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London Calling... for You to Look at this Umbrella Outfit with a Mighty Divi and a Mini PE

Hello, Share Splashers. I think you might consider whether to buy shares in City of London Investment Group (CLIG). Why might this be a good idea?

Fancy a Crack at Emerging Markets? Take a Peek at this High Dividend Payer

Hello Share Takers. One of the safer ways to buy shares is to make a choice that depends on the success of a wide range of companies. And if you’re worried about the longer term effects of Covid on the British market, then there’s a case for buying into an investment group that invests in far-flung places. But you need to choose a venture that really moves with the times.

This Dividend King Keeps on Bringing in the Sheaves Despite the Plague

Hello Share Shufflers. There aren’t many investment outfits I entrust my dough to, but regular readers will know I’ve time for City of London Investment Group (CLIG). A big reason to support it is a very generous dividend policy, and now comes news of a special pay-out on top.


Despite Rising Shares, Here's a Topping Trio that Could Enjoy Rising Share Prices

Hello, Share Slickers. Perhaps it might be an idea to look at a few companies I’ve commended recently to see how they’re doing. Progress has been slow but sure. All ships rise or fall with the tide and as the Footsie has been moribund, any rise might be regarded as encouraging. And as many of us expect many stocks to rise with an accelerating economy, perhaps we should be hanging onto our hats.

This Intelligent Investment Trust May Stand a Better Chance than Rivals as it Focuses on Markets that Aren't Over Here

Hello, Share Tremblers. Did you know that some graphs show that electricity and gas here costs about five times what they do in some European countries? That is in peak periods, although we normally pay twice as much. And there’s no doubt that British share values are being held back by the energy and fuel crises we’ve been going through. Thankfully though, there are some British share trusts which specialise in foreign companies.


Are We About to Resume the March of the Big 'C's? A Trio of Fast-Movers that May Have Only Paused for Breath

Hello, Share Crafters. This article is all about three ‘C’s. While legally away from home today, doing stuff for a poorly aunt living on her own, I don’t have my usual research tools at hand. So perhaps it might be useful to review a few of my babies that I’ve commended to your further investigation lately. To make it easier, all begin with the letter C…


Four Shares I'm Counting on in a New Year that Americans, at Least, Think Will be a Bumper 2021

Hello, Share Mixers. There’s much optimistic noise coming from America. Many top analysts over there expect a bumper 2021. I’ve recently written on how this cheer should be reflected over here. Though some of my shares have already been performing well during the year of the virus. Please allow me to touch on a few of them now…

City Of London Investment Group May Benefit from some Pent-up Upward Thrust

Hello, Share Cats. Probably like yourself, I prefer to pick my own shares. But once in a while, an asset management group appeals to me. I’ve already recently brought a progress report on one of my two funds, BlackRock Greater Europe (BRGE). That has busted through another all-time high. My other such investment is the City of London Investment Group (CLIG). So how’s this one doing?…

Maybe It's Because I'm a Happy Shareholder that I Love City of London

Hello Share Chasers. Every so often I commend the pioneering cost-cutting City of London Investment Group (CLIG) to your further scrutiny. Since my last write-up, this on-the-ball share company has seen an approximate 20% hike. It’s become one of those special investments which put on a few percent each day followed by the usual profit-taking correction, only to start creeping ahead again. The latest news is that an all-share merger with Karpus Management Inc., a US-based investment management business has gone ahead…

Virus Makes Little Impact on this Wise Company which Prepared for a Pandemic 10 years Ago

Hello, Share Pickers. A company I often keep you posted on is City of London Investment Group (CLIG). Its numbers just came out and caused the share price to jump by 8% (though it later settled a bit). Probably because it coped well with the virus, though that’s not surprising because this is a far-sighted group which actually prepared a plan against a worldwide epidemic ten years ago. Such an impressive example of foresight has paid off…

How are Four of My Recent Tips Faring - and is there Room for More Progress?

Hello. Share Swingers. As it’s another boring bank holiday with closed markets, allow me to review a few of the shares in my bag. These have been commended to you over the last couple of months or so. During that time the Footsie and most other shares have hardly moved at all. Ok, the Covid plays have been up and down like a pogo stick, but the average performance is only standing still.

This Big Dividend Favourite Is Already Strong and a Big USA Merger Should Make it Stronger

Hello, Share Tasters. The share price of one of my favourite companies dived more than 30% when the virus really struck our stock markets in March and since then, like most strong companies, it has rallied. Shares in City of London Investment Group (CLIG) were recently trading at around 325p, before the crisis they were about 450p and hit 275p in March. Now comes news that CLIG is merging with an American outfit called Karpus Management Inc....

As Predicted, this Savvy Set Up is Surging Ahead on Progress in Developing Markets

Hello, Share Diggers. Recently, I suggested three shares which I thought might stand a better chance than most. One of the golden trio was City of London Investment Group (CLIG). Its latest half-year results are out, and are encouraging. The shares are up a bit as I write, but I’m not sure the penny’s still dropped yet...


Worried about the Coronavirus stock market impact? Take a Look at this Golden Trio

Hello Share Takers. We’re all aware that the Chinese virus puts a damper on the stock market. Lately, it's been hard to spot any shares rising in value at all. But I have a golden trio of companies that have been rising, even when all around are falling. Allow me to remind you of those which are keeping my portfolio ahead...


Take a Look at this Promising Quartet on Growing Hopes of a Record-Breaking Footsie

Hello Share Trackers. There are some share analysts who've been trying to convince us over the last few years or so that our shares are cruising for a bruising. Do they really expect us to sell all we have and lurch into cash? My holding in Ceres Power (CWR) to take just one of a miriad examples shows that the sell-all view could be wrong. On the back of no news as far as I can see, this wonder share has been rising one or two perent daily for a long time now. And last week the share increased itn value by nearly a fifth...

City of London Investment Group Blasts Through its Old High as Faith in Emerging Markets Pays Off

Hello Share Twiners. It’s part of my service to you to update any of my selections which have broken through their last high points. And City of London Investment Group (CLIG) is one – as I write the share is up on a poor day. The old high was 460p and the new price is 7p better than that. Though the PE I have is still only 13...


In Hard Times to Find Rising Stars, Let's Revisit a Topping Trio Which may have Further to Go

Hello Share Mashers. Please pity poor analysts like me in these peculiar times. I spend more time looking for firms which have exciting potential than actually writing about one each day. I plough through lots of material and nearly always reject a number of companies before choosing one to bring to your attention. So currently finding few new possibilities, allow me to revisit a few shares which I have chosen recently...

Go East, Young Man as This Sparky Investment Group Hits New High

Hello, Share Scramblers. As most share values slide at the moment, one of my commendations has happily hit a new high. City of London Investment Group (CLIG) does not concentrate in London but on the Far East. So I suppose it’s protected against growing uncertainties about Brexit...


A Tale of Two Trusts, possibly Brexit Proof

Hello, Share Monkeys. Mostly, I pick my own companies to invest in. Having read some of the horror stories of those who’ve trusted their brokers to do the choosing, I expect you’re the same. But there’s no harm in occasionally leaving the decisions to someone you do respect. And so I have shares in a couple of outfits that have good track records...

Maybe it's Because I'm Not a Londoner that I Like this London investment group

Hello, Share Twisters. It’s a good wheeze, methinks, to keep up reminders of a successful company if it continues to show potential. Even more so when general economic circumstances are in such a shaky state. So allow me to return to an old favourite: City of London Investment Group (CLIG)...

As Emerging Markets Continue to Emerge, Take a Peek at this Feisty Funds Group

Hello, Share Tumblers. Allow me to return to an old favourite which seems to me to offer some degree of reassurance in a changing world. It’s a group which specialises in the fortunes of emerging markets and developing countries. We hear a lot about how such regions are on the up and investment in this outfit seems an easy way of getting in on it...

In a Scary Market, Protecting Yourself and Grabbing the Opportunities Hold Equal Sway. Here's How I'm Playing It.

Hello, Share Scrapers. Who among us isn't a bit spooked by issues affecting the global economy? But what should we do to protect ourselves - and make the most of any opportunities? Well, after doing the research and basing predictions on it, this is what I think.


The Low-Key Advantage of Dividends Often Come Second to the Share Price. But Is that Wise, Captain Mainwaring?

Hello Share Manglers. Lots of my shares and cash are still held in the Beaufort Securities administration process. When checking my family’s cash which is in there, I discovered that it had grown quite a bit since the firm’s enforced close down. This is down to dividends which have been paid in the interim.


Hoping to Cash In on Developing Markets? Chew on the Murray Trust

Hello, Share Breakers. In recent times, I’ve suggested you might research a possible dabble in emerging markets. This is only easy to do - and safest - if you snaffle shares in companies which buy shares, bonds or both on your behalf.

As US Stocks Rally, There's Possibly Still Time to Buy British Shares on the Cheap

Hello, Share Piggies. So I was correct, for a change. The big one-day 1100 point drop in the Dow has almost been mopped up by steadily improving US share prices. It’s nearly always the same down-and-up pattern. Unless we get a real share crash, which this wasn’t.

With Emerging Markets Currently Emerging, Take a Look at One of My Favourite Shares.

Hello, Share Pilers. Even though you must be making dollops of money from shares, given the perky Footsie, some of you are still scrimping a few quid a month, by avoiding a life-saving subscription to this magnificent website. That makes no sense, as it will help you avoid making slips which could put you back to square one again.

City of London Reaches Out to Far Flung Places to Reap Growing Profits

Hello Share Troggers. A share I’ve oft commended to you on this legendary website, and occasionally disparaged, has published a trading report for its year ended in June. And it tempts me to buy a few more shares.

Want an Easy Way to Invest in Emerging Markets? Take a Look at CLIG

Hello Share Swiggers. As I write this, the share I love is once again putting on more value. However, City of London Investment Group (CLIG) can sometimes be in the opposite camp.

Looking for a Bumper Dividend in Tidy Ship? Look at City of London Investment Group.

Hello Share Ticklers. I’ve just bought a bit of the City of London Investment Group (CLIG). Those of you with long memories may remember I’ve previously a piece or two commending this holding company to your further researches.

Malcolm's Magnificent Seven Ride Again

Hello Share Shakers. If, like me, you enjoy old-fashioned goodie versus baddie Westerns, then you’ll enjoy the rollicking remake of the Magnificent Seven. Not the same calibre of stars as the old 1957 classic, though. No Yul Brynner, Charles Bronson or Steve McQueen, but very entertaining nonetheless. The film has inspired me to choose my own Magnificent Seven.

Turn Again City of London Investment Group as the Big Divi Beckons

Hello Share Slammers. It's been a while since I revisited an old favourite, City of London Investment Group (CLIG). During that time I sold my holding, because I was sitting on a reasonable profit and when you are dealing with an investment company with its main interest in foreign parts, you never really know what is going to happen on a global, politico-macro basis.

Fancy a Big Divi and a Future El Dorado. Have a Butcher’s at City of London Investment Group.

Hello Share Thrashers. I know a few of you did your research after I brought the City of London Investment Group (CLIG) to your notice. And I know one or two of you dipped your toes in the water.

Hang onto your Hat –the Summer Doldrums Soon Meets the Autumn Rush.

Hello Share Crunchers: It's not often I'm right. No shame in admitting that. We only have to be on the button 55% of the time to become very rich in the golden game. However, I have been lucky enough to be correct about the present mini recovery. If you had sold all your shares by following the sentiment of a bevy of bears on this outstanding website, you would sadly have lost a bag of money.

How to Cash in On Emerging Markets – With City of London Investment Group.

Hello Share Twiddlers: Let's have another look at the City of London Investment Group (CLIG). I've brought them to your attention before, but they've rocketed ahead quite nicely since then. Despite their name, they are not concerned with buying up London properties to make capital gains or rent out homes, offices and shops. This is a pity, as they would, given the present price boom in the capital, be doing even better than they are now.

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