to bail out Versarien?

Published 453 days ago

I realise that Versarien (VRS) boss Neill Ricketts, pictured below, is well connected in Government circles but I simply do not understand how Innovate UK has today agreed to a £5 million loan to his company. Let us be clear, this breaches its own rules. I smell a rat and wonder if Her Majesty;s Loyal opposition might wish to pursue this matter.

Crony capitalism in action: Pity the poor British taxpayer bailing out Versarien as Chinese walk

Published 453 days ago

It was in April last year that oily Neill Ricketts first announced that Chinese Investors were going to buy new shares giving them 15% of Versarien (VRS). The shares roofed it and he dumped vast amounts at 137p - today the shares are 42p. First it was BIGT, the CIGIU and finally YG, a newly established Hong Kong entity set up to source funds working with those other companies that had no websites or offices or phone numbers. Quelle surprise! Guess what?

Maestrano – “delighted and proud to have been awarded this contract”… so significant?

Published 459 days ago

Shares in Maestrano Group (MNO) have recently risen from below 2p to above 3.5p and are currently further higher on an “Innovate UK Network Rail Competition Win” announcement...

Ilika – more ramptastic stuff from long-time loss-making Purdy & the bonus people

Published 748 days ago

Self-styled “pioneer in solid-state battery technology and materials innovation” Ilika (IKA) “announces the offer of a further £0.9m funding directly to Ilika under the UK Government's Faraday Battery Challenge: Innovation R&D, round three, for the 'Granite project', via the UK's innovation agency, Innovate UK… The consortium's expertise, backed by Government financial support, will allow Britain's best talent to be brought to bear, so that the UK can take the lead in this transformative technology”

April tip of the month from HotStockRockets – Buy Cambridge Cognition

Published 1232 days ago

This is from HotStockRockets at the end of last month; tipped at a 145p offer price, and now circa 170p - to catch such articles first click HERE... To see Britain’s Buffett, Nigel Wray, at the top of the shareholders list is always an encouraging sign and with Cambridge Cognition (COG) this is added to by recent developments…

Ilika – collaboration agreement, argues “large global markets” potential but still cash crunch first?

Published 1287 days ago

Ilika (IKA) has announced a collaboration with PragmatIC and Arm Holdings to further progress development in ultra-thin and flexible semiconductor technology for mass market applications - and the shares have currently responded higher above 24p. So what’s the detail?...

Ilika – full-year results beg the question when’s it attempted discounted fundraising ahoy?

Published 1907 days ago

Commenting on today-announced results for the company’s year ended 30th April 2016, Ilika (IKA) Chairman, Mike Inglis, notes “since my appointment as Non-Executive Chairman at the AGM last September, I have been very encouraged to see the technical progress and increased commercial focus at Ilika. The definition of a clear solid state battery roadmap and the launch of the Stereax M250 have been important milestones on the road to commercial success”. The following reviews with the shares currently more than 14% lower, at 45p…

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