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Simec Atlantis Energy- It was so hot, I reacted: a sizzling shorting opportunity

The weather this week provided a little reminded to me of 1976. Of course back then, before global warming started, it was far warmer – in fact we had 15 consecutive days from June into July with over 90 degree temperatures (32.2C in new money). This week of course provided me with the opportunity to once again recall those days, if only for a short while. I also looked at Simec Atlantis Energy (SAE) RNS on Friday and noted the share price getting hot also.

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O! Mark Kavanagh you tight-fisted poltroon: do you work for free?

Mark Kavanagh, formerly “Head of Product Risk”  - no sniggering at the back – with the collapsed Greensill Capital, now under FCA investigation has sent us an email after I highlighted his new job at Supply@ME Capital (SYME). Mark is a tight-fisted poltroon and asks that we send him the article for free. Mark clearly thinks he should not pay £1.99 for a day pass. Mark: do you work for free or are you paid vast sums to control risk at lenders that collapse?

Meet Supply@ME Capital's new hire. You couldn't make this shit up but the morons are happy.

The morons are delighted as Supply@ME Capital (SYME) has announced a new hire: Mark Kavanagh who is to be the new “Head of Operations and Transformation. And his prior role…


Notes from Underground - Most read articles for the week ending March 6

The most read non-Tom article this week is Asiamet Resources looks in a stronger position post-placing – buy by Gary Newman at number six, or  number 14 including Bearcasts and Tom’s new shareshow. Which one is the best of the week? Tell me in the comments.


Supply@Me Capital – the fallout from the demise of Greensill Capital

Greensill described itself, and I use the past tense for a reason, as “the market-leading provider of working capital finance for businesses and people globally. We unlock capital so the world can put it to work. Our more than 1,000 specialists worldwide provide Supply Chain Finance around the world, but we are about much more. Greensill uses the power of financial markets to unlock capital on terms that fit the needs of our clients, from 20 days to 20 years and beyond.” Whatever.

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