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Octagonal – fined $1 million by SEC, more evidence of the mendacity and dishonesty of John Gunn and the utter incompetence of Nilesh Jagatia

…may have jogged the company secretary, namely, Nilesh Jagatia’s memory, to actually perform his … Octagonal’s accounts reveal that Nilesh was paid £45,284 for this incompetent … service. Nilesh, of course, remains the finance Director of two …

Inspirit Energy Holdings – How Long Can The Company Survive As Yet Another Breach Is Noted By Companies House

…at the behest of AIM’s worst FD, Mr Nilesh Jagatia, whose past sins appear to include … John Gunn and Inspirit’s FD Mr Nilesh Jagatia…..) to arrange a massively …

EXPOSE: Inspirit Energy Holdings – shocking accounts and bailout discounted placing ahoy

…for unspecified services), AIM’s worst FD Nilesh Jagatia on £40,000 and Non-Executive Anthony … we have noted over many years and many companies Nilesh Jagathia is the worst FD on AIM . But how did the …

Alpha Growth: why still no Prospectus and will it get its 2nd interims restated in time to avoid a suspension?

…by Alpha.  The accounts are so poor that Nilesh Jagatia’s reign as Shareprophets …

Inspirit Energy – Yet Another Companies House Failing from the Boiler Room

…up ! So who is responsible? Finance Director Nilesh Jagatia, the worst finance director on the AIM …

Octagonal interims & another fail for the worst FD on AIM and the worst Nomad in stab City

…30 September 2020. With AIM’s worst FD, Nilesh Jagatia, in charge and London’s worst … with turnover up 45% and profits up 54%. However, Nilesh Jagatia failed to ensure that the accounts were … from the prior year’s interim report.  Nilesh appears to have forgotten that the annual results …

Octagonal – the innumeracy of Nilesh Jagatia exposed and can it fund its promises?

…also suggests that its FD, AIM’s worst FD Nilesh Jagatia, cannot do basic maths and that its … I ask: is this because Octagonal have Nilesh Jagatia as its part-time finance director? …

Inspirit – Pressure builds as a non-entity of a statement is released. SELL!!!

…CEO and Chairman John Gunn, and Finance Director Nilesh Jagatia also reside in the same roles, … and chairman of Octagonal) a further 17.7% and Nilesh Jagatia held 1.4%. We are further told via …

Red Flags upon Red Flags at Night: Inspirit Energy

…on 3 November, and John Gunn (head honcho), Nilesh Jagatia (finance director) and Global Investment … will need a new CEO and Chairman. Step forward Nilesh Jagatia? The mind boggles! And what if Octagonal …

Christmas Eve BOMBSHELL: Octagonal is toast as SEC looking to bust company and boss John Gunn, FCA assisting

…another blunder or even deliberate omission by Nilesh Jagatia AIM’s most incompetent finance …
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