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Simec Atlantic about to be screwed by the rain sodden post industrial second world country that is Wales – this is a zero

Published 12 days ago

Peter Brailey has explained numerous times on this website why Simec Atlantic Energy (SAE) is a zero in waiting. Its technology is suspect. It is year away from ever generating cash in a best, wildly optimistic, scenario and it has some ludicrous mini bonds which it cannot hope to repay where repayment is coming up fast. But to add to its woes it is now going to be screwed by the Government of land which, by 30 yards, I call home, Wales.

BREAKING: The FCA fecking up again, the next Mini Bond catastrophe: The High Street Group – is that a fat Lady I see approaching?

Published 292 days ago

On its website under heading “High Street Group In Numbers” it states its Current Estimated Value of The Group is £1.5 billion and forecasted value of the company by 2023 is £3 billion.  My forecast value by the end of 2021 is exactly zero. You will not be able to say that you were not warned. Or that the truly useless FCA has done anything, or is currently doing anything, to stop mug punters losing cash on this mini-bond disaster. Given the scrutiny it faces over London & Capital Finance, that is doubly shocking.

Tom Winnifrith: Is Bidstack PLC involved with latest smear campaign against me? I report myself to FCA

Published 542 days ago

I have today reported myself to the FCA, on the basis of a smear campaign initiated by someone who appears to be close to Bidstack PLC (BIDS). I have asked the FCA to investigate in full the, demonstrably untrue accusations made against me, and also the extent, if any, of the involvement of Bidstack and its officers in this poorly constructed hit job.

West Ham sponsor Basset and Gold – the huge scale of the losses to mini bond investors revealed

Published 565 days ago

In my dynamte expose of 2 April 2019, I published my first note on mini bond charlatans Basset and Gold Plc based on the accounts for the year ended 30 September 2017 warning of the risks associated with this mini bond lender. Yesterday it went bust with West Ham supporters the main victims, the club ignoring my warnings as it greedily took Basset's cash. So how much have my fellow supporters lost? This will shock you.

Wellesley Finance - yet more mini bond red flags, it’s May Day at the Kremlin again!

Published 606 days ago

I last published an update about Wellesley Finance Plc on 7 January 2020 discussing the dire results for the year ended 31 December 2018.  The results of the Wellesley Group Investors Limited, the ultimate parent, for the year ended 31 December 2018 are now 4 and half months overdue so we cant evaluate how the whole group is performing. But there are yet more red flags now fluttering. the only thing we cannot say is when the car crash will happen.

Bad news for those mugged by the London & Capital Finance crooks – very few will get FSCS compensation

Published 649 days ago

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) scheme has today announced grim news for nearly all of those who had their money stolen by Amber Rudd’s good pal Simon Hume-Kendal[l and others at London & Capital Finance. Almost none of these mini-bond victims will be getting any compensation. But every cloud has a silver lining…

Notes from Underground: The most-read stories of the week, and an animation putting $110 billion in perspective

Published 688 days ago

Last week, Bill Gates once again became the world's richest person at $110 billion. Here's a short animation that shows what your £5.99 per month could do.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: surely no insider dealing at Fastjet and Neill Ricketts takes the piss again, what bad news does he want to bury?

Published 692 days ago

It is day 1 of the olive harvest and ShareProphets reader K is a hero. I swear he is a closet bubble. I give a progress report on that and then turn to Fastjet (FJET), Versarien (VRS), the useless FCA and mini bonds and the imploding and smelly ramp that is Eurasia Mining (EUA).

FCA bolts mini bonds stable door months after horse bolts with hundreds of millions of pounds of investors money

Published 692 days ago

Whatever next will the ever proactive FCA think of? Perhaps it might warn folks about the dangers of investing in Neil Woodford managed funds. I suppose better late than never. Very late in the day, the chocolate teapots are acting on mini-bonds.

The Mini bond crisis: So Blackmore customers think they are insured?

Published 698 days ago

Blackmore Bond which is delaying interest payments to clients, highlighted in its bond prospectus the insurance policy it had arranged to protect investors should the company itself get into financial difficulty. So this is low risk tight? Just like the other mini bonds?

Buy2LetCars.Com – another high yield investment accident regulated by the FCA waiting to happen

Published 725 days ago

After mini bonds & Neil Woodford where do we think that the chocolate teapots at the FCA financial watchdog will be asleep at the wheel next?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Off to the City of Lost Causes to see the Mighty Hammers

Published 755 days ago

Yes my daughter and I will be at Oxford United tonight to see the mighty Hammers. COYI. As I try to contain my excitement I discuss Neil Woodford and what the dumping of IP Group (IPO) shares tells us, Aston Martin Lagonda (AML), the FCA and mini bonds and Alexander Mining (AXM).

Johnny Mercer MP & the mini bond scandal, a useful dupe with a grossly inflated sense of self worth

Published 909 days ago

Let us be clear: Johnny Mercer, the Tory MP is not involved in the London & Capital Finance scandal which we have done so much to expose. But he is personally profiting from what will prove to be the financial scandal of the year, the mini-bond mis-selling affair, and his reaction to criticism of his behaviour is lamentable.

Video : London & Capital Finance victims speak out – but should they be compensated?

Published 924 days ago

The video below makes for pretty sorry viewing. It is hard not to feel sorry for LCF bondholders who will lose 80% of the cash they thought they were investing in “safe” bonds. But should they be compensated?

After London & Capital Finance, another mini-bond I'm nervous about - promoted by West Ham

Published 931 days ago

After the collapse of the London & Capital Finance ponzi, I wonder about some of the other high yield mini bonds being pushed to investors. And thus my attention is drawn to Basset & Gold PLC whose products are being promoted by my beloved West Ham United and some of its players.

Fleet Street Legend Brian Basham writes to Amber Rudd MP demanding her local and national party repays stolen cash

Published 932 days ago

76 year old Fleet Street Legend Brian Basham is one of the rogue bloggers walking for Woodlarks this year. At his age that is impressive and is something you should sponsor here. Basham was also an ace spin doctor in his time (notably for Mo Al Fayed) and is enraged at the way Simon Hume Kendall has stolen cash from the victims of the LCF ponzi, mostly pensioners like Brian, and has donated £65,000 to Amber Rudd’s local party and to Tory central office. Basham has written to Ms Rudd and his letter follows:

Do the maths stupid: London & Capital Finance MUST be a ponzi, folks MUST go to prison

Published 968 days ago

Yesterday’s posting HERE of the Administrator’s Report into London & Capital Finance, the mini bonds provider founded by Amber Rudd’s chum Simon Hume Kendall has got Cynical Bear and others doing their sums and they, and I, conclude, this now just has to be a ponzi and folks must go to jail. Let me explain.

Wellesley Finance Plc – another mini bond lender heading for the rocks?

Published 975 days ago

Wellesley Finance is another minibond lender provider and also a peer to peer lender. It shares
some features in common with London and Capital Finance Plc (in administration) and Blackmore
Bonds Plc ( as we showed HERE technically insolvent). It offers attractive headline rates of return better than the banks albeit lower than London and Capital and Blackmore. The directors report for Wellesley Group for
2017 shows that it had borrowed at an average rate of 4.17% in the year. The latest interest rate
offer is up to 7% per annum 

Another look at more red flags at the ponzi underpinning Independent Oil & Gas

Published 1011 days ago

AIM Casino listed Independent Oil & Gas (IOG) is dependent on financing from London Oil & Gas which in turn is dependent on financing ( repayable on demand) from a ponzi called London & Capital Finance now the subject of a full FCA raid and lockdown. We have covered this extensively already but there is more...

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