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Notes from Underground - Opti, Gold, a Grego short, Woodford, and Atlantic Carbon

Published 418 days ago

You could not dream up a more perfect weekly reader's top five articles than what we got this week.

EXCLUSIVE: Shamed Dragon's Den flop Piers Linney of Outsourcery infamy wants to teach you how to create a winning business!

Published 425 days ago

What next? Boris Johnson running courses on marital fidelity, Bill Clinton lecturing us on women's rights with his pal Jeff Epstein? i despair. Anyhow, former BBC media darling, Dragon's Den flop Piers Linney claimed to be worth £100 million despite the string of business failures we exposed here. At AIM Casino listed Outsourcery, which we relentlessly called out by myself as a POS and which went bust, Linney burned through £21 million of other folks cash. Now, as you can see below, he wants your cash to teach you about how to start and grow a business. Whatever....

A year of fraudbusting by ShareProphets reviewed - what a bumper crop we had in 2016

Published 1365 days ago

Some of our critics, notably the felon Earley, reckon we go after companies as part of some convoluted con whether those companies are good or bad. Those who actually read our site will know that very few of the companies we have attacked have been anything other than disasters for investors. The one we got wrong and admitted as much was Boohoo. But boy did we make some gutsy calls in 2016 - we had a bumper year of fraud busting.

Dragon's Den Star Piers Linney sends £21 million of other folks cash to Money Heaven

Published 1426 days ago

The PC Gauleiters at the BBC could not get enough of Dragon's Den star Piers Linney: black, working class, Northern, worth £100 million. Ab fab. All he needed to do was come out of the closet and chop his leg off and he would have been the perfect Royal Flush. The only thing was that his CV was not er...true. And documents filed by administrators to formerly AIM listed Outsourcery (OUT) show just what a Walter Mitty figure Piers was. Or maybe it was just BBC lies all along. Pravda does have form after all.

OFFICIAL: It is Ouzo O'Clock all day as Piers Linney's pride & joy Outsourcery goes into administration

Published 1556 days ago

Dragon's Den flop and serial business failure Piers Linney said that the proudest moment of his business career was listing Outsourcery (OUT) on AIM in 2013 at 110p. Oh dear, the piece of Turkish has today gone into administration. How will the PC tossers at the BBC spin this debacle for their pin up boy Piers? That is their problem, mine is how much ouzo to drink to celebrate this announcement:

Notes from Underground: Who are the real rats and snakes?

Published 1566 days ago

Over on, Tom writes about the latest person who has annoyed the Daily Mail (and thus, Tom), drinking ouzo down the Kambos pub, and waging the WW III against snakes and rats.

The AIM Nightmare board - joining CEO Piers Linney is FD Nilesh Jagatia - check out his CV of doom

Published 1567 days ago

Who would you want running the AIM PLC board from hell? Naturally with Outsourcery (OUT) becoming his 39th business failure, or is it 38 I lose track, Dragon's Den flop Piers Linney has to be the CEO. I'd nominate that silly woman from Easyjet (EZJ) as Group Equal Opportunities Officer. The Chairman has to be the patrician twit Gibson Smith formerly at the LSE. The FD...check out the CV of Nilesh Jagatia of Inspirit (INSP) and Teather's (TEA) infamy now on the run!

It's Ouzo Time! Outsourcery shares suspended, serial failure Dragon's Den Piers Linney admits its a wipeout!

Published 1568 days ago

The BBC could not get enough of Piers Linney as a Dragon on the Den. Black, working class and from the North the chap was, we were told, worth £100 million. If only he'd been in a wheelchair and a lesbian and the Beeb would have got the full Politically Correct suite but heck Piers was "minority" enough and the State Funded broadcaster creamed itself. Sadly it was all a myth. 

Piers Linney yanks investor chains - contract win at Outsourcery means jack shite

Published 1599 days ago

Dragon's Den has been and serial business failure Piers Linney has issued a statement for his soon to go bust flagship POS enterprise Outsourcery (OUT) which is just so meaningless it deserves comment

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 27 March - which is more shite Outsourcery or Blur?

Published 1605 days ago

Hello to the chairman of the LSE and all other readers of this website and welcome to the daily podcast. In detail I look at Outsourcery (OUT) the crock of Turkish run by serial business failure Piers Linney and Blur (BLUR) the piece of Turkish run by uber-poltroon Phil Letts. Which is more worthless? Discuss. Having behaved myself with no bad language at the London Stock Exchange (LSE) AGM I am aware that my standards rather slipped in this podcast. You have been warned. I also cover MX Oil (MXO), Cambian (CMBN), Hunter Resources (HUN) and the uber Turkish Rose Petrooleum (ROSE) whose RNS today screams SELL - PLACING AHOY!

Ouzo O'Clock already: Dragon's Den flop Piers Linney admits Outsourcery is almost toast!

Published 1608 days ago

Well you cannot say that you were not warned! I have exposed time and time again on this website how the business career of one series Dragons Den flop Piers Linney has been marked by serial failure. The loathsome self-publicist Linney said floating Outsourcery on AIM at 110p in May 2013 was the highlight of his career. Today Linney has admitted that his company is almost toast. What fucking brilliant news.

Outsourcery - where are the (dire) results? All the Money's gone has it not Piers Linney?

Published 1632 days ago

Piers Linney is no April Fool. The Dragon's Den self promoter and serial business failure (see HERE) is just a fool. And that brings us to his biggest disaster to date, Outsourcery (OUT), shares in which are slipping again and now trade at just 9p (May 2013 AIM IPO at 110p) valuing the business at only £4.4 million. Worse is to come.

Outsourcery, the dog created by Dragon's Den flop Piers Linney - when's the bailout placing?

Published 1696 days ago

Shares in Outsourcery (OUT) the business created by Piers Linney, the Dragon's Den flop, are sliding today and the only question is when is the next bailout placing? Linney is - whatever BBC PR flunkies told us all - a serial business failure as you can see HERE. Outsourcery listed on AIM at 110p on May 24 2013. The shares are now 13.75p but remain a storming sell as the cash runs out.

Pointless posturing by Outsourcery as it changes auditor – real issue is when Piers Linney firm goes bust

Published 1759 days ago

In a pompous sort of way as if he we running a FTSE 100 company not a piss poor, going bust, AIM Casino disaster story like Outsourcery (OUT), Dragon’s Den flop and serial business failure Piers Linney today announced a change of auditor.  That Piers, my boy, is not the issue is it?

My top ten shorts for Christmas – Tom Winnifrith

Published 1794 days ago

Circumstances change, share prices change and so ones evaluation of what is in sight as a good short always changes. Challenged by a reader I serve up my ten top shorts/sells for Christmas, with one caveat.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 29 September - a victor crows

Published 1816 days ago

It is back to old style bearcast today as I cannot get Audioboom to work. I am sure that it is all my fault. I crow about: winning the living wage debate last night and Volex (VLX). Then it is onto Panmure Gordon (PMR), WH Ireland (WHI) - please sue me for libel bitchez - and Daniel Stewart (DAN). Then I give a good kicking to tosser Dragons Den star Piers Linney and his POS company Outsourcery (OUT)

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 3rd June: sweaty wreck edition

Published 1934 days ago

A morning pouring poison on the frigana at the Greek Hovel leaves me a sweaty wreck. I have one more load to dump then some olive pruning and I'll call it quits. I'll do more in August. So for light relief in this podcast I explain exactly how an AIM listed China fraud works with reference to today's trading statement from Jiasen. Then it is onto serial business failure Piers Linney and his Outsourcery POS, Arria NLG and Kuala Ltd (well done Jim Mellon) then back to Ferrum Crescent.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 30 March

Published 1999 days ago

I commend to you Steve Moore's excellent article on Outsourcery, the Piers Linney POS, HERE. I add a few thoughts on this Rum & Coke company. I also comment again on Rosslyn Data witha few new thoughts on slow death/quick death for the share price of Coms and on the woeful position of Sovereign Mines of Africa. There is more bad news, I am sorry to say, for my old friend Jim Mellon and Billing Services and I take a look at Quadrise Fuels.

Outsourcery plc – an AIM disgrace: 2014 results dreadful, but lectures on how growth companies should be valued

Published 1999 days ago

Having joined AIM under two years ago at 110p, shares in Outsourcery plc (OUT) currently trade a further more than 5% lower at sub 29p today on the back of results for the 2014 calendar year. The company though reckons it is now “in a strong position as interest in the Cloud builds and our partner relationships begin to pay off” and suggests we “need to think differently about how we measure the progress of firms just starting out on their growth journeys”. Er, thanks for the lecture from serial business failure & self important Prat Piers Linney but…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - what is cheap and what is a trading statement?

Published 2057 days ago

It seems that I disagree with Comrade Malcolm Stacey once again as I discuss whether a stock on a PE of 22 (Diageo or JD Wetherspoon) can be desribed as cheap. I then discuss what should be in a trading statement looking at Foxtons, Blur and Outsourcery - run by the ghastly Piers Linney - and what this says about shares in all three.

Hightex Group – analysis (assisted by the words of Piers Linney) as the shares soar

Published 2102 days ago

Shares in large area roofs and façades engineering group Hightex (HTIG) currently trade approaching 250% higher today on the back on an announcement that an application to the German courts from its principal operating subsidiary for a procedure similar to ‘Chapter 11’ in the US, with the objective of “the reorganisation and continuation of the subsidiary”, has been approved. This follows the business having “not been able to conclude a final solution for the consequences of the fraud committed by the management of the Brazilian JV company”. What on the chances of a sustainable recovery do the financial position and longer-term track record suggest? (clue: it looks to be in a similar ballpark to that stated on this website for Outsourcery plc) …

Piers Linney of Outsourcery – Entrepreneur of the year? You’re ‘avin’ a bubble!

Published 2182 days ago

All business awards ceremonies are a load of cock where those obsessed with personal PR, lobby and self-promote and then slap themselves on the back. I shall be turning my fire on the AIM awards very shortly. But as it happens I think the Black business awards make a serious point, but this year they may well lose all credibility as Piers Linney of AIM casino disaster story Outsourcery (OUT) is up for a gong.

ShareProphets Reader Post of the day – Kelvin on Outsourcery (damning critique)

Published 2185 days ago

ShareProphets readers come from a wide range of backgrounds and have a wide range of expertise and so serve up some amazing comments which merit a wider audience. Today we have Kelvin on Outsourcery (OUT) – a superb comment from someone in the industry. He writes:

Mr Dragon’s Den Piers Linney: Why are Outsourcery’s customers so loathe to pay their bills?

Published 2186 days ago

The first six months of this year have not been without challenge, but it is important to remember how much this young and fast growing firm has achieved in the same time” – so says Ken Olisa OBE, the chairman of Outsourcery (OUT) the IT firm run by Dragon’s Den star and serial business failure Piers Linney. Yes Ken – those who backed the AOM Casino IPO in May 2013 have now lost 84% of their dosh with the shares at 16p. You have achieved great things. How about you arrogant fuckers just say sorry for once. You screwed up. Show some humility.

Outsourcery share slump accelerates - is Dragon’s Den star Piers Linney really worth £100 million?

Published 2197 days ago

It was less than four weeks ago that AIM Casino listed POS Outsourcery (OUT) announced a rescue placing at 20p. Today the shares are 15.5p to sell. So anyone foolish enough to ignore the serial business failures of CEO and Dragon’s Den star Piers Linney (see HERE) is already almost 25% down. Anyone who backed the IPO in May 2013 has – after 16 months now lost 86% of their money. Way to go Piers, worse is to come. This will be your biggest failure yet – although it faces serial competition.

Piers Linney and Outsourcery refinances but dissembles – sell this POS now

Published 2227 days ago

Outsourcery (OUT), the POS AIM stock run by serial business failure Piers Linney of Dragon’s Den infamy has announced a refinancing package to stave off bankruptcy. Well at least to postpone it. But the level of dissembling defies belief. Truly Piers if you told me that 2+2 = 4 I’d ask for independent verification. 

Quindell four times as likely to go bust as Greece, but Piers Linney an even worse bet say ShareProphets readers

Published 2236 days ago

At the weekend we set up a poll asking which of ten candidates were the most likely to go bust. The results are not terribly surprising save for the touching faith folks have in Greece.

Reader Poll: Which of the Following is most likely to go bust

Published 2239 days ago

The sharp sell off last week in equity markets could be the precursor of worse to come. Argentina went bust. The biggest bank in Portugal seems to be heading the same way. So in this cheery vein this week’s reader poll asks who is next to go bust. We offer you a range of ptions. Vote now, poll closes Sunday night:

Outsourcery Statement – Piers Linney this does not wash Mr Dragon’s Den

Published 2241 days ago

Having promised an update on refinancing the POS AIM listed company Outsourcery in July, Dragon’s Den Prima Donna Piers Linney served up a pretty wet statement at the last minute this morning. The RNS is both wet and disingenuous. And here’s why.The statement reads:

Looking forward to the last day of the month

Published 2242 days ago

Well it is payday. That is one reason to celebrate of course. But there are a few other things bubbling away in the world of shares.

Piers Linney of Dragon’s Den – you have 38 hours left to deliver the bad news on Outsourcery: A Reminder…Tick Tock

Published 2242 days ago

Dear Piers. On 27th June you promised the poor shareholders in your POS AIM listed Company Outsourcery (OUT) that you would update them on how you were going to refinance this POS enterprise during July. Of course a promise from you is worth jackshit. I refer to your IPO prospectus of May 2013…

Piers Linney of Dragons Den – another business failure unearthed & his PLC record in focus as shares in Outsourcery Slump

Published 2243 days ago

Over the weekend I revealed HERE the string of business trainwecks that are the real career of Dragons Den new boy Piers Linney. I also flagged that his AIM listed Outsourcery (OUT) was in dire straits and its shares have slumped from 34p on Friday to 25.5p ( and falling) today as the possibility that it could go tits up looms ever larger – as I flag HERE.

Dragon’s Den Star Piers Linney – A career of business failure revealed and the sham projection of his Outsourcery flotation

Published 2245 days ago

There is a new star on Dragon’s Den, Piers Linney. Yesterday I revealed HERE how his Outsourcery (OUT) firm on AIM is in very real danger of going tits up just 14 months after listing. But Piers is no stranger to business failure. The BBC thinks he is a Dragon with the Midas touch. Au contraire. Today I reveal the full extent of his career of business trainwrecks and the sham projections of the Outsourcery IPO.

Outsourcery – When’s the rescue bailout? Crony Capitalists at work…

Published 2246 days ago

On 27th June, AIM listed Outsourcery (OUT) announced that it was holding a “Capital Markets Day.” Hmmm, this is an £12 million capitalised AIM listed POS with pretensions is it not? The company started with a raft of positive guff but then – if you had not fallen asleep and got to the bottom of the release – found that it was admitting that it was a year behind schedule and needs to raise cash this year to keep going. Now even prostitute researcher Edison is sticking the boot in – what it says and what management says look very different to me. Why would anyone refinance this train wreck?

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