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Gerry Brandon of Deepverge – who has been a very, very naughty boy then?

The journalist trolling arse of a CEO, that is Gerry Brandon of Deepverge (DVRG), has already been exposed by this website for breaching AIM Rule 11 and misleading investors ahead of his last bailout placing. But today comes news that such deception has happened before. Gerry, you are a very naughty boy indeed and if you had a shred of integrity you’d be quitting in disgrace right now.

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Big Sofa - AIM Rule 13, cripes this is all such a bore; the shares are still a strong buy

AIM Rule 13 deals with related party transactions. Given that IPSOS now owns 20% of Big Sofa Technologies (BST) and has a seat on its board, all sales to IPSOS are viewed as related party deals. And since there are a lot of small Purchase Orders (POs), Nomad Spark and AIM have agreed a way to work around this.

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