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Epwin – “indicators of consumer confidence strengthening”… but value here?

Self-styled “leading manufacturer of low maintenance building products, supplying the Repair, Maintenance and Improvement, new build and social housing sectors” Epwin (EPWN) is “pleased to report that trading in the year to date has continued to be strong… revenues for the first four months of the year… 9% ahead of 2019”. Why then are the shares still currently at 107p?…

Epwin Group – “in line with market expectations” & “significant strategic progress”… so why are the shares further lower?

Having been heading towards 85p at the start of June, shares in “manufacturer of low maintenance building products, supplying businesses in the Repair, Maintenance and Improvement, new build and social housing sectors” Epwin Group (EPWN) closed yesterday at 72.7p. Today a half-year trading update including “the board anticipates adjusted profit before tax for both H1 and the full year to be in line with market expectations” and “we have made significant strategic progress with new product launches, the continued reshaping of the group's footprint and the acquisition of PVS” – though the shares further lower towards 70p. Hmmm…

Epwin – a half-year results further profit warning

Epwin Group (EPWN) has announced results for the first half of 2017 emphasising as a first highlight “sound performance in challenging market conditions”. The shares have responded, er, currently approaching 4% lower to circa 70p…

Entu – now do the morons believe us? “Proposals… attribute no value to the equity”, shares suspended

Despite having stated early this month “all of the proposals received attribute little value to the equity in the company”the daft egged on by the mendacious led shares in Entu (ENTU) to recently bounce. This was also despite numerous warnings HERE. Now it’s “Suspension of Trading on AIM”

Entu- such a familiar pattern of stupidity and mendacity

Shares in ENTU (ENTU) were off by 13% today so forcing a statement clarifying just how fucked the company is. Either the company gets a refinancing which will see shareholders almost entirely wiped out or the PLC will go into administration which means a 100% wipeout. The shares are now 36% off at 2.25p but that is still more than double where they were on August 2nd when Entu made almost the same admission.

Epwin – a trading update from the same stable as Entu. TIMBERRRRR…

From the same stable as Entu (DISGRACEFUL: having only IPO’d on AIM in October 2014, now “all of the proposals received attribute little value to the equity”), a “Half Year Trading Update and Notice of Results” announcement from Epwin Group (EPWN)…

Entu equity holders face wipe out - yet some PIs continue to buy!

Over the years I’ve watched the dying stages of a number of companies with interest, and in many cases you see a similar pattern in terms of share price movement.

Dead cat Bounce: Entu, like moths to the flame, the Bulletin Board Morons line up to get burned

Two days ago Entu (ENTU) issued a statement which essentially said that its shares were worthless. Yet today the shares have rocketed by 230% to 4.3p. This is the classic dead cat bounce.

Entu – further from bad (en)tu worse; Strategic Review, new financing needed

Last month saw a delayed profit warning from energy efficient-home improvement group Entu (ENTU) – and me particularly noting the net debt and that, although purportedly “strengthened”, the executive team still not seemingly having the answers themselves – ‘from bad (en)tu worse, issues “more complex and extend further” than expected’. There is now a “Strategic Review” announcement. Hmmm…

Entu – from bad (en)tu worse, issues “more complex and extend further” than expected

October 2014, 100p per share, IPO, Entu (ENTU) has issued a trading update commencing that its strengthened executive team is progressing with the implementation of a detailed action plan, as set out in the full-year results statement, to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, leverage its supply chain, improve cash collection and strengthen controls. Good, good. But what? The shares currently more than 30% lower on the day at well below 20p. Uh oh…

Entu – trading update states ‘in line’, so why are the shares approaching 9% lower?

“Trading Update” announcement from Entu (ENTU) opens with that adjusted EBITDA “is expected to be within the range previously announced” and that exceptional costs relating to planned cost-saving processes are also expected to be “in line with management's previous expectations”. So why are the shares currently approaching 9% lower, towards 23p?...

Entu – further disappointment as “important step forward” March 2015 acquisition to be sold for net £1

Shares in home improvement group entu (ENTU) are currently further lower, at sub 20p, on the back of an agreement for the disposal of Astley Facades Ltd – for a net £1…


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - I am such an ffing feminist & is Justin the Clown always a red flag?

The reason for that is revealed at the end of the podcast. Before that I look at Gable (GAH), Entu (ENTU), Gulf Keystone and a stock ramped by Justin the Clown, Global Energy Development (GED). Does an endorsement from the Clown mean that the shares might not be cheap?

Flowgroup - Highly speculative

Producer of the “game-changing” Flow boiler, Flowgroup (FLOW) has released an AGM statement today. I generally avoid environmental stocks as I consider them to be a fad which exist thanks to short-term government policies, but let’s see if my prejudice is unfounded in this case.

Entu results - look to the yield & Buy

Provider of home improvement and energy saving & insulation products and services, Entu (UK) plc (ENTU) has announced results for its year ended 31st October 2015 - these impacted by the closure of its solar business, though with some confidence looking ahead.

Entu Interims - look at the yield and buy

Entu (ENTU) has announced results for the six months ended 30th April 2015 and that “we have seen and continue to see increased activity levels in the second half, and we remain on track to meet market expectations for the full year”.

Entu – what’s not to like? Very strong maiden results

Tipping a recent IPO is always a tad nerve-wracking as some companies just take their eye off the ball as they head to AIM, regarding it as the end of a journey not the start.  And so I am rather chuffed with Entu (ENTU) which listed in the autumn at 100p, we tipped at a 107p offer and which is now 120p-124p. Well done to young Steve for it was he who spotted this. Results out this week vindicate the lad.

Buy Entu at 107p

Investment Case: Provider of energy efficiency products and services to homeowners in the UK, entu (UK) plc (ENTU) listed on AIM at 100p per share on 30th October. However, unlike most IPO’s, the prospective ratings – a price/earnings multiple of 8.4x and forward dividend yield of 8% – suggested this one potentially attractive. This has been reinforced by a trading update earlier this month noting that the company “has seen robust trading in the year across all its divisions” and that it is seeing a positive combination of increasing brand awareness and increasing public awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficient home improvements. Still though, at a current 107p offer price – only a little above the IPO price – the shares are a buy.

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