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Andalas & the Clown: Don't mess with Major Tom..Ive heard a rumour, oh no don't say its true: 0.2p placing ahoy!

Oh dear it seems as if the Andalas (ADL) Placing is not going to have Justin the Clown singing joyfully in the valleys. It is very bad news for Justin the clown, the top podcaster in the homeless Welsh Community, but I've heard a rumour from ground control, Oh no, don't say its true. As ever the late David Bowie is just so prophetic.

The Case of the Shiny Cigarette Case Suggests You Might Consider Johnson Matthey.

I once met a chap who had a silver cigarette case. He’s not reading his Shareprophets carefully enough, I thought. Otherwise, his glittering cigarette case would be made of gold. 


David Bowie, astute punter

David Bowie was not just a transgressive artist, I shall let Tom praise his music HERE, but we should  not forget his innovation in finance.


David Bowie 1947 - 2016, farewell & RIP Ziggy Stardust

For me and, I suspect many readers of this site, David Bowie was one of the iconic musicians of the time when we were young. It is thus sad news that he has died of cancer aged just 69. It makes me feel that I am moving that much closer to the "front line".  


With apologies to David Bowie, a new version of Space Oddity for the AIM casino

With sincere apologies to David Bowie, a new version of Space Oddity for the AIM casino

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