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BREAKING: Money & Co – is Nicola Horlick's Peer to Peer lender finally going down and why did the FCA do nothing for 4 years?

Published 16 days ago

Just under four years ago, I exposed the perilous finances and smelly related party loans of Money & Co, the Peer to Peer lending operation of Nicola Horlick, the ghastly self-promoter previous dubbed Superwoman. It was clearly on the rocks & engaging in some very Spanish practices then and the FCA should have moved in. But it did not.

Timmy Horlick, the ex of ghastly, Nicola in battle with a man who likes to club foxes to death while wearing women's clothing

Published 77 days ago

There are some situations in life where you want everyone to lose: a Manchester Derby for instance. The contest to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury is usually in this category. Which BBC staff get fired because of cost cuts is another. And here is another of these battles

Prize Contest – None of you win even a 2-1 from Bath Spa University..but the good news

Published 238 days ago

A few days ago I asked you to write an essay of no more than 150 words to answer a question from the Bath Spa University Banking & Finance course. A few of you tried as you can see here but I have good news and bad.

Prize Contest: Get your 2:1 in Banking & Finance from Bath Spa University - a sample question

Published 239 days ago

This should be easy, I invite you to answer the following question in fewer than 150 words. Bath Spa students need to find a safe space room if their human rights are breached by being asked to pen more than 150 words a term.  The deadline for entries is Sunday at midnight and the best entry wins a bottle of Greek Hovel 2019 olive Oil. This question is sponsored by Ms Alison Rose of RBS.

Notes from Underground: The most-read stories of the week, and what shares do you think we should be covering?

Published 288 days ago

This is another situation where I ask for valuable feedback from our readers and Tom will add an editor's note reading something like "Darren is being utterly mad."

Does fallen City “Superwoman” Nicola Horlick despise the poor that much?

Published 290 days ago

She liked to be known as “Superwoman” when, as a fund manager, she juggled her career with bringing up a raft of children, natch with the help of several nannies. Since being fired from her top City job - which was all down to sexism and nothing to do with poor performance - La Horlick has featured on this site extensively HERE, as she raked in fat fees putting other folks cash into the Madoff fraud and then with a string of failed business ventures oft accompanied by curious accounting. Now the question is asked why does she despise poor people so much?...

WPCT offers a glass of Ouzo to the Deputy Sheriff with…er….consequences

Published 354 days ago

Well that only took four days – well done Woodford Patient Capital (WPCT) and its Chair, Susan Searle. On Monday it announced the appointment of Mr Raymond Abbott as a new director – but got one of his former companies wrong, missed out another and has still neglected to mention that Foresight 4 VCT suffered a £30 million accounting error on his watch as chairman of the audit committee,,an error under FCA investigation, and a further £3 million accounting error after he was rewarded for his outstanding service and promoted to Chairman of the company.

Winnileaks expose: Nicola Horlick's Ex, Tim, stands accused of insider dealing in Pathfinder Minerals by ex business partner

Published 513 days ago

Nicola Horlick, the self proclaimed "superwoman,"  is one hell of a self important ghastly stain on the UK financial services industry as we have noted many timec on this website. But her ex husband Tim is a bit of a character too. Thanks to Winnileaks we can now bring you an email from his former business partner Diogo Cavaco which accuses Tim of wholesale insider dealing in the shares of Pathfinder Minerals (PFP) giveing chapter and verse on what went on. When I questionned Tim's share dealings in Pathfinder back in early 2014 I found myself on the receiving end of menacing and threatening emails from Horlick's evil PR man Damian "spawn of Satan" McCrystal. In light of the explosive email below I invite McCrystal to go fuck himself. Natch, I draw no conclusions myself, but have passed the email from Horlick's ex business partner on to AIM Regulation and to the FCA. It reads:

Notes from Underground: What bad answers have you given?

Published 750 days ago

When I arrived in the UK over a decade ago, I was asked what football club I supported, over and over. 

The answer to that question was far more important than I understood at the time: it would determine, in the questioners' eyes, if I could be trusted, who my friends would be, how hard I was, and a zillion other things. I thought I was being asked what football club I supported. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the bigger kiss of death to your savings: Westminster & Porker Baldry or One Media & vile Nicola Horlick

Published 752 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Westminster Group (WSG) cursed by its association with ex Tory MP Tony Baldry of 3DM infamy, One Media (OMIP) a worse investment than a Nationwide BS savings account and now cursed with a tie up with the investment abomination that is Nicola Horlick. I also cover Andalas (ADL), shortly to be renamed PumpandDumpPLC

One Media iP – following July results positivity, a ‘Horlick(s)’ of a fundraising

Published 752 days ago

One Media iP (OMIP) “is pleased to announce a proposed placing and subscription to raise a minimum of £1.9 million of new equity capital at an issue price of 6 pence per new ordinary share, and the proposed issue of up to £6 million of (7% per annum interest from date of issue) loan notes”, including emphasising the placing price “represents a premium of 240 per cent. to the price of 2.5 pence per ordinary share at which Lord Michael Grade and Ivan Dunleavy first invested in the company in December 2017”. Sounds positive then…

A year of fraudbusting by ShareProphets reviewed - what a bumper crop we had in 2016

Published 1368 days ago

Some of our critics, notably the felon Earley, reckon we go after companies as part of some convoluted con whether those companies are good or bad. Those who actually read our site will know that very few of the companies we have attacked have been anything other than disasters for investors. The one we got wrong and admitted as much was Boohoo. But boy did we make some gutsy calls in 2016 - we had a bumper year of fraud busting.

2016 in review: our top 30 articles and Tom's ten most read non financial pieces

Published 1369 days ago

As the year draws to a close it is only natural that we look back on the past twelve months. And it has been twelve months of achievement. It is a great achievement in that our writers have continued to write exactly what they want without any editorial interference. So Cynical Bear & Gary Newman have knocked shares I own. So what? We really do support free speech.  And it has been a year when we have "dealt with" more frauds and lies on the AIM casino and the main market than ever before. That really is the USP of ShareProphets.

Notes From Underground: Giving thanks

Published 1444 days ago

Dear reader, it's one of the most important holidays on the calendar today, Thanksgiving. The real one. The Canadian one. Oh sure, next month we'll hear all about the US holiday and where to buy turkey and it's related treats, but remember who did it first.

Nicola Horlick's Crowdfunding enterprise Money&Co - how close is it to insolvency?

Published 1445 days ago

The Crowd Funding bubble is yet to claim a high profile casualty but after a long strong of business disasters, not least investing £33 million of other folks cash with Bernie Madoff, could the self proclaimed "Superwoman" Nicola Horlick deliver the first big disaster with Money&Co? Yesterday I documented two very odd ways that cash raised from investors was heading to La Horlick, the dodgy £50,000 gift (oops I mean loan) HERE and the Bramdean payments that don't add up HERE. Now let's look at the accounts of Denmark Hill, the owner of Money&Co.

Superwoman Nicola Horlick now tell us how much Money&Co cash is going to Bramdean? ie you again.

Published 1446 days ago

While the self proclaimed "Superwoman", the City's most sanctimonious person Nicola Horlick tries to explain away the dodgy £50,000 loan of other folks cash made to her personal dormant company Bruton (HERE), let's now look at how much cash heads to Nicola via route B, Bramdean.

Self proclaimed City Superwoman Nicola Horlick tell us about the £50,000 of other folks cash & that dodgy loan?

Published 1446 days ago

Nicola Horlick, the most self important person in the City, who dubbed herself "Superwoman" is these days running a Crowdfunding operation called Money&Co. I shall turn to its woes later today but suffice to say that between its inception on 10 June 2013 and March 31 2015 (the last published accounts) it had racked up losses of £4,056,267 - money that had been stumped up largely by outside investors beguiled by La Horlick. But before we turn to that car crash in waiting, there is the little matter of £50,000 that Nicola needs to explain away. 

Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon on Brexit - this man is a visionary

Published 1473 days ago

In today's statement from JD Wetherspoon (JDW) its boss Tim Martin lets rip on those doomsayers from Project Fear who lied to us ahead of the referendum on Independence Day, June 23rd. that fat self righteous windbag Nicola Horlick - who stuffed her clients into Bernie Madoff funds - the banksters at Goldman Sachs, the smug FTSE 100 bosses, lyin' George Osborne and Dodgy Dave Cameron himself all get it in the neck from the visionary Martin. This statement is poetry. I loathe Martin's plastic pubs but I shall hold my nose and go to one in appreciation of what follows. Over to our hero of the day, Mr Tim Martin:

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 15 April - In poor Phorm after lunch with Lucian

Published 1620 days ago

I woke up last night panicking that after staggering home from a boozy lunch with Lucian I had written a drunken piece laughing at all sorts of folks after Phorm admitted it was bust but that I had just written it becuase I felt like it not because it was true. Imagine my relief to discover that it was in fact true and with hindsight I think I write jolly well when drunk. Perhaps we should have a writing contest myself & Paul Scott both drunk vs two boring sober bastards. I digress. I look at BP and executive pay and unable to resist poking some fun at the ghastly Nicola Horlick and dreadful Channel 4 News. I look at 21st Century Technology ( C21), Gulf Keystone (GKP), Strat Aero (AERO), Grand Group (GIPO)) and 88 Energy (88E) where Lucian is short. In a sort of flashback I recall our discussion yesterday on 88 and recount it. 

Do you enjoy classical music and want to help the Nepal victims?

Published 1947 days ago

An old pal of mine (from before he became an evil hedgie) is organising a remarkable event. Sir Neville Marriner will be conducting past and present members of the Academy of St Martin in the Fields, with soloists Nicholas Daniel and Kenneth Sillito, in "Sir Neville Marriner And Friends Play For Nepal", on Thursday 28th May, 7.30pm, at St James's  Piccadilly. Classic FM's John Suchet will be guest speaker.

Corrected & Updated Version: Tim Horlick – Questions on share dealing, Pathfinder and Grandover

Published 2436 days ago

Following correspondence with Mr Damien McCrystal we republish an earlier article to correct one or two factual issues. Tim Horlick is a City financier but is perhaps as well known for being the ex husband of the self proclaimed “superwoman”, come PR obsessive and supporter (with other folks cash) of Bernie Madoff, Nicola Horlick. But having had my sport with Nicky I now turn to Timmy and put to him a few questions regarding AIM listed Pathfinder Minerals (PFP).

Nicola Horlick (superwoman) – It is Never Her Fault

Published 2446 days ago

This ghastly creature keeps on giving us entertainment every day. As we know with the self-proclaimed City superwoman it is NEVER her fault when things go tits up. If she blows 9% of her client’s cash by backing Ponzi king Bernie Madoff anyone who says it is her fault is just a beastly male chauvinist pig. Nothing is Nicola’s fault. That brings us to her (now failed) restaurant, Georgina’s.

Nicola Horlick (superwoman) – the PR spin exposed

Published 2447 days ago

Following my expose of Nicola Horlick and her dismal excuses for blowing so much of other folks cash in backing King Ponzi Bernie Madoff, a comment has appeared below that article which just blows wide open Horlick’s self created superwoman myth.

Bernie Madoff – Nicola Horlick (superwoman) playing the sexism in the City card

Published 2448 days ago

Today it is JP Morgan getting it in the neck with a $1.7 billion fine for not blowing the whistle on Ponzi scheme operator Bernie Madoff. Ahead of the Madoff collapse JP Morgan got most of its own capital out of Madoff funds. Others were not so prescient. Step forward the fund manager dubbed (by her own PR machine) superwoman – Nicola Horlick.

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