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Graham Wood – vile enforcer of the cult of Versarien

We have seen previously, through his emails, group chat posts and postings to ADVFN bulletin boards, how Graham Wood had many deeply “interesting” interactions with Versarien management, including CEO Neill Ricketts. It seems that as far back as May 2017 Wood ‘popped’ into the Versarien offices apparently at will whenever he was in Cheltenham (only 27 or so miles from where he lives), where he was exposed – deliberately or accidentally – to highly price-sensitive information which he then relayed to other investors in a series of thinly-disguised nudges and winks. He also openly admitted to meeting Versarien company officers for friendly little chats, relaying what they said in bulletin board posts the next day. None of this is in question, it is all backed up by his own words in verifiable emails and bulletin board posts.


Julie Meyer faces ANOTHER Court battle as Henry Gewanter demands his rightful pay - Letter in Post

At least the devout Christian, who fled Maltese police to avoid facing criminal charges, is only set to face PR maestro and whistleblower Henry Gewanter in a civil court. Like oh so many before him poor Henry has not been paid by Julie Meyer and so I have stepped in to assist.

ShareProphets Share Tip of the Week: Buy Chapel Down at 28p or 19p if you hurry

English wines and beer maker, Chapel Down Group (CDGP) will within the next week complete a £1 million crowdfunding fundraise at 28p per share. But it is EIS eligible so if you are a higher rate taxpayer you effectively pay 19p and – ok – you have to hold for 3 years – but you will pay no CGT. Frankly this is a nil brainer.

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