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Sunday Long Reads: SARS, Man called Kai, DayLife Army, Kayleigh McEnany, Jump, Adam Smith

Here are six long reads that have nothing to do with shares. Put the kettle on, find a comfy chair. You have the time, don't you?  


Clearly Mothercare and Cobham are stuck in some kind of bizarre time loops

It has been five months since I last wrote on troubled retailer Mothercare (MTC) where I observed that it was ' all sorts of terminal problems...and good luck to anyone who wants to pick up its UK franchises'.  That advice still appears to be on the money as apparently the company 'drafted in restructuring experts to assess options for its troubled UK business'.  Oh dear...  Start the chalking up for another win for the troubled and evolving retailer backdrop.  

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Tom Winnifrith’s seventh share tip of the year 2015 – Buy Stanley Gibbons

As I explained in my Christmas Day 10 macro themes for 2015 I generally cautious on UK equities – hence my decision to run with 5 buys and 5 sells in my NY selection (three more to come by Sunday night). As such my seventh tip is one you may deem cautious but I see 35% capital upside in it plus dividends and very limited downside. I refer to Stanley Gibbons (SGI), a buy at a 290p offer and at up to 300p with a target of 400p.


Why Scotland needs the Painful Medicine of Independence and must vote YES for ITS sake

Scotland is the Greece of the North. 89% of its population are net takers from the State. Its share of the National debt is £108 billion which will be hard to support. It has a bloated Government sector and with oil revenues set to decline its financial position can only get worse. The only answer is independence. It must vote YES.

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