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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - I am such an ffing feminist & is Justin the Clown always a red flag?

The reason for that is revealed at the end of the podcast. Before that I look at Gable (GAH), Entu (ENTU), Gulf Keystone and a stock ramped by Justin the Clown, Global Energy Development (GED). Does an endorsement from the Clown mean that the shares might not be cheap?


Global Energy Development; tough times to come for AIM’s oilies

I am really surprised at the number of commentators and ordinary shareholders, who view the current valuation of oil stocks as a God-given buying opportunity. As I’ve written before, all the evidence suggests we are in the early phases of an aggressive global price war. Saudi Arabia (and for that read OPEC) appears determined to crush the US “fracking boom”, through a sustained campaign of price suppression. Times are almost certainly going to get a lot tougher before they improve. Any talk of farm-outs or a flurry of deal making seems greatly misplaced. This morning, Global Energy Development (GED) released an announcement, far more in keeping with the times.

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