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Shoe Zone – trading update, more blundering Boris & co impact...

Previously writing on value footwear retailer Shoe Zone (SHOE), in July with the shares having fallen below 80p I noted previous clear uncertainties and that latest certainly didn’t enhance confidence. Today a “Full Year Trading Update” – and the shares further down, currently to below 40p…

Shoe Zone May Not Be in the Twilight Zone for Long

Hello, Share Creepers. When one prefers posh shoes, one visits charity shops in superior locations. Recently, I was delighted to discover that a pair of Bally brogues I acquired for £5 are - if bought new - about £650. At the other end of the price scale is the high street chain of Shoe Zone (SHOE). I live close to a branch which always has real bargains in the window...

Shoe Zone - director sales, hmmmmm

Following a recent positive trading update, Shoe Zone (SHOE) announced a £4.74 million sale of shares by CEO Anthony Smith and COO Charles Smith, with a purchase of rather less by the wife of CFO Nick Davis.

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