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Mosman Oil & Gas; the nature of price sensitive information

One of the more interesting aspects of the Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) story involves the nature of price sensitive information. When Mosman announced its first oil “discovery”, at 11:42am on June 13th, the share price went ballistic. Having opened at 11.85p, Mosman’s stock had just hit an intraday low of 10.5p before the company delivered its joyous news. By the end of the next trading day, Mosman’s share price had peaked at 56p, giving the company a market cap of £36.3million. Four days later and Mosman placed at 23p to raise £3million. There is no doubt that Mosman’s news release was a price sensitive event, but is it time to revisit the definition of what constitutes price sensitive information?

Placement Watch; Mosman Oil & Gas – boy, do these guys move quickly

So much for not needing to place! The more I watch Mosman Oil & Gas (MSNM), the more certain I am that there is going to be a lot of anger and disappointment in the coming months at the flow test results of the oil “discoveries” at Cross Roads-1 and Crestal-1. The actions of Mosman’s board don’t exactly betray a great deal of genuine confidence in what the company has found. The selective release of information about the “discoveries”, the timing of this placement and the lack of director participation all point to fears of imminent downside. I accept I am making highly speculative points here, but so far I’ve been bang on the money about this company, so I’m happy to fire away. What will be extremely interesting is if this stock takes a hammering in the event overblown expectations are dashed, will that lead to a buying opportunity? 

Mosman Oil & Gas; don’t be surprised if it places by the middle of November

The development of Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN) is fascinating to watch. The company has executed an extremely well defined strategy, almost flawlessly. Since listing in March, the directors have taken the company’s share price from 8p to an intraday high of 56p. They have achieved this without announcing commercial discoveries of oil and without telling any lies. This high wire act is very impressive.

Mosman Oil & Gas; perhaps the market sometimes isn’t as stupid as it appears

I had a good old chuckle yesterday when I read Mosman Oil & Gas’ (MSMN) latest promotional ramp... sorry, I mean RNS. Whatever else is said about this company, these guys have been brilliant at devising new ways of hinting at a worthwhile oil discovery without telling any lies or actually claiming what they have found is commercial. The company’s announcements have been true works of art. Sadly for Mosman’s directors it looks like the fun and games are now over. In suggesting that the little dribble of oil found settled on the mud at Crestal-1 could have similar properties to the apparently much-tested Kotuku oil seep, I bet they were surprised to see their company’s share price fall a penny to 21.5p. Something tells me that wasn’t part of the plan...

Pants on fire

Oilbarrel – a few questions for the dogs presenting last week (and Mosman Oil & Gas)

In the old days Oilbarrel Conferences used to be graced by the likes of Cairn Energy (CNE) & Tullow Oil (TLW) and were packed out. These days, a combination of serial under-deliverers and promoters looking to ramp ahead of the next funding tend to present. Last week’s line up was so dire that if you are among the handful of attendees we provide this handy crib sheet of questions for dogs Range Resources (RRL), Green Dragon (GDG) and Northern Petroleum (NOP). Oh, and for good measure, we also include Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN), in a well timed appearance.

Company chat with Mosman Oil & Gas; answers don’t stack up

On Monday, I had a discussion with Mosman Oil & Gas’ (MSMN) technical director Andy Carroll. I wanted to find out more about Mosman and the gaps I reported last week in its reporting of two oil “discoveries” in its Cross Roads-1 exploration well. To be honest, I don’t think Mr Carroll expected the conversation we had. Like most executives on AIM, he is probably more used to the anodyne questioning of some other websites we could mention - “so then Mr Carroll on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, how would you rate your project? 9, 10 or 11?”

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