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URU Metals – Shares Crash 19% On No News. Why?

Published 2 days ago

I cannot help but notice that shares in AIM-listed John Zorbas vehicle URU Metals (URU) have crashed by 19% thus far today, on no news. Having called it a sell at 405p in August, a sell at  320p in September and a sell at 270p earlier this month, the stock is now down to 190p. Of course, it is still a sell but perhaps it is time for an early Ouzo as the shares have now more than halved.

Three Shares You Just Don’t Want To Own as they should all go bust!

Published 18 days ago

Tom Winnifrith has plenty more, but here are three shares you just don’t want to own. All look like they should be toast.

URU Metals – Still Sliding, Still One to Sell

Published 25 days ago

When I commented on AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) at the end of August, following the “disposal” of its Zebediela nickel asset to TSX-V listed cash shell (with no cash) Blue Rhino, now Zeb Nickel (TSX-V:ZBNI) the shares were 405p and I said sell as it was an accident waiting to happen. By mid-September they were down to 320p and I still said sell. Now, following after-hours full year results to March, slipped out at no-one-is-watching o’clock on deadline day (never a good sign) – and showing it had net current assets of MINUS $1.5 million – the shares are down again, to 270p – and in my view they are still monstrously overvalued and a sell.

Red Flags at Night: URU Metals (yet again….) Slips out Dodgy Results at 5.35pm

Published 27 days ago

AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) – the firm which prefers to mine its own shareholders rather than anything in the ground, according to Cynical Bear – slipped out its full year results to March last night at 5.35pm on deadline day. Truly, this is no-one-is-watching o’clock, but ShareProphets was watching and the numbers are – again – horrendous.

URU Metals – The Slide Continues: Keep Selling!

Published 39 days ago

I cannot help notice that John Zorbas’ AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) continues to slide. At the end of July I noted that the shares, then at 405p, seemed to represent over-valuation to the point of madness. By the end of August the shine had started to come off with the stock at 390p. Now they are 320p – and still monstrously overvalued.

URU – Is Reality Starting to Bite? Not Enough!

Published 62 days ago

I noted the other day that AIM-listed John Zorbas vehicle URU Metals (URU) seemed to be an accident waiting to happen. With a boat-load of death spiral shares and warrants to come at 85p against a then share price of 405p, that was surely enough of a Red Flag, but with its main asset now held in TSXV-listed ZEB Nickel (ZBNI) following a “disposal” which was not really a disposal, whose shares (of which URU holds 41 million of, but mostly held in escrow) and ZEB’s shares sliding alarmingly since the suspension was lifted, the Red Flags were certainly fluttering wildly in the wind.

John Zorbas Vehicle URU Metals – Where Are We Now? Do the Maths……

Published 67 days ago

It has been a busy few weeks for AIM-listed John Zorbas vehicle URU Metals (URU). The “sale” of its Zebediela nickel project in South Africa to Toronto Venture Exchange listed (lack-of) cash shell Blue Rhino (RHNO), now renamed ZEB Nickel (ZBNI) has completed, with Zeb having raised some cash along the way. But it seems that the Toronto market is less than impressed.

URU – “Disposal” News: the stench is unbearable!

Published 92 days ago

AIM-listed John Zorbas outfit URU Metals (URU) had a good day in the market yesterday as its shares shot up by 8% to 405p on news of developments regarding its “disposal” of the Zebediela nickel project in South Africa to Toronto Venture Exchange listed Blue Rhino (RHNO). Except as far as I can see it is not really a disposal as one might normally understand the word.

5 Slam-Dunk Sells for 2021 – June Update as the Madness Continues

Published 123 days ago

My five AIM anti-tips for the year continue to defy gravity. I suggested in my last column on this that perhaps it should perhaps be renamed the Market Madness Index. Anyway, for what it is worth, here is how things stand.

Red Flags at Night – URU Metals: more Death Spiral – at a 74% discount. Run for the Hills!

Published 154 days ago

Last night, at 6.02pm – no-one-is-watching o’clock – AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) announced it has increased the death spiral facility with an outfit called Boothbay Absolute Return Strategies from $250,000 to $500,000 – and the bargain giveaway conversion terms which were originally due to expire within 90 days of the original loan have again been extended so that Boothbay can convert at just 85p……with the stock trading at 325p!

5 Slam-Dunk Sells for 2021 – Easter Update as Mr Market relives the bubble

Published 207 days ago

Perhaps I should rename this column the Market Madness Index! My five anti-tips from the AIM Casino for this year are going up but the fundamentals are as weak as ever. I may look stupid now, but I think it should be taken as a warning to all. This won’t end well.

Red Flags at Night: URU Metals – For whose benefit is this POS being run?

Published 271 days ago

Last night, at 5.32pm on a Friday – no-one-is-watching o’clock – AIM-listed John Zorbas outfit URU Metals (URU) issued an RNS related to its death spiral financing package first announced in May last year. It is good news for the loan sharks, but surely shareholders deserve better.

URU Metals – A Case of Two Drunks?

Published 286 days ago

One of Tom Winnifrith’s more memorable descriptions in the stock market is one of two hopeless companies deciding to merge as being like two drunks trying to prop each other up. On Wednesday night, at no-one-is-watching o’clock (5.21 pm) – except ShareProphets was watching – AIM-listed John Zorbas vehicle URU Metals (URU) announced the potential disposal of its Zebediela project in South Africa to Canadian-listed (on the Toronto Venture Exchange) Blue Rhino Capital (RHNO). The shares shot up by 27% and are a little higher today at 290p, but I wonder whether anyone has actually considered what is going on here.

URU Metals – Red Flags Aplenty as Interims are Released

Published 302 days ago

The good news is that we did not have to wait until after-hours on New Year’s Eve for the latest set of Interim Results to September from AIM-listed John Zorbas POS URU Metals (URU). But the numbers are, as predicted, truly awful – it is Red Flags ahoy from this technically insolvent joke company.

Competition: The Great ShareProphets New Year’s Eve Red Flags Sweepstakes – place your entries now!

Published 303 days ago

And so we head for the end of the year – another traditional time to bury bad news by announcing it when nobody is paying any attention, ie on New Year’s Eve. Top of my list for awful results is AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) headed by John Zorbas, which offered up a dreadful half-year report the day before New Year’s Eve last year which demonstrated it was technically insolvent by a big margin. It will surely be no different this year.

Five Slam-Dunk Sells for 2020 – December Update

Published 327 days ago

My five slam-dunk sells for 2020 have been all over the place. One headed for the exit as expected but as things stand two are still at bonkers valuations which will surely not last. Will gravity be defied to the end of the year?

URU Metals – More Shares, but no Cash

Published 336 days ago

AIM-listed John Zorbas POS URU Metals (URU) has announced the issue of a stack of shares to settle directors’ fees and those of an adviser this morning. That to add to yesterday’s paltry subscription shares raising just £280,000  (before expenses). I would suggest that this latest splurge of confetti shows just how badly screwed the company is.

URU Metals – Subscription at 230p to Raise just £280,000

Published 337 days ago

Well blow me down: AIM-listed John Zorbas POS URU Metals (URU) has rattled the tin and got someone to fork up at 230p per share. Apparently that is around a 10% discount, but given the paltry return for the company it says nothing that is good about the company. A few coins for the electricity meter and, er…..that’s about it.

URU Metals – Advisory Board Appointment: how will it pay?

Published 343 days ago

Shares in John Zorbas AIM outfit URU Metals (URU) are up today on the news of an advisory board appointment. The company announced the hiring of Mr Justin Cocharne to URU’s advisory board and the shares have motored by 6.4% to 250p but I just have one question: how will URU pay for his services, given that the company is quite clearly technically insolvent?

URU – In Whose Interests?

Published 356 days ago

AIM-listed technically insolvent John Zorbas POS URU Metals (URU) announced yesterday that it has for the second time extended the initial 90-day initial notice period on its convertible death-spiral loan by a further 90 days. With the shares at 260p, the initial deal to convert the loan is massively more attractive for the loan shark than the 35% discount that would otherwise apply – so why is URU doing this?

URU – Environmental Impact Assessment “progress”. What progress?

Published 376 days ago

AIM-listed John Zorbas vehicle URU Metals (URU) – the one described by Cynical Bear as being happier mining its own shareholders than anything in the ground – has updated on its Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) at the Zebediela Project in South Africa. Bear in mind that it announced in April that it planned to spend £250,000 it hadn’t got on this back in April.

URU Metals – placing under starter's orders as new Corporate Presentation is launched

Published 385 days ago

AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) – the company which drills shareholders as opposed to anything in the ground, according to Cynical Bear – has launched a new Corporate Presentation. That means its next confetti-fest is now under starters orders…

URU Metals: A Massively Technically Insolvent POS “is pleased to announce” FY Results!

Published 393 days ago

AIM-listed John Zorbas vehicle URU Metals (URU) has today released its FY20 results. It is “pleased to announce” them, as is Chairman Jay Vieira, but there is absolutely nothing here for shareholders to be pleased about. It is massively technically insolvent and the Going Concern statement is a hoot. And call me old-fashioned, but where has the Nomad signed off on this announcement? Maybe I am going blind, but I can’t see the Nomad mentioned anywhere: surely that it a breach of AIM Rules? Has the Nomad resigned? Should the shares be suspended?

Five slam-dunk sells for 2020: update as Catenae’s Covid Bandwagon hits the buffers

Published 396 days ago

In August I noted that my list of five slam-dunk sells for 2020 was up, rather than down, by an amazing 41% – even though one is now a zero. Earlier this month the gains had been pared back to 25.5% but now, just two weeks later it seems that gravity is finally reasserting itself.

Five Slam-Dunk sells for 2020 – September update as market madness continues

Published 410 days ago

As the saying goes, these are unprecedented times. But I’m not talking so much about Covid-19 as the manic state of the markets, with special reference to the AIM Casino. And that brings me to my list of five slam-dunk sells for 2020.

URU Metals – Ramptastic pre-placing RNS: you have been warned!

Published 427 days ago

AIM-listed but BVI-registered URU Metals (URU), which as Cynical Bear put it, seems more interested in drilling shareholders’ pockets than the ground, has announced a ramptastic pre-placing RNS this morning. Of course, we all knew it was coming as by my maths this John Zorbas POS is still technically insolvent and the clue is hidden in today’s announcement.

The Market is Bonkers: URU Metals – a SELL on steroids

Published 434 days ago

Tom Winnifrith has already laid out his concerns over the state of play with too many stocks being quite obviously overvalued to a massive extent. One such play I have been following is John Zorbas’ BVI-registered (and therefore not subject to the Takeover Panel’s 30% rule) and AIM-listed URU Metals (URU).

Five Slam-dunk Sells for 2020 – August update

Published 438 days ago

My curate’s egg of slam-dunk sells for 2020 continues its strange performance. On the one hand, Walcom (WALG) has disappeared from view – a zero – and on the other we have two total POS at silly prices because the market is, in my view, just totally mad.

URU Metals – Is lightning about to strike twice? SELL.

Published 458 days ago

They say that lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place, but shares in John Zorbas vehicle, AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) metals have suddenly screamed higher on no news – just as they did while massively technically insolvent in early May, only for shareholders to be walloped with a placing at a whopping (mis-stated) 57.5% discount. With the shares back up again – and the company still technically insolvent –  is lightning about to strike for a second time?

URU Metals – oh dear…….SELL (again)!!

Published 523 days ago

I see that shares in URU Metals (URU), a company run by John Zorbas which Cynical Bear observed seemed to be more interested in mining its shareholders than digging anything of value out of the ground, have dropped to just 80p to sell. This is in the wake of the disgraceful fundraise at a massive 57.5% discount (which was advertised as a 24% discount) to its previous 200p share price. That is bad enough, but there are implications of far worse to come.

Five slam-dunk sells for 2020 – early May update

Published 536 days ago

Markets in general have had an amazing upswing since reaching the bottom of the Coronavirus sell-off. I don’t think it will last, but there is one area where the market seems to have gone utterly bonkers – and that is where a company puts out news of anything to do with Coronavirus, whether it is a test, a potential cure, tracking technology or some other spurious news and my slam-dunk sells have been at it too, with two of the five riding on the back of speculation that they will suddenly make the big time.

OUZO TIME! URU Metals – As predicted, fundraise and a stunning death spiral announced after-hours as company misleads. TIMBER.......

Published 539 days ago

What a complete and total POS. As I pointed out (yet again) yesterday, AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) was technically insolvent and for no apparent reason the shares had marched up to 200p, overvaluing this outfit by…….200p. Needless to say, the directors had a duty to raise money and at no-one-is-watching o’clock last night (4.56pm) we learnt that they had. But the company misleads over the massive 57.5% discount – and that is a best case scenario – and the company is STILL technically insolvent.

URU Metals – another POS rising ludicrously on the AIM Casino...

Published 540 days ago

Tom Winnifrith has already added to my comments yesterday about the ridiculous aluation of AIM-listed Tern plc (TERN), which even after yesterday’s 25% crash and a further 10% drop today is still monstrously overvalued. Tern is not alone, which brings me on to AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) which has been rising steadily from a low point of 90p on 27th April to the current 200p. So what has been the catalyst for this meteoric rise? After all, URU is – as I have pointed out before – technically insolvent!...

URU Metals – plans to spend £250k it hasn’t got on EIA. Has John Zorbas found the Fed’s Magic Money Tree orchard?

Published 560 days ago

AIM-listed URU Metals (URU) has announced an update on its mining right application as announced on 11 December 2019. Except it was first announced not in December just gone but at least as far back as May last year. Still, never let the truth get in the way of a good story with which to ramp the shares. We are told that...

Notes from Underground: How billionaires prepare for bear markets

Published 893 days ago

I was going to give the Visual Capitalist charts a rest for a few weeks, even though they are popular, because we don't make them ourselves. But I noticed this morning that they are produced in my hometown of Vancouver. So I looked at their site to see if I knew any one who worked there. I don't - but I saw that they literally occupy the old office space of my last business there. If that's not a reason to run another one, I don't know what is.

Management Resource Solutions – another shocking admission from the recent investor lie-fest

Published 897 days ago

On 2 May Management Resource Solutions (MRS) held an investor lie-fest at the offices of its uber expensive PR posh-tards FTI Consulting. It was recorded so hapless Nomad Arden has full access to what was said. I have already detailed, here, a stunning admission by boss John Zorbas which would have seen any normal Nomad resign on the spot. But there was more….

Open Letter to Paul Shackleton: Given the latest massive John Zorbas Alerion lie will you resign as MRS Nomad now?

Published 899 days ago

China fraud specialist Paul Shackleton is trying to restore his soiled reputation and personal finances as head of the Nomad team at Arden. But this is proving hard given the activities of Arden client Management Resource Solutions (MRS). Over the weekend, thanks to Winnileaks, we exposed the biggest lie yet told by Management boss John Zorbas over the dodgy as hell related party nest of snakes £1.32 million acquisition of Alerion. In friendship, I have written to Mr Shackleton asking if Arden will quit as Nomad now and explaining exactly why they must. I have cc’d in AIM Regulation.

Winnileaks Expose: Is John Zorbas of Management Resource Solutions lying again?

Published 900 days ago

At the investor presentation on 2 May at the offices of uber expensive PR posh-wits FTI Consulting, which was attended by over 20 sceptical and angry investors, Management Resource Solutions (MRS) boss John Zorbas again showed he was, quite possibly, a liar.

Gotcha? So how much of Management Resource Solutions does John Zorbas and concert party control?

Published 910 days ago

Today at 2PM, Management Resource Solutions (MRS) hosts a teach in for analysts and investors at the offices of its PR firm FTI Consulting. Anyone attending might care to ask if the Takeover Panel has been in touch.

EXPLOSIVE: Management Resource Solutions boss Zorbas submits fraudulent accounts or lies to market – which is it?

Published 922 days ago

Believe it or not AIM PLC directors are meant to be deemed by their Nomad to be “fit and proper” individuals to hold such a post. Don’t all laugh at once. And that brings me to John Zorbas the boss of insolvent Management Resource Solutions (MRS) which is happy to lie to investors.

Explosive Winnileaks scoop: Leon Hogan's disappeared tweets, the Alerion deal and possible market abuse?

Published 923 days ago

AIM regulation has acknowledged that it has received my formal requests to investigate lies told via RNS and the related party nest of snakes at Management Resource Solutions (MRS). At the centre of it all is 10% shareholder and noted market bad boy Leon Hogan. Now thanks to Winnileaks here is something else for regulators to consider...potential market abuse.

BREAKING: Winnileaks exposes the monster lie Management Resource Solutions told to its Nomad and AIM

Published 926 days ago

If an AIM listed company lies to its Nomad and to the market the Nomad should quit on the spot. Thanks to Winnileaks we bring you an email exchange below which shows that Management Resource Solutions (MRS) told a monster lie this week. The end should be nigh. I have alerted the Nomad, AIM Regulation and the FCA.

EXPLOSIVE: Management Resource Solutions - 12 damning questions

Published 930 days ago

It is bad enough that Management Resource Solutions (MRS) is insolvent as shown HERE. It is worse that it will not answer questions about the stink to high heaven non declared related party Alerion deal we exposed HERE. Now I have 12 more questions for Messrs Hogan, Zorbas and Grove. These worthless shares should be suspended at once.

Management Resource Solutions – an open letter to Nomad Arden: suspend the shares NOW!

Published 942 days ago

During the weekend in three separate articles I have detailed what an insolvent can of worms is AIM Cesspit listed Management Resource Solutions (MRS) and asked questions that need answering about its latest £1.32 million all share acquisition. The company has failed to answer the matters raised and its shares have plunged another 25.4% to 2.35p today. I have thus written to Nomad Arden demanding that it suspend trading in the shares at once and why. The letter is below. 

Management Resource Solutions continues to turnaround the business

Published 1338 days ago

Occasionally a company which looks dead and buried does actually manage to turn things around, and I’m starting to wonder if that will be the case with Management Resource Solutions (MRS).

The Seven Mythical Wonders (Feb update) – Good news for Kibo Mining

Published 1349 days ago

I started the year with a light-hearted look at a few value-generating AIM yarns that appear to have a lot in common with the Loch Ness Monster as there is some doubt as to whether they are ever going to be seen. It feels like monthly updates are appropriate and it’s been a busy start of the year for some of these AIM yetis.

The Seven Mythical Wonders of the AIM Casino

Published 1390 days ago

I’ve been a bit preoccupied in recent weeks with a certain fund manager so thought I should catch up with a few old friends on AIM this weekend but it transpires that not a lot has actually happened. It made me realise more than ever that AIM is much more about the travelling I hope than the arriving. Accordingly, I thought it was more appropriate to write a piece heralding the 7 Mythical Wonders of the AIM Casino instead.

Altona Energy: The perfect place....ramp… manoeuvre – Christmas drinks all round

Published 1436 days ago

And there we have it. Today’s announcement of the placing at Altona Energy (ANR) to raise £735,000 at 0.5p completes a very successful, oft–repeated, operation at the lower end of AIM, namely the placing, followed by the industrial-sized ramp, followed by the placing – the “PRP”. It is worth looking at in closer detail.

URU Metals: Acid leaching news finally out – not really worth the wait was it?

Published 1452 days ago

I laughed at last week’s announcement from URU Metals (URU) concerning the acid leaching results but I wasn’t necessarily going to comment on the meaningless tripe. However, I feel I almost have a moral duty to counter the “Speculative Buy” nonsense from its corporate broker, Beaufort Securities, so here goes.

Altona Energy – What on earth is Zorbas the Magpie up to now?

Published 1467 days ago

Anyone who follows the lower end of AIM will have spotted the recent excitement and massive share price increase at Altona Energy (ANR) following a heavily discounted keep the lights on placing at 0.05p on 13 October. I couldn’t help but notice the name of John Zorbas cropping up and suspect that he has found something new and shiny to get excited about.

URU Metals – Results out: something new for the Great Distractor to get excited about!

Published 1490 days ago

As expected the full year results for URU Metals (URU) came out on the last possible day yesterday and, also as expected, they didn’t provide any answers to the questions I raised in my preview piece (HERE). However, that didn’t stop John Zorbas finding something new to get excited about and distract investors about the pitiful lack of progress here.

URU Metals – Results preview: will the Great Distractor finally come clean?

Published 1501 days ago

I’m expecting URU Metals (URU) to issue its end of year results on the last possible day  on 29 September, next Friday week, and am also expecting a sleight of hand masterpiece from the CEO, John Zorbas, who loves to distract from the real issue here, namely an uneconomic mine. Here’s a contrast of what I would like to see in the results and what I expect to see.

The tangled web behind URU Metals

Published 1666 days ago

URU Metals (URU) seems to have this RNS lark cracked – if the market hates the first one that you issue, then just word it slightly differently and release news about the same project again the following day. You really couldn’t make it up!

Mercom Capital: Not another bloody Zambrano investment - shareholder clearly not happy

Published 1837 days ago

I’ve been watching the share price of Mercom Capital (MCC) rise recently with interest wondering what is going on behind the scenes. Following a further 30% rise yesterday to 13p, a couple of after-hours RNS’s shed a bit of light on the situation….but also raised plenty of questions. In any event, there should be a bit of fun and games for the neutral to enjoy.

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