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Link Accused of Throwing Good Money after Bad at Former Neil Woodford Fund

Link seems to have a habit of shooting itself in the foot at the former Woodford Equity Income Fund as it prepares to defend itself against a legal onslaught from Harcus Parker on behalf of 6,500 folks whose investments were mis-managed into the ground by Neil Woodford, overseen by Link acting as authorised corporate director (ACD). Most recently, it has announced that it has invested some of the fund’s cash into a company called Mafic and the mainstream media has been having a field day as cash supposedly due to be handed out to beleaguered Woodford investors has headed in the opposite direction.


BREAKING: Sharesoc really must stop misleading folks on the Neil Woodford Claims – update from Harcus Parker

Having spent the Woodford years attacking the chap who exposed disgraced fund manager Neil, while giving Mr Woodford a free pass, the organisation that claims to stand for private investors continues to mislead folks about claims against Woodford, or rather his ACD, Link.


BREAKING: ShareProphets which exposed Neil Woodford backs Harcus Parker as lawyers most likely to help victims and do so quickly

As the BBC and most in the City recognise, it was this site which exposed disgraced fund manager Neil Woodford with more than 1,000 articles, podcasts and videos starting in 2015. Now we are working with law firm Harcus Parker as the outfit most likely to get redress for victims and quickly. And here is why. 


I kid you not Schroders thinks the former WPCT medium risk although it admits investors are CERTAIN to lose money!

This is an amaingly honest yet utterly dishonest admission from Schroders which managesthe  Schroders UK Public Private Trust (SUPP), the dog formerly known as the Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT).  It is also a damning indictment of the disgraced Neil Woodford. Schroders has published a new Key Information Document, a KID.

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Kerboom - Expose: Gervais Williams is doing a double Woodford, surely his ACD need to stop this

Given the abject performance of the Miton Smaller Companies Fund managed by Gervais Williams, driven by a combination of utterly dire stock picking and mass redemptions, I have more than once suggested that Mr Williams has the potential to be the new Neil Woodford. But today I can reveal that Williams is performing a trick used by Woodford and it is one that his ACD and the FCA should be investigating with some urgency.

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You could not make it up – look who is sponsoring the crony capitalist beanfeast that is the AIM Awards

Each year 1200 crony capitalists dress up in DJ’s and party frocks to attend the AIM awards dinner. Of course, ultimately, it is shareholders like you, ordinar investors,  who pay for this obscene bean feast. They put up the cash the companies pay the advisers who then book the tables at thousands of pounds a pop. Shareholders lose money on AIM, fat cat directors and crony capitalists swill champagne at their expense. What is not to like? So which fine firms are sponsoring this year’s event? You could not make this up…


Breaking News: Dealing in units in Neil Woodford's flagship fund suspended until further notice

You cannot say that this website did not warn you so many times. Our coverage of Neil Woodford over the past two years has been streets ahead of the game - as you can see HERE - and now the drama has become a crisis. Dealing in units in Neil Woodford's flagship Equity Income has been suspended 'with immediate effect and until further notice' after a spike in redemptions. We told you there was a liquidity crisis. We told you the FCA was on the case. As I called him out at his AGM, Neil Woodford accused me - by name - of publishing fake news. Sir, I am owed an apology.. So are your poor investors.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: My fecking feet are killing me & will Neil Woodford's Waterloo be in Guernsey

I start with a discussion abiut a 19 mile rogue bloggers training walk today and about Woodlarks which I compare to the big name charities. I beg you to join the roll call of heros HERE. Then I look at Neil Woodford and events in Guernsey and explian in detail the role of the FCA and the ACD and why this could collapse very soon indeed. I discuss why no IFA worth his or her salt can risk not advising clients to redeem.

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Woodford Patient Capital Trust: The Big Short (July update) – Is the Equity Income Fund bending the rules again?

There is good news for Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) in the end-July portfolio listings that came out yesterday, ironically due to a bit of help from the Woodford’s flagship fund, the Equity Income Fund. More interestingly, I think I have finally worked out how the Equity Income Fund is getting round its 10% unquoted stock limits which makes shocking reading if correct.

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UPDATED: Neil Woodford - the big question panicking NEDS must ask him about Woodford Patient Capital Trust

UPDATED: Over the weekend I revealed a potential nuclear landmine that could well blow up the Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT).The bad news for the asleep at the wheel nmot so independent NEDS at the Trust is that I have found two more landmines which have been averted but are there more?

Neil Woodford - now about the missing dividends and another thing

I gather that Neil Woodford's office has been busy dealing with questions relating to our most excellent series of articles and podcasts over Christmas. I have been made aware of its responses which are detailed but still leave me feeling incredibly unsettled on two major factors.

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