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Capital Metals could be on the verge of production - a speculative buy or not?

Capital Metals (CMET) has been covered in the past on ShareProphets, both positively and negatively, and, on behalf of a reader,  Tom Winnifrith asked me to take a look and give my latest thoughts on this Sri Lankan focussed miner. You see, we do read your emails.

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Tom Winnifrith Photo Bearcast: How green is my valley?

Two photos with today’s bearcast from either side of my front veranda here at the Greek Hovel. as you shivver back in Airstrip One I sit here in a T-shirt. And you will be amazed how green, almost Alpine, it is. But at least you didn’t spend the morning clearing up dead rats. The podcast covers life in Greece and then a suggestion that all EIS and VCT schemes should be wound up and consigned to the dustbin of history.

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Have you lost Money on the Appbox Media and One True View £35m cons - contacting the FCA as new facebook group goes live

The first time I contacted the FCA about these two boiler room scams was in November 2019. Natch the woke dullards were too busy jerking off on ESG porn to do anything and now about £35 million has been stolen. My coverage has been extensive as you can see HERE. But now it really is time that the FCA did something and put these frauds to the sword if only so that those who invested under EIS can get some of their cash back.


The City Boiler Room that scammed £30m that the FCA did nothing about for years, part 2 – Appbox Media

I have already dealt with the imminent demise of its sister company, One True View, where a sham £186 million bid evaporated and where the end is nigh. Now to Appbox Media, the first company set up by Polat Hassan as part of his City boiler room operation which has stolen £30m from naïve investors. The FCA was warned by me as long ago as November 2019 but natch has done nowt.


Boiler room scam AppBox Media – it gets worse

Not surprisingly, our recent articles on AppBox Media have prompted a number of investors in the company to  contact both me and also the company. From this I learn two things, neither of which change my view that this is all part of a massive boiler room scheme.

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Today's Primary Bid offer is Sareum - No thanks it's a dog

ShareProphets earns a small commission any time a reader who registered with Primary Bid via ourselves subscribes for one of its offers. For that reason we urge you all to sign up HERE. But today's offer, Sareum, (SAR) is a total dog, as I have noted often enough on this website, so since we have integrity, we advise you to make us no money and avoid this hound like the plague.


Stockomendation EIS opportunity crowdfund via Seedr

Our friends at Stockomendation have launched a Crowd Funding Campaign to help grow their business in the UK and into new markets. I like Stockomendation and think the management team, though boorishly Welsh, are strong, committed and have a business model that is interesting. Compared to some of the crap that is Crowdfunded this is bluechip and it has already raised most of its £350,000 target.

Appscatter: Shareholders beware - this could collapse quickly

When investing at the speculative end of AIM, I think it is critical to try to avoid sudden disasters or unexpected suspensions as a sensible stop-loss strategy can usually deal with most other occurrences. Accordingly, I thought I would flag a potential issue in the making at Appscatter (APPS) as the current risk / reward pay-off looks way off.


Well spotted Roger Lawson - The Sharesoc man inadvertently discovers some big red flags at Rosslyn including a looming profits warning

Roger Lawson of ShareSoc bought a few shares in Rosslyn Data (RDT) as a recovery punt in a placing. That he was able to get EIS relief added to the attraction although I still worry he will lose money on this company which I have highlighted many times (HERE) as a howling dog even by the standards of AIM. Lawson attended the AGM yesterday and reports back on what appears to have been a curate's egg in his mind. I think he is being well generous.

House of Britannia in administration, liar Simon Petherick strikes again - Daily Mail to apologise?

Oh dear, Oh dear. As predicted here many times it has not ended well at House of Britannia, the company established by serial shyster Simon Petherick. An administrator was appointed on 29 June. Now for the roll call of fame.

FastForward Innovations – More concerns over the Lingo Media / Schoold deal: will it actually happen?

I wrote about the rather unexciting merger between Schoold and Lingo Media that FastForward Innovations (FFWD) announced in March (HERE) but with Lingo Media recently issuing its full year results, I felt it merited an update. They don’t make great reading and I’m beginning to wonder whether the deal will actually go ahead.


Surface Transforms – revises extent of smaller investor shafting

Having last month announced a smaller investor shafting (sorry, a “equity fundraising of up to £5.0 million”), Surface Transforms (SCE) has updated on a revised extent of the shafting…


March edition of the UK Investor Show magazine - Beware the coming crash + 5 share tips

The March edition of UK Investor Show magazine is now live featuring Tom's interview with Peter Hambro, chairman of Petropavlovsk, five tips, company profile on SafeStyle, how to make money from EIS shares, 5 share tips and more. You can download your free copy below.

Scancell – Open Offer update re EIS reliefs and a damned silly rule

Well this is very annoying, and a result of new rules brought to the EIS scheme. I’m sure that AIM-listed Scancell would have much preferred that it were not the case, but it seems that EIS reliefs can only be applied for by investors who had previously bought EIS-qualifying shares and are now looking to take up their Open Offer entitlements.

Scancell – Placing, Open Offer, future plans: a buy?

It has been too long since I revisited AIM-listed biotech Scancell (SCLP). Much has happened since I picked it as a share for 2015 but it is egg-on-face as the shares have more than halved, with (so far) no value-enhancing corporate deal on the table. The clinical trial on the company’s lead product, SCIB-1, is done but there have been funding questions – correctly called by Tom Winnifrith. Now we have an EIS-qualifying open offer on the table alongside a placing, with some detail of plans going forward. Still holding my shares, the question is what to do?

Optibiotix - PR own goal, £1 million placing but still a buy

Optibiotix (OPTI) yesterday announced that it had raised £1 million at 78p. It saw this as a triumph in that the investor is an EIS fund which approached it. So the shares will be held for three years and not flipped.


Steam Oil Production Co presents at Gold & Bears - November 28 2015

This is ShareProphets writer and head honcho of the Steam Oil Company, Steve Brown presenting at Gold & Bears. Steve is currently doing an EIS fund-raising for his company and my Mrs is in. To read more about Steam Oil and details of the fundraise go HERE. Meanwhile enjoy the video.


Building up a head of steam, yes we are

I have written lots of articles here but this one is a little different, this one is all about our company – The Steam Oil Production Company Ltd. I’ve mentioned us now and then and I’ve also written about steam flooding technology and its potential, but this time I’m going to tell you a lot more about us. There is a good reason for that and it’s because we are looking to capitalise the company so that we can take the company forward.


The ShareProphets Guide to EIS – a taster

For higher rate taxpayers EIS investment can be incredibly attractive given the huge tax breaks it offers. But it is also a potential minefield. ShareProphets has a free guide to EIS which you can obtain by downloading the form HERE.  But as a taster…


For 2015 start to buy AIM shares with massive tax breaks - get your free guide today

Get the first ShareProphets Pocket Guide ebook, EIS - Buying shares with numerous tax breaks. Want to cut your income tax bill in 2015, get loss relief if your AIM listed shares go down, pay no CGT, avoid IHT - EIS could be the way and this book explains how

Tern plc– Angus Forrest is STILL not telling the truth about the Cryptosoft Acquisition!

I’ve already scotched a few rumours and outright untruths about Tern plc (TERN) HERE, HERE HERE  and HERE and Tom Winnifrith has added to the opprobium several times, in particular HERE. But in the wake of a ‘clarification’ RNS which appeared to seek to set the record straight, Tern’s company chairman, Mr Angus Forrest, is STILL misleading his investors by giving an overstated impression of Tern’s beneficial ownership of Cryptosoft. I would suggest that this amounts to Market Abuse. It is a disgrace. The FCA and AIM Regulation need to act now to stop this. It is an affront to all the regulatory systems in place to make sure that the market is told the full truth!


VCT Watch: Edge Performance VCTs

Today I start a new feature here on ShareProphets as I look into the world of Venture Capital Trusts. Traditionally the VCT season tends to run between the New Year and the end of the tax year so I thought I would scrutinize some of what is on offer as the promotional bumph starts to hit the doormat.


How to buy AIM shares and get massive tax breaks ( get your free guide today)

Get the first ShareProphets Pocket Guide ebook, EIS - Buying shares with numerous tax breaks. Want to cut your income tax bill, get loss relief if your AIM listed shares go down, pay no CGT, avoid IHT - EIS could be the way and this book explains how


Get FOUR Books by Tom Winnifrith worth £29 for free

Tom Winnifrith now has FOUR books all written within the past year on sale on Amazon.  Together they cost £29 but you can order all four for FREE today.

ShareProphets Share Tip of the Week: Buy Chapel Down at 28p or 19p if you hurry

English wines and beer maker, Chapel Down Group (CDGP) will within the next week complete a £1 million crowdfunding fundraise at 28p per share. But it is EIS eligible so if you are a higher rate taxpayer you effectively pay 19p and – ok – you have to hold for 3 years – but you will pay no CGT. Frankly this is a nil brainer.


Find out how to buy AIM shares with Massive Tax Breaks by using EIS

The EIS scheme was established by the Government to encourage us all to invest in smaller companies. There are huge tax breaks on offer for those who use EIS. It is not simple but anyone can use EIS, so if you want to find out more…

The Sherrif of AIM and Deputy Sheriff respond to Angus Forrest of Tern and call for the noose

We are pleased that Angus Forrest has given his side of the story with regard to what went on at DLM in 2012 - HERE. Whilst we believe his explanations fall short of satisfactory, at least he has taken the time and trouble to respond to some of the questions raised but we still call for the noose. Answering his points in turn…

The shocking Cesspit take of woe at Digital Learning Part 4 - it gets more shocking

Mild mannered music teacher turned forensic corporate investigator Nigel Somerville continues his series into events at Digital Learning marketplace (DLM) now Alpha Returns (ARGP) – the noose is tightening on a number of City folk, careers are set to be terminated by these shocking revelations.

Part Two of a Five Part tale of woe from the AIM Cesspit: DLM now Alpha Returns

We continue our 5 part series on the tale of Digital Learning Marketplace, now Alpha Returns (ARGP). This is a simple tale of crony capitalism, the transfer of wealth from the many to the few. But was it all legal? Were investors lied to? The plot thickens as we meet Angus Forrest.

A 5 part tale of woe from the AIM Cesspit - DLM, now Alpha Returns

A cautionary tale of woe from the AIM Cesspit, a new five part series begins today...

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