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Aquis stock promote Dispersion announces first deal but is it being 100% transparent?

Dispersion (DEFI), the latest Aquis listed pump from the Bixby/Edwards stable, has announced its first investment since its tawdry IPO but is everything quite what it seems?

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Bitcoin crashes as China pricks the bubble – timber for the AIM crypto plays

Suddenly we dinosaurs who did not understand why a worthless piece of code, which was inherently vulnerable to substitution by other worthless but cheaper pieces of code, was so valuable don’t look quite so dumb. Bitcoin is down by 18% at sub $35,000 having been $64,870 just four weeks ago. This time it is not the prick Elon Musk to blame, the bubble today is being pricked by China.

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Video: Gold and Silver – Technical Break Outs just Starting

Kevin Wadsworth and Patrick Karim are both chartists so feel free to ignore everything they say.


Stagging a Blockchain IPO – Argo

No, I still do not understand this blockchain malarkey but FWIW we have stagged the IPO of Argo Blockchain (ARB) on the standard list today at 16p. The fund raise was just so impressive. Argo set out to raise just £6 million.


Online Blockchain - does a fashionable name really justify a higher market valuation?

Currently it seems that the mere mention of cryptocurrency or blockchain can drive investors into a frenzy, with people thinking that the new Bitcoin is about to be born, when the actual reality is that most of these companies will ultimately fail. It seems to be a bit of a ruse that is being used at the lower end of AIM, whereby the company announces some sort of involvement in this field, knowing that it will gain some interest as a result.

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