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Petroceltic International – is the board dancing to Worldview’s tune?

The 35% drop in Petroceltic International’s (PCI) share price over the last three weeks has been one of the most predictable events of the year. Once the company’s major shareholder, Worldview, fired the first shots in the latest civil war to engulf the company, there really was only one direction the stock could take. Against the backdrop of a persistently low oil price, lingering concerns about the health of Petroceltic’s balance sheet were bound to have a depressing effect. This morning the company issued its latest response to this unfolding disaster. And it doesn’t exactly inspire one with much confidence, even at 58p per share.


World Cup Challenge – betting round 11; the most exciting gambling odds of the World Cup so far!!!!

So this is it, the last day of my World Cup Challenge. With Ecuador, down to 10 men for most of the second half, desperately clinging on to a draw against the French, my Ecuador +1 pick took my score for the tournament to +9.08, or a 90.8% return. Possibly I should quit at this point, but there are some hugely compelling odds on offer today, so my hope is to end with a flurry.


World Cup Challenge – betting round 10, god Bless handicap betting & a fantastic double bet!

What an incredible day yesterday was. If only my Internet hadn’t conked out at a crucial moment, I would have banked even more profit, immediately before Ivory Coast conceded that ridiculous penalty to send them crashing out of this year’s tournament. England’s failure to beat Costa Rica meant my 6.5 price pre tournament pick of the Three Lions not winning a game came in (and don’t worry Alan, I won’t include that result in my World Cup Challenge) along with a host of other bets. We have now two rounds of betting left, with one fantastic double to bet on.


World Cup Challenge - betting round 9 (UPDATED with the England game)

A reasonable day yesterday for my World Cup Challenge was tempered by the failure of my multiples. Chile versus Holland was always a gamble, but I was disappointed by the Mexican result. The projected quality ratings for Croatia and Mexico were extremely close. However, on reflection, I suppose the risk with this fixture was always that if Mexico went ahead in the game, the Croatians would just give up. They needed to win to qualify, so it wasn’t a huge surprise they capitulated when the Mexicans took the lead in the 72nd minute. Today, I have one pick for my World Cup Challenge and what looks like a fantastic value multiple.


World Cup Challenge – betting round 7

Poor old Bosnia. For some reason I was genuinely saddened to see the plucky little country exit the World Cup, more so even than at England's demise. The Bosnians had a superb qualification campaign and punched well above their weight. However, when you play against 13 men there isn’t much you can do. The officiating of last night’s match was an utter disgrace, as the referee and one linesman decided to throw their lot in with the diving Nigerians. It was still a very entertaining game to watch and it is a shame not to see Bosnia in the next round.

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