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Filthy Forty China Rerun - another AIM-China execution

This morning at 7am it was announced that the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty had lost yet another of its members. This time is was the turn of China Rerun (CHRR) to be executed quietly at dawn, making it the sixteenth of our forty to leave AIM. It is also the eleventh to be booted off the Casino following the resignation of its Nomad just this calendar year. There simply has to be a stewards' inquiry.


Geong, Geong Gone! Yes the AIM Execution took place this morning

Over at Paternoster Square, above the headquarters of the London Stock Exchange the black flag was again raised this morning as Geong (GNG) took its final walk to the AIM casino execution chamber and was despatched. I’ve been wanting to say this for three years: “Geong, Geong…Gone!” This is the 15th AIM casino ShareProphets China Filthy Forty stock to meet its maker since the Index was started on June 1 2014. Who’s next?

Fraudsters China ReRun Statement – its avin a giraffe

On Tuesday shares in fraud China ReRun (CHRR) were suspended as the Nomad and token whitey NED quit. In a month the shares will be booted off the AIM casino. But today the company hit back with a statement that swings between lamentable and sheer comedy. I offer up a translation in bold. 


AIM-China Filthy Forty: fourth Nomad resignation in four weeks. Which will be next?

The spread betters could be having a field day. Four more of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty now on Death Row following Nomad resignations in just four weeks. Three in the past week: if this continues the whole lot will have gone by Christmas. But back to the question – which will be next? For some clues, we just have to look at what happened yesterday. Anyone still holding Jiasen (JSI) or JQW  (JQW) is, in my view, certifiable.

China ReRun – Yet Another Filthy Forty China AIM casino stock onto Death Row – shares suspended

Oh dear. This reads badly for the LSE which reckons that Chinese stocks on the AIM Casino are as good as any other. Nomad Cairn has quit the China ReRun (CHRR) account and after less than two years on the Casino, its shares have been suspended. They will be booted off in a month when no other Nomad volunteers to take this on. No Nomad will touch this with a bargepole following this statement:

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