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Gas Price – Will it continue roofing it? And what shares to buy!

Published 18 days ago

I assume most readers have come across the news that gas prices have been roofing it recently, but as always I realise I probably watch gas and oil price changes closer than most so maybe not. So I thought it was worth highlighting some of my thinking on what this means for some investment cases.

The High Street Group – administration postponed for now, FCA useless as ever

Published 103 days ago

I first wrote about the High Street Group 426 days ago.  It was the sixth mini bond scheme I had written about.  Of the first five, four being London and Capital Finance, Blackmore Bond, Bassett & Gold and Buy 2 Let Cars and all in administration and in the case of London and Capital Finance and Buy 2 Let Cars, the Serious Fraud Office are investigating the Directors.  Wellesley Finance managed to pull off a Creditors Voluntary Arrangement and persuade investors to take a significant haircut in order to let the group restructure and avoid administration.

We warned about SIX high profile mini-bond schemes – now another of the suspect six goes bust, another FCA fail

Published 192 days ago

The pattern has always been the same. We issued explicit warnings about London & Capital Finance,, Blackmore Bond, Bassett and Gold, Buy 2 Let Cars, The High Street Group  and Wellesley Finance. Companies such as my beloved West Ham United screwed over their fans and continued to support these rogues. The FCA was too busy publishing papers on the gender pay gap, Brexit, climate change or LGBT awareness to do anything until tens of millions of pounds had been lost. But heck it is was only the great unwashed who suffered.

Wellesley Finance – finally admits it is bust: 4 kills out of 4 for the Sheriff of mini-bonds, more disgrace for FCA

Published 364 days ago

I have been warning about Wellesley Finance Plc since Sunday 17 February 2019.  It was the third in a series of articles I wrote about mini-bond lenders in early 2019, starting with London and Capital Finance Plc, then Blackmore Bond Plc, and finally Bassett & Gold Plc with the other three now all in administration with substantial losses of investors capital. Now it’s 4 from 4 – ouzo at the Sheriff of mini-bonds towers! And, again, the FCA has fecked it up when it comes to ignoring clear warnings and its basic job of protecting investors.

Bad news for those mugged by the London & Capital Finance crooks – very few will get FSCS compensation

Published 624 days ago

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) scheme has today announced grim news for nearly all of those who had their money stolen by Amber Rudd’s good pal Simon Hume-Kendal[l and others at London & Capital Finance. Almost none of these mini-bond victims will be getting any compensation. But every cloud has a silver lining…

The fifty most-read articles and fifty most-listened-to Bearcasts of 2019

Published 632 days ago

This is quite possibly the most successful year for ShareProphets sccops and stories. Julie Meyer, Neil Woodford, those wacky wonderkids at Burford—didn't we all have a fun year? Here are the stories and Bearcasts that moved your fellow ShareProphets members. Of course some folks think it is not worth £5.99 to catch all these market moving articles and exposes...

Buy2LetCars.Com – another high yield investment accident regulated by the FCA waiting to happen

Published 700 days ago

After mini bonds & Neil Woodford where do we think that the chocolate teapots at the FCA financial watchdog will be asleep at the wheel next?

EXCLUSIVE: Blackmore will be the next mini-bond to collapse - the question is in how many weeks?

Published 719 days ago

MPs and the FCA seem happy that London & Capital Finance, which we have done so much to expose, is a one off fraud. Of course it is not, it is part of a much larger mini-bond scandal. Hundreds of thousands of vulnerable savers will face ruin and our leaders and regulators are asleep at the wheel. In fact LCF is one of a number of such schemes to go pop. The next big one to topple will, be….

Simec Atlantis Resources – Perhaps the most immoral company I know of?

Published 730 days ago

I commented on the investment case for Simec Atlantis Resources (SAE) a few month ago – I called it a sell and justified my opinion at some length. Having reflected on my prior article, and frankly all writers of opinion on investment cases should reflect on their opinion, I am now clear this company’s retail bond offering is at best immoral. For a “Green Energy” company what could be worse?

The Twenty Most-Read Stories and Most-Listened-To Bearcasts This Year (So Far)

Published 760 days ago

We've published 2,292 stories since 1 January. Here are the twenty most-read articles and twenty most-listened-to Bearcasts.

Blackmore Bond Plc – is the next domino in the mini bond scandal about to topple?

Published 765 days ago

In early 2019, I wrote a series of articles on what has become a widely known minibond scandal.  On 6 January 2019, I flagged up a swathe of red flags at London and Capital Finance Plc (“LCF”) (now in administration).  On 3 February 2019, I asked whether Blackmore Bond Plc was another minibond disaster in the making? Well it looks increasingly like that was yet another incredibly prescient call, the latest warnings signs are:

Independent Oil and Gas – Harvey expo drill had better work! SELL

Published 814 days ago

Independent Oil and Gas (IOG) has been on a roller coaster of a journey over the last few years, with plenty of highs and lows. Some aspects have been of its own making, such as the unsuccessful appraisal drill of Skipper back in 2016 and some due to external influences like funding by what increasingly looks like a chain of fraudulent financial backers in London and Capital Finance via London Oil and Gas.

Bank Holiday Special: ShareProphets' 20 most-read articles so far this year

Published 851 days ago

It's the second bank holiday this month, and that gives us a little time to reflect back on the most-read stories of this past year. Who would have guessed THIS would be #1?

Friday Odd One Out contest – no evidence wretched Tory Johnny Mercer MP wears women’s underwear

Published 867 days ago

That suggestion in Friday’s contest was not the answer I was looking for. Mr Mercer has many failings, not least his despicable part in the Roger Scruton witch hunt, but I bet the ranch that he does not wear women’s underwear. There were a number of suggestions as to who of Amber Rudd MP, Mercer, Simon Hume Kendall and Julie “Lingerie on expenses” Meyer was the odd one out as you can see HERE.

The most read stories on ShareProphets for 2019 - so far

Published 886 days ago

Neil Woodford, Julie Meyer, and, wouldn't you know it, Chris Oil are all subjects of the 20 most read ShareProphets stories of 2019. Read these crackers for an indication on how the rest of the year will go.

Wellesley Finance Plc – another mini bond lender heading for the rocks?

Published 950 days ago

Wellesley Finance is another minibond lender provider and also a peer to peer lender. It shares
some features in common with London and Capital Finance Plc (in administration) and Blackmore
Bonds Plc ( as we showed HERE technically insolvent). It offers attractive headline rates of return better than the banks albeit lower than London and Capital and Blackmore. The directors report for Wellesley Group for
2017 shows that it had borrowed at an average rate of 4.17% in the year. The latest interest rate
offer is up to 7% per annum 

Blackmore Bond PLC – another minibond disaster in the making?

Published 965 days ago

Like London and Capital Finance (LCF) which has now collapsed into administration and is under FCA investigation, Blackmore Bond Plc also offers high yield bonds.  It is currently offering 3 Year loans offering 7.9% every year with interest paid quarterly and 5 year bonds offering 9.9% every year paid quarterly. LCF’s 14,000 bondholders now face an almost certain capital loss on their “safe” investments

Breaking: the Other nail in the London Oil & Gas coffin that will bring down AIM listed Independent Oil & Gas

Published 985 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear. This really is proof that Independent Oil & Gas (IOG) is - whatever its scumbag Nomad FinnCrap (FCAP) claims -complete toast. You will remember that Independent owes more than £30 million to unquoted London Oil & Gas. That money has to start being repaid within a few months and Independent will go bust unless London provides more funds. But London has borrowed money from LCF a related party firm subject to a full blown FCA raid as it is a ponzi fraud as we showed here yesterday. That cash is repayable on demand. Now read on....

Notes from Underground: reminiscing about 80s high streets that I have never seen

Published 985 days ago

When I look at the high streets today, I don't see a significant difference from high streets in Canada or the United States, aside from shop names and even those are tending to be global now.

Kerboom! Exclusive: Is this FinnCrap’s first scandal of 2019? Independent Oil shares should be suspended after FCA swoop on its ultimate funder!

Published 995 days ago

Wakey wakey London’s second worst Nomad! Your client Independent Oil & Gas (IOG) could be about to crash land in tits up alley. A statement is needed NOW after the FCA swooped on its ultimate benefactor.  What, you mean Finncap’s (FCAP) Nomad clowns didn’t realise? Jokers. Poltroons. Not fit for purpose.

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